From Scared to Dared to Bared to Shared: The Next Semester

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by glendale22


As before, getting all six couples together again proved impractical. Amy often went to see Vick because he was busy in town and unable to come down to the university. Whether or not being busy was an excuse so he wouldn’t have to find out if a strap-on would be used on him, no one speculated. Since Amy was going to see him, Steve and Cindy could take advantage of those weekends to have the apartment to themselves. Which is what Cindy wanted. During the week, she and Steve would encounter a nude Amy in the mornings and nights, and usually they would be naked too. Still, while Cindy had enjoyed the sensations of being shared, she also wanted to slow down and concentrate on being alone with Steve once that experience was passed. The nude encounters aside, then, Cindy’s door was closed more often than not.

With Steve almost always at Cindy’s, whenever Dot visited, she and Ted obviously did not have to share that apartment. Upstairs, Lisa and Jack often saw Jay and Karl, and they saw Lilly and Kate whenever one of them visited, but it always seemed that Lilly could never visit on weekends that Kate had free, so no shared rides, much less shared lovers.

With Jay and Karl, Lisa and Jack did sometimes maintain their open-door policy, seeing each other nude now and then. It was titillating for all of them, but it never escalated to sexual activity. Lisa even said once, “Rather than open-door, we should call our arrangement look, but don’t touch.”

“You want to add some touch?” Jay asked. He was putting away groceries. Putting them away, that is, after having taken off his clothes. Lisa had spoken from his open doorway, having seen him from across the hall where she was also naked and easily seen by him when he returned from the store.

“I don’t know. It would make a change once in a while.” Jack was listening from the couch. He certainly did not mind that Lisa was nude where Jay could see her. As for the sex, though, he was not going to suggest any sharing that she didn’t bring up herself. This time, the subject was left hanging. Lisa more or less understood that Jay was a bit reluctant to do anything without Kate or without some form of permission from her first. The open doors and nudity, Kate was aware of and approved. They all knew she approved because she hesitated only briefly to be naked with the door open whenever she visited. The same was true of Lilly and Karl, just not with all four ever together in the apartment.

For Jack and Lisa, this teasing play of looking and being looked at was their only sexy adventure outside of their own bedroom. The closest to sharing they got occurred on the first of Kate’s visits after the orgy weekend. Lisa returned from a Friday afternoon class and started to undress with the door open. She had in mind to go over to Jay’s apartment, knowing that Kate would be in town that weekend. When she turned to cross the hall, she was stopped in her tracks.

Before she arrived, what she didn’t see was Kate and Jay quickly getting romantic with each other. It didn’t take long before they took off each other’s clothes. When Kate rested on the couch and expected Jay to join her immediately, he instead turned to the door. It was unlocked, but rather than locking it, he opened it. Kate instinctively covered herself with her arms, as if expecting strangers to be passing by the door and looking in. Jay’s return to the couch, led by his very erect penis, made her relax.

Not long after, Lisa was back in her apartment, and as Kate knew, she was stopped in her tracks when, through the door across from hers, she could see Jay and Kate on the couch. They were naked, and Kate was on top of Jay, just about slip his hard penis into herself.

Lisa called Jack from his desk in the bedroom. Luckily for her, he was already undressed too, although not aware of the scene across the hall. As soon as he looked, though, he and Lisa joined in. From a distance, that is. Rather than going into the other apartment, they got onto their own couch and quickly caught up with Jay and Kate. The fact that each couple could casually observe the other was the extent to which they were sharing their sex this time. No words, just looking.

For Kate, it was just as much as she wanted then. When she had arrived, while eagerly stripping Jay and letting him strip her, she told him, “This weekend, you’re all mine.” As they played and talked, Kate admitted that she had been thinking of how much sex they had had with their friends, and she said, “I realized later that I hadn’t had you inside me once more before I left. I never want anyone but you to be the last guy I made love to.” As they continued their play and talk, Jay moved toward the door and left it open. When Kate relaxed, she said, “If anyone else wants to watch us, that’s okay. But otherwise, you’re mine and only mine.”

Lisa didn’t hear this conversation, but she intuitively understood that the open door was also closed in a way, and she led Jack in joining the other two right up to that limit. The results were mutually observed orgasms that pushed the two girls right up to their limits too.

Neither of the two couples spoke afterward, each getting up, going to get showered, and returning to the living rooms with a view. Only then did they acknowledge and greet each other, agreeing to go out to dinner together when the time to get dressed came.

Amy was in town that weekend, and when she called to see if Kate was there, she was invited to join the two couples for dinner. Amy came upstairs wearing a nice blouse and skirt. Kate and Lisa were wearing slacks, so Kate asked, “Do we need to dress up tonight?”

“You look fine the way you are,” Amy said. “This place is pretty casual.” At her suggestion, the five of them went to eat at a place Amy and Vick frequented, and Amy’s unspoken wish was granted when they met the couple she and Vick had played exposure games with before. Like Amy, Lisa and Kate were prepared for a little playfulness, neither wearing a bra that evening. Amy’s reason for wearing a skirt became evident when she sat in the booth and let the hem rise up her thigh far enough to show she wasn’t wearing panties either.

