Little Dicklette Club 1

By jealouscuck.


Nathaniel was a reasonably good athlete in high school. He played soccer and ran track. He was too small to progress very far but was satisfied that he was in good shape and had given his all to his events. Having played some sport, his body was toned and more of a lean build. He was 5′-8″ tall and weighed around 150 pounds. His real talent was with computers. Since junior high, he had obsessed with everything computer-related. His parents supported and encouraged his athletic endeavors so that he would come out of his bedroom and interact with others more. It was a good parenting decision, and his limited success athletically made him a better, more rounded person. What he lacked in physical size and strength, he made up for in personality. While many of the bigger, ‘jock’ types overlooked him, he still was very popular with the high school girls. The only problem with that was that he was more like a friend in the girl’s groups than he was a possible boyfriend.

He was so engaging that several of his girl ‘friends’ came to him when they were having trouble with their boyfriends. He was a secret confidant to boys and girls alike. He loved it, but he hated it. He had the same horny urges as all the guys. He did have one particular shortcoming, though. His dick was little. He thought of it as small, but he knew that if he got close to a girl naked, she would say it was ‘very tiny.’ He had to find a virgin if he was going to get any pussy.

When he turned eighteen, he was on his way to college, a very prestigious college at that. It was a full-ride academic scholarship, and his parents could not have been prouder. From the start, it was apparent that he had what it took to rise very high in the industry. By his fourth year, he was already half-finished with graduate school. With grants and aid, he finished his doctorate at age twenty-three. What a life he had in front of him. He already had his position with a Fortune 500 company, and everything was great. He had dated a fair amount during this time but never got close to having sex with a girl.

He met Annette while he was in his master’s level studies. She was an undergrad. Everyone thought she was very nerdy, but they said that about anyone who studied more than the party. With his usual charm, Nathaniel ended up striking up and friendship with her and her roommate Jessica. They had gone out to eat a few times together with a variety of mutual friends, and Annette seemed to be getting over her reserved nature. At first, she had dressed rather blandly. She wore loose skirts and bulky tops and sweaters. Her dark brown (almost black) hair was straight and not styled at all. She usually wore flat frumpy flats on her feet. Practically no makeup ever. She was quiet but pleasant to talk to.

As they got to know each other better, Nathaniel began feeling a stirring in his groin. While not presenting herself in the best light, he noticed that she was quite pretty. He found out that she was the valedictorian of her high school. Her father was a minister. That explained her lack of modern girl flare. Still, he was reluctant to ask her out for fear of tarnishing the friendship with a whole group of people. He decided to wait for a chance as it appeared that she was not dating anyone. She never went to the clubs in town or attended athletic events. When he asked her why that was, she just answered that she was there on scholarship and did not want her grades to suffer.

One warm spring night, Nathaniel came upon Annette and Jessica about to enter a pizza parlor. He approached them and asked if they would care to join him. He was just a mutual friend, so they accepted. They all knew each other by then, and it was comfortable. They ate pizza and had soft drinks while they talked about classes and degree plans. Jessica saw a guy that she had dated and jumped up to greet him, leaving Nathaniel and Annette alone at the table. Just what he was hoping for. He doubled his efforts to be courteous and talkative to her. Eventually, Jessica came back and told Annette that she was going to the movies with her friend. Nathaniel volunteered to walk her back to her dorm.

It was a little awkward at first, but as they walked, she seemed to loosen up slightly. As they neared the dorm, he asked her if she was dating anyone. He assumed that she wasn’t but decided to press the issue. She said that she was too busy with her studies and didn’t have time. He decided to throw the dice and asked her out that weekend. She hesitated. He was held in limbo, afraid to press her. Finally, she said that she would check her calendar and let him know. She took his phone number and did not give him hers. That was about all the ice-breaking that he thought was prudent.

“Okay, swell. Just give me a call later in the week. I hope you can make it.”

He leaned in to possibly give her a parting peck on the cheek. She had just started to turn back toward her door and realized what he was doing. She turned back and offered her hand instead.

