One Tiny Problem 5

By ChrisEva.

The hurricane season was mild in Baton Rouge that fall, and the living was easy; days flowed by quickly, and things became routine after the start-of-school-year party at Mary Sue’s house kicked things off with a bang. One casualty of the wild night events was that Jake and Mary Sue’s relationship didn’t survive. It might have been a pending transition anyway. Given that they had been dating for several years and how much late teens changed during those years, Jake found something special in this new girl Shannon. The one who had jumped in during his humiliation ordeal–and vice versa. Both of them fell head over heels for the other. They bonded over their shared submission experience and became not only lovers in their unique no-dick-and-no-tits way but close friends as well.

On the athletic field during the rest of the football season, Jake unexpectedly got playing time as quarterback after Bo dramatically ripped his ACL in the first regional playoff game and was sent to crutches for months. Jake played well in those games as his replacement–not enough to win state or even the division, but well enough to get some good looks by the college recruiters, and he was told that he was in line to be offered a scholarship for one of the Div II programs like Fort Valley State over in Georgia. He always thought he’d rather stay in Baton Rouge, though. It wasn’t going to be a quick decision as he hadn’t fully come to terms with his life plan yet and how football might trade-off against other interests.

Bo’s loss was Jake’s gain, and it put a strain on their relationship. Bo was still a solid bet to go LSU Tigers, though the two remained friends as long as he could recover well enough over the spring. He also continued his new relationship with Michelle over the fall, but Jake didn’t hang out much with them, so he lost some continuity. All Jake’s free time–which wasn’t much given the duties of a busy high school senior and letter athlete–was spent with Shannon. And a sweet time it was.

Doctor Julie and Miles also hit it off after their sexy episode playing who-has-a-little-dickie at Mary Sue’s. That was a bedroom solo fantasy that Miles had never dreamed would put into reality, so he was over the moon. She settled to dwell in her life routine with work at the high school, with two things that made life bearable–even enjoyable–one of which was meeting with Miles three or four times a week, usually for pizza at the student union followed by some good old fashioned fucking.

He provided the dick that the now-twenty-five-year-old had craved for months–years even–and she was a beauty that he could take care of and cherish. Miles took her on a romantic boat trip out to the islands for her birthday in November. Occasionally she would tease him in a play session about his cock being too small for her–not true–but it didn’t dominate their relationship.

And the second thing in her life that helped keep her engaged was volunteering in the poorer areas of the region, of which there were many, sometimes as far away as the hour drive to New Orleans. There was an infinite amount of free medical care to give out there, with a slew of unhealthy, unmonitored, off-the-medical-grid basically sort of fucked up human beings that needed to be caught up on everything from vaccinations to diet and blood pressure and diabetes.

That scratched the itch that had caused her to move to Louisiana from Seattle in the first place, and she started to believe that she would stay in Baton Rouge for a few years; at least, she lost the pressing urge she felt at the start of the school year to look for another post immediately after her minimum commitment of the first year at Bergen Harris was up.

Shannon and Julie weren’t the only women having a good fall. Amelia was the pretty and cheerful young LSU student who had brought–separately–both Miles and Shannon to Mary Sue’s party, where they met, and both had such pivotal experiences in their lives with Julie and Jake, respectively. Shannon threw herself into the Alpha Phi sorority as much as she could, signing up for every committee opportunity that arose, no matter how mundane.

That was how, just after the Christmas break, she found herself sitting at the big oval table in the upstairs den that the Greek house used for the executive sessions. She mainly was lurking, being a sophomore and somewhat intimidated by all the junior and senior sisters, trying to make sure that it was a worthy contribution if she said something. All of the lesser members of the sorority were on their guard not to be that girl, the one who laughed too loud or too long or was noticed negatively. It was a most supportive group of young women figuring out their lives and leaning on each other in constructive ways.

Leslie was president of Alpha Phi, at the head of the table, and her patience was wearing thin as she listened to the girls’ chatter.

“It’s the second of January. We’ve got to make a plan, and now. We only have a week, girls.”

“Fuck, I wish Cristal were here.”

“Cristal isn’t here. We have to make a plan. Just us, okay?”