The other couple noticed Vick’s absence and didn’t know how they should act in front of Amy’s companions. Amy put them at ease by suggesting that all of them share one larger booth. That’s when everyone learned the other girl was equally bare under her skirt. Given the ease with which the other girls were showing off, Lisa and Kate felt comfortable with letting the boys, including this one new guy, see into their unbuttoned blouses. Kate, in fact, was seated right next to the new guy, whose name she never learned, and carried on a normal conversation with him, all the time aware of how he was looking at her nipples.

Lisa, with her larger breasts, had to undo more buttons than the others so that hers would be seen, but she was pleased to accommodate the boys. After this new experience of letting new acquaintances see their breasts, not the mention the waiter who enjoyed the same show, the play stopped there. Kate noticed that she didn’t get to see the new boy exposed, and the only exposure for Jack and Jay came after eating out. At the end of the evening, Amy lingered in the apartment with Jay and Kate to see them get undressed and nonchalantly leave the door open for Lisa and Jack, who were also soon out of their clothes.

Rather than joining them and starting anything, Amy said, “I think I’ll go back to my place, get out of these clothes, and surprise my roommate and her boyfriend.”

They all knew, however, that the shared nudity was no surprise, not that they were getting tired of it. Opportunities for more daring play were just not that common, and they all had a sense of anticipation, figuring that another occasion would somehow arise. In the meantime, Kate was keeping Jay for herself. Jack and Lisa may have gotten to see them, but that is just what Kate did for the rest of the weekend.

Another weekend, Dot was in town to stay with Ted, and their time together included new fun and partners. Ted did not tell her in advance, but when they went out to eat, rather than a restaurant, he took her to another apartment. When they arrived, Dot thought she recognized the guy who let them in. That is, his face was somehow familiar. What distracted her was that he was completely naked and partially erect, hiding behind the door, but unashamed once it was closed and they were inside. After a moment, looking up from his uninhibited penis, she said, “I remember now. You’re the guy who came to get class notes from Ted that one time. Is this my payback?”

Ted answered, “I think I ought to introduce you. Dot, this is Mark. Mark, I think you remember Dot.”

Mark was trying to act casual and put out his hand, saying, “Yes, how could I forget? Make yourselves comfortable.” Then to Dot, he asked, “May I take your things?”

“I don’t have a coat, thanks,” she replied.

“I figured you’d want to join us for dinner,” Mark said, and it started to dawn on Dot that he wasn’t asking for her coat before.

“Us? Who is ‘us’ that I’m joining?”

“You remember Jan? She’s in the kitchen.”

Before he could call her out, Dot moved to look for Jan. Ted was right behind her. Just around the corner of a closet next to the door, there was a counter that separated the kitchen from the living room. Jan was in there, and she quickly moved against the counter as Dot and Ted came over. It hid the lower half of her body. What the counter could not hide was that her upper half was bare. Jan, of course, was aware of this fact, but given the choice to let them see part of her or all of her, she chose the former.

Ted wasn’t disappointed. Jan’s breasts were larger than he’d expected. She was a bit short, and the only time he’d seen her before she was wearing a sweater and coat. Jan was aware of her proportions, or more precisely, her out of proportion breasts. Ted only thought of how heavy they looked, how they hung attractively on her chest, and how they were capped by dark nipples the size of silver dollars. He could take a good look too because Jan did not look up to meet his eyes at first. After a few moments, though, thinking she might as well get it over with, Jan stepped around to them, hand out to greet them, confirming their expectation that she was bare below the waist too, and letting Ted see that the wedge of her pubic hair was also disproportionate to her more petite hips, wide, dark, and dense. Jan was self-conscious about her short height, the size of her breasts, and her abundant bush, so it was quite a challenge to let another boy see all of her. When she returned to the kitchen, Ted saw her bottom, but Jan had no serious qualms about that after enduring the ordeal of facing him nude.

“So are you joining us for dinner?” Mark asked again.

Ted was starting to take off his shirt, but stopped to be certain Dot was in agreement. Dot gave him a nod and turned to Mark. “My things? Is that what you asked about before?”

“Yes, I’ll hang them up for you.” Mark opened the closet and fetched a couple hangers as he said this.

Dot gave him a quick look up and down again, and said, “Thank you, that would be nice.” Then, staring right at him, she began undressing, challenging him to hold her stare. Dot was smirking as she handed over her blouse. Mark could look away briefly as he put it on a hanger, but he set his eyes again on hers as she kicked off her shoes and pulled her socks off. Standing upright again, she held his look with the same stare as they both heard the sound of her zipper. Without looking down, she shimmied a little and then handed him her jeans, which he dutifully put on another hanger.

Unlike Amy, Dot was not braless, and she had to reach around her back to undo the clasp. When the straps on her shoulders slackened, Mark lost his resolve and could not resist letting his eyes glance down at her breasts as Dot shrugged off the bra. Looking back up, Mark was caught by her stare again, relieved to see her only widen her smirk and give him a wink.

“I’ll just hang this here,” she said, draping her bra over his erection. In doing so, her fingers lightly brushed the firm shaft.

As she reached for her panties, Mark made an extra effort not to look. He even left the bra hanging from his penis, but could not pass up the opportunity. Dot saw his eyes drop. Truth be told, she didn’t care and was actually happy to have an audience for her stripping. She rewarded him by taking the panties down slowly, standing up boldly to hold a pose as he looked her up and down, and then holding her panties out to him, hanging loosely from one of her fingers. “Please put these with the rest.” She ended the display with a slow turn so that he could see all of her.

