The Tale of Small Dick

By Anon.

My name is Dick Warren. I am 25 years old, 5’4″, and slight build (all over). I work as a stock controller for a small toy selling company. My lovely wife, Liz, is a year younger, 5’8″ with a 36-24-36 figure that most men drool over. We had been trying for a baby for the three years we had been married, but no success.

In exasperation, Liz insisted that we visit a doctor together to try and sort out the problem. On our first visit, Liz told the doctor that I had a small dick, came too soon, never gave her an orgasm, and asked if this could be why she was not getting pregnant. I was shocked and embarrassed by this, although we had argued about it many times.

The doctor advised that there could be any reason and that we both should have some tests. To cut a long story short, the results showed that Liz was perfectly fertile. However, where most men’s sperm count is measured in millions, mine was more or less in single figures. We had more chance of co-starring in the next Star Wars sequel than having a baby together.

On the way home, Liz was less than sympathetic.

“I might have known,” she snarled. “Not only do you have a dick the size of a little finger that spurts as soon as it touches the entrance to my cunt, but your sperm is about as useful as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest! You might as well have no dick at all, you little dicked pansy. I am going to make you pay for this.”

“Take it, easy, Honey,” I implored. “There are many other alternatives; adoption, sperm banks, and so on. I will make some inquiries.”

“Oh no, you won’t,” she countered. “You are the one who can’t arrange babies, remember? I will decide what is to be done. I need a drink.”

With that, she turned and marched toward the nearest pub. I ran after her, hoping to patch things up.

Inside the pub, as we were walking to the bar, Liz noticed a huge young black man sitting by himself in the corner.

“Lance?” she called. The man looked up.

“Liz!” he replied and got up.

They hugged each other warmly.

“I haven’t seen you since we were 15,” she laughed. “Back in our old school uniforms.”

She didn’t bother to introduce me but just sent me to get the drinks while she joined Lance at the table. I was ignored again when I returned and put their drinks in front of them. Liz was sitting next to the black man with his arm around her shoulder by this time. They were talking animatedly about their past.

Liz kept saying, “I can’t believe I am sitting here with you,” and kissing his lips like she was a young teenager with her first boyfriend.

The only time I got any attention was when I was sent to the bar. Finally, Lance said to Liz, “Are you busy for the rest of the day? I would love to spend more time with you.”

“We have to go home,” I responded.

Ignoring me, Liz said that she would love to spend the rest of the day with him, as there was nobody else she wanted to spend time with.

“Great,” said Lance. “I live near here. We can go back to my place, open a bottle, talk over old times and see what develops.”

“You know what will develop, you horny bastard!” my wife laughed.

I could not believe my ears. My wife arranged a sexual encounter with another man right in front of me!

“You can’t do that!” I protested.

“Go home, wimp!” Liz spat, loud enough for everyone to hear. “I will be back later.”

“Yeah, much later,” Lance added. “Off you go, little white boy, your wife has a date with a real man!”

I realized I had no choice. Liz gave me a contemptuous smirk as I got up, and I left with the derisive laughter of the other pub customers ringing in my ears.

I sat at home all evening with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. The thought of my beloved wife in the arms of the black man chilled me. He was well over six feet and muscular, and I suspected that he would have a cock to match. How could I possibly compete after that?

Liz was not home by midnight, so I went to bed. I must have drifted off because I was awakened by the bedroom door opening and my wife entering the room.

“What happened?” I asked, trying to get my bearings.

“What do you think happened, little dick?” she sneered, obviously the worse for a drink. “He FUCKED me. That’s what happened. We went back to his place and went straight to bed. I spent the whole night being fucked in the mouth, arse, and cunt, but every drop of his cum was shot into my pussy, toward my unprotected womb.”

“But he is black!” I whined.

“Nothing gets past you, does it?” she replied sarcastically. “Yes, Lance is, which means we will have a black baby. How are you going to explain that to the neighbors?”

My head spun as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was no longer wearing underwear.

“Look what he has done to me,” she ordered.

She showed signs of a very rough session. She had love bites all over her neck and tits and the insides of her thighs. As well as that, her nipples looked sore, and her breasts were still red from the squeezing and slapping they had received. There was dried cum on her thighs, and her pussy hair was matted. She opened her pussy lips to show her lover’s cum droplets at the entrance.

“He mastered me tonight,” she exclaimed. “He knows that I will keep going back for more of his black cock, and I will do anything he wants to get it. He will fuck me anytime and anywhere he wants, and I will not try to stop him. The man never seemed to get soft; he even fucked me up against the wall in our hallway as he kissed me goodnight. I am surprised you didn’t hear me swearing out my twentieth orgasm of the night!”

“I don’t know how you can do that to me,” I whimpered. “I am your husband, and I love you more than anything.”

