Our Readers SPH Experiences 103

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s sex life is getting interesting…

So, it’s been a crazy few months for me. Since opening up abt my fetish with my GF, things have gotten very interesting for me lately. My gf had been traveling the past couple of weeks and she brought back some toys with her. I’d posted about the small cock she bought coz she said it reminded her of me. She has been showing it off to some of her mates saying that I’m almost as big as the smaller toy. One of her friends had suggested that I use a strap-on to spice things up in bed and my gf apparently thought it was a great idea.

Yesterday, she introduced me to the strap-on, a standard 8 inch one according to her. She first started giving me a handjob with her finger and thumb while pleasuring herself with her dildo. She said that she wanted me to be as hard as possible before I wear the strap-on. A couple of minutes later, she lubed me up and the strap-on and asked me to put it on.

It felt really weird at first, coz I’ve never looked down and seen a cock that big, and I had no idea about how to use it. It was a little uncomfortable coz the base kept pressing against my balls, but my gf said that I would get used to it soon since we’ll be using it more often. That got me hard real quick for some reason.

I slowly maneuvered the dick into her and she asked me to go slow and said ” I know you aren’t used to this, but guys with big cocks enter slowly, not all at once as you do with your little thing”

I stayed in her and started thrusting and she started letting out moans that I had only ever seen in pornos earlier. She asked me to push in harder after she got used to the length and I was shocked when she took it almost entirely.

She then asked me to go slow and increase the pace slowly, and whispered in my ear ” This is what a real cock feels like”. I started going quicker when she came within a couple of minutes and wanted to catch her breath.

I took off the strap-on in the meanwhile and she said that I could fuck her if I wanted to. I was already hard and my dick was throbbing with everything that had happened. I entered her in missionary position and that’s when she asked: “Are you in?”

I was honestly offended at first and then she said: “I’m sorry, babe, I can’t feel you after that strap-on, but you go for it as hard as you can”. I fucked her as hard as I ever did and she then whispered in my ear again ” Stop tickling my pussy, cum already” and I just blew my load instantly.

She then asked me to watch her get herself off to her dildo and said that next time, she’d let me fuck her first and then I’ll have to use the strap-on.

I’ve been getting hard all day today just thinking about everything that happened last night.


Another reader discovered not all Christmas gifts are wanted…

I woke up and was super horny Christmas Morning, so I started kissing and rubbing up against my wife. I took her hand and guided it down to my rock hard cock and whispered in her ear (in a cheesy way), “I got you something for Christmas.”

She grabbed it lightly, turned and looked at me with a smile, and said, “What? A small penis?”

She laughed, I laughed too but felt like I was going to cum!


While this reader fools a girl with his semi until the cold water strikes…

I took a trip with my family to California. My parents had decided to bring our family friend Sue along. While we were there we decided to visit one of the nudist beaches. I was excited at this because I would have loved to see Sue naked so badly. You see, she was in her mid-forties, pretty hot, with big boobs. I love big boobs. We set up our little space on the beach and I’m just chilling there watching Sue get undressed and started to get semi-erect. I noticed she was tanned and had nice brown areolas on her D-cups which made for a very sexy complexion. Susan caught me looking at her and smiled. “Aren’t ya gonna get naked? Everyone else is doin’ it!”

I looked around at my family and said, “When in California, do as the nudists do.”

I was only trying to make her laugh and it worked. The next step was to pull down my swim trunks to try to impress her. Down they went and down her gaze went to my penis. Before any of my other family members could notice she took a sneak peek and her eyes got big. I thought, ‘Damn, I must be bigger than she expected.’ For a few minutes, I took a sip of my coke and enjoyed the sun. I was able to don the good ol’ sunglasses and do some babe watchin’ incognito. I stayed semi-hard the whole time because of all the breasts around me, Sue’s big tits included. I started chatting her up with this semi and she was just laughing at all my jokes. Her boobs jiggled as she laughed which kept the semi going. I looked around and saw all the other floppy penis’. Other men’s dicks were significantly thinner than mine but also way longer. ‘I must be thick,’ I thought.

My Dad offered Sue a beer and she said sure then had a couple more. The beer ran out soon and my parents went to get more. They took my siblings with them because they all wanted to get their own drinks but I don’t drink. Anyways so it was just me and Sue. We got to talking about her past boyfriends and shit. Just shootin’ the shit. She adjusted her boobs aggressively because they were in the way and realized what she was doing and apologized as she giggled a bit. I started to grow a little bit more at this but was still looking floppy. What she said next surprised me.

“You know…” she said, “I don’t think people realize how hard we have it being well endowed.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, as I am sure you may have noticed, I have DD breasts and they get in the way sometimes and also I find that men stare at them a lot. Like you’re probably staring at them right now through those sunglasses. Although I have to admire your self-control not to get an erection in front of me. Your father couldn’t keep it down and I think it started pissing of your mother so that’s why they left. Haha. I gotta say even if you aren’t much to look at in the length department your girth is big and your balls are too so it must get in the way sometimes. Plus once you get hard it’s probably huge. Anyways wanna go for a swim?”