He thought that would be the last time she spoke to him, not that she spoke very much to anyone except her roommate. He was surprised when she called him later in the week and agreed to have dinner with him. She was dressed a little nicer, but not really what one would call sexy. Nathaniel did get a better picture of her body. It seemed that underneath the baggy clothing, she had a lovely figure.

Fast forward until Annette was interviewing for jobs. She just had a fresh master’s degree in finance. Her roommate had been prodding her for months to get a makeover before she interviewed. Finally, she saw the logic in that and agreed. They went shopping for a smart suit that still had some feminine charm. When Nathaniel saw her dressed up, he just about fainted. With the newly styled hair and some subtle makeup, she looked like a different girl. They had been dating for several months, but there was nothing but kisses and hand-holding. When she landed a job with a top firm, she was giddy. She was already starting to come out of her shell, having distanced herself from the strict family environment. When he asked her to marry him, she agreed immediately. It seems that what impressed her was his willingness to wait until she felt comfortable. The next May, they got married. Her father performed the ceremony, and both parents were happy to have Nathaniel as their new son in law.

One the honeymoon, they lay on the beach, went snorkeling, saw waterfalls, and made love. She turned out to be a knockout in her one-piece bathing suit. She was too modest even for a bikini, much less a revealing one. They saw plenty of teeny bikinis on the beach, and both of them blushed at the tiniest ones. Nathaniel saw very quickly that Annette did not need to blush unless it was just the judgment of a girl being so immodest. She had the best figure of any girl on the beach, and that was not just Nathaniel’s opinion. She attracted plenty of attention of people on the beach. Young and old. Male and female. The women did not look at her like they were jealous. Instead, the looks were more of pride in a beautiful young sister. The wholesomeness showed through to everyone.

Like all newlyweds, they went through the usual adjustment period. For Nathaniel, the sex was great. Annette had to trim her bush to get into even the modest swimsuit, but otherwise, she was all-natural. Nathaniel loved the sex. He came rather quickly but tried to maintain an erection inside her pussy. Of course, he softened and slid out almost immediately. Annette just thought that was the way sex was. He hoped that once he got past opening night jitters, he would have more staying power. However, it did not happen that way. It was over too quickly, and he could not get it up for the rest of the night. They did make love most nights. Annette enjoyed the intimacy, and she had never had sex before.

While disappointed in his rapid orgasm, he was glad that the question of size never came up. He hoped they would ride into the sunset with all the marital bliss that they both envisioned. Since he married a virgin, he had a better chance of pulling off her acceptance of his lack of size. Hopefully, for him, he would eventually have more stamina and at least pleasure her to orgasm. Not once during the honeymoon did he see any signs of her having one. Again, he hoped that the location and her lack of experience also made her less responsive. Still, it was the best honeymoon. He got his jollies each night and watched the beachgoers glare at him and wonder how he rated such a beauty.

As they settled into blissful married life, they both expanded horizons. Each had an excellent job. Each was making new work friends, and they were meeting neighbors and enjoying assimilating into their new surroundings. They had a single neighbor, Susan, who seemed to gravitate to them. She especially liked Annette. Susan had been married briefly, but it didn’t last long. She was in national sales and traveled quite a bit. When Susan was home, she and Annette managed to hang out some on the weekends, whether a little shopping or just lunch, they developed a firm bond. Susan was a fitness advocate and eventually talked Susan into joining the local gym. It was nationally affiliated, and Susan visited their facilities when she traveled.

Nathaniel was working in the garage one Saturday morning when Susan and Annette came home from grocery shopping. They were having coffee on the patio. Nathaniel needed to go pick up a part for the lawnmower and slipped around the corner to tell Annette that he was going out. When he came back, he went through the side gate and back into the garage. He assumed that Annette heard him come through the gate, but she had not. When he got back into the garage, he heard them laughing lustily. He figured then that Annette might know he was back. As he was nearing the back of the garage, he heard Annette tell Susan, “Stop, Susan, you are embarrassing me.”

