One Tiny Problem 4

By ChrisEva.

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Part 4…

Amelia was the one who invited me to the party, the party that pivoted the way I looked at my life. From then on, I’ve segmented my history in my head into things that happened in my life before that party and things that happened after because it changed my perspective so much about people and sexuality. A loss of innocence, I suppose, which wasn’t entirely a bad thing.

The party was on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge at the house of a high schooler named Mary Sue Bradford–the home of her out-of-town parents. I didn’t even want to go, having just broken up with Renice that week–my first girlfriend ever–but Amelia insisted. That breakup sucked for me because it came out of the blue. There was some warning with guys in high school–either that or I was the one to initiate the break up–so I knew what was coming. I was a wise girl, at least I thought, and it surprised me and saddened me that I had read the situation so wrong with Renice.

Why did it hit me so hard? Being a first-year student at LSU, it was my chance to try something new, which in my case was to do something I’d wanted to try for a while: explore a relationship with a girl. And a black southern girl at that, which I’ll admit had an exotic appeal, I suppose, for a suburban white girl from the country’s heartland. So I threw myself into it and fell in love with this girl. At least, I thought. Everything seemed so cool–I loved spending time together, and we were starting to fool around, even, which was new for me, to do that with a girl.

Then she ghosted me for the whole weekend, and it wasn’t until I showed up at her dorm room mid-week and ambushed her face-to-face that I got any kind of resolution. Not that what she said was very satisfying. I still wonder if it was something with her friends, if I didn’t fit in and embarrassed her, or if it was simply physical–that I didn’t have the kind of classic curvy figure that she wanted–but I’ll probably never know. She didn’t have the guts to tell me honestly, which sucked.

Anyway, Renice matters to this story because it put me in a funk that whole week. I was down about myself, going to college, my prospects, classes, etc. At Mary Sue’s party, with Amelia’s always-optimistic urging, I gave it a half-assed effort to mix in and have some fun, and there was a brief spark with a guy named Arjun who was pretty cute.

I thought he and I were going to flirt–and maybe even fool around that night at the party or perhaps that he would take me away somewhere after. They were playing the game where the guy and girl go into the pantry by themselves and close the door, and I let myself imagine what that was going to be like, how to get a kiss and sneak a feel under his shirt. It looked like he worked out a lot, and I love the muscles on his shoulders and pecs. So things were looking up.

But then this girl with big tits sits down between us at the table and starts gushing and giggling like a stupid slut–laying her hands all over him and laughing way too hard at his jokes–and of course, the fucker goes absolutely apeshit gaga over her. He asks her to the pantry when his turn comes up.

Okay, I shouldn’t call him a fucker. That’s unfair. He’s a guy and allowed to do what he wants and fuck whoever he wants. Guys have needs, too, and if this guy wanted a silly, big-titted girl to be an imbecile for him, he had that right without me putting him down as a human being. But I was so tired of being the girl left out–the one the guys would talk to but not want to have a relationship with or even get down and dirty with. I don’t have the ass and sure as hell don’t have the tits, but I have sexual needs, and it sucked not being able to make a connection.

There were some other cute guys I’d seen at the party, but I wasn’t having luck making progress with them, either. The guy playing the bartender in the kitchen was a handsome jock type of guy from one of LSU frats, Amelia said, and then there was a younger guy named Jake caught my attention. He had a beautiful sweet face, and he had the pecs I wanted and a body that killed it; also, he looked like a nice guy. I didn’t even know who he was until a girl told me he was Mary Sue’s boyfriend, another suckage for me.

That was it, and I would leave because I had enough with this striking out with the boys. And Renice had killed my interest in girls for the moment. But for some reason, I lingered to watch this game that was starting in the main room. An energetic girl lined up all the guys, and I took a long look at them. That cute guy was there at the end of the line! And looking nervous, too. Mary Sue walked away from him, and it didn’t seem that their last interaction had been friendly, so I was drawn to him right then in a long-shot chance. Something in me knew it might be wrong, but I figured getting to know him couldn’t hurt. So I stepped up.

“Are you going to play the game?” I asked him.

He seemed surprised at my interest, looking like a lost puppy after Mary Sue left him. He stared at me, silent, thinking.

“The game,” I said again, pointing up to the whole line of guys bending over to disrobe. I raised my eyebrows in an attempt to flirt. “Are you gonna take off your pants?”

“Oh,” he said, confused. “I don’t want to play. But I’m supposed to.”

“Mary Sue’s your girlfriend, right? The girl whose house this is?”


“Why’d she leave you here?”

“I don’t know. She told me I had to play the game.”

