Trunks Not Needed 5

By username55.

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Chapter 7: Rina Revealed…

A top-secret stealth mission was underway. Diego snuck around the enemy stronghold. Trying to find the secret files that would reveal all his secrets to the general public, he convinced himself what he was about to do was for the greater good of mankind.

He needed to stop this evil woman from claiming more victims and exposing them to the world. The plan was simple: find the computer, delete the files, grab all his stolen gear, and escape. Once free, he’d call for reinforcements. They’d storm the building and lock her away for good.

Sounds like something out of a spy thriller or a stealth game. Of course, that’s an overdramatization of what was actually happening. In reality, he was skulking around Rina’s house after a mishap with a bowl of ice cream caused her to freshen up, and she left him alone.

He searched her entire first floor and came up empty. “Dang, this house is kind of big. Does she live alone? This seems big for just one person.” he thought to himself as he marveled at the spacious living space.

He then went up the stairs. He noticed a few footprints going up the steps. They were Rina’s. Her shoes must’ve been coated in the spilled ice cream from her fall in the kitchen. If she was upstairs, then he had to be extra sneaky. Getting caught snooping would be a bad idea.

“Maybe I should stay downstairs she asked. She did promise to delete those videos anyway…”

“…but what if she’s lying to you? What if she’s planning something worse? What if everything she said was pure nonsense? I mean, someone loving you for your tiny dick? Yeah, that’s a good one. I’ve heard that before…”

Typically, whenever faced with a tough decision or a moral quandary, he argued with himself. It at least gave him someone to talk to, what with him being alone for most of his life. He would never laugh at him or mess with him or torment or tease him.

This voice in his head was both his best friend…and his biggest critic. “You’re here for one reason. Revenge. Never forget that.”

“But, she kinda seemed…nice at the end there.”

“Maybe she’s nice now, but she sure wasn’t at the beach. You remember? When she STOLE YOUR CLOTHES AND YOU HAD TO STREAK HOME? IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! She could give you a million dollars right now, and it still wouldn’t change the fact that all those women saw your tiny, pathetic dick!”

He tensed up at that thought, getting angry at her once more. He was right. She might be lying about the whole thing. As he got to the top of the stairs, he saw two doors. He saw light from the crack under the door on the left, so Rina must be in there.

He gently opened the other door and saw a pink room. It had a pink bed and a pink lamp and was rather messily decorated, with stuffed animals, a bunch of wardrobes, and dressers. In the center of the room was a computer with multiple monitors. This must be her bedroom.

Diego then remembered that video she sent him showing off the video of him in front of a computer. THIS WAS THAT COMPUTER! He did it, he found it! All he had to do was find those videos and delete them.

“YES! I can’t believe it’s going to be that simple.”

He walked into the room and then stepped on something cold and sticky. It was the dress that Rina was wearing during the date, on the floor and not on her body. In fact, next to it were her shoes and a red bra. The bra matched the panties he was wearing.

That’s when he heard the sound of running water. He looked to his left and saw a room adjacent to her bedroom. It was her bathroom, currently in use. She was taking a shower with the door wide open.

He saw her silhouetted form hidden only by a thin shower curtain with cherries printed on it. He tried to look away, but curiosity got the better of him. She was currently washing her hair. As she did so, she was humming some adorable tune. She was even shaking her butt as she danced to whatever tune was playing in her head.

As Diego looked on, he had a blush on his face. He noted that she had a pretty good singing voice, and whatever soap or shampoo she was using smelled faintly of strawberries.

“You know…when she wasn’t making fun of me or forcing me to strip…she was actually kind of sweet.”

He thought about her looking him in the eyes with her arms around him like she did during the date. Those emerald green eyes stared right into his soul. “Oh, Diego~”

He smiled as she moaned his name.

…Wait a minute, all she was doing in his fantasy was hugging him. Why would she moan from that alone? That’s when he snapped back to reality and saw that she was currently scrubbing herself. She seemed to be paying very close attention to a certain spot on her body as she scrubbed there very vigorously…with her fingers.

As he heard a sort of squishy sound as she scrubbed and heard her started breathing heavily, he quickly realized what she was actually doing. He turned bright red and ran and hid against a wall away from the view of the bathroom door.

“Oh god…she wasn’t actually…I didn’t just see she was getting that spot very clean, right?”

As he was coming to grips with accidentally seeing Rina in a very private moment, he realized something. “WAIT, DID SHE MOAN OUT MY NAME!?”

He started to freak out, trying his hardest to keep calm while his heart went a mile a minute at the thought of her doing things while thinking of him.

“OK, settle down, man. Maybe she’s thinking about a different Diego. There’s no way that she was moaning your name while scrubbing her most sensitive areas.”

He tried to calm down, but that wasn’t easy when all the blood seemed to be rushing to both his head…and his head.

“That was completely innocent. I mean, why would she be doing that in the shower knowing that I’m around here? Knowing full well that I might accidentally walk in and see her? Seeing the water droplets dripping from her as she runs her hands up and down her body. She caresses that beautiful form as she cleans every nook and cranny.

