Seduced into Boi-Hood 1

By Litfan2016.

‘He was perfect, just perfect,’ Gerri thought to herself.

She had been waitressing at an upscale restaurant for over a year now to help pay her way through Nursing School. School and work took up a lot of her time, but lately, she’d been feeling the urge to find someone new to play with, and then Steven started working as a waiter. He was 18 and, although he was good with customers, seemed a little shy around the women he worked with.

She saw him flirt a little with some of the waitresses closer to his age. Still, she figured he was too intimidated by the 15-year age difference between them to try anything with her. This was to her liking, as it meant she could approach him, setting the tone for the relationship to come.

She started slowly. Some innocent chat during shared shifts, with a hint of flirting underneath. A brief touch on Steven’s arm or back as they stood together. Complimenting him on his looks and watching him blushingly return the compliment. Soon enough, she deemed it time for the next stage. One night, when their shifts ended early, she asked him to join her at the bar for an after-work drink. This soon became a regular occurrence until one night, feigning car trouble, she asked if he could drive her home.

After he pulled up in front of her place, she thanked him for the ride and leaned in for a hug. She quickly turned the friendly hug into a quick kiss on the lips, followed by a longer one. Glancing down, she knew things were proceeding nicely when she noticed his obvious erection through his pants. Not wanting to rush things, she wished him good night and went inside. She wanted him to think about that kiss for a few days until their shifts coincided again.

The next time they were working together, she increased her touching of his arms and back and made sure to maintain eye contact. Gerri had been told over the years she had ‘Bedroom Eyes’ and had learned to use them to her advantage. During their conversations, they had both admitted to enjoying smoking a little pot now and then. Steven’s face lit up when she suggested they forgo their after-work drink and instead head back to her place to get buzzed.

Steven followed her home, and she welcomed him inside her apartment. Gerri had purposely gotten some premium weed for the occasion. She suspected her tolerance was higher due to her years of smoking and wanted Steven nice and mellow and suggestable. After they smoked a joint together, she was ready to start the next stage of her plan and steered the conversation towards her Nursing Career.

“So, I’ve been thinking of going into Postnatal care. I’d love taking care of those little babies.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool,” Steven replied, obviously quite high.

“I’m not sure how I feel about circumcision for the boys, though.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Well, it’s still being debated whether or not there are any hygienic benefits. Plus, I think it makes all those little peepees shorter.”

“It does? I never heard that.”

“Well, it’s probably mostly discussed in Medical Circles, I suppose,” Gerri replied softly, her hand rubbing up and down Steven’s arm. “What about you then?” she asked, a seductive tone creeping into her voice.

“Umm, what about me?”

“Are you, you know, circumcised? Do you think it made you smaller?'” She was almost whispering into his ear now, and the rubbing had moved to his upper leg.

“Umm, well, I dunno, umm.”

“Oh, you can tell me, Baby. I’m practically a nurse. Don’t be shy.”

“Well, yeah, I am, but um, I never really thought about it, and never, um, measured or anything.”

“Mmm, you know what would be fun?” Gerri purred into his ear, her hand now lightly rubbing the front of his pants. “Would you show me, Baby? I’d love to see your cut little penis.”

“Uh, well, I don’t think it’s little, but umm,” Steven’s hesitation faded as Gerri quickly undid his pants and slipped her hand inside.

“Mmm. Oh, there he is, and it feels like someone’s a little excited,” Gerri said, running a finger up and down his length, eliciting a soft moan. “Please baby, let me see?” she whispered into his ear, sliding his pants and boxers down to his ankles.

Gerri wasted no time. The second his stiff cock was exposed, she wrapped her hand around and began slowly pumping. “Oh, it’s so hard, Baby. And so adorable, the way it fits so snugly in my hand.”

Actually, he was in the just below-average length category of around four and three quarter inches. Still, Gerri wanted to plant the seed in his head that he was on the small size early.

“Do you like that, Baby? The way I’m touching your penis?” just before she deeply kissed him on the mouth while slightly increasing the speed of her hand.

“Sooo good.” Steven moaned. “Mabe, we should go into the bedroom?”

“Oh, not yet, Baby, soon. I want to look at your little penis some more. It’s so cute and adorable. And you like what I’m doing to it, don’t you?”

“Oh yessss, Ooo, slow down though…”

“Is your little penis getting excited for Gerri? Look, it’s starting to drip. Oh, that’s so sexy and cute. I love that I get you this turned on with just my hand, Baby. You told me you haven’t had a girlfriend in almost six months now. It must feel so nice to have me stroking your tiny penis for you.”

“Yesss. Oh, I think you should get undressed…nnngh…”

Steven’s sentence cut off as Gerri used her nimble fingers to spread his leaking pre-cum all over his stiff shaft.

