Seduced into Boi-Hood 2

By Litfan2016.

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Part 2…

“MMM, that’s it, Baby Boy. You must have really needed to be milked tonight. You squirted so fast. Why, it only took what? Ten little strokes before your tiny peepee couldn’t hold it and squirted out all your cummies for me,” Gerri whispered into Steven’s ear as he lay on her bed, drained and sated from his milking.

“It feels so good when you milk me, Gerri, but I wish we could fuck sometimes like other couples,” Steven said softly.

“Oh, Baby, you know what happened the last few times. Your peepee gets excited too fast, and you make your little mess before you can get inside me. Then we have to get The Baby Wipes and clean it all up. Remember, we agreed that your little baby peepee just is not cut out for pussy. And you enjoy your milking, don’t you, Baby?” she asked, pouting.

“Oh no, I really love them, Gerri. You make me feel so good.”

“That makes me so happy, baby Boy, and you know how much I love your little squirter.” She punctuated her comment by leaning forward and planting a little kiss on the tip of his flaccid little member. “Now let me clean you up with Baby Wipes. Make sure you’re shaved nice and smooth, get you all powdered up, and I can give you some more lessons in how to make me happy using your clever little mouth if you have the energy.”

“I’d love that, Gerri. I want to learn to make you feel as good as you make me,” he said.

It wasn’t long before Steven lay naked on Gerri’s bed, his peepee freshly shaved and powdered as she knelt over his smiling face. For his first few attempts at orally pleasing her, they tried him kneeling before her and licking. Still, she explained that by lowering herself onto his face, she had more control over where his tongue was focusing, making it more pleasurable for her. It was actually to reinforce his submission to her, and it also allowed her to look down at his smooth, soft peepee as she taught him how to bring her to orgasm orally.

“That’s it, Baby. Oh, you get better and better every time you do this. Soon you’ll be the best little pussy licker ever. Mmm, I think nature made you a natural-born lick-boy to compensate for giving you a baby penis, don’t you? Oh, don’t try to answer. Just keep licking a little faster now, just like I taught you…Just…like that…”

Gerri had a small, satisfying orgasm as she ground her buttery pussy onto Steven’s mouth. She wasn’t quite ready to admit he was able to make her cum that way yet, as she wanted his face between her legs for a while longer. It was somewhere he’d be spending longer and longer periods in the future.

“That was good, Baby, I almost came. It won’t be long now before you can make me cum over and over, just like I do you.”

“I want that, Gerri, I really, really do.”

‘I know you do, Baby, and don’t fret, you will. Oh, and look, your little peepee likes it when you lick me. Look, it’s trying to get stiff again. It’s so sexy and hot when it’s like that, trying to get hard when it’s not ready yet, when it plumps up just a little, trying to get hard like a real cock, but it’s not a real cock. We both know that don’t we, Sweetie?” she asked sweetly, leaning forward and gently stroking the tip of his semi-hard little member with her thumb and finger.

“Nngh no, I don’t have a cock, I have a little peepee…” he moaned as she coaxed a few little drops of pre-cum from him.

“Good Boy, now let’s have some licking lessons for a little while more, and then I’ll give you another nice milking. I know that little peepee needs to make its little squirts constantly. You can’t control it, can you?”


That Friday night, they both were working waiting tables. Gerri saw Steven at one of the service stations, folding linen napkins. Since his back was to everyone as he worked, she decided to have a little fun with him.

“Hi Baby, it’s been busy all night, eh? This is the first lull we’ve had.” She said, moving next to him as he worked.

“Yeah, it’s been crazy, but at least we’re making good money,” he said,

“Feels like a long day, though,” she added before leaning in and whispering in his ear. “And I can’t wait to get you back to my place. So, we can get you nice and shaved and powdered up for your milkings. I’m really looking forward to watching your tiny peepee dribble for me.”

“Mmm, that sounds nice,” Steven replied, then gasped lightly as Gerri discreetly reached over and rubbed the front of his pants.

She was gratified to feel him instantly become hard.

“Gerri, please stop that,” he whispered urgently. “We could get in trouble.”

“Relax, Baby. No one can see us from this angle,” she purred, rubbing faster now as she continued to whisper in his ear.

It was time to reinforce some of his conditioning. He hadn’t been a premature ejaculator when they started. Still, thanks to her, he was squirting faster and faster now, requiring less stimulation. She needed to remind him that in addition to being too small, his baby penis squirted much too fast ever to be able to satisfy a woman again.

“It’s OK, Baby, I know what you need. It’s your little peepee. It needs to squirt all the time. It feels so good just to let it all out whenever you feel that urge. It’s OK. I read in some books at Nursing School that it’s very common for men with tiny little peepees to squirt uncontrollably. I don’t want you all frustrated. Go on, Baby, let it out, squirt for me. I know you have no control.”