Bringing her hands down to her lips as she uses her fingers to rub her gently-”


He then smacked himself a few times, trying to get that naughty thought out of his head.

“GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF. Remember who this is and what she did to you. It’s clear that the longer you remain here, the more her feminine wiles are going to trick you into thinking she loves you in any capacity! Just delete those videos and pictures, find your clothes, and get out before you catch feelings!”

He snuck over to her computer and tried to get in. He hit a key on her keyboard, and her computer came out of sleep mode. It opened up on her password screen. “Of course, it’s password protected. Why wouldn’t it be? What kind of password would she use?”

He tried, [Diego]. Incorrect.


“Right, right…”

He tried several other things that he thought would fit her.





[1337HAX0R] X


At that moment, a pop-up window appeared on the screen. [YOU HAVE EXCEEDED THE MAXIMUM PASSWORD ATTEMPTS; YOU MAY TRY AGAIN IN 2 Hrs and 59 mins]

He pulled at his hair in frustration. “OK, new plan. I find my clothes and my stuff, get the heck out of here, change my name, and move to a new town.”

He started looking through the various wardrobes and dressers. He opened one drawer and found some of her socks. Nothing weird there.

He opened the drawer underneath that and found some of her bras. Most of them were pretty frilly and came in a variety of colors.

The drawer underneath that had her various panties. Some were the standard frilly affair, but others had little sayings on it. Stuff like “Juicy” and “Spank Me” and things of that nature. A couple of them had no room for sayings like that because they were thongs.

Diego felt his face flush as he imagined her in some of those. He shook his head and looked in the last drawer. In it was a selection of…toys.

He was shocked at how big some of these were. But in the midst of all of them, one caught his eye. It was a rather short one in comparison to others. He picked it up and realized that it was about the same size as his member.

He then remembered what he was holding and where it probably was at one point and almost dropped it in disgust. The only reason he didn’t was the fact that Rina probably would’ve heard it fall to the floor if he did, so he caught it mid-fall, gently put it back, and closed the drawer.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that…” he thought to himself, wishing he had some hand sanitizer at this moment.

He looked through the other wardrobes and any place where clothes could be stored. Nothing but dresses, shoes, and various costumes he assumed she used for holidays or costume parties.

They seemed to have no rhyme or reason for being where they were. He got nervous. Could he find his clothes before Rina finished her shower? If he couldn’t, he might have to steal some of her clothes and leave them in.

While that would be fair, given that she’s stolen his, he realized something was missing from all her clothes that he’s seen so far.


She seemed to have no pants. No jeans, no shorts, nothing of the sort. Just dresses and skirts. “I can’t believe it. How could she not have a single pair of pants or shorts!? If I take some of her clothes, I’m going to have to leave in one of her dresses.”

He thought about how that would go. He pictured himself walking down the sidewalk in a full-on dress, yellow rainboots with multicolored polka dots, and white stockings. Somehow, this seemed like barely one step above, just walking out naked.

With almost all the places to store clothes searched, he turned to the last place he could think of to find them. A closet that was in direct view of the bathroom Rina was using. She could be done with her shower at any moment. So he quietly but quickly walked to the closet.

He opened it to reveal…nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was just an empty closet. No clothes or anything in there. “Why in the world would she just have an empty closet with nothing in it? Her clothes are so disorganized as it is.”

As he was pondering this, he heard something that made his blood run cold. The sound of Rina’s shower turning off. He had to hide, quick! With no other options, he hid in the closet and closed the door, leaving it open just a crack. Just as he did, he heard the shower curtain rustle and Rina walk out of her shower.

It was dark in there. He was always scared of the dark, but he was even more scared of what Rina would do if she caught him now. “OK, get a grip. She has no idea that you were snooping around…”

That’s when he heard her gasp. “What the!? Why is everything all open and-”

At this point, Diego realized that he left most of the drawers and wardrobes wide open! “Oooooh, that little jerk! Wait until I get my hands on him.”

He was trapped in her closet while she was on the warpath. As he peeked out of the crack in the door, he saw her looking around. “Oh, Diego? Where are you?”

He backed up as far as he could into the closet. He tried not to breathe as he prayed that Rina would leave the room so he could sneak out some other way. But while he was against the wall, trying to find a way to back up further into it, he felt something.

A small panel on the back of the wall. He wondered what it was, so he pushed it, and all of a sudden, the back of the wall opened up, sending him tumbling down a flight of stars.

“WHHHAAAAA!” he screamed as he tumbled backward down a stairwell, illuminated at the top by only a single hanging lightbulb.


Eventually, he reached the bottom. Amazingly, he was OK. Dazed and very sore, but otherwise uninjured. “Ow. God, that really hurt…”

It was pitch black down there. He couldn’t even see the hand in front of his face. “Where am I?”

He got to his feet and walked forward, stubbing his toe on what seemed to be a table. He covered his mouth in an attempt not to yell out in pain. “Man, I hate it here…”

He then felt around the walls for a light switch or something. Eventually, he found the switch and hit it. The lights came on, and once he got a good look around the room, he immediately wished he hadn’t hit the lights. All around the room were various corkboards with various pictures on them.

