Our Readers SPH Experiences 2

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


hotjezzi1992 tells us: “I always knew I had a small cock!”

My wife likes to play with it, and just as I’m about to cum, she stops. She says little cocks don’t deserve pleasure. I love her and she loves me and we are best friends and I agreed with her that she should go out and get big cock. At first she was hesitant, but she brought this great looking stud home. She said she loves when two guys rub the tips of their hard cocks together. I like men, so its a turn-on for me too. My cock is 3 inches hard; well this stud (she brought home) had at least a 10 inch dick and it was thick.

So my wife said rub your cocks together for me, like a sword fight. Well he won with his huge beautiful cock. She laughed, and said go sit in the corner and jerk-off your little dick and I will fuck and suck a real cock. I love my wife getting pounded with a big cock. In the meantime, she was telling me play with that useless cock for me, and OMG do I love this giant cock. So here is me jerking off my little 3 inch cock, and I shoot a load. She said keep on stroking it, and she starts sucking my dick while getting this giant cock in her pussy and cumming like crazy.

The stud said anytime you want my cock, just call bitch…As he is ready to cum, my wife makes me start sucking off this giant dick, and he shoots his load in my mouth. He slaps his cock in my face and said suck all the cum out you small dick loser. I listen because my wife deserves to be pleased. The stud slapped my face, and said enjoy real cock loser. My wife was laughing. He leaves, and she said good boy. I had fun too, so we are perfect for each other. She will suck and jerk me off while she plays with a dildo. We tried fucking, but she doesn’t feel it. I have a small cock, and found the perfect woman who gets me. Thanks for letting me share my story.


peter short tells us how a sleepover with his best friend turned a little kinky…

My first sex ever was with my best friend. We was just 13 yo and he was 4 months older. We had known each other since kindergarten and lived within an eighth of a mile of each other. One night we decided to have a backyard tent sleepover. We had borrowed a few girlie magazines from his daddy’s eighteen Wheeler. We looked at all those hairy pussy pictures at least twice under the flash light! Lol . Afterwards we shut the light out. It was so dark you couldn’t see shit. We chatted about how we would like to fuck the cute girls at school etc.

After awhile I heard him whisper,”I’m jacking off.”

We was poor didn’t have sleeping bags just a quilt to lay on and 1 to cover with. Well he took me by surprise when he said that so I said sarcastically, “Yeah right!.”

He took me by the hand and guided me under the covers. Omg he was! I pulled my hand back quickly. I did notice he was bigger and had hair down there. I was still hairless and much smaller 🙁 . Then I heard him whisper again, “Come on I won’t tell,” and took me by the hand again. I was so damn curious by now I allowed it. He rubbed my hand all over his fat lil cock and said, “Stroke it for me.”

So I did.

He had a nice fat plum head. He asked me to pull my jammies down but I declined ashamed I was smaller and bald. I said “I’m OK I will just do this for you.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I certainly liked it. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head. He whispered, “Suck it.” I resisted and declined. Then he said, “Come on I won’t tell.”

And tried again I allowed it. I was so nervous trembling he rubbed that plum all over my lips I slowly opened my virgin cocksucker for him. I thought OMG I’m gay and started to back off. He held my head tight and started to fuck my mouth! I couldn’t believe this was happening he was groaning and moaning. I could feel my lil dick twitching in my pyjamas. All of a sudden he pushed me down all the way and held me Tight I felt that plum swell and began to pulsate. Then he could came. I was still having dry boy orgasms. So the very first cum I ever experienced was running down my throat and not my own hand


tiny2inchstevey submitted that he likes having a small cock…

I honestly prefer being a small dick man, and even if I could somehow have a big cock I wouldn’t want to right from a very early age I have enjoyed feminisation, small penis humiliation, and real cock worship. I was regularly servicing a huge cock long before I even came close to being with a woman. I was playing the role of one. I have feminine features and a slim girly body, and I love dressing and acting like a girl with my tiny penis acting as little more than a clit.

