Trunks Not Needed 2

By username55.

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Chapter 3: The Journey Home

It was now 9 am. The morning sun had emerged, and it was a beautiful day. It was the kind of day that would be perfect to talk a walk in the park in. Not too cold, not too hot. Perfect weather to do most anything. Go swimming, go hiking, even walk around naked.

OK, maybe not that last one. But one poor unlucky guy had no choice in that matter. After sobbing at his recent bad luck in a bush near the outskirts of town, he decided it would be better to get going than cry about his public nudity.

At least he had a bit of cover with that sweat rag that those horrible jogging women gave him. So, after wiping away his tears, he peeked out of the bush, took a step forward, and immediately heard a ripping sound. The rag snagged on a branch and tore in half. Great. He set off with only his hands to cover his itty bitty shame.

Not wanting someone else to catch him walking down the sidewalk, he took to the woods instead. It provided plenty of cover, and no one ever ventured down that path because it was easy to get lost. But he knew all you had to do was go straight; eventually, he’d get into the city.

How he’d get through all that city to his house was a bridge he’d cross when he got there, but for now, he marched his naked butt towards home.

As he walked through the densely packed forest path, the rocks and dirt felt uncomfortable on his feet. He could swear that the trees were poking and prodding him like they were alive and taking joy in his nudity. He always hated hiking, and doing it naked did little to change his opinion.

Soon though, the cover of trees ended, and he was standing before a large field of flowers. Aside from the trees behind him, it had no cover beside the flowers. Seeing no one around for miles, he dashed into the field and ducked down.

He slowly stood up to look around much better and saw no one for miles. Just him and a seemingly endless field. He stood around for a bit, expecting someone to pop out of nowhere and make fun of him again. No one. It was quiet as all he could hear was the gentle breeze and the rustling of the flowers as he walked.

The flowers covered him from the waist down, so eventually, he uncovered, letting his little rosebud bounce free in the flowers. He took in his surroundings.

The sun was fully out, warming his body but otherwise wasn’t too hot. The breeze flowed all over him, but it wasn’t too chilly. The flowers also gently brushed against his ‘stamen,’ which felt just right.

As it started to perk up, he wondered what was wrong with him. A few hours ago, he was humiliated and ashamed of his nudity. Still, he was getting excited and feeling confident again, just like in his earlier skinny dipping session. At least until that horrible girl caught him.

As he got to full mast, his breathing quickened, and he uncrossed his arms and just started running with his arms in the air. He was streaking! From skinny dipping to streaking, he must be becoming an exhibitionist or something. But at this point, he didn’t care. He ran a full sprint, frolicking through the flowers. His little hard dick was flopping around, his butt jiggling without restraint; he felt like he was one with nature!

He closed his eyes and just felt the breeze between his knees. With a big smile on his face as well as a massive blush, he couldn’t believe how naughty he was being. It was liberating, running nude without a care in the world. All those cares seemed to have blown away in the breeze. He almost considered shouting in jubilation at his newfound freedom. Still, he decided against it cause he was pushing his luck.

He felt free! He felt fully confident! He felt so alive! He felt—


Like an idiot, he opened his eyes and realized the field was far behind him and the park in front of him. The good news is that park is very close to the street he’d have to go down to get to his house. The bad news is that today was the day the birdwatcher’s club met to search out and capture birds on film.

About a dozen cameras were aiming right at his little baby birdy, standing proud as he ran in front of them. The clicking of the cameras finally brought the message that he needed to cover up to his brain, and he brought his hands down and ran as fast as he could through the crowd.

As he ran, many of the birdwatchers (mostly female, because, of course) took the time to chase after him, catching his bouncing buns and little pecker on film. Comments about his wiggling worm and how they could use it to lure in more birds. He did not like that idea and tried to avoid their cameras.

He hid in an alleyway on the park’s outskirts and tried to find a hiding spot. All he saw was garbage. He quickly emptied one of the cans and hopped right in as they ran past the alley.

It smelled terrible and was gross, but it was preferable to being ogled by all those people. He was going to have to take a shower once he got home. When he got home, he realized the alleyway connects to the busiest part of town.

This spot was where all the businesses were located. Everyone did their shopping, took their lunch break, or even hung out. Even the stealthiest of ninjas could only sneak around some of the crowds there, and he was no ninja. He had to find something to wear. Anything. But the only thing around him, as previously established, was trash and some old cardboard boxes.