They were all of various guys, caught in their birthday suits, of course, with a message underneath most of them. Alongside each picture was an article of clothing. Usually, their underwear, but some had some swim trunks with them. Some even had speedos.

He looked at a few of them to gain some insight into her psyche. Some of them had some joke or pun based on who she caught. Usually related to their appearance.

Others were just matter-of-fact observations. One had a vaguely Asian-looking guy who was hung like a horse. He had pinkish-looking hair and looked like a guy who could be in a K-pop band. Naturally, Rina seemed to agree with this assessment as the description read “K-pop looking guy x3.”

Other notable ones include an unfortunate African American guy with the description, “He disproved that old stereotype. Hehe~” (though Diego noted, with annoyance, that despite the cold water, he was still bigger than him.) and one where it was clear the guy was quite upset since the picture showed him in a fighting stance as if he was about to take a swing at her.

His description? “He tried to fight me barehanded! LOL!” The biggest takeaway from all these pictures was that they all were much more endowed than Diego and that Rina was an unabashed pervert.

…as if that wasn’t obvious by now.

“If only I had my phone, this would be perfect evidence.”

On the tables were some discarded undies and swimsuits in a pile. Either they weren’t sorted yet, or they were in some reject pile. It was honestly so off-putting. How long was she doing this? But that’s when he saw something that made his heart catch in his throat. His trunks.

They were on a board all to itself, decorated with many pictures of him and a few heart stickers. Everyone else had one picture with their stolen undies, but he had six pics of him scattered around on a board, almost like a shrine of some sort.

Each picture also had a saying on it. One taken of him mid-dance was labeled “Dancing cutie <3.”

Another one of him as he dropped his trunks to the ground was “So small/So cute ^w^.”

And, of course, one was of him when he first saw her. “Love at first sight. x3”

That one in particular made him realize that perhaps, maybe, she was telling the truth.

“I guess she really does like me if she dedicated a whole board to me…”

Something about this made him blush and feel somewhat proud. But then he took another look at the pictures on the board and realized something that made his hair stand on end. Half of those pictures were NOT from the beach.

One of them was from his encounter with the birdwatchers. “Little woodpecker”

One was from his encounter with that cop, just as he put his hands up to prevent a tazing. “Showing it off for everyone!!!”

And the last one showed him from behind, IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE WHEN HE ARRIVED BACK HOME! “Such hot buns!! o:”


That’s when a horrible thought went through his head. It was obvious now that she wasn’t lying about loving him, but just how deep did that love go? Was it a crush…or an obsession?

Thoughts of her holding him hostage in her basement went through his mind. “Oh, Diego. I love you so much…I’ll never let you go…EVER.”

He broke out into a cold sweat and realized he might be way over his head here. “OK, new plan. I leave the house, clothes be damned, and do not look back! This is getting way too freaky for me!”

He ran back up the stairs, but just before he went back out of the closet, he remembered that Rina was still probably looking for him. He peeked through the crack in the door and planned his escape. “I’ll just pretend that I got lost looking for the bathroom. She’d believe that, right?”

“Oh yeah, she’ll totally believe that. “So I thought the bathroom was in this random ass closet in your bedroom that leads directly to a basement full of stolen clothes.” What a wacky misunderstanding, am I right?”

“I don’t suppose you have a better idea?”


He opened the closet door just a smidge and looked around. She was nowhere in the room, though. With the bathroom light off, the room was much darker, with the only light coming from the hall.

“So far so good. Maybe I can just run out before she even sees me.”

She seemed not to be there. He opened the door further and saw no one. He tiptoed out into the middle of the room and was just about to sprint out into the hall when he heard a door slam behind him.

It was the closet door. RINA WAS HIDING BEHIND IT! Diego’s heart leaped into his throat. But before he could react, Rina ran right up behind him and gripped the panties he was wearing. She then proceeded to yank upwards, with all her might, giving him the biggest wedgie he had ever received in his life.


He felt the material dig into his crotch. He tried to get away by falling to his knees and crawling, but all it did was increase the pain in his balls as she tried to lift him in the air with said panties.


Fortunately for him, the panties were not designed for this kind of abuse, and they ripped apart in a matter of seconds. With the torn remains of Rina’s red panties now on the floor, he could say only one thing as he waited for the pain to stop.


After a bit of pain, he was about to turn to Rina to tell her off for doing that to him, but then he saw what she was wearing. All that she had on her person was a fluffy pink towel wrapped around her torso and an incredibly angry face.

It seems that she didn’t have a chance to get dressed. She didn’t even have her pigtails. Her hair was just straight and short. It resembled a bob haircut. As she stood there with her arms crossed, Diego threw his hands over his crotch, trying to keep her covered.

He sat on her floor, trying to think of a way to calm her down before she did something worse to him. “Heh…Hey, Rina. How’s it going, huh? Love the new hairstyle. I think you look better with straight hair. Not that you don’t look good with pigtails. I mean, I’m just saying that you look so sexy like that.”

