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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discusses his past and present relationships…

I want to tell you about my previous relationships and how I felt about my small penis. I have to say that not only do I have a small penis, but I also have trouble getting and maintaining an erection and also suffer from premature ejaculation.

No. 1, Daniela: She was my first girlfriend, and I almost had sex with her for the first time (I mean penis-in-vagina sex). It would have been the first time for her, too.

We lay on the bed and kissed. Daniela became active and put her hand in my boxer shorts containing my flaccid penis. She told me she wanted to sleep with me and continued playing with my penis. Daniela did that for a few minutes, but my penis stayed limp even though I was horny and wanted sex with her. She eventually ended the interaction and asked me if it was her fault. I said no and said that I can’t explain it either. This evening was very frustrating for both of us.

We then tried having sex a few more times before our relationship ended. But we didn’t do more than masturbate with each other. My penis didn’t get hard enough for real sex. The fact that my penis was small, she gave me a couple of handjobs, didn’t bother her. At least she had never said anything about it. I don’t know if she thought otherwise.

No. 2, Steffi: My second girlfriend was a bit more experienced. Had already had two men before me.

Sex worked with her. I could penetrate her. She was also the slimmest of all my friends. However, after 3 or 4 times, she told me she was used to bigger penises because of her ex-relationships. That was a low after there was a high this time. I didn’t stay limp like in my previous relationship.

We had sex quite often during our relationship, but she always did it herself again. I suspect that she never came because her orgasms sounded different than when she had sex together.

No. 3, Tanja: My third girlfriend was bisexual, and the relationship only lasted about half a year.

We didn’t have much sex during our relationship, although sometimes we didn’t see each other for a week. Tanja never looked happy during sex, rather bored, and she never had an orgasm (not even pretended).

But I was allowed to try anal sex with her for the first time. At the time, Tanja said it was new to her too, but my dick looked like it wouldn’t hurt. In retrospect, I now understand the sentence better in a different context.

No. 4, Pia: My fourth girlfriend showed me, or at least where I first noticed, that you could have problems in a relationship with a small dick. She had a few men before me. She was experienced and knew what she wanted in bed. We often had sex, but she always said I should fuck her harder, wilder. Even more often than Steffi, she noticed that her previous sexual partners had larger penises than mine. At first, I saw it as an incentive to be even wilder in bed, but at some point, it just got stressful. She only faked the orgasms (she told me after the relationship). Eventually, she avoided sex as much as possible, and I had to beg for it.

In the last third of our relationship, I found out from a friend of hers that Pia was cheating on me. As naïve as I was, I didn’t believe that, and she denied it when I asked her. Weeks later, I received a text message from her friend telling me to go to Pia’s party, where she was kissing another man. I drove to her in anger and fear. She was already at home.

Pia admitted to kissing the man and then admitted that she had sex with another man at the time. Before I left the apartment in disarray, the first thing that went through my head was our sex. Even if we only had a little sex, which explained the whole thing, something else was more present. I fucked and licked her while she had sex with a man behind my back. I was shocked, forgave her, and believed in her newfound loyalty, but the relationship ended anyway.

She broke up with me and told me on the way that I was bad in bed and that my penis was a disappointment for every woman. I had to process that first.

No. 5, my current wife. I have been married for well over ten years and finally found a wife for life. Our sex life is a little different than other couples. In the beginning, in the first year, we had sex a lot. Every year it got less. At first, only every 1-2 months, now only 2-3 times a year if things are going well. However, (And I am not talking about my wife) I am not sexually frustrated.

My wife hasn’t had a vaginal orgasm since our relationship unless she does it herself with a dildo. Clitoral satisfaction is nicer for her, so she doesn’t miss it much. Why not write so much more about that in a moment? My wife knows I have a small penis compared to the average in their previous relationships. My wife knows that I have trouble getting and maintaining an erection. My wife knows I am a premature ejaculator, and I can’t keep going no matter how hard I try. My wife also knows, through many conversations, what my inclinations and wishes are.

She doesn’t have a problem with me being unable to satisfy her vaginally, with penis-in-vagina sex. She sometimes misses being filled, being properly penetrated, and thus reaching an orgasm. Still, the relationship is more important to her than that. We made my sexual inadequacy a game, a fetish. She discovered that she likes to humiliate me (sexually), and I’ve noticed how aroused I am to be humiliated because of all of this, especially because of my small penis.

Finally, a few additional words. As already mentioned, I suffer from a certain impotence or premature ejaculation. I deliberately did not go into that in the description of the respective girlfriend. Of course, you can imagine that in addition to the small penis, it was also the premature ejaculation that led to you not getting any satisfaction or orgasm from me. However, only the problem of my small penis was always mentioned by name. But that was probably included.

I also had a few online flirts with women when I wasn’t in a relationship. We exchanged (nude) pictures. Well, the reactions weren’t particularly positive either. Either the picture was not discussed (which speaks for itself), or there were comments.

