Seduced into Boi-Hood 5

By Litfan2016.

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Part 5…

Steven lay on a changing mat, happily stoned, as Gerri teased his throbbing little peepee with the wand and rubbed his head with the other.

‘I’m so glad you took my advice and got that buzz cut, Baby Boy; you look just like A Handsome Marine now,” she cooed, rubbing her hand over his now fuzzy head. Truthfully, with his new haircut and hairless crotch, he looked even more babyish to her.

“Oh my, somebody has a stiff little peepee tonight. You love your milking, don’t you, Sweetie? Other boys ask their girlfriends to do all sorts of nasty things to their big cocks, but not you. Milkings are just what a tiny baby peepee like yours needs, aren’t they?” she asked sweetly, continuing to use the vibe to keep him right on edge expertly.

“Yesss,” he replied dreamily, moving his hips upwards, trying to rub himself on the wand that was always tantalizingly just out of reach. “Tiny baby peepees like mine just need milking,” He sighed, repeating one of the many mantras Gerri had him saying during these sessions.

“Such a sweet, drippy boy. Don’t worry. Your Nurse will help milk the cummies out of that adorable little peepee and make it all soft, limp, and tiny like it belongs. Then you can help me with that other thing I need practice on, can’t you? And right after that it’s to take your temperature. I’d be lost without you helping me practice.”

“Anything I can, nnngh do to help, nnngh, peepee needs to squirt, please, Nurse.”

“I know, Baby, it’s so needy and drippy; I know it’s hard for you being a premature ejaculator with such a tiny little weewee. Hold on just one minute. Here, you suck on this nice lollipop for a minute. I’m going to put your special plug in your bum-bum to help loosen you up for your temperature reading later. It will be easier for you if you’re already nice and loose and stretched for me.”

She popped A Tootsie pop into his waiting mouth and was pleased to see him draw his legs up so she could slide the lubed plug right into him without a hint of protest. She had moved up a size in plugs recently. She wondered if he even noticed that or the fact that she kept him plugged for longer and longer periods before using the large glass thermometer on him.

“There we go, nice and plugged for me now. Now let’s see if that cute little peepee wants to make some dribbles,” she said, holding the wand on him and mentally counting to 3. That was all it took for him to orgasm now due to her conditioning. She could tell by his face he was about to squirt and pull the wand away just in time to ruin his orgasm, something she was doing for half of his milking now. She found keeping him horny made him much more compliant.

“Oh look, all the cummies are just dribbling out; that’s so adorable, Baby. So sexy. I can’t wait for you to lick me later, then I’ll milk you again and see if you can have a nice squirt. Now let me wipe you nice and clean and powder you up, and then you can help me with my Nursing Homework. We’ll keep you naked for that so that I can see that cute limp peepee, so tiny and soft now, like a Baby’s. Sometimes, I even think your peepee knows it’s just a baby one. It squirts so fast that it can be nice and tiny and soft and limp, just like a baby boy’s,” she sweetly said, wiping him clean and then applying a light coating of Baby Powder to his smooth, limp member. “Now, Upsy Daisy Mister, I want to get my Nursing practice done so we can watch a movie later, and I will give you more of the milkings you love. I’m so glad you can sleep over tonight.”

Gerri helped him up and gently pinched his limp little penis, using a leash to guide him into the next room.

“What are those on the table, Gerri? Boxing Gloves?”

“No, silly, remember I told you? Sometimes, a nurse will have to help some poor person who has lost the use of their hands, either temporarily or permanently. My instructor said I’d be amazed by the number of things they need help with. If we can get real-time experience practicing, it will be a great learning experience. Now, put your arms out straight and slide your hands into them, just like mittens. See, they’re nice and padded for comfort inside. Now I’ll tighten these straps so they stay nice and snug.”

“Do you have to buckle them like that? Now I can’t take them off myself.”

“It’s part of the assignment, Baby. Don’t worry, you trust me, don’t you?”