No response from her other than a glare as she breathed heavily in anger. “Umm…have I mentioned how gorgeous and cute you look in your towel? Heh…”

She was not moved. “You invaded my privacy, Diego.”

“Look, I know what this looks like, but I swear, I wasn’t spying on you in the shower. I-”

“You went through all my clothes. You tried to get into my computer. You peeked through my secret room, and you made a mess of everything. I can’t believe you. I trusted you, and you invaded my privacy like this? I-”

That’s when she realized what Diego just said. Her eyes bugged out of her head, and her face turned bright red as it sunk in that he implied that he saw her in the shower.

To say that she was displeased at this turn of events would be an understatement.

To say that she was angry would also be an understatement.

To say she was pissed off would, once again, be an understatement.

What Rina was at this exact moment was so unbelievably furious that Diego could swear that she burst into flames with such intensity that she lit up the room. With a look on her face, like she was about to rip his head off, she screamed at the top of her voice, “YOU WERE SPYING IN ME IN THE SHOWERRRRRRRR!?”

All Diego could think to say in response was to squeak out the word “No.”

Rina had an absolutely menacing look on her face. She took a few steps towards Diego with both her fists clenched. Diego closed his eyes and prepared for the worst. Considering that everything else she’s done was (apparently) out of love, he wondered what she was gonna do with him now that she was actually angry with him.

He prayed to every single deity he could think of to have Rina either spare him, give him some form of mercy, or at least make his death quick and painless. She then retaliated by…throwing his clothes right in his face.

As Diego peeked out from under his blue tux jacket, which was now draped over his head, he looked at Rina. She was standing by the door to her bedroom. She then pointed out the door and said, “GET OUT.”



“Uh…for real?”


There had to be something more to this. After all that, it couldn’t just end that easily. While he was confused, ultimately, he was relieved that it wasn’t anything worse.

He laughed nervously as he got up and gathered up his clothes. He stood up with his balled-up clothes covering his lower area. “So, are we good? Does this mean that those videos and pictures are going to be deleted like you promised?”

She took a deep breath and said, “HELL NO!”

“WHAT!? But you promised-”

“You messed with my stuff, disobeyed me when I told you to wait downstairs, and tried to look at me naked! The only reason they haven’t been uploaded already is because your dumbass somehow locked me out of my computer!”

He sighed and turned to leave. He felt defeated but also relieved that this was over. But that’s when she added, “Now get going! Or else I’ll call the cops on you!”

This stopped him in his tracks and gave him a look of pure anger. He turned back to her and stood in the doorway. “Hold up! Why are you going to call the cops on me!?”

“Because you’re nothing but a pinky-dicked little pervert! I can’t believe I let you into MY house. I should’ve known someone who gets naked in public so easily would also be a horny little creep!”

That was enough. With a hint of venom in his voice, he said, “Nononono… I am NOT the pervert here!”

“Oh yeah, how so?”

He took a deep breath and proceeded to tell her off.

“I am not the one who stole the clothes from some innocent person trying to skinny dip in peace. I am not the one who blackmailed said innocent person to come to their house for a date. I am not the one who forced the aforementioned person to strip naked, AGAIN, and wear their used underwear. I’M CERTAINLY NOT THE ONE WHO HAS A STALKER SHRINE OF THAT PERSON IN THEIR SUB-BASEMENT FILLED TO THE BRIM WITH UNDERWEAR AND NAKED POLOROIDS OF VARIOUS OTHER PEOPLE!”

As he laid into Rina with every bit of anger he felt, she looked stunned at his response. But he was far from done.



“Wait, so you weren’t into me at all? But what about that hug? What about the flowers?”





“A cop saw me that day. She threatened to taze me, and I escaped, but she’s been hunting me down since. I’ve had nightmares. I’ve been so thoroughly humiliated by you that I keep dreaming about it! YOU’VE RUINED MY LIFE, RINA! YOU’VE PROBABLY RUINED THE LIVES OF SO MANY MEN THAT YOU’VE CATALOGUED IN THAT BASEMENT OF YOURS!”


Diego’s jaw dropped as she said that. “A joke? Is that what you think this is? A harmless prank? Just steal someone’s clothes and taunt them for it?”


He started to tear up further as he added, “…and you know what the worst part about this whole thing was? The fact that for the briefest of milliseconds, I actually….kind of…sort of…actually…l…”

He trailed off as he gripped his chest as if it started to hurt. But then he immediately composed himself and wiped the tears from his eyes. “It doesn’t matter. None of this does. Go on and post those videos. I’m gonna go now, and you…can go to hell.”

But just as he was about to turn around and leave, he heard a sound. A quiet sobbing sound. He turned and saw Rina, also broken down in tears. She saw him looking at her and then screamed at him, “IT WAS ALL A LIE, OK!?”

He looked stunned as she said that. “What?”

She continued through the tears and said, “Y-yeah! It was all fake. I did this whole dinner date, said all those nice things, made you think you were the most amazing guy I’ve ever met, and made an elaborate shrine to you in my basement that you were never supposed to go in, BY THE WAY, and did all of that just to torture you!


