Trunks Not Needed 3

By username55.

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Chapter 4: The Dream

It was a beautiful night, sometime between 4 and 6 a.m., on a lone beach in a small coastal town. Despite living here all his life, a guy around 20 never really went to the beach. He was usually more of a pool person and a water park type of guy, if only cause you could do other things there, or it was indoors.

Well, now he- “Hang on a second.”

Huh? What is it?

“I feel like I’ve done this before.”

You know what, you have.

“Well, I’m not going through that again. I’m out of here!”

With that, he turned back and was about to walk to his car when, from the darkness, a figure appeared.

“RINA!” he screamed as he backed up and held on to his trunks with both hands.

“Hey there, cutie. Going for another swim, are we?” Rina said with a smug smile.

He stammered for a bit as she started slowly walking towards him. “Uh…um…I was, but I just remembered I had to be somewhere.”

“Where are you going?” she said as she was mere inches from him.

“ANYWHERE BUT HERE, GOODBYE!” he turned and was about to run away but bumped into…Rina!?

“What!? But, you were just—” he looked back to where she was, but she was gone.

“Oh, don’t leave on my account. I just wanted to tell you something.”

“Well, I’m here. So what is it?”

“You forgot something very important.”

He looked down in case she somehow took his trunks without his knowledge. They were still on his body, and he kept at least one hand on the waistband just in case she tried anything. He looked through his pockets. Nope, his keys and phone were still there.

“I didn’t forget anything. I don’t think so anyway.”

“Oh, you did.”

“Wh-what could I have forgotten?”

“Our date.”

At that point, he felt his heart and stomach sink. He started shaking and breaking out into a cold sweat.

“But the date was tomorrow. Three days from when you called! I didn’t forget!”

“The day I called was the first day. THE DATE WAS YESTERDAY!” she screamed at him.

“No, I even texted back to make sure of it. I had it set on my calendar and everything. I swear I didn’t forget!”

She started to chuckle. “Honestly, I’m kind of glad you forgot. I’d never have given you the time of day otherwise. That being said, you did stand me up.”

She had a rather manic expression with a wide grin as she then asked, “Do you know what that means?”

“That we re-schedule the date and pretend that none of this ever happened?” he said with a fake smile, hoping it would make her show him any mercy.

With her unblinking eye contact with him, she slowly reached into her red canvas bag and pulled out her phone. On her screen was a picture of him from that day. His hands were on his hips as he danced for her that night, completely naked.

She then swiped the screen to make a virtual red button appear on the screen. With an evil grin on her face, SHE PRESSED THE BUTTON! Not even a second later, his phone started to vibrate intensely.

He pulled it out of his pocket and saw he was getting notifications like crazy from his Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, Snapchat, and every social media platform he used.

No, there’s no way that button thing was real. Right? He checked, and sure enough, he saw himself dancing, naked with his tiny erect dick wiggling around. The comments were mostly just people laughing at him and saying how small he was. Despite all those comments being in text form, he could swear he heard the sound of female laughter. He blushed a bright red as he fully took in the situation unfolding before him.

Everyone. Everyone on the internet knows his tiny secret. Everyone is laughing at him. Family, friends, everyone! He was hyperventilating as he suffered the ultimate humiliation. Overwhelmed by the humiliating comments and endless pinching hand and shrimp emojis, he flung his phone into the ocean. As he tried to calm down as his life was possibly ruined for good, he turned back to Rina with tears in his eyes.

“Well, alright. You’ve won. You’ve ruined me. At least you can’t do anything else to me.”

“Well, that’s true, but now that you have nothing to lose, you can drop those shorts and give me an encore. I bet your adoring fans would love to see that wittle worm of yours again.”

“No way, I’m done playing this game. I’m out of here.” He turned in the opposite direction and stopped as Rina was before him again. “WHAT? HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT!”

He backed up slowly to escape her but then bumped into someone. Do you want to take a wild guess who it was? He looked behind him, and sure enough, there she was, but as he looked back, she was also there. How could that be possible? That’s when he heard a bunch of giggling and saw Rinas surrounding him! No matter where he tried to run, that horrible giggling witch of a woman was right in front of him.

“Come on, cutie.”

“Drop those shorts.”

