Trunks Not Needed 1

By username55.

Chapter 1: The Bare Beginning

It was a beautiful night, sometime between 4 and 6 am, on a lone beach in a small coastal town. Despite living here all his life, a guy around 20 never really went to the beach. He was usually more of a pool person and a water park type of guy, if only cause you could do other things there, or it was indoors.

Well, he was alone on the beach in the middle of the night. Why is this? Well, a long time ago, during a trip to a water park as a teenager, he was floating down the lazy river when he had a somewhat dumb idea. Pretend he was hanging on to the wall for dear life against the current like he was being swept away by the currents in Sonic 3’s Hydrocity Zone. Why was this dumb? Well, that’s silly to do altogether. Various people would probably have slammed into him, or the inner tubes could’ve knocked him around.

But the one thing that, while not too dangerous, was just as unwelcome of an outcome. He was having a blast as he hung onto the wall and lifted his legs until his lower half suddenly felt lighter. His trunks got swept away by the currents! Thankfully he noticed rather quickly and didn’t have to swim far to get them. But in the brief time he swam without those trunks, he felt like a weight was lifted from him, and he felt a lot freer. It lasted less than a minute before he got those trunks back on, but swimming became less interesting as soon as he did.

He wanted to experience that feeling of swimming naked again, but he was far too modest to rip off his trunks in a crowded water park. Though he never got the opportunity to do so, he lost the nerve to try as the years passed. Years later, he was surfing the forums dedicated to nudism. He may or may not have a slight obsession with nudity when he came across a thread about people trying out skinny dipping.

A user named ‘RINABEACHGIRL’ said that one of the best places to skinny dip was a small beach near the freeway of a certain coastal town. Wouldn’t you know it, that beach near the freeway of a certain coastal town was a brief 30-minute drive from his house! That user said that the best times to do it were around 4-6 am when no one was awake or around.

Which brings us back to the present. After parking his car near the side of the road and walking down to the shoreline, he was here. There were no houses or businesses for a few miles in either direction. There truly was no one around. The fact that the sun was barely about to rise meant it wasn’t too dark, so it was the perfect time to get skinny dipping.

He brought only his blue swim trunks, car keys, and phone. It was time for the moment of truth. Time to drop those shorts! After looking around and ensuring he was alone, he put his fingers into his waistband and slowly pulled them down.

He still had his doubts about doing this. ‘What if someone sees me naked? What if they tease me and make fun of me? What if they steal my clothes?’ Those thoughts and more flooded his mind as his trunks hit the sandy beach beneath him. His hands shot down to his crotch in a flash, just in case anyone else was around.

As he checked and re-checked his surroundings and uncovered himself. He looked down at the formally covered spot and remembered why he was so hesitant to try this in the first place. For the most part, he was conventionally attractive. He had somewhat unkempt shaggy black hair and a tan complexion. He was quite tall at around 6’4 and in decent shape. Unfortunately, there was one tiny problem with his body. His dick happened to be that tiny problem.

When he looked down, he saw a small flesh-colored mushroom with a pink tip. He had no pubic hair cause he heard that shaving it all off makes it look bigger (it did not help), and now, despite the rest of his body is 20 years old, his penis looked to be about 5. Maybe ten on a good day. That’s definitely age, not length in inches.

He’d never been naked outside his house before. Even in his house, he was never seen without shorts, a robe, a towel, or anything. He locked the door to the bathroom during a shower despite living alone. He always changed in the bathroom stall in locker rooms and never used urinals. His penis, or heck, his lower half, never really saw daylight. But then again, neither did the rest of him, as he never really left the house unless he needed to.

As he stepped out of his trunks without clothing, he felt the cool breeze all over his body. As he dug a small hole in the sand, he placed his shorts in the hole, his keys, and his phone in a plastic baggie. (Remember, electronics and sand don’t mix) he felt a slight stirring in his loins.