Diego went wide-eyed at that. Did he really say that to get out of pleasuring himself in front of her that day? Or was there some truth to that? That he really thought Rina was gorgeous and cute? Even he wasn’t sure at this point.

Despite everything, including the anger he still felt towards her, he tried to reassure her. “I mean…you weren’t entirely horrible. The spaghetti was actually really good and-”

“ENOUGH! You made your feelings quite clear, Diego. Just get the hell out and call the cops. Maybe I do deserve jail.”

She then muttered under her breath, “I can’t believe I thought things would be different.”

He felt like a jerk. “Maybe I should apologize. It’s not like those videos won’t be posted anyway.”

“Are you crazy? She doesn’t deserve an apology. She deserves life in prison!”

“I don’t know about life, but maybe a hefty fine, perhaps maybe six months community service.”

“Do you hear yourself? She said it herself. She was lying to you!”

“I think she was being sarcastic…”

As he argued internally with himself, Rina was about to put her hair back into her pigtails when she saw the flower pin made out of one of the flowers he gave her. Still upset at him, she took it and screamed, “AND TAKE THIS STUPID FLOWER CLIP WITH YOU!” and threw it at him!

It hit him right in the back of the head, bouncing off and falling to the floor, breaking apart. He dropped his clothes to the floor in surprise.

Now, it didn’t hurt that much. It felt more like someone gently flicked him in the back of the head. That being said, after all he’s been through these past few days, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

All arguments with himself stopped as that hit to the back of the head caused his anger to start to resurface once. He tried to push it back down once more. He took a deep breath, trying not to do anything he’d regret. Eventually, he made up his mind.

After everything that’s happened to him, the stripping, his run home, his forced date, and now, this hypocritical accusation plus that hit to the noggin, he knew only one thing. She had this coming for a long time, if not from him, then from someone.

He turned around, not even bothering to cover himself at this point. Cracked his knuckles and said, “You know what? Before I go, there’s just one more thing I want to do.”

“Yeah, what?”


He then lunged forward and grabbed her towel.


He then pulled it off her with such force that she spun around a few times. With the fluffy pink towel in his hands and not on her body, Rina was now completely naked!

“HAHAHA! YES! Now, I can make fun of her for her imperfections. I bet she’s flat or has like a lot of body hair or something. Let’s see what I have to work with.” he thought to himself.

He looked her up and down as she stood there with her hands at her side. Much like Diego, she stood stock still like a deer in headlights, as if it made her invisible. Much like his attempts, it didn’t work.

As he took in the sight of her nude form, he realized something. He had very little to work with in terms of making fun of her. Her breasts were c-cups, which Diego thought were perfect. Not too small, not too big. Just a handful was perfect.

Her body wasn’t thin, but she wasn’t fat either. Not that he didn’t like chubby girls, but with all that ice cream in her fridge, he assumed that any fat went to her thick ass.

Then his eyes went down to that glorious spot between her legs. Completely and totally hairless. Those pinkish lips looked divine, not a single bit of hair below her neck.

His eyes went back to her face. Those green eyes were as wide as dinner plates, and a bright red blush washed over her face. Her breathing became rapid as she seemed to be struggling with the idea that someone was seeing her naked for a change. Each breath made her chest subtly bounce.

All this made Diego realize that he might have made a mistake here. If he intended to get one over on Rina without falling head over heels for her, it failed.

The combination of her body, her blushing red face, and her cute and sexy everything else made only four words go through his head. Four words that made everything much more complicated. Four words that made his brain short-circuit and stand just as still as Rina.

“Oh no, she’s hot…”

With a blush creeping up on his face as well, he tried to calm down and run. Run before she snapped out of it and did something to him. But he couldn’t move. That’s when Rina’s eyes started to trail down. Her blush got a bit more intense as she stared down towards Diego’s crotch.

Seems that while he wasn’t saying anything about him enjoying her appearance, something on his person told her all that she needed to know. He looked down and realized what she was staring at and wrapped the towel around his waist.

With both of them as red as a tomato, neither of them did anything for a bit. But Diego snapped out of his stupor before she did, and thinking quickly, he reached into his bundle of clothes, grabbed his pants, went through the pockets, grabbed his phone, and used it to take a picture of Rina.

The flash and the clicking sound made her snap out of her stupor as well, and she registered what just happened. She wrapped her hands over her naughty bits and shakily said, “You…you did not just do what I think you just did, right?”

Diego looked at the picture he had taken. With a perfect deer-in-the-headlights look on her face and every single bit of her skin on display, he chuckled as he turned his phone around to show her the picture.

“Heh heh, memories to last a lifetime, eh cutie?”

She started to hyperventilate. “No…NO! YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!”

“I believe I just did,” he said with a smug grin on his face.

“Oh, how the tables have turned…”


“I suppose that’s true. But do you know else also has more pictures of me? EVERYONE! BECAUSE OF YOU!” he said, breathing angrily afterward.

He then got a bit closer to her. “Meanwhile, I’m willing to bet that there’s not a single naked picture of you on the internet…”

He then added in a low whisper, “…until now.”

