The New Bull

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The New Swingers Bull by finnjones

There was a burning in my figurative loins and I had to give it some fuel to feed the fire. I turned to my stand-by activity of purveying the cuckold sites. I have had, for the longest time, an undeniably magnetic attraction to white women. Being bi-racial, I give in to the highly touted reason of “the contrast.” I love seeing my dark self being submitted into a pale white orifice. Be it adorned with lipstick, shaved, or bleached… If it’s fair and peachy all around, I am very pleased. Further than that, I like them married.

Consider it another form of contrast: inside of the flesh, it’s the difference between me and her man. I am drawn to cuckolding, to being a bull. I get off on the humiliation of a husband as much as I appreciate the soft white skin. This is what draws me to swingers, they are ready and know what they want (most of the time anyway). In my first and only cuckolding experience, I was more of a directed cock. She told me what to do and how to treat her husband. You could say I was only a caged bull rode by a cuck-rodeo-queen. After that I began to wonder what it would be like if I ran the show. So that evening, I decided to give it a shot.

Usually, the search is fruitless. I would make contact with a couple and they would do either one of two things: Say no thanks (or “not what we’re looking for”) or not respond at all. I blame this largely on how many single males flood these sites, but I can’t think of another reason they would reject me especially when I am what they are looking for. But that evening, I didn’t beat around the bush and plainly put it out there to a couple via instant message. Their profile revealed a want for single men interested in cuckold bull scenarios. I sent them a message:

Tybiggs747: Interested in cuckolding?

Curio4us: Yes, that’s what we are looking for. Are you familiar?

Tybiggs747: Yes, I have had some experience. What is yours?

Curio4us: We have played, but not together.

Tybiggs747: I see, and what interests you in cuckolding?

Curio4us: Just a fetish I suppose. Hubby is on the small side and looking for bigger.


Small cocked husband, perfect. Now I’m not a monster by any means in my definition, but next to the average guy, I have a good bit of heft in my pants. I chatted further with the lady of the pair, Amy, who told me more about their swinging interests. They had never played in the same room together, clarifying that her husband knew of her activities outside the bedroom and encouraged it. I also learned that it was a mutual fetish. He enjoyed the idea of her getting pleasure by a bigger penis and, of course, she enjoyed the larger difference in contrast to her husband. We spent the next hour exchanging stories, interests, and desires. I wanted to set something up with them, but she requested she talk to her husband first, also suggesting I speak with him.

The next evening, I see they are online and I decide to reach out again. This time, I’m met with the husband, Mike. Amy told me that Mike was the submissive one out of the two. I could tell right away as we talked about cock size. Upon showing him my cam, he was in awe. I would imagine this was partly from seeing one so big and the pleasure it would bestow upon his wife. We talked further on stories, interests, and desires again, with me gaining an idea of the male half’s perspective. I knew right away, that if things worked out here, this would be a fun couple.

A few days pass while Mike and I kept up a correspondence. We tossed around ideas of how to meet and what an ideal cuckold experience would look like. I took this opportunity to direct Mike early on, establishing my dominance. I tell him how his wife’s pussy is already mine and he will have to ask me for even the littlest favours. Under my command, he would no longer be receiving blow-jobs unless I deemed it worthy. For good behaviour and obedience, he would receive a hand-job. When the time came for me to have Amy, Mike would have to wear a small penis cage so as not to get too aroused. I could tell this was really exciting for Mike.

We finally decided on an evening to meet and I enjoyed the days leading up to it. For that whole week, I gave Mike small tasks to complete to serve me. Generally, in the morning, I told him to get a photo from his wife to see what she was wearing. Within a time frame, Mike produced a decent photo of Amy which I would enjoy thoroughly during a break. Amy’s smooth, slightly tanned white skin would appear on my phone and I would instantly get moderately aroused.

She took one photo, completely clothed, a striped black and blue light sweater and jeans. While it did not by any means come off as racy, the notion that it was for me and not for Mike, turned me on wildly. Mike enjoyed this as well. We also had an evening of camming, where I stroked my cock for Amy while she masturbated, we allowed Mike to watch from the corner.

After what seemed like an instant, the day of the meeting was upon us. They let me know the location, a popular rooftop bar downtown, which I had not previously visited. The basic plan, as far as I knew, was to meet up for drinks and see where the evening takes us. I know that’s a very generic plan, but I figured since I may be in control, I could tweak it. As I arrived at the location, Amy texted me and told me she would be the one in light blue. Once in the bar, I scanned the area and found Amy. She was seated alone at a corner hi-top table. As I approached her, I could clearly see how well she maintained herself.

