Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 16

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader reports his wife does kiss and tell…

I have just discovered my wife has been telling her work mates about the size of my small cock (I’m a silver member). One of her friends sent me a hollow strap-on dildo measuring 7″ x 5 in the post, with a note that reads: Use this dildo so Helen can get a taste of a real cock for a change! I hope your little pee-pee won’t slip out of the dildo when you’re doing the business.

So humiliating!


Several Readers report some embarrassing things women have said to them…

A reader told us: Once I was asked after achieving an erection, “How much bigger will it get?”
One woman told a reader, “You’ve got kind of a little bitty one, eh, big boy?”
Another reader claimed first was the girl who held his erect cock in her hand and told him she felt like she was abusing a little boy, and the second was when he was having sex with a girl doggy style and she looked over her shoulder and told him to stop messing around and put it in. “I was already in, of course,” he told us.
Reader: “So, do you think I’m small?”
Her: “Yeah, you’re really small.”
Reader: “I don’t think I’m REALLY small.”
Her: “You’re really, really small.”
One reader say this is in chronological order, and all different women:
1) Well, it’s all we’ve got to work with.
2) Fits nice, in my hand.
3) Don’t tease me, put it all in.
4) I can’t feel it.
5) It’s smaller than my (index) finger.
One reader reported that once a girl just completely refused to do it when we got far enough for her to see it. “That’s ridiculous,” she complained, “I can’t do anything with that!”


This Reader finally got a female friend into the sack…

A few years ago I had this woman I was good friends with. We decided to have sex. As soon as I was naked she said, “I didn’t realize how small you are.”

I pretended not to understand and asked, “What do you mean?”

She answered, “You know I’ll always be honest with you, and I’m sorry if this hurts your feelings, but you have a very, very small penis.”

That was the first and last time we saw each other naked.


Out of the mouths of wives…

My wife and I were out at the pub with a group, there were nine of us, four couples and a single guy. When time was called we trooped back to the single guys place for a beer to continue the fun! He put the TV on and we watched his recording of Embarrassing Bodies from earlier in the evening, we were all passing unkind comments on the participants as slightly drunken/merry folks will do.

All of a sudden, the program starts talking to a group of lads on holiday in Thailand about Condom Size. They had three bowls, one with Large, another Medium, and the last Small sized condoms in them. The guys were asked to choose a condom from those bowls that would fit them! Well, that started a great load of jeering and passing of comments from the room here. The guys were all shouting they needed the ‘Large Bowl’, whilst the ladies were catcalling, and a lot of good-natured disagreeing with their choice of Bowl.

The program went on to give the lads different sized bananas to roll the condom over to illustrate the importance of selecting the right-sized condom. One lad had a large condom, but a small banana. My wife suddenly exclaimed loudly to the group, “Look Bill, that banana looks just like you would in a large condom!”

I Blushed a bright red as the others burst out laughing.

My drunk wife wasn’t done, and said, “Bill would need the ‘Small Bowl’, wouldn’t you darling”?

“Well, I might get away with the medium,” I mumbled back, feeling my face burn.

She shook her head in an exaggerated manner. “No, dear, medium would be for over five-inches, and a bit thicker than four, surely? You’re nowhere near that.”

I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. The way everyone looked at me while my drunk wife just told everyone my deepest secrets like it was nothing made me so angry. I made an excuse to go to the toilet and left the room. I could hear them laughing as I walked out the back door for some fresh air. I felt so angry I went home and left my wife there. She didn’t come home until ten a.m. The next day.


This reader had a massage that didn’t leave him relaxed…

I often went for massages while living in Vietnam, the ones with the happy ending. I entered a massage room and undressed, leaving my boxers on. The Asian masseuse came and she told me to lie face down. She massaged my back, my legs all the way up pulling up my boxers meaning she touched my balls while massaging my legs. I got hard! She asked me to turn around and directly noticed the tent, I had made in my boxers. As this was a massage place for happy endings, she must have seen many cocks already in this state. So she pulled down my boxers and saw my hard cock, as hard as it could be. She put it in her hand and said, “You no worry, I’ll get it hard.”

I blushed, and said, “It is hard.”

She looked down at it with bulging eyes for a moment, then smiled at me in a most demeaning manner. I must’ve cum in about ten seconds as she jerked me off. I had never felt so humiliated in my life.


One reader tells how he gets off on SPH…

My wife and I were on a very large, almost deserted nudist beach. Quite near us, though, lay a sunbathing couple. They looked thirty-something, and both had nice bodies. My wife and I went to take a sea bath, when we came back to the beach my dick had shrunk to a small knob from the cold water. I stood by my towel, appearing to dry myself in the sun and the wind, but really hoping they’d look at my little thing. When it finally happened, she took her smart phone and began to pretend to check her messages.

