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Older Bro Becomes Little Bro By Mike (edited)

My name is Mike, and I’m eighteen. I have a younger brother, Aaron, who is fifteen. We got along okay, but my brother was always had a more dominant personality. He played on the soccer team and he was popular at school. Even though I was older, sometimes it seemed like he was more mature, because of his confidence. Sometimes it seemed like he was the older brother…he didn’t do it when the parents were home, but he would boss me around. It was mostly harmless, but I could tell he enjoyed doing it.

Things were normal until the day he blackmailed me. He had snooped onto my computer. I had forgotten to delete the history on my computer. He managed to find out that I was gay…a fact that my father would kill me over. Not only that, but I was reading stories on nifty…stories about young friends and adult-youth. He threatened to tell dad everything, unless I did what he told me. If he told my dad…who knows what would happen. He took a picture of the history file, so he had evidence, I was screwed.

He waited a few days before putting his plan into action. It turned out that mom and dad were going to be going out-of-town for the weekend. Meaning that I was going to be alone with my brother the whole weekend. This was the start of my brother taking over.

Once our parents left he said, “Hey, now that we are alone, we have some unfinished business.”

“Come on, man, leave me alone. I didn’t do anything to you,” I said in a whiny voice.

“But what if Dad found out about your nasty little habits?”

“Bro, please, don’t do this to me.”

Aaron smiled like a shark. “Relax, I’m not gonna hurt you. Just do what I tell you and everything will be fine.”

“But I am older than you! You can’t boss me around!”

“Not from where I am standing. Don’t argue with me, you don’t have a choice. I can make you do anything I want, and if you don’t cooperate, I will tell dad all about you being a fag.”

“Please don’t tell dad,” I begged.

“Just do as I tell you, and dad won’t have to know anything. Now strip!”

I couldn’t believe what I was being told. My brother was being cruel…and there was nothing I could do to stop him. I could never let dad know, I have to do whatever it takes. But strip down in front of my brother? I have always been ashamed of my body and I’m sure I won’t like anything my brother has planned. I hesitated at first, but I could see the impatience in my brothers eyes. I didn’t want to upset him. Maybe he would be nicer if I cooperated. I reached for my shirt and pulled it off, exposing my pale skin. I sighed as I pulled my shorts off, leaving me in only my boxers.

“Come on man, those to,” he ordered.

Oh god, did he really want me to strip down all the way? It’s been years since he had seen my naked body so I really wasn’t looking forward to this. I knew he would ridicule me. How could my younger brother be doing this to me? I took a deep breath as I grabbed the fabric of my boxers and pulled them down. His eyes bulged as he asked, “Damn man, is that all you got?”

My face was burning red as I exposed myself to him. Soft, my dick was only two inches and it was humiliating for him to be looking at me.

“Seriously bro, it’s like… a kids dick. Do you get much bigger?”

Oh god, he wouldn’t make me show him my erect size, would he? I think I will die of embarrassment, I thought.

“Stroke yourself,” he ordered.

I swallowed, and started sweating.

“Do it, do it now… OR ELSE!”

I could see he was serious and I couldn’t afford to piss him off. What was the worst that could happen, I had already let things get this far. Scared and humiliated I reached down and grabbed my dick. He was staring at me with a grin on his face. I had never been so humiliated before, performing this private act in front of my brother as he glared at me, enjoying my discomfort. After a few agonising moments, I could feel myself getting hard.

“Damn bro… Did you ever enter puberty? Your dick hard is smaller than mine. It’s like you’re really my kid brother.”

I hadn’t seen my bro naked in years, but I wouldn’t be surprised that he was bigger than me. Fully erect, I was only four inches. I was really self-conscious about this and yet here I was, standing in front of my brother hard, while he stayed fully clothed.

“Never knew I had a kid brother”, Aaron said with a smirk

“I am not your kid brother!”

“Starting today you are. You don’t have a choice, remember?”

“But, but…”

“Shut it, little boy. We’re going to make some changes around here. With a dick that small, I think you need to look the part. You should look like my kid bro, the kid bro I never had until now.

“You can’t be serious!”

“I’m dead serious. Or does dad need to know all about you?”

I just stood there, in disbelief. My younger bro was taking control and there was nothing I could do. I didn’t know what he had planned, but I could only imagine the horrors he had planned. “Come on little brother”, he said with a giggle.