She had this beaming smile and eyes that slightly twinkled under her subtly styled shoulder length hair. The sky-blue dress was sleeveless with spaghetti straps, showcasing her demure neckline and shoulders. The rest of her body filled out the dress perfectly as it ended mid-thigh. Further down, I enjoyed her toned calves and the wedge heels. She was a runner, I could tell right away. I kept it fairly simple and just wore some slim dark trousers and neatly ironed dress shirt.

“Amy?” I asked with a slight hesitation normal in meeting a new person. She reached her hand out for me to shake. I looked at her small hand and engulfed it with my larger palm.

“Ty, it is definitely nice to finally meet you.” Amy said as she looked me up and down, sizing me up. She gave a small, pleased smile. “Your photos definitely do not do you justice, wow!” She continued to give me some compliments which I quickly reciprocated. She has this smile that is alluring and I very much wanted it near my groin. The rooftop breeze blew her hair just right and I was increasingly growing more drawn to her. With great conversation leading to a connection, I placed my hand on her thigh, half on her dress and half on her leg.

Amy looked away as soon as I held her thigh and I turned to look as well. Approaching was a man in a blue Oxford shirt and some jeans. “Ty, this is my husband,” She said as I withdrew my hand, “Mike, this is Ty.”

I held my hand to him and he shook it, instead of making eye-contact, I could see him dart a glance at my crotch. Did I forget to zip up? Now, as I sat down, I noticed there was a bulge that I hadn’t detected from talking with Amy. No matter though, I think it is exactly what he wanted to see. He knew that I was already enticed by his hot wife. His handshake was limp and the submissive side showed. “Nice to meet you Mike.”

I sized him up really quickly. He had just been at the bar getting a drink for Amy and himself. “I was just talking to Amy about our mutual hobby of running. Your wife keeps in great shape! I mean, look at those legs… Perfection.”

I had moved my hand back up a little higher on her thigh. Mike looked under the table to pay his appreciation and I registered his hidden surprise upon seeing my hand on her. As he began to take his seat, I interrupted, “Hey Mike, while you’re still standing, would you mind heading to the bar and grabbing me a whiskey? On the rocks. Thanks.”

I think he followed up with a ‘sure’ but I could not hear it over the music. I looked at him walked away, already obeying my order. I turned back to Amy. “Just how big is his dick?” I asked.

“Big?” She laughed. “More like small. He’s four inches erect, and probably one and a half inches soft.” Amy explained. “We’re pretty much restricted to just missionary. I have to wrap my legs around him just to make sure he stays in.” I could see the disappointment on her face.

“Good thing you have strong legs.” I said with a chuckle and she laughed as well. We both momentarily indulged in the comment as Mike returned with my drink. “Welcome back Mike.” I raised my drink and they followed suit. “To… Bigger and better things,” I tasted as I shared a smile with Amy, “and a good evening.” We chatted further, discussing interests and the latest developments on our city’s sports teams. While Amy and I were in a good banter, Mike visibly appeared to be on the periphery for most of the conversation. Once I picked up on that, I figured it was time to move forward. Especially now that Amy had her hand on my knee.

“Listen, Amy… Mike, I have really been enjoying myself with you two this evening. I feel like we’ve really hit it off and we could have some really good times together. The question now is should we move on to those good times?” I said, causing them to look at one another. Mike’s face was searching for something in Amy’s and Amy’s showed an intrigued excitement. She gave a subtle nod to Mike.

“Um… Yes, I think so.” Mike said softly enough that I couldn’t make it out immediately.

“What did you say Mike? I need you to speak up.” I almost barked back in a friendly tone.

“Yes, sir, we are definitely ready.” Mike said as he looked towards Amy and back to me, nodding in approval.

“Great. I just want to make sure that this is something you…,” I said, looking at Amy, “Want to try.” I took her hand on my knee and guided it up to my crotch, right on top of my hardened cock. I felt her give it a nice squeeze, trying to put her fingers around it. The expression on her face read an instant yes. She was wetting her lips for the on-coming treat. She turned to Mike again and nodded her head in approval in earnest this time. “Well then, let’s get this show started. What do you say, Mike?”

“Um… Yes, yes sir, absolutely. We have a room downstairs we could go to.” Mike said as he looked at Amy and back to me. “Will that be okay?” He asked me.

“Yes, that will be fine.” I confirmed and looked to Amy. “Will you lead the way please? Mike, take care of the tab.” I walked behind Amy and admired her fine legs and ass in the dress as Mike straggled behind. “You know Amy, I think the thing I love most about getting a run in is the fantastic gluts workout it gives. What about you?” We stood at the elevator to go down. She turned to me as the elevator doors open. I signal Mike to go ahead and go in.

“Yes, definitely. I think it’s great for toning and shaping! I’ve noticed a difference ever since I began running.” Amy shared enthusiastically as we stepped into the elevator and the door closed.

