Teasing Small Boyfriend: Part 1

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By guhadosa (Edited with Ginger)


My girlfriend Rachel is a very sexy woman. Blond, blue eyes, incredible tight ass, nice full breasts, she’s definitely the most gorgeous girl I have ever dated. We’ve been together for over a year and have been friends for a long time before. One of the things I love about her is she loves sex, not only doing it but talking about it. She has a kinky side and is always open to new experiences, sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with her.

Now, I know most people don’t understand, but I have a very peculiar fetish. You see, my penis is a bit on the small side, four and a half inches long with average girth, and I like to be teased about it. Everything started with an ex-girlfriend named Sarah. We didn’t go out for a long time, but I remember when we were going to have sex for the first time, I was nervous, rubbing my cock on her clit to make sure she’s ready, and she said “Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. My ex is much bigger than you.”

I know most men would probably be pissed off with hearing this, especially in this situation. But somehow, I’m turned on by it. Even before we broke up I would jerk off imagining her being fucked by her ex-boyfriends big dick. She never told me the size, but I imagined something very big. After that I didn’t have any other experience with the fetish. Sometimes I overheard some classmates talking about penis size or some friends would make comments about the guys they slept with, but nothing more. I have always kept this fetish a secret, to me and myself, until that day.

One night I am in her apartment, lying naked with her on her bed, after having sex. She had her computer on her side and is checking her emails, while I’m thinking about how I could approach the subject. It had been over a month since I decided to tell her about my fetish, but I always got very embarrassed and gave up. Even though she’s very open, it’s not easy to admit to your girlfriend you like to be teased for having a small penis. I didn’t even know what she thought of my penis. Slowly, I built up some courage and started the subject.

“Rach, what do you think of my penis?”

“You know I love it, babe,” she answers without looking at me.

“I mean…” I breathed slowly. “Is it big? Small? What do you think?”

She closed her computer and turned herself to me. “Why do you want to know? Is something bothering you?” She asked gently.

I started to get curious. It’s not her type to avoid answering questions like this. I could also see she’s a bit confused, she couldn’t understand why I am asking these questions.

“I just want to know, babe. What do you think? You know you can always be honest with me,” I said caressing her hair.

“Well, you know I like it. You make me cum so hard. Just today you made me cum three times.”

“I know, babe, I do love having sex with you too. But I want to know what do you think of my dick,” I said, pressing her.

“Well..,” She’s unable to produce a full sentence. I could see in her face she’s searching for the right words, but I didn’t want to give her time for that.

“Am I the biggest you ever had?” I asked.

I saw in her face blushing a little. It’s not common to see her uncomfortable with a subject and I thought it’s cute the way she’s shy to talk about it.

“No…” she said shyly. “I’ve been with… bigger.”

“And how big was it?” I asked, curious

“C’mon, babe, do you really want to talk about this?” She asked, trying to avoid the subject

“I do, babe. You know you can be honest with me, don’t worry. Is he much bigger than me?” I asked jokingly

“Well, he’s nine inches long,” she said looking away.

I felt stunned. The guys cock is over twice the size of mine. I couldn’t help but to start imagining Rachel having sex with a guy with such a massive cock. I imagined his cock stretching her pussy wide open and her moaning very loud.

“Are you okay?” She asked, worried.

“I’m fine, babe. How small is the smallest one you’ve had?”

“Babe,” she whimpered

“C’mon, you can tell me. Am I the smallest one you had?”

She looked at me, and then to my dick, searching some way out, but giving up and answering shyly. “Yes, you’re the smallest.”

I am in shock. Ok, I know my dick is small but I am not expecting to be the smallest one. Now I am imagining all her previous boyfriends fucking her with cocks bigger than mine. It’s a mix of humiliation and excitement.

“Are you mad?” She said, worried.

“Of course not, babe, you were just being honest,” I said calming her down. “So, what is it like? You know, to have sex with a 9 inch dick. Is it better?”

“No.” She added quickly, “It’s not that it’s better, it’s just different. Do you really wanna talk about this?”

I could see this conversation is making her uncomfortable. She’s being very cautious with her choice of words, trying not to talk much about this. On the other hand, I am very excited to know about her past experiences with big cocks. Just the thought of her sweet lips wrapped around another man big and thick cock is enough to make me hard again, but I am controlling myself to hide all the excitement.

“Yes,” I answered her. “You don’t need to be so defensive, I won’t get mad or anything like it. I’m just curious,” I added.

“Are you sure about this? Are you really asking me to tell you about how is sex with one of my ex-boyfriend?” She asked, staring at me.

“Yes, babe, and I won’t get jealous or mad, I promise.”

I could see on her face, this is a conversation she did not want to have, but as she always says we should be able to talk about anything, there isn’t much she could do to get away with this.

“Well..,” She sighed. “The owner of the nine inch cock is Eric. You do remember him, right? You met him a couple of times already.”

“Really? I would never guess it. He doesn’t look like he’s packing much.”

“Believe me, he is,” she added firmly.

