Relationship Goals 3

By deepestshames.

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Part 3…

It had been three days since Andy saw his girlfriend Eva get fucked by another man. Three days that Andy had been in his chastity cage. Three days since Andy had cum. Three long days at work with no sexual relief and nothing to think about but needing to cum.

He could barely keep his mind on anything at work. Eva had told him he could cum if he were fucking himself, but he was working twelve-hour shifts on nights as a mindless zombie, thinking about his girlfriend getting fucked in front of him. He was having a hard time sleeping, thinking about his girlfriend having another man breeding her and grabbing her ass and her breasts, and it was all so much. His dicklette was throbbing in his cage most of the night.

Andy and Eva barely talked for those three days. Most of the time, she was already gone for work when he got home, and he left for work before she came home. They never sat down and talked about any of it, and he wasn’t initiating texts to her.

Andy was getting off his final night shift, with two days off in front of him. He was driving home on autopilot. Barely paying attention to anything. Only thinking about his girlfriend getting fucked and used and him needing to cum.

Andy got home and saw Eva was still there. He got home around 7:30 AM, an hour or two before she would leave for work herself. He entered the house, and she was still in the bedroom best he could tell. He showered and toweled off and walked into the bedroom, naked, so his caged dicklette would be on display. He wasn’t even sure she had seen his caged dicklette since her getting railed by Damian. She was on her phone, texting, when he walked in.

“How are you, honey? How was work?”

She kissed him on the cheek as he got into the bed, over the sheets. She had her tits out, and they were looking amazing and heavy and fat and soft after three horned-up days. He felt his dicklette twitching.

“It was work. It was OK, I guess.”

He didn’t talk much about work.

Eva finished texting on her phone, got up, and walked to the dresser to grab underwear. She got dressed in panties, a shirt, pants, and socks and put on her belt.

“You message any men yet?”

His dicklette was fighting hard against the metal restraints, balls tight against his body.

“No, not yet.”

“Why not?”

“Work, I guess.”

He was uncomfortable. He didn’t like talking about this.

She sat back down in the bed beside him and put her hand on his thigh.

“You’re off for the next couple of days, though, right?”

“Yeah, the next two days, I’m scheduled off.”

“Well, that’s plenty of time to get started!”

She rubbed around his inner thighs now, extremely lightly, coming up close to his balls.

“Is chastity working? Do you want to be gay more?”

She traced into his perineum, so close to his ass pussy.

“Not really, not yet. I just think about needing to cum, not really about being gay.”

“Do you think about me getting fucked by Damian?”

She rubbed her finger against his pussy and started to give him direct eye contact, which he could not meet.

“Yes, yes, a lot.”

“Have you been watching porn?”

She leaned over and pulled the drawer out of the nightstand, got the lube and one of the plugs she bought for him, which he didn’t realize she had put in there.

“No, not with the chastity cage on.”

“I told you I would let you cum with it off if you jerked off to gay porn. Well, gay porn, and you have to have something in your ass.”

She set the plug and the lube on the bed. She motioned to him to lift his legs to his body, which he followed. She started to lube up the plug lovingly with her fingers.

“Do you want to cum now before I go to work?”

“Yes, please, yes, please let me cum.”

She took her hand covered in lube and rubbed the excess on his hole. She pulled up on his extremely full and large testicles to get better access to his ass.

“Do you want me to put this plug in your ass pussy?”

“If I can cum yes, please put it in my ass pussy.”

She started easing it in. His hole tightened up since the last time they played. She went slow, slow, slow until she saw him close his eyes and started pressing forward until she felt the base firmly up against his hole. He felt a slight moment of discomfort as the base widened his ass pussy at the widest part, but once fully in, that subsided.

“Does that feel good?”

He nods.

“You want the cage off, don’t you?”

He nods.

She goes over to her purse and pulls out a key, a key for the chastity device, the best he can tell, and her laptop. He squirms against the plug in his ass and is deep into cum brain at this point.

“Before I take the cage off, I need to get your porn ready.”

She opens up the laptop and pulls up a browser window and a video file, side by side. She starts the porn in the browser window. It’s of a man fucking another man. It’s completely from behind. You can see one man who is massive and muscly mounts another smaller man, direct his cock to the smaller man’s ass pussy, and starts fucking him. You can see the smaller man’s dicklette hang and sway back and forth with the thrusts of the man fucking him.

She starts the video file in the other window, and it’s a video of Eva bent over, seen from behind, and you can see a man’s hand grabbing her by the hips in a POV format. She arcs her back and pulls her ass apart so you can see her pussy better. She lets one hand go and reaches between her legs, and grabs a phantom cock, a cock that is definitely not Andy’s. And guides it to her pussy. The cock slowly enters her, and she lets out a guttural moan.

Andy hears a clicking sound and feels fresh air on his dicklette, looking away from the video and seeing Eva release him from his cage. His dicklette springs immediately to attention, hard and aching to be touched.

“I’ve seen a lot of videos where they play straight porn with gay porn to ease men into being gay, though I’m not savvy enough to edit these together. This should do.”

Eva put the lube in Andy’s hand.

Andy watches the video of Eva getting fucked, and he realizes that Damian wasn’t filming the other day when they fucked in front of him.