His little mushroom seemed to enjoy feeling the breeze as it extended to 4 inches. Standing tall and proud (OK, just proud) gave him a sense of freedom and a newfound energy. He started moving his body around, feeling the wind from his head to his toes.

He jogged around a small section of the beach, feeling his weenie bounce with each step. It was electrifying, and he loved it. He shook his hips, making it wiggle. He put his hands on his hips and did a sort-of belly dance. He even pretended he was a runway model showing off his birthday suit as the imaginary audience cheered for him and loved him. He was so ecstatic that he was finally out here. But now it was time actually to get in the water. Fully confident in his body image for the first time in years, he buried his stuff. He placed a small shell on the sand mound to ensure it was the correct pile of sand and then ran into the water, almost skipping into the ocean. He was just that happy.

As he went about waist-deep into the water, he almost screamed. God damn, it was super cold. He forgot that you needed to wet your body with water before swimming. Otherwise, your body gets a shock to the system like this. He shivered briefly and rubbed the remaining top half of his body with seawater before continuing into the deeper parts. Once he was in an area where he could freely float around, he looked back down at himself and found that his manhood had fully regressed into his boyhood. Cold water will do that to you. But he floated in pure bliss as the gentle waves lapped around him.

He couldn’t believe it, a lifelong dream realized. He was finally skinny-dipping, and it felt fantastic. The stars shined down as if to watch his grand display of nudity. He could hear nothing but the sounds of the ocean.

“I’m doing it,” he said to no one. “I’M SKINNY DIPPING!” he yelled out, though he immediately covered his mouth in case anyone heard him. He then started to whisper. “I’m swimming in the raw. In my birthday suit with my twig and berries floating in the water.”

He was practically giddy with excitement. He jumped into the waves, which caused a rather strange sensation around his nethers. He was once again at full mast. He then giggled and said in a somewhat gruff voice, “Captain, there appears to be an enemy vessel approaching us from above. Up periscope. Aye-Aye, Captain!”

He then floated on his back to let his pole point straight into the sky. Once that naughty joke was played out, he dove under the waves. Feeling the currents on his entire body was an experience he’d never forget. Once he resurfaced, he noticed that the sky seemed slightly brighter. Looks like the sun will be up soon. All good things must come to an end.

As he was swimming towards the shore, wondering if he should put a pool in his backyard so he could skinny dip closer to home, he felt something pull him back. He heard the sound of rushing water and looked behind him just in time to see a massive wave about to crash down on him. Before he could swim for it, the wave scooped him up and sent him back to shore in a flurry of naked limbs. He was tumbling and rolling around. He briefly thought he would be taken out to sea or drowned but just as quickly as the way appeared, it slammed him onto the shore.

Aside from getting some water up his nose, getting coated in sand, and getting a bit dizzy, he was perfectly fine. He wondered where a freak wave like that could have come from. ‘Maybe Poseidon got tired of my naked antics and tossed me back to shore,’ he thought. He shrugged it off, washed off the sand in the ocean briefly, and went to dig up his things when he noticed a hole right where a certain shell was with nothing in it.

Feeling a twinge of panic enter him, he dug into other piles. Perhaps the shell moved somehow, or maybe it was the wrong hole, but nothing was turned up. He was stranded naked on the beach with nothing to cover him up, and his stuff was stolen. He was in full panic mode. That meant someone was here—SOMEONE SAW HIM NAKED. He looked around and saw nothing and no one. His keys were in that bag, and he had nothing else to cover up with. He thought about using the shell, but it was so small that it covered nothing besides his front.

“I knew I should’ve brought backup clothes or a towel, ” he lamented.

The sun was rising fast, so he at least was thankful that he’d still be in darkness as he snuck around looking for cover, but just as he was about to set off, he heard a sound that made his blood run cold. A faint giggle.

“Wh-whose there?” he shakily cried out.

Suddenly a light shined on him, blinding him temporarily. “Well, what do we have here?” said a mysterious female voice.

