One Tiny Problem 3

By ChrisEva.

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Part 3…

I knelt in the shower in front of Jake–both of us naked and the water still running–in shock from the surprise and intensity of his orgasm, unable to move or even speak. I could hardly see with my eyelids gummed up and tried to blink it clear. A hand to my face confirmed that his cum was also literally dripping down my nose and mouth. How did this guy with such a tiny dick produce such volume when he’d nutted only a half-hour ago?

Jake also stood still in silence, horrified at what he’d done.

Mary Sue was not silent as she took in the scene. “JAKE!” she shouted, alarmed to a level more than I’d seen in their gameplay so far.

I cracked open my mouth and let his cum run onto my tongue, preparing for that bitter taste I remembered from–oh shit, it had been years since I got that money shot in the face, second or third year of college. But I was surprised this time; Jake’s cum wasn’t bitter at all. Salty, yes, but something there was interesting. Was that even a hint of vanilla? I ran my tongue around my lips. Yeah, not bad.

Fuck. I would have done more oral and maybe even swallowed if I knew some guys were bringing this action to the party. I had no idea it varied so much from guy to guy. Maybe it was diet; Jake was quite an athlete, in contrast to that pre-med student from the college. Jesus, what the fuck was he? Definitely not an athlete.

I’d tried to block that guy’s image out of my memory: short and pudgy with eyes too close together, acne and glasses. Why’d I ever let him put his hairy, crooked cock near my face and rub one out on me? I’ll never know. I was young, and I must have thought he was the shit at Infectious Disease 201 or whatever class it was we shared. It was fuckboys like that that turned me off from sex in those first years of college–when everyone’s hormones were on fire, and I could have had any guy I wanted–and then in the last few years when I actually started wanting to get my pussy pounded by a big dick I wasn’t able to get ‘er done.

Jake broke his silence, mouth agape at me. “Dr. Netten… I don’t know how–” he started, abashed and hesitating, trying to figure out how to even begin to atone for his offense.

“I guess we missed our chance to get the measurement,” said Mary Sue in a deadpan.

She was now naked and in the shower with us after she threw off her towel. I didn’t see where the ruler ended up–the one she had gone out to get in order to humiliate Jake further by putting a number to his smallness. That was before she walked in on our little show. Our unintentional Jake-cums-again-but-this-time-all-over-my face-and-tits show. Crap, I was just supposed to get him hard for the measurement, not jack him off.

She went on. “Julie, I’m so sorry my boy has misbehaved. Again.”

“It’s okay,” I said, wiping my chest. I actually didn’t mind that much, to my surprise. It was all part of the unique experience of this very strange evening for a young doctor. “I must have gotten him a little too excited, I guess.”

“That you did, pretty girl. But look, how about we get him and me out of here and let you clean up. I haven’t even brought you the clothes yet. I’ll do that.”

I held up a finger covered in white. I brought it to my nose. “You know, it’s not that bad,” I said, reflecting.

“Wait–Jake can take care of that. Yes, my little boy has sweet cum. It’s a good thing because he eats a lot of it.” She looked at my chest. “Would you allow me?”

I shrugged, not knowing what she meant. She licked the cum from my finger and gave me a flirty glance, lowering her head to my chest. Before I knew it, I was getting a lick job all over my tits, and then her mouth was on my face and filled with Jake’s cum. It tickled and even turned me on, especially when she crossed over my nips with her raspy tongue. I could feel the little nubs getting hard. I’d never fooled around with a girl before. It was another item added tonight to the list of things I should try.

Then she snapped her fingers, and he sighed, cocking his head and opening his mouth wide like a dog waiting patiently for a bone. She leaned over him and hawked up a big gob of his white stuff mixed with her saliva, dripping it into his mouth. She spits a few more times into him to empty out.

“That’s about it,” she said, satisfied, and closed Jake’s mouth. “That’s a start, my boy. There’s going to be a big punishment for what you did to this nice friend of mine, let me tell you,” pointing back to me. “Fucking big. I’ll think of something appropriate.” He groaned and closed his eyes, swallowing his own cum for his master.

The first part of the punishment I learned was the chastity belt. Mary Sue was going to make him wear it to the party, under his clothes, I presumed, but I wasn’t completely sure if it would be hidden or not. After drying off, Jake stood there–naked and shamed–next to the toilet while Mary Sue fitted the thing to him. He was not a happy camper.

“How do we get this thing over his thighs?” she puzzled. I took a look and helped her fuss with the adjustable straps. The women that normally wore this device obviously didn’t have anything close to Jake’s lower-body dimensions. We set it as big as it would go, and then Mary Sue just yanked the shit out of it to get it around his pelvis.

“Ow!” Jake exclaimed.

“Oh, stop it, you big baby.”

She went around behind him and tugged up. The bands caught on his ass.

“How’s that look, Julie? Does my boy fit into this thing?”

The delicate vertical leather strap that was supposed to lock up the girl’s slit separated his two gigantic balls, which stuck out horizontally due to the tension. The tip of his little peepee poked out to one side, pinned down by the belt. It looked pretty ridiculous. I guffawed.

“Mary Sue, it’s crushing his penis, I think.”

She came around to take a look, and I shook my head yet again when she started playing with the little part of his dick that stuck out sideways from under that strap. He really was her fucktoy. She was so casual about it and so comfortable just owning his ass–or his dick, in this case.

“Should I tug on it, so it sticks out more?” She did this to demonstrate, and his dick stretched as far as it could, which is to say not much. “Hmm. Or I could just tuck it in? What do you think?” She flicked the tiny little head up and down while she pondered the situation. It was like she was playing with a light switch. On. Off. On. Off. And already I could see Jake had hardened up; the best he could, of course. Just a stub was sticking out from under that leather strap.

“It’s your call, Julie,” she asked again, absentmindedly, still fucking around with Jake’s peepee while he looked away, enduring it.

“What?” I had been distracted by watching her fondle him. “Oh, I guess all the way in. I mean, a chastity belt is supposed to prevent pleasure, right?”

“Yeah… you’re right. I like how it looks stuck halfway, though, sort of pinched in there. But okay.” She knelt and kissed him noisily right on the portion of his pink dick that was protruding from the chastity strap. She flicked it with her tongue, and I watched, amused.

“Mary Sue–” he protested weakly. Part of him was aroused by this attention, but a lot of him was just fucking embarrassed to be treated this way.

“Hush, Jake. Your little Stubby is the entertainment tonight. Now hold still and stand straight. That’s a good boy. I’m going to play with you some more.”

“But Jeez, Mary Sue…” Jake protested. “The doc is right here.”

“I know she is. And she’s seen the way we do things. Hell, she was a participant. Remember? That was your fault.”

“Yeah, I know,” he admitted glumly.

“You know, Julie, I had to learn how to suck this little guy. What helped was that video about sucking pussy. Do you know that famous one? By Nina Hartley. A classic. About how a clit is really just a little dick and how you can put your mouth like this–” she demonstrated the about-to-eat-a-juicy-peach position with her lips sticking out, “–and then suck in the same way you’d blow a tiny dick. Suck, not lick.” She laughed. “So the best tip for sex with my boyfriend was watching a pussy video! Haha!”

Then again, she demonstrated, and I heard noisy sucking sounds as she went to town on him. Jake blinked and opened his mouth wide, looking to the ceiling in a sudden rush of ecstasy. Then she popped off, leaving a little rock-hard stub all dark pink from the suction.

“But that’s all he’s going to get. Julie, you want to say goodbye to little Stubby?”

I was taken aback. Did she want me to kiss her boyfriend’s junk?

“Uh, I don’t know… You’ve done a good job. I think I’ll pass.”

“Come on. It’s a cute little thing, right?” She bent over and smooched it one more time. “This is the last chance to say goodbye. Give it a kiss. It’s going to be locked away for a long time.”