“Of course I do, you know that, and I want to help with your Nursing Studies in any way I can.”

“That’s my little helper. Now that you’re nice and snug let’s go into the bedroom for your temperature reading. I have a changing pad all set up on the bed because I know sometimes that naughty little peepee drips while I’m putting the big glass thermometer in your tight little bum-bum. Though it isn’t so bad since we’ve been using the plug, is it?”

“I guess not. Sometimes, when I get stoned, I even forget the plug is there,” Steven said, climbing onto the bed with Gerri’s help and getting on his hands and knees. Gerri could feel herself starting to cream just hearing that.

“Now hold still, Baby, while I slide Mr. Plug out. There we go, and look how clean he is. Those suppositories I’ve had you been taking along with the enemas give you such a nice clean bum-bum. Now you know what comes next, Baby Boy, go ahead and ask.”

“Nurse, will you please lube up my bum-bum for the big glass tube?”

“Of course, Sweetie,” she replied, snapping a rubber glove onto her hand and pouring a huge dollop of lube onto it. She had been working on sexualizing this procedure for a week now and was glad to see it yielding results. “We’ll get you nice and ready,” she said sweetly, easily slipping two fingers into his anus, still stretched from the butt plug. “Now, let’s get you all ready; just hold still for your Nurse.”

She cooed, wriggling her fingers inside him. By now, she knew just where to find his Prostate and began lightly rubbing it. Right on schedule, his peepee began to twitch and plump up slightly. “Oh, there goes that little peepee again; it really does want to squirt all the time. Well, it will just have to wait a bit,” she chuckled, removing her fingers and holding the already lubed large glass tube against his back hole.

“Now just slide back onto it, Baby, like we’ve been practicing. Oh, Good Boy! Look at that greedy little hole. Swallow it up,” she whispered in his ear as the full length slid into him, eliciting a small moan from him. “Ok, now we take a bunch of readings for a baseline,” she lied, “Slowly pulling it almost all the way out, glancing at it, and then sliding it back in for 3 seconds before repeating the process continually.

“Almost done, Baby, but my wrist is a little tired, so I’m just going to hold the tube still, and I want you to move your hips back and forth, back onto the tube, and then forward until it’s almost out, then back again. God boy, just like that for a few more minutes. Oh dear, look at that little puddle of pre-cum you’re making. It’s a good thing we use changing pads. Remind me why while we finish taking your temperature, Baby.”

“Nnngh, we have to use changing pads because I’m a premature ejaculator with a baby peepee that drips and leaks all the time now,” he whimpered as he continued to slide back and forth. “I have to wear panty liners under my clothes because I keep squirting and dribbling in my pants.”

“Good boy, you know how turned on I get hearing you say that, don’t you?” she asked sexily, finally withdrawing the large glass tube from his stretched-out hole. “Now you know I used a lot of lubes to make it easier for your bum-bum,” she said, using a Baby Wipe to clean him up. “But there’s a lot left inside, and we don’t want it dripping out and making a mess on my furniture, so I’m going to plug you up again for a bit until your enema,” she said in a business-like tone. “That plug we had in you before could use a washing, so I got a second one to use in the meantime. See, it slides right in, keeping you nice and sealed up,” Steven grunted as she slid the new, larger plug into him. Unbeknownst to him, it had a special feature Gerri would be activating later.

“Now it’s your turn to make me feel good, Baby,” she purred, rolling him over on his back and lowering her wet pussy onto his face. ‘Your Nurse has been working so hard taking care of you that she needs two nice orgasms and then her bumhole licked and kissed. Mmmm, such A Good Eager Baby, getting right to work. Yes, just like that …”

30 or minutes later a Fully satisfied Gerri climbed off Steven and stretched out beside him. After two satisfying orgasms followed by Steven dutifully tonguing her ass for 10 minutes, she had to resist the urge to nod off. A broad smile crept onto her face as she glanced down at Steven’s crotch.