I was puzzled at the way he phrased this. Like she was the boss of him.

“Well, I don’t know what that means, but I’d like it if you played.” I smiled encouragement and leaned in to add, “I think you’re good looking–I would enjoy watching. Do you think she’d mind?”

We both looked up at the rest of the guys. Jake was the only one of the bunch of them who hadn’t stripped down to his undies. Nobody except me seemed to have noticed, especially since he was at the end of the line and trying to disappear into the hallway with his tail between his legs.

“No, she won’t mind. She’ll get mad if I don’t play.”



“But look. She’s up there.”

“I know. But we, uh, it’s complicated.” I didn’t know what to make of that. “We fought.” That was easier to understand.

“You’re Jack, right?”


“Jake. Got it–sorry.”

“It’s okay. What’s your name?”

“Sorry, I should have said already. I’m kind of a klutz sometimes.” My face reddened. This guy was really cute, and it was throwing me off. And the way he was talking made me like him even more–he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. It also made me not like Mary Sue. What kind of girlfriend leaves her guy and insists he plays some embarrassing game by himself? Even if they fought. “I’m Shannon.”

After eyeballing Jake too long, the girl running the game stopped by and gave me a towel that I was supposed to tie around his waist and then pull his pants off underneath. He looked like he was going to die when he saw that’s what he had to do. He wanted out of there so bad.

“Is this too weird, or do you want to do it?” I asked, honestly not knowing what he would decide. His face showed strain.

“No, I gotta do it, or I’ll be in trouble.” He seemed in distress. He must be shy even though he was so good-looking, but I didn’t understand why that would be. Shouldn’t good-looking people love to play these strip games to show off? At least, that’s what I always imagined. But he looked vulnerable. “Look, can I ask you to be my friend here?”

I was confused. “Sure, of course. Anything.”

“Don’t be surprised, okay? What I’m wearing isn’t normal. Can you keep it a secret?”

“Sure.” I had no idea what he meant, but I tied the towel like I was supposed to and unbuttoned his jeans under it. That was kinda hot, and I looked up at him, smiling. I was happy because I finally got to flirt with a guy tonight, even if it was part of a game and not due to my attractiveness. Considering his modesty, I avoided looking directly at him as I pulled the jeans down over his ass and down to his ankles. Then I went to pull down his underwear, and that was the “aha” moment when it all started to make sense–

He was wearing panties. Women’s panties. I couldn’t see it because it was still under the towel, but the outline of the cut was clear, and I could feel the lace and everything. Oh shit. This guy is a cross-dresser. I finally get to flirt with a hot guy at the party, and he’s not even into girls; of all the luck. Maybe this is why he and Mary Sue fought–he indulged himself, and then his secret was unveiled to her, and she was pissed. But I tried not to form any judgment until I got all the facts. It didn’t add up yet.

He had asked me to keep a tight lid on it, so I looked around to see who was watching us. The coast was clear. “Okay,” I said softly, not pulling them out in the open yet, my hands still on his waist under the towel. “Should I take them off?”

He nodded. I quickly pulled them down and off his legs, trying to hide them with the jeans in a wad of fabric. My eyes went wide as I saw they were bright pink.

“Jake!” I mock-scolded and cracked a smile, shaking my head. I thought I might get a lighthearted smile back from him now that I was in on his secret–being his co-conspirator and all–but he wasn’t having fun. None at all. Beads of sweat were forming on his brow. “What? It’s okay. Nobody saw,” I added in a whisper to his ear.

We both listened while the rest of the game was explained. I was supposed to get under the towel and start feeling his dick. Holy shit. I had never played a game like this before. I asked him again if this was okay, and he nodded vaguely, but the worried expression hadn’t left him.

When I felt under there, the other shoe dropped because then I realized he was wearing something else, some device strapped around his waist and pinned down his dick. Was it part of his cross-dressing, I guess? To make him feel like a woman? I didn’t get it, but I struggled to reconcile this hot guy and what seemed like him flirting with me with this weird thing he was wearing.

So I patted my hands around his thighs and faked that I was playing the game. Up the line, I saw the whole bunch of girls fooling around with their guys, getting their dicks to rise under the towel. They were giggling and making hoots and calls about it, and even Mary Sue was there working under the towel of a huge guy that had already gotten a large erection. Had she left Jake because he was dressing like a woman? Did Jake drive her away? Was he the asshole in this? But he seemed so sweet, so I still didn’t understand.

