Shrinkage Part 2

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by runtz4


Shrinkage Part 1


Part 2 begins…


I picked up our bags and took them to the bedroom. Angie followed me in and pulled the curtain shut. As I turned around she dropped to her knees and pulled the towel off. She was still topless, and wet and gorgeous as ever. She looked up at me and took my still small dick in her mouth easily taking it all in. Her mouth was so warm, and her eyes locked onto mine.

“I want you to cum for me baby,” she slurped pulling away from my hard little penis, before going to serious work on it.

I closed my eyes and just focused on the sensation and taking it all in. I was getting close now as she worked my stiff pole with her tongue and lips.

“Cum in my mouth,” she insisted.

I felt it building from my toes to my balls and then the explosion from my balls to the tip of my dick. I filled Angie’s mouth with cum. I looked up to find Jill standing in front of the curtain her left hand tweaking her right nipple and her right hand buried in her panties rubbing herself off. From her angle all she could see is Angie’s head bobbing and my toned upper body. With her hands on my ass, Angie continued to coax every drop of cum out of me, licking and sucking all three inches of my penis. Jill shoved her fingers deep inside her cunt and came with a powerful shiver and little moan. Angie turned to see Jill enjoying the show, and must have figured all the rules were out the window at this point. Angie sat flat down and moved aside giving Jill a full frontal view of her small dick husband.

Jill’s jaw dropped. “Holy shit!” she sighed, giggled and covered her mouth.

Angie reached up and took my tiny pecker between her thumb and forefinger waving it at Jill,

“Hi,” Angie spoke in a cartoon voice as if my penis was talking.

I just stood there with my hands to my side as Jill stepped closer. “I just came…” Jill paused as she took my deflated member in her hand, “…to get our bags.” She just looked down at Angie and then at me. I was at my normal flaccid size of about two inches, “I’m sorry,” she coughed and grabbed her bags and left the room. Angie burst out laughing.

“What was that all about?” I heard Bill ask.

“Oh nothing really. It’s just a little… it’s nothing,” Jill mumbled

I put the towel back on and we headed back out to the living room lit only by the light from the fireplace and a few candles. Angie was still topless with just her panties on, but so was Jill. And as we quickly saw, all the girls were still topless. Shannon had a towel around her waist and Karen had found a pair of boxers to throw on. And all the guys, but Shane who had put a t-shirt on to cover his pudgy belly, were still in their towels. The room had actually gotten really hot with the fire going, and the group was lounging around on the couches just watching the fire, listening to the guys moan about how cold the lake was and passing around some more Jack Daniels. Angie sat down next to Shannon, putting the two girls in the middle and Shane and I on the ends of the couch.

“So about the bet,” I said breaking the ice. “We don’t really have to go through with it. We all had too much to drink and things got out of hand.”

“No way man,” Kevin cut in. “I froze my balls off and I want my blow job and my hand job, and you better believe every one of you ladies would be sucking this cock if I’d won,” he said grabbing his erect dick tenting his towel. “In fact ,I’m cashing in my hand job right now.”

This got everyone’s attention as the whole group literally sat up from our casual lounging position.

“So who’s it going to be?” Jill ventured acting as the rule keeper again. By the way he had been openly lusting after Angie I thought for sure he would choose her, but to my surprise he paused and looked around the room before answering.


Everyone was shocked that he chose his own girl, no one more shocked than Karen herself. She sat up sharply, “Are you sure honey? You can have any girl here jerk you off. I really don’t mind, after all it’s just a hand job.” She encouraged.

“No, I love the way you jerk me off and trust me I’ll be making a different choice for the blow job,” he imparted. Karen started moving toward the loft to take care of business but Kevin grabbed her arm stopping her saying, “I’m ready here and now.” He pulled her back down and opened his towel revealing his hard cock to everyone. He obviously wasn’t shy. He wasn’t real long, certainly bigger than me, but very thick and a pronounced purple head about the size of a door knob.

“Are we all going to be expected to do it here in front of everyone?” I asked impulsively.

“You know that’s not a bad idea,” Shannon validated. “As a therapist, this has the potential to cause a lot of trust issues if things are done in secret. This way everything is kept in the open.”