I shook my head, bewildered, then gave in. I had no idea my evening was going to go this way when I had been sitting there quietly after my yoga class contemplating dinner options. Speaking of which, I was getting really fucking hungry. And for more than just a big dick in my pussy. I hadn’t had any food in hours.

“Okay.” I knelt down in front of Jake. Maybe it was my medical training, but first, I pulled back his tiny foreskin to look at the button that was the head of his penis–the glans. Tiny but with a normal and pleasing shape. I put my lips to it and kissed gently, holding against his sensitive skin for a few seconds. I pulled away.

“Goodbye, Stubby. Mary Sue, he’s all yours.”

She tucked the head of his tiny penis under the belt by pushing on it with a finger-like how one might push a bit of errant stuffing back into a pillow–then stood back to look at the results of her work. “There. Now he’s all locked up like a little bitch should be.”

Jake stood there like a trooper for all of this, just enduring. His expression told me that he was willing to accept anything Mary Sue would do with him at this point, having fully understood the gravity of his offense. He hadn’t met my gaze since his latest orgasm, and I stared at this beautiful naked man wearing a ridiculous black leather women’s chastity belt.

“Turn around, Jake,” Mary Sue ordered and adjusted the straps that ran around his butt cheeks to push the round flesh out. She squeezed him. “Check out that ass, Julie. See how firm it is. And I love how it’s so smooth now that we shaved it.”

Slap! Slap! Her hand came down fast in surprise. He didn’t flinch; it must have been expected. The skin on his buttocks went red as she continued in a series of strokes.

“That’s my little sissy,” she said, turning him around again. “Now it’s time for the panties. Julie. OMG. Think of how slutty he will be, wearing a chastity belt under pink panties to my party. And he’ll be right next to all those college dudes with the big dicks. And the girls, the hot girls that are out there. But he’s all locked up!” She was obviously very pleased with this situation.

Was she going to make him go out there like this? In his pink panties? Holy fuck–Louisiana wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t know how far she was going to take it and breathed a sigh of relief when she started putting his pants on, and up they went over the belt and panties. No visible sign remained of his torment.

Whew. It had been quite a night. I headed for the door, really fucking ready for another one of those Blue Hawaiians. Or even a couple of them. I glanced back, and Mary Sue was on tiptoes reaching up to kiss her boy. It was a sweet moment, and I wondered how Jake was doing with his concussion recovery. Seemingly well.

“Who owns your little bitchclit?” she said softly to his downturned eyes.

“You do.”

“Say it.”

He sighed. “You own my bitchclit.”

“That’s right. And it’s all locked up for me now.” She wiggled the little front piece of his chastity belt up and down and kissed him again. “Little-bitty-Jake won’t be able to come out and play.” He moaned.

This whole thing was fine for Mary Sue, and I’ll admit this experience was interesting and mildly arousing to me–all this domination game and the tiny dick humiliation stuff–but I could think only of how much I wanted a real guy with a hot body and a thick mandong to haul my ass down onto a bed and have his way with me. He’d pin my arms above my head and kiss my neck and rest the weight of his gorgeous body on me, yanking off my clothes and mouthing my tits and breaking deep into me with his cock.

Oh, fuck. Yep, enough with this small dicking around. I longed for a real man.

But first, I needed that drink.

We emerged from the bathroom to join the party, which was in full vibe. The living room was crowded with revelers. A tall and athletic young man came over to greet us with an eager smile on his face. “Jake, buddy! Where have you been?”

I answered for him. “I’ve been helping him recover from his fall.”

Jake spoke up. “Bo, this is Dr. Netten.”

“Call me Julie,” I said. It was hard to shuck the title.

“Cool. How are you doing, doc Julie? You’re the one taking over for old man Adams, right? At the high school?”

“Yes. But I’m here just as a friend of Mary Sue’s. Not in a professional capacity.” I looked around a bit anxiously. “I’m trying to keep a low profile.”

“Oh, got it. Just hanging out, huh? I won’t tell anybody. Won’t get you into trouble.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Bo,” I said, shaking his outstretched hand formally while he shifted his beer. “I heard about you from Mary Sue and Jake, I mean.”

“You did? I hope for good things! We killed it last night. I was 9-and-0 for passes, and Jake even got some time in the fourth.” Football was obviously very high in his mind’s priorities. Football and his big dick, I’m sure. Maybe in that order.

Jake nodded. I was drunk enough to think of making a joke. Did he also go “9 inches” last night with his new girlfriend Michelle after the game–but I wasn’t drunk enough to actually say it. Mary Sue had bragged about how endowed this guy was. Speaking of which, a vivacious woman popped up beside him and looked at each of us in turn rapidly.

“Guys guys guys guys guys!” she said, her excitement running about a hundred MPH. Within two seconds, I could tell this girl was going to be a lot to handle.

“And this is Michelle,” Bo said, as I expected, looking down at his short but energetic girlfriend. I was going to introduce myself, but there wasn’t any spare airtime.

“Guys!” she repeated for the sixth time, looking eagerly across all our faces. She was quite a ways into her alcohol for the night. “We’re going to play a game. You’re going to play, right? It’s called Babe Lincoln! It’s going to be so fucking great. You’re in?”

“Excuse me,” I said, taking the chance to try to acquire that drink. The kitchen was just through an open arched doorway, and I pulled away from this little group and made my way that direction, dodging around a few more clusters of people.

It seemed like a fun and active party. Good music pumping out, people filling most of the corners and the chairs and couches, spilling out to the front patio and around the other way to the bedroom halls. And there was probably more going on in those rooms, I thought–or maybe that was just the way Hollywood portrayed these kinds of parties? Nah. There probably was fucking going on. Put a bunch of 18, 19, 20-year olds together on a Saturday night, and that’s pretty much what you’ll get.

I couldn’t stop myself from collecting empty beer bottles to bring with me on the way to the kitchen, but then immediately chastised myself. What was I doing? I wasn’t the Mom here. I wanted to fit in and be a normal party girl—just a party girl looking for some college dick. I was twenty-four years old and feeling good and looking good, and yet I hadn’t had any good sex–hell, any sex at all–in months, and to top it off, I’d spent the last hour with a micropenis. I just wanted some dick. I deserved some dick. There was nothing wrong with that.

In the kitchen, there were more people; about half a dozen clustered around the table, some sitting, some standing behind. They were playing that block game I couldn’t remember the name of–with the sticks and the tower you build one block at a time–and one girl had just placed hers on the very tip-top of an unstable-looking construction. She laid it there gingerly, then pulled her hand back fast like it was hot to the touch. The tower leaned impossibly to one side.

“Don’t rock the fucking table!” someone said.

“Look out!” another said. The whole thing collapsed, and blocks went everywhere.

“Ahhhh!” everyone cried, and there was laughter all around.

“Guys…!” the girl complained, with a pout. “Is someone pushing on the table? Why is it always me!”

“A game of skill.”

“You just got the magic touch.”

“Fucking unmagic touch!”

“Kristen, here’s a big drink for you. Up it goes.” A guy pushed a large glass unsteadily towards the girl’s face; the one who had put the last block to topple the tower had to drink it up, it seemed. But she laughed and started guzzling. Evidently, the penalty wasn’t unwelcome. There had obviously been a fair amount of imbibing by this point in the party. How long had I been in the bathroom with the fucking micropenis anyway? It felt like midnight, but the kitchen clock said only 10:30.

“Can we play like a strip version of this? Kristen would be tits out by now.”

“Fucking-A. I would sign up for that.”

“Kristen, how about it?”

“I don’t think Jordan would be wild about that.”

“Just take her to the closet, man.”

“Speaking of which, how much time is left?”

While they were jawboning, my eyes locked onto the devilishly handsome man behind the kitchen counter working the blender, his blue buttoned-down Oxford shirt sleeves rolled up while he shook a drink in one of those giant metal cylinder things that look so professional. Ah! This was my bartender. The guy with the magic touch for the rum and vodka. He was my bogey and had seen me watching him; it looked like he was waiting for a gap in the noise to make his introduction.