‘Oh Honey, it looks like you got so excited using your mouth on me. Your smooth little baby peepee made another little dribble. All on its own, without even being touched. That’s’ so sexy. Let me wipe that tiny little puddle up and get you wiped and powdered up. Then we can get stoned, and I’ll make us something to eat.”

She helped him off the bed and led him into the living room, where she had already laid out a changing pad on the sofa for him to sit on.

“How long do I have to keep these mitten things on Gerri?”

“A while more, Baby Boy. Now I put that Harley Quinn Cartoon on that we like for you to watch. After we get buzzed, I’ll go warm up some food and be right back. You enjoy the show and don’t try to do too much, remember you can’t use your hands. And you, those sexy cartoon girls, make your peepee start to tingle; remember what we do?”

“I let my tiny peepee dribble and squirt whenever I feel the urge. I’m a premature ejaculator who can’t control himself.” Steven recited as they each took a few hits from their bong.

“Good Boy, I’ll be right back.”

Steven could hear her humming in the kitchen as she prepared their lunch. He also felt a few drops of precum dribbling out of his semi-hard member, an almost Pavlovian response due to Gerri’s constant training. She returned with two bowls and placed them on a TV tray in front of him, joining him on the sofa.

“I hope you’re hungry, Baby Boy; I made us some of that Mac and Cheese you like. Now, I’m going to be helping a lot of patients eat in the future, so sit back and let me feed you. Open wide; here comes the first spoonful. Yum, yum, yum. Now another. Good Boy, now another … Oh darn it! I spilled some on you! See, this is why I need practice. Let me wipe it off your chest, there now. Hold on, I thought this might happen, so I brought this.”

She brought out a large bib and fastened it around his neck before he could object. “This was the only adult one I could find. I think it was a gag gift or something; that’s why it has all those cute duckies all over it, but it does the job.” At this point, Steven was too hungry to object and was content to sit and let her feed him the remaining contents of the bowl.

“There we go.” Said Gerri, wiping off his mouth. “Now I’m going to eat mine, and then we’ll have something to drink.”

She brought the empty bowls out to the kitchen and returned with two bottles of water. “Here, drink up,” she cooed, removing the cap from one and holding it up to his mouth.

After a few sips, Steven said, “I think maybe I could manage holding the bottle with these on?’

“Oh, I know you want to try like a big boy, but imagine how bad you’d feel if you spilled it all over the sofa and rug?” She asked, leaning and giving in to his peepee with two small, gentle strokes, causing it to swell and distracting him from his question. ‘Maybe later we can try some kind of spill-proof cup for you, though.”

Resigned to his current status, Steven finished his bottle as Gerri held it for him, spilling a minimal amount onto his bib.

“Now it’s time to help me practice enemas, Baby Boy. Let me help you up. There we go. Now, into the bathroom where everything’s all ready for you. A nice big warm enema and your mouthguard to suck on.” she said, leading him by the arm.

“Do I need the mouth thing still? I’ve gotten used to the enemas by now, I think.”

“I know you think so, Sweetie, but all it would take is one big, unexpected cramp, and you could bite down hard on your tongue, injuring it. And if that got hurt, you’d have no way left to make me feel good since your smooth little peepee is just no good for satisfying anyone, is it?’

“No. My little baby peepee is not for pussy; it squirts before it even gets inside; I know that now.”

“That’s right, Honey, I’m so glad you’ve accepted that,” Gerri added as she led him into the bathroom. “But don’t worry, Your Nurse will keep it smooth and shaved, all powdered up and cute, and make sure her baby is milked all the time,” she glanced down at his peepee and was happy to see a drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip, just from her mentioning his milkings. “Now there we go, hands and knees on the pad while your Nurse slips out this plug and slides in the nozzle. Isn’t it so much easier since we started keeping you plugged and loosened? Now, I’ll start the flow into your bum-bum and get your mouthguard. But I had an idea that might make you want to suck on it.”

