Seduced into Boi-Hood 6

By Litfan2016.

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Part 6…

“How was your day, Baby Boy?” Gerri asked Steven as she hung up his coat and helped him out of the rest of his clothes.

Stripping naked when entering her apartment had become his new routine, and by now, it seemed as normal as any other part of a typical day. It seemed just as commonplace to him for Gerri to remain fully clothed, typically in sweats. She had explained that seeing naked women was just going to make him squirt, worsening his premature ejaculation problem, and he had come to accept this. She had also incorporated it into the little mantras she had him recite during his milking sessions.

“Not too bad, it was a little busy,” he replied as she fastened the mittens on his hands and led him into the bedroom where the changing pad was already laid out.

“And did that cute little baby peepee make any dribbles in your pants today?” she asked sweetly, laying him down on the pad.

“Just once,” he said sheepishly.

She found it both cute and arousing that he still blushed a little when talking about his ‘accidents.’ “I thought I saw some stains in your undies, Sweetie,” she said, lifting his legs so she could slide his lubed plug into him. She had him so accustomed to being plugged at this point that this also seemed as normal to him as tying his shoelaces. “Weren’t you wearing the sanitary pad like I keep reminding you?”

“I was Gerri. I have to wear them all the time now because of my premature baby peepee. However, lately, some dribbles still somehow stain my underwear,” he replied, followed by a slight grunt as she slid the last of the large plug into him.

Unbeknownst to him, Gerri hard started using a razor knife to make slices in the pads she was providing him, ensuring that some leaking would occur.

“Hmmm, we’ll have to see what we can do about that. Such a leaky little peepee. It just wants to drop and dribble all the time, doesn’t it? I told you I’ve been finding wet spots on the sheets nights you sleep over, too. You just have no control, do you, like a little baby? But enough of that for now. I know this little Baby needs something, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, Nurse, please milk my tiny peepee.”

“Of course, Sweetie,” she cooed, turning on the small vibrating wand.

She noticed his penis began to plump up and drip at just the sound of the wand now. Gerri hoped she hadn’t made him so premature that she could no longer control when he squirted and, through that, control him. She began gently teasing his hairless member with the wand for barely a second before pulling it away and then repeating. She had noticed, too, that for several of his last milkings, he had cum so fast he didn’t even have time to become fully erect, an unexpected result of her conditioning that thrilled her.

“There we go, Baby. Let’s get you all milked and ready for your checkup.”

They now referred to his cleansing enemas as his’ checkup, ‘ followed by her ‘taking his temperature’ with the large glass thermometer. “Now go ahead and remind your Nurse why she milks you.”

“B-because I’m a premature ejaculator with a tiny peepee that could never last long enough for anything else,” he groaned as she began to keep him on edge with the vibrator expertly.

“That’s right, Baby. Oh, someone’s getting drippy now. Let’s take the wand away for just a minute while I look at that cute, smooth little peepee. I do love looking at it. And it’s not even hard all the way. Maybe it’s realizing it’s just a baby’s peepee and doesn’t need erections anymore. It just needs milking to keep it tiny and limp and precious. Just lots and lots of milkings, isn’t that, right?”

“Y-yes, Nurse, I need lots and lots of milkings.”

“Good boy, here, have some nice buzzes from the wand now for a second. Maybe erections aren’t for you, just like seeing me or any woman naked isn’t for you, isn’t that, right?”.

“Yes, naked women aren’t for me. My baby peepee would just squirt and dribble…”

“Just think how nice it will be when you move in next month, too, Stevie. I’ll be able to milk you all the time and keep that peepee soft and limp and tiny just like it belongs,” she said sexily, reaching into her pocket and pressing the button on the little remote there to start the plug in his bottom vibrating on the low setting.

“Somebody likes that, doesn’t he? Remember when your Nurse explained about all the sensitive nerves in the bum-bum, and that’s why that plug feels so good? And that’s why I love it so much when you lick and French Kiss my bum-bum, Sweetie. Plus, your plug tickles that sweet little magic button in your bum. You’re leaking a nice little stream now, Baby. Just lay there and enjoy the sensations while I get you a surprise,” she said, reaching into her other pocket and pulling out a Small Baby’s Bib.