My well hung neighbour often played with me while I gave him oral sex, and it never embarrassed me when my gay relationship ended suddenly with his mother walking into his bed room to find me and her son. We were in bed with our trousers to our knees me vigorously masturbating her sons impressive erection. I got my first taste of female humiliation as she was given a perfect full frontal view of my tiny hard on and instead of loosing it I became even more aroused. I find it extremely arousing when my dick has been openly laughed at which happened lots of times over the years. I love getting little finger jobs and dressing up like a sissy looking at real men. I love watching them satisfy women.


An anonymous reader tells us that he has recently been busted by his Mother In-law

I always knew that I had a small cock, but my wife and I were cool about it. Her mother though has now seen it when I was wearing a pair of baggy shorts after I had got out of the bath. I was sitting on the settee reading the paper when her 56yr old mother walked in to our living room, she made a noise to get my attention at which point I put the paper down. She just kind of giggled to herself and left the house and at first I didn’t know why. I just thought it was her usual odd behaviour. Then my wife came in and said she could see up my shorts. She could see my 2 inch soft dick as plain as day. Then I realised why her mother had acted so strange. Why she laughed. She had just seen my dick. I felt really embarrassed by that.


This reader tells us about the day he was outed by his now ex-wife, to his then mother in-law and cleaning lady!

I’m trying to recall this incident as honestly and accurately as possible. At the time I had known only my wife. I knew I was small – 3.2 inches hard – but it never really had any negative influence on our sex life as far as I knew. At least my wife never openly complained. But the very first time I was exposed to SPH happened in an unexpected and brutal way for me. It was while my first wife was divorcing me after 6 years of marriage.

One Sunday afternoon, I was gardening and my mother-in-law came to help her out with some papers. They were having tea in the living room and my cleaning lady was there too. It was hot outside so I came to get a beer in the kitchen. I don’t think they noticed since the kitchen overlooks the garden and the living room is on the front side. Anyhow as I went for the fridge I overheard my wife talking loud. She was bad mouthing me to her mother. I would normally come right in and put out an argument but the divorce was practically over with, and I was just plain tired of all this.

So I stayed nestled behind the door and listened to what she was saying when at the end of her rant she throws in something like “…and besides that asshole isn’t even good in bed. Gosh I’m so glad we didn’t have kids!”. That sounded like the meanest thing I ever heard from her. I knew that she wasn’t going to say anything nice since it was over a year now since the marriage was falling apart, and we didn’t have sex anymore. But I never expected what followed.

I think it was her mom who inquired asking: “What do you mean honey, can’t he get it up?”

My wife replied, “No mom, it’s his thing… it’s really tiny and it doesn’t last long.”

And then her mom said something that shocked me, “You mean J. has one of those mosquito speeders? Oh my god ,I never knew… Oh you poor girl I don’t blame you.”

Then there was a long silence and all of a sudden I heard laughter erupting from the room. A kind of laugh that would make any man squirm. I just froze literally. Maybe my wife had made a sign or whispered something I couldn’t hear but they were busting up laughing. My Puerto Rican maid who spoke poor English asked about what they meant and she was soon repeating over: “él es pequeño” “La verdad?” like she didn’t believe it. When I heard her join in the laughter, I felt so belittled I just ran out the house to get back to my gardening.

I was so angry and hated my wife so much after that. It was so humiliating that I felt powerless to even argue with her. Anyhow that day was probably the most awkward and disturbing I ever went through. I tried to stay outside as long as possible but eventually I had to join them for diner. I think my wife never saw me as quiet as that evening. And I just couldn’t face my mother-in-law, her gaze was both contemptuous and deriding. Women can be so cruel at times.

At the table I felt scrutinised from head to toe like she was reading me naked, and as soon as I had my back turned I felt like they were mocking me. Maybe I was being paranoid I don’t know… it was hard to control my emotions that day. I remember I was even stressed to address my own cleaning lady and I was practically stammering when she asked for her pay just before leaving.