After a few moments, she stood and started taking pictures of the beach and ocean, moving in my direction. She really seemed to like the view that was directly behind me, so I suspected she was taking pictures of my dicklette. I moved, so my beach umbrella covered me, and she moved to keep me in sight! I did it again, and again she moved to track me. It was finally official, she was taking pictures of me. I moved into a position that allowed her to really get a good look of my small package, giving her the chance to take the best picture ever. She fiddled with her phone and took more pictures, and I wondered if she had just zoomed in on my dicklette.

Suddenly, she lay down again, then, after a few seconds, she poked her man with her elbow, and showed to him something on the smart phone with a big smile and whispers. He took off his sunglasses and flicked through the images with a grin, then he casually looked in my direction putting his sunglasses back on. Then they giggled. OK, it’s a stupid fetish I know, but I like doing this!


One reader reports a wardrobe malfunction at training embarrassed him big time…

This summer, the college swim team was doing some dry land training. One day I had forgotten to pack my training gear, so I ended up having to do our dry land training in tight jeans and a T-shirt. The coach tells us to start running laps around the track and so I take off. She’s shouting encouragements as we pass by, but after a couple passes I notice my coach (who is a woman,) keeps looking away. I think, that’s odd, but OK, I guess. As I come to the end of the track I notice a middle-aged woman looking at me funny, and I’m thinking, what’s going on? I pass two of the girls who laugh as I do, and a few steps beyond them, I suddenly feel a breeze on a certain area of my body.

I look down, horrified to see that my jeans have ripped and my dick and nuts are on full display (I often go commando in pants). I have no idea how I didn’t notice this before. Feeling totally embarrassed I run off the track back to my car and get the hell out of there. So far no one has said anything to me about it, and I’m kind of hoping to not have to have that awkward conversation, as I’m a Silver member of The Small Dick Club. When I turned up to the next training (with my proper gear this time) everyone acted like it never happened. Phew!


This reader reminds us that absence doesn’t make the dick grow longer…

This happened when my college girlfriend had been back on holidays with her family for a couple of weeks. It kinda sucked because our five-month anniversary (which she took quite seriously) was coming up. So we were texting, and things started getting suggestive (or at least I thought they were). She texts a message saying: Hey babe, Skype me. I have a surprise for you!

We’ve done Skype mutual masturbation sessions before, and I assumed this is what she meant. So I pulled my pants down and worked myself to an erection, pointing the camera at my cock so it filled the screen. I’m a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club, and my girlfriend never seemed to mind my dick size. So I have my dick nice and hard for her, and anticipating seeing her sexy pussy I click the call button.

When she answered her entire family: mum, dad and two little sisters (7&9) filled my monitor yelling, “Happy anniversary!”

I freaked out and slammed the laptop shut. Afterwards, I received two text messages from my (soon to be ex) girlfriend saying: What the fuck was that?!! and, ANSWER ME!!

It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. I have never felt so humiliated in my life. I never replied to her texts, emails, or calls for the rest of the holidays. I was so embarrassed by what had happened. When she returned to school we broke up. She told me her mum thinks she could do better anyway. It wasn’t until later I realised that statement was related to my dick size. Double ouch.


One reader has a kink for hangin’ out with his wang out…

I confess I have a thing for exposing my little cock in public. I’m a silver member of The Small Dick Club, and when I’m soft it’s especially small with just my knob sitting on my balls. I keep the area clean-shaved too to enhance its boyish charm.

Once, I went with friends to a water park and needed to change into my bathers. My friends were annoyed because naturally they wore theirs under their pants, but a change room is the perfect place to work my little kink. I walked into the change room to find it super crowded, but I spotted room on a bench that ran down the middle of the room.

So I took a spot at the bench. It was narrow between the benches, and you had to walk around people’s stuff. I’m sitting across from three guys, friends that were changing back into street clothes. They were sitting down just doing their shoes, when I got there. I figured I’d extend my exposure by taking my pants off first then shirt. I had to turn to my right to actually have room to stand and take my pants and underwear off. when I turned back, one guy was bent over tying his shoes. My dick was head level with him, and if I leaned forward a foot or two my dick would have went in his hair.

I start to take my shirt off while still standing, and the other two guys were looking at me, then started to laugh, and one of them calls their friend bending over by saying, “Dude, don’t look up.”

Naturally, he did. My small soft dick is like two feet or so from his face. He sat back very quickly and swore at his friends, all the time looking at my cock. I couldn’t help it, and as I sat I laughed too, apologising to the guys for what had happened. The guy who had been tying his laces said, “Lucky for you, your dick is freakin tiny, otherwise I mighta punched your lights out for that.”

I shrugged, “I’m sorry, you’d think a water park would have bigger facilities than this. I didn’t mean it, I swear.”

The guys stood grabbing their bags. One said, “You’d think a grown ass man would have a bigger willy than that. But shit happens, even men with toddler-sized junk!”