Of course, Jake’s towel hadn’t budged one iota upwards, even with me under there, sort of touching him because this device was trapping his dick in there super tight. I assumed he had a dick in there if he wasn’t trans. But that wouldn’t make sense either because he was built so firmly like a solid man. Could hormone therapy do all that? I didn’t think so. And that wouldn’t explain his balls, anyway. The dude had seriously big balls. They felt authentic, and I’m sure hormone therapy wouldn’t do that!

I faked it for a while longer–trying to cover his towel from the view of surrounding people so that he wouldn’t be found out–and the lights went out, saving us. Then the towels came off, and dicks started going into girls’ mouths up the line. Wow–this game kept getting into more than I expected. I stood up from kneeling at his waist and tried to talk to him in the noise.

“Hey, you did it,” I said happily to him, looking at the people in our immediate area. “Nobody saw anything.”

“We did it. Thank you.” His relief was noticeable. He was still almost naked in a crowd of people with only a small towel covering him, so I don’t think he was entirely relaxed yet. But peace had come over him for the moment, and his eyes had moistened up. “Really, Shannon. This means a lot to me.”

“Sure,” I said again for like, what, the fifth time? Couldn’t I say anything more original? I wanted the chance to learn more about him, even with these unexplained things, and for him to learn about me.

“Can I ask–” I started, eager to have a real talk with him, but Mary Sue interrupted us. She had her new big man in tow, led by the hand, and he was entirely naked except for the towel held loosely over his groin with one of his big paws. He didn’t seem overly worried about covering up. It was an impressive sight, with so much muscle and flesh right there in front of us and this head of flowing, curly hair. Jake had his shirt on still and was a ripped athlete, yet this new guy was bigger than him. Dominated him, even.

“Jake! You played,” she said. “Good. This is Kaipo–”

“Just call me Kai,” he said in a deep voice enthusiastically, reaching a hand out to the high schooler, who was impressed and maybe even intimidated by the big man.

Jake shook his hand in appreciation at Kai’s girth and asked, “You a Tiger?”

“Starting outside linebacker, baby! You play?”

“Yeah. Quarterback. For the high school, I mean,” he added, looking down at the floor after he said it. I didn’t know the pecking order for football jocks, but I guess Jake didn’t think he stacked up much compared to the college guy, at least based on his reaction. Jake seemed very eager to defer to the more mature and larger man. It was like those things you read about the alpha and beta males. Jake just slipped right into beta male mode, which was strange for me because before Kai stepped up, he played the strong guy’s role.

“Good, brah,” Kai said. Was that a condescending edge to his voice? Talking down to my Jake? “If you work hard, maybe you get to play some college ball somewhere.” Jake didn’t seem to notice Kai’s tone; if anything, he seemed oblivious and honored to have the attention of the college athlete. Maybe he was a beta male and didn’t even notice how Kai treated him.

Mary Sue interrupted the two guys, “Kai was my partner for this game. And–wait, who is your new friend here, Jake? Introduce us.”

Jake seemed back on full alert, with pins and needles. Whatever relaxation he started to show with me was now long gone with the arrival of his girlfriend. When he spoke, it was halting. “Mary Sue… this is Shannon.”

“Hi,” I said, unsure where this was going. She eyed me. I had talked to her briefly earlier in the evening, and she seemed nice enough, but there was more steel showing now. I felt things were going on between these three that I didn’t understand.

“So you played the game with Jake?” Mary Sue continued. “That must have been interesting.”

“Well, yes,” I said, not wanting to give too much away if the women’s clothes thing was Jake’s secret even from his girlfriend. But Mary Sue must have known what he was wearing to her party, though?

“I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, and it was nice to meet you… Shannon, but I need to take Jake. He did something wrong earlier, and he has some consequences coming to him.” She turned to her boyfriend. “Say goodbye to your new friend, Jake. Come with Kai and me.”

“Wait,” I said naively, stopping them, not wanting my time with Jake to be over. I didn’t think about what I might be getting myself into. “Can I stay with Jake?”

“He has to come with us,” Mary Sue said. “Jake. Now, Jake!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Kai started laughing at him. “You, her bitch, huh?” He said it too loudly. “She says you go there. You just go there. Tail between your fucking legs. Haha. Fuck…” Some people standing near us heard the big football linebacker and started listening.

“I want to go,” I pleaded my case one last time to Mary Sue. She leaned toward me.

“Jake obeys me,” she said. It wasn’t mean or angry or anything. It was just a matter of fact. “If you come with us, you’ll have to obey me.”

“Okay…” I said, unsure what this meant but wanting to stay with Jake. Looking at the group of them, the hulking and horny Kai and Mary Sue with her controlling attitude, I had sudden second thoughts as I turned to follow them anyway. Did I want to do this?

