Trunks Not Needed 4

By username55.

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Chapter 6: Dinner and an Unintentional Show

In a kitchen in an unassuming house in an ordinary suburb, a young man was face to face with something he didn’t expect. After being invited by his tormentor to date via threat of blackmail, he was forced to strip naked for her once more.

Now clad in nothing but her red lacy panties, she beckons him into another room. What horrors await him in this room? It was…A DINNER DATE!

…wait. That doesn’t sound horrible. It sounds nice. Still, he looked at his ‘date’ and asked, “Uh…what is all this?”

“I just told you, it’s a dinner date. We have spaghetti. What did you expect to happen?”

“More torment. Humiliation. Agony. Certainly not good-looking pasta.”

“See, I told you that you’d like it. You gotta think positive.”

For the first time in a while, he did think positively. For one, this wasn’t more humiliation, at least he hoped. For another, now that he was stripped of his prom suit, he wouldn’t get it dirty. And finally, it was spaghetti. He loved spaghetti.

“You know, I don’t always cook, but I figured this was a special occasion,” she said, looking at him and winking.

She then motioned for him to sit down. “Rina, I’m amazed you went through all this trouble for me. Especially since you didn’t think I’d show up.”

“Hehe. Oh, I knew you’d show up. Those nudie pictures and videos I have told me that you would.”

He sighed and sat down. She lit the candelabra and turned out the lights. With nothing but the soft, romantic candlelight illuminating them, she went to sit down on the other side of the table.

“So, cutie, how are you enjoying yourself thus far?”

“Oh, I’m having a ball, Rina.” He said while pouting.

“Come on, be a good sport about this. Remember, these videos will only be deleted once the date ends and you’ve treated me to a romantic candlelit dinner. Hehe.”

“Can I just ask you something, in all honesty?”


“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, why all this? You blackmailed me, stripped me naked, and now Ing forced me to have dinner with you. To what end? What do you gain from this aside from seeing me suffer?”

“I told you in the letter I wanted to make it all up to you. I felt bad about making you run around with your teenie weenie out. So I made you dinner.”

“OK, let’s just say for the sake of argument that you’re being genuine here and doing this to make it up to me.”

“But I am!”

“Right, right,” he said dismissively.

“Do you honestly think that a simple plate of spaghetti will make up for all the humiliation I faced?” he then got a fork full of spaghetti.

“I mean, it looks great, and it smells great, don’t me wrong, but even if this were the greatest pasta in the world, it still wouldn’t change my mind.”

He then took a bite of the spaghetti. But as he chewed it, he suddenly stopped. He froze mid-bite, and his eyes went wide. He dropped the fork onto the plate and entered what could only be described as a trance-like state.

Rina looked at him as if this was happening and got worried. “Uh, is everything OK, cutie? Something wrong with the spaghetti?”

He swallowed and then asked, “What is in this?”

“Well, I put some cheddar cheese, chopped-up pepperoni, and a bit of hot sauce into the spaghetti sauce. I like it, but I’m weird like that. What do you think of it?”


“Yeah? It’s what?”

“It’s…the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted,” he said, shedding a tear as he drooled over the thought of more delicious spaghetti. But then he stopped. He didn’t want to make her think she won him over with her spaghetti.

“Ahem…not that this changes anything about the current situation. Even if this is some great spaghetti, I’m still not thrilled to be here.”

“Hehe, of course.” he looked away as she smiled at his compliment about her cooking. As he ate more of this pasta, he considered asking her for the recipe…once she was behind bars.

“Oh, where are my manners? Can I get you anything to drink?”

“Uh…sure. What do you have?”

She got up and walked to her fridge. She opened the door, illuminating the room as she searched through it. “We got orange juice, lemonade, sweet tea, and various soda flavors. Those flavors are Regular Cola, Grape, and Diet Cherry Cola.”

“I’ll take some Diet Cherry, please.”

“Really? For real?”

“I mean, yes? Why? What’s wrong with my choice?” he asked.

“Nothing, it’s just…I thought I was the only one who liked this stuff.”

“I thought the same too.”

“Oh, and before you ask, no, I’m not on a diet; I just—” she said.

“Like the taste,” he said, finishing her sentence.

“Yeah…wow. Could you take a look at that? We have some things in common! Hehe.”

He was surprised by this, but he knew it had to be a coincidence. I mean, statistically, someone else had to like that soda flavor. Why else would they keep selling it? But just because she makes good spaghetti and likes the same kind of soda doesn’t mean she’s good for him. Right?