“Really?” I said, feigning an obvious non-surprise in a flirty tone. Amy and I stood together facing the front with Mike behind us, I held the small of her back. She nodded her head in confirmation to me. As the elevator descended, so too did my palm until it rested on her left cheek. I gave it a good squeeze. “Yes, very tight and toned indeed.” I looked back at Mike to see him staring at my action, with a small erection poking from his jeans. The doors opened and we stepped off, Amy produced a key card.


Arriving at the room, Amy took the liberty to unlock and enter, I followed, asking her for the key. Mike was just on the threshold when I interrupted him. “Mike,” I said as I handed him the key, “I’m a bit thirsty, need to hydrate I suppose. Could you go get us some water and ice? Thanks buddy.” I brushed him off and let the door close. Inside, Amy and I began to enjoy ourselves with the minibar, making a few drinks for us to enjoy. I sat on the couch and motioned for her to come join me. She sat on my lap and I roamed my hand up and down her thigh. The contrast was magnificent. My dark fingers on her not-as-tanned thighs, softly groping on toned hamstrings. The door opened, interrupting our silent, spicy conversation and Mike bumbled in with an armful of water and a bucket of ice.

“Well done, Mike, go ahead and put them there,” I said to him, motioning to the table in the room.

Again, as he was going to take a seat, I interrupted once more, “Oh yeah, could you get some more towels too Mike? I was going to fresh up really quick.” Mike nodded his head and took a long look at his wife on my lap while he walked to the door.

As he exited, my hand began its journey back up Amy’s thigh. I felt dampness as I reached higher and finally felt a small wetness on her panties. She, in turn, felt my growing erection and gave it gentle strokes. I told Amy to get on her knees in front of me. As she took to them, Mike had just returned from towel retrieval, nearly dropping them at the sight of Amy on her knees in front of me. I sat back, told him to put them aside, and to have a seat on the bed. I watched him as he looked on seeing his wife grazing her hand over my pants. I looked at Amy, “Go ahead baby, enjoy yourself.”

Amy licked her lips proceeding to unzip my pants and slowly pulled my cock out. She gave a small gasp at the sight of its size. I could see Mike trying to see it over her shoulder from the bed. From my view, it was nearly as long as her face. She managed to wrap a hand around it and gave it a few tugs, starting her licking endeavours at the base. Satisfied with the lubrication at the bottom with her hands, she took on the head with her small pink lips. Quickly the tip vanished in her mouth, but she couldn’t take more. Her technique was impeccable as she established a great rhythm. Mike could be lucky fellow, if only she sucked his dick like this.

“Mike, come here for a moment.” I beckoned him as his wife gradually took on more of my cock. “I can’t see Amy’s beautiful blue eyes since her hair is getting in the way. I want you to hold her hair back if you can.” Mike does has he is told. “Perfect, oh… Mike, your wife sucks cock brilliantly.” At this comment, Amy attempts to deep throat me, but instantly gags. I let her go a little longer for Mike to appreciate how much she is enjoying my large dick. Once I decided it was enough, I give Mike another task, “Alright Mike. Let go of her hair and lay down on the floor behind Amy.” Again, like a good cake, he does as he is told. “Now lift up her dress and take a look at her panties. Can you see them?”

“Yes, sir.” Mike reports.

“Good, are they properly wet and soaked?” I ask him.

“Yes, sir.” Mike dutifully replies.

“Very good. Go ahead and pull them down.” I ordered Mike. He began to reach under her dress as I told Amy to stand up. As she stood, Mike produced her panties and sat at the edge of the couch in front of her. “Great Mike, go ahead and take a seat on the bed and fold them neatly next to you. Do not touch them once you’re done.” Having given the order, I reached under Amy’s dress and grabbed her ass, squeezing it to my delight. “Mike, Amy has got a great rump,” I gave it a slap and lifted the dress up. “Will you tell me when it’s nice and red?”

Mike responded, “Yes, sir.”

I gave each cheek a couple slaps and grabs, slightly rough. “How does look Mike?”

“Very red, sir.” Mike replied shortly.

“Good,” I said to him, “Turn around Amy.” I was face to face, with her now very red ass. It looked delectable. I immediately planted my face between her cheeks and gave her pussy a long lick. Amy shuddered at the tongue, but immediately relaxed. “Tastes really good, Mike. Too bad you don’t know what this kind of wetness tastes like.” I parted her red cheeks and feasted on her now plump pussy. My mouth was getting covered with her waterworks and it was time to turn her back around. I have her ass another hard slap, “Okay, turn around Amy. Ask your husband if he wants to see this big cock in your little pussy.”

She turns to Mike, who is stroking himself through the jeans. “Mike, do you want to see Ty’s big cock in my little wet white pussy?” Amy asked.

Mike nodded his head, stupefied by her stroking on my dick. “Okay, baby, I’m ready.”

She turns and removes my pants for me. “Okay, honey.” Mike said.