She was rewarded by seeing that familiar look on his face as he let loose a whispered moan and pumped out a load of warm jism into his pants.

“Gerri, I…I need to use the restroom,” he said, his face almost bright red from embarrassment as he quickly walked off.

Gerri smiled; she hadn’t been sure if he was sensitive enough yet to make him squirt in public. She had been using his frequent milking sessions to help reduce his stamina as part of her plan. Now, it only took around ten strokes to get him to squirt, and if things continued as planned, Gerri would soon have that number down to five or less. She would use that as reinforcement that his peepee wasn’t meant for pussy ever again and looked forward to hearing him admit it out loud.

She had started subtly having him repeat phases during his milkings, almost as mantras. Reminders about his small size and uncontrollable squirts. Reconditioning him to associate a degree of humiliation with sexual excitement. She wondered if she could get him to the point where he would squirt in his pants, hands-free, just from her whispering in his ear.

She had also been mulling when the perfect time would be to invite him to move in with her. Currently, he shared an apartment with two roommates and wound up spending the night at her place three or four times a week. Once she had him under her roof, she could get him more fully under her spell and step up his training. Gerri realized she had to get back to work, or she’d need to go clean up in the bathroom, too, as thinking about her plans was making her quite wet herself.


Steven seemed quiet, almost sulking, as they sat at a table in the bar section a few hours later for an after-work drink. Gerri had deliberately steered them to a secluded table in the corner for privacy.

“Gerri, I’m still sticky down there. I wish you hadn’t done that…” he complained.

“Baby, you know I have trouble resisting your adorable little peepee. It’s so cute and sexy. I’ve been thinking about it all day. How much I love taking care of it. And you know it’s not all my fault. Your little squirter doesn’t need much; we both know that.”

He sighed. “It never used to be that sensitive. I don’t understand.”

“Don’t worry, Baby, I think it’s hot that you find me so sexy that you can’t control yourself. Plus, I remember reading somewhere that a lot of men around your age with small baby penises turn into premature ejaculators,” she lied.

Then Gerri said, “It’s who you are, Baby. You should never feel bad about it.” She continued softly. She could see that talking about this in a public place, even speaking in hushed tones, was embarrassing him, just as she had planned. “Never apologize for who you are, Baby Boy. Other women might find a tiny peepee that squirts so fast a turn-off, but I love it.” She had slipped one of her shoes off and discreetly extended her pantyhose-clad foot up under the table to give his crotch a quick rub with it, winking at him. “Plus, you’re getting so good with that mouth of yours. I get a feeling tonight might be the big night for me once we get back to my place.”

“That would be great. I feel guilty you make me squirt all the time, but I still can’t return the favor,” Steven said.

Gerri smiled. It still made her happy that thanks to her, Steven now used the terms ‘peepee’ and ‘squirting’ referring to himself. Another layer of his manhood was stripped away.

“Just let me finish my drink, and we can get going, Baby,” she added before lowering her voice and leaning forward. It had been several hours since she made him cream his pants, so she knew he would be ready to go again. “I love it when you’re naked for me so I can look at your cute, smooth little peepee. That’s why I get so turned on when I sit on your face for your licking lessons. I can look down and watch your peepee drip and twitch. At the same time, I teach you how to please a woman finally,” she said, licking her lips and resuming caressing the front of his pants under the table with her foot.

“Oh, don’t…” he moaned, to no avail, as she rubbed harder.

“You love it too, don’t you? You love looking up at my wetness as I lower myself onto your face. I can tell. I see you drip and hear you moan as I tell you just where to lick and suck, when to slow down, and when to speed up…”

She could tell he was trying to control himself, so she pressed harder with her foot. She could feel how excited he was, even through his pants.

“I know you think my ass is sexy. You’re always telling me that. You must love having your face buried in it while you’re doing your lickies. I bet you’ve even been peeking at my tight little bumhole like a naughty boy, haven’t you?” Gerri teased.

“Oh my God yessss,” he whispered, eyes half closed, and mouth slightly opened as her foot rubbed back and forth, any signs of protest gone at this point.

She had him right where she wanted him, and she knew it. “As a future Nurse, I keep myself nice and clean down there, don’t I, Baby?” As she lowered his voice even more. “You like looking at my pink little asshole, I know you do. Go on, admit it, tell me what a naughty little boy you are…”

“Oooo yes, I like looking at your pink little asshole…” he softly moaned, almost trance-like.

“Good Boy,” she replied, pushing him right to the edge with her foot. “Because you admitted it, I have a special reward for you. The first time, after your lickies make me cum, I’m going to slide forward, and you can give my pretty asshole a nice little kiss ‘Hello.’ Would you like that?”