He was lost in his thoughts as she brought out two cans of Diet Cherry Cola and a couple of wine glasses. She placed one can and one glass on each side of the table. She poured her can into the glass. “Cheers, cutie.”

“Huh? Oh, right!” He did the same with his soda and brought the glass towards hers. As they rattled, she started to drink.

She said, ” I was thinking of adding some shrimp to this, but I didn’t know if you’d be allergic to shellfish.”

“I’m not allergic, but I’m not a huge fan of shrimp or seafood.”

“That’s a shame. Cause I love shrimp. But that’s OK because I might have some shrimp tonight if all goes well.”

He looked at Rina and noticed her winking as she said this. She held her pinky to her mouth and gave the tip of it a quick kiss. Giggling as she did so.

Unfortunately, he was in mid-swig of his soda at this point. He choked on it as he almost did an honest-to-god spit take at her lewd little joke. “Hehe. You OK there, cutie?”

“I’M OK!” he said while coughing and trying to get the soda out of his lungs.

“Do I need to give you mouth-to-mouth?”

“NO! I’M…*hack*…FINE!”

As he calmed down, catching his breath. Rina just sat there with that smug look on her face. “She’s messing with me. She has to be! Look at her! That horrid witch! With those green sparkling eyes and that beautifully sweet smile. There has to be some sinister plan in that head of hers.”, he thought to himself as he finally breathed normally again.

“So, tell me a bit about yourself. I have so many questions. What goes on inside that head of yours? What do you find attractive in a woman? What do you like to do for fun? Do you even have a name, or do I keep calling you cutie?”

He took a deep breath and said, “Well, Rina, thanks to you, I go by many names. Ever since my streak home, thanks to your little PRANK, I’ve been called dicklette, baby dick, a member of the itty bitty clitty committee, needle dick, Little Richard, teenie-weenie boy, small fry, tic-tac, little smokie, micropenis, cocklette, short-dick-man.”

As he continued listing off every insult and joke he had heard about his manhood in the past three days, he started to get angrier and angrier as he remembered every bit of humiliation he’d faced thus far. As he continued, he started to grit his teeth and ball up his fists in rage.


He turned redder and redder with each name, though not from embarrassment. He was pissed beyond belief as what started as a somewhat annoyed listing of every name he’s been called turned into him shouting at the top of his voice. He hasn’t felt anger like this in years. It’s as if everything finally boiled over as he continued.


It was at this point he stopped. He realized that he might have lost his cool there. He looked at Rina, who looked genuinely frightened by all this. What also might have made her scared is that, at some point during that rant, he took his fork and impaled it into the table with such force that it got stuck there.

While he took a sick sense of joy in seeing her look terrified, he realized that he wouldn’t be in her good graces if he horrified her like this. So he took a deep breath, pushed all his anger back down deep within his mind (a completely healthy coping mechanism ensuring that the anger would never come back), and tried to break the tension.

“Heh…not that I’m bitter about those nicknames or anything. But I’d prefer if you called me Diego because that is my name,” he said with a big smile like he didn’t just stab a fork through a table with such force that he couldn’t pull it out.

Despite the fear for her life that she felt just moments ago, she quickly overcame her shock. Then she started giggling. “Oh my god, Diego!? You mean like Dora’s brother?”

“She’s his cousin, but yeah, like the guy who’s related to Dora,” he said with memories of his middle school bullies asking where Dora was constantly.

“Aww, is there anything about you that isn’t a-dora-ble? Hehe.”

Diego sighed, knowing she would somehow use this new information against him. “So, my darling Diego, you didn’t answer my previous questions.”

“…Oh, right. Well, what is going on in my head right now is a lot of things. Like, wondering if this is a date and not some evil prank or something.”

“I swear it’s a date! No tricks here!”

“Yeah, and that whole forced striptease thing was what you normally do on a date, huh?”

“I mean, your dates never did that to you before?” She had a mischievous grin on her face as she said this.

“No…not that I’ve ever had any dates,” he said, somewhat forlornly.

Rina gasped and then asked, “Wait, you’ve never been on a date!? How!?”

“You have various pictures detailing why I’ve never been on one.”

“Wait? You’ve never been on a date because of your teenie weenie?”

He winced at the phrase teenie weenie, but then said, “Well, yes. Let’s say high school was rough for me, and when word got out that I was on the smaller side, no girl ever wanted me. So, I usually just kept to myself. Been that way even after graduating.”