I never had the courage to confront my wife about what she had said that day, even though I had many occasions afterwards. I think that day she had probably brought out my innermost fear which was deeply hidden. I learned to cope with it. But it was only a few years after that incident that I really started fantasising about this incident.


Derek tells us how he was bullied by an Eleven year old he was tutoring when he was in college, over his small dick!

I knew I was very small from high school yet I had managed to escape most of the locker room mishaps and avoid the usual teasing that goes along. I had my first true SPH incident during my college years. To make some money I was a tutor to one of our neighbours 11 year old son who was in 7th grade during the summer holidays. He was a spoiled brat. I helped him with maths and science. We mostly stayed at their summer residence by the sea because his mom said it was a quieter and better place to study.

Sure I didn’t mind the area was crowded with youngsters so I hoped to hook up with some girls and get to finally lose my virginity. The days were mostly organised with studying in mornings and beach in the afternoon. I had a room next to his and we both shared the same bathroom. Usually when coming back from the beach we took turns showering and got ready for supper. Yet one day his mom came after us as we were swimming, we were expected to go out and have diner at one of her friend’s house who had kids his age and we were running late.

There was no time for arguing so she rushed us back and told us to shower and get dressed to leave. When I said for Terry (her son) to go first, she insisted we had no time and we were to shower together. The bathroom showers were big enough yet I didn’t expect to have to get naked in front of anyone let alone that stupid kid. But I had no choice so I went along. I tried delaying my undressing as much as possible as Terry was already showering. He didn’t pay much attention until I stepped inside the shower and he handed me the soap.

That’s when he saw my dick and stared at it. And honestly who wouldn’t be surprised to see a 20 year old – even though a grower – smaller than an 11 year old! I guess he was just as stunned and threw at my face, “How come you’re so small down there? What happened to ya?”

If I knew all the answers in maths I certainly came up short on this one, and just didn’t know what to say. I was at a loss for words so I just told him to shut up and hurry. As he left the shower I’m still washing and have shampoo all over my face. As I finish rinsing I discover to my horror that his mom’s standing there next to him facing me as I go for my towel.

She apologises and says her son had called her in and asked her why I had such a small weenie for my age. She honestly didn’t know what to say too. We were both so embarrassed but she dismissed her son saying that penises came in all sizes and it’s none of his business. She was nice but I could see she was a bit shocked. While we were dressing I told Terry to please not tell anyone about this, though it was probably not the thing to say.

However I feared that brat kid had later told a girl I was flirting with at the beach. When I heard about it I confronted him and slapped him in the face. Something I regretted shortly after as his mom told me off threatening to kick me out and send me back home. I was fucked. I couldn’t say anything to her kid and he could practically get away with anything he did.

What I thought were going to be cool holidays with hopes of losing my virginity turned to nightmare. That little bastard told so many people he had seen my willy and it was smaller than his, that I couldn’t go out without being subjected to the mockery of his friends. His mom even told him off several times when he said it in public but that didn’t stop him from bullying me. I know that sounds ridiculous but believe me it was that bad.


Dwayne had a harrowing experience in college!

I’m sure some small dick members like myself were subjected to hazing during college and would like to know if it turned out as bad as for me. During my freshman year I was mostly looking for partying. During one of those wild frat parties I passed out drinking. Next thing I knew I woke up early morning lying outside in the middle of the frat house courtyard totally naked with a bad headache, surrounded by a jeering crowd of students.

As I woke up to my senses I realised I had a giant sign pointing towards my dick. Above written in big dark letter with black permanent marker you could read the word ‘baby-dick’. What more I had a pair of panties over my head.

I ran away as fast as I could and locked me inside my room as the wild taunting resounded through my ears. I discovered I had marker signs all over my backside and some girls had even signed their names on me. Later I discovered pictures had been taken and circulated over the campus. My reputation had been made and I was mercilessly teased for weeks.

I got nicknamed pickle-dick for years to come. No need to say I sadly never got sexual with any girl from the campus, not that didn’t attempt it. Yet, can you honestly blame any of them? Well can it get any worse?


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