That was all it took to push him over the edge. He groaned a little louder than he intended and gripped the sides of the table as Gerri firmly pressed her pantyhose-clad foot into his crotch. She saw his now familiar squirting expression on his face and swore she could feel him spurting jizz into his boxers. She felt him rubbing against her foot as he drained himself and held it steady for him to hump until he slumped back in his chair.

“You poor messy boy, let’s get you back to my place and get you cleaned up. Don’t go into the bathroom here and try. I want to do it,” Gerri ordered.


Gerri asked for a head start and arrived back at her place a good ten minutes before Steven. That gave her time to roll a joint, change into sweats, and get ready for him. She saw him pulling up in his car and was waiting for him at the door when he walked in.

“There’s my messy boy! Quick, let’s get those messy, sticky pants off. All your clothes, too, Baby. You know we keep you naked for wipies and shaving.” She felt herself start to cream as Steven’s hairless limp penis came into view, covered in white crusty goo. “Oh, such a sticky mess, that looks so hot and sexy! Come over here now that you’re undressed, and let’s get high before I wipe you. It might take a while. So much goo in your pants! Oh, you know what? I’ll sit here at the kitchen table while we smoke, but you better keep standing up. You’re covered in dry cummies, and I don’t want to get them on my chairs.”

This was a new part of his conditioning. Gerri wanted him to get used to being naked around her while she remained clothed, and making him stand while she sat would help reinforce her dominance.

“I have good news too, Stevie,” she said as they finished smoking. She led him into her bedroom, where she usually tended to his peepee. “Remember how I was always having to wash my towels because I’d have you lay on them for your milkings and cleanings? Well, I picked up some of these,” she said, holding up a crinkly folded plastic sheet. “They’re disposable changing pads, just perfect for you. Here we go, all unfolded on the bed. Now, up you go and lie down. Doesn’t that feel nice and soft and crinkly, better than a towel even?”

“I guess so, yes,” Steven replied dreamily, the buzz from the pot starting to kick in.

“OK, you lay right there. You squirted so much all over yourself that I think a nice warm facecloth would be better than Baby Wipes, for tonight at least.”

She headed off to the bathroom to get the washcloth. She wanted to give the weed time to kick in, as she found it made Steven more compliant and open to suggestion. She deliberately took her time soaking a light blue washcloth with warm water before returning.

“There we go, now you just float and let me take care of you. I see some stubble down there, so I’m going to give you a nice touch-up shave, too. You know why I’m going to do that?”

She had started asking this every time she shaved him, and he knew what she expected to hear.

“Because I have a baby peepee, and baby peepees should be smooth and bald and powdered,” he replied docilely as she gently wiped his crotch area,

“That’s right, Baby. Because it makes me all hot and excited to keep you that way. Sometimes, all the shaving can be a chore, though, and hard on your smooth, soft skin. We have some new cream at the Hospital that prevents hair growth for a while. We could try that. We’d only have to rub it on you once a week or so. Don’t you think that might be worth trying? To make it easier for me?”

“OK, if it makes it better for you, sure,” he half mumbled as she continued to caress him with the warm cloth softly.

“Good Boy. OK, baby, lift your legs. You dribbled so many cummies that some leaked back by your bum, so that needs a little wipe too. Such a messy boy. There we go. Oh my, I never noticed how hairy you were back here, too. I think I’ll use the cream back here, too, to get rid of all that yucky hair so cummies won’t get stuck in it. OK, put your legs down. I’m going to do some more peepee wipies and then make you smooth. Are you feeling good, Baby? All that squirting tired you out?”

“I’m OK, Gerri, just super relaxed,” Steven said, stoned.

“OK, that’s how I like you. Shaving you will take a few minutes; you know I like to go nice and slow, so we don’t get any cuts. I don’t want you getting too bored, so I get you a little treat,” Gerri said, holding up a Tootsie Pop. “It’s your favorite, Root Beer,” she said, unwrapping it and popping it into his mouth before he could say a word. “There we go. Now you just lay there all chill and suck while I take care of you.”

He actually didn’t need shaving, but Gerri liked to use these rituals as a way of reinforcing her dominance. She looked down at him, laying on a changing pad, eyes closed, sucking on his lollipop, and decided his peepee was ready for her again. Plus, the sight of him like that had her practically dripping.

“There, all smooth now. I’ll be right back with your Baby Powder; you lay there and drift.”

“Here we go,” she said, returning and applying a light coating of powder to his limp peepee.

“Gerri, will you please sit on my face so I can try and make you happy?” Steven asked, eyes half-closed.