He led me into the bathroom, where it suddenly dawned on me what he was going to do to me. He wouldn’t do that to me would he? He can’t make me shave my pubes. It is the only way you can even tell I’ve entered puberty! “Little boys don’t have any hair around their privates,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Bro…please, I’m begging you.”

“Awwww, how cute. The little one is begging, but I’m in charge and I say you will shave your pubes off!”


“You are only making it worse. I want you all smooth, like a little baby boy.”

He had me stand up in the bathroom while he took the shaving cream and spread it around my crotch. It felt kind of cold, and he cruelly shaved my hair off. I could only watch helplessly while he shaved off my pubic hair. By the time he was done, my crotch was completely smooth. I was trying not to cry as I examined myself. With the hair gone, I looked years younger. I was completely humiliated, I really did look like his little brother now.

“What a cute little-dickie you have.” He burst out laughing at my now hairless state. “I wonder if you can even cum.”

He did not just suggest that I masturbate in front of him, did he? And to make everything worse, I still hadn’t gotten to see him naked. He was still fully clothed and he wanted to watch me masturbate. I hoped I was wrong.

“Do you know how to masturbate, little boy?”

Damn it! That is exactly what he wanted.

“Well, do you, little boy?”

“Yes,” I answered meekly

He led me over to the bedroom. He had me sit down and start jacking my dick. He had a huge grin on his face the entire time. My face was red and I was trying not to cry from this humiliation. I could feel it building up in my balls. I was going to cum right in front of my younger brother. My breathing started to get heavier as I approached my orgasm. And then it happened, I climaxed right in front of my younger brother, I could feel my cum hitting my chest. He continued to have that smirk on his face.

“Glad to see that your little-dickie works. Wasn’t sure if you could cum.”

“Shut up…you had your fun, leave me alone okay?”

He laughs hard. “That was a good one, bro, but I don’t plan on leaving you alone. You will always be my ‘little’ brother. Maybe I should continue your makeover. What do you think? We could get you some underoos, those are very appropriate for little boys.”

“No, no, no! You… You can’t… You already made me do all of this. Please stop.”

“No whining, or I’ll tell dad.”

At that moment, I knew my entire situation was hopeless. My brother was determined to humiliated me and treat me like his little brother.


One day I would get back at my brother, or die from humiliation. One of these two things was bound to happen. I just sat there, naked, cum slowly oozing down my stomach. I could see my brother staring at me, deciding what he wanted to do to me next. My dick deflating and sitting on my now smooth crotch. I saw my brother go over to the table and pick up a tissue.

“Did my brother’s little-dickie have an accident? Here, let me help you with that.”

He walked back over to me and used the tissue to clean up my fresh load of cum. While he was wiping me he made comments like, “Such a messy
boy,” and, “Awww, how cute, little boy is growing up.”

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but that wasn’t going to happen. When he finished cleaning me up, he began his next round of embarrassing me. “Time to continue your make over, little brother.”

“Aaron, this has gone far enough. You already took away my pubic hair, that’s enough!”

“Little Mikey, please don’t act up, or I’ll have to punish you. I said I was going to turn you into my little bro and I’m not finished yet. Besides, you still have some pubic hair.”

“More hair… What are you… Oh no… Aaron, please don’t do this.

“Shhh, Mikey, stop whining. If I count to three, you’ll be punished baby brother”



It was hopeless. He was getting worse, treating more and more like his little brother. “Damn it,” I said in frustration.

“Two… Where did you learn such language, young man?”

I couldn’t even respond to that. I was ready to cry from this treatment, but I couldn’t let him have that pleasure. So I stayed quite. He seemed happy with that. He grabbed my hand and with me still naked, he took me back into the bathroom. He had me stand in the shower while he put the cream on my body and started his work. I can only watch in horror as he shaves off all the hair on my body: my treasure trail, my armpits, my legs, arms, even my ass. Any trace of me being a man methodically removed from my body. When he finished shaving me, he took his hand and patted my tummy. “Awww, look at you… You look so cute and little. All smooth like a baby boy.”

My body void of any body hair, I really did look like a kid now. It had been years since I had been hairless and now I felt different. I somehow felt even more naked, my skin perfectly exposed to the world, and of course, with the hair gone it felt like I had lost an important part of me.

Satisfied, my brother told me that we were going to go shopping. I was allowed to get dressed, but he picked out my clothes for me. I quickly got dressed in the shorts and shirt, grateful for my body to covered again. I wasn’t used to wearing shorts and no underwear, so I could feel the cool air running over my smooth balls.