Jake caught my eye as the other two turned away from us. He mouthed quietly, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Do you want me to?” I mouthed back.

He hesitated, then nodded. “Yeah,” he whispered with conviction. “Yeah, I do.”

“Okay then.” I smiled. “I’m with you.”

Mary Sue led us down the hallway to the last big bedroom, pulling out a key to open the door. It must have been the parents’ master that she kept locked up during the party. I don’t blame her for that; there were probably stains and spilled beer and all kinds of shit anywhere in the house that the partiers could roam and fuck around.

It was quiet in the big bedroom, and she shut the door behind us. The music of the party faded, and it seemed like we all took a deep breath to relax. At least I did. But now, what was going to happen, I wondered. My heart was racing a hundred times a minute.

“Jake. Shannon. Stand here by the bed,” Mary Sue barked out, and we obeyed. My bonding with Jake was growing now–not only did we have a shared secret of his unusual undergarments, but we were also now brothers in arms in our submission to Mary Sue.

“Off with the towel, Jake. Let’s see it.” Jake was unhappy but peeled off the towel and stood bottomless before us.

“Brah! The fuck!” exclaimed Kai. The enormous man started laughing uproariously and jumping around the room, pointing at Jake’s crotch. “The fuck is that? Oh my fucking God! Your cock is locked up under that thing? You got a chastity cage on you!”

Somewhere on the trip from the living room to the bedroom, Kai had lost his towel, exposing a half-erect, enormous horse dick, which was jumping around with him flopping this way, but he didn’t notice. He was very comfortable being naked, it seemed. As he settled down, still laughing, I could see that the big cock was thick and dark and listed to one side along his inner thigh. Kai was still staring at Jake’s ridiculous binding with amazement.

I saw now what it was Jake was wearing. One of those chastity belt things with the black straps and a cover over his penis area. It was funny how his testicles stuck out below. The whole thing didn’t fit him well, and I remained confused about what was going on.

“Shannon,” said Mary Sue, pointing to Jake’s crotch. “I can explain now. This is part of Jake’s punishment. I put the chastity on him tonight for something he did.”

“You put it on him?”

“Yes, and you will call me ma’am, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.” It was easy for me to assume a submissive attitude toward her. Something about Mary Sue fit the role of a dominatrix well–I wondered if that was the right name. I was starting to get an idea of what Jake had gotten himself into. I hoped it was his choice for his sexual pleasure and not for some blackmail or money or something. It didn’t seem like it would be. Mary Sue seemed like an ordinary girl for the most part, and I talked to her at the party before this. She seemed a nice enough person–this thing was just a roleplay. I hoped. But maybe it wasn’t?

I considered bailing out after seeing this much of the story, but part of me wanted to stay for Jake’s sake, and another part just out of curiosity to see what would happen next. I could always leave later, was my thought process. My spidey senses weren’t telling me that I was in any danger here, even though Kai looked like he could rip any of us apart, including Jake, anytime he wanted to.

“Shannon,” Mary Sue continued, saying directly, “I’m in the mood to get fucked tonight, and as you can see for yourself, Jake isn’t able to do it. That’s why I brought Kai back here.”

“Fucking-A,” Kai interjected, pleased with this situation so far.

“Jake is going to watch.”

“Jake is going to watch you and Kai fuck?” I said.

“Your little boy bitch is going to watch?” Kai also asked in a hearty voice, surprised and laughing again at Jake’s expense. “Ima fuck his girlfriend right here in front of him. Haha. Show him how it’s done.”

Mary Sue ignored him for the time being. “Shannon, did you see how small Jake’s cock is?”

“No,” I said honestly. I hadn’t thought about it. I guess I assumed the belt was pinning him down real hard. I didn’t think about how big his dick was.

“He’s tiny. You’ve got to see this. I’ll make a comparison to show you. Jake, come over here by the bed. Let me dig that little thing out of there.”

Jake obeyed reluctantly, not meeting my eyes, and stood where Mary Sue worked to pull out most of Jake’s small penis from under the cover plate in her sitting position on the bed. She didn’t loosen the straps, so it stuck out the way it was pressed in there at a funny angle.

“Come closer,” she told me, asking me to get a better look. “See?”

It was a very small penis, the smallest I’d ever seen in real life, in any movie, Reddit post, or anything. Jake flushed red with embarrassment as Mary Sue made me put my face down next to his groin to take a super close look but to be honest, having had tiny titties my whole adult life, I didn’t see that much shame in the size of body parts.

“What do you think, Shannon?” She asked.

