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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader says he just didn’t grow after middle school…

So I am 23 years old and remember the days of middle school and high school with the anxiety of immature and inexperienced social skills, present in most of my friends of the same age. I mostly hung around older males in school, if not what I thought to be the tougher or cooler guys. I had not started to notice the difference between my body and others until I reached high school, but I was very interested in having sex. This usually led to me to prematurely ejaculating on myself through porn on many occasions.

In high school, I noticed some guys had a bigger muscular stature and were at least four inches taller than me. I was small by stature, until I started to wrestle seriously for the high school. I beefed up, so girls would notice me, and guys would fear me. The truth is, I must have stopped growing in middle school in terms of penis size, as I’m a silver member of the small dick club. A size more common with thirteen year olds.

Nowadays, I get sexually aroused when I am confronted about my size and pitiful posture. Boys in middle school (and midget’s) make me look very small, and I’m too intimidated to approach the female sex without some form of humiliation involved when I am compared to other men.


One reader came up short in the comparison stakes…

I played (American) football in high school and college. I was 6’3″, pretty buff for my age, with chest hair and already shaving, and was somewhat of a big man on campus. Although I dated lots, I never had sex in high school because of insecurities over my small size (Silver Member here at 4 inches hard). As soon as things got serious with a girl, I’d chicken out pleading religious convictions or something. I wasn’t stupid, I could see my friends in the shower were much bigger than me. My flaccid dick is only 2 inches, there’s looked double and sometimes triple this.

However, I got a wake up call in my senior year from this cute girl who lived down the block who was two grades behind me. One night when her parents were out, we started to fool around. At one point, I pulled out my erect cock and showed her, putting her hand on it, and getting her to jerk me off. She looked down at it with a sly grin, and said, “You’re not very big, are you? I accidentally walked in on Tim jerking-off once (Tim is her older brother), and he’s like over twice as long and thick as you. I thought you’d be much bigger than this.”

I was really embarrassed, and didn’t get frisky again with other girls for quite a while after that. Things changed for me when I got it on in my senior year with my future first-wife. At the time, she told me size didn’t matter to her. This gave me a lot of confidence and I began to come out of my shell sexually. If it hadn’t been for her, I might still be a virgin!


One reader cops an eyeful of her ex in the gym shower…

In high school, I was dating a really hot girl. We had done everything but have intercourse, because she was saving herself. A few times, she mentioned she had a boyfriend before me but he was now at college. The summer between our Junior and Senior years, her previous boyfriend came home for the summer. One day, a group of us met at the gym to play some basketball. Afterwards, we headed for the locker room to shower. When he was undressed, I saw that soft he was a good two-inches longer than my hard dick (I’m a bronze member at four and a quarter inches hard). When he saw my little softie poking out (two-inches soft), he developed a wry smile. I realised that I was much smaller than all the other guys in the shower. He seemed to spend a little more time making sure his junk was clean, and maybe I imagined it, but he was really hanging low.


This reader discovered the culture of blame is often a distraction…

When I moved to Canada about a decade ago, I started dating a great, really cute girl. We had gotten it on a few times, but I hadn’t gotten her off yet. I went down on her for ages eating her out, and made sure to slow down at the right times to make sure I didn’t pop off too soon. She figured out what I was trying to do, and told me flat-out I was the smallest guy she’d been with, and that I was never going to make her cum. We broke up about two-weeks later. After I got over that hit to my confidence, I wondered if any guy could make her cum because even though I’m a Bronze Member (four and three-quarter inches hard) I have made women cum with intercourse and eating pussy many times. Made me realise that sometimes it’s convenient to blame the guy when sex is bad, especially if he isn’t a hung stud, but women can be dud fucks too. She certainly was.


This reader found out a sex tape is never a good idea…

A few years ago I was dating this woman who was pretty kinky by my usual standards. I’m a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club (4.75″ hard) and pretty thick, so while I’ve had a few women reject me for my size I’ve also had women who enjoyed sex with me too. I don’t really feel sorry for myself about my size generally, as I know there are guys out there much worse off than me. So this woman and I had a brief affair, and on one night of drunkenness we taped our sexual session, and watched it back afterwards. She told me she’d erase it, and I didn’t think anything of it.

