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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a hot girlfriend…

My girlfriend was getting ready for work this morning. I also need to get prepared as I have to walk her out. We’re both standing there fully nude. I’m always hard at this point. I can’t resist her. She has complete control of my cock. Whenever I see her petite frame coupled with those perfect D-cup tits, that fat ass, or that black bush against her pale skin, I’m on the edge of cumming. Being a prejac, it was a blessing I didn’t blow my load all over her getting ready this morning. She stopped getting prepared. Still fully nude, she turned to me. I was already facing her. I can’t help but perv on her whenever she’s getting ready. After looking me up and down for a few seconds, she locked eyes on my hard gold member dicklette before looking at me directly.

“Do you ever just look in the mirror and think about how pathetic your dick is?” she asks me.

“Every time I look at it,” I responded.

“You’re 6’4”, everyone expects you to have a massive cock, yet hard you’re smaller than everyone I’ve ever been with soft.”

I apologized to her for having such a small dick, and unfortunately, that was the end of it. I watched her get ready, and then away she went. I’m still here, hard as a rock sniffing her dirty thong one hour later.


Another reader is outed by a monkey…

A couple of years ago, my mom won a family ticket to our local zoo. It was for two adults and two children. My mom asked all the family if anyone wanted the tickets or wanted to go with her. After a bit of organizing, we booked extra tickets, and we took my brothers, two boys who are nine and twelve, me, my mom, my wife, and my sister. We had a great day seeing lots of different animals and taking photos. We got to the monkey section, and we were standing in front of a cage it had several chimps/monkeys in it when all of a sudden, one of the monkeys bent over in front of a male monkey, and out of nowhere, we saw a red penis inflate from between its legs. It was easily between four to five inches long but very thin, and he started having sex with the monkey bending over.

He was done in thirty seconds, and his penis deflated just as quickly as it had inflated. My twelve-year-old nephew was laughing and said, “That was so funny. He’s got a tiny penis, and he didn’t even last a minute.”

I looked around, and both my mom and my wife were looking directly at me and laughing, and I instantly went bright red because they both had seen me naked and knew I was only a gold member hard. Just by the way they reacted, and then I responded to them, my sister caught on. They laughed at me and asked my wife if I was smaller than the chimp? I just walked away, saying I’m going to get some ice cream.

The rest of the day went without any incidents. The next day my sister texted me: ‘Hello Mr. 3 incher.’

I didn’t reply, but I confronted my mom and wife about who told her, and they both denied telling her. I asked my sister who told her, and she said she couldn’t tell me, but she got it from a good source that I’m a gold member of the small dick club. My sister had spoken to my brother and told him what had happened at the zoo. He laughed, saying he’s seen me naked often (we used to share a room), and told her I got a gold member dick. I used to be erect every morning, so he’s seen it poking out of my pants many times. The entire family knows about my tiny cock and how I got put in place by a chimp because she’s been telling everyone.


Meanwhile, this reader also has a good girlfriend…

I had an ex-gf who used to love talking while going down on me. She would put my whole dick in her mouth and talk at the same time about how small I was or how she wanted bigger, or how pathetic my tiny cock was that she could speak with it in her mouth. It was such a turn-on to know I was so small she could take my whole dick and still have room to talk to me and humiliate me. She would also regularly take my dick and balls all in her mouth at the same time and comment about how she could never do that with a real cock.


While this reader enjoys his girlfriend’s conversations…

My girl has previously never expressed much interest in size. We’ve never talked about it or anything. Through various pranks, hot tub parties, gym showers, sharing hotel rooms, etc., we’ve learned that a mutual friend has a very big cock. He’s a skinny white boy with a softie that’s easily bigger than me hanging off him. I saw it once and instantly turned bright red as I couldn’t believe what was swinging between his legs. As a dare, he ran down the corridor of a house we shared on holiday naked, with his sizeable flaccid cock swinging side to side. It was so large I could see it swinging between his legs when staring at it from behind.

My girl saw and, on the drive home, commented, “I had a great time, even though I did have to see X’s cock.”

I knew she had seen and pressed her on her thoughts.

“Yeah, no wonder he gets that thing out,” she said. “That’s a monster, much bigger than anything I’ve seen before.”

I referenced the incident a few weeks later, and she said, “Yeah, I’m glad yours isn’t that big. It’s way too much. I bet you’re glad you don’t have anything close to that.”

It might not be the most humiliating story ever, but knowing she saw and compared was so damn hot to me.