“Well, it’s very small, yes.”

“Can you understand how a woman like me,” and she ran her hands over her generous tits and hips, “wouldn’t be satisfied with that?”

“Um…” I started. I was done with the emphasis on big tits for that night and didn’t know what to say without being impolite.

“Kai, come here.”

He swaggered over to us by the edge of the bed. “Yes, ma’am!” he exaggerated, making fun of Jake and my obedience to Mary sue. “I’m here for you, baby!” He had this habit of always touching his huge dick like it needed constant fondling. He did it without thinking, but it was hard to look at him without noticing that he was flipping his dick this way and that. I suddenly imagined a whole locker room full of LSU football players all noodling around with their dicks like that and shuddered.

“Look, just the tip of Kai’s penis is bigger than Jake’s whole dick!” It was true. Kai presented his dick proudly, swinging it up in front of us to line it up with Jake’s waist and helping it grow as he touched it. The fat head of the fat dick was, in fact, bigger than Jake’s entire penis. It was a little unfair since Jake was not only flaccid but pinched partway under that belt, but it wasn’t going to be close, anyway. That much was obvious, and Kai laughed.

As Kai worked his dick into a larger erection, I recoiled. I wouldn’t want that huge thing inside me, especially from such a brutish guy as that. Did Mary Sue want what she thought she did? For this guy to hard-fuck her? I was pretty sure hard was the only way Kai knew how to fuck, and I had no desire to be on the receiving end of that.

Mary Sue looked at me critically. “Are you in this?”


“Are you here to watch, or are you in this? Because you can leave now.”

I was surprised by how serious she was. I hesitated but then agreed. “I’m in. I want to stay with Jake.” He flashed me a small smile.

“Okay, then let’s see your pussy. I want to compare Jake’s little dicky to your clit.”


“Jake, close your eyes. I don’t want you seeing her naked.”

“Girl, drop ’em, and let’s see the fucking pussy,” Kai joined in enthusiastically, talking to me directly for the first time while he fondled his cock absentmindedly. He was one fucking oversexed dude–one of those guys with wide-open radar; if something moved, it was in danger of being fucked. Maybe it was unavoidable with the off-the-chart testosterone levels.

I was panicked. Should I do this? I looked at Jake for help–I liked him and wanted to help him out. But did I like him enough to do all this shit? Was I trying to rescue him from his girlfriend? That sounded like something foolish to try to do. And did he even want rescuing? Maybe he loved everything happening here tonight, and he was devoted to Mary Sue. It probably was a waste of time trying to get closer to Jake.

But I was there in the room, and something about the good looking and vulnerable high school boy had captured my interest–I didn’t want my evening with him to be over yet–so without further ado and while I had the courage, I just stood up and pulled my pants and panties down. So before I knew it, I was naked from the waist down in front of these strangers with my little puss fully exposed, hands on my hips. I let them all take a good long look. I had a cute puss, though, which helped my composure.

“Whoo-ee! That’s fine! One tight motherfucking pussy,” said Kai, moving in closer. I didn’t like it, but he could look as long as he didn’t touch–no way was I letting his huge swinging dick anywhere near me and my private parts. He would probably destroy me with one thrust.

“Okay,” Mary Sue muttered, getting closer to me. “Hold still.” She began fingering me rudely without asking permission, folding the skin back on my vulva to expose the length of my clitoris and the little hood covering it. I sucked in my breath and tried not to squirm as she worked into me. It was a unique feeling being put on display like a zoo animal and having a girl inspect me so boldly.

Mary Sue turned back to us and said, “It will be close. Jake, I think you will win this one. But he’s still smaller than me. Take a look.”

“Now we’re fucking talking,” said Kai, closing in on Mary Sue’s vagina with his big dick, eager for action. She had moved back on the bed, spread-eagled for all of us to observe, holding her pussy lips open with fingers of both hands. It was like a train wreck, I shouldn’t look, but I couldn’t resist. I had to admit, Mary Sue’s clit was bigger than Jake’s entire dick. That was a new one for me. I’d never thought about the size of a clit before or that one could be bigger than a guy’s dick.

Poor Jake. I don’t know how he endured all of this humiliation. He hadn’t said a word throughout this whole thing, and he hadn’t even adjusted himself to cover the bare pink tip of his penis. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to; he seemed that much in awe of Mary Sue’s command, and God knows he was in awe of Kai and his huge dick. His little dick waved there at his groin, sticking out its little head from the band of the chastity belt where Mary Sue had left the situation after tugging it out.

Kai approached Mary Sue, his cock drawn irresistibly by her open vagina. It was about to plunge in.