She didn’t seem angry at all, but he wondered why she had said that. Nathaniel crept into the kitchen and walked into their bedroom, which sat off to the side of the patio. He felt too sneaky, but he was curious. He eased up to the window of the bedroom, which was cracked slightly on the bottom. He kneeled on the floor and heard the conversation.

“Seriously, Annette, this guy I see when I go to Denver has the biggest cock I have ever seen.”

“Susan, no, I can’t be hearing all this.”

“Oh, come on, girl, you see the guys in the gym with bulges in their shorts. You know they are advertising.

“I don’t see that at all, Susan. I am married and don’t notice other men. I enjoy the gym and appreciate that you got me interested. I feel great and have so much stamina now that I have gotten in better shape. But that’s all.”

“Ok, well, that is good. So, I guess you and Nathaniel make love all night long now with your increased stamina.”

“Stop. That is not what I meant.”

“Well, you’re the one that mentioned stamina. Does Nathaniel have a lot of stamina? My Denver boyfriend, Allan, fucks me three or four times when we get together. If I hadn’t sworn off marriage, I might be looking at him as a potential permanent partner. My ex-husband, bless his heart, was a real loser in bed. He was a good guy, and I hated to hurt his feelings, but I couldn’t stay married to someone who could not satisfy me sexually. He tried his best, and he was good at oral, but eventually, I just had to have a big cock. We keep in touch, but we are not lovers.”

“Wow, Susan. That is quite a story.”

“Do you and Nathaniel do oral?


“Well, do you?”

“Uh, I don’t feel comfortable sharing our marital secrets.”

“Oh, sorry. I always put my foot in my mouth. I forget that everyone is not as open as I am sexual. Just forget I mentioned it, okay. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with me. I love both of you and can’t think of having any better neighbors.”

With that burning in his ears, he went back out the kitchen door and made a bit of a commotion when he came back to the side gate. The ladies saw him, and Annette asked,

“Did you find your part, Honey?”

“No, they had to order it,” he mumbled.

He knew that his secret would soon be discovered if it wasn’t already. Annette is a beautiful and smart lady. Even though she was called a nerd in school, Nathaniel realized that everyone has some curiosity. She could easily google ‘male penis size.’ Even if the average was small, he was sure to break the very bottom of the curve. Otherwise, he was all male. He didn’t spend much time wishing he had a big dick. He was born that way, just like some women have A cups, and some have G cups. He hoped that his personality and total package as a husband and breadwinner would be enough to keep Annette from exploring Susan’s favorite topic.

Over the next few weeks, Nathaniel started doing his research. He measured his limp dick and barely made it over an inch. He could pull and stretch it to two inches, but that was not real. When he managed to get an erection, I was just under three inches. He barely showed through his pubic hair. He was so depressed. While wallowing in self-pity, he could not even think of having sex with his beautiful wife. She noticed after a while and asked if he was feeling okay. He gave a non-descript answer about stress at work. They were heading toward a breaking point, and he realized that something would have to happen before Annette became unsatisfied.

One night when she dressed in her prettiest nightgown, she clearly showed that she wanted to have sex. Usually, she did not initiate sex. He had to perform or explain again. They had missionary sex, and this time rather than coming too quickly, he could not cum at all. He kept stroking until the little thing died on its own. Now, he was embarrassed. She was used to him making a little mess at the opening of her vagina. When he pulled out, and she lay back on the bed, she realized that there was no cum.

“Honey, are you all right?”

“Uh, yes,” he answered. “Why?”

“Well, you didn’t, uh, you know. Do your thing.”

He felt trapped. What could he possibly say? It dawned on him. ‘Just tell the truth, Stupid.’

“Annette, I, uh, well, I heard you and Susan talking the other day. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but just a few words raised my curiosity.”

“What words, Honey?”

“You know full well what words. Susan was talking about her boyfriend’s, uh, size, you know.”