This reader was enjoying his friend’s sexual antics…

When I was in the army, I had a roommate who was a real ladies’ man and playa for a while. He was mixed Puerto Rican and Black, like that perfect tan skin tone. Tall six-pack abs hung like a horse, the complete package. He would bring a different girl back to our barracks room almost every weekend. Meanwhile, I was short and skinny, and I wasn’t overly successful with women. A lot of nights were spent alone in our room jerking off. As time went on, most Saturday nights, I would keep myself awake as long as possible, edging myself under the covers just waiting for Ray to get back to the room. Hoping that he’d bring a woman back with him.

When they’d arrive, I’d pretend to be sleeping while the foreplay began. As he started fucking them, the noises would grow, bed squeaking, her moaning, loud, and vocalizations that I had never managed to coax from a girl. I’d roll onto my back in the darkness and rub my hard little silver member cock in rhythm with carnal pounding happening just across the room. It never took long at all. Way before Ray would finish, I would cum in my boxers, quietly wipe my hand on the inside of my lounge pants, and wait for them to finish so I could drift to sleep.

I don’t know if he ever knew I was enjoying the show, but he never disappointed with the theatrics.


Another reader is enjoying some euphoria…

My wife and her friend went to grab dinner and drinks to catch up/get out of the house. As you do, the topic of “what are you watching came up” after making the rounds of popular shows. My wife’s friend brought up Euphoria on HBO. We mentioned we hadn’t seen it yet, which led to this conversation.

WF- Wait, you all haven’t seen it? It’s good.

Wife -Yeah. Couldn’t get into the first episode.

WF- Check it out, except know that this show has a lot of dicks. I mean, A LOT of dicks.

Me – That’s fine. My wife and I are watching Minx on HBO, and it’s literally about a nude male magazine, so yeah, we see a lot of dicks too.

Wife – I KNOW! It was more dicks than I think I have ever seen.

Me – And one of them was pretty impressive. lol

WF – HAHA, some of the dicks on Euphoria are huge too. Like really? Are you that big?

Me – Have you seen that Sex Life show on Netflix? Apparently, that guy’s dick was real.

WF – No, I haven’t, was it…

Wife – OMG, yes! That was literally the biggest dick I have ever seen in my entire life!

Me – Wow, babe, way to call me out (jokingly)

WF – EEE *suckerthrow* I had no idea. Sorry dude. (sarcastically)

Wife – What? No! Babe!

WF – It’s okay *wife* I get it. *suckerthrow* has a tiny dick. (looks at me) I’m sorry. (with a shit-eating grin and head tilt)

Me- Well, cats out of the bag. Lucky for me, I’m not on TV.

Wife – BABE! You are perfectly okay in size.

WF – (quickly) but not big. Got it.

Wife – (turning bright red) yes. I mean, no. I mean, stop! It’s fine. I love it. It works for me. Those huge dicks are too much. Like Oww! They would be way too big to do anything with.

WF – for you, maybe. (takes a drink)

The whole time I’m dying laughing. Then we changed the subject to something else.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girlfriend loves teasing him…

My girlfriend is a hot, curvy brunette with a big ass. Her favorite position is lying on her stomach while I fuck her from behind. She’s very much in the corporate world, and I was texting her while I was horny. She was muted on a work call and made me a 30-second recording, “Are you jerking your tiny dick? Do you know you’re so much smaller than the guys I like? Are you going to be jerking off while I’m on my date next week?” (We are also into cuckolding/”hot girlfriend.”)

I came to it. I fucking love that she was able to be that kinky and go back into work mode. I love that she’s this kinky while looking professional. None of her coworkers have any idea.


While this reader has an interesting interaction with a masseuse…

I recently had a fun experience with my massage therapist Joyce. For those of you who haven’t seen my posts before, Joyce is a Filipino woman in her mid-40s (who doesn’t look it) who I regularly visit at a legit spa. I usually see her once a month, but I haven’t been able to go for a massage for two months due to life circumstances. Part of the reason I hadn’t been for a massage in a while is that I had some doctor’s visits with some not great news for my health, so I’ve been trying to get my weight under control, and so far, it’s been going well. As usual, everything with my massage (small talk, no drape, etc.) came time to flip over onto my back.

Joyce started to massage my face and asked me, “Have you been trying to lose weight?”

I told her yes.

“I can tell. Your face looks thinner. Your legs and back were very tight too.”

I told her that my doctor told me I needed to get my weight under control, and we had some small talk about what I was doing (diet, exercise, etc.) She started to move down my body as we talked, and she stopped when she got to my hips. She was playfully rubbing my thigh (and I was mostly hard), and she said, “You know, they say after you lose weight, a man’s friend is supposed to look bigger.” She cocked her head to the side and grinned. “You still got a lot to go. He looks the same size to me.”

I replied, “I’m not fully hard.”

And she gave my dick a quick squeeze and laughed. “Feels hard to me.”

She went back to the massage, and we kept small talking afterward.


