Girly Daddy (Gay SPH)

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by andibob69


I’m a great father to my son because he is my life. He is my everything, and I support him in every sense of the word.

And I couldn’t be more proud of the handsome, masculine, confident, and kind boy I have raised. I can’t help but get emotional as I watch Johnathan walk down the aisle at his high school graduation. I notice several of the young ladies in his class gazing at him with lust in their wide, eager eyes. Johnathan has a revolving door of girls eager to suck and fuck him to his heart’s content, and this fact makes me even more proud of my son.

Of course, this once in a lifetime moment is dampened when my eyes happen on my ex-wife with her hands on the chest and her head rested on the shoulder of her lover. I finally had enough and ended the marriage when she coerced me into making me wear her panties, and then made me lick her clit while she feed me the cum of her stud lover, Jared. This was how she chose to tell me she was having an affair.

I always encouraged Johnathan to dream big and work hard. I always tried to instill in him the idea that life is about living, not existing. It’s about taking what you want.

“You can rule the world, son,” I told him, “the world is yours.”

With my help, Johnathan became an elite pianist and star athlete. I made sure he grew up with a fulfilling and meaningful childhood, and always told him how great he was. Because, at the end of the day, happiness is about confidence.

But when my wife cheated on me three years ago, I became a mess. I didn’t have to worry about my son, he was independent and didn’t need me to be a father figure anymore. Instead, he took care of me.

He got me to work in the morning when I drank myself into a blackout, which happened often. He gave me encouragement when I beat myself up and cried at random moments. He even disciplined me when I shirked an important responsibility.

When I see my ex-wife cuddling up with Jared, the terrible things she told me come rushing back.

“Why did I cheat on you with Jared? Well, honey, for one thing, he has a much bigger cock.”

“I guess since you’ve tried on my panties now, I can call you my little panty boy, right Shelby?”

“A real man wouldn’t let this happen, would he little Shelby?”

Thank God I have Johnathan. Without him, I don’t know where I would be. My ex-wife willingly gave me full custody, nihilistic fucking whore that she is. But that doesn’t mean I came out the other side unharmed. I have an addiction to wearing panties now. I fantasize about becoming a girly little bitch for an alpha couple. And, worst of all, after accidentally seeing my son’s big dick when he was in the shower, I now fantasize about being a cum-hungry bitch for my strong, handsome son.


Johnathan is staying home for the summer, before he goes off to college. It’s time I come clean about who I really am. I have always encouraged Johnathan to be open with me. It’s time I told him I’m his Girly Daddy.

But first, you probably want some context.

Johnathan and I contrast with each other in many ways.

He is tall, toned, and has a big frame. He’s got a jock-like, gentlemen’s style haircut and big, sensitive looking brown eyes. Every limb on him is big – strong hands and size 13 feet. He has a very muscular and round ass and a sharply defined jaw-line.

I am about two inches shorter than my son, and have a frame that resembles a classic, Marilyn Monroe-esque female form. For the most part, I am pretty skinny. But, for whatever reason, I have a big, round ass and big hips. My thighs and ass are very smooth, mind you. I don’t grow a lot of body hair. My eyes sparkle with a vibrant shade of green, and I have round cheeks and big lips.

Waiting for Johnathan to get home from his friend’s house is excruciating. I look at myself again in my full length bedroom mirror. I love this flowery circle skirt dress that my wife used to wear. It cuts just below my ass. I give it a good twirl, trying to ignore the butterflies building up in my stomach.

My already long hair is styled straight down, and my light make up gives me a real girl next door look. I look pretty. I look…young.

I hear the front door open. I quickly run from my bedroom to the living room, sit on the couch, and cross my legs. Making sure to sit up straight, of course.

He jumps as he walks into the living room.

“Whoa!” he nearly yells out, “Dad, is that you?”

“Yes, Son,” I say, trying to hold my composure. “It’s me.”

“Well…uh…I mean…what are you doing dressed up like a…girl?” He asked.

“Try not to be freaked out, Son. Just sit next to me on the couch and I can explain everything.”

Johnathan hesitated, took a deep and thoughtful sigh, and sat right next to me on the couch, so our knees were touching each other.

“You know I love you, Dad,” Johnathan said, “I will be here for you, no matter what. So, I mean, are you, like, transgender or something?”

“I don’t know, Son,” I said, “All I know is that, ever since your mom left me and intentionally humiliated me, I have become very submissive. I feel the overwhelming need to be under the control of a bigger, stronger man and his girlfriends. I know this is a lot. Probably really hard to hear.”

“…Um. It’s a little weird, but I understand! Don’t tell anyone, Dad, but I have looked at porn like that. So, tell me, are you a sissy, is that what you are???


“You must have a small dick. That must be why Mom left you. You must be finally accepting your role as a submissive to…well…real men.”

“Son, that is a really hurtful thing to say!”

“I don’t think so, Dad. I think you are perfect just the way you are. And by the way, you look very cute in that short dress,” he said.

“I don’t know why I told this to you…”

“No, I’m glad you did! Let’s face it, I’ve taken care of you for the past three years. I have taken care of both of us. I mean, I’m really the…”

“Man of the house,” I finished my son’s sentence.