“We wanna see it again.”

All the Rinas got closer and closer to him as he had a death grip on his shorts. A few of them even reached out to try and take them from him, but just as they were getting close, he decided he had enough and just ran through them. With his hands still on his trunks to keep them from being taken, he knocked a few of them to the ground. He turned as the stunned ones looked rather angry while the rest were still smiling and giggling. He turned and started angrily screaming at them.

“All right, enough of this! I’ve had it up to here with all of you—Rinas, all these jokes, and all this humiliation! I’m not showing you my dick again, these trunks are never coming off, and there’s nothing you can do to change my mind!”

He crossed his arms and stood defiantly to signal that he was serious. The crowd of Rinas then looked at each other and back at him and started to snicker. He looked at them, confused as to why they were laughing.

“I’m serious. There’s no way I’m letting these trunks out of my sight! Stop laughing, I’m dead serious!”

With a big smile on each of their faces, they all said, in unison, “What trunks?”

That’s when he felt a breeze. With dread, he looked down. THEY WERE GONE! All of the Rinas were falling over in laughter. Some were taking pictures. Some were wiggling their pinkies. Still, they all laughed at that horrible, adorable giggle that made him feel feelings he had never felt before. He was humiliated but, at the same time, excited. As they pointed and laughed, his little one decided to point back. With the Rinas responding with a chorus of awws and more giggling, he decided to cover himself and run down the beach!

The beach was dark; he could barely see anything before him, but the Rinas seemed far behind him. He had yet to learn where he was running to. He just needed to run. As he was running, he saw all those women from that day as they came out of the darkness to laugh at him.

“Well, look who’s back, girls. Work off those chubby cheeks, cutie pie!”

“So much lean muscle. Too bad he’s lean in the one area you want to be big in!”

“Where’s the rag I gave you? You naughty little boy, do you need me to spank you again?” with her smacking him on the ass as he ran past.

Once he passed the jogging woman, he was blinded by camera flashes as he encountered those bird watchers again.

“It’s the rare featherless woodpecker!”

“It looks so small and malnourished.”

“Such tiny eggs. I wonder if they’ll hatch.”

“Doubt it, that pecker looks like a baby itself.”

He ran by them and encountered the townsfolk on that street that day.

“Hey there, cutie, where’s your package?”

“It’s under his hands, of course.”

“I’m still pretty hungry for a Vienna sausage. Anyone else?”

“He looks like quite the snack. Let me have a taste.”

He kept running and saw his house right there on the beach. After all the comments and humiliation he endured, he wasn’t about to question it. But just before he could open the door, he felt someone grab him by the arm and pull him back.


It was the policewoman, finally catching up to him.

“No one can outrun me forever. You’re in a lot of trouble, young man. Resisting arrest, fleeing the scene, and all that on top of public indecency and nudity.”

She then brought his hands behind his back and cuffed him, preventing him from covering up. She turned him to face her, adding, “Oh, having a criminally small dick.”

He somehow found the courage to speak up through fear and humiliation. “T-T-That’s not against the law! It’s legal to have a small dick!”

“Yeah, tell it to the judge.”

As she led him back the way he came through the crowd of laughing women he saw that day, she leaned close and whispered, “Maybe I can pull some strings and have you sent to the women’s prison. They’ll be thrilled to have someone like you to toy around with. Not that you count as a man with that tiny thing anyway.”

The mental image of him being shoved into a holding cell with many criminals and left alone, clothed or not, was too much to bear.

“Officer, wait, please, this wasn’t my fault! I swear! It was her, the one with the pigtails! She stripped me naked and forced me to run home! Honest!”

The officer saw Rina, or at least one of them, he assumed, and she questioned her. “Ma’am, is this true? Did you strip this young man and force him to streak home?”

Rina fake gasped and said, “What? Me? No, officer, I’d never do that.”

“Well, OK then, have a nice day. Sorry to bother you, ma’am.”

“No worries, bye, teenie weenie.”, Rina said as the officer led him away.


He thrashed around and eventually broke free of her grip. The crowd was pointing and laughing at his weenie flapping around as he ran with his hands still cuffed behind his back. He eventually returned to his house to see that the door was open. He ran inside, and the door closed behind him.