This readers wife give him an honest assessment…

It’s a good thing I love SPH so much because my wife just obliterated any chance I could ever feel like a man again. Yesterday morning I fingered her for a bit, and she allowed me to rub my tiny chastity cage against her opening while we talked. I asked, no begged for PIV sex again, and she reiterated that it would never happen. But it was what happened next that honestly caught me by surprise.

I asked her to honestly tell me what she thought of my penis in a moment of seriousness. “No humiliation just for my sake, please, just a completely truthful assessment.”

She looked at me and said, “While I love you, I think your penis is pathetic and worthless except to lock up and humiliate.”

I said, “But you must have felt something when I was allowed to put it in you. I mean…something…anything?”

She replied, “When you first put it in, I could feel that slightly. But anything after that was just wasted energy. I would want to have sex with you to feel that intimacy. And mostly, I would do it out of pity for you. But in all honesty, your penis does nothing for me sexually.”

I almost spurted in my cage. Right now, my panties are soaked, just reliving that moment. It was one of the most brutal, honest, and arousing things she had ever said.


Another reader and his girl try out a nude beach…

My girlfriend and I went to Miami for a vacation last week. We were right by Haulover nude beach, and one day, we decided to go try it out. So we went and got naked. We layed out on the sand at first, followed by a walk along the water from the nude boundary to the other. There were more people than either of us expected and almost all naked, and it was about 70-80% guys, of which I believe I was the smallest on the beach. A couple of guys could compete for that title, but I think I was smaller than everyone. We saw a guy packing, and I said to my girlfriend, “Shit, I’m smaller, hard than he is soft than you are hard. That thing is big.”

She replied, “I think 99% of the guys here fit that description.”

This turned me on big time, and I felt my little guy start to chub up, and before I knew it, it was at full staff.

She was like, “Oh God, control yourself, dude. Boners are a no-no on a public nude beach. You could get arrested.”

We started walking back to sit again, and we passed another dude.

She said, “Look, he’s way bigger soft than you. Like three times. I never realized just how small your dick is until today.”

The whole experience was horrifying yet such a turn-on.


Meanwhile, this reader’s girl admits she’s a size queen…

I was with this girl for a long time and was her first. While she didn’t know I was turned on by it, she often said stuff that could fall under SPH. Once, we were reading a poll from our college magazine. It had a question about what size girls prefer. I asked her preference, and she wondered how big I was. I told her I was a bronze member of the small dick club.

She said, “Probably seven inches or a bigger.”

After that, I asked her if she would ever want to try a toy or anything like that, and she seemed interested, but it felt like she didn’t want to hurt my feelings, so she said I would have to wear it. I never actually went through with it, but I think she would have.

Another time we got into an argument, and things got personal. She said, “Well, I don’t have a small dick.”

It caught me off guard, and we never really talked about it again, but I could tell there was some truth.

Last but not least, while we were on a break, Im pretty sure she hooked up with someone else. When I hooked up with her again, I didn’t use a condom, and it slid right in since she was so wet. I asked her if she could feel it, and she said, “No, not really. It’s too small.”


While this reader loves a little role play…

I have learned that over the past year, since I have begun to write to other guys who are into SPH, there is nothing new under the sun and that when I think about a moment of SPH, other guys have already thought of the same thing. Be that as it may, I did ask my girlfriend of now over two years to show me one of the times she reacted to a guy who was hung when she had undressed him, something she didn’t do when she pulled open MY pants for the first time to reveal my bronze member dick.

The first time she opened my pants was on our third date, and the date did end with the first time we had sex. But she gave me oral first along the way and was on her knees, totally nude, as she opened up my pants for the first time. She opened them and went on to fully take my cock into her mouth and go on from there.

Three nights ago, I brought up to her the name of a specific ex of hers that I already knew was better hung than I am, and I asked her if she gave him more of a reaction than she gave to me. Overall, she is very kind and not into telling me these things independently. It simply isn’t her nature to hurt me emotionally. But I asked her for this, so she did it. She pretended I was Dave, her ex from three years ago, and showed me the reaction she gave to him during the exact moment of their date when she got to open his pants for the first time.

She said that she was in her bra and panties at that first time moment. Role-playing for me what she genuinely did for Dave when she first revealed his naked cock and balls in all of its glory, pretending I was Dave last Saturday night, she gave me the full-on reaction of “Oh…Fuck…Wow!” as she opened up my pants, reliving for me that moment.

This morning, by myself at my place, I am opening up my pants and reliving what she did for me, showing me her reaction to seeing Dave in the nude for the first time, and I am in masturbation heaven right now. I am revisiting seeing her response to him, having fun thinking about her glorious reveal of him and open mouth smiling up at him and his better manhood than I have. Fuck, this is tons of fun reliving her showing me that reaction from Saturday night!

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