He could empty one of the bags and use it as a poncho. He got out of the can and ripped open one of the bags, but the smell alone made him almost puke. He’d rather go naked than smell like THAT, even in his unclothed state. Could he use one of the cardboard boxes as a cover?

He searched through the various boxes. Most were either ripped into shreds that were too small to use as cover, too disgusting and filthy, or both! But finally, he found a box that was just the right size for him to cover up, and that was relatively clean. It looked like it was once an economy-sized box of Vienna sausages. ‘Really?’ he thought. ‘Is this the only thing I got?’ All the predictable jokes about his Vienna sausage went through his mind. Still, ultimately, it was this or his hands, and he’d rather take his chances with the box than run out there with nothing.

He put his legs through the bottom of the packaging and pulled them up like a pair of shorts. They were a bit snug on his backside, but ultimately, they fit as long as he held it up. With his new attire, if you want to call it that, he walked towards the end of the alleyway and into the business district. His heart was pounding, and he immediately got some funny looks as they saw this guy wearing what only looked like a box and nothing else.

He froze as a few people stared. Every cell in his body was screaming just to run and hide again. He could live in the garbage forever. No, he needed to get out of here, but maybe if he pretended nothing was wrong, they’d go about their business and leave him alone.

He took a couple of deep breaths and just walked. Staring straight ahead and not even looking around. He shook like a leaf and broke into a cold sweat as he heard a few people giggling at his new fashion statement. As he was about to get to an intersection, he saw a group of girls turn the corner toward him! Both parties were sure surprised, but the girls were more so. His legs locked up at that moment as they walked toward him with big smiles. He felt like he was about to pass out. He tried convincing himself that this was normal to keep from panicking.

He kept thinking to himself, ‘I am wearing clothes. This box is considered clothing. I am not naked. No one can see anything. I am covered. This is completely normal.’ He kept repeating that over and over as he slowly started walking again. As the girls got closer to him, they started following him instead of where they were originally going.

“Well, hello there. Nice day for a walk, isn’t it?”

“Love the outfit you got there.”

“Hehe, what an adorable package you have there. Can I take a peek inside?”

He tried to ignore them and quickened his pace just a bit to try and get away. Still, the box was already straining to keep him covered due to a combination of movement and sweat. As he got to the crosswalk, he was forced to stop to wait for the moment to pass safely.

“Are we shy, cutie?”

“He’s turning sooooo red.”

“I sure could go for a Vienna sausage right now. How about the rest of you?”

The other ladies agreed, with a few licking their lips like he was just a snack for the hungry lionesses surrounding their prey. He kept tapping that crosswalk button like his life depended on it. But then one of the ladies got bold, put her hand into the box, and gently started pulling it down.

That’s when our protagonist decided to just run without even checking for the cars. He kept repeating that mantra to himself, but he couldn’t block out all the crude jokes and catcalls even with that.

He just kept hearing things like, “Is that package addressed to me? I’ll sign for it.” and “Hey sexy, can I have some of that sausage of yours?” and “LOOK OUT! THERE’S A CAR COMING!” and hang on what was that last one?


He turned to look and sure enough a car was coming at him! He leaped forward just in time to prevent himself from becoming roadkill. That was close, but as he got back up, he realized there was a casualty. He felt a breeze in the back of the box he was wearing.

No, there was no way.

He felt the back of his outfit. Sure enough, all he felt was himself.

“Whoooo! Nice ass, cutie!”

“Looks like there was some cake in that box.”

“Shake it, boy!”

“I didn’t know the moon came out this early.”

“What I wouldn’t give to grab a handful of that. Rawr.”

As he turned the other cheek(s) and covered them up with a big blush on his other cheeks, he sheepishly smiled and backed away. A bit of humor may make them go away.

“This has been fun, ladies, but I must get going now. There is nothing to see here. You can go back to whatever it was you were up to.”

But then, as he got to the other side, he noticed a crowd forming in the middle of the intersection. It started to surround him and block any routes he might’ve had for an escape and traffic. At first, the other people in traffic were angry, but then they saw what was holding things up and looked on in glee as they rolled down their windows to tease this naked guy’s big squishy moon.