He had no clue how to get the cuffs off, but at least he was away from all those eyes and those awful women. At least until a bright light blinded him. This wasn’t his house…it was a stage in a packed theater. A packed theater with about 100 Rinas in the audience. With no way to cover himself, he stood there with his legs quivering as he was assaulted by a cacophony of giggles and jokes about his little one.

Turning as red as a beet, he looked down to see that, somehow, he was even smaller than normal! It was practically an innie, and it felt that with each second, it was getting smaller and smaller! He looked around and saw a door on the right side of the stage. A set of double doors you could push through is convenient for someone who can’t use their hands. He ran and pushed through the doors.

On the other side was just an expanse of flat ground covered in a thick fog. But he was standing on something. Something warm. He looked around for anything to run to and hide, but the ground around him started to shake right then. It seemed to rise in the air with him along for the ride. Looking at the ground he was on, no longer obscured by the fog, he realized this wasn’t ground. It was a giant hand! That’s when he felt a warm, wet breeze. It was a giant Rina, staring at him like a piece of candy.

“TEENIE WEENIE!” she bellowed as she stared right at him.

He was about the size of a bug compared to her!


She just giggled in response and used her finger and forefingers on her other hand to lift him by the handcuffs. She then dangled him over a pit. Inside the pit were more Rinas, but something was different about them. They all looked much more evil, if you could believe that, and had razor-sharp teeth.

They were trying to jump at him as soon as they saw him. The giant Rina then started to shake him by the cuffs. He could feel the chain start breaking, and just as it did, he started to fall. But just before he dropped below, he landed on her other hand. He gripped her pinky as if his life depended on it, which it did in this case! She was toying with him. She wiggled her pinky with him on it, trying to shake him off.


Her only response was to giggle and repeatedly state, “TEENIE WEENIE!”

She then used her other hand to make a ring around her pinky finger to push him off it.

Begging for his life, he tried again to get through to her, but it was useless! “RINA, PLEASE STOP! RINA!”

He was hanging on to her nail before the ring got to the end of her pinky.



With an evil laugh, he was pushed off, falling head first into the pit of bloodthirsty Rinas, who licked their lips as they saw him fall towards him.


Just as he felt their hands all over his body, he woke up screaming!

As he sat upright in bed, he looked around his room. He grabbed a nearby pillow and screamed into it until he ran out of breath, collapsed into bed, and started crying.


Chapter 5: The Date

It had been three days since his streak from the beach. To say that this humiliation affected him mentally would be an understatement. For the past few nights, he’s had nightmares about being naked in public. First was that one where he somehow went to school naked. He graduated a few years back, so he wasn’t even sure why he was thinking about those days. That one was so vivid he wasn’t sure if it was real.

Then came that one where he was working for some rich woman. That one was fun. Although it was still quite humiliating, something about it made him sweat like a pig. He even woke up with his shirt off, like his subconscious was trying to strip him naked. But at least those weren’t as horrifying as this one. But the worst part of all of those dreams was…

“Aw, not again!”

The fact that his stupid brain considered those to be wet dreams. That’s the third pair of boxers he’s ruined. How was that even sexy in the slightest? These past few nights have been torture. Not that his days have been any better. The day after his run home, he had to return and get his car. So he called an Uber to get him there. At the time, he wasn’t sure if anyone would even recognize him with clothes on. As the driver pulled up, she looked at him funny but drove him there.

But as they approached his destination, she said, “You know, you look familiar.”

“Uh…heh, do I? I don’t recognize you, honestly.”

“Well, sorry if this sounds insulting, but you look like the small-town streaker.”

His eyes widened as she said that. “The small-town streaker?”

“Yeah, some guy ran through the middle of town, butt ass naked, and apparently, he had the tiniest dick you’ve ever seen.”

“Uhh…heh…wow. That sounds humiliating for that guy.”

“Oh, it must’ve been. It was hilarious, though. I can’t believe he would willingly go out in public like that. He hid it in a Vienna sausage box and ripped it off in the middle of town! It looked like a Vienna sausage, too.”

As she giggled, he interjected, “I’m sure it wasn’t THAT small. Maybe it was cold outside. Or he was scared out of his mind or something. I’ve heard it shrinks when you’re afraid.”

