True Stories: The Twisted World of Steve (Gay Themes)

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Recently one reader submitted a collection of short stories we think are based on his own personal experience or fantasies. So we have put them all into this page for your reading pleasure. Thanks to the author for taking the time to share his memories and fantasies with us.


Stories by tiny2inchsteve (edited by horrorotica)


In the beginning, there was Steve!

I have always known that I am different from most of the men I know. I was never that good at sport, climbing, football, or ever really had much interest in it all. Really I would play with my sister and her dolls for hours on end. I find it much easier in the company of girls to talk to, as I got older. I never really developed as a boy and my penis stayed childishly small. I grew very little pubic hair from the waste down, and my body is very feminine with slim girly hips and legs and a small smooth little woman’s bum. That along with my tiny little cock is certainly more female than male.

People pointed out I had quite feminine features, usually girls funnily enough. Around puberty I started having urges to wear girls underwear and for weeks all I could think about was trying on a pair of panties. When I eventually managed to get hold of a pair of white silky ones with lace edges and pretty little bow I was in heaven. I slid the silky material over my little cock and I knew that I was supposed to wear panties all the time. So I began to wear any pair I could get my hands on.

It didn’t take me long to realise I particularly enjoyed wearing g-strings and thongs. The skimpier and more girly the better. I soon began to wear bras as well, going out to meet my friends knowing I was secretly wearing a sexy red little lace thong with matching frilly red bra was such a huge turn on to me. I also started noticing that I was beginning to think about men wondering how other men’s cocks looked, and what it would be like to touch another man’s penis. It just so happened that long before I even kissed a girl for the first time I had already been having pretty much full gay sex for a good couple of years. We were doing just about everything apart from full penetration (although I did let him try but he was to big for me).

Steve tells us about his relationship with his hunky neighbour.

Me and my neighbour had been masturbating each other for quite some time, he was very well hung and several years older than me and sexually developed pretty much from the time I began masturbating. I became sexually active with this teen, and I became totally infatuated with his big cock. I on the other hand was tiny, no pubic hair, and couldn’t even ejaculate. I loved the feeling that I got when I slipped my hand into his boxer shorts and wrapped my fingers round this rock hard throbbing big lump of meat and began wanking him off.

Now I started getting strong urges to take it in my mouth thinking about it constantly until I made the suggestion about blow jobs and offered to give him one, and unbelievably he refused sayings some body had pissed in his mouth. In all honesty I wasn’t bothered about receiving one I wanted to give it. Then one night a few days later he was staying at my house and as we usually did when we were sleeping at one or the others we had stripped and he was rubbing my little tadger while I wanked him off.

When suddenly he stuck his head down under the covers and literally gave me two or three little sucks and came back up again. I instantly went under and proceeded to give my first blow job which I loved straight away the smell the tastes. I went on to give him regular oral sex sucking his cock at least several times a week. He invited me in nearly every day knowing that he would get his dick sucked and not have to return the favour, the only regret is I never let him cum in my mouth as I always prematurely ejaculated before I could bring him off.

Although it was never really mentioned, we both knew that I was pretty much the girl of the relationship and ended up being his personal cock sucker after discovering just how much I enjoyed performing oral sex on another man. I loved sucking on his big cock. I really enjoyed it and quickly became good at it. He never returned the favour but I honestly did not care or even particularly want him to. It was an understanding, if I seen a big cock I was instantly aroused and took great pleasure in servicing it then jack my little 2 incher later after he had been satisfied. He had a big cock and liked having somebody suck on it pretty much whenever he asked or wanted, and usually a few times a day without even having to ask.

Sometimes I would just walk into his room and ask him to let me play with his cock usually I would get a few half hearted protests about somebody walking in but most of the time I could feel him getting hard. I would say I’ll just quickly wank you off then knowing full well I was taking it in my mouth. My well hung neighbour often played with me while I gave him oral sex, but my relationship ended with him suddenly when his mother walked into his bed room to find me playing with her sons big cock. We were on bed with our trousers about our knees, me vigorously masturbating her sons impressive erection. That was the first time I got humiliated by a woman for having a small penis and it left a lasting impression on me.

Steve tries out Girls with no success

When I eventually did start seeing girls it wasn’t long before it was a well known fact I have a tiny dick amongst the girls who enjoyed having a giggle telling all there friends about it. The first time I shaved myself I thought it was supposed to make your penis look bigger but found out if you have a little tadger it actually makes it look even more pathetic.