He froze in the light. Though he managed to be lucky and not drown in the waves, he would soon prefer drowning over what would happen next.


Chapter 2: Enter Rina

The mysterious figure walked out of the shadows. It looked to be a girl around age 20 or so. She was clad in a pretty yellow and orange dress and had a red canvas bag around her shoulder. She had dirty blond hair done up in pigtails and beautiful green eyes. Eyes that were looking down at a teeny, tiny object nestled in between the legs of a very unlucky guy.

All he wanted to do was finally fulfill his desire to skinny dip, and his clothes mysteriously vanished. Now some random girl shows up to catch him in the raw.

‘Wait a minute,’ thought the guy. ‘A girl? A girl is looking at me. I’m naked in front of a girl! She’ll call the cops, and they’ll arrest me for indecent exposure! My life is over!’

All these thoughts and more ran through his panic-stricken brain as he stood there standing as stiff as a deer in headlights, except for a very important thought. Cover yourself.

He was so stunned he couldn’t think to cover himself. She did seem to be saying something to him, though. “Hello? Earth to the naked guy standing in front of me?”

She snapped her fingers a few times in his face, and he eventually snapped out of his humiliation-induced stupor.

“Well, are you gonna answer my question?” said the girl. ”

Wha-what was the question?” he asked.

“Was the water cold, or are you just adorably tiny?”

That made him realize that his arms were at his side. He let out a short but very high-pitched scream and finally covered himself.

She giggled and said, “No need to cover up on my account, cutie. I’ve already seen your teeny weenie ages ago.”

“You have?” he audibly gulped, and he asked the question he dreaded most. “How long have you been here?”

“Well, let’s see. I saw you pull down those little shorts of yours, then you did an adorable cute dance while you shook your weenie around, and might I add, that little hip swaying thing you did was so adorable I almost squealed. Then you went into the water and swam around a bit before you got caught in that wave and tumbled back to shore.” She then concluded her statement by smiling the sweetest (yet most devious) smile you’ve ever seen and asking, “Did I miss anything?”

His face turned so red that it was practically burgundy. “No, that’s pretty much it.” he squeaked. The two stared at each other briefly before he asked, “So, are you here to skinny dip, too, or what?”

She giggled and replied, “In your dreams, little dicky. I’m just here to gaze at the local wildlife.”

She walked around him and continued, “As well as to gaze at the wonderfully cute full moon.”

He tried to cover his butt with both hands but left his tiny pride unprotected. A quick flash of light and more girlish giggling told him he had made a grave error in judgment.

“Hehehe, memories to last a lifetime, eh, cutie?”

She then showed him her phone screen in one hand, with a full-body picture of him and his bite-sized bits in full view. On the other hand, her pinky was outstretched and wiggling to convey that his dick was tiny.

“No, you can’t do that! Delete that right now,” he yelled and started approaching her.

“Ah-Ah-Ah,” she said while wiggling her pointer finger at him like a certain blue hedgehog. “We wouldn’t want to do anything stupid now, would we? See, with one push of a button, this picture and the many others I have of you will be leaked to the internet. So unless you want your weenie to be the next social media star, you’ll do exactly as I say.”

His heart sank. She metaphorically had him by the balls. He felt tears form in his eyes as he imagined what compromising positions and images she took of him without his knowledge.

“So, cutie, here’s what’s gonna happen. You will do everything I say for the next hour or so, and I will record you for my pleasure. Suppose you listen to me like a good boy. In that case, I’ll delete all these photos right here in front of you, and maybe I’ll even lend you a towel so you can go home without showing anyone else that weenie.” She walked closer to him and looked him dead in the eye. “But if you disobey me for even a second, then your dicklette will go viral, and I have thousands of followers on every social media platform.”

He went into a cold sweat as she leaned in closer and whispered in his ear while tracing her hand slowly around his chest. “Just imagine, every woman you come across will know what you look like naked. They’re gonna know you have a tiny little, itsy-bitsy, hairless little baby weenie between those legs of yours. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see people giggling, pointing, whispering, wiggling their pinkies, and pinching their fingers together. Wearing clothes would be pointless cause the whole world would already know what you look like naked.”

