Seduced into Boi-Hood 4

By Litfan2016.

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Part 4…

Gerri could not wait for Steven to arrive at her place. It had been one of those hectic weeks when their schedules did not align. Between them both working and Her Nursing School Studies, it had been four days since he had been to her place. She was a little surprised at how eager she was to play with him again. She already had a changing pad laid out on her bed, and The Baby Wipes and Powder were there as well, in readiness for his milking.

She had been home awhile and was dressed in her soft, comfy sweats with nothing on underneath. She slid a hand into her sweatshirt and idly teased her nipples into two stiff little peaks as she mulled what the next stages in his conditioning would entail.

He was now squirting quickly after just 3 seconds or so of her using the little wand on him, and she was content with that for now. He accepted that his pee-pee was too small for pulling or tugging and greatly enjoyed the vibe’s sensations. He had also taken well to the idea of her using the depilatory cream on him and was now nice and smooth, front and back, including his cute little bum-bum, as she called it. She was thinking that at some point, she’d be keeping him naked more and more and herself more fully clothed. He was used to being called “Baby Boy” by now, so it would not be too hard to add, “Naked Women are not for Baby Boys with tiny smooth pee-pees,” to his milking recitations.

Her reverie was interrupted by the slamming of a car door, signaling his arrival. She was hungry for the thrill she would get from rewiring his sexuality as well as The Chinese Take-Out he was bringing.

She let him in and instantly noted he seemed somewhat sullen as he gave him a hug and quick kiss.

“Baby Boy! I’ve missed you! And that food smells yummy! Oh no, is something wrong? Hard day at the restaurant today? You take off your coat, put that food right down, and come sit on the sofa and tell me.”

“Well …” He began, joining her on the sofa. “It was going OK until I had to wait on these two women. They were hot. Not as hot as you, of course, but nice looking with low cut tops on and everything. We were flirting a little. You know, how we all do because that’s how you get a bigger tip. Then, when I was telling them today’s specials, one of them told me I looked good enough to eat, reached over and touched my hand, and….and….”

“And what Stevie?’ Gerri sweetly asked, trying to hide her mounting excitement. She had been waiting for something like this.

“And I-I squirted in my pants. Without touching it or anything. It just got hard and then almost right away started spurting ….”

“Ooh, you poor thing, come here and get a nice hug,” Gerri said sympathetically, embracing him.

She was elated. Gerri was not sure she would be able to make him so sensitive that he would cum in his pants without any contact. She knew she was a virtuoso at making him squirt with her hands, but the fact that he did, and without her even present, meant he was progressing right along. Gerri continued to hold her mortified boy in an embrace. She began stroking his hair while softly talking to him in a reassuring tone.

“No, no, no, don’t be ashamed,m Sweetie. I bet those women didn’t even notice when you pumped your pants full of cummies, did they?’

“I-I don’t think so….”

“And that’s because you were wearing your panty liner like I suggested. It’s good you wear them at work. I think you might need to wear them full-time. You have so little control now. What if you saw a pretty girl at the Market? You wouldn’t want them to have to announce ‘Clean-Up on aisle 3’ over the speaker, would you?’” she asked, tussling his hair and coaxing a smile out of him. “There’s my smiling face that I love, Baby. And I love everything about you, including your sticky little messes. And I love how you’re accepting who you are and getting comfier with it. Now remind me, why did you have a sticky mess at work?”

“Because I have a tiny pee-pee that squirts uncontrollably. It’s too small and too premature ever to please a woman,” he said.

“That’s right, Baby. But you can make me happy in other ways. You’ve gotten so good with your tongue. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I think tonight might be the night, too. We can heat that food later, but you have got me all hot right now,” Gerri purred, standing up and dropping her sweatpants. “Would it cheer you up to finally make me cum?”

“Yes!” Steven exclaimed as Gerri took him by the hand, led him into the bedroom, and laid him down on the changing pad.

“Now let’s get you naked like you belong. I need to see that sexy little pee-pee,” Gerri said, removing his pants as he took off his shirt. “Oh my!” she said throatily, peeling the panty liner off his boxers.” You weren’t kidding. You really did soak this, Baby.” She held the still-damp liner up to her nose and gave a little sniff. “Hmm, is that just cummies I smell, Baby, or did a few drops of tinkle sneak out too? If it did, that’s OK, you know, tiny wee-wee’s drip uncontrollably, we both know it.”