Six-months after we had stopped dating, a friend called me and told me someone just sent him a video of me and her having sex. I rushed to his house to check it out. There’s a point in the file where she yells out, “Oh your dick is too small! I can’t feel you inside me! Why do I end up with such baby dick men? Such a tiny, tiny dick!”

Let me explain that we had this thing with her putting down my dick, it turned me on so much and she was kinky enough to do it for me. But the truth is, she could feel me and I could make her cum. However, the video had been edited to just this part and completely out of context. Before long, people I knew were calling me babydick, even though I’m only a little below average. I confronted her about it and she denied putting it out there, and said it was her current ex-boyfriend who stole it and is using that and other video’s of her to ruin her reputation.

Feeling totally pissed off, I asked, “Well why didn’t you erase that video like you said you would at the time?”

She shrugged, and said, “Sorry, I forgot I even had it.”



One reader has reached the age that being single is seen as a sign of trouble…

I’m in my late-thirties, unmarried, and alone. The reason for this is I’m a Gold Member of The Small Dick Club (My hard-on is 2.75″) I’m not one of those fat guys who have developed a small dick because it’s become enveloped in their fat. I’m thin, fit, and an active man. I was born with a micropenis. I know I will never get married, because I feel potential partners are sceptical dating a man my age who is single. They wonder if something must be wrong with me because no woman will take up with me. It gets so frustrating to know that nothings wrong with me as a person, all I have is one small physical defect. One that can be overcome with a little imagination.

Recently, I overheard two twenty-something women at the office talking about me while having a smoke out the back. “I wonder why (my name) isn’t married?” one said.

“He is nerdy, boring even,” the other offered.

“Yeah, but he’s not bad-looking, and comes across as a nice guy.”

“Have you seen his pants?”


“His pants?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“He’s got no bulge, I swear, next time check it out. I think the reason he’s single is he has a tiny dick,” my colleague said triumphantly.

“No! Well, if that’s true, then that explains everything,” her accomplice replied.

This is my life. This is why I’m single.


One reader learns that it’s better to ask, than just assume…

A while ago I had a bad chest cold that just didn’t seem to go away after several courses of antibiotics. Eventually, my doctor was concerned that maybe it was something else and sent me for an XRAY. I went to the local hospital for an outpatient appointment and when it was my turn a nurse led me to a change booth and told me to strip down and put on a white gown. You know the type for sure, the ones that tie up at the back. So I did as I was told and put the gown on and waited. I was feeling a bit shy at this point because I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club (My boner is just under four-inches), and soft it’s like one and a half inches with smallish balls.

But I kept my cool, and decided that everything should be OK. I’m in a hospital and everyone will be professional. Finally, someone came and collected me and I walked to the XRAY room holding the back of my gown to prevent mooning people. When the radiographer started positioning me, he had me stand with my hands at my side in front of this metal plate against my chest, and immediately I felt the chill on my ass. A pretty nurse came up to the radiographer and started chatting to him like I wasn’t there.

Suddenly, the door to the room swung open causing a huge gust of wind, and my gown flew up. Both of them looked directly at my dick, and I quickly pat down my gown to cover myself again, feeling my face go bright red. The nurse smiled and walked off, leaving me alone with male radiographer. “Mr. [my name], we’re only XRAYing your chest, so you didn’t need to take your pants off,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh, sorry, no one said anything,” I said feeling my humiliation grow even deeper.

The man rolled his eyes, and said, “They will now.” He walked off, chuckling to himself.


One reader discovered the internet can sometimes screw with you…

I have a gallery of my little dick pictures on another website and one day I was mucking around with them and posted one in a forum. Afterwards, I went to another forum that was not sex related at all, and was editing a post I had made to include a link to an online news article. I didn’t want the people in this forum to know about my cock. I pasted the link and clicked save and there it was, a picture of my small cock, not the link I thought I had copied. I freaked out, and pressed edit again. For some reason I couldn’t get the picture down straight away. I panicked. Then eventually, I managed to delete the image, but it seemed like it took ages. Thankfully, nobody commented on it so I think I got away with it. But there’s a lesson on using the internet.