The poor guy was shivering as the mental visuals of that statement sank in.

“Well, are you gonna be a good boy and do what I ask, or are you gonna be forever known as a tiny little naughty naked boy?”

He nodded silently, too scared to even speak.

“Very good.” She turned and walked a few feet to face him again. “Now, little boy, I want you to drop those hands. I want to see that wittle turtle head again.”

He complied, tears welling up in his eyes. Seeing his weenie bounce out into the open again, her eyes lit up, and she squealed joyfully.

“Eeeeee! There’s that little baby dick. It’s so cute! It’s kind of like a normal dick but fun-sized. I’m having a lot of fun, aren’t you, little guy?”

He tried closing his eyes and willing himself to be anywhere but here, but it didn’t work.

“Awww, lighten up, cutie. You should be proud. I bet your cocklette never gets this much attention. Let’s have a big smile, come on. Smile like you’re having a good time.”

He forced a grin.

“There’s my happy little boy! So adorable. You know, I liked that little dance you did earlier. Why don’t you give me an encore performance?”

She put her canvas bag down, and he danced, still sporting a cartoonishly forced grin. She chuckled as he shook his hips, making that dick bounce around. She had trouble holding her cameraphone steady as he shook his butt, which made a clapping sound as he shook it. “This is just too hilarious! Hey, I got an idea. You should helicopter for me.”

He looked a bit confused. “H-Helicopter?”

She rolled her eyes and explained to him, “You know when a guy rotates his hips in a circle, and his dick spins like a helicopter blade. Although, I don’t think you have enough of a blade to do that. Hehehehe.”

“Please, do I have to?” he pleaded.

“I don’t know, dickless. I mean, I guess I could upload these to Instagram and—”

“OK! OK! I’m doing it! Look, I’m doing it!”

He rotated his hips, but all it accomplished was making his little dick go up and down, making her laugh.

“HAHAHA, it’s so small it just goes up and down like a light switch! That’s just amazing.”

She was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes, mimicking the movement of his pinky parts by wiggling her pinky. ‘This is humiliating,’ he thought to himself, with that being the understatement of the century. ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this in front of this perverted girl. This beautiful girl is looking straight at my naked body while she gets to stay clothed. This beautiful girl with an adorable voice teasing me about my dick.’

‘Will she tell her friends?’ he wondered. ‘What would they think of me? Would she make me do this in front of them? Would they be laughing like her with all those eyes on my shame? All those girls noticing my nudity. Noticing me!’

It is true. Our hero wasn’t very lucky with girls. He was quite shy and awkward, so he mostly kept to himself. This is the most attention a female has given him in a long time, maybe even ever. Combined with the girl’s adorable giggles, that fact woke up his dick and made it start growing. He realized what was happening and tried to will it back down, but it was far too late to stop it. ‘Oh no! Please no. Not here. NOT NOW! NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO,’ his mind screamed.

She faked a gasp and said, “Oh my! Looks like somebody is having more fun than he’s letting on.”

He snapped out of his thoughts again, still doing his light switch dance, and realized he was flapping his full size around.

She jokingly said, “I guess that dance turned you on. HA!” He stopped dancing and sheepishly grinned. She approached him again and said, “Here, let me turn that light switch off for you.”

She gently pressed one of her fingers onto his short length and flicked it down like a switch. Other than making him twitch due to her touch and making it bob up and down slightly, it did nothing else. She returned and picked up her canvas bag, only for a few of its contents to spill. He saw a familiar piece of blue fabric as she hastily tried to hide it.

“Heh, clumsy me. OK, what I want you to do next is—”

“You! You stole my trunks!”

She looked at him and shrugged. “OK, so I did. This doesn’t change anything about our arrangement, right?”

