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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader fell short in a comparison...

So this past weekend, the wife and I went out with a group of friends to celebrate a birthday. It was three couples all together, including ourselves. Of course, drinks and good times were flowing. I was starting to feel a little drunk, and looking over at my blushing bride; I could tell she was feeling it as well. Her blushing cheeks are always a dead giveaway.

So as we catch with friends who we haven’t seen since before the holidays, we found out that one of our friends recently got a new job in a new doctor’s office. She has been a nurse for many years; this was just a new position at a different clinic. As you do with nurses, you ask what’s the weirdest/funniest thing you have ever seen/done.

She protested at first, saying it was inappropriate for the table, but then my wife said, “Who cares! We already ate, so even if it’s gross it’s okay. Let’s hear it!”

“Alright, you asked for it.” Our friend warned. “Well, this one time, a handsome, rugged cowboy came into the office. He was probably 45-50, I didn’t pay attention to that detail only the questions I had to ask him. I asked him why he was visiting us, and he said: “I haven’t peed in 3 days.” Well, I knew we would have to take a look at his junk, so I told him to disrobe, and we would be back with a doctor. After a bit, the doctor called me in because the patient was going to need a catheter placed to help him pee.” She paused her story then smiled before continuing. “I pulled the curtain and bam there it was.” She let the moment hang.

My wife then said, “What was it! Tell us!” Her attention was locked in.

“There, between his legs, was the biggest fucking dick I have ever seen in my entire life! The thing looked like it was knocking against his knees!”

We all started laughing and making jokes. Then my wife chimed in.

“I find that interesting. How do guys with dicks that big hide that thing? Do you like to tuck it against your leg? I can’t imagine someone having a dick that big! I don’t even know what I would do if I saw someone with a big dick like that, I would probably freak out.”

We all started laughing, but I began to notice that the whole table except my wife was looking at me while laughing.

The conversation naturally shifted to something else, and a few minutes passed before I hear my wife lean over to our friend. She asked her in kind of a hushed voice, but even though side conversations were happening, I could listen to what she was saying clearly. I think anyone who wasn’t paying attention to the other discussion at the table could hear my wife.

“So was it that big?… What did you think of it?… Seriously, I can’t imagine a guy with a big dick. It’s legit something I forgot some guys have.”

Her friend laughed and said, “You act like you never had a big dick before. It was big, but I exaggerated, it was probably as big as that one ex of mine.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you dated Jon. You’re right. It has been way too long, huh.”

Then they both laughed.

“Way too long,” Her friend said.


While this reader’s wife lays down the law…

Recently my wife gave me a handjob on the living room couch. After a few minutes, I told her I wanted to fuck.

She replied, “You can’t have my pussy.”

Naturally, this made me want it even more. She said, “You don’t get to fuck my pussy.”

Me: Why?

She said, “Your little dick doesn’t deserve to fuck my pussy.”

I figured maybe I can get a blowjob and asked to feel her lips on my dick. She said, “I’d never suck your little dicklette.”

Me: Just for a minute

She said, “Don’t you ever put that gross little thing near my mouth.”

Me: If I don’t get to fuck your pussy, who does?

She said, “You can fuck my pussy.”

Me: Really?

She said, “But not with your dick. You can only fuck me with a BBC dildo.”

Me: But I want to feel my dick inside you

She said, “Too bad since I can barely feel you anyway.”

Me: I can only fuck you with the black dildo?

She said, “Yes, I may never fuck your dick again.”

And I came.


SDC Member smallerDdesire tells us…

Some years ago, I happened to get a chance to take out a long time social acquaintance, a bubbly blonde lady in her mid 40’s about 5’4 with a beautiful figure and a perfect set of tits for her size. She was quite the chatty touchy-feely type, which I’d known for many years and looked forward to getting into bed. After a couple of dates, we kissed for the first time outside her place as the night was ending, and I thought perhaps she’d invite me in. As we stood kissing wrapped in each other’s arms, my little three and three quarter inch boner happened to press against her leg. At that point, she pulled back, looked down at my little pecker bulging against my jeans, and said: “And what about that?” She turned and walked inside, and from then on, she refused to go out with me again.


Another reader remembers a humiliating time at a public pool…

I am from Europe. I never thought I would be into SPH. I was always ashamed of my size (I’m a little bit below 4 inches, and quite thin erected) I ever had this fear of being laughed at, so I was never seen naked by any strangers in public places. I still remember my first time when I realized humiliation brings a lot of excitement with it. It was at the swimming pool a few years ago. I went to this new place they’ve opened nearby. It was almost before closing, so there wasn’t a lot of people there. When I finished swimming and showered, I realized I am alone in the changing room, so I thought that there’s no point in flexing myself and hiding everything under the towel to get into my underwear.