At the table, a petite girl with an absolutely stunning face spoke next. She was notable because, for one, unlike almost everybody else I saw here, she was unhappy. It wasn’t her night, I could tell. I knew because I had been that girl at parties in college. It’s hard to pull out of a bad mood once it sets in, and I was curious what her story was. But shit, girl–you want to hear about a fucked up adventure? Let me tell you about my own night with the tiny dick and the chastity belt and Mary Sue and wiping cum off my chest. Whatever you’ve been through tonight, it can’t hold a candle to the weird shit I’ve been part of.

Second, she had a most curious figure; it seemed she had no chest at all. Her shirt dropped straight down from the collar. But that face. Wow. I almost wished I were a lesbian so I could have that to myself. I could stare at her all night, her eyes especially, the lines of her perfect cheeks and nose and lips and chin.

She read from her phone screen. “3:20 left,” she announced to the group in a sulky voice. Nobody picked up on her mood; at least they acted like they didn’t.

“I got to see what’s going on!” another girl at the table exclaimed, and a guy joined her in leaping up and gathering next to what looked like a walk-in kitchen pantry door, closed.

“It’s the seven minutes game,” my bartender explained, aware of my confusion and taking advantage of a quiet moment in the hubbub to break the ice with me. I must have seemed clueless because he explained further. “You know… the guy takes a honey in the closet. What happens in there, nobody is supposed to know.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“For real?” I said. I had heard of this thing in movies and maybe a book or two but never been to a party where it was actually played. No shit. “There are some people in there now?”

“Yep,” he said. “It’s Arjun and… Donna, I think? Kind of a big girl. Big–” he started to make that universal big tits gesture with his hands–frat boy instincts are hard to suppress–but then became contrite fast when he remembered who he was talking to. “Sorry. I’ve had a little too much to drink; please excuse me. I’m Miles. I go to LSU.”


This was the kind of guy I yearned for! I tried giving him a flirty smile, but I was well out of practice. Having spent a few weeks with a bunch of naked dicks doesn’t count when you’re a doctor, even if you’ve taken a few liberties, and I desperately needed to brush up on my party skills if I was going to get what I wanted. That got me thinking about what he was packing under those Bermuda shorts. Could this guy have the equipment I was looking for? I hadn’t been so horny in forever that I could remember.

The girl crouching at the pantry door glared back to the room, scolding. “Hush, guys. I can’t hear anything!” The group gathered closer to the secret closet in a bit of a drunken-mob way. I’m not sure exactly what they were listening for. Fucking sounds? Like would the girl be moaning and shit? Was lucky Arjun getting a faceful of Donna’s big tits while he stuck a dick into her? Could they really get all that done in a closet in just seven minutes?

Miles smiled at the silly behavior of the teens and shrugged, leaning towards me. He had a nice earthy smell, a cologne probably mixed with a bit of sweat from making drinks all night for people. I remembered Mary Sue had said he was from LSU, maybe even my age, and was proud of his bartending skills. “Can I get you something?” he asked quietly.

“Oh my God. Yes! I’ve been trying for an hour to get another Blue Hawaiian. That would be awesome. That first one–” I gushed. “It was so perfect; it hit the spot. It’s been a rough night.”

His face lit up. “So you’re the Hawaiian girl! Mary Sue’s friend?” But then, with curiosity and concern, “Rough night?”

“Well, I guess more just… unusual.” He listened to me while he worked away, gathering ice and other ingredients in the blender. “So that’s the blue stuff!” I declared as I watched him mix it in—beautiful, strong forearms working in front of me. I could just sit there on the barstool and take that in for a while. Maybe I would. He could be the big dick that I had been searching for since I came to this town.

“Yep,” he said as he flipped on the blender. “Hey, Mary Sue’s guy–I forgot his name. He was okay, right? Do you know?”

“Jake. He’s fine. A little woozy. But seems to have made a full recovery.”

“Cool. He hit his head real hard, somebody said. I didn’t see how it happened, but everything shut down for a while, and I thought maybe the party was over. Mary Sue was afraid the cops were going to come.”

“How do you know her? Mary Sue.”

“A friend at Alpha Phi. She went to Bergen. Bergen. Whatever the high school–Mary Sue is a senior there.”

“Harris,” I said.


“Bergen Harris. That’s the high school.”

“Oh yeah. Anyway, this girl, her name is Amelia. She’s… ” he looked around the kitchen and peeked out the archway. “Well, she’s around somewhere. I’ll introduce you later.”

I almost wanted to talk more about the high school but decided to leave it. The less connection I made to my role as the school doctor, the better for my chances tonight with this gorgeous hunk of a guy.

“Oh my God!” the girl crouched at the closet door erupted. “I think they’re fucking! That definitely sounded like fucking.”

“Time!” The beautiful flat-chested girl yelled out. Did I sense relief? What was going on there?

Two drunk teens fell out of the closet when the door was yanked open. The girl was indeed large chested, and she was still tucking her shirt back into place awkwardly when they tumbled out. It was pretty certain that Arjun was at least getting some titty action during his seven minutes of heaven. It was hard to tell how much exactly, but he was smiling. Donna looked chagrined at seeing the whole group watching her put herself back together, obviously aware that things had been happening. This was the whole point of the game, as I understood it, the embarrassment of having been caught in the act.

“Pretty fucking nice!” someone said.

“Wow. Arjun, my maaaan,” another one added enthusiastically. And there was more chatter.

“Who’s next?”

“Hey, you two.” This was said in our direction. “It looks like you got something going on over there. Miles, take your new lady into the closet for your seven. You haven’t gone yet!”

Miles looked embarrassed to be called out. He placed the finished drink on the counter in front of me, and I picked it up eagerly, taking a big slurp and giving him a nod of thanks. “Guys…” he protested, looking at me for support or any kind of signal.

“At least introduce your new friend.”

“Okay. Everybody, this is Julie, Mary Sue’s friend. She’s here to enjoy the party. I’m not sure she wants to be stuffed into a closet for your game.”

“I’ve never played before,” I said factually, taking another big drink of the blue devil. It would be kind of fun to be talked into this, I thought. I tried to appear neutral, so I didn’t come off too slutty to Miles.

“Come on, Miles. You’re too hot to just be bartending all night!”

“Get in here with your new girl.”

The girl nearest me said quietly as an aside, nice-like in a reassuring way, “We play by the rules here. Nothing happens that you don’t want.”

What do I want? I want to get fucked by a big dick, I thought, smiling to myself. I had been teased for an hour by Jake’s little dickie–what was effectively a man’s clitoris. Nothing there. But a big dick to grab hold of and fuck me deep would be just what I needed for a happy conclusion to the night.

“Yeah, you can just sit in there and talk.”

“With Miles, no fucking way I’d just talk!” another girl said, with other voices chiming in.

“Come on, you two. It’s a party.”

“Go for it.”

“Yeah, have some fun.”

“Seven minutes in heaven.”

Miles looked at me. I shrugged and flashed him an encouraging smile. “Okay,” he said, laughing. “Just to satisfy you fucks. Come on, Julie. If you want to, I mean.”

“Shannon set the timer,” someone yelled out to the beautiful chestless girl still sitting at the table. She stayed still, just watching all of us quietly, then pulled her phone out and swiped on the screen.

It was tight quarters, but someone put a crate in there big enough to sit on, so at least one person could fit comfortably. Miles was first in and lowered himself down, turning around, and I squeezed in next to him, standing as they closed the door behind us. It went dark, and we heard gushing outside as they hooted about our secret little sexy time together. I shook my head in wonder that I was finally playing this game in my life. And with a cute guy. It did feel like high school. But more fun.

“You can sit on my lap,” he whispered. “If you want to,” he added, not wanting to overstep. “I’ll behave.”