She blushed deeply. “Oh, my, Nathaniel, you heard her? I was so embarrassed. She was asking personal questions about us, also.”

“Yes, I know. I heard.”

“Oh, you mean about oral?”


“Well, if you were still listening, you know that I told her I didn’t share our intimate secrets.”

“Yes. And I have been worried about it since then. We don’t have any intimate secrets except for the fact that we do have sex. Do you wonder if we are missing out on some things? Uh, well. This is embarrassing. When we have sex, I ejaculate into you. I don’t see any visible response on your part.”

“Oh, Honey, I am sorry. What should I be doing? You should have told me sooner.”

“That’s just it. Don’t you have any curiosity yourself?”

“Not really. We are married, and we have sex.”

They ended the discussion pretty much at that point. Nathaniel vowed to try to read up on some topics. He had heard guys brag over the years, but did not pay much attention. Since he had not had sex before they got married, he did not have any history to learn from. Likewise, Annette didn’t seem to be curious enough to read up. The conversation with Susan was so embarrassing that he was sure that Annette would not be seeking information from her.

In the next few days, Nathaniel did some research on sexual variations. He learned that oral sex was very prevalent among married couples. He also learned that many marriages have the same problem that he had. Also, the inquiry gave plenty of porn sites. When he looked at some of the videos, he was excited beyond my belief. They showed couples of all descriptions having sex. Most of the videos had well-endowed men having sex with beautiful women. He found out that one way to overcome the lack of female orgasm was for the man to stimulate her genitals orally. The more he read on that subject, the more convinced he was that he should try it on, Annette. He was already feeling guilty about wanting to keep his shortcomings a secret. He realized that he should have done this research before they got married. Now he wanted to focus on her pleasure. She did not show any signs of being frigid, so he assumed that it was he that should take more initiative.

He pondered how to introduce some sexual variations to his lovely wife. He rehearsed some possible conversation starters but chickened out each time the thought he was ready to engage her. He searched online and found some straightforward marital aid articles and books. After reviewing the contents, he picked one that was as racy as he could risk without offending her sensibilities. He wondered if Annette was also curious enough to launch her search or if possibly she and Susan might have had more conversations that he didn’t know about. With the book in hand, he casually asked Annette one evening when they had a brief kiss before bedtime.

“Oh, Honey, I bought this book to help us explore some ideas that we might like to enhance our sex life.”

“Nathaniel, am I still doing the wrong things? I want so much for you to be happy.”

“Oh, hell, no, Annette. You are a gorgeous woman, and it is more that I want you to be pleased. I guess hearing part of the conversation you had with Susan made me look more closely about my role in fulfilling your sexual desires. However, you are going to have to be very forthright about what you like and what you might not enjoy.”

After they browsed the book together, Annette did not seem to be embarrassed or upset. They kissed more passionately and then made love. She said that some of the topics were very interesting, but she would not talk about them in public.

With the ice breaker behind him, Nathaniel continued to search the internet to find some soft porn videos of couples having oral sex. The only downside would be that the porn stars would all be hung. He ran the risk of further exposing his penile shortcomings. He would need to deal with that after he presented the video to Annette. If she were turned off by it, then he would be back to square one.

A couple of nights later, his beautiful wife seemed to be giving off a unique vibe. Nathaniel wondered if her reading the book might indeed have put her mind on the right track to discuss and hopefully try some of the ideas.

He kissed her deeply and felt her body melt into his arms. She held him tightly and pressed her breasts and pussy into him. It was now or never.

“Oh, Sweetie, you smell so good. And you look fabulous. Have you read anything in the new book that interests you?”

“Oh, well, Honey, everything is so different and risqué. I never took the time to prepare myself for sex after our wedding. I just thought everything would naturally fall into place. I liked the intimate part about talking to each other more vividly as we prepared to make love. Also, the book seemed to separate the words love and sex to some degree. It seems that part of sex is to make the experience more like dessert after the meal. I liked that analogy.”

“How about you. Did you feel that way?”