Of course, he’d seen her nude before, but now he knew he would be seeing her for the next few hours. Dot was not shy about letting him look, and she wasn’t shy about looking at his now fully erect penis. A quick glance confirmed for her that Ted was equally hard. Jan had stepped out again so that she could see him take off his clothes, and she had a satisfied smile at the sight of Ted’s arousal. The smile also suggested she was feeling more relaxed now that she knew Ted and Dot had accepted the invitation fully and everyone was equally bare.

Over dinner, Dot said to Jan, “I seem to remember you telling Mark not to get any ideas from that time you two came to get Ted’s notes.”

“We both told each other not to get ideas. Don’t forget how you pulled Ted’s towel away the second time. But, as you can see, we couldn’t help getting ideas.”

“Glad we could inspire you,” Ted added.

“Inspired Mark, actually,” Jan said. “He’s the one who couldn’t stop talking about it and suggesting that it was harmless fun.”

“You agreed it was harmless,” Mark said in defense of himself.

“Yes, but I didn’t therefore agree it was something I wanted to do.”

“So why are you doing it now?” Dot wondered.

“I don’t know. Do you agree with me that boys typically like to show off their girlfriends? I mean, it’s no mystery that they like to see other girls, but showing off their girlfriends seems to be part of their genetic make-up too.”

“Oh, yes, you got that right,” Dot replied, and this led her into a discussion of all the play with their friends.

“How many are there of you?” Jan asked in surprise.

“Twelve when we’re all together.”

“And everyone is naked?”

“Completely,” Dot confirmed. She did not go on to explain everything, skipping over the parts of having sex with every one of the boys, but her story was impressive enough to Jan and Mark.

Mark’s penis offered clear evidence of his interest, and Jan commented, “Well, Mark certainly wants to be invited to your next party.”

“Not you too?” Dot asked.

“This is hard enough with just you two here. I doubt that all your friends want to see me naked.”

Ted had to respond, “Are you kidding? You’re very pretty, and naked, you’re even prettier.”

Jan replied, “Well, I’m not sure everyone would like my girl curls.”

“Girl curls?” Ted wondered.

“It’s what Mark calls my pubic hair. He likes me to keep all of it, but I know I’d have to shave some to get into a swimsuit. Dot, your hair is nice and ready for summer already.”

“Actually, we wouldn’t have to worry about that at all if we were at that beach north of town. No swimsuits, no problem.”

“Oh, right. I don’t think I need to multiply by a hundred the number of people I get naked in front of.” Jan went on about her size, some too small, some too big, and Dot and Ted told her of the various body types among their friends, emphasizing that everyone enjoyed themselves.

“You know,” Dot said, “the guys aren’t all the same, and some have smaller penises they worry about. One of our friends is at least an inch bigger than Ted and Mark, but none of the girls think Ted’s body isn’t fun to play with. See, once you’re naked, you have plenty of feelings to enjoy, so embarrassment isn’t much of a distraction,” Dot assured her. “Right now, aren’t you having a good time even though Ted can see all of you?”

“Well, it’s been okay. But I’d rather have my clothes on.”

Mark turned the conversation, saying, “If you were wearing your clothes, this would cause a stain on your blouse,” and he flipped a small bit a spaghetti sauce on her breasts. Jan retaliated with a similar toss meant to get on his middle if not his penis. Within moments, Dot and Ted were in on the mess with each other.

Dot changed the tone from silly to sensual when she agreed to clean Ted up. Ever the naughty one, she leaned over to lick the spots of sauce off him, including a slow and thorough tonguing of his erection. Ted reciprocated, licking her breasts and stomach. Mark was not to be left out, and he set to licking Jan. Once the three of them were clean, Jan was the only one not to take an active part. With Mark’s chair pushed back so all could see the spots of sauce on him, he waited hopefully. Jan finally relented, leaning over to lick his chest and stomach, and when no one spoke as she hesitated, she took his penis in hand and used her mouth to remove even the slightest spot of sauce.

Sitting up, Jan admitted, “Well, that was something I thought I’d never do in front of others.”

Dot had an inspiration, and she moved closer to them, saying, “You missed a spot.” Whether there was a spot or not, she took Mark’s penis and licked it near the base. Before Jan could get over her shock, Dot stood and told Mark, “You can get this spot off me.” Again, even if no one could tell if she had a spot on her or not, she was inviting Mark to lick her breast.

Ted picked up her cue and stood nearer to Jan. Before he could say anything, Jan asked, “Am I supposed to find a missed spot on you?” She didn’t wait for an answer and surprised them all by taking Ted erection in hand and licking the length of it.

She broke the silence again when she looked up at Ted and told him, “If you look closely, I’m sure you’ll find a spot on me.” She couldn’t say the word, but she knew he would assume she meant her breasts, and Ted did as expected, bending over, lifting one of her heavy breasts, holding it with both hands, and licking a circle around the nipple before giving it a playful kiss.

The shared licks among the four of them lasted only a minute or two, but Jan sounded breathless when she said again, “Well, that was something else I thought I would never do in front of others, much less with others.”

Dot quickly noted, “And you don’t look too bothered or embarrassed. That blush tells me you’re having fun. I think you two should join our group sometime.” Dot again left some details unspoken again, but Jan smiled at the thought.

“Maybe. You guys all do stuff like this together?” Dot gave her a nod. “Well, maybe. I don’t want Mark to get any ideas, though.”