She must’ve thought I was completely soft which was kinda embarrassing but I was just kinda happy and turned on by the compliment. I wanted to go for a swim but the water was cold and I know that cold and dicks don’t mix but I said, “Yeah, why not.”

I chucked off my sunglasses. As we walk down to the water she is playing with her hair the entire time while taking occasional glances at my crotch. So feeling like a total badass I ran and crashed into the waves and she mimicked what I did. Her boobs bounced. After like 20 minutes in the water we get out to check if my parents made it back. As we were walking out this is where my penis took a turn for the worst. Not only was it not semi-hard anymore after just relaxing in the waves but it was cold and small also thanks to the waves. It was like an acorn.

Sue walks next to me and pats me on the back, and said, “Thanks for the swim”

She looks down at my penis and realized how fucking small it was. “Holy shit, it’s so small,” she said. She patted me on the back again and said, “Don’t worry man, it’s just the cold. Let’s take a walk I don’t want your parents to see you like this. haha.”

“Thanks, Sue, I’m sorry, haha, it’s really cold,” I said.

“Yeah, I can tell, but don’t worry, when you’re warmed up you’re not THAT small… right?”

Wrong. I WAS that small.


This reader continues his escapades…

This is in continuation from my ‘Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 82 and 92’ submissions, wherein my neighbor girl saw my little dick, teased me (joined by my sister), made me shave my pubes, got me to wear panties and literally owned me.

I have a habit of sleeping naked. Due to excessive porn, I overslept. This neighborhood girl came to my house and into my room. She was inspecting my cupboard, that’s when I woke up. I totally forgot that I sleep naked and thus stepped out of my bed without nothing. She turned around and saw me. Now, this was hilarious. There I was buck naked in front of her, even without her ordering me to do so. She burst out laughing. Only then I realised my situation. I did not know what to do and went behind my bed to cover myself. She saw my boner (morning boners) and was screaming that mine is getting smaller day by day. I was really furious with myself. Three weeks ago, she was my dream girl and now she is teasing me for my small dick.

She then asked me, why my cupboards still contain undies and no panties. She asked me to get dressed and come for panty shopping. I couldn’t say no to her. I was excited. She told me to only wear a pant and no undie beneath. She smirked at me and told me to change in front of her itself. I revealed my bums while changing and she again cracked for a good 5 mins.

We go to a shop named ‘Busty and Bubbly.’ The shopkeeper was her friend, with whom she shares swimming classes. The shopkeeper was another hot girl. She had a nice round ass and a smile to die for. The shopkeeper asked the details of what was needed. This girl starts explaining all the previous episodes. The shopkeeper was laughing wholeheartedly for 15 mins. She gave a high five to my neighbor. She told me to go to the trial room and gave about four sets of pink panties. She told me to wear them and come outside for inspection. I had no other option than to obey. When I came out, both of them burst out into laughter. The shopkeeper girl had tears rolling over her eyes. My neighbor girl playfully pulls down the panty and there I was naked in front of both of them. The shopkeeper girl couldn’t believe what she saw and continued laughing and calling me a little boy. Just as this was happening, there was another customer, when came inside. What happened next is to be continued…


Another reader enjoys a perennial favorite moment for small dick men…

I’m a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club. I’m small enough that I consider it a problem and have struggled with the insecurity issues because of it. But thanks to my lovely girlfriend, who absolutely loves my dick, she has helped me to accept myself for who I am and even embrace it. I’ve started getting into the whole SPH thing and have been slowly warming up my girlfriend to the idea of it as well. Well, at Christmas, we decided to have sex to celebrate. We were both so horny we decided to skip the foreplay. Normally, I eat her out first until she cums. But she just climbed on top this time immediately. She was dry so it took some work to get it in. After a minute I was balls deep, but she looks at me confused and genuinely asks, “Is it in yet?”

For the first time in our relationship, she honestly could not feel my dick inside her cunt. I was so turned on by that fact that I almost came immediately and had her hop off.


While this reader is living the SPH dream…

Yesterday, she said, “Seriously, it looks like a kid’s dick. It doesn’t even make a dent on my ass and I could barely feel it.”

She also talked about filming her riding me and joked about how my dick will slip out very often.

Fuck that was hot especially because she’s genuine about it and doesn’t know I am into SPH.

I‘m a bronze member by the way.


This reader shares his locker room experiences…

Our whole gym is co-ed, so all males and females shower and change in the same locker room. The showers are partitioned so you have privacy. I was showering and once I finished I realized I forgot my towel. So I walked back from the shower to the locker room. Thing is, most people wore a bathing suit or something when showering, but I didn’t like that and I was completely naked. This wasn’t against the rules, but the vast majority of people were clothes to some extent. the walk from the shower to the locker room was nothing short of extreme embarrassment. It didn’t help that my penis is extremely undersized and tiny. There was a girl’s aerobics lesson that just finished, so the locker room was filled with girls.