“How would you know what he was feeling at that moment?”

He stammered before responding, “How would you know his feelings, huh? How would you feel if you had a Taser pointed right at you!? You’d be pissed and terrified too!”

As her eyes widened at that statement, he realized far too late that he revealed himself right there. He covered his mouth and blushed a bright red as the Uber driver laughed at him.

“I knew it! You are the small-town streaker! I recognized that blushing red face anywhere! hahaha hahaha!”

Thankfully, he only had to endure about a minute more of her laughter before he got to the beach, where he parked his car. “Well, here we are, little guy. I’m so sorry if I hurt your feelings with my laughter. Tell you what, I’ll give you a small discount. Just in case you’re a bit…short on funds. Hehehehehe.”

She punctuated that with a pinky wiggle and drove off, with him hearing her laughter as she pulled away. He groaned deeply in frustration.

“She’s so getting a one-star review for that! OK, maybe a two-star review. Fine, a three-star review, but only cause she got me here really fast and not a single star more than that,” he ranted out loud to himself, knowing full well that he didn’t have the guts to give anyone less than a five-star rating.

And to add insult to injury, when he got to his car, he noticed a parking ticket on the windshield because, of course. He groaned in frustration once more before driving off back to his house.

That was just day one. On day two, he had to prepare for the date. After making sure that his senior prom suit still fit him (he had no one to go with, so it went unused), he went to the city to buy some flowers.

This time, he went out with a baseball cap, sunglasses, and one of those COVID masks on his face to try and hide his identity. He stocked up on the masks during the pandemic, so at least he finally got some use out of them, having barely left the house due to the paranoia of COVID. He still got it anyway cause it seems his life is just one big ironic joke.

It felt terrifying to be back in the middle of town, even if he was fully clothed. He kept turning whenever he heard a laugh or someone call out, as he thought they recognized him. So far, so good, he thought to himself.

He entered the flower shop and was browsing their selection. After finding and purchasing the second cheapest bouquet he could find (the cheapest one was out of stock), he paid and left.

Huh, that went well. He was pleasantly surprised that no one recognized him. That is until he saw two girls laughing at a piece of paper taped to a telephone pole. As they walked away, he got curious and looked at what they were laughing at.

It was a wanted poster of him! An image of his full body, with his dick exposed, and a caption read: “Have you seen this naked freak? If so, call this number!”.

He screamed and tore it down, ripping it to shreds before more people could see it. That’s when he noticed that there were wanted posters of him posted on streetlamps, signposts, walls, windows of businesses, practically everywhere.

As he frantically gathered up as many as he could to try and throw them away, he heard someone yell out to him. “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, SIR!”

He turned and looked. It was the cop from that day. She seemed to be putting them up herself! “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

He deepened his voice a bit so that she wouldn’t recognize him. “Uh…I noticed that these pictures of this ‘naked freak’ were all over, and uh…that’s just lewd. I didn’t think an officer of the law would be putting these up. It’s just crude to have this guy’s dick in full view of everyone.”

“Well, technically, I’m just a security guard. But I still take my job quite seriously, and this naked freak escaped me two days ago, and I won’t rest until he is behind bars. No one has ever escaped me before, and I’ll make sure he never escapes me again! When I find that little dick pervert, I’ll make him rue the day he dared to cross Officer Connie!”

“I thought you weren’t an officer…”

“I was! But the police department fired me when those videos leaked out. Turns out that threatening to taze someone for hiding their shame is frowned upon. Those woke bastards, I swear that’s why this town is infested with crime.”

‘Oh good, not only am I a fugitive, but a crazed ex-cop with a grudge is hunting me down. Lovely, as if this couldn’t get any worse for me!’ he screamed internally at the heavens as he took all this in.

“Well, I hope you find him, ma’am. I’m going to go now. Have a nice day!”

“Just a second, sir.”

He gulped as he turned around to face her once more. “Yes, officer?”

“Take off your mask and glasses for a second.”

His breath caught in his throat. She knew exactly what his face looked like. Though she obviously couldn’t arrest him, something told him that if she knew he was the one who got her fired, it would end poorly for him.

“Uhh, ma’am, I need this mask to stay on. I might be coming down with something, and I needed to do some important errands before I get worse?” he said, hoping she bought that lie.