Steven’s eyes went wide as he watched Gerri pick up the adult pacifier, lower her sweatpants and then slide it into her moist pussy until just the handle was sticking out.

“Just a minute Baby Boy, I’m going to cover it with my yummy cream that you love so much. There we go, now open wide, and in it goes. Wheel! And look at you sucking on it now, somebody likes the taste of that. We’ll do that all the time now just for you.” she said sweetly, moving behind him to check the water flow and peek between his legs to see if her trick with the pacifier was working.

“You know, Baby, sometimes when we have to give little baby boys an enema at the hospital, their little peepees get excited as a reflexive response, and look at that! Your peepee is all stiff and has a big dew drop on the end. Well, that’s only natural since you have a baby penis, too, I suppose. We’re almost done; you just keep sucking the pussy juice on your mouth plug and let your baby penis stay nice and hard like a big boy’s. Ok, now onto the toilet, let me help you up, Mr. Can’t-Use-My-Hands, there you go. Now I’m going to count 123 and then pull out the nozzle, and you can let all the mess out. Ready, 1-2-3! Good Boy!” Even though they’d done this often at this point Gerri still secretly enjoyed how Steven Blushed every time he expelled the contents of the enema in front of her. She noticed he was still blushing after he’d finished, and she hoped something else was imminent.

“Um Gerri, I mean Nurse, could you take these mittens for a minute? I have to use the toilet,” he asked, red-faced.

“Well, we just cleaned out the bum-bum. Do you have to make tinkle?” She asked innocently, watching him turn even redder. “That’s something I need to practice too, Baby; remember, I’ve seen it all training at the hospital. It would be best if you had to go really bad, too; it’s been a while. Now, spread your legs while Your Nurse puts a rubber glove on. There we go. Now, try and keep your peepee soft and limp, and I’ll use one finger to point it down in the right direction. Now just let it out, Baby Boy, go ahead and tinkle. It will feel so good, won’t it? Just let go. Don’t be shy now. Nope, open those eyes and look at me. Go on. I know it’s a little awkward, but right now, imagine you’re just a little baby boy who needs to go weewee. There we go, there we go. Such a good boy, you really had have been holding it awhile, haven’t you?” she asked as his stream of urine finally started subsiding.

“My bladder does feel better now, Nurse,” he said sheepishly as she reached between his legs and cleaned him with a Baby Wipe.

“I know that wasn’t easy for you, Stevie, but it will get easier, I promise.” Before he could dwell on that statement, she continued. “Let’s get your new plug back in so you don’t leak, and then I have an idea for a special reward. A special milking for my Boy. I know sometimes you make dribbles before I can use your wand on your peepee, but I think this time we can do it and get a nice big squirt. Wouldn’t you like that? You like squirts more than dribbles, don’t you?”

“That sounds nice, yes. I love squirting,” he said enthusiastically as she helped him up, then slid his plug back in and led him into the bedroom. “Did you forget my milking pad? I don’t want to make a mess on the bed?”

“Nope, we’re going to try a new position for milking you. Hold on a minute. Try your hardest not to make dribbles, too. Would you like me to take all my clothes off, too, for your milking? I know I explained that naked women are bad for premature ejaculators like you; the sight makes them completely lose control, and that’s why I usually take my sweatpants off while you lick me, but I think you deserve a treat. Do you think you can handle that?”

“My God, yes, please, I’ll try my hardest!”

“Ok. You know what, close your eyes while I undress just to be safe. Now, keep them shut; I’ll lead you to the bed. Now I’m going to sit up and put a changing pad in my lap, and I was hoping you could sit in my lap. Hold on, let me help. Remember how helpless you are now with those mittens on,” she guided him into a sitting position on her lap. “There we go, now open your eyes. Look at you, with a naked woman just like a real man with a normal-sized penis,” she said softly, noticing how he was staring at her breasts. “I think my poor breasts have been feeling neglected, what with all the licking my pussy and bum-bum have been receiving from my Baby. I see your tiny baby peepee dripping away; try not to make a dribble, Sweetie. Here, why don’t you give my boobies some of your sweet kisses and sucks?”

