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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader found his small problem held him back…

This past weekend I was at a party and there was this girl. I saw her, we locked eyes. Following my instincts, I went up to her and introduced myself. She was very receptive and we ended up chatting on and off throughout the night, took some shots, smoked some weed. It seemed like she was as into me as I was into her. More, in fact. There was just something in the way we looked at each other. Then she made her intentions quite clear.

I was drunkenly standing in the kitchen when she came out of nowhere and pressed her body against mine. Total crotch to crotch action. Now, at this point I was certain that she liked me and wanted to hook up. So what happened? That’s right, I bitched out. I didn’t even acknowledge that a pretty girl had her whole body pressed against me. I stood there in silence and pretended to listen to a conversation that was going on about who knows what. All I could hear was my internal debate about how to handle this, and all I could smell was her sweet perfume. This lasted for what must have been a solid 20 seconds before she walked away. We didn’t really talk for the rest of the night. Another opportunity gone like a fart in the wind.

I’m so sick of feeling like I’m not good enough. I know intellectually that I could have probably hooked up with this girl and we both would’ve had a good time, but there’s a voice in my head screaming at me that I’m just going to be humiliated because of my small dick and it’s not worth wasting her time. In my mind, we would have gone to a room, she would have seen my dick, laughed, and would’ve left and told her all friend at the party about how small I am who in turn would tell everyone else. Total humiliation.

Now on top of that, the next day a girl who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year text me randomly and wants to go out on a date. I want to go, but again, I feel like I shouldn’t bother wasting her time since she’ll probably end up rejecting me if we get our clothes off. Even if I charm the shit out of her and her panties are sopping wet. Best case scenario is that we have sex anyway and she ends up breaking it off after I disappoint her. I know this is an unfounded self-defeating attitude, but I just can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m just going to end up being rejected. If not immediately, then at some point down the road. I don’t want to come off as some great looking guy who has women swooning left and right. This was a pretty freak occurrence.


This reader shares his complex emotions about being small…

Looking upwards that looks like footnotes to a plot line in a really dark Marx brothers film. With proper context I’m positive that you would be just as outraged. After all, this is the Internet, but what will common understanding get us? I do understand that these things alone cannot and should not break a man.

The breaking comes into play when you factor in that as a man with a small dick I have so few options. We all know the normal advice that people give. They can give all the ineffectual general advice they want to. Half cannot even begin to fathom what we mean when we say small. The other half can’t comprehend the insurmountable nature of the problem.

The options I/we have are nil and placative at best, if you have a clean general psyche. I say that because the only real option other than just sucking it up, is therapy. Three years of therapy and I’ve had no epiphanies or major breakthroughs on my viewpoint. After the sixth month, it seemed more like paying someone to be condescending toward me than therapy anyway.

While I like to think my I’m in a good place mentally, I’m not in a pristine state either. I’m fine and have no problems talking and interacting with women. I just don’t try to project myself romantically, because fat men with small penises is the only group who cannot be sexual beings it seems. I say such extreme things because I was made more than brutally aware by three different female friend’s on three different occasions.

These were not simply a “size” joke in passing, there were statements of preference ascertained through discourse. For fuck’s sake, one instance was in the middle of a girl telling me how ‘evolved’ she was while we were starting to get handsy lying in bed. She literally said, “I don’t care about your weight.”

Then once she realised I WAS erect, not BECOMING, she said after grimacing, “We’re great friends! I don’t want to lose you.”

Her hand darted from my penis to her top that had quickly gone up, like a limousine partition.

I mean it really is a soul crushing feeling to have this happen. I’m at the point when I see a woman display any sort of animated emotion I begin to weep like a fucking child. I weep not because I’ll never be with her or am somehow insanely attracted. I weep for the shallow reason of lacking that in my life.

I haven’t got a clue as to what I hoped to achieve by posting this?

Oh and if you’re wondering about my size? When flaccid my penis is an innie, when it’s hard it’s three inches and as thick as a twelve-year-olds-thumb (Gold Member).


The reader discovered that not all things run in the family…

My dad is a short thin guy, and he’s only 168cm (5’5″) tall. I’m 180cm (5’9″) tall, have a larger build, nineteen, and living at home. I needed a condom one night and asked him if he’d give me one of his, he did. I put it on and to my horror it was way to big for me. It hung off me at the end by about three inches. My GF laughed at the sight, and said, “Maybe I should go fuck your dad instead!” and laughed again.