She did not. “Important errands, huh? Tell me, is buying flowers an important errand for someone who claims to be ill?” she said, pointing to the bouquet in his hand.

“Uh…it’s terminal? They’re for my funeral. At this rate, I’m pretty sure I will have very soon.”

She got closer to him and stated again, “TAKE. THEM. OFF.”

Slowly, he took off his glasses and pulled down his mask. With his face fully revealed, she looked at him and back at the wanted poster. After a few times of this, her eyes widened, and suddenly, with a smug grin on her face, she said, “I knew it.”

“Uh, ma’am. This looks like me, but I swear I was nowhere near here that day. I can prove it because- Holy heck, is that guy jaywalking!?” he screamed, pointing right behind her.

“What, where?”

She looked for this dastardly jaywalker, but everyone around her was practicing proper crosswalk safety. But as soon as she looked back, he was gone. As he ran, he could hear the distant sounds of her angrily cussing him out. He made it to his car and drove back to his house. Just another reason to never leave the house again, he reasoned, as if he needed any more of those. Well, at least he never would have to leave the house after this ‘date’ anyway.

You’d think he’d give up and let her post those videos after all this. It’s not like everyone didn’t know of his naked adventure anyway. But after encountering that cop again, he was determined to make her pay. Once he got home, he planned how to pay her back.

All he had to do was go to her house and ask her nicely, right? That’s what she said in the video, anyway. Something told him it was not going to be that simple. What if he made sure to annoy the hell out of her? Like, be the most obnoxious asshole to her on this date? He could not shower or dress nicely and be a complete jerk. That would show her.

Maybe not. Something told him she’d upload those videos out of spite if he went that route. Maybe he could intimidate her. He was pretty tall and strong. Force her to leave him be! Scare her, silly!

No, it would be hard to act tough when someone already knows what you look like naked. Plus, that would be an assault charge and a half. He did not want to try and go down that route again. That part of him was in the past.

Blowing up angrily at people brought him nothing but trouble in middle school, and he was sure it would backfire on him here. Perhaps he could try to be suave, sweep her off her feet, be a lady’s man that would make any girl swoon.

That would imply he had charm, charisma, or anything a woman would find attractive. He had no idea how this would play out, but he had to try.

Back in the present day, now with him fully decked out in his prom suit, with the bouquet and a bit of cologne on his person, he drove to her house. He was nervous as the GPS on his phone told him where to go. Not just of what was at stake, of course, but what he would do.

He was never good with girls. Always so awkward and shy. Every time he got near a crush, his tongue would feel like it would swell up, making him only capable of speaking in gibberish.

He had no girlfriends, no female friends of any kind. Come to think of it, he barely even had any male friends. This was far from his comfort zone, not just because Rina made him very uncomfortable.

Finally, he pulled up to her house. It looked normal, very unassuming. You wouldn’t think a horrible clothes-stealing woman lived here. He parked the car out in front and walked to the front door.

He started to shake. This was it, enemy territory. From here on out, he had one goal in mind. To find a way to make her delete those videos and pictures and then report her to the police. “Alright, here goes everything.”, He said to himself as he knocked on the door.

“Remember, this is a mission, not a date. Bring down her operations and then get out of there.” It felt like some game. Treating it like that made him not as scared. Like he was just here to do one thing and not impress anyone. Besides, this was Rina. That horrid pigtailed witch of a woman.

There’s no way he’d ever fall for her. After a bit longer, the door opened, and there she was. But something was different about her. She was wearing a light yellow floral dress and some adorable little red shoes with stars on them. The dress had a little heart-shaped window that showed off her cleavage.

She smelled like spring flowers and even had makeup on. She was dressed to impress! He noted that despite her age, she had a childish way of dressing. She looked to be in her 20s but was still rocking pigtails. Who does that?

“Oh my goodness, you came!” she squealed as she invited him in. “I can’t believe you showed up!”

“Neither do I, Rina…neither do I,” he said, trying to suppress his anger at seeing her again.

She gasped upon seeing the bouquet in his hands. “And are these flowers for me!? You’re such a gentleman.”