Having planted that seed for later, she didn’t give him a chance to reply as she quickly straddled his head and lowered herself onto his eager face.

“Mmmm, that’s it, Stevie. See how wet I am already for my sexy boy? Now lick just like we practiced all those times…nice and slow, along the outside of my lips… Just like that… Now inside… Just the tip of your tongue… You’re getting so good at this. And you’re just going to get better. Now find my clit Baby… Yessss, right there. You know what to do… Oh, oh, oh, this is it…you’re going to make me cum, Baby. You’re finally going to make a woman cum…”

Gerri felt her orgasm approaching, and just as it washed over her, she let out a loud moan, at the same time managing to reach down and quickly give Steven’s still, leaky little member three soft strokes with her finger. So soft she hoped he wouldn’t even notice she had touched him, as he spurted out cum all over himself just as she came too.

“Oh God, Baby, that was so good,” she whispered, sliding forward on his face a little. “Now you get your prize, go ahead and give my bum-bum a little kiss. Oh, that feels nice, too, Baby. I know you’ve been waiting for this. Now, one more little peck, then I need to catch my breath.”

She slid off his smiling face, wet with her juices, and lay down beside him, holding his hand and kissing his cheek. “I guess you enjoyed it too, baby Boy. Look, I was going to give you a nice milking, but it looks like you got so excited making me cum you squirted all by yourself again. Did you even notice? That’s so sexy and flattering!”

“I-I guess so. It just felt so great to make you happy, Gerri,” Stevie said.

“You do that all the time, my sweet Baby. Now, let’s get you all wiped up and powdered, and then we can tackle that Chinese food. Then we can watch some TV, and I’ll give you a nice milking. I even bought some more of those lollipops you like to suck on.”

Gerri milked Steven twice more that night, once while they watched a movie on Netflix and once more after he’d licked her to two more thunderous orgasms. They made plans for him to come over in two days to help her with her ‘nursing practice.’ She couldn’t wait. Even though she’d cum twice, she drifted off to sleep, still horny, thinking about what she was referring to herself as ‘Operation Bumbum.’


Steven arrived a few days later, eager to help her with her nursing Training. Gerri let him in and greeted him with a kiss and a huge smile. “Oh, there’s my sweet Boy! Thank you so much for agreeing to help me. I’ve really been stressing about this!”

“Anything for you, Gerri,” Steve said. “Just tell me what to do. And don’t worry, I remember you saying it may take more than once for you to get the hang of this…stuff.”

“OK, my little patient, let’s start by getting all those clothes off. And you know what? Patients will be naked at the start of these procedures in the hospital, so why don’t you get in the habit of stripping naked for me the second you come in the door? There are plenty of hooks out there for your clothes, and I will leave a nice warm pair of bunny slippers out there so your feet stay warm. That will help me get in the right frame of mind quicker, I think.”

“Um, OK, if you think that would help,” he replied, sheepishly disrobing right there.

‘Oh look, someone’s pee-pee thinks that’s a good idea too,” she said, pointing to his erection, already with a drop of pre-cum on the tip. “Now you know this stuff involves your cute little bum-bum like we talked? So, I thought we would maybe try this in the bathroom just in case of any messy accidents.”

“Well, I remembered what you said and had a very light breakfast hours ago,” he said, blushing as she led him into her bathroom. He glanced nervously at the changing mat on the floor and the equipment lying on it.

“You’re so sweet,” she whispered, giving him a peck on the cheek. “Now remember, if you have any big discomfort or are nervous, make sure and tell your Nurse,” she said, winking.

“Don’t worry, Nurse, I will!” He grinned as she guided him onto his hands and knees on the mat.

“Oh, I like the sound of that, Steven! Hey, how about just for fun; you call me ‘Nurse’ while we’re doing this. It would help me feel more confident, I think,” she asked, putting on rubber gloves and reaching for lube.

“Sure thing, Ger… I mean Nurse,” he replied a little nervously. He jumped a little as he felt her gloved finger slip between his asscheeks and start applying dollops of lube.

“That feels a little weird, Ger…I mean Nurse.”