I think you can turn in two directions. One direction is that you get depressed and hard on yourself about something that you can’t change or accept as it is and even develop a fetish out of it. I hope my experiences with things were interesting for you.


Another reader gets the brush off…

So, I was on a date a few years ago, and it was going well. We get back to my place, and things get hot and heavy. I remove my clothes, and she says, “Is that all you got? Sorry, I don’t want to waste my time with that.”

She then grabbed her purse and left, blocking me on everything. At first, it gutted me. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club and thought I wasn’t too bad. There are a lot of men out there smaller than me (look at the galleries on this site). But the way she brushed me off was so cold and mean that it messed with my mind for a long time. But over time, something about it started to turn me on, too. I think this was the beginning of my fetish for SPH.


Meanwhile, this reader who likes to pretend he has a small dick for fun with his girlfriend gets a dose of what it’s like for the real small dick guys…

Even though my dick isn’t that small, even above average, with 7 inches in size, I still loved small penis humiliation, always dreaming of being teased by my girlfriend. Well, seems like fantasy turned into reality after telling her all about my kink. Fortunately, and somehow, unfortunately, she was also into the kink. But she enjoyed this kink for a different reason.

She loves taking control of me, and we even started locking me into a chastity cage. What was probably my biggest kink for a very long time, and still is to that date. She likes that I’m all her, all my pleasure and lust belonging to her, and most importantly, not be able to cheat on her if this thought ever crossed my mind. It would never be because I love her from the bottom of my heart and am generally faithful.

Nevertheless, she told me how hilarious it would be if I tried cheating on her, taking a girl to my place, and revealing a tiny, imprisoned dick unable to fuck. She would also say: “I can’t imagine the look on the girl’s face you would try to hook up with! The girl would probably giggle at you and leave shortly after. With you not even able to showcase that you pack a decent-sized cock.”

Now, this SPH interaction was quite old. And since then, nothing happened until yesterday. My girlfriend was invited to her best friend’s birthday party and wanted me to join her. Many people, even her other girlfriends, got me into my first real SPH situation. I have to say, for me, SPH is just fun and games inside the bedroom. Outside of it, I wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable with the humiliation. I didn’t have the experience to know if I liked it or not. Standing beside a bar, drinking my cocktail, I suddenly heard my girlfriend talk.

“David is really that big?”

I was shocked, asking myself what my girlfriend was talking about. I would start listening to her more closely from the outside without letting her see me.

Supposedly, she was standing in a group of her four girlfriends. And they all talked about their relationships and, more importantly, her best friend’s new boyfriend, David.

Sarah (my girlfriend’s best friend) would tell her: “Yes, I dated many smaller guys, so I wasn’t expecting that! But he’s huge, I guess about 8.5 inches! I tell you girls, once you feel a cock inside you that size, anything else will feel small compared to it.’

My girlfriend would reply: “Gosh, girl, leave some inches for the rest of us,” with a light tone and a laughing voice.

Her best friend then: “Why? Haha, is your man not packing what you desire?”

My girlfriend: “Well…”

Her best friend again: “Now I’m curious about Robert’s size! Tell me! Tell me!”

All her girlfriends would stare at my girlfriend, waiting for her answer. I was a little nervous at that moment. But then, simultaneously, I asked myself why I should be nervous. I’ve got a decent-sized 7-inch cock.

While my thoughts drifted off a little, I could hear my girlfriend say, “Three inches.”

All her girlfriends started laughing hysterically, leaving me in complete shock. She lied in front of her girlfriends to humiliate me. The music around us got louder afterward, so I couldn’t hear what else they might have discussed. I could only see them getting closer together, and somehow looked like they would whisper things to one another. This would end my first real SPH experience. And I was scared as hell walking up to them, seeing their faces and what their reactions would be.

I don’t know if my girlfriend just wanted to tease me, play with my kink, and tell me about the conversation or if she enjoyed the humiliation of me herself. Nevertheless, I couldn’t prove anyone she was wrong! I couldn’t just go up to them and show them my cock, so now everyone thinks I’m three inches, and I can’t do anything about it. It somehow turns me on a lot, but at the same time, I feel kind of humiliated and uneasy.


While this reader had a nice dream…

I was at home sitting by myself when a friend called me to come to her house. It was a pretty hot girl with big boobs and a pretty good ass, so I wanted to please her, so I came around. When I arrived at the house, she waited for me in her living room with two hot friends. They made me get naked, and when I took off my underwear to reveal my two-inch soft penis, they all laughed and called it names like: “tiny clit” or “nipple dick.”

Then they made me lie down on the couch, and one of the girls held her phone in front of me. She scrolled through, and it was all hot images/videos of them, and then one of the videos was one of them in a bikini, jiggling her boobs. This made me cum without using my hands, and they all filmed it and sent it to everyone they knew and were friends with.