“Well, you did ask me to bring flowers so-”

“Come on in. We’re going to have so much fun together.” She then grabbed his hand and pulled him into the house.

As she led him into the house, her hand tightly wrapped around his, pulling him like he was a small child, she looked like she won the lottery. With a pep in her step, she practically skipped down the hall as she dragged him to her living room.

On the way there, she briefly stopped to put the bouquet in a vase. She also took a pair of scissors and cut one of the flowers. She then took a bobby pin and wrapped the flower stem around it, fashioning a sort of hair clip out of it, which she then clipped on her hair.

As they arrived at her living room, she stood before her TV and asked, “How do I look, cutie?”

“Uh…you look pretty?” he said, unsure what to say.

“Aww…I knew you’d love it! You’re pretty handsome yourself.”

“T-thank you?” he said, unsure how to take that compliment.

She seemed vastly different from that scheming, domineering woman on the beach. He wasn’t used to anyone calling him handsome that wasn’t immediately related to him. This had to be some trick. To lower his guard so she could do something nasty to him, right?

“I’m glad you brought the flowers like I asked you to. See, I saw a video on how to make flower hair clips out of real flowers, and I wanted to try it. I knew it would be useful when I asked you to bring me flowers.

It’s so pretty and red too! Red is my absolute favorite color!” She looked him up and down in his light blue tuxedo.

“I’m going to assume that your favorite color is blue, right?”

“Yes, it is. Lucky guess.”

“I had a feeling from that cute suit you have on. But there’s just one problem with it. It’s not your best suit.”

“What? But it’s the best suit I own!”

Still, he neglected to tell her that it was the only suit he owned. “No, silly. Your best suit is what you were wearing when we first met.”

He stared blankly at her. “Rina, you have my swimsuit, of course, I wouldn’t be wearing…”

It dawned on him what she was trying to say. As the realization hit his face, she had a big smile. He blushed slightly as he then asked, “You’re not saying that my best suit is my-”

“Your birthday suit? Yup. It’s the cutest suit you have.”

He stammered as he realized he must get naked for her AGAIN. “B-b-but this is just the first date. This is going way too fast. I-”

She gasped. “Are you saying that there will be more than one date!?”


“Come on, cutie. You know I have a few things you want me to eliminate unless you’d rather have me upload those adorable videos of you. Hehehe.”


With a sigh of resignation, he started to unbutton his blue tux jacket, but just before he could remove it, “Wait a second, cutie!”

“Huh? But I thought you wanted me to strip.”

“Oh, I do, but first…”

She then pressed a button on a small round object near her TV. As she did, a song started to play from a set of nearby speakers. He swore that he heard this song in an 80s movie once. (Authors note: Open another tab and play Oh Yeah by Yello for added immersion.)

“Do a little striptease for me, cutie.”

“Ugh…you can’t be serious.”

“I am. Put on a show for me.”

She then stood there with her eyes fully glued to him as he started to take off his tux. As he gyrated to the song with a look that just screamed, “I wish I weren’t here right now,” he threw his jacket behind him and kicked off his shoes.

Said shoes missed Rina by a mile, not that he was aiming for her, at least consciously. As he was removing his undershirt, showing her his chest that was as hairless as his genitals, it became clear how stupid an idea this was.

“What am I doing here? I should have figured this was a trap to get me naked again. But I can’t stop now. She’d surely post those videos and pictures of I bailed now. At least she isn’t recording this in any way.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she were somehow.”

As he dropped his pants to the ground and stepped out of them, Rina squealed upon seeing his blue boxers with yellow stars all over them. “OH MY GOD! THEY’RE SO CUTE! I knew your boxers would be just as cute as the rest of you!”

“WHY DID I WEAR THESE INSTEAD OF SOMETHING NORMAL!?” he screamed internally, kicking himself for wearing these.

As he wiggled his hips at this giggling girl, he tried to put off the removal of his boxers in hopes that she’d at least be satisfied with just seeing his undies. No such luck.

“Come on, cutie, don’t make me start the song over. You’ll be dancing much longer if you don’t give me the full Monty.” She then giggled and added, “Or in your case, the half Monty. Hehehe”, with a little pinky wiggle to get the point across.