He had me drive us to the store. We walked in and he led me over to the children clothing department. I didn’t know what he was thinking, bringing me here. I sure didn’t want to find out. Not that it mattered what I wanted.

He walked over to the boys briefs and picked up a pair of cartoon underoos. They had a big design of Scooby Doo on them, he had to be joking, right? Right?! I hadn’t worn something like that in forever. I couldn’t even remember wearing them, it was so long ago. He grabbed my hand and led me over to the changing room. I looked around and was glad that no one else was in here, we were alone. He dragged me into a changing booth and closed the door. “Come on, little bro, time to try on your new underwear.”

“I-I can’t wear that!”

“My kid bro needs to wear kiddie underwear. Now be quite and sit down,” he scolded me.

I sat down and he reached over and helped me untie my shoes. I felt so helpless and pathetic as he removed my shoes for me. He helped me up and then he reached over and grabbed my shorts, pulling them down and exposing my small soft cock, all the while having a huge grin on his face as he helped me undress. “Be a good baby bro, and lift up your leg.”

He opened the package of underwear and pulled them up on to me. There I was, standing before my brother, hairless, wearing little boy briefs. I felt really childish wearing the underoos, there wasn’t even a bulge in them. Looking at me, it was really hard to tell that I was a young adult. “Sure looks cute on you, bro,” Aaron said admiringly.

Just then I heard some voices as some kids entered the room. I heard the dad telling them to try on their new shorts and that he would wait outside. My bro got an evil grin on his face. Before I knew what he was doing he opened the door and shoved me out. The kids looked up to see the commotion. My face was bright red as they stared at me in the underoos. Both boys were changing in the open and both of them were also wearing underoos, one was even wearing Scooby Doo! I heard them giggle at me as I rushed back to my brother, grabbed the shorts, and put them on.

Satisfied with my level of humiliation, Aaron led me back to the isle of underwear. He picked up a couple of extra pairs and had me pay for them. I had to show the cashier the open bag, he started laughing at me as he charged me for them. We went back home after paying.


We drove home in silence, which I was grateful for. It gave me some time to think about what was happening to me. I tried to think of a way out of my situation, but I couldn’t think of anything. I could tell my dad, but then he would severely punish me. He would punish me for being gay and for being such a wimp to my brother. No, the best course of action was to keep doing what my brother wanted. Some day I would move out of the house and I would be free from his grasp. Or maybe he would get bored with abusing me.

We walked back inside and he had me strip down to my underwear. I had to walk around, my body completely smooth, in this embarrassing Scooby Doo underwear that little kids would wear. He started bossing me around, having me make him lunch. After we had finished he flipped on the TV.

Aaron said, “Check it out, Bob the Builder is on. A good show for a growing boy.”

“Fuck you!”

“Excuse me? Did you just cuss? Such a filthy mouth boy. Get over here this instant,” he ordered.

At that moment, I knew I had just screwed up. I hoped that he wouldn’t punish me too severely. Aaron said, “I should wash your mouth out with soap, but I don’t believe in abusing kids like that. Instead, I think you need a good old-fashioned spanking.”

“Aaron… Come on… I’m too old for that.”

“Shut up and get over here. NOW!”

I sobbed lightly as I went over to him. He had me lay across his lap. He laid his hand down and gently rubbed my underwear clad ass. This really was a humiliating position, and I couldn’t believe that I was about to be spanked by my younger brother. I was glad no one else was around to witness my spanking. He stopped rubbing me and firmly spanked me on the ass with his hand. I could do nothing but take the punishment for talking back to my brother. After a few hits I could feel something stirring in his crotch. He had a semi and I could feel it through his shorts and my briefs. I still hadn’t seen him, but even from this light touching I could tell that he was bigger than me.

He was still spanking me and my ass was starting to hurt. I could feel the heat radiating off my ass after every hit. I was sure by the end of this my ass would be a bright pink. I squirmed a little on his lap, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me groan. I took the punishment without any complaints. “I hope you have learned your lesson, young man,” he said once he had stopped spanking me.

I felt defeated. “Thank you for spanking me.”