“That actually makes a lot of sense,” Jill said.

My heart started racing and I was trying to figure out how to get out of this. I do enjoy being teased about my cock, but I was really hoping this group would be different. Obviously Shannon and Jill thought it was a good idea, Karen probably didn’t care at all, and looking at the spark in Angie’s eyes it seemed I was in trouble. My only hope was maybe I wasn’t that much smaller than the other guys.

Meanwhile Karen cuddled up next to Kevin in a side hug and gingerly took his cock in her well-manicured left hand, slowly rubbing her open palm up the length of the underside of his dick. Kevin’s Johnson twitched in excitement as he slouched down in his seat. The cabin was hot, and we were all varying degrees of horny, naked, wet and drunk. As we all sat quietly watching Karen play and tease her man’s pole. It was utterly fascinating watch her hand dance in an erotic ballet all over Kevin’s cock, balls, thighs, stomach and chest as she would occasionally pinch and pull his nipples certain of what he likes. The smell of sex slowly filled the room, as our sweaty bodies combined with the unmistakable scent of wet pussy over powered the burning fireplace; its orange glow enhancing the sensual mood.

Angie was leaning into me and I could feel her breathing deepen and stealing a glance saw her breasts heaving in the flickering light as a bead of sweat dripped down her chest. I looked back and Kevin had his eyes open, and at first I thought he was delighting in the view the rest of us had been watching, but noticed he was looking past his cock to Jill with her mouth a gap sitting across from him on the love seat with Bill. Jill once again had her hand in her panties and was slowly circling her clit with her finger tips, her eyes moving between Kevin’s eyes and his throbbing dick.

Watching the expertise in which Karen caressed Kevin’s dick I was sure she was going to be one busy girl over the next couple days. I looked over Angie’s shoulder to see Shannon slowly rubbing Shane’s thigh. But still they kept their focus on the presentation as the climax to the story was getting ready to come forth. Kevin’s breathing hastened, and was now watching his cock as pre-cum flowed down and over Karen’s hand. I noticed there was about an inch gap between her thumb and fingers when she gripped his cock. Then with one final big gasp of air Kevin shot his cum. Karen gripped his cock and jerked with urgency as he shot another load and yet another, then slowed back down ushering every little drop out of his spent cock finally leaning over and sucking the tip of his dick before letting go.

The sporadic breathing and huffing was the only sound anyone made, with the exception of some light laughter from Karen observably proud of the job she had done. I looked back at Jill who had her fingers deep inside her with a pained expression on her face. Bill either didn’t notice or care that she was masturbating to Kevin’s cock. But who could blame her. That was one of the most erotic moments I’d ever experienced. My cock was raging hard but the wrinkles of the towel kept my three inch dick hidden. Bill however was sporting a tent and Shannon was still massaging Shane’s leg.

“Who’s next?” Jill panted.

“Looks like Bill could use a hand. Or mouth,” Kevin proposed seeing Bill’s state of inflation.

“Okay Billy,” Jill said in a little girl voice, “…who gets to suck your great…big…dick?” She baited grabbing his cock over the towel.

“Um… I… are you sure you’re okay with this Jill?” he said.

“A bet is a bet” She countered.

“Um… why don’t you choose for me?” Bill asked his wife proving again that his balls were in Jill’s purse.

“Okay…” Jill knew he really wanted Karen; he’s seemed to have a thing for her ever since she and Kevin got together and after that performance we all wanted her. She also knew Bill loved big tits and Angie had the biggest and best, but Jill wanted to punish her husband for being indecisive, and chose Shannon. Not that it was a real hardship to get sucked off by those lips.

Shannon got up and said something in Spanish to Shane that made them both laugh. I didn’t even know Shane spoke Spanish. Shannon walked over to Bill and knelt between his legs. Jill reached over and flung his towel open,

“Voila,” She grinned.

Bill’s dick was smaller than Kevin’s, maybe two inches shorter and curved to the left. While he was much thinner than Kevin he was still well within normal, but on his taller frame it looked puny. This was the first real cock I had seen that didn’t look like it would dwarf my own.

Shannon let out a muffled giggle,

“Sorry, it’s just the situation is making me more nervous than I thought it would,” She apologized. But I was certain she was laughing at Bill’s dick, I know that laugh well. She started towards him when Kevin interrupted.