“It’s okay; I can stand,” I said by reflex, kicking myself as soon as I said it. Why the fuck didn’t I accept his offer?

“Sure.” He seemed eager to respect my boundaries. Boundaries that I hadn’t intended to signal that hard. Shit.

We were silent for a few moments, both trying to gauge the situation and not say something wrong to ruin things.

“Are you at LSU?” he asked finally.

“No, I’m… I’m working. Done with school. I had enough of that.”

“Ah. Working. Wow. Cool.”

We went quiet again.

I wanted to say, can I reach my hand into your pants and feel what a real, hard dick is like? I didn’t want these seven minutes to go by with us just sitting there, both too lame to try anything. But what I said instead was, “I should have brought that Hawaiian in here.”

He laughed. Then I was glad when he broke the ice. “Well, we’re stuck in here. If you want to have a seat and give me a little kiss, I would love it. That would be awesome. But you don’t have to.”

“Hell yes!” I said, making sure I wasn’t too hesitant this time. I didn’t want to be a slut, but I also didn’t want to be like some prudish girl. That wasn’t going to get me dick. So I plunked myself down on him and found his face. We kissed. It was gentle; he didn’t even stick his tongue into me. He pulled back and ran a finger across my bangs. It was a surprising move, full of respect. Respect is great and all, don’t get me wrong. But there is also a time for a good hard fucking.

“Tell me why it’s been a rough night. What you said before.” Then he added, “If you want to.”

Fuck. No reaching in for a dick grab yet. He wanted to do psychology 101 instead. Should I tell him about Jake, I wondered? Why not? We weren’t going to actually fuck in here anyway with the whole group ready to pop open the door at an unexpected moment. Once I cooled my jets, I found myself eager to talk to someone besides Mary Sue about the whole thing.

“Okay,” I plunged in. “Do you know this thing about guys who kink on having a small dick? It’s weird, right? The girl tells them how tiny they are, and they get off on that? Like ‘where is your dick?’ and things like that?” I laughed. “Have you ever heard of that? Oh my God.”

He was quiet. Then, “Can I tell you something?”

With that one phrase, suddenly, my vision of getting fucked by a huge penis and writhing on the bed in pleasure was completely dashed. Black clouds loomed towards me.


“If I tell you, you can’t tell anybody.”

The clouds loomed closer and darker. Fuck fuck fuck. I despaired. It couldn’t possibly be the case that the two guys I happened to find on a Saturday night–my party night, the one time I could let loose and just fuck around a little–that those two guys had the two smallest dicks in Baton Rouge? Could it? Could I possibly be that un-fucking-lucky?

“Miles, I don’t know anybody here, except Mary Sue. Your secrets are safe.”

“Well, okay… Actually, I have that kink. The one you are talking about.”

The black clouds came right over my head and completely shut out the light. I was suffocating.

“Miles, really? You do?” I questioned, hanging onto a thread of hope that I had somehow misunderstood. I tried to control the disappointment in my voice.

“Yeah. Sorry, is it weird? Like you said? I don’t want it to be a turn-off. You’re very attractive to me.”

I didn’t answer. I didn’t know how to answer because I hadn’t yet processed all that I had done and felt that evening with Mary Sue and Jake. It was more of a joke for me than anything sexual to look at a small dick, yet the experience of domming had been arousing in an unexpected and strange way. I might even grow to like it. But not having a real dick to fill me up and satisfy me. Fuck. Fuck. That was giving up a lot. Was I destined to be another frustrated Mary Sue always longing for a pussy pounding?

He didn’t say anything–he might have felt that he had fucked up his chances with me by his confession–so after a moment, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him again. He liked that.

“We have a few more minutes, right?” I asked.

“Well, that’s the whole trick about the game. We’re not supposed to know exactly so that the door will pop open and everybody will go like, caught you fuckers! But yeah, I think we have a little time.”

I needed to move fast for two reasons: to do it while we had time in the game, and second before I lost my courage to face yet another tiny dicklette tonight. Let’s just find out what we got going on; I steeled myself.

I kissed him, and my hand wandered to his lap, shifting my position so I could get under the waistband of his shorts. He grunted with pleasure, so I continued. Consent matters, I was well aware, especially now that this was the year 2022, but a grunt was good enough for a “yes” as far as this guy was concerned.

I felt further and began to feel the shaft of a rising. A big cock! Holy fuck! It wasn’t enormous, but this thing was meaty. I had to think fast. He said he was an SPH fan, the small dick humiliation. Then I realized this kink didn’t actually require a small dick. It was purely about being told you were insufficient, feeling shamed. I sighed in relief. Maybe this would be my big dick for the night after all.

Well, I thought, Mr. Miles, the LSU bartender. If you’ve got the kink, let’s do this thing. You picked the right girl for the night. I was primed with a few lessons from a certified master. This would be your lucky day.

I felt around his groin, checking out his whole package of dick and balls, and let out a derisive chuckle. “Wait. This is all you got?”

“What…?” He was majorly confused.

I held his full cock now, which was rising up in response to my touch. The whole shaft was in my hand, my fingers wrapped around it. Fuck, this would feel good inside my pussy. I loved its heft.

“Your dick. I see what you mean about the small penis thing. It’s kinda lacking.”

“Julie. Fuck. Wait, for real?”

You wanted to play. Let’s play.

“You know, Miles. It’s a shame. You were so manly at the bar, making my drink. To be honest, I was sitting there thinking, yes, this guy could be my big fuck tonight.” I squeezed his dick. “This is the guy that could fill up my pussy and just absolutely pound me until I begged for mercy.”

“Oh, God. Julie!” His dick throbbed with the excitement that ran through his body at my shaming him.

“But now I see you’ve got almost nothing down here. I wanted a big dick, but if you fucked me tonight, I’m not even sure I’d notice it.”

“Julie… Oh my fucking God. You are serious!” He was panting. He was so turned on. I played it for real. But then I was afraid he would cum on me, and I didn’t want the third dude’s orgasm of my night to come and go–cum and go–without involving my pussy. So I pulled out of there and straightened up his pants.

He sat almost shaking, holding his head in his hands. “Fucking-A, that was hot!” This was whispered into my ear, breathless. Maybe he didn’t have girls who indulged him like this; it seemed to have touched him deeply.

And our stopping was just in time because the door was yanked open, and the crowd outside shouted in excitement.

“Times up, lover boy!”

“They do anything?”

“What’s going on in there!”

“Let’s see those hands.”

“Welcome to party-land, Julie!”

“Heaven, man. Heaven.”

We clambered out of there awkwardly in the obligatory shame of the game, and Miles made a beeline back to his position of safety at the kitchen-turned-bar. I followed him, continuing around to his side of the counter this time. We didn’t talk. He busied himself organizing his counter with the glasses and steel mixers and alcohol bottles and such. I watched quietly, wanting to kiss his neck and pet him but also knowing that I should give some time before I jumped into action again. The penis grab was forward enough.

The girl from the drinking game–Jenga, I suddenly remembered, that was the name of the thing with the blocks–came up to the “customer” side of the counter and looked at us. She was a special beauty, as I had noticed before, and I probably stared at her too openly as I sipped on my Hawaiian Blue, making real progress on #2. I was going to have Miles make me up #3, especially after some of that dick grabbing got my appetite up. I also looked around for some nibbles. Wouldn’t Mary Sue have put out peanuts or something?

“Hi,” the girl said.

“Shannon, right?” I offered, after another sip—what a curious girl. Absolutely drop-dead beauty in the face but then no breast line whatsoever. It reminded me of Jake, actually, in spirit, with his hunky face and jaw and torso but nothing below. She wore a thin blouse with no bra–we’re not even talking an A cup here, so it wouldn’t have served any purpose anyway–and it was easy to see her significant nipples poking through. It was sexy in a weird way. Or it was sexual, at least. I wasn’t sure.

“Yes.” She was confused. “We haven’t met, have we?”