Me and a friend met a couple of girls and went back to my house, we were in the bed and my friend and hers on the floor fucking. But when my girl took down my trousers and seen my baldy little 2 incher she actually burst out laughing telling her pal she needed to come up and see this. I was totally humiliated, but at the same time I was absolutely solid but they started laughing at it. Then she started wanking me with her 2 fingers and I saw the look on her face was a mixture off amusement and near disgust, I orgasmed almost straight away coming over her fingers which didn’t please her.

“First you cant get it up, and when you do finally get a little hard on you don’t even last 20 seconds. Then you cum on my hand before I’ve even got my knickers off, wiping the little spunk drops on me!” she said.

She actually was pretty pissed off. Then her and her pal just burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed then to make matters even worse she went down and started sucking my mates cock, and I had to lay there and listen to my mate fuck her repeatedly making her come several times. Every girl I have been with has been left disappointed. The problem apart from the fact my penis is (as my now girlfriend says) laughable, is I want the same thing out of sex as they do. I have feminine urges too and what turns a woman on turns me on.

A big cock to be dominated by and taken and fucked with. I don’t feel comfortable taking the dominant role, I either struggle to keep an erection as it doesn’t do anything for me, or I ejaculate within seconds. Girls seem to know I’m not much of a man anyway, I think that I might have been supposed to be a female. But for whatever reason was born a man but I have far more female traits than male ones. Every girlfriend I have ever had very quickly becomes fed up being left sexually unsatisfied and before long they dump me making sly remarks. They all seem to enjoy making sure I’m in no doubt that my penis is very small and useless. I never got oral sex from former girlfriends.



Steve gets caught by his sister

I enjoy wearing girls panties while I masturbate and had decided to slip on a pair and go to the toilet and quickly bring my self off. In my haste I must have forgotten to lock the door behind me. As I sat on the bathroom floor with my trousers round my ankles pulling vigorously on my little penis, my sister burst into the toilet with me in full view. I don’t know what was worse getting caught wanking or the fact I was in girls underwear? Maybe it was that she had seen my tiny erection? I couldn’t look her in the eye for months.



Steve’s first time being Cuckolded by a girl.

Me and my first girlfriend had both went to my friends house to celebrate new year. We were all drinking quite heavily and as the night went on my girlfriend was becoming increasingly flirtatious with my friends and obnoxious towards me. Making increasingly personal and embarrassing remarks towards me. Now I have always known that she fancies one of my friends in particular, and she began openly flirting with him in front of me and commenting about my small penis. Insinuating that I am a homosexual.

Now by this point I was totally broken and basically had to sit there and pretend I didn’t notice the fact my friends were discussing whether they would fuck my girlfriend or not. The one she has always fancied basically commented that he would and she was making it plainly obvious that she was willing. It was perfectly clear what was happening when my other friend told me he needed cigarettes and asked me to take a run with him to the garage. By this point leaving the two of them alone and I just let it happen never said a word and just went with him.

I never even said anything when we returned and my other friend sat in the street with the engine running for ten minutes before we got out and went back in we both knew exactly what was going on. I never moved giving my girlfriend time to finish off whatever they were doing. I mean its not even as if they tried particularly hard to disguise it. He sat in the chair with his trousers off and wasn’t particularly bothered about the fact he still had a semi hard on. She at least pretended to be asleep but instead of being angry or hurt I found myself getting a little hard on.

I have a small penis and suffer with premature ejaculation unless I’m drunk, but then I struggle to keep an erection. I basically find it very difficult to satisfy her sexually and I am aware of how frustrating it gets for her. Now knowing that I had left them and she had (by the look of the way her top was sitting) been on her knees with her tits out sucking my mates cock was such a turn on. At the very least she had probably wanked him off. I couldn’t help wondering if he came?

If he did it was probably in her mouth. Was she playing with herself? Did he rub her pussy? I sat with a hard on until we got home she even turned her back to me pulled down her knickers and with a look of utter boredom let me have a quick pump I came in seconds.



Steve shares why he thinks women prefer bigger dicks.

I love a bit of utter small penis humiliation from a sexy woman. For years I have had to subdue and eventually seriously enjoy having my tiny little penis laughed at and talked about. Now the simple fact of the matter is a woman, especially attractive ones, just don’t take a tiny little cock seriously. They have absolutely no respect for a guy who has one either.