The three guys laughed and walked off. I felt I was starting to get hard, so I quickly put my bathing suit on. I had to sit there pretending to be on my phone, to give my dick time to relax, as I didn’t want to walk out of the place to greet my friends with a little tent in my suit.


One reader had fun finding out about his GF’s parents…

Recently, my girlfriend and I stayed at her parents house as they were away on holiday. We were lying in bed when my girlfriend decided to start looking for baby photos to show me (whoopee!). As she was looking, we were talking and she told me that once when she was looking through the cupboards when she lived at home, and she had found her mothers dildo. I just let it slide and laughed it off, but this made my cock throb for some reason.

The next day, my girlfriend left for work so I decided to find her mothers dildo myself. I opened all of the drawers and cupboards but found nothing until the last one. I moved a bag, and beneath it were two rubber cocks. I grabbed them and put them on the bed. I pulled my pants and underpants down and jerked off thinking of her using them on herself. I picked one up and sniffed it. I even licked them to see if I could taste any residual pussy juice. I could. All the time jerking off. My dick was good and hard I can tell you. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club when it comes to hard length, but I’m pretty thick which makes up for it.

The first was a typical dildo. It was clear in colour, with a thick shaft and some big balls. I carefully compared it to mine. Girth wise it wasn’t much bigger than me, but lengthwise it seemed twice as long as mine. I imagined my girlfriends hot mom fucking her pussy to completion with her huge cock-shaped dildo. The second was different. It was roughly the same size lengthwise as the first, but brown and smooth. Strangely, there was a ribbed hole in the bottom to put a cock in. It was a cock extender! I realised my girlfriends Dad wasn’t as big a man as he had been making out. He must also be a small dick club member. It slid over my cock nicely giving me what must have been an eight-inch brown plastic cock in place of my own. I felt so very turned on. I ended up jerking off onto them and rubbing my cum all over them. Then I put them back, knowing they’ll be dry by the time they’re used again. Now I want to see just how small my GF’s dad really is.


One reader shares how in College his inadequacies became disasters…

I’m a Bronze Member of the small dick club, but I was never really ashamed about my dick size until I had a girl tell me it was small. It was college, I had a girlfriend in high school, but we were both inexperienced, so she never really said anything about my size (not to my face anyway). In my sophomore year, I had my own dorm room, and I ended up hooking up with this Filipino girl who was smoking hot and way out of my league.

I was nervous since I naturally lacked confidence because of my size, and couldn’t get it up. I ate her out for a while to try to buy myself some time, but after she orgasmed she told me she wanted me to fuck her, hard. When she saw I was still limp she started to blow me, which didn’t help. All I could think of was my small, limp dick and that she probably regretted being with me. My soft cock is only 2 inches long.

After a few minutes, she stopped sucking my dick, and held it between her thumb and fore finger, kind of twirling it between her fingers. “Now I know why you’re so good at giving head,” she said to me with a smirk.

I didn’t know what to think or say, so I blurted, “I’m sorry, when I’m nervous I find it hard to get it up. Can I lick you again?”

She laughed and told me that she couldn’t take any more oral, “What I need is a hard fucking, not a sloppy licking.”

“Stroke me faster, that might get it hard,” I suggested.

“Actually, I have a better idea,” she said, and pulled out a thick dildo from her bag.

The thing shaped like a huge cock with veins and all. Twice as thick as mine and nearly twice as long as my hard dick. I ended up using it on her until she came again. The worst part happened a few minutes after she had orgasmed. I was still limp, but rubbing myself. I was in this weird state where I was super horny, but couldn’t get hard. She was laying there basking in post orgasmic bliss, watching me jerk off my small soft cock with a huge smirk on her face. She was rubbing her pussy on the bed while I was standing next to her when she told me, “Come on, jerk it off for me.”

It caught me off guard, but the way she said it immediately made me feel excited. I started rubbing my dick faster and soon I began to get hard. I immediately went to touch her, when she said, “No, no, I’m done, but you can do yourself. I’ll just watch.”

So she wouldn’t let me touch her, but I got to rub one out while she laid there watching and playing with her pussy.

I quickly felt the urge to cum, and told her, “I’m gonna cum!”

She giggled, saying, “Don’t get it on me, cum on your hand or something.” Her commanding attitude pushed me over the edge and I ended up cumming on my hand while she watched and giggled at me. After I had shot four good spurts of semen on my hand, she said, “Eat it.”

I looked at her stunned. “What?”

“Eat it, limp dick,” she chided.

I don’t know why I did it, but I licked my hand clean and swallowed my own cum. It tasted funny, not really enjoyable at all and she enjoyed making me suffer for it. She never became my girlfriend, but every now and then she’d knock on my door and ask, “Are you feeling hungry?”

Not long after she would be sitting on my face, and I’d always end our session by eating my cum while she watched and laughed.


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