“There we go,” she said sweetly, fastening the small blue bib around the base of his semi-hard penis. “I got you a nice, pretty blue milking bib to wear on your peepee for all your milkings. Now, when you make cummies and dribbles, you can do it onto your little bib, and it won’t be so messy. You don’t want to be a messy baby, do you?” she asked, bringing him closer and closer with each touch of the wand.

“N-no, I don’t.” he groaned as a trickle of precum leaked out onto his new bib.

“You don’t what, Sweetie? You don’t want to be milked?” Gerri asked, pulling back the wand.

“No, please! I want my milking, please! A messy baby! I don’t want to be a messy baby! I love my milking bib!”

Gerri smiled and resumed edging him. She had been gradually increasing, making him refer to himself as ‘a baby’ during his recent milkings.

“So close, aren’t you, Baby Boy? Almost there, hold on, I know you need to suck. At the same time, you make your mess,” she said as, with a slight moan, she reached down the front of her sweatpants only to have her hand emerge, holding the adult pacifier, the bulb of which had been inserted into her pussy and now had a thick coating of her juices on it.

“Here we go, Sweet Boy,” she said, popping it into his waiting mouth and watching him immediately begin to start sucking. “Now, go ahead, Baby. Go ahead and make your little dribble for me,” she whispered, reaching into her pocket to turn his plug up to the high-vibration setting and then holding the wand against his quivering peepee for 3 seconds.

She quickly pulled the wand away as she saw him make an all too familiar facial expression, followed by a loud whimper as a small river of pearly white fluid came dribbling out of him onto his Baby Blue Bib. She turned the vibrating plug off, reached down, and lightly rubbed his nipples while waiting for him to be completely drained. His eyes closed as he continued to suck on the pacifier. He kept his eyes shut and dreamily continued sucking while she used the wipes and then powder on him.

Gerri helped him sit up, as he still had a little trouble managing movements with his hands encased in the mittens, and then lit a joint for the two of them to share. She held it up to his lips so he could take hits off it. This also allowed her to make sure he inhaled much more than her. Then it was off to the bathroom, where he got on his hands and knees with her help.

With one practiced motion, she slid the anal plug out and replaced it in his bottom with the enema nozzle. He lay there contentedly, still in the afterglow of his milking as the warm water flowed into him. They had done this so many times now he accepted it as part of their routine. Gerri knew that since he’s just had a ruined orgasm, she could reach between his legs and stroke his limp member with one finger without fear of it cumming again so soon. Steven let out a slight moan in response as she leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“Such a tiny little peepee, soft and smooth like a baby’s, isn’t it, Sweetie?”

“My peepee is soft and smooth like a baby’s,” he repeated, almost trance-like, as the pot buzz began to kick in.

“Limp hairless little baby peepee. Just like a baby boy has, you’re my Sweet Little Baby Boy, aren’t you? Getting his bum-bum all nice and clean.”

“I’m your sweet little baby boy….”

“And my Baby doesn’t need fucking or stroking or even erections, does he? Those are for big, strong men, not you. You just want milkings and to be plugged and to suck on your Nurse’s pussy and bum and boobies….”

“Just milkings and plugs and sucking..,” he repeated as she led him to the toilet and withdrew the hose so he could expel the enema.

“Do you need to do anything else while you’re on the potty, Baby?” she asked as she used wipes to clean him. She could guess what he was going to say next as it had also become part of their routine.

“I need to make tinkle, please.”

“Of course, Sweetie, just let me point your peepee in the right direction. There you go. Make your tinkle for me,” she smiled, recalling how reluctant he used to be about this. Still, she now allowed her to help him urinate without any hesitation. She was ready to put another step of her plan into motion now.

“Oops! What a big twitch!” she exclaimed right as he began to pee and quickly pointed his peeing member at her sweatshirt, making sure to get a few drops of urine on both her top and bottoms before redirecting his aim back into the bowl.