“Y-you wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh, I’d dare, alright. After everything I’ve been through, this is pure poetic justice at its finest. If you want a post those nudes of me, fine. I’m sure everyone I know is going to love yours.”

He then turned around and was about to leave when she yelled out, “STOP DON’T! I’LL DO ANYTHING!”

…”Anything?” he said, getting a manic grin on his face.

Rina’s face looked shocked, as if she couldn’t believe she just said that…

“Oh, this is fantastic. This is much better than calling the cops. Finally, you get to see what it’s like to be blackmailed. To have all your secrets put out on display for everyone. Gosh, what should I make you do first?”

He stroked his chin as he thought out loud. “Maybe I could make you streak to your house and…no wait, you’re already home. Hmm…maybe I could make you dance around for me! Wiggle that chubby ass for me, Rina.”


“Because this picture will be posted everywhere if you don’t.”


“Oh, that’s rich coming from you! Considering that’s what you were going to do with me! NOW DANCE!…or else.”

She growled and started to wiggle around, doing a sort of belly dance type move, with both hands still covering herself. “That’s lovely…” he said as he hit record on his phone.

She slowly turned around with an angry look on her face and shook her butt at him. He giggled as he heard her clap. “Wow! And you said my butt was big. That thing is just massive. I’m surprised I didn’t hear that thing clap while you were walking around during our date.”

Through clenched teeth, she then asked. “You satisfied yet?”

“Hardly. You’re covering up the good parts. Put your hands behind your head and shake em for me.”

“W-what!? Please…no.”

“Very well. Don’t worry. I’ll at least be merciful. I won’t use your real name.”


Thus, she did what he asked. With both her arms behind her head, she shook what Mother Nature gave her. Diego was struggling to keep his phone steady as he saw her shake her jugs. The fact he was imagining her doing this to that one song about that girl who brings the boys to her yard with her milkshake made him almost fall over laughing.


She kept on going, though, at this point, Diego had stopped the recording. Though he stood there letting her figure that out on her own. Once he got the laughter at her expense out of his system, he told her to stop.

“OK, Rina, I think you know what I want you to do next…”

“I do?”

“Yes…you almost made me do it on the beach that day.

Rina stared back at him with a massive blush on her face as she realized what he meant.

“But you didn’t jack off that day!”

“Correct, but now you’re going to jill off! In front of me. I know that in the bottom drawer behind you are a few things that can help you out…”

She gasped and said, “YOU EVEN LOOKED IN MY TOY DRAWER!?”

“Yup. Use the small one. I wanna watch.”

With tears in her eyes, she walked to the drawer, opened it, and took out the 4-inch toy. But just as she sat on the floor, spread her legs and turned it on… “STOP.”

Rina did just that. “I’m only kidding. I’m not as cruel as you to try and force someone to do that. I just wanted to make you squirm.”

He then looked at the sight of Rina, legs spread and about to use a dildo, and chuckled. “Although, it seems like you were…heh…ready for it at least.” He then took a picture of her in that position.

She looked down at herself and noticed that she was rather moist in a certain spot. She then covered herself, with most of her turning bright red at the thought that he saw her like this. He took another picture of her as she blushed, savoring the expression on her face.

“Well, this has been fun. I’ll just be taking these nudie pics and videos of you home with me now.”

“Wait, aren’t you going to delete them, like you promised?”

“I sure am…once I’m sure that you’ve deleted mine!”

Rina’s eyes went wide. “But…how do I know you aren’t lying?”

“Good question.”


“Well, see ya. I know you, and that HUGE ASS of yours will be in my memories…and my porn folder. HAHAHAHAHA!”

Diego felt proud of himself, “I can’t believe it. I managed to turn the tables on her. This was amazing. Maybe she’ll have learned a lesson here. She might not go to jail, but at least I got out of this unscathed-”

Before Diego could finish that thought, he felt something hit him in the back. It was a lot larger than the flower hairclip from earlier. It was Rina who tackled him to the floor, trying to steal his phone.

They both rolled on the floor before Diego got up and ran out the door. Just as he entered the hall, she tackled him again. They both tumbled down the stairs, causing Diego’s things to be thrown everywhere on the way down.

As they got to the bottom, Rina triumphantly held up his phone, but he slapped it out of her hands, causing it to fly into her living room near the couch. They both looked at each other and ran for it.

Diego was just a bit faster than Rina and got to the phone first, but she attempted to attack him for it. She tried to punch and kick him numerous times in the groin. Luckily for him, and this is probably the first time anyone has ever said this, but with such a small…target, all of her attacks missed.



They both ran through the house, with Rina hot on his heels. He wondered how he was going to gather his things with her chasing him. That’s when he noticed something. Every time he looked back at her, she’d cover up. This caused her to slow down slightly.

This gave him the idea to taunt her in hopes of humiliating her to the point of making her give up. He let out a wolf whistle and said, “Man, look at you bounce. I’ve never seen such a blushy, jiggly cutie before! Maybe I’ll take another picture.”

With her face turning burgundy red and her arms now wrapped around herself, she screamed at him, “STOP THAT! GIVE ME THAT PHONE RIGHT NOW!”