“We’ve heard that before,” Ted said, and they all laughed.

The rest of their evening was relatively chaste. The four of them remained nude, talking about school and sports and other things, and Ted and Dot got dressed when it was time to go, while Jan and Mark saw them off in the nude. They promised each other to do it again soon.

That very same weekend, another “victim” of the group’s casual attitude toward nudity was found. Jay joined Amy on the bus back to the city that weekend, and they both planned to get together with Kate and Vick the next night. Jay had a party invitation, and along with Kate, he was told he could bring friends. For Kate, the party was not her most pleasant choice, so having Amy and Vick there would offer some support. The problem was that the party was hosted by Sean’s folks, an early St. Pat’s on the Saturday before the 17th.

Jay assured her that lots of other people would be around, and that included lots of parents, such as his own and Sean’s, of course. In fact, the party was much as he predicted, and Jay was able to make his folks happy by showing up for a bash thrown by his dad’s business associate. For a couple hours, then, the two couples stayed pretty much together, talking, dancing, and doing a little drinking. After all, Jay didn’t want his parents seeing him get too drunk to drive Kate home.

As for Sean, he obviously made his way over to greet them, recognizing Amy from her red hair and figuring Vick must be the guy that was with her that time on the beach. What he really wanted, though, was to talk to Kate and see how much he could make her feel self-conscious about being nude in from of him back then.

“Nice to see you again,” he told her, and Kate did not miss the emphasis he put on “see you.” Just like on the beach, though, Kate acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, and she ignored his attempt at naughty humor. Eventually, Sean had to move on to other guests without the satisfaction of embarrassing her.

He might have been more successful if he’d stayed a little longer. Beth was with him, and after he went to talk with someone else, she reintroduced herself. She had to, she thought, because Sean did not acknowledge her or include her in the conversation. Beth said, “Maybe you don’t remember me…”

“Not to worry,” replied Jay. “You were with Sean that day on the beach. It’s Beth, right? And you remember Kate and our friends Amy and Vick.”

“Of course, but I remember everything from that afternoon. It’s not every day that I’m out in public that way, so things like that stick with you.”

Vick asked, “Out in public what way?”

Beth blushed and said, “You know, without a top on, silly. And thanks for reminding me that there are two guys here who saw me that way.”

Kate reassured her, “Don’t let these guys get to you. It was fun, and you should not let anyone try to embarrass you about it.”

“So Sean doesn’t bother you because he saw you there?”

“Well, I don’t relish the thought, but I do my best not to let him know.”

Beth smiled at her, straightened her shoulders, and said, “Good advice, but didn’t you and Sean used to be an item?”

“No. Whatever gave you that idea? I mean, I went out with him a little, but nothing serious.”

“It’s just that Sean bragged once about his other girlfriends, and he told me how he used to massage your breasts. He even remembered how your nipples would get hard.”

“Just bragging,” Kate advised her. “He one time tried to grab me and got a hand just inside my dress, enough to feel the side of one breast. I got away from him.”

“So on the beach, being naked was not like some casual familiarity you were feeling in front of him, was it?”

“Not at all.”

“I sort of figured. Thanks,” Beth said. Then she moved on to follow Sean.

Since the party was full of people their parents’ age, the younger guests soon gravitated to the basement where there was a pool table and dart board. Another effect of this exodus to the basement was that the party upstairs got thin, which to those left suggested that they should be getting home at a decent hour. Before long, therefore, the only remaining guests were the younger ones downstairs. Aware of the absence of the adults, Sean started to suggest outlandish games, things like trick shots on the pool table that required a drink if you failed. Kate kept her distance from these dares, but Sean was determined to snare her and her friends.

Only five couples altogether were there when he said, “We ought to play strip pool or strip darts. Beth and I have played it, and I know some of you here wouldn’t be afraid to play.”

Questioning looks from the two couples Jay and Kate didn’t know led to Sean’s telling them of the beach meeting. As he summed up for them all, “She seemed pretty comfortable with it there.”

“More than some,” Kate said, meaning Sean without saying how he kept his pants on.

Sean got the hint and persisted, “So, who’s willing to play?”

Kate and Amy could see that Beth would go along with Sean, and that the other two girls would give in to their boyfriends. “You want to stay?” Amy asked Kate.

“Maybe to beat the pants off him,” Kate answered. “If we play right, we won’t wind up the ones stripped, so I’m game if you are.”

“You know me and Vick, always ready to be naked in front of others, but I agree that this time we’ll play to strip someone else instead.” Looking up at the others, Amy told them, “Kate and I are in, so Jay and Vick are too.”

One detail Kate left unspoken was that her family had a dart board in their basement too. Over the years, she had gotten pretty good at it. Not that she had ever played strip darts with Jay, but the game was the same whether played for points or clothes.

One of the other girlfriends asked, “How do we play? I mean, how do we win or lose?”

Sean explained, “We should go by point totals, so lowest score results in losing one article of clothing.”

The one girlfriend, clearly uncertain about having been talked into this game, wanted more clarification. “But how would someone lose, like lose the whole game?”

“When someone’s naked,” Sean replied.

Amy spoke up, saying, “I think we should play beyond one player naked. If we’re really being daring here, why not play until everyone has lost all their clothes?” Jay and Kate, of course, recognized how Amy could escalate any adventure.