Nathaniel was pleased with her response, but he had to be careful how he responded.

“Yes. I think so. I was concerned when I heard Susan ask you about oral sex. Reading about it made it seem more normal than I would have expected. I mean, I was not in the crowd that talked about their sexual exploits, and I never heard guys describing it in a way other than something for the woman to do. Reading about the manual stimulation of the clitoris was all new to me. I want to try that to see if you enjoy it.”

“Okay,” she said. “There was a section that talked about sixty-nine. Maybe we can try that later. For now, let’s try solo mutual and see if we enjoy it.”

“Fine. Let me go first. But you must help me and let me know what you enjoy. Remember, the book talked about getting outside of our public persona and talking to each other boldly. Can you do that?”

“Yeah, I guess. Let’s give it a try.”

Nathaniel had Annette lay back on the bed. He kissed her and rubbed her body lightly, making sure to dwell a specific amount on her breasts and pubic area. After she relaxed more, he made his way down to her panties and removed them. He kneeled between her spread legs and admired her full bush with her pussy lips opening to bright pink. With a determined aim, he put his head down there and licked the pink folds of her pussy.

She was very slick already, and Nathaniel supposed that reading the book had heightened her anticipation. As he stuck his tongue into her, she moaned softly. He continued to lick her smooth slit, and she moaned a more guttural moan.

Taking a brief pause, he asked,” Are you enjoying that?”

“Yes, Honey. It feels so naughty. But it makes me feel lightheaded also.”

“Just tell me what to do, okay?”

“Oh, okay. Yes, keep doing what you did.”

“Remember the tips in the book, Darling. Talk in a more personal tone while I pleasure you.”

She giggled, “Ok, Yes. Keep licking my vagina with your tongue.”

“As you command, My Dear.”

He thought that was a nice touch. She responded even more and began raising her hips to meet his probing tongue.

He stopped again. “Do you want me to penetrate your sex with my tongue.”

“Oh, yes. Please go on.”

“Do you want me to give you oral? Do you want me to probe your insides? Do you want me to fuck you with my tongue?”

Surprised, but not astonished, she answered, “Yes, fuck me with your tongue.”

Her cheeks burned with shame for repeating the phrase, but she was also burning to the strange sensation in her loins. She began moving to his ministrations and gradually increased her pace. Now he was trying to keep up as she experienced some feeling that had been foreign to her. Her pussy was secreting a copious amount of lubrication, and together with his saliva, it was getting very damp down there.

She moved until a wave of sensation came over her. Her muscles let go, and then her lower body felt like it had been shocked. Her mind was afire, and her pussy was gushing.

“Oh, oh, oh, stop. Stop. Something is hurting.”

He stopped, alarmed.

When she let go, her orgasm nearly caused her to blackout. She let go a painful sounding moan and bucked her hips uncontrollably. When she finally relaxed, her face was sweating and flushed. Her vision was a little blurry. Then she settled into a mellow relaxation posture.

“Oh, God, Nathaniel. That is what I read about in the manual. I thought it was an exaggeration. It hurt but felt so good at the same time. Come up and snuggle with me.”

They held each other in post-sexual bliss. Then it dawned on her that she was to reciprocate his attention. He was beyond hard, but his little stub was barely noticeable above his pubic hair. She kissed the tip of his little dicklet and slowly took more of him into her mouth. He came immediately and filled her mouth with his cum. She had no chance to prepare herself. She did not swallow but got up quickly and ran to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and came back in. As they lay quietly, they talked about mutual experiences.

“Did you like that, Nathaniel?”

“Yes, it was so different and, uh, taboo. How about you, Darling.”

“It seemed naughty to me. But I could not stop either. I made you stop when I had the, uh, orgasm. Afterward, I wished that I had not made you stop. Did it gross you out, I mean doing that down there?”

“No, heck, no. After I saw how you got off, I want to do that again. They only thing was your pubic hair kept tickling my nose.”

“Yeah, me too. I have read that many women shave down there. I wonder if that would be better. I don’t know about men, though. Would that make you feel feminine?”