“Exactly. So I tell you what. I will let you be the girl you so want to be at home. In return, you have to do what I say. I want you to take care of me, and in return I will discipline you and make you the best girly daddy you can be.”

“I don’t know. I mean, it kind of sounds like you would be my…”

“What? What are you going to say?”

“My Dad!”

“That’s right. And, actually, from now on, You have to call me Daddy.”

“That’s weird!”

“But I know you will do it. And I have a new nickname for you?”

“Oh yeah? What is that?”

“You’re Daddy’s Girl.”


My life is truly surreal now. Johnathan generally stays at home while I’m off at work. Usually, he is ramming his cock down some slut’s cute mouth. When I come home, Johnathan immediately makes me go into my bedroom and turn into a sissy girl.

He always makes me wear something very short.

“Boys like short skirts and dresses,” he tells me, “and boys also like sluts.”

I’m responsible for keeping the house clean and cooking for my son. When we are watching television, I sit on the floor next to him, while he gets comfortable on the couch. It’s meant to signal that Johnathan is the man of the house, and I am truly inferior to him.

When I do something good, he will say, “good girl”.

I always reply in kind, and with proper respect.

“Thank you, daddy.”

My birthday is approaching, and my son promised to give me a present that will make me feel very special. Needless to say, I’m giddy with anticipation.

My birthday is here, as my alarm clock is so rudely reminding me. I wake up to see my cock hard as a rock in the white thong I wore to bed. It was accompanied, of course, with a white lacy nightie. I have to wear nighties and lacy panties to bed every night, now.

I take my nightie off and put on a very pretty pink dress. I hope Johnathan likes it. I walk to the kitchen to make coffee and see Johnathan sitting at the dining table. And on it, a big present.

“Morning, Daddy’s Birthday Girl!” he says, “I’ve been up for hours in anticipation. Open your present!”

I smile, sit down across from him, and unwrap my present. I open the box to find seven pairs of really girly panties. Four of them are pink and lacy. Two are white and cotton, one with pink polka dots and one with an adorable flower print. The last pair is pink and cotton, with white lettering down the middle that read “Daddy’s Girl”.

I’m elated, but also surprised. I don’t think it’s appropriate my son buy me such personal things.

“I…” I stammered, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Daddy wants you to have panties for every day of the week! After all, nothing is stopping you from wearing panties to work!”

I just stare at him in disbelief.

“What?” he says, almost sternly, “I thought you would be happy. Don’t you like them?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I say, after slight hesitation.

I then smile warmly at him, “thanks for the birthday present, I love it.”

“Of course, my sweet girly daddy.”

He gives me a nice kiss on the forehead.


I’ve made a decision. I want Johnathan to be the man of the house, in every sense of the word. And I will do anything to make that a reality.

It’s a two step plan.

Step one. Flash my birthday panties at him at random moments.

“Daddy, I think you need to see me under my skirt to make sure I’m wearing them!”

“Do you like the panties you bought me, Daddy?”

It’s fun to see the massive bulge growing in his pants. I want to put my son’s big cock in my sissy mouth so bad.

Step two. Make his birthday really special.

He is staying at his friend’s house overnight. Tomorrow is his birthday. At midnight, I send an e-card to him via text.

It has a photo of me, bent over a chair with my bubble butt in the air. I’m spreading my ass so that my tranny hole was clear. I was wrapped in birthday wrapping and had makeup on to look like a tranny whore. If it wasn’t for my very visible hard cock, I would pass for a MILF.

The photo contains a caption that says this:

“It sounds like you didn’t get any slutty girls to fuck you on your birthday. That’s a shame! But you should know that your daddy’s tranny sissy hole is always available! You know me. I’m a cock-hungry, bitch daddy. I took the day off of work, and I’m still dressed like this. So, if you want a hot MILF to serve your big cock in every way imaginable, I’m waiting!”

If this doesn’t get his attention, nothing will.

I wait for 20 minutes, starting to think that he finds me disgusting for even thinking about this.

But, sure enough, he opens the door violently, slams it and comes running into the living room.

I’m ready, on my knees in the middle of the living room.

“Suck my cock, bitch daddy.”

“Yes, Son!” I say.

He pulls down his pants and his boxer briefs and nearly slams his big, delicious cock into my mouth. Soon enough, I’m deepthroating it like a pro.

“I’m barely your son. I’m the man of the house. I own your little cock, don’t I?”

“Yes, Daddy!” I say in between gagging on his cock..

“Your a cock-hungry slut, aren’t you?” he says with growing intensity.

“Yes, Daddy!” I say once again.

“You couldn’t please mom, so you became a little girl. That is so fucking pathetic,” he notes as he continues to pump his cock down my throat.

“And now, you are your own son’s bitch boy. Another piece of ass that I use when I’m not fucking all the other young fuck sluts I own,” he says.

Now he wants to fuck me in the ass.

“Bend over the couch. I’m going to fuck your virgin sissy ass.” he says.

I can’t believe this is happening. I bend over and feel my son’s cock ease into my tight ass.

Slowly, he is gaining momentum, and soon he has the majority of his big shaft in my virgin hole. It doesn’t take long for him to cum all over me, which causes me to cum all over the floor.

“Who knew my dad was such a dirty piece of tranny trash?” He jokes and smiles as he pushes my head to the floor.

“Eat up,” he says encouragingly.


The End.



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