Its fairly simple biology, a man with a big thick pulsing cock, oozing testosterone, hairy, and strong are physically more impressive specimens of manhood. Woman respect and want these men doing what comes naturally. They’ll submit to these powerful men wanting to please them, and turn into dirty sluts when a big thick cock is waved in there face. They’ll will suck him off without question or hesitation, happily letting him unload in her mouth or over her face or tits or wherever they like.

Now when they come across a tiny little panty cock like mine, they don’t even see me as proper man. We’re just skinny little girly-boy pussies that deserve to be laughed at for being such pathetic attempts at men. They wont even consider sucking my cock. None of the girls I have been with even remotely attempt to put my pathetic little hard on in there mouths. If any of my previous girlfriends had even the tiniest bit of my cum anywhere near them she was not in the slightest bit happy about it.

They’d wipe it all over me telling me its disgusting, and there never touching that my useless little thing again. I’m lucky she even tugs it with her 2 fingers. I have never in my life had a woman clean up the mess after I shoot my little load, I am always made to do it. Fuck one of my ex’s went ballistic if even the tiniest bit of my cum went on her hand when she wanked me off. Storming off in a mood which was fair enough.



Steve’s thoughts on shaving your dick if you’re small!

I have been into small cock humiliation for a good few years now, accepting the fact I have a laughably little cock. Apart from peeing, and to be honest prematurely ejaculating every time somebody gave it even as little as a few finger tugs, I always thought I wasn’t much good for anything. That was until I discovered the huge turn on that every little small dick loser feels through small cock humiliation, and being dominated by women and real men. Add tot hat the thrill of wearing sexy girly underwear, it didn’t take me long to realise that I could wear the tiniest and skimpiest little pairs of panties in total comfort.

My little cock just tucks nicely into the gusset. It was when I started to regularly wear panties that I started thinking about shaving my little balls. Although I’m not that hairy for a guy any way, I thought it would look so much nicer. I had done it years ago as it was supposed to make your dick look bigger before I really admitted what I already knew and truly came to terms with having a tiny cock.

I had to realise that I was never going to satisfy any woman. I am a girly boy-man and really began to enjoy it once I came to this point. I love having a tiny little cock. I like the fact people, especially women, openly laugh at my tiny little cock, and I didn’t really want it to look any bigger. I felt so much more comfortable taking the bottom position rather than going through the awkwardness and embarrassment of trying to use my tiny cock. Fumbling around trying to find a position that my little cock didn’t keep falling out, then prematurely ejaculating after about 30 seconds.

When I eventually did, I was much happier spreading my legs and letting a proper man pound my ass until satisfaction. Then to me the smaller my cock looked the better, so I didn’t do shave it for a while. I got drunk one night and went for it and I am so happy with the result. I think it looks even more pathetic now than before. It looks like a child’s dick, not that I’m into that or anything like that, I just cant wait until somebody sees it.

Just about every woman who has seen my penis, especially soft, has laughed or sniggered at it. The last time it was shaved one woman laughed hard and told her friend to come and look at it. Check my stories there is a post about it. But that was when I still trying to satisfy women, although even then I was really turned on by humiliation. That is me. Now my little panty covered cock will always be shaved and smooth from now on. I look so much better in my tiny g-strings now, what a difference and so much more feminine. I love it.



Steve’s former Girlfriend loved to cuckolded him with Strangers.

I found out that just about every weekend she was sucking off complete strangers outside a nightclub. Taking them round the back and sucking their cocks for them. I wasn’t even there, but I can only assume these guys were shooting their load in her mouth, or over her face. Now I did know she was fucking other guys, and I could not satisfy her. She loved cock so I had to accept she was going to get it, actually it turned me on every Friday and Saturday night wondering who would be fucking my bird that night. I’d wank myself off thinking about a proper guy making my girlfriend cum.

It wasn’t really mentioned, but she knew fine well that I knew but didn’t really give a fuck any way. I overheard her telling her pal, “He knows his place, his cocks tiny and I’m lucky if he lasts 30 seconds. I start rubbing him and he’s cum before I even get my bra off.”