“I know, Baby, but I warmed the lube up so it’s nice and warm for your little bum. Sometimes it’s cold, but not for the first time. There we go, nice and shiny and wet and slippery. You’re doing so well. You’re going to get such a nice milking after this. You want your Sexy Nurse to milk you, don’t you?” she asked, gently pressing the tip of her finger against his tight hole.

“Yes, I love having my pee-pee milked, Nurse.”

“Tell your nurse about your tiny pee-pee, little boy.”

“I have a tiny baby-sized pee-pee that squirts prematurely. I love having my small pee-pee milked.”

“I know you do. You’re so stiff and drippy already,” Gerri said, hoping the sex talk would help Stevie relax as she gently and slowly slid her index finger inside him.

“Oh, ow, Gerr…Nurse, that hurts a little,” he moaned.

“OK, Baby, I’m adding more lube, don’t worry. It’s always hardest the first time going in, but Nurse will get you nice and loose before you know it. See, much better already, all lubed up so Mr. Finger can go in and out, in and out, just like this,” she reached around under him with her other hand and kept lightly touching his pee-pee, keeping him stiff.

She hoped that keeping him aroused during this would make him more receptive. “Now we add another finger and…look! Two fingers now! Oh, I know from that scrunchie face this isn’t easy, Baby, here’s some more lube. Oh, look at that cute little hole just open up for me. Good Boy! Are you OK, baby Boy?”

“Nng, yeah, it just feels a little weird, Nurse,” he said.

“Let’s try this then. Nurse will hold her hand still, and you slide your bum back and forth onto her fingers, in and out. That way, you have a little more control. There you go. I bet that works better. Keep going just like that for another minute, all the way in, then almost all the way out. That’s how we make you nice and loose and slippery.”

Gerri was creaming herself, watching her Boy fucking himself on her fingers. She had to force herself to stay focused and keep on her script as she finally withdrew her fingers and reached for the enema nozzle.

“Time for the enema now, Baby. Don’t worry, we’ll go slow, and your Nurse will take good care of you. Now, the nozzle is just a little bit bigger, but it’s all lubed up. I’m just going to hold it against your bum, and you slide back on it like we were practicing. That’s it…that’s it… Nice and slow…such a good patient…almost there… And all the way in!”

“Feels weird, Nurse,” Stevie said.

“I know, Baby. But you’ll feel so nice and clean when we’re done. Now I’m going to turn the valve slowly, and the nice warm water is going to go into The Baby’s bottom…can you feel it?”

“Yes…warm, weird…”

“Nice and slow, Baby. This isn’t a big one. We can work our way up to them. And look at that pee-pee, hard as a rock. I think your pee-pee is jealous your bum is getting so much attention, don’t you? Almost full now, so your little tummy is a little rounder and full now. OK, now comes the tricky part. I’m going to slide out the nozzle, but you need to really clamp down that bum hole and hold your enema in for your Nurse. Can you do that, Baby?” she asked, slipping out the nozzle, noting the look of pained concentration on his face.

“I-I’m trying, Nurse, but it’s hard. I’m getting some cramps… Ouch…”

“Such a brave big boy for his Nurse. Hold on, Sweetie, my training covers what to do here. First, I’m going to put this special bum-bum plug inside you to help hold it inside for five minutes.” She had prepped a butt plug with lube already, one just slightly larger than the enema nozzle had been. “There we go, nice and tight now, and only a little trickle leaked out. You would have been so embarrassed if you lost control; I know. It might help take your mind off the cramping if you thank your Nurse for plugging you.”

Stevie said, “T-Thank you, Nurse, for plugging me… Ouch…cramps…”

“I’m worried, Sweetie. We were taught that sometimes the cramps cause patients to bite their tongues, so they make these special bite-preventers. Let me put one in your mouth. Open up, there we go pops right in. Just two more minutes,” she gently cooed, rubbing his back and tickling his semi-hard pee-pee. “You know, it’s funny, I never noticed before, but they kind of look like the pacifiers we use in natal care,” she was glad the adult pacifier she ordered online had arrived on time. “OK, my brave Boy, let’s get you onto the toilet so we can get you all emptied. Up you go on the potty, and I’m going to take the plug out. Now, don’t be embarrassed by what comes out. I’ve seen and heard it all.”