“I wish she hadn’t gotten that part.”

“It was her dream. Come on, you know. She got the big Hollywood gig.”

“In LA? Hollywood? Really?”

“Yes, Hollywood. Don’t you follow her insta?”

“But she was the perfect emcee.”

“It’s not like a lead, anyway. It’s just a bit part, right? Does she even have any lines, or is she just an extra?”

Leslie’s patience broke. “Girls! Stop talking about Cristal Hayward. She’s graduated and gone. We should have figured out what to do for last fall’s rush. She already saved us once.”

“But it was so good.”

Leslie breathed a patient sigh. “Yes, it was. But we have another problem. As you know, the Sigma Nus are shut down. Completely, for any kind of initiation, even the tamest shit. I met with Shankar–their president,” she added for Amelia’s benefit. “He said no way. Not even if I yanked down his pants and blew him right there on the spot.”

A few girls laughed. “Did you anyway?” someone asked mischievously.

Another piped up seriously. “From the President’s board of inquiry? LSU President, I mean. That thing?”

“Yeah. Remember the kid that died in Alabama? I think it was. They can’t do any drinking games now, or they’ll get kicked out of school. Just one report is all it will take.”

“Fuck. So where do we get the shaps?” another girl asked.

Amelia knew that slang for “chaperones” from her rush the previous year. She had picked a nice guy from Sigma Nu. It was a tame event for a sorority hazing on the relative scale. Each shap would guide his girl up to the stage and do a few sexual things with her at the audience’s request, like kiss her or feel up her boobs or ass through her clothes.

Her face went to a fras she remembered this one thing that wasn’t entirely as innocent, where the girls and boys started apart in lines facing away from each other and backed together until they touched. Amelia’s guy had put his hands up her shirt and under her bra to squeeze her tits and tickle her nips. It was startling, and she had to work to control her expression not to give away how embarrassing it was while he groped her for a minute, and she was supposed to hold still, not fight it. But now, it seemed like just something she had to get through, and she didn’t think about it often.

Leslie answered the objection. “The girls will have to find them. Just from guys they know or whatever.”

A busty girl with heavy makeup at Leslie’s right hand spoke up, trying to frame things. She was the assistant president. “So we have two problems. One, where to find the guys. And two, the emcee.”

Leslie stared blankly. “None of us can emcee?”

She circled her gaze around the table, each girl shaking her head when Leslie pointed. She stopped at a well-dressed young woman. She had a pantsuit and looked like a very put-together businesswoman. “Sherry? You’ve taken that speaking class. Why not you?”

She responded with a hesitant voice, not happy to be put on the spot in front of the group. “No. I can’t. Really. Do we need someone with a huge personality, like a TV game show personality? A sheer force of will. To think up shit on the fly and be funny and be able to make the girls do embarrassing things.”

“So basically, we’re too nice a sorority to run a hazing,” Leslie mused and smiled. “Girls, girls. What are we going to do? Please, everybody, think about it. Who do you know who might fit the bill?”

The room went quiet for a change. Amelia thought back to early that fall, at Mary Sue’s party. An image of that girl that ran the dick-and-towel game popped into her head. “Guys, guys, guys, guys,” she could still hear her saying, smiling.

It was cringy, but she knew how to work a room. Could that girl possibly do it? She showed zero hesitation when she lined people up and told them what to do. She was even a touch scary.

Amelia remembered when some guys had tried to escape, and she hounded them back into line, shaming them into participating. Could I find her and convince her to emcee our winter rush? But at the same time, she also thought of her friend Shannon who she had talked into rushing, and felt a little guilty about siccing Michelle–yes, that was her name, she remembered now–on poor sweet Shannon. Would Michelle make the girls do too much embarrassing shit on stage? Would Shannon be ready for all that?

Well, it was supposed to be hazing. It wasn’t supposed to be easy, right? So Amelia got up the courage to offer the exec committee that she would try to find this girl, Michelle, describing the situation she had seen lead her to a sex game at a party last fall. Mary Sue would know how to reach her, and Amelia had kept in touch even though she had seemed different since her big breakup with that football guy Jake. The exec committee was enthusiastic about the idea, mainly because nobody else had any other ideas, and time was drawing short. So the plan was put into motion, and Amelia was happy to contribute to Alpha Phi’s success.