“Wait, Kai. You can fuck me–”

“Sure as fuck I’m gonna,” he said, moving closer to the bed so his dick almost touched her slit.

“But first, let Jake see what a real dick looks like.”

“He saw it already,” Kai protested, not giving up any ground towards the pussy conquest.

But Mary Sue flipped around on the bed, so her face was up by Kai’s dick. “Jake. Shannon. Kneel here.” She pointed next to the bed on both sides, putting her hand out to touch the big cock to soothe her new man and stall him for a few moments. It was going to be hard to delay the inevitable.

Jake obeyed, and I slid down on my side too. Mary Sue fondled the big dick and talked to him. “Kai. Baby. You’re going to get what you want. Fuck, this thing is huge.”

He smiled. “You bet it is.”

“You appreciating this dick, Jake? This is one fine grade-A alpha male dick that can please a girl.”

“Haha,” Kai laughed.

“Jake, you are what’s called the beta male. You let the alpha have his way.”

“Fucking-A. You the bitch,” Kai restated in his own vernacular.

“Jake, open up your mouth now. You’re going to get Kai hard for me.”

“I’m already hard, baby,” Kai said, irritated, as Jake stared at the big black dick close up in front of his face. He was horrified and hadn’t opened his mouth yet.

“Open up, Jake,” Mary Sue insisted. Her hands went from Kai’s dick to Jake’s face, where she turned him to face Kai’s groin. The outstretched dick was now only inches away from him. Jake shook his head, his mouth melting in a tremor of disgust as he refused to do as she said, trying to hold his lips together.

“Jake Purcell!” She slapped him hard. “You obey me, boy. It’s time to suck some dick.”

“Whoa–” Kai interrupted. “Girl, I came here to fuck you. I ain’t into gay shit.”

“It’s not gay. These are my bitches. My little girls. Open up, Jake. Good boy, that’s it.” He did it but was close to crying. “You’re going to learn what a dick is. You’re going to feel it in your mouth and the back of your throat.”

Kai still wasn’t sold. “He ain’t a girl, though. He doesn’t have much dick, but he’s still got a dude’s face.”

Mary Sue had an answer for that. “He’s not just my bitch. He’s your bitch too. I’ll put lipstick on him. Put him in a dress. He makes a good sissy.”

I watched all this, fascinated but also horrified. I didn’t want Jake to take a dick in his mouth, especially not this guy’s horse dick. Now it was making more sense with the cross-dressing–that it was Mary Sue’s thing.

This whole time Kai had been tugging slowly on his cock. I could see the precum on the tip already, glistening. I wasn’t sure that Kai wouldn’t end up letting Jake suck his cock. Mary Sue was very convincing, and I had heard that dudes would do a lot on the down-low. I wanted to save Jake from the horror.

“I’ll do it,” I said quietly, surprising myself.

“What?” Mary Sue said as all three of them looked at me.

“I’ll do it. I’ll warm him up for you. Just leave Jake alone.”

“You wanna suck my cock, girl?” Kai asked me and laughed.

I nodded slowly, looking at him. “I’ll do it.”

“Now you got a girl’s face, that’s for damn sure,” he said, appreciating my beauty. At least there was that. Then he laughed again. “You can be my bitch. Open up.”

“Wait!” Jake protested. But I opened up and took this horse dick in my mouth before Jake could try to save me by getting face fucked by an LSU linebacker.

Fuck, he was big. I’d sucked some dick before, but nothing like this. And he wasn’t gentle. He went deep fast, holding the back of my head against him. I gagged and spat when he pulled out to give me a chance to breathe.

“That’s it, little girl. Fuck, you a tight bitch.”

Mary Sue and Jake had been watching. She turned to him. “Jake, be a good cuck now. Help Kai fuck her. Feel his balls.”

He hesitated again. He wanted nothing to do with Kai’s big cock or his balls.

“Jake Purcell, get the fuck in there. Now. That is an order.”

He reached a hand up to touch Kai. I couldn’t see much because Kai had stuck it in my mouth again, and I was struggling just to breathe.

Then Kai pulled out and left me gasping. “Let’s see them tits, girl.” This was directed at me. “You got any under there?”

I was in this far, and I didn’t see how to avoid it. So I pulled my shirt over my head. I never wear a bra.

“Fuck, you got no tits!” he exclaimed. “The dude has no dick, and you got no tits. Haha!”

I thought I was in for more face fucking and had been steeling myself for it, but Kai turned and grabbed Mary Sue, setting her upright on the bed in front of him. God, that guy was strong. He just manhandled her.