She told all her friends about me, and along with her they enjoyed tormenting me. Mentioning guys names and how hot they were. How big there cocks are while I was lucky if she gave me a 2 finger tug every couple of weeks. I had to be so careful how I cum, if my cum went anywhere near her hands she went crazy. Letting guys fuck her every weekend, complete strangers would spray their load all over her face while she was on her knees outside a night club. But if a drop of cum from my tiny penis got on her then that was it, she’d go off her head.

It just shows the total lack of respect woman have for small cocked men, and to be honest I loved it. She mocked, laughed, and humiliated me at every opportunity. Making me lick her pussy until she cum, then refusing to touch me and sending me into the toilet to go finish myself off was another favourite of hers. She also loved mentioning on a near daily basis how good the sex with her ex was, and how big he is while handing me pictures of penis enlargers tutting and huffing every time she seen my little dick.

I did genuinely like it and she knew it, it really got me hard knowing that her and her hot little pal Pamela were laughing and making jokes about my little penis. Making sly mister minute comments. I loved that she told them all that’s what I want. I had already realised that was all my little penis was good for, and I actually got really turned on every time I thought about my girlfriend with all those other men. Knowing every Friday and Saturday night some lucky guy was taking my girlfriend home and fucking her all night. Hopefully making her cum several times.

I used to wonder if she got excited when she seen their cocks. Did he fuck her again in the morning before she went home? Or did she just suck his dick or maybe she just quickly wanked him off. As a quick thank you. She did give an excellent hand job and from what I have heard a blow job as well. But I was never allowed to sample that. I would wait patiently on her coming home to make her some breakfast, and hope that she might want me to lick her pussy. Occasionally if she was in a good mood, I’d get one of her brilliant finger wanks and I would always come even quicker than usual. Two or three quick tugs and I was spurting.

Just knowing that her mouth that just kissed me earlier had another man’s cock in it, and more than likely been full of his hot cum, drove me mad with lust. I used to think how she had probably swallowed it all then licked his cock clean as she ordered me to the bath room to clean my mess up after I shot my little load all over my belly. That’s just the way it is if you have a big cock and can pleasure a woman, you get the benefits. If you are a small cocked little sissy boy you need to be thankful she even decides to touch your useless little man clitoris. An occasional two finger pity wank is about the best your going to get!

Eventually I was told by my friends she was on her knees outside of night clubs sucking off total strangers, letting them cum in her mouth, she eventually ended up giving me an STI and fucking off any way. It’s all cleared up now by the way!



Steve’s current woman understands his needs.

But now I’m with my current partner who likes girly-boys, and is very dominant over me sexually. She knows I like to wear woman’s underwear, and she enjoys penetrating me with a strap on, and giving me small cock humiliation. She is always on top, even demanding that I spread my legs while she is on top having sex with me. Although I haven’t actually admitted it to her, it seems to turn me on at the thought of me with a man. She definitely knows I would, and rightly suspects I already have been with a man.

For several years I gradually allowed myself to be dominated in the bed room accepting her comments about my small penis and hinting at me being at least bisexual and basically becoming the bottom partner. She has known I wear women’s underwear for years and that I extremely enjoy anal penetration and has hinted and commented about me being with other men for as long. Although I have come close I never actually admitted I have had gay experiences but did admit to wearing panties, but she never actually seen me up until a few weeks ago.

I left my phone unlocked and fell asleep giving her hours to go through every last file and photo I had literally hundred’s of pictures of naked guys and erect cocks all big thick things. The majority were big black guys which I think surprised her as well, but was quickly explained when she read page after page of detailed fantasies and actual sex acts I have had with other men. As well as pic after pic of me dressed in various items of woman’s underwear, detailed descriptions of how I enjoyed her masculinity over me.

I think she does not find the reality any where near as appealing as the fantasies, but I mean really what does she expect. One minute she’s pointing out I always fast forward the porno until there’s a cock in the picture, laughing about it. Whispering things like she knows I’m bisexual, then acts all shocked that I like looking at guys with there cock out. She reads a detailed description of how I sucked my neighbour off on a regular basis years back before I met her.

The crux of it is I enjoyed her treating me like a bitch, and acting like a man, than any actual man. Could I love being her bitch, it is my calling. I live to spread my legs for her to finger my ass, while she then finger pinches my tiny dick and call it a clit. I will totally submit to my mistress she knows it. She knows everything about me right from the fact I have a tiny dick, up to me going to a gay beach on holiday picking up a guy and letting him cum in my mouth. I like having a little penis, and I like it when women laugh at me.

The End.

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