Sean objected, “In that way, no one would win.”

Amy shot back, “Why does someone have to win? Why not play to have fun? My way, everyone wins and gets to enjoy the same fun.”

“And the same embarrassment,” the one girlfriend added.

“That too,” Amy agreed, “but that’s not much to pay for all the fun. Didn’t you agree to play because you wanted to see some guys naked?”

She shyly nodded her head, and then had another question. “Okay, but what if I’m no good at darts? I’ve never played, so I could wind up being the first one to lose everything.”

Vick had an idea and said, “Maybe we should play as couples. That should give everyone at least one more person to count on for points.”

His suggestion seemed to help. The one girlfriend shrugged, “Well, even if my guy can’t run up that many points, at least I won’t be alone in taking something off.”

With the rules settled, the play began. Sean offered the set of three darts to Kate, and she hit the board with all three, a feat that surprised Sean a bit. Jay did the same, and they had a decent score. No big triple points, but a decent score. Vick and Amy followed, and although one of Amy’s throws missed the board, they too had points that didn’t mean certain loss.

When one of the couples they didn’t know took the next turn, Kate saw a typical mistake immediately. She knew that some inexperienced players tried to steer their darts too carefully and therefore didn’t throw hard enough. Everyone could see the bad result in darts that bounced off the board, four out of the six throws between the two.

Such a dismal score should have given the next couple some confidence, but the girl, the one with the nervous questions before, did the same thing. In fact, all three of her tosses bounced off and fell on the floor. Under pressure, her boyfriend over-corrected and threw too hard. His darts stuck, but two of them stuck in the wall next to the board. Sean and Beth hardy had to try to beat that score, and Beth’s throws were only for practice because Sean’s put them above the unfortunate pair.

One more question then arose. “We get to decide which one of us takes something off?” The girlfriend was hoping she wasn’t the one to start undressing because of her scoring zero.

Sean said, “I think if we play as teams, we should pay as teams. And shoes and socks or stockings are one item.” He was pleased with his little rhyme, and he wanted to get his idea out before Amy could suggest something else. It didn’t matter because everyone seemed in agreement. For the couple, especially the girlfriend, there was some comfort in the loss making them bare their feet.

In the next round, though, it cost the same two a shirt and a blouse. Being down to her bra on top made the girlfriend think she had made a bad decision in going along with this game, and the fact that no one else had lost anything made her all the more self-conscious. Even her boyfriend had second thoughts.

Fortunately, the one other couple not known to Jay and Kate or Amy and Vick continued their bad play, bad enough to lose the next round. For a while, the game went back and forth between these two couples, leading to slacks and skirts folded on the floor. No one’s underwear was especially revealing, but then the doubtful girl and her boyfriend lost a round that cost him an undershirt and her a bra. He didn’t want her to back out, so she dutifully reached behind her back to unhook it and let it drop. The glimpse was very short as she swiftly crossed her arms over her chest. Even so, she could not completely cover her grapefruit sized breasts. Not only was an ample amount of flesh showing, but she could not hide all of her wide aureoles from them, and she immediately wondered to herself how she would be able to drop one arm to throw a dart without exposing herself even more. Overall, she was not happy to be topless there.

Amy had another idea to help. “Since these four have been doing all the losing and undressing, why not let them sit out a few rounds? They can watch and learn, and when the rest of us have lost some clothes, we’ll get them back in the game.”

“And finish stripping us,” the topless girl added.

“We’ll see,” Amy said, “but unless you want to be naked sooner…”

She didn’t have to finish what she was saying, and the game continued without the two couples. Sean would have made the two couples stay in and lose their clothes, but he had to go along with the majority. And he had to concentrate more because he couldn’t count on those couples to be a certain low score.

In the next round, in fact, he and Beth lost their shoes, socks and pantyhose. Beth’s removal of her stockings led to quick peeks at her panties. Amy and Vick lost the next round, and Jay and Kate lost the next, so all were even at that point. Kate had a gamble in mind that would make it uneven, but she hoped it would make Sean and Beth naked in the end.

Without telling Jay, she tossed one dart carelessly, and it was enough to leave them the losers. Jay unbuttoned and took off his shirt. Kate asked him to help her. “Just start my zipper, please.” She was wearing the same dress she had worn when Sean tried to chase her and grab at her breasts. Its scooped neckline, which then was so tempting to Sean, had this night invited interested stares from the boys and the older men before. Sean’s dad, for one, was taller and let himself look into the gap between her small breasts. Kate was thinking about how they all had no idea.

As Jay started the zipper, he was reminded by her bare back that she was not wearing a bra. Amy and Vick were behind her as well, and they couldn’t miss the quick preview of how the stakes were about to be raised. Obviously, Kate was not wearing as many items of clothing as the others, which she had not raised as a consideration when they were settling the rules. There was no explanation other than she didn’t care.

She pulled the zipper down to her waist and shrugged the dress off her shoulders. Facing Sean and Beth and the other couples, she let them take in the fact that she had no bra straps to reveal. After that dramatic pause, she let the dress fall to her waist, and another little shake made it fall to her feet. They all saw the dark hair showing through her lace panties, but they all also saw her small breasts. Making no attempt to cover herself, Kate calmly stood topless. When she picked up her dress to put it aside, she turned and let everyone see the dimples in the small of her back and the hints of her bare bottom through the lace. Not only Sean, but all of them, girls and boys included, were enthralled by the sight.