“Hey, I can’t see nothin’ from here. Center of the room,” He called out and pointed to the coffee table.

“It’s only fair,” Jill conceded.

Bill stood up, and the inconsistency of his size was magnified. Here was this 6 foot 3 inch guy with long legs and arms and slim dick. He lay down on the coffee table legs towards the fire place and put his towel behind his head. Shannon just scooted over positioning herself between Bill’s legs again. With Shannon blocking the fire, it was difficult to see anything, Jill must have realized it too as she turned on the lamp beside her and angled the shade to shine right on Shannon and Bill.

Shannon snickered again, holding back her true reason for laughing, looked over at Shane, closed her eyes and quickly took Bill in her mouth. She didn’t visibly move but whatever she was doing with her tongue had Bill’s full attention, as he groaned and whined, gasping and looking down at her. Shannon’s full lips looked incredible sucking that dick. Shannon opened her eyes and rotated her gaze from Bill’s face to Shane and back again. Shannon placed her right hand on Bill’s balls and slowly teased them rolling his sack in her fingers.

Shannon changed up her mouth work and started bobbing up and down Bill’s pecker really mouth fucking him with an occasional exaggerated smack from her lips as she pulled away letting his head pop out. God she looked great, I could just barely see her dark puffy nipples sway as she began to jerk him in rhythm with tonguing his head. Jill watched on with a smug look on her face, not nearly as into it as she was watching Kevin. Karen leaned in and whispered in Kevin’s ear making him smile as he once again looked more at Jill than the action in the room. Angie was unconsciously moving her head as if she was licking an invisible sucker, I am sure imagining sucking Bill’s dick, and after all it was still bigger than mine. Shane was rubbing his knee just like Shannon had done earlier, checking her out sucking Bill’s cock and looking over at Angie’s tits still heaving from sexual arousal. I couldn’t blame him there was as big a difference between Shannon and Angie’s breasts. Shane’s breathing was becoming strained overcome with excitement. And so was Bill’s.

“Look out,” Jill grunted, “…I know that face, he’s about to lose it.”

Shannon backed off and said something to Shane in Spanish again and giggled some more. She was so cute when she did that, as her nose crinkled up and her eyes sparkled.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Shane shouted and grabbed Angie’s hand, “I’m cashing in my hand job.”

And he threw his towel open revealing that he wasn’t rubbing his knee at all, but was masturbating his cock that reached just above his knee. Seeing Shane’s shockingly big dick created a tidal wave of expletives from every direction. Shannon gripped Bill’s cock tight to keep him from going over the edge and laughed out loud this time.

“That’s what I was laughing about. We bet that if he could last watching me suck Bill that I’d finally try to deep throat his cock,” she laughed some more. “Looks like I’m safe for now,” she boomed and caressed her throat.

All attention was now on Shane’s big dick as Angie lifted it up off his leg. They positioned themselves so that Shane was leaning against the arm of the couch still able to see Shannon while Angie sat between his legs facing him.

“Are you sure you can handle all that cock?” Jill asked being the only one who had seen my small dick I was confident she was implying that Angie couldn’t take care of a much larger cock.

Angie just laughed. “This isn’t the biggest I’ve handled,” she quickly shut Jill down.

This obviously was the biggest the other girls had seen, but it was still smaller than Marlin’s. Marlin was easily six inches taller than Shane, and his dick hung past his knee. Realizing I couldn’t see much from my view point, Jill patted the seat next her inviting me to join her.

“Come… sit here,” She directed me.

I stood up making sure the towel was secure and moved over to Jill. Sitting against the arm rest of the love seat gave me a perfect view. Shane was almost in Angie’s lap, putting her breasts really close to his cock. It was big, maybe slightly less thick as Kevin’s, but easily two or three inches longer. It was almost solid white from tip to base, and seemed a bit spongy not nearly as ridged as Angie is used to, in fact every time she let go it fell unable to stand on it’s own. It was like a white rocket, straight with no curves, no visible veins or bumps and the head came to a dull rounded tip instead of mushrooming out.