“Oh, does little dicky love his wifey?” she asked in a little girl voice. “Does he love her enough to get down and lick wifey’s pussy clean of the nasty black man’s cum?”

Without thinking, I got out of bed and knelt in front of her. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head roughly towards her sopping pussy.

“Do it nicely now,” she said as I began to lap at her. “I feel you will be doing this a lot for wifey in the future.”

The taste of cum was awful to me, but what was worse was the thought that somebody else had put it there. A few tears had run down my face by the time I had finished. Liz dropped the girly voice and pulled me to my feet.

“I told you I would make you pay,” she hissed. “And believe me, it hasn’t even started yet. You can cancel the calls to the adoption agency and the sperm bank, I have found my sperm donor, and he won’t be shooting it into a little plastic cup! You have a little cry if you want. I am going to sleep to dream of my new man.”

I didn’t sleep much that night, and she was right. Things got very much worse the next day.


Liz was in the kitchen happily humming when I came down ready for work. I just grabbed a quick cup of coffee, and very little was said between us. As I went to leave, I tried to kiss her. She pulled away.

“No, thank you,” she said emphatically. “I will save my kisses for my lover. That is kisses on his mouth, his cock, his balls, and anywhere else he makes me kiss him.”

“What do I have to do?” I asked desperately, smarting from her last words.

“You have to accept that Lance is the man I want in my bed and the man I want to be the father of my baby. You have to accept you are a cuckold, and that is all you will ever be with me. Your cock will never enter my pussy again. Even if Lance leaves me, it will be another black man who fucks me, not you. Only black cock will satisfy me in the future.”

“But I am your husband!”

“In name only. I already consider Lance more of a husband than I ever did you. I will give myself totally to him in ways I never would with you, even in our better days.”

I left for work without another word. My day was spent in a jealous haze, hoping there was some way I could win her back.

Liz was dressed only in a short white toweling robe when I arrived home. Her hair was done, and she was made up as though she was going out.

“What’s happening tonight?” I asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she responded with a smug grin.

After our meal, Liz sat in an armchair on one side of the room, reading the evening paper with me on the other. There was no conversation between us. I was about to try to talk to her again when I heard a key in the door. I couldn’t understand this, as we were both in. Suddenly, Lance was in the room. My wife rushed over, threw her arms around him, and kissed him as though she were trying to suck his face off. Lance looked at me, waving the keys in his hand.

” I have full access to your wife,” he laughed. “But now I have full access to your home!”

“I told you he would fuck me any time he wants,” she said triumphantly. “Now he can come and fuck me right beside you in our bed at two in the morning if he wants to!” She spoke to Lance but still looked straight at me.

“I made him suck your cum out of me last night, darling. He knelt without a murmur and started lapping my cunt, like a little puppy dog, even though I could see he hated the taste. And do you know why? Because he loves me more than anything.” The two of them fell about laughing, with my face red with anger and shame at my wife’s cruel ridicule of my feelings for her.

“Well, cum sucking is just one of the unpleasant duties he will have in the future,” said Lance eventually. “I have plans for our little white boy!”

“I love the sound of that,” enthused my wife. “I hope they entail a lot of humiliation and degradation for him, and I want him to suffer badly for three years of lousy sex and no babies.”

“I can promise that, sweetheart,” Lance replied. Then he whispered something in her ear, and she dropped to her knees.

“Do you know what snowballing is, boy?” Lance asked me rudely.

“No,” I replied.

“Come here. We are going to show you,” Lance went on.

“Now look here,” I started to say, in a rare moment of courage. Lance was across the room in a flash, and I received a punch to the stomach, which knocked the wind right out of me and sent me to my knees.

“When I tell you to do something, you do it without question,” he roared. “Now crawl over here and kneel next to your wife!” Painfully, I did as I was told.

“Oh, you are strong, Lance,” my wife praised him. “It turns me on to see you hurt the little wimp like that. Thank you so much.”

When we were both kneeling, Lance unzipped his trousers and released his cock. Without being asked, Liz took it lovingly in her tiny white hand and began stroking it to its full ten-inch erection.

“This is what your wife was getting in her mouth, pussy, and arse last night,” Lance informed me unnecessarily. “Is it any wonder she came home to you happy?”

“This is a magnificent cock, said Liz, stroking her hand up and down the impressive shaft. “Look, little dick, wouldn’t you like to have one half this size? Tell Lance you think it is a wonderful cock, and don’t forget to call him Sir.”

Remembering what happened last time I disobeyed an instruction, I tried to find some sort of favor.

“You have a wonderful cock Sir,” I told him and added. Thank you for fucking my wife for me last night.”

“Oh, what a fucking sissy wimp!” my wife laughed scornfully. “And to think I once thought I had married a man!”

Lance instructed my wife to begin using her mouth on him.