At that same time, across town, Jake was sitting at a table in the back of Motza’s Pizza Pub, waiting for Shannon to arrive and find him for dinner and drinks.

During Christmas break, with the academic term over and football training on a break, too, Jake had time on his hands to think. Shannon had gone back to Ohio with her family; they video-called every day, but that left hours to fill. Jake spent a lot of that time masturbating.

His brain, of course, went back to his SPH fantasies every time he rubbed one out. He never imagined only a girl’s tits or ass or pussy by itself–that just didn’t put him over the edge. The night at Mary Sue’s was burned into his memory, and he lived it repeatedly in his mind until he couldn’t tell anymore what had happened and what was his overly-retread recollection of it. Always when he was close to a climax, the thing that would sure-fire get him going was the image of Shannon’s capitulation.

“Jake, I’ll suck his cock for you,” she’d choke out, holding her sweet mouth open, eyes watering, while that big fucker Kai stood over her with his hand flipping his huge cock back and forth slowly, looking at the both of them and laughing. Then Kai would hold the back of Shannon’s head and stick his dick down her open mouth, looking right at him with a smug grin.

“What a bitch you are, man. Ima fuck your girl right in front of you, and you’re doing nothing about it. Don’t that feel good, girl, huh? My dick in the back of your throat?” and Shannon would gag.

This would edge Jake closer. Then the lineman would continue taunting him, “You only get to watch, man. You don’t get to touch. Your pretty little girl gonna suck me off right now while you watch.” Kai would thrust his cock in and out of Shannon’s mouth, rubbing it against her beautiful and trembling lips, holding it down her throat, smiling at him the whole time, owning him.

Then–and this makes no sense because, in the fantasy, her mouth was full of ten inches of pulsing Pacific Islander cock, but hey, when did fantasies have to be logical?–she would turn to him and say slowly and carefully, like she had rehearsed it, “Jake, you’re so pathetic. I pretend not to mind, but you and your non-existent cock are worthless. Just zero use whatsoever. What a loser.”

Sometimes he would imagine lying below the both of them, Kai dragging his balls across Jake’s face on his way to Shannon’s pussy or ass that she was holding open for the big man obediently. “I’m doing this for you, Jake,” she would say, and then, of course, thinking of all of this would push him over the edge, and he would spurt cum all over his childhood bedroom. The pleasure and release were intense and instant, replaced by the melancholy feeling that he had to wait another couple of hours to do it all again, and he had nothing to do in the meantime.

After shooting his load about the fourth time the day after Christmas, he resolved to tell Shannon about all of this. He couldn’t just keep it to himself. She was so wonderful as a lover and friend, but there was this part of him that he needed to fulfill. She should know, but it would take courage for him to bring it up. He missed that much of Mary Sue, at least, how she could control him. “Say you’re my little bitchclit,” she would demand from him, and immediately he could feel stirrings in his groin as he contemplated his inadequacy and how she exploited it.

He spotted Shannon at the entrance to the bar and waved to get her attention. She joined him at the table, giving him a heartfelt welcome kiss since they hadn’t seen each other in person for more than a week, and they made small talk about their vacations and Shannon’s trip back to the south and so forth ordered.

Later in the meal, she paused with a piece of pizza in her hands up in the air off the plate. “Jake, can I talk to you about something?”

“Sure. Wait, that’s funny. I wanted to talk to you about something, too.”

Shannon’s face fell, and she looked at him critically. Why did he jump in with that, she wondered. It was okay for her to introduce a big topic, but it scared the shit out of her when he talked of doing the same.

“Fuck. Jake, you aren’t breaking up with me, are you?”

“No, no, for God’s sake! I am in love with you, girl.”

He was sincere, and she brightened up immediately. He loved the way she looked in emotional transitions like this: vulnerable, absolutely beautiful, needing him, being comforted. Warm tingles spread inside his chest.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me? That you love me?” she asked.

“Well, sure, I always want to tell you that.” He laughed. “But no. It’s something else–”

He paused, and there was a long silence as each looked down at their food in thought.