“Please,” he pleaded, “Give them back to me. I’m sorry I offended you with my nudity and my erection. Please find it in your heart to let me go!”

She scoffed and said, “You think I’m doing this cause I’m angry that I caught you naked? Of course not. I love your nudity. I love all nudity that naughty guys like you show off here. You aren’t the first person I’ve seen naked here, and you aren’t the last.”

“But I thought it was a secluded spot.”

“You did, huh? Let me guess. You went on a nudism forum to try and find a place to dip your little dinky in with no one around, right?”

His heart almost stopped as she said that. “H-how did you know that? Who are you?”

“Hmm, OK, I’ll tell you, but only cause I like you so much.”

He briefly wonders what she would’ve done if she hated him.

“One of my favorite things to do is to see adorably sexy embarrassed naked guys. So I made a few posts on those nudie forums gushing about this secret out-of-the-way spot to swim in. I’m still surprised that so many people don’t realize this spot is where people mysteriously lose their clothes for some unknown reason.”

He then put two and two together. “You’re RINABEACHGIRL?”

She then curtsied and said, “In the flesh. Although, a lot less flesh than you’re showing right now. Hehe. Though you can call me Rina.”

He was set up! He knew this spot was too good to be true!

“So you ready to continue our fun time? You still got twenty minutes on the clock.”

He broke down in tears and covered himself. “Please give me back my trunks. I’m not a pervert, I swear. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Just give them back to me.”

She pretended to be deep in thought and said, “I don’t know, your little friend seems to enjoy the outdoors. Tell you what, get down on your knees and beg me for these shorts, and then maybe I’ll give them back.”

With no other options, he dropped to his knees and started begging. “Oh please, let me have them back, my queen. I want to feel the sweet, warm fiber around my waist again. I want to feel the constraint of my trunks. They’d be like a sweet hug to me. I’ll never take them off again. Just find it in your heart to be as sweet and wonderful as your appearance suggests. please!”

She then rolled her eyes, “OK, I’ll give you points for the dramatic performance there, but I’m still not convinced you need them. A pecker that small doesn’t even look like it functions.” She then thought a bit and got that deviously sweet smile again. “Maybe if you show me what that mini member of yours can do, I’ll let you wear your little swim trunks home.”

He was flabbergasted. She couldn’t be ordering him to do THAT. Not in front of her. He’d rather die. “You don’t mean?”

“Yes, I mean that. Jerk that little gherkin, and then we’ll see.”

“I’ll do anything else for you. I’ll do more dances. I’ll clean your house. I’ll give you all my money! Anything but that!”

“Well, we still have five minutes left. I can still press this button at any time. It’s your choice.”

He looked at his dick. It was twitching with excitement. His hand shakily contorted into a pinching shape and shakily approached his crotch. As it slowly approached his meat stick, he looked at Rina again for any hint of mercy, but he saw her staring at where his hand was going. As his fingers made contact, his penis felt warm.

He then saw her bite her bottom lip as he prepared to self-love. But his hand froze up. His everything froze up. His heart was beating a mile a minute, and his head was blushing so hard that he was surprised he had blood left in other parts of his body.

“Well, I’m waiting, small-fry. Jerk it. Spank that tiny monkey.”

He tried, but he couldn’t do it. He broke down sobbing and flopped forward as if bowing to her. “I’m sorry, I can’t do it! I just can’t! Please! Find it in your heart! I can’t debase myself in front of someone as gorgeous and cute as you! PLEASE!”

Rina looked taken aback by that, as if she didn’t expect him to say that. She then looked rather pensive, as if she considered letting him go. He seemed that pathetic after all. Maybe he got lucky and won her over. After almost a minute, she said, “Yeah, nah. Good luck, teenie weenie.”

She started to walk away with the bag in hand.

He crawled after her, still on his hands and knees. “PLEASE! WHAT AM I GONNA DO TO GET HOME?”