“Aww, are we embarrassed? It’s not fun when you’re the exposed one. You’d better get used to it because as soon as I get home, I’m gonna enjoy the heck out of this picture.” He winked at her as he said the word “enjoy.”

With that, she closed her eyes, trying not to let his remarks get to her, but she didn’t see where she was going and tripped over one of his shoes.


She flopped right on her face. Diego stopped as he saw this and had a bit of giggle at the way her butt jiggled upon impact. With her on the ground, now was his chance to escape.

He ran to the front door. “OK, new plan. Get home, upload these pictures to every possible place that will accept them, and then change your name and move to a town.

What should my new name be? Hmmm….

Cain? No, too biblical.

Dane? Nope, that’s silly.

Joey? Too generic.

Ronald? Ehh…that reminds me too much of that clown.”

As he was brainstorming new name ideas, he was about to run out the door when he realized that he had forgotten something important.

“Whoops, not getting very far without my keys.”

Just as he turned around to walk back inside, he heard a noise. It sounded like an inhuman screech—almost like a roar of some sort. It was Rina.

…and she was in mid-air.

She pounced at Diego like she was a mountain lion. All he had time to do in the 0.5 seconds he had to register what was happening was scream as he was tackled right out the door!

They both tumbled out onto the walkway in front of the house. She then pinned him to the ground and glared at him. “You pimple-dicked little pervert, I should castrate you! I can’t believe you would stoop so low as to do that to me!”

“Oh yeah!? Well, I should’ve gone with my first plan and called the cops on your clothes-stealing ass, you harpy!”










They both stopped their exchanging of insults when they heard the sound of a door closing. That was Rina’s front door. That’s when they realized that they were both outside in broad daylight.

Moreover, when Rina tackled him out the door, the towel around Diego’s waist was knocked clean off of him. Meaning that the only thing between them as Rina was on top of Diego was just their bare skin.

They both looked down at themselves, and a blush washed over both their faces. Neither of them moved for a few seconds until Rina felt something poke her in the abdomen. This caused her to blush as red as a tomato, scream, and jump away from Diego.

They both sat up and covered their shame. Thankfully, no one seemed to be around…yet.

They sat there in silence for a bit before Diego sheepishly said, “Heh, I guess we both kind of overreacted there.”

“Ugh, speak for yourself, tiny.”

They both stood up and walked back to her door. “Look, I’m willing to forget this whole thing ever happened if I can just get my clothes back and leave. OK?”

“Ha, like I’m letting you back into my house! Have a nice walk home, dickhead.”

“Oh, come on, you’re the whole reason this happened in the first place!”

“Yeah? Well, you can bite me, Dieg-”

Rina trailed off as she tried to open her front door. It wouldn’t budge.

“…oh no.”



“What’s wrong!?”

After a few attempts to open it, she told him what was wrong.

“…It’s locked.”

Diego chuckled as he couldn’t believe what he just heard. “Heh heh…no, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is!”

“No…this is some new prank you’re doing. You couldn’t have just locked us both out of your house naked.”


“I refuse to believe this.”

“Then try it yourself, smart guy.”


Rina stood to the side as Diego tried to open the door. Sure enough, it was indeed locked. He tried pulling at the door, banging on the door, and even getting a running start to ram through the door.

All that accomplished was getting him tired and sore. The door did not budge. As he slid down from the impact of the door, Rina smugly asked, “Do you believe me now?”

“Ugh…well, this is definitely one elaborate prank you’ve got going here.”

She grabbed his head with both hands to get him to look at her in the eyes as she reiterated, “THERE IS NO PRANK! WE ARE STUCK OUT HERE, NAKED!”

It finally sunk into Diego’s skull that, perhaps, she was telling the truth here. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you don’t have a spare key to get in, do you?”

“No…” she said with tears welling up in her eyes.


But then suddenly, Rina perked up. “Wait, I do have one!”


“Yes, I do…but…”

“BUT WHAT? Just get it and open the door!”

“My next-door neighbor has it…but she’s at work until 7.”

“That’s four hours from now…” he said as his heart sank.

“I’m stuck here with you, naked, for four more hours!?”

“I’m not exactly jumping for joy either, you know,” she said, offended at this.

“Considering you’ve done all this just to get me naked again, I thought you would be.”

“Oh please, that puny thing was not worth the time I put into this.”

“What happened to it being all sexy and stuff? You’re telling me that this…” he then uncovered himself and wiggled his dick to taunt her and then continued, “…was not worth committing various crimes like blackmail, sexual assault, and regular assault?”

“Oh, don’t pretend that you didn’t like all this…” she then uncovered herself and shook her chest around to taunt him, “…you teenie weenie pervert.”

“Oh, you’re sexy for sure, but I’ve been taught to never stick your dick into crazy.”

“As if you had anything to stick into me.”

“Oh yeah? Well-”

At that moment, a wolf whistle interrupted their argument, and a crowd was forming around Rina’s house.

“Hehe…look at them!”

“Looking good!”

“Hey baby, ditch that tiny dicked loser and come with me!”