I know she was only joking, but to find out my dad is hung better than me has left me pissed off. I’m a Bronze Member at 4.75″ erect. My size has never given me any trouble with my sex life, so this is the first time I have ever felt genuinely humiliated by the size of my dick. It sucks balls.


This readers confidence issues is making him lonely…

When family and friends are having a normal conversations with me and sometimes, suddenly, they start asking, “When are you going to get a girlfriend?”

I usually make up excuses, since I don’t want them to know the truth that I have a small penis. My small penis and other things is the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend. One of them is that I don’t really have any friends and tend to be a loner. I don’t go out much (only to the movie theatres and that’s not all the time) and I find it hard to talk to women I’m interested in romantically. I get nervous and I don’t know how to maintain the conversation past small talk. I’m overweight for my height five feet six inches, I have tried to loose weight with a diet but I end up eating junk food again.

I feel very lonely most of the time, and sit in my room jerking-off to porn most days. I feel invisible now. Having a small penis has made me a social outcast and I don’t understand why.


This reader learns that ignorance is truly bliss after all…

There’s this beautiful girl I’ve been seeing lately and I’m having trouble gauging whether she really likes me or not. She said her previous boyfriend was so large that sex was painful. She also mentioned he was too large for anal, an act she enjoys. Bonus points for me.

Anyway, she recently told me of an ex-boyfriend who ‘thought he was big, but was really quite small’. Despite his size, she said they had amazing sex. He would make her orgasm time and time again. Happy that a small dick dude made her orgasm, I wanted to see how I stacked up. Hopefully, I’d be the same size or a little bigger. So I asked, “Was his dick smaller than mine?”

She smiled awkwardly, looked away, and said, “I don’t really remember the size of it.”

Weird. Moments earlier she mentioned that he was ‘small’. Don’t most women have a good memory about an ex-partner’s size?

I haven’t given her the slightest clue that I’m insecure about my dick size (Bronze Member). Worth noting, we’ve been dating for a few weeks and she has given me a handyj a few times, but we haven’t gone all the way yet. So my insecurities are wreaking havoc with me at the moment. I wish I had never asked.


This reader feels he’s living the life of a stereotype…

I’m Vietnamese and have a small dick (silver member) and am scrawny body wise. I’m a walking Asian stereotype. That’s pretty much it and I don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t just want to stick with Asian girls and I’ve been with white and Latino girl’s, but I don’t want to reinforce that shitty stereotype and bring down my Asian brothers. Should I just forget about being with other races and stick with my own? The Asian girls I have been with weren’t so nice about my size either. At least we small dick brothers carry this burden together.


This reader learned to be careful what he asks…

I had been dating this girl for not long, but things moved pretty fast and we fell for each other hard. She is a five feet Asian girl, so my small dick (Bronze Member) actually did something for her or so she claimed. So one night we were talking and the past came up, and naturally past sexual partners came up as it always does. She told me, “I’ve fucked ten guys who’ve had bigger dicks than you. The biggest was nine inches, and I enjoyed each and every one of them.”

Needless to say she is now my ex girlfriend, and my small penis insecurities are worse than ever. I know she didn’t say what she did to hurt me, but I could never date a girl knowing what she told me. My best friend says I overreacted. He thinks I use my penis size to mask my real issue – commitment. I don’t know if he’s right, but I feel like I’ll never be happy with my penis size.


This reader gets compared to an actual baby…

I have seen a similar story on the internet, but this actually happened to me too. When I was fifteen I literally had not grown at all down below. I was at my neighbours swimming and we got out to change, so I went in the pool house to change. I took off my trunks and as soon as I stepped out my neighbour who was also fifteen and very pretty walked in with her little brother.

I wrapped a towel around me quickly, so she wouldn’t see. She walked over and was trying to get off his swim diaper to change him. But was struggling so she picked him up and asked me to hold him under the arms so she could pull both sides at once. And almost simultaneously as his diaper came down my towel dropped.

I couldn’t cover because I was hold him up in front of me. She saw my towel drop and looked down. I was kinda in shock as I saw her looking up and down like she was looking between him and me. Then she burst out laughing. I stupidly asked, “What’s so funny?”

Through her laughter she said, “Look in the mirror.”

I looked to my right in the mirror and saw the humiliating sight. His three year old soft penis looked to be about an 1.5″ hanging down a bit, while mine poked straight out at half an inch about the same thickness.

She said she wouldn’t tell anyone but kept laughing. I handed him over to her, grabbed my towel, and ran out past everybody at the party as fast as I could to my house. After that, anytime she saw me she called me ‘BD’ – short for baby dick.


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