“Now, you said sex wasn’t better, just different. Care to explain?” I asked.

“It’s just he hit different spots. You know, he can reach deeper and, as he is thicker, it puts more pressure. The whole sex ends up being rougher. You, on the other hand, hit the right spot. You hit my g-spot and make me cum so easily.”

“Well, that does make sense,” I answered thoughtfully.

“So, can you tell me why we are talking about this?” She asked firmly.

This is it, the moment of truth. If I wanted to tell her about my secret fantasy this is the time. I built up some courage and tried to find the right words so it didn’t sound weird, but I couldn’t find any. The only way is to say it straight and simple.

“You know how you’re always saying we should be open with each other, and if I had any fantasy I could tell you? Well, I like to be teased about the size of my penis.”

Then, I started to explain everything to her. I told her about the incident with Sarah and about the effect it had on me. I also explained to her I didn’t like anything cruel, exaggerated, or fake. I didn’t want the cuckold thing, the woman telling her man is a wimp and he can’t satisfy her. I told her what I like is more like a playful teasing, maybe even a little bit of humiliation, like saying her ex boyfriends are bigger than me. As I’m talking, she’s watching me in disbelief.

After I finish, I gave her a moment to think. She’s clearly shocked and didn’t know how to respond to it. I knew it’s sudden, too much to process.

“I think I need some time to think about it, ok?” She said.

“Sure, babe, you know I don’t mind,” I answered

“Anyway, thanks for telling me. It means a lot to me.”

Then she kissed me and went to sleep.


The following days were a bit odd. She didn’t treat me any different but I was almost dying to know how she would respond to everything. We met a few times during the week, but the subject never came up. Everything is normal, like nothing had happened. I didn’t want to ask, because she asked me for some time, but this waiting is killing me.

It’s Friday night, when she invited me to see a movie at her place. First, we had dinner at a restaurant near her place. Dinner went well, nothing unusual. At this point I was already thinking she decided to ignore that day and pretend nothing happened. After the dinner we headed to her house. We went to her room and watched the movie on her computer, with a little make out during the film.

After the movie she sat on my lap and started to kiss me passionately. I couldn’t help to notice she’s especially intense this night. She took off her dress and kissed my neck, caressing my hair. My hands were all over her body. God, I love my girl. She’s so hot and made me hard in a second. She started to kiss me more intensively and begun to undress me. First she took my shirt, then my pants and then my underwear. Totally naked, with my massive hard on rubbing her thighs, she continued to kiss me passionately. I tried to take off her bra or her panties, but she wouldn’t let me. She just kept rubbing her body on mine, kissing me, and saying she loves me very much.

After a long make out session, I am very horny and wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out. Noticing my impatience, she gets off my lap and try to reach the drawer next to her side of the bed. She gets a measuring tape from the drawer and come closer to me.

“I want to measure it,” she said with a devilish grin.

“You want to measure my dick?” I asked in disbelief.

This is unimaginable, I thought. Is she really going to play along? I really didn’t see this coming. I feel shocked, I still can’t believe this is happening.

“Yeah, I mean, all talking about size the other night, I just realize I don’t know your size. Sure, I can guess it, but I want to know the exact measurement. Can I measure or do you want to do it by yourself?”

“I’d rather have you do it” I answer nervously.

“Ok, hold still,” She held the tape and placed it just over my dick, marking the place with her nail.

Then she got her computer and started looking up something without saying anything to me.

“Well?” I said.

“Just a moment babe, I’m just double checking one thing,” she answered.

I tried to look at the screen to see what she’s doing, but I didn’t have time because she finished pretty fast.

“Okay, what’s your guess?” She asked playfully.

I had measured myself several times before, so I knew exactly my measurement, but I wanted to play along. “I would guess something around five inches?”

“Before measuring I guessed five inches as well, but looks like we were both wrong. You’re four inches and a half,” she replies smiling.

“Is that a good thing?” I asked.

“You tell me. I searched on the internet a little about size, and to have a more reliable opinion, I talked to Samantha and Chloe about this,”

Holy crap. Samantha and Chloe are her best friends. Samantha is by far her hottest friend, but Chloe is also very beautiful. I couldn’t believe Rachel told them about this. How would I face them later?

“Did you tell them?” I asked, astonished.

“Calm down, I didn’t tell them anything. Although they did ask me about your size,” She said giggling.

“So, what did they say?” I asked nervously

“Well, most websites are saying five and a quarter inches is average. I asked the girls about what did they think it would be the average and they thought six-inches,”

“Um, so I guess I’m smaller than the average,” I said sheepishly.

“Yes, babe, I guess you do have a small dick,” she said sharply.

I never thought I would hear does words from her mouth. All these things, the measurement, telling me the size of their friends, and saying I have a small cock. I couldn’t believe this is happening. I felt very aroused and more than a little humiliated.

Then, she sat on my side and started kissing me again. This time she let me take off her bra, and while I is kissing her marvellous tits, I also removed her underwear. I could feel her pussy is very hot and wet. She’s horny and enjoying this as well.