“Gerri, I’m so sorry. What happened?” he asked as he finished relieving himself and became flushed with embarrassment.

“Oh, don’t worry, Baby. Little babies at the hospital can’t control themselves, just like you, and all nurses get a little pee on them all the time. I think your peepee was so excited I was touching it that it started to plump up. I know it’s not your fault. You just can’t help yourself. Let’s get you all wiped clean and powdered, and then we can take Your temperature while I change into clean clothes.”

She led the Still Blushing Steven into her bedroom, lay him down on a pad, and wiped his hairless crotch region clean before applying a fresh coat of baby powder. He lifted his knees to his chest when he saw her apply lube to the familiar large glass thermometer. His anal muscles had become so accustomed to plugs that it easily slid all the way in, eliciting a small moan from him.

“There we go, Baby. Now I know you like it when I hold it still for you so you can slide back and forth, but I need to change first. I think I have some clean clothes in the bathroom. Stay nice and clenched down on your thermometer, and I’ll be right back,” she said, going into the bathroom and closing the behind her. Steven gasped, and his eyes grew wide as she emerged a minute later, not clad in sweats but completely naked.

“Silly me, I thought I had clean clothes in there, but they must be in the dresser after all,” she said, feigning obliviousness to his reaction.

She knew it had been almost a month since she let me see her naked and was hoping it would have the desired effect. Sure enough, the sight was too much for Steve. His penis immediately plumped up and began to dribble a steady stream of white liquid as a spontaneous, ruined orgasm overtook him. At the same time, he let out a loud whimper of defeat.

“Oh No!” she exclaimed. “I forgot seeing naked women isn’t good for my Baby! I’m sorry, Sweetie, hold on!” she cried, quickly climbing onto the bed and lowering her moist pussy onto his face. “There, now you can’t see anymore…mmm,” she said softly, as his training took hold and he began to lick and suck on her just as she’d taught him. “Oh, that’s a very good boy. Make me cum 2 or 3 times, and then you can shut your eyes, and I’ll run and put some clothes on,” she purred as his tongue worked its magic.

She enjoyed two orgasms and then leaned forward, signaling to Steven that it was time to worship her ass. He was well trained in this by now and dutifully snaked his tongue into her tight hole and began licking the sensitive nerve clusters inside. Gerri had taught him so well that she could experience small orgasms now just from anal stimulation. As she felt one building, she finished ‘taking his temperature’ by leaning down and sliding the glass probe in and out of him slowly, smiling as she heard his muffled moaning.

After she came again, she dismounted his face after making him promise to keep his eyes closed, as seeing her naked body would just make him lose control again. She took her time cleaning, plugging, and powdering him, wondering if she could get him to the point where just thinking about her naked would be enough to make him dribble. She then took a change of clothes into the bathroom and announced he could open his eyes now before emerging in fresh clothes through the door. She helped him off the bed and announced it was time for lunch, leading him into the kitchen.

After affixing his large feeding bib, she warmed up two bowls of stir-fried chicken. She began alternating between eating some herself and spoon-feeding him from the other bowl. She made a point to keep preparing food that could be easily spilled a bit, to reinforce the need for the large bib he had to wear. After several spoonfuls, she would hold the large bottle with an oversized nipple on the end for him to drink from.

At first, he had resisted the idea of the bottle, insisting he could hold some kind of ‘sippy cup’ even with his hands in the large fingerless mittens. After several unsuccessful attempts that ended with him dropping it, he had started reluctantly accepting drinking from the bottle, with Gerri reassuring him that this would help her care for the babies at work also. He was unaware that when trying to hold a cup himself, she had discreetly applied a slight coating of slippery gel, making it impossible for him to hold onto it.

After they finished eating, she tended to the dishes, wiped his mouth, and then removed the bib before bringing him into the bathroom so he could tinkle with her help. Then, it was time to smoke some more pot and watch a movie before bed. She was glad he was sleeping over as she had further plans for him.