“That’s the perfect way to ask Stevie, and so sweet of you. But…” she said, pouting a little. “When I went to the bathroom before, I realized my time of the month is almost here. So let’s wait until next weekend. But I think it’s so cute and sexy that you can’t wait to lick me until I cum and then kiss my bum-bum. Don’t worry, Baby, we’ll get there.”

She lied. She wanted Steven to spend all week thinking about orally satisfying her. By the time she was done with him, he would crave it.

“But I do want to get off. I got so hot cleaning off your peepee, so I’m going to use this,” Gerri said, holding up a small nine-inch vibrating wand. “Would you like to watch me, Baby? You get me so aroused it won’t take me long,” she said truthfully.

“Oh my God, yes!” Steven said, suddenly fully alert, his eyes wide open.

“Mmmm, just watch, Baby Boy,” she purred, kneeling as she switched on the wand and moved it between her legs. “Oh, that feels so good, Stevie. I’m going to imagine it’s your mouth down there…aaaaaaaaaah…Yes, that’s it…”

She glanced over and saw his peepee hard as a rock as he watched her. She had been turned on all evening, and that sight was all it took to push her over the edge. She pressed the tip of the wand against her needy clit and came hard, moaning and grinding. It took her a minute to catch her breath, and when she glanced over, she saw Steven’s peepee had started to drip from the sight, just as she had planned.

“That was so good. Oh, it looks like you enjoyed the show, too.”

She moved over to him, taking the leaky tip between her finger and thumb. She lightly stroked and was rewarded with a big drop of pre-cum.

“Gerri, that was so hot…”

“Mmmm, you make me hot, baby Boy. Lie back on your changing pad. I want to try something.”

Before he could protest, she lightly pushed him down, turned the vibe back on, and held the tip of it against his penis.

“Oh my God, Gerri, what…that feels…Oh my God,” Steven moaned.

“Feels good, doesn’t it, Baby? Your tiny peepee likes being rubbed like this…up and down and all around with the buzzy wand,” Gerri teased.

Steven had never felt anything like this before, and his mouth opened to speak. Still, only an almost animalistic groan came forth. Gerri had planned this all along, which was why she had milked him twice already. She didn’t want him squirting too soon as she got him used to the sensation of the wand on him. Gerri continued to edge him with it for another five minutes, fascinated that he could still produce as much pre-cum after his prior squirts. She brought him right to the brink over and over and knew he had reached the point she wanted when he let out a loud whimper.

“Tell me what you need, baby Boy?” Gerri asked, watching Steven’s peepee drip and throb.

“Please, my tiny peepee needs to squirt again! Please!”

“You peepee seems to love Mr. Buzzy. It feels so nice. I think rubbing like this is perfect for you. You’re so tiny. I think you’ve always been too small to stroke and pump, and we should rub like this from now on for your milkings. What do you think?” she asked, continuing to vibe and then remove.

“Yes! Yes! Anything! Oh God! Please!” Steven moaned.

“OK then, Baby Boy, just say it for me so, I’m sure. Say: ‘My peepee’s too tiny to stroke, just rubbing from now on.’”

“My p-peepee’s too small to stroke, just rubbing…nnngh.”

Hearing those magic words was all the incentive Gerri needed to press the wand firmly down on Steven. She was rewarded seconds later as he let forth an almost animalistic yell as a small river of semen came trickling out of him. The sight of his weak ejaculation was too much for her, and she quickly shoved the wand back between her legs and had a huge orgasm herself seconds later.

Sated, they both lay side by side, catching their breath for several minutes before she got up to begin his wiping and powdering ritual.

“There we go, baby, all limp, clean, and powdered again, just like you belong.”

“I think that was the hardest I ever came in my life, Gerri,” Steven confessed.

‘All the easier to addict you to,’ she thought. “I have an idea and a favor to ask you, Stevie,” she asked as they lay together.

One of her hands was softly stroking his hair, the other gently toying with his soft little peepee.

“Anything for you, Gerri,” he said eagerly.

“Well, since you seem to be becoming more and more of a premature ejaculator, it might be a good idea to try wearing some liners in your underwear. I think it won’t be long before just the sight of a sexy girl is enough to make you cream yourself, Baby. I have some you can try; they would help soak up any messes your little peepee makes.”

“Liners? I dunno…”

“Well, they’re actually called panty liners, but they work in boy’s underwear just as well. I read a lot of premature ejaculators like you use them. Just something to keep in mind.”

“OK, maybe. What was the favor?” Steven asked.

“Well, you were a big help with me learning all the shaving I had to learn for Nursing School, and we’re moving on to a couple of other things I could use some practice on. One involves taking a patient’s temperature…but not via their mouth.”

“Oh, um, yeah, I think I’ve heard of that. We could try that if it would help you…” Steven said with some trepidation. “What’s the other thing?”

‘Tell me, Baby Boy, how much do you know about enemas?”


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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