“That’s a good boy. Just relax and let Gerri slide her hand up and down that cute little peepee. Oh, I bet those tight little balls are soooo full for me.”

‘Peepee’ is how Gerri would refer to his cock from now on, and always preceded by ‘small’ or ‘tiny’ to start to convince him that he possessed an undersized member. Soon enough, she’s had him referring to it using those terms himself, but not tonight. She had given many hand jobs over the years and knew how to provide just enough stimulation to the young man to drive him to the edge, then slow down, then repeat the process. When she saw his hips start rocking back and forth, she knew she had him right where she wanted.

“Gerri, stop, I’m going to…”

“Oh, that’s so hot, Baby. You think I’m so sexy you can’t hold it, can you? That’s OK. I know sometimes tiny penises like yours have no control. I think that’s so sexy. I want you to, Sweetie. I want to see your little peepee squirt for me. Just lay back and let Gerri milk you, good boy. Go on now, do it. Don’t try and hold back anymore. I know you need this. I know you can’t hold it. That’s it! Go on, Baby, squirt for me. I want to see your little peepee squirt. There it is!”

Steven let out a loud groan as thick ropes of cum erupted from him.

“Ooh, so sexy, such a good boy. That’s it, let me milk all the cum out for you. We’re going to get you nice and drained.”

Steven sat there, eyes closed in a state of Euphoria as Gerri continued to milk him until she was finally satisfied slowly. She had gotten every drop out of him.

“Gerri, I’m sorry, that never happ…”

“Don’t be sorry, Baby,” she replied, reaching for a box of tissues and beginning to wipe the cum up, most of which had landed on Steven’s shirt and pants. “That was so hot. Can I tell you a secret I’ve never told anyone? I get off watching men squirt.”

“That was amazing, but I feel bad I didn’t do anything for you. Maybe I could…”

“Oh, that’s OK, Sweetie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching you. And I know how sometimes men get tired after a big squirt like that. You can make it up to me next time,” she said, winking.

Everything was proceeding as planned.


Gerri couldn’t have been happier with how things were progressing with Steven. Each time she used her hand to coax his little peepee into squirting quickly, she became more adept at it as she learned how to play him like a musical instrument. Each time, she made sure to let him know how much she adored his ‘little peepee’ and how much of a compliment it was to her that he found her so sexy he couldn’t control himself.

She smiled to herself, recalling a few days ago when he tried to get his peepee inside her before squirting. They lay naked in her bed together, kissing and fondling each other. She was pleased to find him dripping nonstop as she whispered in his ear.

“Mmm, baby, I can’t wait for you to fuck me with your stiff little peepee. I’m so wet and ready to have your cute little peepee inside me,” she said as she continued to work his stiff member, feeling it throb and leak at her touch.

“Oooo Gerri, let’s do it, let’s fuck before…”

“Before you squirt? Before your peepee loses control like it always does?” she asked, rubbing his tip with her thumb, spreading the leaky pre-cum all around. “Put it in me, Baby. Fuck me like a real man.”

She pushed him down on his back and quickly straddled him, placing the quivering tip of his peepee against her pussy. “Mmmm, let me know when you’re in, Baby. You’re so cute and tiny I might not feel it.”

She lowered herself onto him, eliciting a loud groan from him. She knew her words were having the desired effect as she felt him swell and saw the telltale pre-orgasm look on his face.

“Oh my God, are you going to squirt so soon, Baby? It’s OK, don’t fight it. Let it out. Let go of that control for me. Go on, squirt your little load. I know you can’t stop it.”

She smiled to herself as he let forth a combination of groan and whimper and quickly came inside her.

“Gerri, I squirted. I’m so sorr…”

“Oh, it’s OK, Baby,” she said, a look of mock disappointment on her face. “I’m glad you enjoyed it, at least. I hardly even felt your little squirt, so I’m glad you told me.”

Gerri noted that he was now constantly referring to cumming as ‘squirting.’ She frequently mentioned his ‘peepee’ as she told him she enjoyed calling it that. She knew he would always be putting ‘little’ or ‘tiny’ before that with a little more conditioning.

“I feel bad that you don’t get to cum, though,” Steven said as Gerri climbed off him.

‘Well, baby Boy, I think we can get that sexy mouth of yours to take care of that with a little guidance and practice.” she said sexily, climbing off him and reaching for the box of Baby Wipes next to her bed.

She had started using the wipes to clean him off after his squirts, making sure to refer to them by their full name.

“Besides, you know how much I adore it when your tiny peepee makes its little squirties. Now, hold still while I use your Baby Wipes to get you nice and clean. You know, I even like playing with your little baby peepee after you’ve made your little messes. I think it’s so cute when it’s all soft and limp and tiny like that. It looks so delicate and adorable,” she intoned, leaning over to give the tip a little kiss, eliciting a smile from Steven.