“Diego, you have a lot more to offer than just sex, you know that, right?”

“Y-yeah, I do. But whenever I seem to get out of my comfort zone, something bad happens to me. I rarely ever leave the house on the off chance someone ends up trying to pick a fight with me, or someone I knew from high school somehow tracks me down, or, to pick a completely random example, some girl steals my clothes while I’m skinny dipping and I have to streak all the way home or some nonsense like that! So I usually stay home, browse the internet, and play games.”

“That doesn’t sound like a fulfilling life.”

“It’s not…but it’s a nice one. So what if I’m alone…at least no one laughs at you.”

Rina looked a bit sad as he said this. He’s pretty sure that depressing your date will not prevent her from uploading those naked videos of him. She seems cruel enough not to care about him, so he changed the subject before she could use any of that trauma dump as ammo.

“But anyway, what goes on in your head? That was the question you wanted to ask me, right?”

“Well, yes. But I had another much more important question to ask.”

“Which was?”

“What do you find attractive in a woman?”

Diego was apprehensive about answering that one. “W-why would you want to know that one?”

“Why do you think, cutie?” she said, winking at him.

“Uh…um, wouldn’t you rather know what I do for fun?”

“You told me that already…you play games and browse the internet.”

“Yeah, I did say that already, didn’t I?”

With those adorable green eyes staring at him, he had no idea what to say next. “Should I be honest? Why would she even want to know? She couldn’t possibly be serious about this…right?”

He tried to deflect the question back at her. “Well…what attracts you to a guy?”

She giggled and said, “Take a guess.”

“Uh…Well, he’d probably be very handsome, be very strong, and have a massive,” he said as he brought his hands about one foot apart.

“Uh…heart,” he said, definitely intending not meaning to say any other body part there.

“Hehe… Well, I’m not entirely sure about the size of his ‘heart,’ but I’d say he checks the other two boxes.”

“Heh, well, he sounds like a great guy.”

“I’m sure he is. But there’s just one thing wrong with him.”


“He still needs to answer my question. What attracts you to a woman?”

Diego looked stunned as he realized that she meant him. He had to be sure, though, cause he wasn’t sure if he wanted her to be serious.

“To be clear…this strong, handsome guy is…me, right?” he chuckled nervously.

Her only response was to wink and blow him a kiss. This sent a flood of feelings through his mind. “IS SHE SERIOUS!? THERE IS NO WAY! ME AND HER!? EVEN IF SHE WASN’T THE PERSON WHO RUINED MY LIFE, THERE’S NO WAY SHE COULD BE SERIOUS!”

He started to fidget around a little, unprepared for any female to like him! He almost felt proud of himself until he remembered who this was and why he was here!

“This is another trick. It has to be. SHE’S MESSING WITH ME! That horrid woman. At my expense, this is another setup to a joke or a barb! Well, two can play this game. Let’s see how you like having your heart messed with!”

As he was lost deep in thought, she cleared her throat. “Ahem…you alright over there, cutie?”

“Oh, I’m alright. Just had to think about my answer to that. Heh”

“You had to think about that?” she asked, slightly disappointed.

“No, I just had to think about how to phrase it. Honestly, it doesn’t take a lot to attract me. But if I had to pick some features that get me going.”

He brought his hand to his chin like he was thinking hard and then said, “I think the most attractive girls out there are the ones who are very compassionate, affectionate, sweet, and adorable. She’d have beautiful green eyes that sparkle like they were the most beautiful emeralds.”

She fluttered her eyelashes as he said this.

“Dirty blonde hair done up in a ponyt—NO! Done up in pigtails.”

She had a smile on her face as she twirled her finger around one of her pigtails.

“She’d wear a bright yellow floral dress, cute little red shoes with a star on the buckle, and make a mean plate of spaghetti.”

She looked like she was about to receive an award. It’s like she had stars in her eyes as she rested her head on her hands, looking at him like he was a dream come true.

That’s when Diego went in for the kill. He slowly leaned over the table as he said, “She’d also have soft, kissable lips and the voice of a sweet, giggly angel.”

She leaned closer to him, puckering her lips as she went in for the kiss. “Oh, and most importantly…she’d…NEVER BLACKMAIL GUYS INTO GOING ON DATES WITH THEM BY THREATENING TO LEAK THEIR NUDES ON THE INTERNET!!”

She jumped back slightly, almost falling back on her chair as he screamed that last part at the top of his voice. He tried and failed, trying not to giggle at her shocked reaction to his bait-and-switch compliment. He savored the look on her face as she sat back up.