“See what a little discipline does to a boy? Makes him a well-mannered boy. For being such a good sport, I have a little reward for you.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

Aaron motioned for me to sit up on his lap. I got up from my laying position, my ass burning and sat on his lap. I could now feel his semi against my ass, I hope he had no intention of fucking me. He surprised me a little when he reached around to my front and slid the front of the briefs down, leaving them pushing up against my balls. I gasped as he gently grabbed my dick and gently stroked me. The feeling was completely different, feeling someone else touching me there. I quickly grew hard in his hand as he fondled and molested my dick. I started to breath faster, feeling myself building up to orgasm quicker than I normally do.

He noticed my approaching orgasm and he slowed down his touch, he started gently touching my cock head, teasing me. I whimpered a little from his teasing, not used to this kind of treatment. I could feel my balls filling with my seed as I was teased, as they became full and desperate to empty themselves. It didn’t take long for my bro to get bored and he tightened up his grip, quickly stroking me little dick. He brought me over the edge and I started to cum into his fist.

A little overwhelmed from what just happened, I panted a little. I didn’t notice as he brought his cum filled hand to my mouth until it was too late…he fed me my fresh load of cum. The sperm tasted weird and slimy, but I knew better than to protest. After he had fed me all of sperm, he reach down and gently patted my balls. He then lifted me off of him. “Yo bro, you should get ready for bed,” he ordered.

“Oh, come on, it’s much too early for that,” I complained.

I felt him grab my balls and tighten his grip. I whimpered as he gripped onto my sensitive organs. Once again I knew I had no choice as I got off of him, ready to prepare myself for bed.


It took me longer than usual to fall asleep that night. I was not used to going to bed so early, so it took a little while for me to unwind. However, the humiliating events of the day had taken their toll on me and I soon found myself getting tired. I had to lay there and let my imagination go wild, thinking of all the horrible things my brother might do to me, as I finally drift to sleep. I awaken the next day early in the morning. I guess that is what happens when you go to bed so much earlier. I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen. I decided to make breakfast for myself and Aaron. I was hoping that if I fed him, he would be put into a better mood and my misery would be less severe.

I saw Aaron walk into the kitchen a few minutes after I had finished preparing breakfast. He seemed to be in a good mood, he thanked me for the food and made some chit-chat while we ate.He didn’t mention my being little or his slave, or anything. Perhaps he wouldn’t be evil today. After we finished eating he told me that he was going to a friend’s house for a couple of hours and that he would be back soon.

I decided to take the time to do some relaxing. I took a long warm bath, which really helped calm my nerves. I felt a little better…the weekend was almost over and then my parents would be back. It would be hard for my brother to keep dominating me with them around. Maybe life would return to normal, maybe I could find a way to get some payback. Yeah,that would be nice.

After I finished my bath I got dressed and played some games on the computer. It was nice to do something mindless and forget about my recent troubles. I had completely forgotten about my brother as I played the games. I didn’t even hear my brother when he got back.

Aaron walked into the house and looked around, but didn’t see Mike. Strange, he thought, I wonder if he’s playing games? He got close to his room and heard a game playing. Good, he thought, that should keep him busy while I set things up. He had some new ideas he wanted to try out on his baby brother. So he went to make a few adjustments to the living room, putting special candles around the room and lighting them.


He called me down into the room. I was little suspicious and afraid of his intent, but what was I gonna do about it? Aaron had too much on me now. With a nasty grin Aaron said, “Mike, I want to try something new.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

“Don’t worry about it, just sit down on the chair over there.”

Don’t worry about it? All I could was worry. “What are you going to do?

“Just sit down and shut up.”

He smirked as he watched me sit down. I felt so frustrated, and desperately wanted to fight back. Not that it matters what I feel, Aaron is just doing this for his amusement. Of course, he doesn’t want to completely ruin my life, I hoped. He told me to sit there and relax for a few minutes. The candles had a nice scent and the music caused was really relaxing. My eyes became a little heavier, and my mind seemed to be drifting to other places.

Aaron started talking to me softly, telling me that I was becoming tired and that I should relax, let my mind become clear from the clutter of the world. That he I getting going deeper and deeper into sleep. After a little while, he had me in the perfect place. I was ready to hear his suggestions about changes I should make to my behaviour. These changes would last until Aaron spoke the magic word, and undid them. “Now Mike, I want you to listen very carefully,” he spoke to me in a calm low voice.

“I need you to listen carefully, I need you to sit up straight and listen to my voice. I’m going to tell you some important things about yourself and deep down, you’ll know that they are true. I’m just helping you realize your true self, what his hidden deep in your subconscious. Now, gently nod your head if you’re listening and understand what I am telling you.”