“Ready?” Shannon said looking at Angie, “Let’s start together. One… two… three!” Shannon took Bill back in her mouth playing with him on her tongue. But really no one paid attention to anything but the biggest cock, meeting the biggest boobs.

Angie spat on her hands like a whore, and grabbed Shane’s cock working her saliva all around his head. She was really fixated on just the head, and I could tell she was waiting for it to get a little harder. Rubbing in circles around his head over and over, and then sliding all the way down to his balls. This was a two handed job, no less would work. In no time Shane was putty in Angie’s hands, a big white Play-Doh snake; after all Shannon and Shane had already been stroking his head for the past half hour.

Jill slid beside me resting her head on my left shoulder, freeing her left hand to wander all over my chest and stomach as she teased my hair with her right. God it was hot, watching Angie and Shannon work Bill and Shane’s cocks. Shannon had slowed way down, keeping Bill from cumming as long as possible.

Angie scooped up some pre-cum and rubbed it between her tits. I thought Shane was going to cum right then as he let out a shiver and grunt. Angie looked over at Jill,

“A tit job is the same as hand job right?” And not waiting for an answer leaned forward placing Shane’s big rod right between her soft globes. Between the sweat, spit and pre-cum she was well oiled between her breasts. Shane instinctively started thrusting, fucking Angie’s cleavage. I know how good it feels, but my little guy just disappears between her tits, and I could readily see Shane’s cock poke out of the top as he fucked her.

“Oh God!” we heard and looked back at Bill as he shot his load all down Shannon’s throat.

“Fuck, she swallowed it!” I screamed in my head.

Shane’s cock head was now a deep cotton candy pink, obviously getting close to cumming. Jill’s hands were wandering all over my chest and stomach. With everyone leering at Angie and Shane, Jill let her hand slip past the rim of my towel and found my cock with her fingers; giving it a sharp pinch she leaned in and whispered, “His cock is SO big…” breathing seductively in my ear she pressed on, “…but watching Angie suck you off really got me going. I want to feel your hard, hot dick in my mouth. I want to feel you cum inside me.” Jill sighed warmly and began teasing my cock with slow light strokes with her fingertips. Shane who was fucking my wife’s tits hard, he thrust up past her chin and Angie instinctively licked his head.

“SHIT!” He grunted and shot his load hitting Angie in the face and splattered her neck and sweaty breasts. Shane came hard, but the volume was less than I anticipated as Angie milked the remainder of his spunk out of his now bright pink head. Angie just smiled as she rubbed Shane’s cum around her large breasts.

“Hell! How have you kept that python a secret the whole time we’ve known you?” Kevin belted.

“Now I get how you landed such a sweet piece of ass,” he gestured toward Shannon. Shane just shrugged his shoulders and started wiping up his cum with the towel and took off the t-shirt he had been wearing. He paid special attention to Angie’s boobs, fumbling around like a nervous teenager cleaning her up.

“I guess if your motivated enough you can keep anything a secret, big things and little things,” Angie said looking me in the face conveying what she was about to do and then over to Jill giving her a nod of encouragement. Jill pulled my towel away exposing my rock hard three inch dick to the entire group. They were stunned silent, except for Karen who bleated out, “Jesus! THAT’S THE SMALLEST DICK I’VE EVER SEEN!”

Nervous laughter broke the silence.

“Holy shit! Is it hard?” Shannon asked. Jill poked my stiff penis and confirmed that it was indeed hard. “Angie, I’m so sorry. Here you are jerking off Shane’s big cock knowing that this is all you have to work with,” Shannon added.

Sitting against the arm of the sofa meant I wasn’t in a great position making my three incher look more like a two incher.

Angie smiled lustfully knowing how much this was turning me on, “Jeez, baby you look so small sitting there like that. I swear it looks like a big toe sticking out between your legs.”

Jill enveloped my little dick in her hand, laughing she commented, “Look… he’s rock hard and I can cover the whole thing in my hand!”

Bill looked relieved to see he wasn’t the smallest guy. Angie had never been more turned on as her hand disappeared between her legs massaging her cunt through her soaked panties and looking around at the reactions.

Jill took my mushroom in her fingers and shook it around, “Look Bill, you don’t have the smallest dick in the world after all.” Something she had evidently said in the past and shedding light on the dynamics of their relationship. “But god it looks tasty!” Jill quivered.