It looked like she was so distraught that her little date idea didn’t win her over. As if it ever would! He continued as if he didn’t scream that last part at her, “Though honestly, looks don’t matter to me that much, you just gotta be nice, and you know…not do the blackmail thing.”

He smugly smiled, adding, “Surprisingly, that’s a real sticking point in my relationships. Heh.”

“Yeah…that would be a deal breaker for most relationships, wouldn’t it?” she said, looking like she was about to tear up.

“Yeah, it sure would.”

Diego then ripped the fork out of the table. It had been carelessly impaled through the napkin and tablecloth, leaving a small hole through both of them, and he returned to eating his spaghetti.

Diego started to feel bad as the two of them ate in silence. Yes, this was his blackmailer, but that didn’t seem kind. Did she deserve that? Most people would say yes, but Diego was still unsure how to feel.

Not only was he still unsure if she was being genuine in her actions, but what if that made her so upset that she would upload those nudes of him out of spite? Surely someone willing to blackmail someone into a date wouldn’t be cruel enough to do that if they were rejected…right?

‘Hoo, boy. I’d better salvage this,’ he thought.

“Well, what about you, Rina?”

“What about me, Diego?”

“What does someone like you do in their spare time? I mean, aside from making my life a living h—”

She shot him a dirty look.

“I MEAN…MORE INTERESTING.Yup, making my life much more interesting. Never a dull moment these past three days. Heh heh,” he said with a forced smile on his face.

She sighed and then said, “Well, if you must know, other than tormenting cuties like you, I sometimes play video games as well.”

“Really? What kind of games?” he said, fully expecting stuff like the Sims or Pokemon Go and not much else. “Well, recently, I’ve been trying to get into Smash Bros, but I’m not good at it.

Diego was stunned; he loved those games, but she continued before he could chime in. “Maybe it’s because usually main Yoshi, but I can’t help it. I love that adorable green dino. Always have.”

“…Wow. So this is going to sound crazy, but not only do I play Smash Bros, but Yoshi is my main too.”


“Yeah. My secondaries are Wario, Olimar, Sonic, and Banjo.”

“Wow, so you have the DLC then?”

“Yup, I bought both Fighters Passes when they first came out, and I’m not to brag, but I’m pretty good with Yoshi.”

“Ooh. We have to test those skills out sometimes. But what about the previous games?”

“I’ve played them all. Even the Wii U version.”

“Oh man, I played that one once. I regret selling my Wii U.”

“You had a Wii U?”

“Yeah…I got the stupid white one, too. At least I believed in the Wii U when no one else did.”

“My…My Wii U is also the white one.”

“Oh, neato. Wait, did you say ‘is?’ As in present tense?”

“Yup…still have it. Mostly to play some things that haven’t come to switch yet, like Nintendo Land and Game & Wario.”

“OH MY GOD, NINTENDO LAND! You’re making me miss my Wii U more and more! I’m a Nintendo gal at heart, always been since I was young. Maybe I could come to your house and play with you sometime.”

“Uh…I don’t know about that, Rina. I’m unsure if I’d ever invite you to my place.”

“Aww…but I wanted to go to your place to Smash. Well, I have my Switch in the other room. I’ll set it up, and we can Smash. Would you like that?”

“Yeah. I’d love to Smash.”

Rina then giggled and said, “I’m sure you would~” punctuating that by winking and sticking her tongue out at Diego, who immediately realized the double-entendre in that statement.


“Hehe. Oh, I know exactly what you meant by that…and I’d love to smash as well.”

A flood of feelings went through his head as he tried not to think of any lewd thoughts about his tormenter who put him in this situation in the first place. That’s when Rina said, “You know, one of my secondary mains is Kirby.”

“Oh…uh…heh, do tell.”

“Yup. You know me and him have one thing in common.”

“What is that?”

“Like that little pink puff, I’m very good at sucking and swallowing.”

Diego started to blush and sweat a little. “I…um…well…that’s.”

“Yup. As a Yoshi main, I assume you can do amazing things with your tongue, right?”

Breathing heavily, Diego made a fist, put it close to his mouth, and immediately bit down just hard enough to leave a mark on his knuckle. He was very fortunate that the table obscured his lower half, let me tell you.

“Hehe…something wrong cutie? You wouldn’t be thinking of doing anything with that little c-stick of yours, would you?”

He stammered a bit as he tried to find a way to change the subject. “Uh…um…heh, so…w-what other games do you play?” he said with a forced grin.