“I wasn’t talking to you Mike, I was talking to Ty.” Amy clarified.

As she hovered over me, I grab a hold of my cock and straight it up for her to sit on. She straddled my thighs and flinched at the feeling of me touching her pussy with the tip. Struggling to get it in, I tell her to take it slowly. She controlled her breathing and lowered herself, letting out a small gasp. “Oh my god, Mike, he’s so big!” Amy let out a long satisfied sigh as she settled on it.

“Damn, Mike, your wife’s pussy is really tight.” I shared with him as I held her ass in my palm. She lowered herself further. “Is it all the way in, Mike?” I asked. He merely shook his head no. “Can you take some more, Amy?” She shook her head no.

“No babe, you’re filling me up already.” She said, exasperated. “Mike it feels so good. I feel every inch of Ty’s brown dick inside me, it’s amazing.” I took her ass in both hands and lifted her up and down on it slowly. “OH MY GOD.” Amy nearly yelled out. I pulled her spaghetti straps to the side and pushed the dress down, revealed her ample bosom. Taking a hand off her ass and grabbing a tit, I let myself have a taste of her nipples, sucking and lightly biting. It was a good move as Amy started riding me on her own accord, quickening the pace.

“Oh god Mike, I’m going to cum like this.” She put her hand on my chest and straightened her back, slamming her pelvis back and forth on my cock. Faster and faster she went, I got harder and enjoyed seeing her toss her hair back. I grabbed her breasts and she started gyrating on my dick and shaking. For that golden moment she was silent, taking a long breath, grinding her orgasm out. Out of energy, she collapsed on my chest.

“Mike, go get a towel. Come here and dry your wife’s face off.” I commanded him. Mike snapped to the task. I could feel Amy’s thigh still quivering. It was my turn. I let her relax a moment and told Mike to get us some water. Freshly hydrated, I put my arms under her legs and grabbed her ass while she was still inside me. “Put your arms on my shoulders, Amy, hold on.” I stood up and adjusted my cock further deep inside her. Amy gasped again. I wouldn’t be working out arms tomorrow as I carefully pushed Amy’s tight ass up and down my dick. She put her head on my shoulder and held on tightly as I thrust inside her.

“My pussy is all yours, Ty, my husband can’t have it anymore.” Amy said exhausted as I quickened my pace. “Use it however you like, it is for you and only you.” I pounded away at her pussy, harder now at this declaration. She tossed her head back and held on only by my neck. I grabbed each cheek in my palms and opened her legs out farther apart. I could see Mike with is tiny cock out, stroking it to the scene.

“Put your dick away Mike. Your wife’s pussy, thighs, and legs bucking on my cock is not for you to enjoy.” I commanded him and fucked her harder. “I’m going to fill her pussy up better than you ever have.” Amy’s breathing quickened and I knew she was near to cumming. I grabbed her ass really tight and gave her a quick pounding and she moaned with ecstasy. We came simultaneously, with her pussy internally milking my cock inside of her. I laid her down on the bed next to Mike. “Go ahead and wipe her sweat off Mike. Then get me a water.” He did as told and brought me the water as well. “On second thought, head up to the bar and get me a martini.

“Yes, sir.” Mike replied, almost reflexively. I stood over Amy and pointed him to the door.

A little bit later, it seemed that it took Mike a while to get the drink, he returned. I stood in front of Amy seated on the bed. She had taken to sucking my cock again as Mike entered. He held the drink out to me. I removed one of my hands from Amy’s head and took the drink. As I sipped, I pushed her down on me with my other hand and thrust. “She’s been enjoying it since you left Mike.” I looked down at her, “Go ahead and pull it out baby, keep stroking and open wide.” I took another sip of my martini and released my hot cum over her lips and a little in her mouth.

“Kiss your wife, Mike. She was fantastic.” I directed him. Their lips made a sloppy and cum-laced embrace. I sat back on the couch and had my drink. The couple spoke with each other silently.

“Sir, maybe could I have her creampie?” Mike asked me.

“You did alright, Mike, knock yourself out.” I raised my glass to them. I enjoyed seeing the little dicked man slurp on my sloppy seconds. Satisfied, I gathered my things and got dressed. As I moved to leave, they whispered to each other again. “Well, I had a great time you guys. It was a blast.” I told them as I walked toward the door.

“Wait,” Amy said and turned to nudge Mike on. “We had a great time too. I definitely did. Did you Mike?”

“Yes, sir, I enjoyed it.” Mike said and got up with something in his hand. He presented a key to me. “It’s to our place, sir, you are welcome to come whenever you please.” I was surprised at the gesture and looked to Amy.

“Yes, Ty, come whenever you please,” Amy said as she bit her lip and parted her legs, pulling a strap on her dress. “And wherever you please,” she added with a devilish smile.

The End.

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