I have to say; I still remember what a relief it was. But then suddenly I heard someone getting in. My towel was already in my backpack, and as I panicked, I locked the closet closing mechanism. The person who walked in was the lady for a cleaning service. I was the last one, and she immediately began moping the floor like I wasn’t even there. But there I was standing naked with my little guy out in the open. I remember my heart was pounding as I was struggling to open my closet. After about 5 seconds, she said that I have to wait 2 seconds before the lock release and not open in so fast because it locks again. With the corner of my eye, I saw her coming towards me.

I was focusing on unlocking the god damn closet. I wasn’t even thinking or looking at her. She said it happens all the time, let me help you, and she approached me. She was way older than me and unattractive, as she got close, she was able to see my penis. On my defense, it was freezing there, but she nearly burst out laughing when she glimpsed at my cock. It was barely a penis, rather a piece of foreskin. She helped me to open the closet she realized how ashamed I was I could tell she felt sorry for me. It was embarrassing. I left this place running, and by the time I got to my car, I had the hardest boner in my life.


This reader’s wife tells it like it is…

Last night my wife pointed out that she added extra sausage to dinner because the last time she made that particular dish, I complained there wasn’t enough meat in it. So I told her as a thank you, I would give her extra sausage later that night. She gave me a look and said, “Now is that possible?”

So I said, “Well no. But I could give you a sausage appetizer”

She said, “More like a sausage amuse-bouche.”

I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, and she had to explain that amuse-bouche means something even smaller than an appetizer. It’s just one bite-size hors d’oeuvre.


Another reader’s girlfriend is enjoying herself…

So, she doesn’t know about SPH, and she changed the nickname on her Messenger to “little one,” and she thought it’s funny. Her friends saw it, and they were puzzled, and she said they asked her why she gave me that name. We like to debate about stuff and see who wins. When she can’t win, she would make fun of my dick saying things like, “small guy,” and, “Yeah, you have a small dick, so..” and I’d like shut up.

We have a very healthy relationship. The “debates” are about small stuff like which restaurant is better, which actor is handsome, which of us works out better and looks better, who has better ideas regarding career. We like to compete a lot.

Recently, whenever our conversation gets heated, she’d make me refer to myself as “little one.” She also started telling me I can’t satisfy her and that she could barely feel my dick. This is crazy. The SPH keeps getting more and more intense. And the fact that she doesn’t know there’s a thing called SPH makes it even hotter because it’s genuine and she’s not doing it for me as pretend play role-play. She’s making fun of my size and my performance because she enjoys doing it and because it makes her feel empowered.


While this reader’s claims cannot be verified…

I went bowling last semester with a girl on my hall in college. During the 3rd frame, at one point, I stepped too far on my turn and stepped on the slippery part and almost did a split. As I did, I completely ripped my pants down the middle from waistband to the waistband. With my luck, I was commando that day, so my half inch soft dick was on display for the whole bowling alley and the girl who I was trying to date. To make matters worse, she happened to have that turn of mine filmed for a cliché Snapchat post, but needless to say, it became way more than that as it got sent around the hall and school within hours.

I was so scared I just froze as everyone there laughed and pointed, and some even took pictures. When I finally snapped out of it, I ran to the bathroom, trying to cover up to no avail. When I finally found the toilets, I bolted in but quickly realized I went into the wrong one. There was a group of young high school girls, maybe even a middle school in there, and they wasted no time showering on the embarrassment. They cornered me in and managed to get off my pants and made me put on one of their extra panties to obtain my pants back. When I looked down, I saw that even as a college guy wearing a middle schoolers cheetah pattern panties, it was still baggy at the crotch.

They noticed it too and were laughing hysterically. They ended up running out with my pants, and I foolishly chased after them, then realizing I was standing in the bowling alley in loose girl panties. The place went nuts again, and I ran outside where I UberEd back to the dorms pant less wearing baggy cheetah panties made for a girl almost ten years younger than me. The video went viral at my school along with plenty of pictures of my dick and wearing the panties


This reader manages to get an SPH happy ending…

Around a year ago, I went to one of those shady massage places. She negotiated with the girl to finish me with her hands near the end. She’s making small talk during the handjob, and I tell her to use both hands. She giggles and says there’s not enough for two hands and continues to use one only till the first spurt when she quickly removes her hand and completely ruins me. I have to say that was the best value I’ve ever gotten for being so humiliated.


Another reader falls for the old accidental cock flash cuckold move…

I (m21) was staying over at my girlfriends (19) house the other week. Her little brother’s friend Josh was also staying over with her brother, and my girlfriend’s parents were out. We were watching a film one night, and Josh got up to get a drink, and the button on his pajama had opened. His cock had sprung free, but he didn’t realize it. He walked past me and my gf cuddling on the sofa. As he walked passed the tv I saw it flopping around. His cock was so much bigger than mine. I looked over to my bf and her mouth was wide open staring at it. As he went to get a drink my girlfriend whispered to me asking me if I saw the size of his cock. I’m a big dude, 6’5″ but my cock is only 1.5 inches soft, she said she it was crazy he was younger than me and a lot shorter than me but his cock so much bigger. When he came back into the room, his cock was still out, and he gave us another look, but as he walked passed, my girlfriend told him to put his “big cock” away. He was a bit embarrassed but asked her if she really thought it was big. She didn’t even hesitate to say yes.