“Well, I have a lot of favorites, but the one I’ve been enjoying most recently is one where I see how much I can make a cute guy blush by commenting on his teenie weenie.”

“I’ve never heard of that one. Not too sure if I like that one.”

“Oh, I’m sure you love it…why would you still be here if you didn’t?”

“I-I mean, so I could ask you to delete those videos and pictures of me. Why else would I be here?”

“Cause you, really, really like me?”

Diego stared at her unamused. “Pretty sure it’s the first one, Rina.”

“Hmph, well, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“What do you mean you don’t know what I’m talking about?”

“What videos and pictures are you referring to?”

“Rina, you know damn well what I’m referring to!”

“Well, I forgot. Due to that little outburst, you had earlier. Describe those videos and pictures in great detail, and it may jog my memory.

Diego sighed and said, “Rina, please delete those videos and pictures of me dancing.”

“I’m sorry, be more specific. Where were you dancing, and what were you wearing?”

He growled slightly and said with his teeth clenched, “I was dancing on the beach…naked.”

“Ooh, that sounds familiar. What kind of dance were you doing?”

“I was…waving my…my…you know what around.”

“I don’t know what, what was it? What kind of object were you waving around, and how big was it?”

“It was my penis, which was…slightly below average size.”

“A below-average-sized penis?” she said, stroking her chin like she was trying to recall something.

“Nope, it doesn’t ring a bell. Was there another name for it by chance?”

“What do you mean? I was waving my dick around. How could I be more specific?” he asked, losing his patience.

“Well, I’d call it by two other words. They start with a T and a W. What do you have, Diego?”

“I am not calling it that.”

“Hehe. Well, that’s too bad because I’m not deleting anything until you do.”

He took a deep breath, and while trying his hardest not to explode at her again, he gave in, hoping this nonsense would finally stop. “I was waving around my t…”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. What were you waving around?”


“Diego, those nudie videos and pictures will be there until you say the magic words that will make them disappear. Two tiny, itty, bitty, microscopic words.”, she said, holding her thumb and forefinger and bringing them closer with each line.

“What do you have between your legs?”

He was clenching almost everything on his person, trying not to lash out in anger again.

“My Diego has a first name. It’s T-E-E-N-I-E.” she sang to the tune of an old bologna commercial.

“My Diego has a second name, it’s W-E-E-N-I-E.”

She giggled at him, shuddering in rage as she then asked him, “What does that spell, cutie? What do those letters do with your small Vienna sausage between your legs? Just say it, and those pics will never be seen by anyone else.”


He finished by slamming his hands onto the table, knocking the remains of his soda onto the table, some of the condiments over, and the parmesan cheese container onto the floor. Despite the mess he made, Rina didn’t call him out on it. Mainly because she was too busy doubled over in laughter at him finally admitting what she already knew.

“OK, consider them gone. Was that so hard, my little Diego? Hehehehe!”

As Rina was laughing her ass off, Diego was so upset with everything that had transpired that he did something Rina did not see coming in a million years. He…started to cry.

Utterly broken with his ego shattered into a million pieces, he started sobbing. With his head cradled in his arms, he just gave up any chance of being considered a man and started bawling.

Rina saw this and slowly stopped laughing. She’s seen many reactions to her pranks. Angry outbursts, threats, even the occasional begging and crying. But she’s never broken someone down this bad before. She became concerned for him and asked, “Uh…Diego, are you OK?”

He looked up from his hands, and with tears still in his eyes, he answered, “Am I OK? Am I OK!?”

He looked so pissed that he was about to lunge over the table and wring her neck. But then, all of a sudden, he just…stopped. He quieted down and said, “Frankly, no. No, I’m not OK. I’m well aware of my dick size being tiny. Been made aware of that since middle and high school. Everyone who has seen it has told me as such.

Other guys in the locker room, potential crushes, doctors, and now, thanks to you making me streak home that day, everyone in town. I thought I’d escaped all that when I graduated, that the world wouldn’t bully me anymore. But no. One slip-up. One careless mistake has revealed my shame to the entire town, possibly the world.

So you know what, I’m done here. You can post those videos if you want to. I’m going home. I don’t know what I was thinking coming here.” He then started to get up from the table and approached the door.

“If you need me, I’ll be at home, in bed…forever.”

At that moment, Rina stood up from her chair, “Diego, wait! I—”

“Save it! I knew you weren’t serious about this.”

“But I am serious!”

“Oh yeah? Then why are you still bullying me over my dick size, huh?”