I walked across the locker room, completely bare and naked. My face was filled with embarrassment and there was a group of three girls blocking the entrance to my locker. I caught their attention and asked them to please move. They moved but not before taking a good long glance at me and they burst out laughing. They were all covered up wearing clothes and there I was in my birthday suit with my little pecker out for them to tease. I quickly got my towel and covered up.

The experience was very embarrassing but I did enjoy it a lot as I knew I would never see those girls again. Before I left the gym the same group of girls asked if they could get a picture of me completely naked to show their friends what a tiny pecker I had. I agreed to, so I completely undressed again, and they took their pictures with FLASH. This caught the attention of so many other people in the locker room, most of whom were girls. Everyone had a good laugh and even the gym regulars caught a glimpse. They now call me ‘tiny Tim’ every time I walk in the showers or locker room.


Another reader gets an opportunity of a lifetime but is too wussy to seize the moment…

This one is going to seem a little far fetched but I swear it was another really hot moment that came out of nowhere. An ex gf of mine from high school, who had told several of my friends about my issue which had led to several other embarrassing situations in the months following. Word travels fast in high school. She was definitely a size queen and had mentioned a few times that it was on the smaller side and I was the smallest she been with, and yeah unfortunately for me, she’d been around. She was kind of a crazy girl but so god dame sexy, definitely way out of my league. Not surprisingly we broke up after a few months but it was amicable, she switched schools and kind of went our separate ways. We stayed in touch and hung out on occasion, we did get along pretty well and were able to stay friends believe or not.

Flash forward to a few years later, I got a call from a friend telling me, “Dude, your not gonna believe this. Guess who started doing porn.”

At first, I didn’t believe it. I mean she was wild and had some issues but I never thought she’d end up doing shit like that. Sure enough, I looked up her porn name, which was ‘Mimmi Allen’ by the way you can still watch her videos, many of which involved guys with giant dicks which I found hot as fuck. I called her and was like, “What the fuck?”

She kind of laughed it off and said, “Oh, you found out, huh? Hey, its good money man.”

The best part of this story comes a few months later. I had seen her a couple of times and joked about her situation, asking for her autograph and shit like that. One day she called me and asked if I was busy that weekend. I said, “No why?”

“Well…don’t get weirded out about this, but you know sometimes we get requests from people and they pay money, and we got a request to do a video with a guy with a smaller dick.”

My silver member dick almost burst out of my pants. I was silent because of how stunned I was that something I had fantasized about was happening, she must of that thought I was embarrassed or felt awkward because she was quick to say, “Not that you’re really tiny with a micro, not like that. You’re OK, but you know, I mean, it is small, right? You do know that you have a small dick, right? Anyway, we need a guy tomorrow. We’ll pay you and won’t show your face. I’m sure you’ll have a good time.”

She kind of laughed at the last part. The way she said they’d hide my face was a major turn on like shed knew how embarrassing it would be for me. While I ended up passing on the video, I masturbated to the conversation many times after that day.


While this reader’s girlfriend faked it…

Today, I was fucking her in a spooning position and it wasn’t in. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I kept thrusting and she was just scrolling on her phone. I asked her how it felt and she said it wasn’t in. So I tried to put it in, and it wasn’t in. I was just thrusting between her ass cheeks and thighs. I asked her again, “How about now?”

And she said, “It’s better now.”

Then we switched positions and she was standing against the wall and I tried to penetrate her from behind. I wasn’t in and I asked her, “How does it feel?”

She said, “Good.”

I asked her if she preferred the spooning position or standing position and she said she preferred the standing position. The whole time it wasn’t in and she kept moaning loud whenever I thrust hard and fast.


This reader also found the perfect girlfriend for the SPH fetishist…

I’ll preface this post by saying I’ve always been into SPH and also love women who are into their physical attributes being mocked/humiliated in a similar fashion. I’m also a bronze member of the small dick club.

My first experience actually enacting SPH out was with a woman who I’ve now been on and off. She’s an exceedingly busty Latina (looks very similar to Kiara Mia, body and face) and has probably the best sex drive I’ve come across. Early on in our days prior to her knowing about my fetish we got into watching porn together. During a scene with Danny D and I wanna say Rachel Roxx she made a comment along the lines of, “I can’t imagine seeing a cock that big in person.”

I felt it was a backhanded way of saying, you’re small compared to these guys, and I truly was by a lot. Needless to say, my cock got even harder and I had a decision to make. Do I tell her about my humiliation fetish and that her comment had my heart racing or blow past it? I blew past it but later that night once she’d gotten home and I had a nightcap, I worked up the courage to give her a call and tell her I couldn’t stop thinking about that comment.

To my surprise, she was actually testing me out with that comment. The whole idea of SPH and talking about bigger cocks turning me on was music to her ears because she knew she had the type of body that could handle huge cocks and humiliating me was the awesome by-product.

The very next day she came over we watched strictly big cock porn for at least an hour. Every new cock we saw, she would pause the video and guesstimate how much longer/thicker he was then me and explain in vivid detail how it would feel different sucking or fucking each and everyone depending on the length, girth, curve, etc. I loved every moment of it.

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