Thrift Store Encounter

By fantaseeboy     For several weeks, I’d stopped into the upscale thrift shop at different times on Saturdays and Mondays, my days off. I was trying to discover when the store was the least busy. Once the research was complete, I stepped into the store on Monday morning at 10:00 am. Aside from the familiar heavy-set middle-aged lady behind the counter, I was the only person in the store. She greeted me with a friendly smile and asked if

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Hung like a Grape

by sissysherry2 I was married for 13 years but the magic was clearly gone. We got divorced when I turned 40 and I moved away to start fresh. I got a job in an office that was full of women and very few men. I worked around a bunch of hot twenty something women who seemed to bond with me. There were four of us; we called ourselves the ‘core four.’ There was Lisa (a tall well built and attractive

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Sissy’s BBC Submission (Gay SPH)

By tawnysuede. Chapter 1 – First Contact “Tyler! Snap out of it – you’re staring again, and he’s noticed!” Jack’s voice whispered hoarsely in Tyler’s ear as the hot water from the shower drummed across his back. There were just the three of them left in the shower now. Basketball practise had been over for more than half an hour and the most of the players were showered and dressed and out the door, heading home for dinner. A few

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Milking He-Girl Breasts (Gay/Sissy SPH)

By spitzharder The morning sun burst into our bedroom, it’s golden fingers caressing the pink frilly sheets and the face of Fliss. Felicity, as she was named, was a he-girl like me. The sun lit up her soft, girly features as I lent in to kiss her awake. Her long eye lashes fluttered and dark brown eyes gazed into mine, “Morning Missy,” she said. my name is Mystique but Mom always called me Missy and the other he-girls do the

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Charles In Charge

By Dan Kildall When I overheard my wife Irene insulting the size of my penis to her friends at a dinner party as I was in the kitchen refilling her wine glass, I got an intense and unexpected thrill. The thrill ran through my body and caused my admittedly small cock to surge to its full length of 4 inches. I thought that I should feel insulted that she was talking about me this way behind my back, but instead,

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Ugly Duckling to Sissy Princess (Gay SPH)

JHouston Part 1 Being a very short guy (5’3″) with a small frame has been a major handicap in my quest for female companionship. Having a micro penis was the nail in my coffin. Throughout my youth, I was ignored or rejected by girls. I had my first girlfriend in college, Caroline Fletcher. She was smart, beautiful, sexy, sweet and I worshiped her, and treated her like a princess. We lost our virginity to each other. I was always gentle

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