“I wasn’t bullying you…I—”

“Rina, I’m going. You can send me my clothes and stuff later if you wish. It’s not like everyone doesn’t know what I look like naked anyway. If I make it home, I’ll send you your panties back, assuming you don’t want them burned because they touched my puny dick.”

“Diego, please don’t go…I…I—”

Just before Diego exited the hallway, Rina shouted, “I LOVE YOUR LITTLE DICK!”

This stopped him in his tracks. “What?”

“Look, I know I’ve made fun of your little weenie, but, in all honesty, I think it’s kinda—”

“Cute? Adorable? Pathetic? Ugly? Disappointing? Hilarious? A giant clit? I’ve heard them all, Rina. Every name and synonym for small and amusing you could think of. There’s nothing you could call it that I’ve never he—”


Diego went silent. For about a minute or so, neither of them said anything. He was busy trying to process what she just said. After a bit, he asked her to repeat that.

“I-I must have misheard that. What did you call it?”

Rina then got all shy and blushy. She put her hands behind her back and coyly looked away from Diego. “I think you heard me. Hehe~”

At that moment, Diego felt something strange. A weird sort of feeling in his heart. It felt like anxiety, which he’s been well acquainted with these past few days. But it seemed more hopeful. As he stared at Rina, who looked radiant in this slowly dimming candlelit kitchen, he wondered what was wrong with him as his heart was beating like crazy.

As Rina took this opportunity to turn the lights on and blow out what was left of the candles on the candelabra, she said, “You know, I’ve called your teenie weenie a lot of things, but the one thing I’d never call it in a million years, is ugly. I think it’s as cute and sexy as the person it’s attached to.”

“Wha…but then if you like it so much, why do you keep teasing me about its size when I don’t like it?”

She giggled and said, “I think you like it when I do that.”

“What, no! What would make you think I like it in any capacity!?”

“Well, for one, that little lump in those panties tells me that you like it more than you think.”

He looked down and saw that his red panties had a little stiff lump protruding from them. As he saw it, he threw his hands over his crotch. “I-I-I…I wouldn’t say I like that. Why would I like that!? Who would like that!?”

She giggled and walked closer to him, “Are you sure you don’t like it when I tease you about that adorably sexy, hairless baby weenie currently nestled between your legs?”

Diego instantly responded with “No!”



Rina gasped, got an even bigger blush, and, with a massive smile on her face, squealed in glee. “EEEEEEeeeee! I KNEW IT! YOU DO LOVE IT!”




She got right in his face, giggling like a schoolgirl, and then, in a sensual whisper, said, “If that’s true, then move your hands, cutie. Please prove me wrong. If you hate it, then those panties will be flat and smooth. Your little jellybean won’t be sticking out.”

Diego stood stock still as he questioned himself. “I hate it when she does this. It humiliates me and makes me feel inferior. This woman could get anyone she wants, so why should she like me? Furthermore, why would she like me specifically because of my small dick?

Being stuck in front of a girl who knows my tiny secret is embarrassing. So why can’t I move my hands…and why am I so excited!?”

With her right beside his ear, so close he could feel her breath, she whispered again, “I take it those hands are hiding something? Is that adorable wittle wump still there?”

Taking a deep breath to try and calm himself after that bit of baby talk almost made him burst (though he wasn’t sure if it was bursting out of anger, into tears, or in some…other way. He tried to move past the question. “Look, regardless of what you think, I’d still love it if we could cut down on the small penis jokes, alright?

I already did this whole date thing and even admitted that I have a—” he sighed deeply, “Teenie weenie.”

This caused Rina to giggle once more. “Could you at least hold up your end of the deal and please delete those videos and pictures?”


“Look, what more could you want from me? What if I promise to do other things with you another day? Or I’ll spend the night here if you want me to. Could you please delete those videos and pictures of me from the beach? Please?”

Having calmed down slightly, he put his hands together as if he were begging. Rina thought about it briefly and said, “OK, OK. No more jokes about that adorable little spaghetti noodle.”

Diego groaned once more and gave her a very unamused look. “…after that one. Hehe. I promise I’ll delete them all once this date is over. You have my word.”

She ran her hand through his hair and said, “I’m sorry for making you cry, but I know exactly what will cheer you up.”

“Are you somehow deleting everyone else’s videos and pictures of me as I ran home?”

“No, silly, not even I can do that.”

She looked him right in the eyes, wrapped her hands around him, and said, “I think it’s time for dessert.”