“Here we go, Stevie. This movie is supposed to be a good one,” she said as she used The TV Remote. “And don’t worry, I checked, and there’s no female nudity at all, not even boobies, so you don’t have to worry about your baby peepee making dribbles again.”

‘Thanks,” he said sheepishly. “Will you please milk my tiny peepee the special way into the padding afterward so I can squirt instead of dribble?” he asked shyly.

“Oh, not tonight, Baby,” she replied, “It’s been a long day, and I’m almost out of changing pads for you. Don’t worry, though. When you come back tomorrow night, we can make your little fellow squirt into that nice soft padding you love so much, I promise. That’s really the only place.”

She could see the disappointment register on his face. Still, she wanted him to crave squirting into the padding to help further his regression. She smiled as she noticed just talking about it made his peepee plump up a little and produce a single clear drop on the tip.

After the movie was over, it was time to smoke more and then get ready for bed. Gerri took his mittens off to his relief and removed his plug, wiping his bum-bum clean afterward. She would eventually be brushing his teeth for him but wasn’t at that point yet. He was so stoned at this point he managed to get that done, put on a pair of boxer shorts, and climb into bed. By the time Gerri joined him, he was passed out. She knew he was normally a sound sleeper, and when stoned also, he would be out like the proverbial light.

He usually slept on his side facing her, making it easier to put her plan in motion. She reached down and gently pulled his soft penis out through the fly of his boxers and began lightly stroking it with two fingers. After 5 seconds or so, she was rewarded as he gave out a soft moan in his sleep and began dribbling out cum. She continued her soft touching, as she wanted to coax out as much as she could, leaving a noticeable stain on the sheet. After she had drained him dry, she opened her nightstand drawer and withdrew a small Juicebox of Apple Juice. She opened it and carefully poured some on the sheet next to his crotch, producing a yellowish stain on the sheets. Happy with the results, she drank the remaining juice and hid the empty box back in her nightstand before turning off the light. She found herself so aroused at the thought of what the morning would bring she couldn’t resist reaching down and rubbing herself to one more orgasm before nodding off to sleep.

Steven opened his eyes to Gerri, gently shaking him the next morning.

‘Baby Boy, wake up. Wake up. I think somebody had an accident!”

“Huh? What? “He replied groggily but then became aware of the damp yellowish spot next to him in the bed. Oh no! Did I? I… I..,” he stammered, as he also noticed the crusty dried cum stains on the sheets.

“Shhh, it’s OK, Baby; I was afraid something like this was going to happen. You’re so premature now it was only a matter of time. And it’s a known fact that many premature ejaculators like you also start to have bladder control issues as well. Remember I told you I thought I found a few tiny tinkle stains in your underpants?”

“Gerri, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say. I ruined your sheets… Your mattress…” he said, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

“Oh, don’t cry, Baby, it’s alright,” she said lovingly, pulling him to her in a hug as she sat on the side of the bed. “The sheets can be washed; I will do that,” she said, stoking his hair as he began to cry. “And I suspected this might happen, so I put a waterproof liner on my mattress. See, it’s not so bad. Oh, my poor boy, it’s going to be alight; I’m going to take care of you,” she said softly, opening her bathrobe, exposing her breast, and guiding his head to her as she reassured him. “It’s going to be OK… There now…” she added as she guided his mouth to her nipple, and he began to suckle on it almost instinctively. “That’s what my sweet Baby needs to help calm down. You just suck for a bit and then help me change the sheets. I know sucking helps you feel relaxed and calm. It’s that way with all babies.”

Twenty minutes later, they had changed the sheets. Steven was obviously still embarrassed, so Gerri insisted that even though they both had to head out soon, he had a morning milking to help him feel better. Minutes later, he lay on a pad on the bed, sucking on a pacifier she had coated with her juices as she expertly edged him with her nimble fingers.