I felt her rubbing my thighs, and stomach, till she finally reach out for my cock. She started rubbing it with her palm, then holding it between her fingers. She started to stroke my dick with just two fingers and whispered in my ear:

“I love how I can do it to you with just two fingers. With Eric, sometimes I had to use both hands,” she said provokingly

Those words made my dick twitch very hard. Did she really just say that? All I could do is groan.

“I felt it twitch. Did you like to hear about how I jerked him off?” She asked

I nodded, but remained silent, just enjoying her fingers.

“You’re so naughty. I bet right now you’re imagining my hands wrapped about a big cock just like his. Are you?”

“Holy shit. Yes.” I said, as she stroked me faster.

“Can you imagine how much bigger he is than you?”

I couldn’t answer, I didn’t want to answer. She stopped and went to get another thing from her drawer.

“I bought this to show you how big he is,” she said with a devilish grin.

Then, to my surprise, she took from the drawer a huge dildo. It’s all black and looked like it’s new. She placed it next to my penis and said, “I went to a sex shop to buy this one. This is more or less the size of Eric, it’s nine inches long, but a little thinner.”

Thinner, I thought. The dildo is already thicker than me and it’s thinner than him?

“Now, do you see how you can’t compare with him?” She asked. “He’s so much bigger than you. Yours look like a teenager’s dick near his,” she said and laughed.

Ouch, that hurt, I thought. I didn’t know if she’s joking or not anymore. This whole thing of her saying I have a small penis is really turning me on.

“Do you want to fuck me?” She asked, staring at me.

“Yes, I need to be inside of you,” I answered fiercely

“Good, but first, I want you to fuck me with Eric,” she said handing me the dildo

She also gave me some lube to use on it. I started to rub the head of the dildo against her clit. While caressing her tights, I kept rubbing our new toy in her pussy entrance. I could see she’s getting wet, she started to moan, her mount is wide open and her eyes closed.

“Put it in,” she ordered

Slowly I slid the first inches in.

“Shit. So thick.” She moaned.

I let her get used to it for a while and then I started moving it slowly. I could see her lips parted and opened wide taking the girth inside of her. Her lips were fully stretched around the huge toy.

“Ah…” she moaned. “More, please more.”

I pressed further inside her, letting just enough for me to handle the toy out. I hold still for a while, till she get used to it.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded. I started moving the dildo in and out of her. “Faster,” she said as I increased the pace. “Yes… Do me hard,” she pleaded again. “God, this cock is stretching me so much. Ah, ah, ah, keep going. Keep fucking me with that big cock.”

Her moans started to get more intense, her face started to flush, her body started to shake. I kept pounding her pussy hard and fast till her body relaxed. I took out the toy and she grabbed me, pulling me toward her. “Thanks, babe, now it’s your turn,”

She didn’t need to say it twice. Her pussy all red and stretched of the toy, and I wondered what would it felt like. She’s already wet, so I didn’t need to wait any longer. I feel so horny after seeing my wife cum so beautifully I just wanted to fuck the brains out of her. I started to thrust my dick in her pussy as hard as I could. I couldn’t help to notice how loose, she feels. Maybe this is the feeling I would get if I fucked her after she had been with a guy well hung like Eric, I thought. Those thoughts made me even more aroused and I thrust harder.

“You can go harder, babe,” she said. “I’m so loose I can barely feel your little dickie,” she said and laughed.

This proves too much for me. I started to thrust as fast as I could, and feeling the pressure in my balls I came instantly very hard.

“Shit, I love you, Rach,” I cried as I filled her pussy with semen.

Both tired, we lay side by side in the bed.

“Thanks, babe, you’re awesome,” I said.

“It was good for me too. Is it like you imagined?”

“I’m pretty sure I couldn’t imagine it this way,” I answer jokingly. “Is everything true?”

“Well, most of it. You did make me cum in the end. The part about not feeling you was just a tease,” she said smirking.

“And the rest?”

“All true,” she gave me a straight answer.

“So, you think I have a small dick?”

“Babe…” she said and sighed. “Yes… Let’s be honest. Four and a half inches aren’t much. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you or you can’t satisfy me,” she added quickly. “It’s just sometimes I miss the feeling of being filled and stretched by a big cock.”

“So you want to keep using the toy?”

“No, I have a better idea,” she said, and a devilish grin appeared on her face.

“What?” I asked, intrigued.

“Samantha is always bragging about the size of Mark’s dick, saying he’s really big. What if I manage to talk her into swapping partners, would you be interested?”

To be continued…



  • jay anthony

    Yeah it’s gr8 when my girl tells me she needed two hands to jerk off her ex but only needs two fingers to get me squirting. cheers littledickwanker jay anthony

  • bambiegirl

    Oh my !great story. Can’t wait to hear the swap partners story. When you said you are small at 4.5 inches I’m thinking, holy shit, I’m only 2.5 inches rock hard . I’m really pathetic.

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    Great story. Can’t wait for more!


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