I moved my head up and down in a slow motion. I was now ready for the process of transformation to begin. He hadn’t decided how long these effects would last, maybe these childish behaviours he was about to give me would last forever, or maybe until I got a bigger dick, which would be never.

“Now bro, I am going to make some suggestions. You are going to listen to them, think about them, and then from now on you will feel the desire to do these things. They are now a part of you. I want you to know that as long as you have a kids dick, you will need to act more like a kid.

“Remember, that little boys that have not yet matured still suck on their thumb. They will do it out of habit and they might not even realize they are doing it. Little boys have cute names for their penis, such as willy. Little boys use the words pee-pee when they want to urinate. Little boys when they need to go pee-pee go to the potty. Little boys refer to mom and dad as ‘mommy and daddy’. And little boys need something to help them sleep, they need a teddy bear to cuddle up to and protect them at night.

“All of this I have told you is true little bro. You are a little boy and from now on, you are going to behave more like one. Everything I just told you, you will want to start doing. You will suck your thumb, want to call your penis your ‘willy’, and use ‘pee-pee’ when you need to be piss, ‘potty’ when you need to use the restroom, and ‘mommy and daddy’ when talking about mom and dad.”

He repeated himself a few more times, clarifying the instructions and making sure I understood them. When he was satisfied, he started the waking up process, including the trigger for undoing the effects, in case he was feeling nice, someday. I awoke suddenly, to see Aaron smiling at me. Had I fallen asleep? Aaron
seemed way to happy and something didn’t feel right. After a moment Aaron spoke up, “How are you feeling?

“Okay I guess. What, uh, happened?”

“I put you under hypnosis.”

“YOU WHAT! No way, you are lying!”

He laughed. “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. You’ll just have to wait and see.”


“Oh, stop worrying about it, little boy. I just made a few suggestions for you to follow. You should start to notice some of the changes over the course of the next few days.”

“Damn it, what did you do to me?”

“I just thought that as long as you looked like a little boy, you should act more like one as well. I guess I could give you a small demonstration. Stand up, Mike.”

I stood up, unsure of what was happening. He suddenly grabbed my crotch,tightly grasping my willy through my clothing. “What am I holding in my hand Mike?”

“What the hell?”

“Say it, little boy!”

You’re holding my… My…” A word formed in my mind, “Willy.”

I gasped, did I just say my ‘willy’? That isn’t right, that’s what a little boy calls his… Willy. Oh fuck! Aaron smiled, and said, “That’s right, Mike, this little thing here is your willy. Not a dick, not a penis, but a willy, and until I say so, you can’t and won’t call it anything else. I made some other changes as well, but you will to wait and see what those are.”

Aaron left me alone for a little while, to ponder what he had done to me. It was scary, not knowing what changes he had made…Hopefully they were all small subtle changes that no one would notice. I would just have to be extra careful from now on, until I knew what all of the changes were.


A couple of embarrassing incidents happened during the rest of the day. I was playing games and I felt the need to go number 1, so I got up to take care of business. On the way my brother asked what I was doing and I responded that I was going to potty. My face turned a little red as I tried to figure out if that was an accident, or if that was another change. He asked me what I needed to do, I told him that I needed to go pee-pee. Damn it! I rushed into the bathroom, now knowing those were more changes he had made to me. I hadn’t used those names since I was eight. I continued to think about these troubling thoughts, as I grabbed my willy and went pee-pee.

The second incident happened while I was watching tv. I didn’t even know I had done it, but I found myself sucking on my thumb. I broke that habit when I was five! And here I was, a grown adult because of my idiot and unusually cruel brother I was sucking on my thumb again. I hoped this urge didn’t happen at any inconvenient times, how would I explain this behaviour?

The third incident happened when I was getting ready for bed. I laid down and was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t stop fidgeting. Something was bothering me and I didn’t know what. I had a nagging feeling to look in the closest. In my tired and zombied mind I got up and mindlessly searched for something. I didn’t know what I was looking for, after going through a couple of boxes, I found my childhood bear. Seeing the bear immediately calmed me. I went back to bed and I was much happier sleeping with the teddy bear I was able to finally fall asleep, cuddling close to my childhood buddy.

The End.

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    When my 14 yr old brother saw my tiny 3 inch erection he made me suck him off and some of his m8s I was 19 but was being used as his suck slave he had threatened to put the picture he took of me masturbating on social media I was also made to wax all my body hair totally humiliated


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