“OK, so they’ve seen your butt, big deal…” he thought to himself, trying to find the positive in this situation, “…at least the front of the box is still-”

The box finally had enough and fell as if right on cue. It even fell apart at the seams, ensuring no part of it was useful as a cover! He felt his dick bounce into the open, with his hands still on his buttocks. A simultaneous gasp came from the crowd forming around him. For a brief period, silence, and then the crowd went wild!





“Heh, I told you his package was adorable.”

“They don’t look as big as they do on the box, do they?”

That last girl was even wiggling her pinky finger to rub it in. He stood there in disbelief, with that deer-in-the-headlights look.

‘This-this can’t be real,’ he thought. ‘I can’t be naked in the middle of town, in front of hundreds of people, most of them women. This is a nightmare. A bad dream. Any moment now, I’ll wake up in a cold sweat and be in bed, wearing my PJs. Yup, any second now.’ He started to panic. ‘Any time now. PLEASE?’

He started frantically pinching himself in various places, no matter how hard he pinched. He was still there. Hundreds of women still mocked and laughed at him because he was completely naked. This was real. 100% real. His nudity, the cameras, the laughter, and his utter humiliation. IT WAS ALL REAL! Time seemed to slow down for him. What felt like hours of him standing there, dumbfounded with his fear-shrunken dick on display for this laughing crowd, was just a few seconds.

He finally covered up, but his legs were still locked in place. He looked around for any sympathy from the crowd. There was none, just a sea of pinky fingers wiggling around, thumb and forefingers being brought closer together, cameras clicking and videos being recorded, and a cacophony of laughter and jokes at his expense.

‘My life is over,’ he thought. ‘My humiliation is going viral between all this and whatever Rina captured. Everyone knows what I look like naked, my penis is small, and they’ll never let me live this down! It can’t possibly get much worse than this!’

It can always get worse. You’d think he’d know that by now.


Both the naked guy and the crowd turned to look at whoever that was. It was a policewoman. ‘Of course, it’s a woman. Why wouldn’t it be?’ thought the lad, cursing whatever cruel god happens to be doing this to him. The policewoman was rapidly approaching him.

“Well, what have we here? Did we forget our clothes today, or did you want to show off in front of all these people here?” the policewoman said.

He tried to stammer out an answer but couldn’t find coherent words.


A few girls in the crowd thought it would be funny to make this worse on him. “Thank goodness you’re here! This young man asked people about his sausage and mooned us all!”

“Yeah, and he has a concealed weapon between his hands!”

“Sir, is this true?” the cop asked.

“N-no, they’re lying! I just lost my clothes while skinny dipping and—”

“Skinny dipping? That’s public indecency! Not to mention you’re running around here naked in broad daylight. That’s public nudity. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to take you in.”

“Could you take me in? No, please, I swear I wasn’t doing this on purpose. This was all just a misunderstanding, I swear!”

“Ladies, was this man truly embarrassed, or was he flaunting himself?”

He looked around, hoping that someone would back him up on this. Those hopes, like many of his others today, were dashed.

“He was walking around wearing nothing but a box of Vienna Sausages, with a big smile.”

“Yeah, he then ripped it off in the middle of the street and stood there with his hands on his ass for a good minute.”

“It’s true. We got video proof.”

The cop looked back at the shivering naked guy in the street. At this point, he’s starting to think that he would’ve liked the car to hit him instead of this. “So one of these women here says you’re concealing a weapon in your hands. What kind is it?”

Before he could say there was no weapon, the crowd started naming various small weapons.

“A peashooter!”

“A shiv!”

“A Swiss Minigun C1ST!” Everyone turned to look at the one who said that. “Google it.”

“Well, sir, I’d better check what kind of heat your packing there. Put your hands up and show me.”

“Please, officer, just let me go. I—”

“I said, put your hands up.”

“Just give me something, anything to wear.”

“Oh, you’ll get something to wear. A nice comfy orange prison jumpsuit. PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW!”

“No, I can’t. It’s too embarrassing!” he screamed, starting to cry.

She then pulled out a stun gun and pointed it right at him! “FINAL WARNING, HANDS UP OR ELSE!”

Scared out of his mind and not wanting to be tazed, he closed his eyes and threw his hands in the air.

“Please, don’t shoot!”