“Aww…is that mean girl making you cry, teenie weenie?”

“God, look at the ass on her!”

As they both went wide-eyed at their audience, still having not covered up yet, they turned to each other, then looked down and realized that they were giving everyone a free show. Their hands shot down to their privates, and they ran away from the house screaming.

Diego just wanted to run home at this point, so he hid in a nearby bush to try and get away from Rina. He crouched down in the foliage as he tried to think of his next move. He backed up slightly to hide a bit better but bumped into something soft.

It was Rina who was doing the same thing. They both got startled as their butts touched and looked back at each other. “Oh, great plan, Diego, I didn’t think your brain was as small as your-”

“Hey, enough! Alright. I didn’t ask you to follow me. That was on you!”

“Alright, what should we do then?”

“What YOU should do is go get that spare key from your neighbor.”

“What!? Why me!?”

“Several reasons. This entire thing was your fault in the first place. It’s your house. It’s your neighbor. Oh, and most importantly, THIS WAS YOUR FAULT IN THE FIRST PLACE!”

“You said that already.”

“Yeah, and no matter how often I say it, it will be just as true.”

“Fine, just go get your car, and I’ll guide you there.”

“Great idea! Except, my keys are still in your house!”

“Then call a friend or something, or give me your phone so I can call her.”

“Sure thing, hang on, let me just see if I have reception.”

He then held out his hand, extended his pinky and his thumb, and put it to his ear. “Hello? Yes…What’s that? Is my phone still in the house, too? Even if it weren’t, I’d never let Rina get near it after everything that has happened.

Who am I speaking with, by the way…uh-huh…Alright, I’ll tell her.”

He then extended his hand toward Rina, who was currently shooting Diego a dirty look for this bit he was doing. “It’s the dumb idea hotline. They’re looking for new operators. Want me to put in a good word for you?”

“I GET IT, JEEZ!” She said, slapping his hand away.

“Ow. Don’t you have a bike? Why not just ride there?”

“Completely nude?”

“Oh, and driving a car naked would not be as dumb of an idea, huh?”

She crossed her arms and turned away at that. After they both stewed in silence for a bit, Diego asked, “So where does this neighbor of yours work anyway?”

“In a car dealership on the other side of town, why?”

“Does she own a car?”

“Yes, why?”

“At this rate, it might be faster just to get there on foot. Get the keys and have her drive us back here.”

“Wait, you want to walk there? LIKE THIS!? ARE YOU INSANE!?”

“Look, the sooner we get the keys, the sooner we can get dressed and finally never see each other again.”

Rina looked a bit sad as he said this, but Diego was pleased with the thought of never seeing her again.

“Well, come on. Let’s get going.”

“No! I’m not leaving this bush! You might be fine with strutting that tiny dick around, but I don’t like being seen naked.”

“Fair enough. You wait here then.”

He turned away and pretended that he was going to leave the bush, but then he said, “Just stay right here and pray that no one realizes that there’s a NAKED WOMAN WITH A FAT ASS HIDING IN THIS BUSH RIGHT HER-mmph!”

Rina covered his mouth with her hand and pulled him back into the bush. She then angrily whispered, “OK, OK, I’ll go, just shut up.”

“Thank you. I hate to say this, but I think we need to cooperate here. Please talk to your neighbor, and I need directions to the car dealership. She probably won’t trust me enough to hand me your keys, so you need to come along, OK?”

After a bit of thinking, Rina said, “Fine, I’ll come with you, but keep your eyes up here, mister.”, she said, pointing to her face.

“Heh, same to you, Rina.”

They both then walked out of the bush, with their hands covering their privates. As they made their way further into town, away from the cover of the suburbs, Diego took a sick sense of joy in forcing Rina into public nudity, much like he was forced into it by her. He’d have loved it more if he was clothed, but still.

But as they snuck around, Diego looked at Rina. As he was behind her, he had a great view of her pale, jiggly moon. He tried to stifle a laugh as he could swear that that thing jiggled more than Jell-O.

Rina, however, heard his snickering. “All right, what’s so funny?”


She looked at him with an unamused expression. “Diego…”

“What? I just thought of something hilarious.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“I’d tell you butt, you know, I don’t want to make an ass of myself. I mean, it’s something I rarely talk about.”

Her brow furrowed as she tried to grasp what he was on about.

That’s when he couldn’t hold it anymore and burst out laughing. “PFFFFHAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, it’s just that, out of everyone who has made fun of my butt being big, you being one of them is just outright hilarious, Miss Bakery.”

“Miss Bakery?” She asked, all confused.


Rina’s eyes went wide, and she had a red blush as she realized that Diego was staring at her ass. She tried covering it, but two hands weren’t nearly enough to contain those cheeks.

As he was laughing his ass off, she was blushing bright red, trying to cover hers, before she slugged him in the arm and screamed at him. “SHUT UP! STOP STARING! GOD YOU SUCK!”

As he kept teasing her about her big derriere, they kept going on their journey to Rina’s neighbor. But what neither of them realized is that by the end of the day, they would be baring a lot more than just their bodies to each other.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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