As she ran away, she responded, “I guess you gotta streak home! It’s not like you needed these to cover up that tater tot. You only need one hand. Maybe even only one pinky!”

She then took off in a full sprint, laughing the whole way. By the time he got up, she and any hope of modesty were gone. As her mocking laughter got quieter and quieter, he just stood there with his arms around his chest and his dick rapidly deflating back to its scared little boy self. He felt the breeze caress his entire body and could see daylight.

Moreover, he started to hear cars pass by on the road and that his trip was about five minutes by car. On foot, it was thirty minutes. He had to walk butt naked to his house for thirty minutes, assuming nothing went wrong. Breathing deeply to try and calm his nerves, he set off for home, gripping his shortcomings with both hands. He walked past his car and onto the side of the road. He hid behind trees and even signs every time a car passed.

‘So far, so good,’ he thought. ‘Maybe my luck is beginning to turn around.’

Unfortunately, he was paying so much attention to what was coming toward him that he forgot to check behind him. Gasps, giggles, and wolf whistles caused him to spin on his heels and look at the source. A dozen jogging women, some twice his age, slowed down as he stood there.

“Oh my! Look, girls. Someone decided to go jogging in his birthday suit.”

A chorus of giggles and “Awwwwws” sounded off as the girls teased him. He tried to run, but the women, who were more physically fit than him, surrounded him.

“What’s the rush, cutie-pie?”

“Yeah, why don’t you jog with us?”

“Yeah, work off that chubby butt of yours.”

“He’s so sexy. I want to pinch his chubby cheeks.”

“You mean his face or his bottom?”


The girls giggled and chuckled at that bit of humor. One of the girls whispered something to the other and put their little plan into action.

“He’s just so sexy and cute, but he’s hiding something in his hands that I’d like to get a look at, wouldn’t you?”

“How about it, cutie? Wanna show us what you’re hiding there?”

They all walked around to his front and slowly started approaching him. He tried to reason with them.

“Ladies, please, I’ve had a very rough morning. I’d really appreciate it if you have something I can cover myself with.” As he slowly backed away from the enraptured ladies eating the eye candy before them, he noticed something. “Say, weren’t there twelve of you a moment ago?”

It’s true. Eleven women were right in front of him, but what of the twelfth? Well, she was sneaking up behind him with a palm outstretched. Suddenly she reeled back and slapped his ass so hard that you could’ve probably heard the slap (and the resulting scream) from a mile away.

The slap stung so hard that out of instinct, he covered his butt and rubbed the affected area, only to realize what he just did as the girls suddenly went silent. Both parties were stunned into silence for a brief moment. Then one of them snickered, which broke into a couple of chuckles and then a few giggles, and finally, the full squad just straight up pointing and laughing.






The comments were flying, and the pinky fingers wiggled as he looked like he would faint from all the humiliation.

Once all the laughter and jokes quieted, he spoke up. “Please, could I have something to cover up with?”

One of them, still wiping the tears from her eyes, actually complied. “Sure, little boy, I got something to cover that up.”

She then tossed him a small rag that appeared soaked in sweat. It was barely enough to cover his crotch, which was probably the implied joke. The giggles started up again as he held it in front of him.

“Could I have something else, please?” he pleaded again.

“Well, if you aren’t going to be grateful for it, I’ll just take it back,” and she promptly attempted to take it back.

He panicked and yelled, “ON SECOND THOUGHT, I’M OK WITH THIS! BYE NOW!”

He then ran, covering his little one with a practically useless rag.

“So long, little streaker.”

“Yeah, try not to lose that rag.”

“Pfft…look at him jiggle.”

He learned a harsh lesson as he ran with a tiny sweat rag covering his front and a big red handprint covering his butt. You don’t need swim trunks to swim, but you will need them to go home.

As he approached the outskirts of the small coastal town, he hid in a nearby bush. He planned his next move very carefully, curl into the fetal position, and rethink every life choice he had up to this point. All this, and it wasn’t eight am yet.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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