“Well, I want you to teach me how to get you off with my mouth while we work on making me last longer so we can really fuck,” Steven said.

“That’s so sweet of you to offer, baby. We can work on that this weekend if you want. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get so turned on doing it you make one of your little messes,” she said, giggling, making Stevan blush.

He had no idea that Gerri had no intention of improving his stamina. Quite the opposite. If her plans continued to come to fruition, today would be the last time his peepee was ever inside pussy again.

“I’ll make sure to trim my pussy for this weekend’s training, Baby, to make it easier for you to find everything,” she said, eliciting a laugh from both of them. “Actually, Baby Boy, speaking of that, I could use your help with something for Nursing School.”

‘Anything you need, Gerri, you know I’m glad to help!.”

“Well, in a few weeks, we’ll be working on shaving patients to prep them for procedures. I have plenty of experience shaving lady parts, but I was wondering if I could maybe practice shaving a man on you. Don’t worry, I’ll be super careful and promise not to cut anything off.” She laughed. “It’s not like you can afford to lose anything down there anyways. You’re so sweet and tiny.”

“Sure, you know I trust you,” Steven said.

“Plus, it will make wiping up your squirties so much easier too. You know what, how about we do it now? I have all the stuff I’d need, and since you just squirted uncontrollably, you should stay nice and small and limp for me.”

“Ummm, OK, I guess, sure.”

Twenty Minutes later, Gerri could feel herself getting wet as she looked down at her handiwork. Steven lay on her bed; his entire crotch area was now smooth and hairless.

“Oh, thanks so much, Baby. That was easier than I thought, and see, not a single cut.”

“Yeah, it feels a little weird, though,” he said.

“Not too weird, I hope. I may need to practice a few more times. And…” she leaned forward, whispering into his ear, “I didn’t think I could love looking at your tiny peepee any more than I did. Still, it just looks so cute and sexy, all shaven and smooth like this. I may decide to keep you like this.”

She punctuated that statement by rubbing her finger up and down his peepee. She was rewarded when it started to stiffen under her ministrations.

“Oh my, it looks like somebody likes that idea. Oh, look at it getting stiff while it’s all smooth and hairless. That’s the hottest thing I ever saw, Baby. And look, it’s starting to drip. Oh, you leak so fast for me now. It’s such a turn-on. You know not every woman would get aroused by a smooth, tiny peepee that leaks uncontrollably, but My God, I know I do.”

She began to stroke him, knowing from experience the perfect pace to keep him right at the edge while she continued to mold him into her Baby Boi.

“I think your drippy little baby penis looks even smaller, all hairless like that. It makes you like a little boy, a little baby boy. OH, was that a moan? I think somebody likes this. Go ahead and leak, Stevie. Go on and tell me you like me playing with your smooth little peepee…”

“Yessss, I love it when you do this…nnngh,” Steven moaned,

“When I do what, Baby? I want to hear you say it like I did, and you need to hear yourself say it.”

“W-when you play with my smooth little peepee,” Steven moaned as a huge drop of pre-cum dribbled out.

“We’re going to keep you nice and smooth, aren’t we? Smooth tiny peepees get milked all the time, you know, and you need to be milked, don’t you, Baby Boy?”

“Yessssss, please milk me, keep me smooth and hairless for my milkings, please…”

“Good Boy and I’ll even shave my pussy bald for you, so you can learn to kiss it in that special way for me. Oh, look at you, dribbling nonstop now. And I’m only rubbing you with one finger now, but it doesn’t take much to make you squirt. And you love it, you love squirting as soon as you feel the urge…tell me…”

Steven moaned, “I love it! I love squirting! Ohhh, I’m gonna…”

“Squirt for me, Baby, go on and squirt,” Gerri moaned, quickly leaning forward and, for the first time, taking his stiff, leaky peepee into her mouth just as he began to squirt.

Steven let out a loud groan, almost a scream, as Gerri worked her tongue over his squirting peepee, coaxing out every drop, draining him dry. She didn’t intend to make a habit of this, but he’d taken a big step tonight, and she wanted to reinforce his conditioning. She held him in her mouth until he stopped moving and just lay there sated.

“Oh my God, Gerri, that was the most intense orgasm I ever had.”

“Plenty more to come, Baby, just you wait. Now let me grab some Baby Wipes and get you cleaned up. It’s going to be so much easier now that we’re keeping you shaven down there. It might itch a little at first, so after I wipe you, I think I should put a little Talcum Powder on you, too.”

Gerri smiled inwardly. This was the last time she’d call it Talcum Powder. From now on, it would be called Baby Powder for him.

She couldn’t wait to take things to the next stage.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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