The Booze Cruise

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By gez0862

This happened to me about 7 years ago when I was 19. I had been working in an office for a few months on a short-term contract. Some guys in another department had got together to go on a lads-style package holiday, however, one of their group was unable to go. The guys were asking around to see if anyone could take his place and eventually they asked me and I thought, well, why not? I`m quite a shy, quiet person but I got on pretty well with these guys, even if we weren`t really good mates.

The holiday was fun, mostly lots of drinking and dancing and spending the day on the beach. As we got to the end of the two weeks we were approached by some Re’ps to take part in a booze cruise on a pleasure boat around some islands. Well, we had avoided most of these activities, but as it was the last day we decided to give it a go. Well, I was completely shocked by what went on. We`d only been sailing for an hour and the boat had descended into chaos.

As I walked around the deck with my bottle of beer, I was able to see people doing all kinds of outrageous things, taking part in very naughty games. I watched one group play a game where two teams split into two and faced each other along the deck, then each team member took it in turns to walk the length between with a large dildo held at the top of the thighs, and pass it to the next team member without using their hands! Anyone who dropped their dildo was subject to a forfeit, which was a hefty drink twice, and then the third time meant removing an item of clothing.

As most people were only wearing bathing costumes this meant pretty soon one girl was topless and then bottomless. She didn`t seem to care that we could all see her nipples and shaved bare pussy she was just giggling all the time. Others were just as bad and it wasn`t long until a guy was forced to drop his shorts. I leaned forward for a better look and sighed as the guy pulled down his shorts, handed them over to a female rep and stood proudly in front of everyone with his long, thick penis hanging between his legs.

The girls were all ‘oohing and ahing’ about his size. I just watched open-mouthed as eventually the nude girl was pressed up against this nude guy, trying to pass the dildo between her thighs over, but actually just rubbing her hairless lips on his big cock.

This wasn’t even the most shocking thing I saw. Inside I watched two female Rep’s strip a couple of guys naked then made them straddle stools with no backs, so their dicks were hanging down and had blindfolded girls with their hands tied behind their backs trying to get the dicks between their lips like the guys were fishing for them! Back on deck I watched two girls performing a 69 while a group of people just stood around watching them.

I was getting pretty drunk by this point and went to find a toilet. I was upset to discover that the blokes were expected to go to the back of the boat and pee over the side. I was desperate, so I had to go, I just prayed no guy would look down and see me straining my tiny penis over the waistband of my shorts.
I went up on the top deck to be alone for a bit and digest what I`d seen. I’ve never thought of myself as a prude, but I was still quite shocked by how public this all was. I heard a commotion behind me and looked around to see two guys stumbling up the stairs onto the deck being pushed by two female Rep’s and a large group of girls. I wondered what the hell was going on as the guys were pushed to the railing and had their hands tied to them with handcuffs. The two Rep’s looked at me and suddenly pounced pushing my hands behind me and cuffing me to the railings. I started protesting, but they just told me to be quiet as they looked over the railings and asked someone, “Is this the guy?”

I heard a man`s voice reply, “Yeah, that’s him, it’s really tiny!”

At that remark I froze, and stared at the two Rep’s with their wicked, broad grins. They stepped back and addressed the assembled crowd of girls, shouting, “These three ‘boys’ have been accused of having the smallest dicks on board.”

The girls all burst out laughing. My cheeks went bright red and I willed the earth to open and swallow me as I had a sinking feeling about where this was going. I hadn’t even guessed the best of it, the Rep’s told the girls the rules of this special game: The Penis Extender.

One of the Rep’s shouted to the crowd, “Three teams will each take turns at doing all they can to give their ‘guy’ the biggest increase in penis size, without using hands or mouths. Measurements would be taken after each round. Now form your teams.”

The girl’s split into three groups in front of their chosen victim, then a tape measure was handed to each team and one girl walked to each of us, and whipped our shorts down. There was a collective groan, and then laughter on the deck as the girls looked at our disappointing equipment. The five girls in front of me were shaking their heads in disbelief, giggling, and pointing between my legs.

Measurements were made, the guy furthest from me actually looked really pleased with his situation, even though his soft measurement was taken at 2.5 inches. Next to him was a thin, dark-haired guy who looked totally depressed as his soft measurement of 1.8 inches was taken. Next was mine, and I could only shut my eyes as an incredulous female voice reads out loud, “One inch!”

Cue a chorus of “no ways” and much laughter.

My group didn’t look too confident of a win. The five girl’s in each group took it in turns to approach us, then try to turn us on and get our penises to grow harder and longer. After each girl had been up a measurement was taken, and the group with the least improvement had to take a large alcohol forfeit. Well, as the girls came over to me and tried talking dirty or sexy dancing to stimulate me, I could only desperately try to will my penis to grow, but I was so embarrassed it just stayed the same size. A tiny one-inch nub pointing out from where it sat on top of my small, tight ball-bag.

After two girls in my group had failed to raise any interest from my shrivelled organ the third girl just burst out laughing and remarked that my shaved genitals were too childlike for her to even pretend she was turned on by them. The fourth girl took the novel approach of removing her bikini top and brushing her nipples over my cock. I still really felt shame-faced, but this girl was very attractive and finally my penis began to stir. This must have offered up some encouragement for my group.

The last girl approached me and my jaw dropped, she was really stunning. Tall, dark-skinned, athletic body with large, round breasts I almost wept wishing I had a manhood to arouse her and not a little dicklette to amuse her. She stepped right up to me and whispered “I’m gonna get you totally hard, baby. I’m gonna make your little dick harder than it’s ever been!”

She then removed her bikini top, and bottoms! I gazed at her incredible naked body, dark nipples fully erect and her neat pussy lips, with a narrow strip of dark pubic hair above. She began moving her body all over mine and I groaned with delight. She turned right around and moved her tight buttocks on my crotch, then she tilted herself forward and I could feel my rapidly hardening dick rubbing against her pussy lips. She stood back at the end of her go and smiled at my engorged penis I was so turned on I could feel my dick throbbing and for a moment I thought I was going to come in front of everyone.

I looked over at the other two guys they were also both fully erect. The first guy was measured at 5 inches, the second guy was 4.5 inches and finally the Rep laid the tape on my dick and turned to everyone and said simply, “Three and one-quarter inches! That has to be the smallest penis ever recorded at this event.”

I was aware of twenty or so eyes all smirking at my pathetic erection and it didn’t even go soft, it stayed sticking out.

Well, with the game over people began dispersing and the Rep’s decided to amusingly leave us chained to the railing so we couldn’t hide ourselves. The tall, dark girl, who was still completely naked, walked over to me and took my dick in her hand. She stared right into my eyes and began to wank me. As she pulled on my dick, she whispered to me, “You have a hot body, if only you were a real man with a real man’s cock I would be begging you to fuck me right now. But since you’re a little boy, with only a little boy’s dick I can only give you a little sympathetic relief.”

She ran her other hand over her perfect pussy lips, and told me, “You’re simply not man enough to have this pussy.”

I groaned and spurted cum onto the deck of the boat. The girl smiled at my obvious pleasure and my sudden acute embarrassment at my very public, very quick orgasm. Then she dressed and left. The two other guys were telling me how lucky I was, but I just felt totally and utterly humiliated that I’d had an audience for my uncontrollable premature ejaculation. Even more so when the Rep’s finally came back to release us and they saw I`d cum, they laughed and told me I was a tiny dick pervert.

Luckily, the guys I went on holiday with were totally oblivious to what had happened, and I was able to hide out for the end of the holiday feigning illness.

The End.


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