Steven was so glad to finally be able to expel the enema that he left the pacifier in his mouth and, for a minute afterward, he emptied. Gerri didn’t know if it was just wishful thinking or if she actually saw it slightly moving in and out as if her sucking on it, though he did take it out as he recovered.

“You’re my Hero, Steven. We do this a few more times, and I’ll be sure to pass that part of My nursing Exams. And don’t worry, from what I’ve read, it gets easier for both of us with more practice.”

“I didn’t think I’d be able to hold it in for a minute there. I was scared I’d make a big mess,” Stevie confessed.

“That’s why we plug you up, silly! Now, come on into the bedroom. I have a nice changing pad ready and lots of wipes to make sure you’re cleaned up.”

“Will I get my milking now, too, Nurse?”

Gerri said, “Very soon, Baby. Come on, lie down on your changing pad. Here’s a nice lollipop to suck on while I get you nice and clean. And look how smooth you are still. That cream is working wonders. Just lay back and relax, and I’ll take care of you. We have to do that other thing where I take your temperature, but that’s so much easier, especially while you’re still nice and stretched back there.”

“That won’t hurt like the enema?”

“No, silly Boy. It’s just a glass rod that goes up your nice clean bum for a few minutes to check your temperature, see?” she said, holding up a large rectal thermometer.

“That big? I thought I’d seen them in drug stores much smaller,” he said.

“Those are for home use; hospitals use more sophisticated ones, Baby Boy.”

It was actually a veterinary thermometer she had found online for smaller farm animals, the size of a medium-sized anal plug. She could see Stevie was a little nervous, so at her urging, they took a little break to get high before she lay him back down.

“Now lay on your back like that…good… Now, pull up your knees… And there’s that nice clean bum-bum! We can try this position this time and see how you like it. Now we coat the thermometer with nice warm lube, the kind you like… Relax while the Nurse slowly slips it inside you to make sure you’re nice and healthy… Here we go… Nice and steady…going in… Relax, Baby…that’s it…”

“Uhhh, it feels big. Is it bigger than that other st-stuff?” Stevie asked.

“Nope, same size,” she lied as she fully inserted it. “Now, more lube to keep my Baby Patient comfy. And we slide it in and out a few times, just like that. See, it’s getting easier. And look, Mr. Pee-Pee is getting all hard and jealous again. Tell your Nurse, do you have a jealous pee-pee?’

“Mmm, I have a jealous pee-pee Nurse…”

“Good Boy. OK, now the thermometer needs to stay still for a few minutes to get an accurate reading. And I think now your Nurse needs some attention herself,” she said huskily, removing her sweatpants and lowering herself onto his face. She was so turned on she knew she would climax quickly.

“That’s it, Baby, lick just how I taught you. Let’s see if you can make your Nurse come before she takes that out of your bum-bum,” she said, rewarded by a loud from Stevan and accompanied by an increased effort from his tongue.

“I’m so close, so close,” she groaned, grinding on his face while leaning forward. One hand slowly started to pump the glass tube in and out of his ass, and the other kept his quivering pee-pee right on the edge of squirting, as only she could.

The progress she’d made with him today helped drive Gerri over the edge, and she had an explosive climax riding Steven’s face. Just as it hit her, she stroked his little shaft firmly three times, causing him to squirt, the hardest she’d seen him do in some time. Their cries mingled together for 30 seconds as they each went over the edge. It took Gerri a minute to recover, but there was one more ritual she wanted to keep reinforcing.

“Jesus, Stevie, I swear you’ve become the best little pussy-licker in the world,” she said softly, sliding forward on his face and offering her other hole to his mouth. “I made sure my bum-bum was nice and clean this morning, too. Please give it a nice kiss. I know you love it. That’s it, Baby, now another. And for the very last one, a Nice French Kiss. Go ahead, poke the tip of your slippery tongue right in. Just like that, Oh that’s nice, Baby!” she added, climbing off and laying beside him, reaching for the wipes.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you squirt so many cummies in a long time, so much to clean up so that pee-pee is all smooth and clean and limp again. We’ll get you all nice and powdered up and then maybe get some food. What do you think?”

“Sure,” he said dreamily. “Umm, Gerri? I mean, Nurse? Can you take the thermometer out of my bum now, please? My pee-pee got so excited that I think I forgot it was in there.’

Gerri smiled.


To Be Continued…


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