While this reader meets his girlfriend’s father and gets humiliated…

Last summer, I went on holiday with my girlfriend’s family. It was my girlfriend, her little brother, Dad, and mom. Now her family is relatively short. Her Dad is around 5’6, her mum around 5’2 the same as her brother and my girlfriend is 5 feet. Now I’m relatively tall around 6’5″ and not the slimmest.

So one day we all go to a water park, we all have a good day, and it’s time to leave. I head to the men’s changing rooms with my girlfriend’s Dad and brother. We head to the showers, to my horror the showers are just a big rectangular room with showers on the outside. I was hoping they’d be individual ones. There are a few people already in there and they’re all naked. I was dreading this. The water had made my already tiny cock shrivel up to around an inch. I look over to my girlfriend’s Dad and brother; they’re both standing next to each other and just put their showers on and start to take their trunks off. I go to the shower next to her brother turn it on, face the wall and take my trunks off.

I hear them talking to each other, and her Dad passes her brother the shower gel. Her brother says my name and asks if I want the shower gel. I turn to him and look down to see him holding his hand out. As I go to grab the bottle I notice his cock. It looks to be at least 4 inches long (soft) and thicker than mine. I look at him and see him smirk as he notices my small dick. As I’m about to turn away, I hear her Dad say, “You got a cold shower?”

As they both start to chuckle, I look over to him and see a meaty cock between his legs. I just tried to laugh it off but that stung.


SDC member steelpeen tells us…

I took a trip with my family to California. My parents decided to bring our family friend, Sue, along. We decided to visit one of the nudist beaches. I was excited at this because I’d have loved to see Sue naked. You see, she was in her mid-forties, pretty hot for her age and with big boobs. We go and set up on the beach, and I’m just chilling there discretely watching Sue get undressed. Whoops, I started to get semi-erect! Susan caught me looking at her and said, “Aren’t ya gonna get naked? Or are you hiding something?” And winked
I looked around… The next step was to pull down my swim trunks. Down they went and down her gaze went to my penis. Before any of my other family members could notice she stole a long glance down at my half chub and her eyes got big. I thought, “damn, I must be bigger than she expected,”

I basked in the thought that Sue thought I had a huge penis. I stayed semi-hard the whole time because of all the breasts around me, Sue’s big tits included. I started chatting her up with this semi and she was just laughing at all my jokes. Her boobs jiggled as she laughed which made me get harder. I looked around and saw all the other floppy penis’. Other men’s dicks were significantly thinner than mine but also twice as long, at least. My flaccid penis is usually 1.5″ long but in a semi-hard state it was looking thick and longish. I thought that maybe everyone on the beach had more length because they were out in the hot sun all day.

My Dad offered Sue a beer, and she said sure then had a couple more. It was awkward for her to talk to my Dad though, because every time she did, he got a twitching boner. The beer ran out soon, and my parents went to get more. Anyways so it was just Sue and me. We got to talking about her past boyfriends. She adjusted her boobs aggressively because they were in the way of her lying down. Her massive jugs jiggled and swayed. Realizing that she just made me grow half an inch so that now I was 3.5″ long, Sue apologized as she giggled a bit. I started to become a little bit more at this but was barely looking floppy. What she said next, I loved it.

“You know,” she said, “I don’t think people realize how hard we have it being well endowed.”

I asked, “What do you mean?”

She explained. “Well, as I am sure you may have noticed, I have DD breasts and they get in the way sometimes, and also I find that men stare at them a lot. Like you’re probably staring at them right now through those sunglasses. Although I have to admire your self-control not to get an erection in front of me, your father couldn’t keep it down, and I think it started pissing off your mother, so that’s why they left. Haha. I have to say even if you aren’t much to look at in the length department, your girth is big, and your balls are too, so it must get in the way sometimes. Plus once you get hard it’s probably huge. Anyways wanna go for a swim?”

She asked with a smile She must’ve thought I was a grower, not a shower, which was slightly embarrassing, but I was just somewhat happy and turned on by the compliment. I wanted to go for a swim, but the water was cold, and I know that cold and dicks don’t mix, but I said yeah because why not.

I chucked off my sunglasses. As we walk down to the water, she is playing with her hair the entire time while taking occasional glances at my crotch and smirking. After like 20 minutes in the water, we get out to check if my parents made it back. As we were walking out, this is where my dick took a turn for the worst. Not only was it not semi-hard anymore after just relaxing in the waves, but it was cold and small also thanks to the waves. It was like an acorn.

Sue walks next to me and pats me on the back, “Thanks for the swim,” she said with a huge smile. She looked down at my dick and realized how fucking small it was. “Holy shit, that’s the smallest little dick I’ve ever seen.”


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