This reader traces his first SPH experience back to when he was a teen…

From the day I found my own penis, I was hooked on male anatomy. I would peek at others every chance I got. At public urinals, school gym locker rooms etc.
But I noticed at a very young age that I was much smaller than everyone else, even compared to others my own age. In my teens, a few of us would go swimming in the local river. They would skinny dip, but I was too ashamed to let them see my inadequate, tiny penis. One day, as a joke they stripped me from my swim suit. I turned fifty shades of red while they all gawked and laughed at my tiny dick, and introduced me to my first experience of small penis humiliation.


One reader recalls how he realised he was the short guard…

Hi, Silver Member here. I played basketball in high school, and I was the only guy on the team with a small dick. I guess it is because about half the guys on the team were like 6’3″ and taller, and I’m fairly short (for basketball) but yeah I was embarrassed because most of the guys on the team were bigger soft than my hard dick. Anyway the shower was awkward. Also it made me really believe the stereotype about black guys. Could’ve been a coincidence, but every other guy on the team was WAY bigger than me. That’s when I realised I had a small dick.


This reader was truly a late bloomer…

When I was 15, I still had no pubic hair and my dick was only 1″ soft, and 3″ hard! It was hell in the locker room when changing into PE clothes. Some of the boys told their girlfriends and it got around the whole school how small I was. One time, while changing and no teachers were around, 3 boys grabbed me while I was naked and shoved me out of the locker room where there were a group of girls waiting, and they laughed at me. One girl yelled, “He really does have a teeny weenie!”

Puberty came when I was 16, and my dick grew – finally. I’m still small though, a Bronze Member at just under 4.5″ hard. But there was a time I thought I’d be stuck with a 3″ dicklette for the rest of my life, and that truly sucked.


One reader kept his secret on the run…

In high school, I felt really embarrassed about my small dick. The other boys seemed to have bigger dicks soft than I did hard. Changing after PE or sports was traumatic but I came up with a plan. Be first in the change rooms and get out before the other boys got there. Eventually, I became the school champion long distance runner all because I could get to the change rooms and be out before anyone else. I find it weird today looking back that the reason I was so good at sports was because I was hiding my shame. I’m a Bronze Member now at 4.75″ hard. My wife doesn’t complain about our sex life and I have kids. I have never told anyone about my secret motivation in High School. My small dick made me succeed.


This reader decided that after years of hiding it, he would just go with it…

I have a little weenie that is so small it actually goes inside of me in cold weather. I have to “pop” it out to pee. At rest it’s less than an inch, and erect barely 2.5″ (Gold Member), a true micro-penis. I kept my size a secret from my buddies that I go on road trips with until I was spotted one time by a friend of mine. We stopped to take a leak in a wooded area off the road, and he saw my little “dinkie”. I was fairly humiliated at first, but decided what the heck. I joked with him about it and told him to tell the rest of the guys. We all had a good time and this prompted everyone to whip out their cocks to compare to mine, knowing of course that they were all a lot bigger. My friend Ed, who caught me, has a fat 5″ soft cock, and Dale has 6″ soft. No one in the group was below 3″ soft, except for me. That made the humiliation all the better, as by then I had resigned myself to my condition. I even let all the guys pull out their cell-phones and take pictures of my mini-dick.


This reader learned that male fraternity is a myth…

I’m 18 and my older brother (20) always seems to catch me naked (I think he is queer). He usually just laughs at me, and makes fun of my little penis (I’m a Gold Member 3″ hard). I remember one time after swimming at a lake, we went to the showers and when we took our swimsuits off I took a quick peek at his 6″ flaccid dick. I also took a peek at some of the other men and boys in the showers (all were much bigger than me). Embarrassed about my own pathetic nub (shrunken more by the cold water), I covered myself with my hands and walked to the showers a nervous wreck. Noticing my hands, my brother reassured me to relax, because everyone there was a guy. So I foolishly listened to him, and uncovered myself staring ahead at the wall in front of me.

When I turned around to rinse off my back, that is when I heard him chuckle, and say, “Hey, looks like you’re missing something.” After an awkward moment of looking at my groin, he added, “Geez, I didn’t know you were THAT small!”

It was so small you couldn’t see it past my pubes. When he said this everyone else in the shower turned and looked at my groin. They either chuckled (giving each other wry looks) or shook their head in disbelief. I was so shocked I couldn’t even move, I don’t know why I ever listened to him. I’ll get him back one day.


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