It took him a few seconds to prepare for the small reveal. “This will all be worth it once she’s behind bars. I’ll even visit her in jail to rub it in her face. Maybe I’ll even get a medal for my bravery in sacrificing my dignity.”

As his hands went to his waistband, Rina’s eyes locked right on his crotch. Was she…biting her lower lip? He took a deep breath, turned to avoid looking at her, and yanked his boxers down. With him completely exposed again, he wiggled his hips and twirled his boxers around as he heard her wolf whistle at the sight of his ass.

“Wow, it’s so big! I noticed you had a squishy booty, but it’s much bigger in the light! How did you even fit that in those shorts!? Hahahahaha!”

Almost every insult known to mankind that could be directed at her went through his mind as he tried to force himself through this. However, deep down inside, he was proud that he was the object of someone’s lust.

Assuming she was being genuine about this anyway, which he needed clarification on. He would never admit that to her cause he was sure he’d never hear the end of it.

The song was getting closer and closer to its end. He considered tossing the boxers right at her and running to destroy her computer while distracted. But he needed to find out where it was; even then, it was too risky.

“Come on, my shining star, let’s see what you were hiding in those boxers. I’m sure it’s still just as tiny and cute.”

Just as the song finished, he spun around and revealed himself to her. His hairless incher is in full view. Those green eyes immediately locked onto it. As she drank in every inch of his naked body, she took great joy in one particular inch of him.


He shut his eyes, waiting for her to stop laughing, but for five minutes, she kept going.


He realized something as he endured the shaming of his size yet again. The worst part of this wasn’t just that she got him naked once more, not just that she was straight up laughing at his lack of size, nor was it even the fact that he hadn’t covered up for some reason.

No, the worst part was that her laughter excited him, and he felt the first few pangs of it as she continued. “HAHAHAHAHAHahaha…wait, are you getting hard!?”


As he breathed heavily, trying to will himself not to be so stiff, Rina giggled at his embarrassment and said, “Aww, come on, cutie. Our date hasn’t started yet. I just wanted to get you properly dressed first.”

“Properly dressed!?” he said with annoyance aimed at her and himself for letting this happen. “Was this just an excuse to get me naked again!? Haven’t you done enough to me!?”

She tried to stifle her laughter at the humiliated guy before her and then tried calming him down. “Look, I promise you’ll like what I have planned. Just play along with this for a bit, OK? I promise that once we’re done, I’ll delete those videos and never bother you again. OK, cutie?”

“Oh, I’ll make sure of that, Rina.” he thought, fantasizing about her sitting in a jail cell.

“Besides, I won’t make you stay naked this time.”


“Yup, I have an outfit for you to wear that you’ll look just darling in. Hehehe.”

Something was up. Why would she have him strip naked if she would make him wear something anyway? “Well, where is it then?”

“Let me go get it, but first, you must turn around and close your eyes. OK?”

He sighed and said, “Very well, it’s not like I can go anywhere like this.”

He turned around and closed his eyes. With his hands still shielding himself, he waited for her. He heard her gather up his clothes and go to another room. As he waited there, he felt the chill of the AC all over his body.

“Maybe I should’ve blamed it on the cold air.” he thought. “Nah, knowing her, she’d probably ask me to prove it somehow.”

As he was thinking about this, she finally returned. “OK, Mr.Chubbycheeks, you can turn around now.”

She was unamused by the joke about his butt and even less thrilled with what she wanted him to wear. In her hands was a pair of red lacy panties and nothing else.

“Uh, so where is the rest of the outfit?”

She just stared back at him with that smug grin of hers. “That’s not the entire outfit, is it?”

She nodded and dangled the panties by her index finger, bringing it close enough for him to reach if he took one of his hands off his crotch.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…”

“What’s wrong, cutie? It suits you perfectly. They’re adorable and bright red, and you’re adorable and bright red.”

As she giggled at her apt description of his face, he noticed she was a little red. What was she blushing for? Whatever it was, he did not want to wear these frilly panties.

“Rina, couldn’t I just wear my clothes again or keep my boxers? ”

“Nope. Besides, I have your clothes somewhere nice and safe. You’ll get them back at the end of your date. But until then, you could wear these or walk around with that wittle weenie out for the rest of our time together.

I’m fine with either option, cutie, but which would you like?”