As soon as he did that, he braced for the electric shock of the taser, but nothing happened. Everyone went silent. After a bit of silence, he opened his eyes. The cop was staring at his little pistol, her hand to her mouth, trying to cover it. She had tears in her eyes and was trying to hold back laughter. But try as she might, the dam burst, and laughter came out.


This caused a wave of laughter to spread throughout the crowd as well. As well as much more jokes at his expense.

“Guess she doesn’t have to do a strip search!”

“Having a dick that small might be punishment enough.”

“You should do a cavity search. That big booty could be hiding anything.”

“Don’t drop the soap once you get there, little guy!”

That last one filled him with dread as he realized he wouldn’t survive a day in jail! Tears started forming in his eyes. No one was lifting a finger to help him besides their pinkies. The pinkies weren’t much help. Those not wiggling their pinkies or making mean comments were practically on the floor rolling in laughter. Some of them were, including the cop, clutching her sides in hilarity. Wait a second. The cop was on the floor, both hands away from her stun gun, eyes watering in tears of laughter.

He realized this was his moment. With the cop distracted, he could escape! He looked around, and while they were still giggling and laughing at him, some ladies stepped aside to open an opening for him! As he gripped his shame, he booked it! He ran through the crowd and endured their pinches, pokes, smacks to the butt, comments, and all those flashing phone cameras.

One woman even screamed, “Run, baby dick, run!”

Every nerve in his body was firing on all cylinders. As he ran past the crowd, the cop finally realized her perp was getting away.

“What? Get back here, you baby dick freak!” the cop warned.

The other women started blocking her path to let our hapless hero escape.

“You won’t get away forever! I’ve committed your face, tiny dick, and ass to memory. I will find you, and you will face the consequences! Do you hear me?” the policewoman shouted after him.

He ran as faster as he ever thought he could, with his hands tightly covering himself. More people saw him as he streaked through the town. So many comments, laughter, and cameras were directed at him. As he saw his street, he closed his eyes and started screaming as he ran. If nothing else, then to block the teasing and mocking he had to endure at this point.

After a few minutes, he realized he couldn’t hear the crowd’s laughter anymore. He opened his eyes. He was finally in the suburbs. As he turned down the sidewalk, he hid behind trees, signs, lawn ornaments, and anything he could hide behind. He heard a few of his neighbors out and about and hid in a bush until he didn’t hear them anymore. As he hid, he mulled everything that had happened thus far. All he wanted to do was go skinny dipping. Was that so wrong? Why was the world at large punishing him for such a harmless crime?

Did he do something in a past life to deserve this? Was this karma finally catching up with him? What could he have done wrong to deserve this!? Was the universe waiting for him to whip his dick out so they could expose it to everyone?

It made no sense. He had to be cursed or something. There was no other explanation for everything to go wrong this badly. No matter the case, once he got home, he’d never leave the house again. He’d never even be naked again. He’d never take his clothes for granted again. He’d wash, clean, and iron them. He’d never shower naked or wear his swim trunks, or at least he will once he buys new ones.

He could change his name and move to a new town. Far away from this place. Far away from those jogging women, far away from those birdwatchers, far away from that crowd, far away from that cop, and especially far from Rina. That conniving wench, that horrible girl, that harpy, she was the cause of all this. He hoped he never saw her again for as long as he lived. He peaked out of the bush. The coast was clear, and his house was right there! He went for it!

He ran across the street, and finally, he was home. He made it. Walking up to his front door, he felt like he could cry tears of happiness. Finally, this nightmare was over! He was so happy. He reached into his pocket for his keys. The pocket of his trunks that were not on his body. The pocket would contain the baggie that had his keys in it. The baggie that contained his keys that were still with Rina. As he felt nothing but smooth skin where his keys would be, he realized he was stuck outside his house, possibly for good.

He still felt like crying, but he was no longer happy. He was now essentially homeless. He could get a locksmith, but he didn’t want to walk back to the city to find one, nor was he a fan of asking his neighbors to call one in his current state of undress. He leaned his head on the front door and gently banged it with said head, utterly broken in defeat. As he was about to cry in another bush to start his new life of being a homeless nudist laughingstock, he saw a piece of paper taped to the door.