“No, I just heard them yelling at you–at the table. When you were keeping time.”

“Oh… yeah. For the game.”

“What can I get you?” Miles interrupted, friendly-like.

“Vodka and soda.”



Miles laughed. “No. I won’t make that drink for anyone at this party. C’mon. Give me something a little less lame.”

“Lame? I like vodka and soda.”

I decided to enter the conversation. “You want to split another Blue Hawaiian? It’s got vodka, also rum, and pineapple. He makes it killer. I wanted another one anyway.”

“I guess.” She didn’t seem convinced. We hadn’t given her a boost to her mood yet. But I wanted to.

“I’m Julie. You’re very pretty, you know,” I tried. But the compliment didn’t land.

“It didn’t help me tonight.”

I leaned in closer to her to be discreet while Miles was working on the drinks. “Was there something in the game you wanted? But didn’t get?”

“Yeah. Well, first, I had to deal with a breakup this week. So that sucked.”

“Oh, kiddo. I’m sorry about that.”

“I thought coming here would distract me. See that guy?” She pointed out to the attractive Indian guy Arjun who was still hanging over the full-figured Donna–who burst into laughter in a silly girly way just then. “I thought he was flirting with me. But then he dropped me like a whatever the saying is–when she came around.”

“The bimbo with the tits?”

“Yeah…” I finally got a smile out of her. “Beaten to the finish line by the bimbo with the tits. That’s the story of my life.”

“Haha. Well, look at me, Shannon. Hardy is a pinup girl here, either. I feel you.”

“So, can you get the guy you want?”

I lowered my voice. “Well… half an hour ago, I would have said probably not. But at the moment. Well–”

She pointed her head to Miles, whose back was turned to us, and smiled, raising her eyebrows in a question. I confirmed with a nod.

“You go, girl,” she whispered back. “Hella cute guy. Did you get anywhere with him? In the closet, I mean?”

“Haha. Well, yeah. He let me fool around with him a little.”

“No shit? With him? Wow. Cool.” She seemed impressed.

“Did you closet yourself with anybody?”

“No. Nobody asked. And it would have felt weird begging, you know. Like I don’t want to be that girl. The charity case. I want a guy to want me.”

“Damn straight. A guy would be lucky to be with you in there. They’re all fools not to ask, in my opinion.”


“Anybody here you like? Besides Arjun with the shallow interests?”

“Yeah.” She looked around. “I don’t see him now but the guy who banged his head. He was fine-looking.”

I almost choked on the last sip of my drink. “Jake. He’s Mary Sue’s boyfriend.”

“Oh, fuck. Another hot guy took.”

“Well… that’s a complicated story. I learned more about that tonight than I expected, to be honest.”

Miles returned just then–saving me from further explanation–refilling my glass and pouring Shannon a brand new big blue. They looked delicious. Gazing at the room, I saw not just one but two girls watching us. Well, watching Miles, I should say. Then I saw how Shannon watched him so carefully also. Why didn’t I see that right away? Every girl in the room was in love–or at least lust–with Miles. I wondered why I was the first one to get into the closet with him.

I held up my glass and toasted Shannon. First, Mary Sue and now Shannon. This was my night for drinking with the girls, it seemed. I did have ground to make up for the past few months of working hard. I rephrased the toast I had made with Mary Sue earlier. “To beautiful girls with little tits.”

Shannon laughed but raised her glass and looked me in the eye. I think I succeeded in my attempts to cheer her up.

“I’ll definitely drink to that,” Miles interrupted, smiling, taking a swig from his own glass.

“Miles! That was a toast for us girls!” I protested. “Go back to your football and your big boob fascination and your frat or whatever,” I teased and hit him on the shoulder.

While we’d been talking, I had been sliding closer to him–and him to me–and my hand was wandering down his back into his Bermudas and between his legs. I wanted to grab his dick while he was working the bar if I could do it without getting caught. It was a sudden need to catch a dick, as they say, but I didn’t know if I could reach all the way under there without it being obvious to Shannon and the others. It was kinda hot, though. Maybe Mary Sue would be a role model, and I could get into this domme stuff for real.

Just as I was working my way past his balls and fishing for the base of his shaft, Michelle burst into the kitchen, and everybody turned to look, including Shannon.

“Guys, guys, guys!” She interrupted all of the room’s conversations. This seemed to be her MO. “We’re playing now! In the living room. Everybody to the living room!”

I crouched a bit to get my fingers around the base of Miles’ cock, and pinched it. He was partially hard already. I wiggled the shaft back and forth and whispered in his ear. God, that felt good. “How’s the little peepee?” I whispered in his ear.

His eyes signaled panic, and he darted around the room, scanning for who was watching us. “Shh! Julie, the fuck–”

“Nobody will know. It’s our secret,” I said.

He stared at me while I held onto his dick. I liked this position of control and confidence. It wasn’t like me. It was his fault, though. Without those Blue Hawaiians, he concocted, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to do half the shit I was doing. I would have been standing against the wall making small talk with the flat-chested Shannon. We would have made a suitable pair of women that couldn’t get guys due to our lack of the mammary glands it seemed required to catch a dick.

Michelle walked over to our “bar,” and I released my hold on Miles’ penile department reluctantly. She pointed to the kitchen sink behind us. I was surprised and displeased to have attracted this special attention. I would have preferred to have been left alone with my new man-boy so that I could play games with the dick that I would tell him was too small–but at the same time sliding it nicely up into my pussy.

“We need dishtowels,” she said. “All of them. There and there. Yeah, grab all of those.”

I was confused and annoyed at this change in my evening’s plans. But Miles shrugged, and we didn’t seem to have a choice to do other than what she asked, following the whole crowd out through that archway back to the main house. We were the last ones to go.

The living room was packed. Michelle had gathered about half a dozen guys in a line across the front of the room. They stood there looking nervous at the growing number of faces watching them eagerly–most of them girls. The few scattered boys among them were being rounded up like cattle to join their unfortunate brethren at the front.

I stole a kiss from Miles’ neck. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered.

Just then, a boy who tried to leave the line and get out the front door was caught by Michelle and a couple of other motivated girls and dragged back into line.

“I don’t think I have a choice,” he whispered back, returning the kiss on my cheek. “Just stay close to me.”

“You bet your ass I will.” I wasn’t going to let this guy getaway.

He joined the end of the man-line nearest the front door–right next to Bo, in fact, to who I gave a small nod, and he returned the acknowledgment in a friendly way. Down at the other end, near the bathroom and back hallway, Jake was next to Mary Sue. He hadn’t joined the line but was standing hesitantly; she looked stern as hell, pointing to him to join in. Poor Jake. If this game had the exposure I expected, then he was going to be in for quite an experience here with his panties and chastity belt in front of this crowd. I recognized a few other faces here and there. Shannon was also down near Jake, watching the proceedings quietly.

“There we go,” Michelle said, directing the stragglers into place. “Make just one line, right down here.”

“Let’s strip these boys!” one girl shouted from the crowd.

Shouts of “Whooo!” came from a couple more girls.

“I wanna see some cock!”

Some of the guys looked nervous, glancing from one to another, wondering what they were in for. Some like Bo stood there comfortably in front of the crowd, enjoying the attention of all these girls on them. I’d enjoy seeing what exactly he had down there, after all the build-up from Mary Sue and Jake.

I have to admit. It was hot seeing all the guys in this line-up, like some sort of initiation or hazing ritual. Or a military inspection. I was as horny as these excited younger women. The tingles ran down my spine as I watched all these cute boys standing patiently, preparing for whatever Michelle had planned for them.

“Guys guys guys,” she came again, which was ironically directed at the girls this time. “Now, now! This is a wholesome game,” she teased. “We’re not going to make these fine gentlemen get butt naked in front of us. No–” There were hoots and hollers of protest from the girls at that. “But we are going to make them play a game for us.”