She cooed, guiding his head to her erect nipple.” Oo, not too hard, Baby, just gentle sucking. You’re so eager. I know how much babies love to suckle. That’s better, just like that, a nice soft rhythm. Mmmm, that feels so nice. Keep going, and then you can switch to the other one.” Gerri did enjoy having her nipples stimulated but had discreetly applied a small amount of numbing cream to them while getting undressed. She knew she’d need to keep her mind focused on the next big step in Her Baby Boi’s conditioning.

“Now try and pay attention while you suck on my nipple, Baby. It looks like your peepee is about to erupt, so here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to turn on your wand and then fold the bottom half of your changing pad up over your peepee, almost like a little diaper, and then press the wand on it. The padding should help you last a few more seconds and keep you from squirting all over the place. Are you ready? Does Baby want to squirt for me now?” Steven replied with increased sucking and a loud “Uh-Huh” muffled by her breast. “Ok, Baby, here we go, and Nurse has a special surprise for your bum-bum, too!”

Before Steven could even process what that could mean, Gerri quickly went into action, fearing he would erupt any second. She quickly folded the bottom half of the pad up between his legs, covering his quivering peepee with one hand. With the other, she reached under her pillow to where she’d stashed the small remote control for the vibrating plug in his ass and pressed the “On” switch. She was instantly rewarded with a loud, surprised groan for Steven. Without literally a second to spare, she grabbed the vibrating wand, also under the pillow, turned it to its highest setting, and quickly pressed it tightly against the padding covering Steven’s sensitive throbbing peepee.

She pressed his face into her breast to keep him sucking and was rewarded with the loudest moan she’d ever heard him make, almost primal in its intensity, as he lost control and squirted into the padding. She smiled and felt her arousal rising as she continued to hold the wand tight as he groaned and whimpered, his legs twitching. He continued to make a sound that was half whimper and half groan as she held the wand against him tightly, determined to drain him completely and start conditioning him to associate intense squirting orgasms with having his peepee encased in padding.

She finally withdrew it when she noticed he was quiet and had almost stopped moving, and was concerned he may have passed out. Pulling his face away from her breast, she was relieved to see his eyes were open and a dazed but smiling expression on his face. She leaned forward and planted a small kiss on his forehead before whispering in his ear, “I think somebody enjoyed that very much. Did your little baby peepee have a nice squirt? Did the baby have a nice squirt in his padding?” as she switched off the plug.

“Gerri, that was … was … I never … Oh My God, I almost passed out. It was so intense …”

“I’m so proud of you for lasting that long, Sweetie; why it was almost 10 seconds with the wand before you made your mess? I think the padding helped; we will have to try that again,” she said, stroking his head and helping him off her lap so he could stretch out. “I think that took a lot out of you, Sweet Boy; you look like you’re about to pass out. Would you like to take a little nap?”

“That sounds nice; all those milkings wear me out, and that last one was the best one ever.”

“Ok, Baby, let me cover you up with this little blanket, and you can have a nice nap. I’ll be right in the next room; call out if you wake up and you need me to take you into the bathroom so you can tinkle in the potty,” she saw him dreamily nod his head yes and then close his eyes quickly, drifting off to sleep.

Gerri dimmed the lights and went into the next room, bringing the vibrator with her. The sound of buzzing and soft moaning could be heard as she used it to bring herself to a huge climax, thinking about the progress they’d just made and what was to come next, how it was almost time to get the large box labeled “Rearz ABDL Diapers” from out of the back of her closet.

How it was time for Steven to start wetting the bed.


To Be Continued…


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