Little Dicklette Club 1

By jealouscuck.     Nathaniel was a reasonably good athlete in high school. He played soccer and ran track. He was too small to progress very far but was satisfied that he was in good shape and had given his all to his events. Having played some sport, his body was toned and more of a lean build. He was 5′-8″ tall and weighed around 150 pounds. His real talent was with computers. Since junior high, he had obsessed with

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The Roomer (Gay SPH)

By drmweaver705.     “So the room is three-hundred-fifty bucks a month?” Luke found it a little hard to believe. The house was located on a quiet residential street, close to the bus stop for excursions into town and only a ten-minute walk to the university. The room he was looking at was spacious and fully furnished. It was perfect. “Aside from the room, you share the kitchen, the living room, the laundry room, and the bathroom with me. Wi-Fi

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From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Semester

  by glendale22   As before, getting all six couples together again proved impractical. Amy often went to see Vick because he was busy in town and unable to come down to the university. Whether or not being busy was an excuse so he wouldn’t have to find out if a strap-on would be used on him, no one speculated. Since Amy was going to see him, Steve and Cindy could take advantage of those weekends to have the apartment

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