Vick came from behind her, saying, “It’s not fair that you’re missing a bra,” and he playfully reached around and cupped his hands over her breasts.

Kate laughed and said, “That’s not the kind of bra I would wear.”

Vick asked, “Is cross-your-heart more your style?” As he asked this, he switched his hands across her chest and held her breasts again. Kate laughed again and swatted his hands away, but without putting her own hands over herself for cover.

Sean remembered how Vick was allowed to put sunscreen on her bottom, but he was still surprised to see Kate let him touch her this way too. He wasn’t the only one surprised, but Beth and the other two girls were more shocked that Kate seemed to enjoy Vick’s play. And their second thoughts were about whether they would be expected to let any boy touch their breasts too.

For the one other topless girl, when prodded by her boyfriend, who kept telling her, “She’s not covering hers up,” she relented and dropped her arms. As she did so, she looked at Sean and the other boyfriend as if to check on whether they would try to grab her too.

Her own boyfriend said, “There, not so bad, is it?”

The girlfriend didn’t look up as she said, “I guess not,” knowing everyone could see the fullness of her large and firm breasts. Between her and Kate, the contrasts were obvious, although the boys divided their lustful stares evenly.

Jay had an undershirt, and he pulled it off, saying, “I guess this shouldn’t count as a separate item.” He could hardly speak after Kate’s bold display.

Amy was the first to understand Kate’s gamble. When the game resumed, Jay and Kate went first and put all their darts in the board. Kate then stood aside, but not back and out of sight. As Amy observed, she was subtly distracting Sean with her nipples.

It worked. That round, Sean lost his shirt, and Beth lost her dress. She could pull it off from her shoulders and let everyone see she was wearing a matching bra and panty set, bikini cut like Kate’s, but not see-through. She wondered if she was expected to go topless right away, but Sean assured her that her bra counted as a separate item.

It didn’t matter. Sean again could not get all his darts in, and he lost his slacks while Beth had to unhook her bra. Not as large as the other girl’s, Beth’s breasts were still easily bigger than Kate’s. Beth followed the other two in resisting the urge to cover herself. “Oh, well,” she shyly stated, “you guys have seen them before.”

“I haven’t,” one of the other boys said from behind her, causing Beth to cover herself briefly.

Dropping her hands again and turning around, she proudly said, “Well, now you have.”

For the next three rounds, Amy and Vick, who were feeling left out, deliberately tossed their darts short of the board and dutifully stripped. It was evident to the other couples that the two of them had no qualms about getting naked in front of friends and strangers, evidenced by the ease with which Vick took off his jeans and Amy kept on her skirt and removed a blouse first in order to let the others see she hadn’t worn a bra either and could immediately join the topless girls.

Amy didn’t keep the skirt, though. She let it drop and said, “We might as well all be even and get everyone back in now.”

“You sure you don’t want to forfeit your panties now?” Jay asked. As he did so, he grabbed the waistband of her panties, so when Amy tried to move away, her panties came down in back for a brief preview of her bottom. In revenge, she grabbed at Jay’s pants and gave a pull, momentarily letting the other girls see most of his penis that was stretching his pants before. Given his previous behavior, Kate shouldn’t have been surprised that Vick would initiate a similar attack on her panties. Like Amy, she was laughing and getting back at him, grabbing at his pants and pulling them out far enough for all to see in. Among them all, the only difference was that Kate alone did not adjust her clothes, leaving her bottom half exposed.

Once the little melee was over, the others came to understand that, by even, Amy meant for everyone to be down to their underpants. Grudgingly, the one other girl removed her bra and faced them all with her B-cup breasts out for their pleasure. She was a bit of a pixie, short and slender, with black hair, a fair complexion, and a few freckles. She would have resembled Snow White in some ways, except that she was half naked. Her nipples were small too, and the excitement of stripping made them crinkle up. Her face showed embarrassment, but the nipples betrayed her.

The game resumed, and this girl was the first to get fully nude. Her boyfriend protested to her that his darts scored better than hers, so she felt that she had to do as he insisted and become the first completely undressed before him. She couldn’t keep from trying to hide her black pubic curls from their sight. Her pubic hair was tightly curled and spread over her vulva like an open fan, so her dark crease between her labia was readily apparent. The boys got only a quick look, and then her turning away gave them all a longer look at her girlishly tiny, cute bottom. She could hardly turn to watch her boyfriend drop his briefs to reveal his rigid penis. When they saw it, Amy and Kate made the same instant calculation of almost six inches, and each of them silently appraised its smooth, slightly curved shape.

As would be expected, the other couple with the doubtful girl lost next, and the two of them agreed to strip off at the same moment. She didn’t like it, but she did not hide herself, having gotten used to being topless and thinking her boyfriend would say Amy and Kate wouldn’t be so shy. Her pubic hair made a fluffy wedge between her legs, and her bottom was as full and nicely rounded as her breasts. As for her boyfriend, Amy and Kate were pleasantly surprised. His erection stood out arrow straight with a deep purple head and must have been close to nine inches, a calculation neither of them had ever made before.

Amy whispered to her, “Wonder what that one feels like?” Kate gave her a knowing smile, and Amy said, “Me too.”

To Kate, that boy’s penis was an added bonus. She was determined to get Sean naked, knowing Jay and Vick had bigger penises, and this one would put Sean’s in an even more embarrassing class.