It was a sign that read: ‘Check behind the plant’ with an arrow pointing to the fake plastic plants he had outside to present a false image of someone who could care for plants. He did as the sign said and found the baggie with his phone and keys behind the plant! He couldn’t believe it. How did they get here? Did someone bring them here? Someone must’ve taken them from her and brought them back. He wasn’t complaining, but he had no idea how this miracle occurred. A low whistling noise interrupted his thoughts as he pondered how they arrived. He turned his head to see a dogwalker staring right at him.

“Hehe, didn’t know the moon came out in the mid-afternoon. You’d better hide that giant thing. You might cause someone to turn into a werewolf.”

As she jokingly howled and started laughing, he quickly unlocked the door and ran inside, careful not to let her see his front. He slammed the door behind him and slid to the floor. He heard the dogwalker start cackling as she walked away. But he didn’t care. He was home. Finally, it’s over. As he felt the warm carpet on his back, he felt at peace for the first time in hours.

He looked at the clock. It was three pm. That felt like days, weeks, even months. But thankfully, it was over. He got up off the floor and went to take a shower. Hopefully, it would wash the shame off of him. As well as the dirt, garbage, sweat, and other such things on his person.

He got in the shower, ensuring the door was locked, and turned on the water. As he soaped his body to wash away the pain that today had brought him, he started thinking about all those women. Before today, the only woman who saw him naked was his mother, and that was only when she changed his diapers and a female doctor he saw when he was a teen. That one was the most humiliating thing he had to endure until today.

Now the people who’ve seen him naked total past the thousands. He thought about all those people. All those laughing faces, all those cruel comments, all those pinkies and small penis signs. All those girls are pointing straight at his dick.

And, of course, Rina, that damn Rina. With her horrible giggling and mocking laughter. Her sparkling green eyes looked straight at him. That smile of hers as she teased his tinyness. She caused all those women to notice him and his small shame. She even almost made him jack off right in front of her! ‘How…how…dare she make… I do all that in front of her…that terrible…adorable…sexy…beautiful…’ he immediately stopped everything.

His thoughts were getting strange, and he noticed that he was scrubbing a certain part of his body just a bit too much. As he stood under the water, fully unsure of where all that came from, he turned the water temperature to freezing. All those naughty thoughts disappeared in an instant.

“M-Much b-better,” he said to no one in particular.

He turned the water off, dried off with a towel, and wrapped the towel around his waist. He then put on a robe over the towel. He was not taking any more chances. He then went to his bedroom dressed in his favorite blue Hawaiian shirt, cargo pants, and fuzzy green slippers. As he stood there, fully clothed for the first time in hours, he ran his hands over his clothes.

He couldn’t believe it. He savored the feeling of the fabric. Never again. Never again would he go naked. Nothing would ever make him go through that again. But for now, he would put all that behind him and eat lunch. He was starving. He got his keys and phone from the baggie and was about to make a sandwich when he saw something that wasn’t there before. A folded-up piece of paper. He unfolded it and saw that it was a note.

‘Hmm, must be a note from the kind samaritan that brought my stuff back. I’ll be sure to thank them later,’ he thought. He read the note, and as he read further into it, his relief at having escaped from those crowds, butt naked, gradually was replaced with a look and feel of pure dread. Why? Cause it became clear that the kind samaritan that brought his stuff to his front door was Rina herself!

He stared into space with a thousand-yard stare. How? How did she find out where he lived? It then dawned on him that his keys had a keychain that had an inscription on them that read: ‘If lost, please return to this address.’ It only just occurred to him what a bad idea that was. Not only could a burglar have found it and robbed his house, but a stalker could also waltz right in and even be here now!

He panicked, put down the note, and ran through the house, checking every door, closet, and conceivable place she could hide! Nothing, thank goodness, but he was getting rid of that keychain as soon as possible. As he calmed down, he took the time to read through the note fully.

The note read:

Dear Nudie Cutie. <3 Did you miss me? I couldn't stop thinking about our ‘little’ encounter at the beach. I felt bad about making you streak home in your adorable birthday suit. So to make it up to you, I wanted to invite you for a date. Bring your best suit and some flowers. We'll have dinner and some more fun together. You and your adorable baby weenie have run through my head all day. I can't wait to see you there. Love, Rina.

As he finished reading that, he screamed, “Why would I ever date her? Huh, oh, there’s more.”