“There, that feels better, doesn’t it, Baby? Oh, don’t try and talk, just suck. Sucking is so calming, isn’t it? Such a cute, tiny, little, drippy peepee. Smooth and little. Oh, it likes being called that. Look at it leak and plump up. I’m going to take such good care of it and of you. This is what you need isn’t it, where you belong? Good boy. Now go ahead and make a dribble for me, and then I’ll get you all wiped and powdered and off to work. And we’ll put two liners in your undies today since we know you have almost no control left. Oh my, that made you dribble a lot! Now, let’s get you cleaned up and off to work, and I can get off to school. I’ll see you back here tonight to talk about how to prevent more messes.”

After they went their separate ways, the rest of the day seemed to crawl by for Gerri. She knew Steven would be arriving back at her place around eight that night. She spent the rest of the day flush with arousal, anticipating the culmination of all her plans for him. Once Gerri arrived back home, she got everything ready for his arrival. When showering, she couldn’t resist giving herself an orgasm to help take the edge off before donning her bathrobe and awaiting his arrival. Her long wait was finally over when, shortly after 8, he entered and, after a brief kiss and greeting, began dutifully removing his clothes.

“How was your day, Baby? I see more stains in your undies. You just have no control, do you?” she asked after they shared a joint, leading him into the bedroom and laying him on the pad.

“I seem to have less and less every day; I don’t know what to do…. I was so embarrassed last night here…,” he said forlornly, followed by a soft moan as she slid the greased plug all the way into his bottom, the tip just tickling his prostate.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie, your Nurse is going to make it all better. Does Baby need his tiny peepee milked? Would that make it better?” she asked, watching his penis twitch at her words.

“Yes, please milk my tiny little peepee, small and smooth like a baby’s. I love my milkings by My Sexy Nurse.”

“I know you do, Honey. You’re much too fast and small ever to use your peepee to please a woman. And you accept that, don’t you? That this is sex for you now. Milkings and dribbles and sometimes squirts. Squirts are the best, aren’t they?”

“I love to squirt. Into the soft padding you wrap around my baby peepee… Please, Nurse, can I squirt tonight?’

“You can squirt into soft padding soon, Baby,” she reassured him, stroking him with one finger just enough to keep him dripping and on edge. “Into soft padding. That’s where you squirt now, isn’t it? What you need? Nice soft padding wrapped around your tiny little peepee. Padding for you to pump a nice big gooey mess into?”

“Yesss… I love to squirt into padding…. “

“Good Boy. Now, Baby, I want to try something new with the padding tonight. Now, promise me you’ll at least try it once. And if you do, I’ll let you have a nice big squirt, maybe 2. OK?” she asked, continuing to edge him. She knew denying his squirt the previous night would make her agree to almost anything for one tonight.

“I trust my Nurse. I need to make a squirt. I’ll try it, whatever it is.”

“That makes me happy to hear, My Sweet Baby Boy,” she said huskily, producing A large Rearz Adult Diaper with a blue balloon pattern on it from beneath a pillow. She saw his eyes go a little wide at the sight and knew she had to act quickly. She pressed the still folded diaper over his quivering penis, cushioning it in padding, and then held the want against it. He gasped and then let out a loud, almost animalistic groan as she quickly pulled it away before he could orgasm. She repeated the process several more times, breaking down any remaining resistance he may have had.

“All that soft padding feels so good, doesn’t it, Baby? It’s what you need, isn’t it? It is surrounded by soft padding, your little peepee all snug and wrapped up in it. Then, you can finally give in and stop trying to control it. That little baby peepee will finally be where it belongs: in a safe, snug, padded diaper where it can squirt and drip all it wants. You won’t have to worry about it anymore. Think how good it’s going to feel when I slide your diaper on, and you can finally let go and squirt and leak. That’s what you need, isn’t it?”

“Y-yes, it’s what I need. I need to squirt into padding… Please”

“I know, Baby. It would be best if you had this, don’t you?” she asked, putting his feet into the leg holes. “But it has to be your choice, Stevie, so you have to ask me so we know you really want this…”

‘P-please put it on me so I can squirt and let go…,” he asked, a look of surrender on his face.