Diego got slightly uncomfortable when he asked, “Dessert?…what are we having?”

“A sweet, delicious treat that I love very much,” she said, licking her lips.

He started to breathe heavily as he looked into her eyes. He had no clue how to respond. He hoped he wasn’t that ‘treat,’ but at the same time…he felt like he wanted to be that treat.

Rina continued, “I feel in the mood for a lick of a sweet…delicious…bowl of ice cream!”

“Wha-? Uh…I mean, ice cream sounds really good, yes. I’d love some!” Diego said, trying to get his mind off where he thought that was going.

They stood there, with Rina’s hands still around him for a moment. “You can let go of me now.”

“Oh, right! Hehe. Let me go get that ice cream.”

As Diego stood there, confused at almost everything, Rina went to her fridge and looked through the freezer. “Nothing makes me feel better after a cry than some ice cream.”

“Rina, I think it might take more than just loving words and ice cream to make me feel better about this whole thing.”

“But ice cream makes all the hurt go away. At least it does for me.”

He peeked into the freezer as she looked through it and many different tubs of ice cream. Either she loved ice cream, or she gets hurt quite often. “Because nothing makes me feel better after being taken advantage of and humiliated than some cookies and cream flavored ice cream,” he said sarcastically.

“Ooh, you like cookies and cream too? That’s my favorite flavor! Now help me clear the table, and we can have dessert, and then…maybe we’ll do something else.”

He did so, if only to make this go faster. He put the plates in the sink along with the wine glasses, wiped up the mess he made (though missing the parmesan cheese container still on the floor), and then sat down as Rina got the tub and a pair of bowls.

One bowl was red, and one was blue. He swore the red bowl was slightly larger but didn’t care. As Rina started to look for an ice cream scoop in all her cabinets and drawers, Diego mulled over everything that had happened thus far.

“Well, this has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Honestly, I doubt I’ll even get any dirt on her. I should’ve called the cops first thing. Oh well, at least we seem almost done with this nonsense. She said the videos and pictures would be gone, and I got some free food from this. It was in exchange for what was left of my dignity, but still.

At least it’s almost o—”

A clattering noise managed to derail his train of thought. He saw that Rina was searching in one of her lower kitchen cabinets. “I know I put that stupid thing somewhere!”

Diego noticed something as she bent further and further, to the point she was practically crawling on the floor. Her dress was riding up. As she bent over more and more, he saw that it was almost about to go past her legs and expose her underwear.

“Woah…Am I going to see her undies? I mean, aside from the ones on my body right now.”

He stared transfixed as the dress finally went past her hips, and his train of thought didn’t just derail. It crashed and burst into flames as it flew off a cliff. Mainly because he was wrong. He wasn’t going to see her undies…BECAUSE SHE WASN’T WEARING ANY!

His jaw dropped as he caught a glimpse of her ass. It was thick. How someone hid all that under a dress was unknown. He could swear she was wiggling her hips, making her booty jiggle as she did so.

He could also swear he saw a bit of her lower lips as she did so. He tried not to look. Maybe he should tell her that she was exposing herself to him.

No, screw that. It was pretty refreshing not to be the exposed one for once. But he was starting to breathe heavily as he took in the sight. “Ah, yes! I finally got it. I should probably have organized these beforehand. Oh well, this ice cream is going to be so.”

At that point, Rina stopped and slowly reached back towards her butt. It seems that she was trying to feel the fabric of her dress. Considering that the hem of her dress was near her elbows, she felt nothing but herself.

Diego wasn’t sure if she finally felt the dress hit her elbows, she felt a chill or heard him breathing hard, but she was finally made aware of her exposed ass. Upon realizing she was mooning him, she screamed, attempted to stand up, and accidentally bonked her head before fully bringing her head out of the cabinet.

She then pulled her dress down and turned around to face Diego. Neither one of them said a word for a minute or so. With a blush as red as Diego’s blush as he ran through town, Rina asked him, “Uh…so, y-you didn’t see anything, did you?”

“Heh, I didn’t see anything, Rina. You have my word.”, he said, technically leaving out that he didn’t see underwear.

“Right. Of course.” She then went to serve the ice cream.

As she was doing so, Diego remembered something. On the front of the panties, Rina made him wear was a bit of stain. She gave him those after she went to another room and gathered his clothes after his striptease. Are those panties the ones she was wearing when he got here?