This reader gets some brutal feedback from his girlfriend…

At the time, my gf had no clue how much SPH turned me on, and quite frankly, neither did I until she would subtly say things that weren’t intentional or meant to humiliate me. I find the brutal honesty of the situation such a turn-on! The first time was when she gave me a blowjob for the first time. I was a little nervous and completely soft, and nervous even smaller. She was playing with my cock with two fingers trying to get it hard, and yelled, “It’s so puny, let’s get it bigger.”

Her saying triggered something in me, and I got hard almost instantly. She used the words ‘puny’ several times after that, but unfortunately, she realized it might hurt my feelings and stopped. Another time was when she talked with me about one of her ex-boyfriends and was open about everything. I asked if he was big.

She responded, “He’s really big, a man’s cock for sure.”

That sentence is etched in my mind. Like I said, the best part is that it was not intentional SPH toward me, just brutal honesty, which makes it so hot for some reason.


Another reader gets a new nickname…

Once, my wife and I were at our local bar. We had a bet with the bartender, who is a girl, about something that doesn’t matter in this story. We lost, and she was trying to think of something as our loss payment. I didn’t mention that whoever lost had to do a dare. She started mentioning it to other people there, and of course, one of the guys said, “She should get naked,” talking about my wife.

All the guys there love her, so it wasn’t a surprise. Our bartender friend turns to us and says, “Yeah, you both get naked for 15 minutes.”

Now, I love getting naked, and even with my tiny softie, it usually doesn’t bother me, but I was so nervous this time. My wife got undressed seductively right away, much to the joy of every guy there. There were some girls too there but lots of guys mostly. She looked incredible, so it didn’t bother her. I stood up, took my shirt off, slipped my shorts off, and there it was, my innie. Most guys laughed and covered their faces, and the girls stationed to get a look and giggled like crazy. I tried to fluff it up, but my nerves took over, and my little dick just wanted to hide.

The bartender didn’t let us sit down. She gestured for us to say hi to everyone, so as my wife paraded around like a beautiful peacock, I mustered the courage to deal with it and went around to everyone and just let them see everything. It was quite liberating after a bit, and I no longer mind it. Some girls took pics of me, which I can only imagine they use for jokes and laughter, and guys took pictures of my wife, which I can imagine they use for many different purposes.

When it was all done, we returned to our spots to dress again and continued the night. Some guys came in after for a treat when they heard what they missed. My wife would strip down, make a couple of turns, and get dressed again. She loves the attention. No one asked me to get naked again. But I do have a new nickname at the bar.

Shrimp 🦐


Meanwhile, this reader watched an old sex tape with his wife…

I’ve always wanted my wife to fuck someone else, but she was too shy to do it. The other day, I stumbled upon her old sex tapes with her ex on her laptop. I was helping her clean, and she said for my birthday, we could watch them during foreplay.

So we get some red wine, a charcuterie board, and all that jazz and hook up her laptop to the 75-inch TV in our living room and start the hour-long video during the first part of the video. It’s just them setting up the camera and talking. My wife and I were talking, and she asked one last time, “You’re sure you’re OK with this?”

I told her I was, and I was excited. In the video, they still hadn’t done anything, so I poured us the wine, and we made small talk and drank half the bottle. Now she’s a bit drunk and says, “Babe, no matter what you see here, just know I married you, Hun.”

I started getting anxious. I finish my glass of wine and am so fucking nervous/horny about what will happen. My wife is toasted off her glass and a half, has her head on my thigh, and starts teasing me. About the moment she reaches my semi-hard dick, her ex in the video pulls his cock out, and Holy shit. He was three times my size, and I felt this weird mixture of sadness/anxiety, but it was greatly overpowered by how horny it made me. The sadness and anxiety of it was maybe 10% compared to 90% horny. Anyway, I brick up instantly at the site of her exes big cock, and my drunk ass wife looks at me confused.

“Do you like how much bigger his cock is, babe? 🤭”

I can’t lie at this point and just nod my head forward, and she starts playing with my dick with one finger and says, “I couldn’t do this with his thick cock. It was too heavy.”

I almost came less than a minute into the action, but she let off because she felt it coming. And as I watch her deepthroat his long thick cock she looks over at me in a bragging manner and takes my whole cock and one of my balls in her mouth and does that heavenly tongue thing she does for a few seconds and stops.

In the video, they swapped from head to her getting on top in reverse cowgirl, and I’ve never seen her move like that before. She bounced on his fat cock, moaning the instant he put it in, and she’s lightly jerking me off. Still, I’m on the edge of cumming already, and in the video, she starts bouncing fast. Then he held her down and fucked her like crazy from the bottom. She squirted all over him like a fucking geyser.

To put the nail in my coffin, she said, “I bet you wish you could make me cum that easy, don’t you, baby.”

I blew the fattest 5-minute load the world has ever seen. I hope she’s down to watch the rest soon because I gotta see how much he cums 😅

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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