Miles was stoic, waiting for more instructions and watching me more than Michelle’s antics. I liked that. He looked so fine standing there, and I would have picked him over any other guy in that line, any day. I was so pleased that I had my own man to help me make sense of this party, to focus my attention, and let me ignore the bullshit. The drinks and the games would have been mildly fun on their own, but having Miles notice and care about me was a thrill I didn’t expect and was grateful for.

At the other end of the line-up, Mary Sue continued her cajoling, whispering in Jake’s ear and urging him into formation. Their body language signaled tension. Maybe the part about not having to be naked convinced him to overcome his objections and do as he was told. He stumbled into place unhappily and stared sullenly out to the crowd.

Michelle walked the line getting them all into place and spaced out evenly, and then she got to Jake, taking a long look, appreciatively–and with some thirst–at his well-cut athletic figure. If only she knew what was underneath. You got your nine inches back up here ready for you, I wanted to shout–but she left our little dick boy alone and turned in a quick about-face and returned to the center.

“Pants come off, boys. Let’s see those skivvies.” There was more noise and calling from the girls in response to this good news. The guys stood, unsure. Nobody wanted to take that first move to get the others going–in that way, everybody hesitates, wanting somebody else to take the risk before they put their own neck on the line–establishing that yes, in fact, they were all going to disrobe.

Michelle continued, “Let’s go, guys. It’s a fun game. Man up. We’re not going to see your naked dicks, don’t worry.”

The guys started pulling off their jeans and cargo pants. Miles looked at me and shrugged, taking his Bermuda shorts off in one motion; then, he stood there in his boxers, looking so cute and vulnerable. I smiled with encouragement. Bo next to us dropped trou without complaint. If you’ve got a big dick, a show-your-dick game is not something to have any worries about, I guess.

I couldn’t see what was happening to Jake way down there at his end, but I didn’t think he had moved to undress yet. I knew very well why–it had to do with a pair of slutty pink panties and a chastity belt that he would have been petrified to show all of his high school friends gathered at the party. But Mary Sue wasn’t there to force him, and maybe I was glad–she had left him and was making her way towards the middle of the room. Towards me, even? She had that look when she caught my eye.

Michelle continued her instructions to the group. “Each guy needs a honey. Let’s go. You first,” she said, pointing at Miles. A whole bunch of girls’ hands went up for him eagerly, including mine, once I realized this was a bidding process, but he looked squarely at me and pointed.

Michelle said, laughing, “You go, girl! Got to be the honey the guy wants–you will see why next!” and I took a step towards him. He is my guy, bitches, I thought, in a sudden competitive rush of emotion. Nobody is taking this hot LSU bartender dick from me tonight, goddammit.

Next, Michelle gave Bo a kiss on the lips to settle that she was taking him, as I’m sure everyone expected, then she moved on down the line finding a girl for each guy. It took a little while. Mary Sue appeared suddenly in front of me. I didn’t think she’d have fought her way over to me so fast. She leaned towards my ear.

“Quick! Those three guys in the middle. They’re all wrestlers. Which one has the biggest dick?”

I tried to see what she meant but shrugged. “What? Who?”

“Come on–you saw them all naked. Which one?” The request was urgent, but I had no memory of what guy had what kind of equipment, and to be honest, I didn’t really care that much. Mary Sue seemed a little too desperate.

“What about Jake? You aren’t going to pick him?”

“No. I need a dick. Which one, Julie? C’mon!”

“I don’t know. What about that shirtless guy; I can see the bulge in his shorts from here.” I laughed, trying to lighten her mood; it was a spur-of-the-moment comment by me, in jest. I meant this mini-Jason-Momoa guy down by Jake’s end of the line–like a sort of 75% scaled version–that same Pacific Islander look and muscly as hell, stripped to just his colorful boxers, but of course not as huge as the real Aquaman. He was ripped and tanned and probably was packing the thick dick that Mary Sue craved.

“Fucking-A!” she said enthusiastically when she picked him out. “Julie! Do you want me to fuck that guy? You little slut!”

“I didn’t say fuck him! Mary Sue!” But she was already off to try to pair up. What the hell was going on? Maybe she had gotten ahead of me on the drinks. I wondered what I got her started on.

Miles had been watching our interchange, not hearing what was said–at least I hoped not. I might have said that last line too loudly. He had a look of puzzled amusement on his face. “I’ll tell you later,” was all I could manage as I watched her work her way into the mix and, to my surprise, get the Islander guy away from the other girls.

Well, props to her tits are what I credited. Big strong guys tend to go for that. He was an older guy–older than the high schoolers, I mean–must have been in college or just past. And an athlete of some kind like football or at least a weightlifter. His face was too brutish for me, but he sure had a big body and was hot in a raw sexual-power way if that’s what you were into.

Was she really going to fuck that guy? My first thought is that she would have her hands–and pussy–full if she really did. And I felt a little sad if Jake was to be left entirely out of it. He was a good boy. He was lacking in the dick department but a good boy anyway. Did he deserve to be made a cuckold? What would he do if he knew Mary Sue was getting fucked by a big college meatstick and he was left on the sidelines?

Well, I had enough of that and turned my attention back to my own guy. Cute as hell standing there, watching me, waiting for what was next. But I couldn’t resist fucking with him a little. I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, then to whisper.

“The guy next to you. Bo is his name. Nine-inch dick.”

“No shit?” he whispered back, his face showing concern. “How do you know that?”

“Mary Sue told me. Used to date him.”

“For real?”

“Yep. That’s what I call a man’s cock.” I wiggled my eyebrows and put a hand down over his crotch, touching down gently. “What you got, huh?”

“Jesus… Julie,” he said as his face went red. I knew his dick wasn’t really that small, and he knew that I knew that–at least his brain did–but any evidence to the contrary was useful to help me tease him. I wanted to give him this alternate reality to fantasize about, that his little peepee wasn’t going to be enough for me. It was kinda hot in a weird way. I had to admit. Maybe I was becoming a Mary Sue. At least I wouldn’t make this a boring night for Miles.

By then, each of the guys had been paired off with a girl. Shannon surprised me by coming to life out of the crowd to join Jake. Well! That was cool, actually. Good for her. Tiny tits, tiny dick, I thought and realized maybe–what the fuck–they could be good together. As long as Mary Sue was going to abandon Jake, let him play around with another girl. She still looked unhappy in general with the party but was watching Jake closely. He was a good-looking guy if you didn’t try to dig for oil below the surface.

Michelle handed out the dish towels, one to each girl, taking one for herself and kneeling down before Bo. “Around it goes, girls! Then get off those boxers!”

At this, there was both excited hooting from the girls and complaining from the guys who felt they’d been given a bait and switch.

“Relax, guys. You aren’t going to show your dicks. Pull them down, girls!”

I tied the dishtowel around Miles in a simple knot by his about-to-be-naked ass and slid his undies down under the cover; they fell to his ankles, and I straightened the towel, slipping a hand under there to feel his dick. Oh, it felt good to grab that sucker, and I started getting him hard–would he be able to get an erection in front of this crowd, even covered up by the towel? I was going to find out.

I was under the illusion that I had my little fun in secret, but I was wrong.

“That’s it!” said Michelle loudly, watching me and pointing. “What’s your name, honey?”

I was surprised to be singled out in front of everybody and tried to reposition my hands somewhere less noticeable on Miles’ waist–less noticeable than hanging onto his dick under that towel, I mean.

“I’m Julie,” I said softly.

Michelle had a certain power and intensity to her the way she held the attention of the crowd and how she interacted with me, and I now understood what Mary Sue had said earlier about not wanting to piss Michelle off–by not cheating on Jake with Bo–and even that she was a little scared of her. I hoped I hadn’t run afoul of her in the game, but it turned out not. She turned to the crowd.