“Let’s see some real tits,” he ordered. “And then Ima fuck you real good.”

Jake and I watched, stunned at everything that was happening. Mary Sue pulled the shirt over her head. She had lost control of the situation but was going along with the Kai show like the rest of us now. He was one fucking alpha male. Mary Sue had unleashed it.

“Fuck yeah, that’s what we were talking about. That’s some real tits, see?” He grabbed her breast roughly and squeezed it. Mary Sue winced. Kai tugged on her nips and flicked them with his meaty paw.

Then he turned to Jake. “You want to be my bitch, huh? Get my dick in your girlfriend’s pussy.”

Jake looked scared. This 250-pound linebacker was about to fuck his girlfriend. And he was being made to watch.

“Do it, Jake,” Mary Sue said, leaning back and spreading her legs. “Help Kai fuck me.”

He took hold around Kai’s horse dick base and guided it towards Mary Sue.

I wasn’t sure if it was Jake or Kai making it happen, but the swollen head of that big penis found its home on Mary Sue’s pussy lips, nuzzling against them and up to her clit. Then in it went, down deep and pushing inwards forever. Holy fuck. Jake let go and pulled his hand away before it got trapped between their bodies as the gap closed to zero. She took all of him and let out a groan like I hadn’t heard in sex in a long time. Not that I had had that much sex.

“Fuuuuck,” Mary Sue uttered in a long, drawn-out moan; Kai leaned his full body weight onto her. “Oh. My. Fucking. God,” she added one word per thrust.

Kai stopped and laughed. “We just getting started, girl.” Jake watched, overwhelmed with emotion, as the big dick penetrated his high school girlfriend, and he could do nothing but watch.

“Oh-oh, keep it in there,” Mary Sue begged Kai, and he held still with his cock deep inside her, wiggling around.

“Fuck me, Kai!” Mary Sue yelled. For once, Kai didn’t say anything but just started into motion. Jake and I watched. I tried to catch his eye across the moving bodies, but he was completely absorbed by the scene of his girlfriend getting fucking pounded by this college dick. Mary Sue was beyond moaning and was letting out primitive sounds.

“Oh yeah… fuck, girl,” Kai grunted, pulling his body up and down over hers. His dick was even coming out now with air between it and her pussy before it found the hole and went in deep, again and again. I hoped he wouldn’t miss one of those times–but it wasn’t likely because Mary Sue’s pussy was gaped open by the deep fucking Kai was giving her.

“Ima cum on your tits, bitch!” Kai said, and in a flash, he had pulled his dick out and dragged his balls up her stomach. He erupted in a white mess of money shot all over her chest.

“Oh my God–” Mary Sue moaned, lying back on the bed recovering.

Kai wasn’t much for the post-coital ceremony. Not a lot of romance there, I thought–his load was shot, and he was up and off to the bathroom before any of us had processed the whole sequence of events.

“Oh my God,” Mary Sue said again, putting a hand over her aching pussy. “Did you see that? I’m going to take weeks to get over that.”

She sat up, the cum running down her front. “What a good cuck, Jake,” she said affectionately, mussing his hair. I wasn’t sure how or if their relationship would survive this ordeal, but I didn’t pretend to understand things fully. It got weirder next.

“One more thing, honey. Then I will forgive you for cumming on Doctor Julie.”

I perked up. “Wait, there was a doctor here?”

“Yeah, she’s my friend.”

“Was that the girl hanging out with the bartender?”

“I don’t know. Wait–yes, they were together in Michelle’s game,” Mary Sue remembered. Her brain wasn’t working fully yet. She was still halfway in the dream state of huge-dick fuckage and not speaking super clearly.

“Julie’s a doctor?” I asked. “And Jake, you had sex with her? Tonight?” I was disappointed. Of course, I thought Jake was my discovery, my hot new guy, aside from him being Mary Sue’s girlfriend. How the fuck did I miss all this stuff at parties? No wonder I never enjoyed them as much as other people.

“I didn’t have sex with her,” Jake corrected, trying to appeal to me. “It was an accident. I…” He struggled to decide whether to confess or not. His face went red. “I masturbated on her. By mistake.” But what? I wasn’t even sure what this meant.

Mary Sue jumped on that. “You sure did, you naughty boy. And now you will pay the price.” She pointed at her chest, where gobs of Kai’s off-white cum were pooled. “You can clean me. Use only your mouth.”

Jake looked disgusted again. He didn’t want to lick some other guy’s cum off his girlfriend’s tits.

“Mary Sue–” he started.

“Yes? You have a problem with this?”