“I don’t even think I could feel that little thing inside me. It took me so long to get used to Kevin’s thick cock, there’s no way I could enjoy that little thing,” Karen said.

My dick was twitching with excitement; I was totally humiliated and turned on.

“It all makes total sense now,” Shannon shared, still sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace.

“Dave was willing to wait to have sex because he knew he was small, and Angie being a virgin probably didn’t know it was small.” She was piecing it all together. “And when Karen asked if Dave was the only guy you’ve been with you started to answer no, didn’t you?” Angie nodded yes, still lightly rubbing her pussy.

“Keep going,” I encouraged Shannon.

“So at some point realizing Dave was small, Angie had an affair?” She squeaked unsure if she was right.

“Not exactly” I rebuffed feeling like I needed to defend her.

“So you knew … and consented to a tryst?” Shannon blurted. Angie and I both nodded in affirmation. “Are you a cuckold?” Shannon bluntly asked.

We had never really used that term before, and I wasn’t sure we fit the strict definition. Yes Angie fucked Marlin, and yes I was aware of it. Yes I got excited being humiliated and teased by Angie and Amy. But I was also aware of the power I had in the relationship and how much they loved my little penis. It was clear it was time for honest and full disclosure of our relationship to our new playmates. Angie and I took turns sharing our story as the group listened intently with undeniable arousal.

Jill continued to intermittently play with my penis as we recounted our fetish filled lives. Kevin and Karen had intertwined as he played with her nipples and she grasped his cock circling her thumb around his purple head. Shane had proceeded to rub his dick to full size again, while Bill massaged his balls sporting full wood sticking straight up and Shannon pinched and teased her nipples as they listened to our story.

“So when we made fun of you, did that turn you on?” Shannon prodded in her professional voice.

“Well… yes.” I confessed. “It’s humiliating and exciting to hear, because it’s honest and true and uncensored, any sexual attention is exciting.”

“I bet there’s an early childhood incident that happened in your formative years that shaped this fetish,” Shannon examined. “I’d love to talk with you more about it sometime.”

“So… what… or how… do you want us to…help?” Jill asked her hand still on my dick.

“Just do and say the things you would normally filter trying to be nice,” I coached, “…and don’t worry about hurting me. Angie is the only one that could really hurt me, and she knows where to draw the line.”

Angie saw this as an opportunity to teach by doing, “God your little dick looks so small in Jill’s hand,” she cackled. The room was silent as they tried to figure out how to respond. “It felt so good to have a real cock between my tits,” she added.

“I thought Bill’s cock was small, but this is tiny,” Jill said catching on still taking a jab at Bill.

“No, call it a penis, pee-pee, dick or anything else; but never call it a cock,” Angie chastised. “Cock is a term reserved for big men.”

“I’ve seen bigger willies on children,” Shannon joined in. “I swear your dick is smaller than Shane’s head.” She giggled and crinkled her nose in that cute way. My penis twitched and I let out a moan of excitement as a blush came over me.

“Uh oh,” Jill chuckled. “You liked that,” she pointed out raising her eye brows and cracking a smile. She slid down my body placing her face right beside my dick with her cheek resting on my upper leg.

“I think its adorable,” Karen cooed. “Like a tiny Chihuahua.”

All the guys stayed quite, maybe not knowing how to respond, or not wanting to contribute to turning another guy on; but it was clear they were letting the women run this, and I was fine with that. They were all being so understanding and encouraging it was so freeing.

Jill was nuzzling my prick with her nose occasionally blowing gently across my hard hot flesh. “Now I see why you work out so hard,” Shannon teased. “You’ve got to make up for that little cock… er penis.” She caught herself correcting her terms.

“Yeah…” I snorted, “…if I had Shane’s cock I could let myself go a bit.”

Jill shocked my attention back to her as she softly licked me with short fast flicks of her tongue, then adjusted herself and went down on my dick in more of a passionate French kiss than blow job, her tongue caressed and swirled around me. I looked around the room and saw everyone enjoying our part of the evening’s entertainment. Angie was openly flicking her clit as she pulled her panties to the side. Shane couldn’t hide his cock if he wanted and was jerking his head as it lay high on his stomach. Karen was pulling double duty, jerking Kevin with her right hand and fucking herself with the left. Shannon’s hand was in her lap lightly teasing her pussy, but Bill was full speed jacking off.