On the next round, she made it happen. Of the darts she and Jay tossed, one of hers lucked its way into a triple score, and Sean had to know he and Beth wouldn’t likely beat their total. Beth got all three of hers in for an average score, but nerves made Sean miss his first toss, and the other two hardly mattered after that. When Amy and Vick got all six in, Sean knew his original plan had backfired.

Beth lost no time in taking off her panties. That day on the beach had embarrassed her, only partly because she was topless in front of so many people. When Sean introduced her to Jay and Kate and their friends, she was oddly embarrassed in another way because she was not all the way nude like all of them. Now she was making up for at least that part of her embarrassment. The other kind of embarrassment remained, especially because of the other two couples who hadn’t seen her at the beach, and she fought the urge to turn or otherwise cover herself from their gaze.

Jay and Vick, of course, remembered that occasion and were curious to see the rest of her. Given her lighter hair, it was little surprise that her pubic hair would be similarly light. As Beth endured their staring, they took in the fact that her pubic hair was also light in coverage, easily displaying the labia behind the wispy curtain.

Sean could not avoid being the next one to lose every piece of his clothing. With reluctance that resembled that of the girls, he turned slightly and pushed his briefs down. At first, everyone had to be satisfied with the sight of his tight bottom. Amy whispered to Kate, “Want to give it a hard spank?” Kate shook her head. She wanted to see him embarrassed, but she didn’t need to touch him in any way.

When Sean finally did turn, Beth had to slap his hands aside. “We’re not hiding anything, so get those hands out of the way.” With his hands at his side, all could see his penis sticking out. Amy and Kate looked and then looked at each other, silently agreeing in their measurement of almost five inches. It was also, they would have agreed, not especially thick.

Kate could not have written a better scenario when the one pixie girl asked him, “Why aren’t you all the way hard like the other boys?”

Beth graciously answered, “Oh, he’s hard enough. Not all boys are the same, but they can all be fun if played with the right way.”

It occurred to Amy and Kate that the girl may be seeing other boys for the first time and really didn’t know how they could vary just as much as girls’ breasts do. With that in mind, Amy said, “I think we should continue the anatomy lesson for our friend here. Jay and Kate, your turn. It’s you two against me and Vick for the championship.”

Kate laughed. Having achieved her goal, she no longer cared about the competition and blithely tossed her darts short of the board. Jay could see she was not interested in beating Amy and Vick, so he did the same. Amy and Vick were not interested in winning either, and the two of them deliberately tossed their darts short too.

“It’s a tie,” Jay declared. “What do we do?”

Sean, still embarrassed about his nudity, tried to salvage some authority and said, “I think you all should have to give up your pants.”

“I think that was what we intended,” Amy said. Kate nodded and quickly slipped her panties off. She didn’t turn away or try to hide anything behind her hands. Amy joined her immediately, and Vick and Jay were not far behind.

When Vick’s pants were off, Kate came up behind him and said, “It’s not fair that you had to lose your pants too,” and she reached around him and covered his erection with her hands. At least, partially covered him, because she was holding it around the base, leaving the top half to stick out. Vick turned on her and got a hand in between her legs, pretending to cover her pubic hair, but obviously rubbing her too.

The girls other than Amy could not believe their eyes, and Sean was thinking what might have been. In the ensuing play, Amy joined in by grabbing Jay’s penis, Jay rubbing his hand over her red patch, and the girl who had been so doubtful before actually holding her boyfriend’s penis in her hand and laughing, “My hands are too small.”

Beth laughed too and said, “My hands are just right.” She was trying to say it in a way that was kind to Sean, but he felt embarrassed by the comparison even so.

The doubtful girl, who had embarrassed Sean before with her question about why he wasn’t hard, said, “I see.” She meant that she was finally understanding the variety in sizes and shapes, but the others teased her about staring and stating the obvious.

She wasn’t the only one to see. Unknown to all of them, Sean’s dad had come part way down the steps to remind Sean about locking up when his friends left. In the dark of the stairs, he stopped short when he noticed what was going on. To his amazement, his own son was naked, but that sight was quickly replaced by the surprise of seeing Beth naked too, a fond wish he’d had ever since being introduced to her. The other two naked girls were not known to him, not that he didn’t enjoy seeing their bodies. Of course, he couldn’t help noticing the other nude boys, especially the nine-inch erection of the one boy, but he didn’t let his attention wander from the girls.

As luck would have it, he was just in time to watch Kate bend over to take down her panties. Seeing her bottom was a treat, but another of his fond wishes was granted when she turned to put her panties with her other clothes. He had tried to see down her dress earlier, and now he was seeing her petite breasts completely exposed. Her entire slight frame was in fact on display, and he could not believe his good fortune in coming down unnoticed at that exact moment and then getting to watch her get felt up by Vick. Amy’s body was nice to see too, but he was concentrating on engraving permanent memories of Beth and Kate in his mind. About those two, he had some idea that Sean had conquered both, and he wanted to vicariously share in the conquest. When he thought he could not safely stay any longer, he quietly returned upstairs and surprised his wife with his own five-inch desire.

Meanwhile, back in the basement, no one wanted to play more. Sean was thinking of suggesting a game in which the losers would have to accept a sexy dare of some sort, but he kept it to himself after imagining how he’d look over someone’s knee. If he could have been certain of getting to touch Kate’s body, he might have tried it. His fear of another backfired idea made him quiet.