“Not if that is better for you. I say we give it a try and do this again.”

“That sounds like a date. I could get used to this now that I realize what Susan was talking about. AND… Thank you so much, Nathaniel. You are so thoughtful to want to please me.”

Nathaniel did some more research on the subject and found out that more and more men were shaving their pubic hair. It was asserted in some of the articles he read that it was explicitly performed for the man’s significant other to avoid the very thing that they both had mentioned. If oral sex was to be a regular occurrence for them, he decided that he would go along. His only real concern was that he might look like a newborn baby without his pubic. He decided that it would have to sort itself out. Either look like a baby or have his little dicklet be hidden inside his pubic hair. Since sex was a new experience for both, they would be learning together.

Now that he knew that she could achieve orgasm when he performed oral on her, he was vigilant to eat her pussy before he fucked her each time. She would have already cum at least once before he stuck his little member into her wet and hot pussy. She never came again after he started fucking her, so he knew he had to keep up the oral until they learned something else about what could make her cum.

As Annette began learning to let go and enjoy her orgasms, Nathaniel kept reading informative articles on sexual relationships. He started finding after a while that he was watching more porn and less ‘how to’ manuals. Inevitably his insecurity about his little dick became worse after seeing all the hung males in the porn flicks. He rationalized that not all men were that well hung, and even though he knew he was below average, there were plenty of men out there who shared his secret.

The idea came to him after a while to see if Annette would orgasm while using a larger dildo. He ordered one online and waited for its arrival. Luckily he got the mail that day with the package. He took it into the bathroom and unpacked it. It was flesh-colored and realistic per the advertisement. He was impressed with how soft the outer skin was. It was about seven inches long and of medium thickness. No way near the size of the studs in the porno movies. Now, how would he introduce it into their lovemaking?

That evening, Nathaniel poured Annette a glass of red wine for dinner. After dinner, he filled her glass again. She looked at him in a cute sly manner.

“Honey,” he said, “Why don’t you go bathe and slip into something more comfortable. I have a surprise for you.”

“What?” she asked.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you, now would it?”

“Guess not.”

She took her wine and ran her bath. She added some salts. She had already shaved her pubic hair in anticipation of oral sex again. That couldn’t be the surprise? She wondered if Nathaniel removing his pubic hair was a surprise. She felt guilty that she felt better receiving oral sex than giving it. She bathed and wore a pretty nightshirt. No panties. Nathaniel was waiting for her in the bedroom. He was naked and hairless around his cute little dick. She smiled at him and lay down beside him. He massaged her body, paying careful attention to her lovely breasts. Slowly, he worked his way down to her pussy. He kissed her vaginal lips and then began making love to her with his tongue and lips. She moaned and moved her hips to meet his licking. She had a pleasurable orgasm and then relaxed, assuming that she would return the favor.

Nathaniel kissed her mouth, and she tasted herself on his lips. She was pleased with her aroma. He licked her ear.

“Annette, you are so beautiful, and I want you to be filled and satisfied.”

“I am, Honey.”

“Just wait and follow my lead.”

She was intrigued. Nathaniel reached into the nightstand and pulled the dildo out.

“Just lay still and enjoy, My lovely.” He whispered.

Luckily, she went along with his suggestion and allowed him to rub the phallus into her wet opening. He lubed it up more with her secretions and began inserting more into her. As he worked the fake cock inward, she moved her hips and released more of her lubrication. She was lubricating the dick as he pushed it further in to fill her vaginal void. Involuntarily, she moaned as he went deeper. She had never had anything that large in her vagina. She loved it. Soon she was bucking her hips as if to devour the soft cock with her vagina. Then, she came. She came more intensely than she had when he sucked her off. She emitted some guttural sounds and more moans while she was coming off her orgasm.

Gladly, but sadly, Nathaniel now knew that he would never satisfy his beautiful wife with his little pee-pee. What on earth was he going to do?

The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot had remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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