Tara & Jacob

By MiniTryst. Sometimes, Jacob couldn’t believe his luck. He looked Tara up and down as she stripped off to get ready for bed – even just taking off her sweats, she looked terrific, mesmerizing even. What did he do in a past life to deserve this? By all accounts, she was the perfect girlfriend; committed, caring, and seriously just *incredibly* hot. In all the years they’d been together, he’d never stopped being infatuated with her – and she knew it.

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Our Readers SPH Experiences 58

By Our Readers     Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.   This Reader likes it when his GF shares… My girlfriend likes having power over guys. She whispers in my ear about how pathetic my clitty is and makes me listen to how quick and easy she cums on her big toys or during sexting with other guys who have dicks twice the size of mine. I’ve been trying to convince her to do more to

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