“So you wanna go first?” Shannon ventured quietly, looking over to her shy boyfriend, deferring to him. She thought about what he had just blurted out there, about being in love with her, and she wondered if she was also in love with him–real love. Was she? He was a good guy, that was for sure. And he wanted the best for her and would go to great lengths to ensure it, no question. Incredibly good-looking, too, which never hurts, and she smiled at that thought. She had a soft spot for him ever since that little penis shit had gone down at that party, right when they first started dating. He was vulnerable in his way.

“No, you go first,” he said. “I shouldn’t have interrupted you. Mine is tricky. To be honest, it might be better as, like a pillow talk instead of–” he waved around at the scene in the bar, “you know… a place like this.”

“Well, okay.” She smiled and put on that eager face that says I want to be enthusiastic about what I’m going to say next and want you to help me be excited about it because I’m not entirely convinced it’s the right thing. He was good at sensing emotions in people and waiting to see what this would be and if his intuition was correct.

She gathered her courage and exclaimed quickly, “I’ve decided to rush. Winter rush, I mean.”

He cocked his head in surprise, thinking. “Rush? Like, sorority rush?”

“Yes. For Alpha Phi.”

“Wow. You, rushing? Wait, isn’t that the–”

“Yes, it’s Amelia’s sorority. She’s the one that talked me into it.”

He blew air out his lips. “Well, damn. I’m surprised! I didn’t think you were the kind to go for the Greek life. But I have to say, the girls I’ve met there, Amelia’s friends, are nice. They don’t seem like the other sorority girls so much; I mean, the stereotypes of the sniping and being critical of wrong fashions the other girls are wearing and who’s dating who and all that shit.”

“Exactly. That’s what Amelia keeps saying. She likes it there.”

He nodded as he took this in. He wasn’t sure if this was the right path for her or not–had she thought this thing through and how it might hurt her if things didn’t go as planned?–but it was important to her, and he wanted to give his support, so he flashed his thousand-dollar grin.

“Okay. Let’s drink to this. Shall we?”

“Yes!” she said, relieved not to have her decision questioned.

“Let me get a couple more, hang on–”

She nodded and watched him stand up from the table and work his way through the crowd to the bar. He had a hell of an ass and moved like a powerful and controlled cat. It also didn’t escape her notice that the pretty college girl who had been facing out the whole time stared at him as he passed, checking him out head to toe. I know a secret about Jake that you don’t, girl. She couldn’t help thinking and chuckled. Then she chastised herself. Shame on you, she thought. He’s been through enough. He doesn’t need anyone to make fun of his dick anymore.

She never was super obsessed with dicks anyway, but as her eyes wandered around the scene, she thought about what each guy would look like naked. Was it possible to tell who had the big package down there and who was lacking? She didn’t think so. What if there was a bar where all the guys had to walk around with their zippers down and their dicks sticking out. That would be pretty funny. It would change a lot of the male posturing. She was sure if their secrets were hanging out there for everyone to see and judge.

Like how everyone can see my nonexistent tits, she thought, her smile faded. Women didn’t have the luxury of hiding that sexualized aspect of their body, damn it. Dudes should be forced to walk around with their dicks hanging out all the time so all the girls could see and judge and give those little knowing looks to them and whisper to each other who was fucking hot and who was not. “Check out the big dick on that one; I would sure fuck him in a hot minute.” And squeeze past some dudes and bump into a dick or two “by accident” whenever we wanted. The smile came back at her train of thought. And it grew when Jake returned with drinks.

“Glad your ID still works,” she said.

“For the beer? Yeah, fuck. No problem. The benefit of being a townie. I know the family that owns this place, anyway.”

“Hmm, I like a man with connections,” she said with a grin and rubbed his leg under the table with the foot she’d pulled out of her sandals, adding, “So…” as he settled down in his chair, both took up their beers.

“So,” he repeated. “To one stunning, successful, popular, and happy future member of Alpha Phi!”

“I’ll toast to that!”

She smiled, and they clinked glasses. They both drank, making eye contact, but then their conversation ebbed.


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*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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