“Julie’s got the right fucking idea. She’s not afraid to go for it!” I breathed relief that I wasn’t going to be in the crosshairs of her laser. “Girls, get your hands under there and grab your guy. Let’s get ’em excited! Use encouragement of any kind. Tits! Or show ’em your round asses!” She was in her element, running the show, and took a swig of beer that she had parked on the lamp table before crouching down to resume her attention on big-dicked Bo.

The girls did as Michelle instructed, and I saw a few towels starting to rise up as the guys developed their boners at different speeds, all down the line–it was a pretty funny sight, actually. Except for Jake, of course. A visible boner was going to be out of his league even without the chastity belt pinning down his poor little dick. Mary Sue was going at it with her man from Tonga or Samoa or Fiji or whatever.

But I was too busy working on my own guy to worry about them. Also, Bo next to us had popped his towel already just about straight out towards Michelle’s face, which was another distraction. Jesus. Miles was staring at it, impressed and intimidated. I caught his eyes and tried to indicate with a smug nod that I noticed Bo’s dick and approved. Miles just shook his head and looked back into the air while I fondled his balls.

Michelle was standing up again, meeting with each girl to give them something.

“You got your babes, girls. Now here are your Lincolns. Babe Lincoln!” She was very pleased with herself and hopped away from Bo to go down the line, leaving us with Bo’s huge dish towel triangle. I looked at the short stack of pennies she had placed into my hand.

“Stack those Lincolns on there!” she called out to the crowd.

“What?” I said this first to Miles, who was just as confused as me, and then to the girl working on the dick of the next guy down the line from Bo. I didn’t get it.

“You balance the pennies on his dick, silly!” That girl said and laughed. “It’s a contest. Who can stack the most pennies on her guy’s dick.”

Oh my God, I thought, shaking my head. What a night. First, Mary Sue’s tiny dick games with Jake, then seven minutes in heaven, and now I’m stacking coins on dicks. Well, one dick. One very good-looking hot dick. Miles had his eyes closed. I had another brainstorm and leaned up to his ear.

“Did you hear? I have to balance the pennies on you.”

“I heard,” he said, emotionless, still leaning his head back. I tried putting a penny on, but it slid off immediately. The towel was just too slippery, and Miles wasn’t holding still.

“This won’t work,” I said, pausing for effect. “It’s too small.” I waited for a reaction but didn’t get one. “I’m going to have to tell Michelle.”

“Oh fuck, no,” he said, popping his eyes open and looking at me.

“You’re too small,” I said louder, pretending I didn’t hear him.

“Jesus, Julie!” He looked in a panic to see who would have heard me.

Michelle reappeared then and knelt down by Bo, eager to catch up in the game. She had Bo’s whole platform as big as a fucking train station there in front of her face and was likely going to win it if she could just toss the pennies on it in time.

“Michelle–” I said loudly, pointing to Miles’ towel-boner. “They don’t fit. It’s not big enough.”

She laughed at that, looking down at Miles, who actually had a pretty sizable erection. But nothing like Bo’s. Oh, she laughed–she was proud of her man. “You have to do the best you can, girl. Work with what you got! Not everybody has this,” she added, pointing to Bo’s towel.

Miles kept his eyes shut during this entire exchange, turning red.

Then the girl on the other side of Michelle cursed as her pennies kept slipping and, in frustration, yanked the towel off her guy. The guy’s dick sprung up into her face invitingly, rock hard, and her mouth went over it in one smooth motion–then right at that moment, the overhead lights went out, and the music cranked up loud. Cheers went up as things shifted gears fast into a sex party. Other girls saw what that first girl had done, and soon there were a whole bunch of pretty coeds with mouthfuls of cock down the line.

Bo had his arms crossed above his head, thrusting his pelvis forward, enjoying Michelle’s oral attention on the tip of his big naked cock. He had a big fat smile. “‘Sup Doc. You like our party now, huh?”

Miles and I watched all this in the dim light, his dick still hidden by the towel but his erection fading. “What did you have in mind for me?” He leaned in to ask, trying to make himself heard above the party noise.

Down the line, kneeling girls moved their heads back and forth in front of their guys, one gagging as her head was held into his groin. “Not that…” I said, rolling my eyes. I scanned the room and found what I was looking for–and leaned closer to Miles to give him his marching orders.

“That chair in the corner. Go there, and I’ll be there in a moment.”

His state of undress caught his attention. “Can I put on my pants?”

I stepped back and took in his image slowly, head to foot. The little towel look was kind of cute, with the outline of his dick visible aimed out towards me. “Nope,” I said, shaking my head. “In fact… when you sit down, tuck your little dick under your ass.”

His eyebrows went up as he processed that. “Okay…” he agreed submissively, and off he went, holding the hand towel around his front but flashing a naked ass.

I made a line for a blanket I saw on the couch. That was going to be for what I wanted to do next. But as I passed two girls, I had an idea.

“Hey girls,” I said. They stopped talking, and I pointed over to the chair where Miles was settling himself down, carefully managing his towel around his waist. “You know the bartender, right? His name is Miles.”

“Yeah,” said one, immediately interested.

“Pretty hot, right?”

“Hell yeah,” said the other. I had their attention.

“You want to help me fuck with him?”

The first girl’s eyes went wide. “You’re going to fuck him?”

“No. Well, maybe.” I laughed, then smiled. “Later. What I meant was, can you help me in a game?”

“We didn’t play the game.”

“Not that game.” It was really fucking loud in there with the music and the hooting over the public oral sex and people shouting. “A different game. I mean, he has this fantasy that he has a small dick.”

“He has a small dick? No way. That’s so sad.” Their alcohol consumption and the noise in the room weren’t making this easy.

“No. Jesus. He has a good dick. He just wants to pretend he has a tiny dick.”

“What? Why?” This was out of the realm of both of these college girls’ experiences. They were really confused but watched me learn more. I had their interest. Talking about the bartender’s dick must have been better than whatever small talk they had going on before I walked by.

“Just trust me. Here, come on.” I walked back to Miles, hoping the girls couldn’t resist that lead-in. Miles was hot, sitting there in the chair watching me approach. His eyes went to the girls behind me, and I was surprised as I got to his chair that it was now a trio; the girls had picked up another friend on the way over.

“Girls, this is Miles.”

“We know,” said one, dreamily.

“He’s got a problem. Look how hot he is sitting there.”

“That’s a problem?” the second girl asked.

“I don’t think that’s a problem at all,” said the third girl, moving in closer. She was cute too, sporting a low-cut white southern-style blouse with the curves of bulging tits showing. Where do they make all these cute coeds in Louisiana? They were so perky and innocent but also ready to get down and fuck given the right situation.

“That’s not the problem.” Fuck, it was hard to communicate a complex thought at this party. “The problem is that this beautiful specimen of a man…” I put a hand on Miles’ head and mussed his thick black hair, then let a finger drip across his high cheekbones to his chin; he watched me raptly, unsure where this thing was going. “Well, girls, the truth of the matter is… he has no dick.”

“Julie!” Miles protested, and the girls all stared at me like I was insane.

I made a face wrinkling my nose and nodding knowingly. “Yup. It’s true. Let me just double-check.” Miles tried to hold onto some dignity as my hand went under his towel and fished around. As I expected–hoped, rather–he had tucked his dick under his ass as I had instructed, and all I could feel was the smooth skin of his pubic symphysis and upper thighs. The dick was long gone; it may as well have not existed. All was good so far in my plan, but I paused, wondering where to go from here.

The blouse girl with the bulging tits saved me. She was faster than the other two to catch on to what was going on. “No way. Let me see.”

I bounced back into action. “That’s going to cost you. You show my boy your titties, and I’ll let you feel for yourself.”

She paused, looking between Miles and me, considering. “But he can’t touch, right? We’re just teasing this poor guy?” She had caught on well.

“Exactly. He’s not allowed to touch.”

“I only let guys with big dicks feel up my tits,” she added, taunting him, as she looked around to see if anyone else at the party was watching; then leaned over him and flipped the top of her blouse down. Perky tits with solid dark pink nips popped out, and his eyes went wide in surprise as they were thrust towards his face.