“Put what on you, Sweetie?’ She asked, teasing his semi-hard penis.

“The diaper….”

“Let’s call it what it is, Baby Boy. It’s your diaper.”

“Please put my diaper on me… My small peepee belongs in my diaper..,” he whimpered as she finally slid the diaper all the way up.

“Yes, it does, Baby. And that’s where we’ll keep it from now on. Now, just relax and let me take care of you,” she said sweetly, continuing to buzz him through the diaper. “We’re going to build up to a nice big squirt for that hairless little peepee, snug in its new home. Here, Honey, have a nice drink while I play with you,” she said, holding a baby bottle full of water to his face and sliding the nipple into his mouth.

He began sucking reflexively as she continued to stimulate him through the padding. Steven now existed on a totally physical plane, craving the sensation of the vibe through his diaper. Once his bottle was drained Gerri led him into the bedroom and lay him down on his pad.

“Time for my baby to make me feel good, then he gets a nice big gooey squirt in his soft diaper,” she huskily said, lowering herself onto his face.

It was her turn to moan as his eager tongue immediately went to work. She’d trained him well, and it only took five minutes of his ministrations before she had a thunderous climax on his face. After catching her breath, she leaned forward so he could worship her ass while she continued to tease him through the diaper. The sight of his legs twitching, accompanied by his muffled moans and his talented tongue probing deep into her anus, was enough to push her over the edge and have another small climax. After catching her breath, she slid off his face and, after a quick kiss, pulled him into her lap as she pulled her robe open, exposing her breast. It was time for the final step in her seduction.

“Come suck on me, Baby, while I rub your tiny peepee,” she whispered, guiding his mouth to her nipple with one hand and activating his vibrating plug with the other.

Once that was done, she picked the wand back up and resumed stimulating him through the padding as he licked and sucked on her.

“Such a good boy. You’re so close, aren’t you? Your peepee is so ready to squirt in its nice new home. The only place it will squirt from now on is a nice soft diaper,” he let out a muffled whimper. “It’s OK, Baby, we both know this is what you need, where you belong. Squirting in diapers. You just need to do one more thing for me, Baby. It would be best if you let go completely. You don’t need that control anymore. Don’t need to worry about it. Just let it go, Baby. Let it out in your diaper where it belongs. Make your diaper nice and warm and wet so you can squirt in it. Warm and wet like a pussy. Do what babies do in their diapers all the time. Be my Sweet baby Boy. Go ahead and wet your diaper for me. Let it out, Baby. So good to let go.”

She heard him make a muffled sob as she reached down and felt warmth beginning to spread through his diaper, and it began to swell up as he completely surrendered.

“Now go ahead and squirt,” she softly said once she was sure he was done, switching the wand on high and firmly rubbing the front of his diaper. “Tell me when you make your first diaper squirt, Baby Boy,” she said, pulling his head slightly away from her nipple.

It only took seconds before he cried out. “Squirting!!! I’m squirting in my diaper, Mommy!! Nnnnnngh…”.

She held the wand on him for another minute to make sure he was completely drained while rubbing the top of his head. Looking down, she saw tears in his eyes and was surprised to realize there were tears in hers as well. It felt as if time had stopped, and they were the only two people in the world.

“Gerri, “ he finally whispered. That felt so amazing. I never ever came like that. I almost passed out, I think. I’m sorry about calling you ‘Mommy.’”

“Oh, Darling,” she cooed, leaning forward and kissing his forehead. “I think it’s something you’ve secretly been wanting to call me for a while now, isn’t it? And, of course, I don’t mind. What else should My Baby Boy call me?” she asked, giving the front of his diaper a playful squeeze. “I’d love it if you called me that from now on.”

As she said that, she realized she was crying again. Despite all her preparations for this moment, she hadn’t anticipated the almost overwhelming feeling of love for him that was currently washing over her.

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I Love you too, Baby Boy.”

For the longest time, they lay in each other’s arms, wrapped in A warm blanket of love. Gerri and her Baby Boi.


The End.


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