“No…that’s not possible. Why would she walk around bottomless, knowing I’m wearing her underwear? Underwear that she wore as I danced naked for her. Underwear that might have her juices on it…meaning that her juices are now on my—”

He shook his head to try and get that thought out of his head. Breathing heavily once more, he tried not to think about it. “Something wrong, Diego?”

“Uh…n-n-nothing. Everything is fine. Not at all. Heh heh”

She went back to serving the ice cream. One in a big red bowl, the other in a slightly smaller blue bowl. “OK, there’s no way she’d be crazy enough to do that. Maybe…she just wanted to go commando. Yeah, that’s it. Her laundry wasn’t clean, so she went bottomless. She wouldn’t force me to wear her freshly used underwear like it was some fetish thing.”

“OK, Diego. I take it you’d like the blue bowl, right?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” he said, distracted by his thoughts.

“Diego? What are you thinking about?”

His eyes widened as he tried to ask the question he dreaded most. “Uh…can I ask you a question?”

Rina gasped and blushed redder than the bowl she was holding. ” WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!? ”

Diego immediately realized the Freudian slip he had just had and tried to walk it back. ” ASK! CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION? I DIDN’T SAY ASS, I SWEAR I DIDN’T SEE IT! I MEAN, I DIDN’T SAY OR SEE THE THING I JUST SAID. ”

After a bit of stunned silence from both of them, Rina asked, “So…what was your question?”

Diego wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer because he didn’t want to be right. Plus, he was sure that it would make things more awkward after that Freudian slip he just had. But unfortunately, curiosity got the better of him.

“Rina…are the panties I’m wearing right now the ones you were wearing when I first arrived?”

If Rina hadn’t put her bowl on the table, she would’ve dropped it to the floor. You could hear a pin drop as Rina turned burgundy-red. She did not answer, and Diego immediately turned her shade red as he processed the implications of her silence being the answer to that question.

“So it’s true. I knew they felt warm.”

He tried to get that mental visual out of his head. That visual of her going to whatever room had his clothes in it now and her sliding off her red lacy panties and, with a giggle, bringing them to him to put on, knowing full well that her bottom half was feeling the breeze. This whole time. One misstep would have revealed her glorious thick ass to him much earlier than she did.

It was so round and so jiggly and soft looking. He’d love nothing more than to grab a handful of her and- *SMACK*

Diego slapped himself, thankful that the table again obscured his lower half. He turned to Rina and saw that she had not moved from that spot and still had the bowl of ice cream in her hand.

He cleared his throat. “Uh, Rina, can I have my ice cream now?”

“OH…right, of course. Heh…right.” she seemed to fumble over her words as she realized that her secret was out. Whatever she was thinking seemed distracting because she wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking.

That discarded container of parmesan cheese from earlier was still on the floor and was now a tripping hazard. She stepped on that cylindrical green container of powdered cheese, and her legs went up. She tried to catch herself, but she still had Diego’s bowl of ice cream in her hand.

With a scream and a thud, Rina landed flat on the kitchen floor. The bowl of ice cream was flung up in the air and landed all over her. She was dizzy as she tried to pick herself off the floor.

He wondered if he should be concerned for her. This was his blackmailer, after all, but all the same, he still hoped she wasn’t injured. “Uh…are you OK, Rina?”

As she sat up, she wiped the ice cream off her face and started to cry. “What’s wrong? Are you OK? Do you need me to call an ambulance?”

“No, I’m fine, it’s just…my dress is ruined!”

“Oh, well, I’m glad you’re OK.” He said, unsure why he even cared.

“I feel like such an idiot. First, I accidentally flash you, and then I get my favorite dress all dirty. This is just the worst!”

Diego wanted to tell her that it was all right, but then he remembered why he was here in the first place and bit his tongue.

“You wait here. I’ll go freshen up and change. Then I’ll let you go. I’m sorry about all this.”

He then sat back down and watched her leave. As he saw her leave a trail of melting ice cream on the floor behind her, he started thinking to himself again.

“Well, this sucks. I was looking forward to that ice cream. I’m not going to lie. I could have some of Rina’s. I mean, she has a lot more. She won’t mind.”


He started to sneak out of the kitchen and began his search for her computer. “Hope you like orange, Rina, because when I’m done, the next thing you’ll be wearing is a jumpsuit of that color. Maybe it will even be skin tight so that when I visit her in jail, it will show off all her curves and—STOP IT! DO NOT GET DISTRACTED. GO GET YOUR REVENGE AND GET OUT OF HERE!”

He argued with himself. Was he going to go through with this after all?


To Be Continued…


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