“Oh Lance, you will not make me suck your big black cock in front of my poor husband, are you?” Liz said with mock concern. “You know how much it will hurt him to see his wife’s lips around another man’s dick, especially one this size. Don’t you realize he loves me more than anything?” It took them a good two minutes to stop laughing at my expense this time.

Finally, Liz put as much of Lance’s cock in her mouth as possible and started sucking loudly.

“Look,” ordered Lance. “Look at the pretty lips you were once able to kiss stretched around another man’s cock. How does it feel to watch your wife on her knees, acting like a common slut?” I hung my head, and the tears began.

After a long time, Lance announced he was about to cum. He ordered me to lie on my back, with my head near my wife, and keep my mouth open. It did not take a genius to work out what was coming next. Lance shot his load into my wife’s sweet mouth with a grunt. When she was sure she had it all, she turned and placed her mouth directly above mine.

“Time for dessert, White boy,” grinned Lance.

Slowly, my wife opened her mouth and dribbled all of Lance’s gathered cum into my open mouth, with a good portion of her saliva. It slid down my throat, making me feel nauseous. She then spat in my mouth a further couple of times for good measure, to show her complete contempt for me now.

“I like doing that,” Liz confirmed. “We will make that a regular treat.”

We both got to our feet, and Lance spoke.

“Now, Your wife and I have a baby to make. You fuck off out and don’t come back for an hour and a half. Make some coffee and bring it up to us in the bedroom.”

“Go on, wimp, fuck off,” echoed my wife. “Leave your wife alone to get the fucking she needs from the man she loves.” I slunk out with my head bowed, feeling more miserable than before.

I went and sat in a quiet corner of the pub, waiting until it was time for me to go home. I looked and felt miserable. While I was sitting there, my next-door neighbor Jim passed.

“Cheer up, Dick,” he said. “You look as though some other man is fucking your wife!”



I arrived back at the prescribed time, made the coffee, and took it up to the couple. As I opened the door, I was presented with the sight of the two lying naked on the top of the bed. My wife had her head on his ample chest, her white skin contrasting with his ebony. I could see the remnants of their combined juices on Lance’s temporarily soft cock. I lay the tray on the bedside table and turned to leave.

“Just a minute,” Liz commanded imperiously. “My lover’s cock is sticky with our juices from the incredible fucking he has just given me. Get your pansy head down there and suck him until he is spotlessly clean.”

I hesitated for just a second but did not want a beating. I knelt between my cuckolder’s legs and took Lance’s cock in my mouth. As I sucked him clean, my wife kept up a stream of abuse.

“Look at the little faggot with a cock in his mouth. How can you call that a man? All he is fit for is licking cocks and pussies clean.”

“And assholes,” corrected Lance.

“Is that going to be another duty of his?” asked Liz excitedly.

“Oh yes,” replied Lance. “And not just you and me!” My wife wickedly laughed while I was filled with dread.

As a result of my licking and sucking, Lance’s cock had become fully erect and very hard again. With mock irritation, Lance told me that he would now have to fuck my wife once again.

“Can we make him watch, please, Lance?” my wife requested. “He has always said that he could not bear to see another man fucking his wife, and I want to give him that pain. Apart from you, what will give me the greatest pleasure is to see him suffer. I want you to fuck me hard, right in front of his eyes. I want him to sob uncontrollably with frustration and jealousy.”

Liz opened her legs wide as Lance got between them, ready to enter her most private place. A place that had been my sole preserve only a few days ago.

“Move close and watch as Lance pushes his huge black cock into your wife’s white cunt,” she ordered. “Then move back, and keep your eyes glued to mine. I want you to see all the pleasure I am about to get, and I want to see all your pain. Do I see tears? Is it hurting?” I nodded miserably.

“Good, that is just what I want. Fuck me hard and fast, Lance; show him what it is all about. Show him how a superior black man treats his married white slut. I want him to see the contempt you have for the vows I made to him. Pinch my tits, slap me, and call me names. Tell me I am the lowest form of white trash.”

Lance began to pump my wife harder with the excitement her words gave him.

“Oh yes, Lance, you know how I like it. He is starting to make me cum, little dick. I can see your tears are flowing harder. Tell me exactly what you are feeling.”

At this point, I broke down completely, sobbing as she had wanted.

“I can’t stand it,” I wept.

“Oh, this is wonderful she screamed. “Come on, you big black fucker, take me over the edge, make Dick see his wife cum on another man’s cock. That’s it, that’s it, oooooh, I’m nearly there, you bastard, you cuckolding fucker.”

The rest was an incoherent babble as my wife reached a thundering orgasm before my eyes. When she finally came down, she kissed Lance and told him that was the best fuck she had ever had.

“I will have so much fun hurting, humiliating, and degrading you,” she said to me. “You think tonight was bad? I haven’t even started yet.”

And she hadn’t.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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