Kate and Amy were at the same time getting quizzed by the other girls, questions about how they could so casually be naked with boys around, and how they could allow the boys to touch them all over. Sean and his other friends had to stand by and listen to the excited talk. The pixie girl and the doubtful girlfriend were complimenting them for being pretty brave to do this kind of thing often. At least, that’s what they assumed, as the pixie girl said, “The way you guys got undressed tells me you’ve done this before. Pretty wild.”

Amy answered, “You seem to be having fun too.”

The pixie girl replied, “If I look like I’m having fun, I’m also about to scream and run away. I mean, it’s one thing to have you guys see me this one time, but the rest of us are going out together a lot, and I’m almost afraid our boyfriends are going to expect this all the time now.”

Beth wondered, “Would that be so bad?”

Amy said, “If you have fun, why not?”

The doubtful girl had more doubts, asking, “But the way you guys touch each other, how can you stop the guys from wanting to go farther?”

Amy coolly answered, “Why can’t us girls want to go farther?”

“Well, yeah,” the pixie said, “with your boyfriend, but with Jay too? I mean, you had his cock in your hand.”

Before she could go on, Amy declared, “Yes, I know what it feels like.” Then she added dramatically, “Inside and out.” Beth nodded, but the other two were clearly shocked and certainly not sure about getting naked with each other’s boyfriends again.

Beth went over to Jay and Vick, telling them, “I have to admit, at the beach, I was curious about how big you two could get.” She did not try to hide the fact that she was staring down at Jay’s penis, which was sort of staring right back up at her.

Jay responded, “I was half curious about you too.”

“Only half curious?”

“Well, yes. I could see your top then, but not the rest.”

“Oh, right. Well, I hope you’re pleased with what you see then,” and she gave them a slow turn so they could look her up and down from all angles.

“Very pretty,” Jay said. “You’d be quite an attraction at the beach with nothing on.”

“Only at the beach? What about at one of your parties?”

“You’ve been hearing about that from Amy?”

“Yes, and I’m curious also about another thing.” She looked behind her to see that Sean’s attention was fixed on Kate. Turning back to Jay, she put her finger on the middle of his penis and drew it up while pushing down until her finger slipped off the end of it and made it bounce up. As she did so, she asked, “Where would you put this if I did come to one of your parties?”

Jay checked on Sean as she had done, and then put his finger between her lips. “It would start here,” he said while moving his finger to probe her mouth, part her lips, and touch her tongue “and move down and go around,” he continued as his finger made a moist trail from her chin to between her breasts and then lightly traced a line over one of her hard nipples. “And it finally would go in here,” he finished as he let his finger make a line down her breastbone, over her stomach, through her pubic hair, and partly between her other lips to feel her wetness there and give her clitoris one little touch.

Beth exhaled a warm sigh and said, “Sounds like quite a party.”

As she already knew, Sean was oblivious, over by Kate. He was saying to her, “You play darts better than I thought.” Kate did not mind that, as he spoke, his eyes were running up and down her body.

“Thanks,” she replied casually, keeping her cool and acting like being naked in front of him and the others was no big deal. “Actually, though,” she continued, “I think we need to get going.” As she said this, she turned to retrieve her panties, giving Sean another look at her bottom. Turning back to him, she listened to his nervous small talk, holding on to her panties in her hand, almost like they just happened to be next to each other in the same locker room. She was letting him take his last looks, and he was desperately trying to get some kind of reaction from her, embarrassment if not lust. When she eventually bent to put the panties back on, her eyes were briefly level with Sean’s penis. She gave it a frank look and noticed a clear drop of seminal fluid on its tip. Despite herself, she was thinking his penis might be one that she could actually swallow completely, but she was also thinking, “If only.” Instead, she told him, “I’m glad to see you got up the nerve to join us, so maybe next time at the beach you’ll get naked too.”

It wasn’t what he wanted her to say, and he answered, “Maybe. I don’t know when I’ll be there again.” Kate pulled up her panties, hiding her sex once more behind that lace barrier, and was upright then. Sean’s eyes were on her breasts. He was giving up on getting a reaction and was also thinking that he wouldn’t want to meet her at the beach again at all. “By the way, I think you’re really beautiful,” he added.

Kate did not reply to his late and desperate compliment. Before, when she went out with him, she guessed that he figured he was doing her a favor because she was so flat-chested, and here he was trying to take it all back. She got her dress and put it back on, finally giving Sean some release from staring at her. The others had watched as they were talking to Amy and Vick and Jay. They hardly noticed that Jay was getting dressed too, soon joined by Vick and Amy. Those four made their thanks and were headed up the stairs and out before Sean and the others realized that they might get dressed again too. As the two couples left, the other three couples were suddenly aware of wearing nothing and wondering how they got that way.

In the car, the four knew that their excitement would have to subside without release in a group orgy. No one had a house they could go to and have privacy. Amy even laughed, “I guess we were talking big about being so free, but if they’ve got the nerve, they can do more together than we can tonight.”

“I don’t know if they’ve got the nerve,” Kate answered, “and Beth and those two couples might have been fun to play with, but I’d rather end the evening with Sean having to imagine a lot more.” She paused and added, “He saw enough, and he’ll just have to go on making up the rest.”

The End.



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