He took a closer look at those panties. They seemed…used, as there was a bit of a stain on the front. Typical. Not only would she make him wear her panties, but they just had to be dirty ones, too. But with no other options, he snatched them from her hands and quickly put them on.

He had to briefly expose his penis once more to her to get his legs through her undies, which he realized when she started to snicker at him again. But at least he was covered up, somewhat anyway.

Those panties left very little to the imagination, though. Despite this, they were comfy, though he was still determining if it made this better or worse. “See, they suit you very well. Red is your color. Matches that face perfectly, hehehe.”

He sighed deeply, fully done with this nonsense. “Well, now that I’ve been thoroughly emasculated, what’s next for our “date”?”

“Hehe, you’ll see. Just follow me, and I’ll tell you what’s next.”

He tried to plead with her as she led him down another hall. “Come on, Rina. Let’s be rational about this. I’ve been in complete misery since we met. Could you find it in your heart to delete the videos and let me leave?

I’ll do almost anything if it means this humiliation will stop.”

“Oh, you’re already doing what I want you to do.”

“Doing what? Regretting every life choice I’ve made up to this point?”

Rina giggled at that and said, “No, silly. Going on this date with me.”

“Do all your dates have this as a dress code, or am I just special?”

“Well, you’re the first guy I’ve dated in a long while.”

“I can’t imagine why…” he said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, cheer up. I’m sure you’ll love what I have planned for us.”

As they continued down the hall, he grumbled and responded sarcastically to whatever she said. Sarcasm was always a coping mechanism he used whenever he needed to keep his cool, and he was feeling anything but cool being forced to wear women’s underwear on a date with a woman who so thoroughly humiliated him.

Eventually, however, Rina stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face him. She looked annoyed. “Look, I know you aren’t exactly happy to be here, I get that. But I put a lot of work into what I have planned for us and want it to be used wisely.

That being said, if you’re going to be a big grump this entire time, I’m ending this date prematurely, and I’ll be forced to send out those videos and pics of you. Is that what you want?”

Her new demeanor surprised him. He had never seen her without a smile on her face before. Her cheeks puffed out like an angry child trying to look tough.

Despite looking as intimating as an angry kitten, he still had to tread lightly here, with the threat of further humiliation. “Just humor me for a bit, OK? I promise you’ll like this. Maybe if you stop being mean, I’ll delete them, alright?”

He put on a fake smile and said, “Heh, sorry about that. I’ll try and keep an open mind about this now.”

She stared him down as he tried to keep that fake smile. “I promise I’ll behave now, OK? No need to send out those videos, OK, love?”

After a bit, she did a complete 180 in terms of mood. “Hehe, that’s better.”

She even gave him a thumbs up to approve of his positive mood. “Now, wait right here, I gotta set up a few more things. You think happy and positive thoughts while you wait, OK? Try not to get lonely without me, OK, cutie?”

“Don’t worry about me. You take all the time you need.”

She then walked through the door and left him in the hall. He then silently stewed in anger and annoyance. “This is getting ridiculous. What horrible nonsense could she have planned for me now? I could try and find that computer now.

No, she’d notice me missing. Maybe I could bail on this, change my name, and move to a new town. I’d need my clothes. First, I’m not sure if it would be worse to leave in her panties or go naked.”

It was at this moment he realized he also had an additional problem. His keys, wallet, and phone were in his pants pocket! He slapped his forehead. He had to stay now to get his clothes back.

That’s when Rina peeked her head through the door. “OK, loverboy, I’m ready for you~”

“Oh joy, I can’t wait.”, he said flatly.

“What was that?” she said with that angry look again.

“OH JOY, I CAN’T WAIT!” he repeated in a much more chipper tone, pointing to the forced smile on his face as proof that he was happy and not at all seething with rage.

As she led him into the room, he was nervous. What horrible thing could she have planned? Was she going to parade him around in front of other people? Was she going to force herself on him? Was she going to make him jack off or something?

He stepped into the room to find…her kitchen. In the middle was a table with two placemats, two plates of spaghetti, a lit candelabra, and a selection of condiments.

“Ta-da! Hope you’re hungry because it’s time for our dinner date!”

“Huh…didn’t expect that…”


To Be Continued…


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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