Eva undoes her belt and lays down beside Andy with the laptop between them on the bed. She unbuttons her pants, unzips her fly, puts her hand under her underwear, and starts to rub herself.

Andy watches the video of the man getting fucked by the bigger man. The bigger man moans and grunts.

“You like that, you fucking faggot? You like that dick, you sissy faggot?”

“Yes, Daddy! Yes, Daddy, I love that dick! Ung MMM Please keep fucking your sissy faggot boi mmmm please!”

Andy looks back at the video of Eva getting pounded by Damian, and he can see the recoil on Eva’s ass as he picks up the pace. Andy could never fuck Eva in this position. His dicklette was too small to get past her incredibly thick ass.

“Fuck faggot, your ass is so tight for Daddy.”

“Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck, Damian, which is so good.”

Eva was rubbing her clit and grabbing one of her massive tits with her other hand. It looked like she was only watching the video of her getting railed.

“Daddy, you’re hitting my prostate so good, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy.”

Andy’s dicklette was sensitive from the three days of chastity, making even the slightest touch as he grabbed it sends waves of pleasure through his body to his plugged ass pussy.

“Unnngh fuck, that pussy is so tight.”

Damian reaches for Eva’s breasts in the video, pulls her towards him, and her face goes out of frame. Andy assumes they are kissing from the sounds.

“Don’t you touch that fucking clit, you little faggot.”

The man fucking the little man swats the little man’s hand away from his tiny dick. He starts to swat at his tiny balls as he fucks him.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, Daddy. I am so sorry, Daddy.”

Andy poured lube into his hand and felt the cool sensation of it on his dicklette as he started jerking off. He couldn’t handle watching his girlfriend getting fucked any, so he tried to only focus on the man getting fucked in the other video.

“Who fucks you the best bitch?”

“You do, Daddy, you do.”

“Better than your faggot boyfriend?”

“Better than my faggot boyfriend Andy, Daddy, I’m cumming. Daddy, please keep going, Daddy!”

Eva starts to moan beside him. He looks over and sees that her shirt is pulled up, and she is pinching her nipples as she is transfixed on the video of her getting fucked. She straightens her legs, tenses up, and moans softly, and he knows she is coming.

Damian, in the video, grabs Eva by the hair and pulls out of her, twists her body around and grabs her head, and motions her mouth to his cock as he starts to cum. He starts in her mouth but pulls out, cumming all over her face. Her eyes shut, and slowly she takes his dick lovingly back into her mouth and sucks the last bit of cum out of his balls.

Andy increases his pace and jerks off his tiny dicklette while watching the little man’s soft dick bob back and forth in the video, watching the man on top’s balls slap against the tiny man below him and tries not to look at his girlfriend in the video with cum on her face or his girlfriend beside him and feels that feeling like he’s going to cum. The man in the gay porn video pushes into the man below him. He stays there, ass tensing, Andy knows that man just bred and filled and loves it, and he focuses on that and tenses his legs. His jizz shoots up to his neck as he cums himself, rope after rope of cum, as he holds onto his dicklette and feels good and relief and doesn’t even think about his girlfriend kissing him with her ex-boyfriend’s cum on her breath. Andy sits in relief with his eyes closed and his hand tightly grabbing his dicklette.

Eva slaps Andy’s little sissy balls, and he draws his hands back. His dicklette is still spurting out its last dribbles of cum.

Eva pulls out wet wipes and starts wiping off his dicklette. She gets in between the foreskin of his increasingly shrinking circumcised penis and gets as much of the lube and cum off as she can. The forcefulness and intensity of the contact so soon after Andy had cum makes every move excruciating.

Eva lines the base of the cage back up with the pins to cover his dicklette, loops in the lock and locks it closed again. The videos are still playing on the laptop. Eva is licking Damian’s cum off of her face with her eyelashes caked in cum while the bottom bitch jerks off his cock and starts coming in the other video.

“Which one did you watch when you were cumming?”

Andy watched as Eva closed the laptop between them. He touched his caged dicklette and rubbed against the head of the device, feeling nothing again.

“I watched the one without you.”

“Which one?”

Andy huffed.

“The gay porn.”

“Good boy!”

Eva grabbed her laptop and put it back in her purse. She pulled down her shirt, buttoned her pants, and tightened her belt as she went to wash her hands in the bathroom. Andy wanted to ask if Damian had been there the night before while he was at work, but he didn’t. He wanted to know if he had been there every night, but he didn’t say anything.

“I gotta go, or I’m going to be late. I’ll grab coffee and breakfast on the way. Don’t worry about making anything. I know you’re tired.”

Eva leaned in and kissed Andy on the cheek. Andy watched as she grabbed her purse and walked out of the bedroom. And he heard her shuffle around and put on her shoes, and she was out the door.

Andy sits in the bed and feels the plug still in his ass pussy. He removes it slowly, slightly hurting as he pulls it past the widest part. He takes it to the bathroom, washes it with the toy cleaner, and sets it down beside their toothbrushes.

He walks back to the bed, puts on a pair of underwear, lays down, and falls asleep nearly immediately, exhausted and empty.


To Be Continued…?


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here.

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