P.S. If you’re wondering why you’d ever date me, I suggest you check your phone, if you don’t mind. See you there.’

With renewed dread and panic, he looked at his phone. One new message from Rina. She must’ve added herself to his contacts. He knew he should’ve added a password to his phone. Today was just full of his own bad decisions.

He checked the message. It was a video. He pressed play and saw that it was a recording of Rina on what looked to be a computer. On the screen was a video as well, and she hit play.

It was a video of him dancing but edited to match the song’s beat about short dick men. He stared aghast at himself, wiggling his butt to the beat as crudely photoshopped pinching hand emojis and eggplants covered his nudity (thankfully). Text on the video pretty much asked whoever she was going to send this video to ‘send it to all your girlfriends so we get this little dick to go viral’ and ‘he didn’t show up for our date, so I’m making his itty bitty clitty famous’ and all that in comic sans no less, his eye twitched, and his heart sank.

She had him metaphorically by the balls once more. He thought it couldn’t get worse until the video within the video ended, and she minimized the window on her computer to reveal 100s of pictures and videos of him in various compromising positions. All were naked, and some were censored, but most were not. Some were just zoomed-in shots of his dick. As she finished scrolling, she turned the camera towards her. That smug face stared back at him once more.

“You like the video I made of you, cutie? My friends will love it too. But something tells me you probably don’t like it.” Rina then put her hand to her chin and pretended to think briefly before saying, “Oh, you want me to delete all these cute pics and videos of you? Then come over in person and ask me nicely.”

She then blew a kiss into the camera, giggled that horrible yet adorable giggle, and ended the video. Those three little dots bounced up as he returned to his messages, and a new message was sent: ‘So, what time should we schedule our date?’

At this point, a strange mix of feelings went through his mind. Embarrassment was the main part of this. Still, there was also dread and fear at being essentially blackmailed into a date with a person who has done nothing but torment him at this point, a natural reaction, I’m sure. Still, he felt one more feeling he hadn’t felt in a long time.


With the hand he wasn’t holding the phone with clenched and ready to punch something, he let out a scream that had equal parts rage and despair. How could this woman toy with him this much? He hasn’t known her for a day, and she seems to want to play with him like he was just a toy to her!

She strips him naked, makes him run halfway across town, and then blackmails him into coming to her house and having it done all over again? To what end, what could she possibly want from him? Why him? He couldn’t even believe it. This horrid girl. This, dare he even say it? This bitch, has the gall to try and ask him out after everything that has occurred?

He started ranting out loud to himself. “I’m not even the only one Rina’s done this to! So many other guys have also gone through this if she wasn’t lying about that. Did she blackmail them too? Does she get off on messing with guys or something?”

But as he was busy bemoaning his fate at being forced to become a plaything for someone who just wanted to see him suffer, he realized something. If he could get her address, he not only had proof that she was blackmailing him but now knew that others had also gone through this. He could gather their testimonies, and together, they could put her behind bars. He had a big smile imagining her being put in a police cruiser by that policewoman he encountered earlier.

It would be perfect poetic justice and wait, that policewoman. Considering that he’s technically a fugitive now due to his stint of public nudity, he’d probably be taken in too! That’s even assuming they’d believe anything he said about that. He’d be the only one going to jail. Even then, if somehow he was lucky enough to have her sent to jail and he got off free, there wouldn’t be anything stopping her from sending out those pictures and videos once she was freed! There was only one way he could see to get out of this. He had to play her little game.

He knew at this point that half the town had seen him naked and who knows how many others, even those around the country, maybe even the world! But at least those showed that he was embarrassed and unwilling to be naked. Rina’s videos had him with a big smile, not even covering up! It’s one thing to have been caught naked in public. It’s another to be considered an exhibitionist! The plan was clear. He had to go on this date with her, find a way to get her to delete the videos and pictures or do that himself, or failing that, find evidence of her previous strippings somehow, and then he could finally get revenge. He’d be a hero!

So this was it. He knew what he had to do. This could go wrong in so many ways. Still, after everything he went through today, nothing Rina could do to him could even be as humiliating, right? Before he lost his nerve, he texted her: ‘What day is good for you?’

A few minutes later, he was told in three days and then was sent her address. Feelings of unease went through him once more. Here’s hoping that he didn’t just make things worse for himself.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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