Jake looked confused and–I thought–hurt. “No. I mean, I’ll do it. But after this, you’ll forgive me for what I did tonight? We’re even?”

“Well,” Mary Sue seemed taken aback by the question. The language Jake used seemed to hit her funny. “I’d have to ask Julie to see what she thinks. But yes.”

He grimaced and leaned over Mary Sue’s chest. He hadn’t started the job yet. I looked on, also confused. What role was I playing here? I must have looked troubled.

“You feel bad?” Mary Sue asked me directly, with some heat. What was going on? “You want to help your new crush, is that it?”

Jake looked up. “Shannon, you don’t have to. This is between her and me.” Mary Sue looked smug at that answer.

I couldn’t believe I said it, but I did. “Jake, I want to help.” Then I joined him on the bed with my head next to his, licking Kai’s load off Mary Sue. It was gross and tasted foul. Jake spat it out after one try. He probably didn’t know that his cum was better than other guys if that’s all he’d ever had.

“No!” said Mary Sue. “You eat it. Don’t make more mess for me.”

“Sorry,” he apologized and reluctantly put his head down again.

The job was finally done, Jake licking around her nipples to clean them. Mary Sue was pleased.

“What a night. You are good little bitches. Now to reward you, Jake, I will unlock your chastity.” She mulled over the two of us and added, “If Shannon is in the mood, you can play together.” And at that, she flipped the latch on the chastity belt and joined Kai in the bathroom. The plate was unlocked but still draped over his pubic area.

There was silence, and Jake and I remained on the bed next to each other, not moving. We hadn’t looked each other in the face. It was a gentle moment. We’d both been through a lot.

“Look… um…” he started.

“Don’t talk,” I said, trying to simplify things and make it easier for him. “Can we just lie here together?”

He nodded, a bit of a tear in his eye. I don’t know how he got through all of that without breaking down. That was one fucking emotional mind trip. Mind fuck, really. We lay next to each other on the bed, still quiet. I petted his hair, down his cheek, and around his ear.

“Jake, I don’t care how big your dick is. As long as you don’t care about my tiny titties,” I offered. “Deal?”

I was pleased to see him smile weakly. “Deal,” he echoed. We petted each other for a minute.

“Can I?” he said, looking at my chest.

I nodded. “Uh-huh,” I said softly, and very gently, he fingered my nip like it was the first time he’s ever done it. I liked it.

“Can I play with you?” I asked in return. He nodded.

I flipped around on the bed, 69-style, and put my face up to his groin, lifting off the cover plate and removing that ridiculous thing. There was his little dick. It was the smallest thing I had ever seen. But I kissed it. And then sucked that knob. It didn’t get any bigger, but he sure was hard as a rock. An itty bitty rock. He drew in a breath.

He indicated his interest in my pussy.

Oh hell yeah, I thought. I haven’t had some attention down there in ages, and then as he went to work, this guy knew what he was doing. It was my turn to suck in my breath as he sucked my clit.

Then I went back to work on his tiny dick, working together in the 69. It felt like we were two lesbians sucking each other. I used my tongue and then pulled a few more times, rewarded by a thick shot of semen that I tried to catch in my mouth. After all this shit he’d been through, this guy deserved some service tonight. And it tasted sweet, anyway. I didn’t mind.

Jake groaned as he came, and I clutched his glutes as he shook a few more times.

Then he focused back on me and took me there. Oh, fuck did he take me there. This guy could suck better than any lesbian I could imagine. Having a small dick must have given him some insights. I came and then stretched out, just playing with his little stub. It was so cute. Smaller than a pinky finger. I flicked it up and down, trying to recreate an erection. After a few minutes, I was successful, and the little Mr. Jake was standing at attention again.

This time I wanted to see if I could put him in my pussy. But I wasn’t sure how. I am very tight down there, but I didn’t know if the physics would allow for any actual penetration. Holy fuck, what a situation for an adult man to be in. I wracked my brain about how this could happen. I was going to have to spread for him and get in close. So I swung my body around and scissored him, spreading each of our legs as far as we could to grind our pussies together. I mean my pussy and his little cocklette.

There! I thought I felt it. I wasn’t sure, but I rubbed against him anyway. He started moaning, so I must have been hitting something. He was into it, his hands rubbing and pulling on my nips just like I had hoped earlier.

Then he gave out a cry. I reached down to feel what was going on, and I think maybe he had just penetrated my outer labia a bit. Or else he had been rubbing his little dick directly against my clit. I couldn’t tell.

But it didn’t matter. He came again, and I had satisfied him, even with my flat chest and tiny ass. We made quite a couple.


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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