“Damn!” Bill spurted, stealing Jill’s attention.

“You like watching me suck this little dick don’t you?” She rhetorically asked seeing him jerking his dick. “Stand up! I want everyone to see how much you love it.” Bill stood up still jerking his dick. Jill returned to kissing and pleasing my mushroom, exaggerating her moans and squeals of excitement.

“Uh…I love this little dick… OH… it feels so good.” Jill taunted. “When is the last time I sucked you off Bill?” “Come on tells us, tell everyone!” She snarled.

“Never Jill, you’ve never sucked my cock,” he said blushing.

“Penis, Bill, yours is a penis not a cock,” Jill badgered him. “And you’re right, I’ve never put that thing in my mouth, no matter how much you begged. I’ve never sucked your wee-wee.”

We were all shocked she had never given Bill head before.

“Jesus, Bill all you had to do is have one winning season and this mouth could have been on your dick. But you’re on the longest losing streak in the county.” She wore on.

“When was the last time you sucked my pussy, Bill?”

“This morning, you fucked my tongue this morning,” he frowned.

“And how often do you do that?” Jill insisted.

“I suck you off every morning.”

“Why?!” She continued.

“Because you’re a winner and winners deserve special treatment.”

“How does it make you feel to know that you’ve lost out to a smaller dick? How does it feel to know that Dave is going to cum in my mouth before you?” She shrilled while sucking my dick.

Bill said nothing but groaned loud as he shot his cum, splattering right in the middle of the coffee table before falling to his knees in pleasure and defeat.

I grabbed the back of Jill’s head and pushed in as far as my 3 inch dick could go and exploded in her mouth. She tried to back off, but I kept her planted on me as I fucked her mouth shooting another stream. She choked and whined as she drank my cum. I convulsed in her warm kiss, not letting up till I was completely spent and flaccid.

“Shit!” She yelled sitting up taking a deep breath and wiping her chin and lips. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she laughed cuddling back up on my shoulder and returning her hand to my flaccid pecker petting it with her thumb.

Angie, Karen and Shannon must have all came at some point as they were no longer diddling themselves and shared a look of contentment. Reading the expression on her husband’s face Shannon stepped over and sat Shane up, and then sitting behind him reached around and grabbed hold of his cock.

“Now…” She gloated, “…this is a COCK!” she furiously jerked him like she was shaking up a bottle of champagne before popping the cork. But instead of a pop it was more of a drizzle, as no more than a teaspoon of cum ran down his monster.

“Well Hell! I’m ready to go again,” Kevin said. Then stood up in front of Angie and pushed her head toward his thick dick. “You think you can manage to fit this in that little mouth?” he toyed.

In the brighter light and standing up it was clear that he had a huge set of balls, like ripe plumbs. Angie leaned forward on the couch and licked around Kevin’s fat head, not quite as purple as before; then sucked his head into her hot mouth. Angie was straining to suck him off, but she was working him good. His large balls slapped around as she jerked and sucked Kevin’s thick cock. She grabbed his balls in her left hand to keep them from hitting her in the throat and worked his dick with her right. He was fucking her mouth now meeting her with thrusts of his hips. He reached up and pinched his nipples and shouted as he came in Angie’s mouth. She licked and sucked and swallowed every drop of cum from his burly cock. Kevin now fully satisfied and legs shaking sat back down on the couch with Karen.

Shannon reached over and turned the lamp off leaving only the fire and candles lighting the room again. Jill and I snuggled up on the love seat. Angie, Shane and Shannon lay down like dominoes on top of each other. Angie taking Shane’s cock in her hand lifting it up and feeling the weight and just playfully examining him, with Shane still resting against Shannon on the couch next to us. Karen and Kevin had sprawled out on the other sofa Karen lying directly on top, head on his chest and her hand stroking his chest; leaving Bill alone, on the floor lying in front of the fireplace with a throw pillow under his head. It had been a long fun night as we drifted to sleep.

to be continued

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