“Okay,” I said. “Give me your hand.” She felt around his empty waist under the towel.

“You’re right. No dick!” she said with glee. “And he’s such a good-looking guy, too.”

I looked at the other two girls, the ones I’d talked to first. I wasn’t sure they had picked up on the role play. “You want a feel too? It will just cost your tits.” They looked at each other, unsure how to react to this strange situation they found themselves in.

“Sure, what the fuck,” said one of them, pulling up her T-shirt and popping a big tit out from under her white cotton bra. She had a huge areola and shaped her breast in her hand to aim it at Miles. “There. Let me feel this dick.”

The light dawned on her after she checked him out. He squirmed under her examination. “Oh, I get it. Yeah, no dick.”

“Thanks, girls. I’ll take it from here.”

The original one with the blouse and tits laughed and grabbed the others to go back to the oral sex line while I swung around and put myself right down into Miles’ lap. I hoped the blanket would cover up what I wanted to do next, which was to shimmy out of Mary Sue’s sweatpants. It was convenient that she hadn’t given me panties. I got them as far as my knees and couldn’t figure out how to finish taking them off, so I just left them there and rolled myself around on him.

“I want to see you get hard for me now,” I teased, grinding my ass around like a cheap lap dancer.

“But, Julie, I’m stuck here–” He was sitting on his dick. How uncomfortable could I make him if he got a boner in that position?

“I don’t feel a dick.”

“Well, of course not.” He laughed. “Julie, I’m going to have a medical problem soon if you don’t let me loose.”

“Medical problem, hmm,” I said vaguely.

“Wait–that guy called you ‘doc.’ Are you a doctor?”

“That’s for my little boy to find out.”

“Fuck. That’s hot.”

“Have you been good enough to come out and play?”

“Hell yeah. Let me loose!”

I craned my head to give him a kiss on the cheek and let him enjoy the feeling of inadequacy a few more moments before sitting up and fishing his dick out from between his legs. It was like pulling a stick up out of the mud.

“Ahhhh, fuuuck. I never thought that would feel so good just to be free.”

“I’ll let you stick it in under one condition.”


“You have to please me. I’m horny as hell.”

“I have gathered that. Haha, fuck, Julie. You really turn me on.”

“Okay, here we go.” I guided his cock up into me. My God, but it felt so good. I leaned back and put my full weight into his lap. I was already so wet we didn’t need a lube; he just slipped in. This was complete heaven–more than the closet heaven game by a lot–and worth the wait of months. I closed my eyes and just let the sensations of a cock filling me up wash over me like a drug. But as good as it felt, I wasn’t going to let him have anything for free.

“Are you in?” I asked him innocently.

“Julie, come on. Of course, I’m in. You feel great.”

“Wait, I’m not sure.” I was acting this well, feigning concern and putting my hand down there. I lifted my body weight up and fished his dick out of my pussy, and then wagged it around like I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I put it back inside me.

“Yeah, I guess you are in. I just didn’t feel it.”


I leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Well, since you can’t fuck me properly, you’d better just use your fingers. To please me. Do it now.”

He went into action. Under that blanket, he and I writhed around, me trying to be careful not to give his dick too much friction. It was critical that he be denied an orgasm. And he worked hard to impress me with his skills. He was pretty good; good enough to bring me all the way there. I saw a few people eye us, but there was enough shit going on by now at the party that it wasn’t very special that two people were fooling around and nobody cared.

“Come on, honey,” I badgered him. “Take me all the way.”

He started pumping up into me with his dick. It felt great, but I knew just a few more thrusts, and he would be done. I couldn’t have that.

“No, Miles. You don’t deserve to cum inside me. You’ve got to earn that. Fingers only.”

This caused him to stop moving entirely. Maybe I was too harsh and hurt his feelings. But dammit, he was going to be denied. This was the game he wanted.

Slowly his fingers started in again on me, and I closed my eyes as my sensations returned. This time he kept his dick still like a good boy, and I tried hard not to grind around on him; after another minute, I came, shaking in his lap. That was worth the price of admission. I sank back into him, in no hurry now. But I knew he was dying to get off himself.

“You want to find a bedroom, Mr. Bartender?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

I pulled my sweats back up to cover my very satisfied pussy, not to mention my naked ass, and climbed off him. He stood up, clutching the blanket around his waist. We made our way to the hallway and, after one failed attempt, found what we wanted, a quiet room with an open bed. As he leaned onto the bed, I took up a position behind him.

“You want to see how the doctor handles little boys?”

“Yeah…?” he said, excited but unsure, talking towards the bed as he lowered himself. “Julie, are you really a doctor?”

“Sure as shit. I really am.”

“Fucking-A. I would never have guessed.”

“No? Bend over there, yeah like that. I like to get my boys naked first. Then I need to check them out.”

“Mmmm,” he moaned as I raised his ass for better access and fingered up into his butt crack. I reached around him to pull on his dick a few times. Yep, nice and hard, but I didn’t want to give him a handjob. “Julie…”

“That’s doctor, to you,” I said sharply.

“Doctor–” he corrected himself.

“Little boys don’t have the right to fuck a real woman. But if they are very good, I will give them some pleasure. Like this.”

I started with a pinky and wormed it around his asshole. I didn’t have the chance to grab the lube, so I just spit into his open butt crack. It was good enough.

“Uhhhh…” he groaned as I switched to a bigger finger and pushed it further. I bounced his testicles with the other hand–they had a good weight to them. I let his dick just swing free out front. The less attention it got, the better for his cum denial.

“Good boy.”

“Can we… can we have sex? I mean…” he struggled to express his desires while I explored his anus. I knew what he was trying to say, which was the most basic of human male desires: can I fuck you properly with my dick?

“No, no. You have not earned that.” The whole time talking to him, I was pulling my finger in and out of his asshole and bouncing his balls. I thought he was getting closer, and I wanted him to get it off in this humiliating position. “Did you see Bo’s dick? That’s nine inches of pleasure. I would have sex with that, for example.”

“Oh, God–”

“But you’re just a little boy. This is the way I pleasure little boys.”


“I put their little naked ass up in the air. Spank-it. Then I let them hold their peepee over the bed.”

“Oh, fuck…”

“Good little boy. Yes, stick it out like that. Over the bed.”

He was getting almost there, his hips grinding around under my hands, his dick ineffectual, sticking out ridiculously in the air in front of him. It was like it was searching for a pussy anywhere but unable to find a target. He tried to bend down to rub in on the bedspread. He was dying for some friction, any kind of friction, to bring him all the way to release.

‘No, no. Up you go. Little peepees have to stay up in the air. They’re not allowed to touch anything.”

“Fuck–Julie! Oooooh–” He blasted his ejaculation in mid-air, and the stream shot all over the bed, his body shaking as he collapsed down, spent.

“Oh my God, girl. Where did you learn to do that?”

I let my own body weight sink down on top of him, kissing him on the ears and neck. “Pretty hot, huh!” I teased, more gently now.

“Oh my God, you have no idea! I’ve fantasized about that for years but never tried it for real. Oh. My. God.” He was still processing the emotions rolling over him and his spent dick.

He rolled over, and I tumbled down next to him, laughing. He petted my hair affectionately, and I ran the back of my fingernails up and down on his chest.

“It’s been quite a party,” I said and smiled.

“Julie, tell me, honest. Are you really a doctor?”

“Yep. And the kicker is that I work at that high school. Mary Sue’s.”

“Jesus. The people at this party? They are your patients?”

“A few.”

“Wow.” He tried to reconcile the conflict that I’d been feeling all night. “I guess you are entitled to your personal life, though. No need to be weird about it.”

“True. It’s been pretty weird, though.”

“Can we fuck some more? I mean regular like? Not right now but in a little bit.”

“Yeah,” I giggled. “Bring it on, bartender man.”


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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