Our Readers SPH Experiences: Humiliated and Disowned by my Family

By Anon.

Warning: This story is not for sexual titalation, but chronicles an extreme experience of public humiliation. This site does not condone the actions of the people in this article. If the themes of extreme public humiliation and torture might upset you, then please do not read any further. You have been warned.


Here’s a story that happened to me over 27 years ago that changed my life forever. I was 25 at the time, married (to an unhappy wife). I’m originally from Pakistan but live in the UK. When my grandad died, there was no will (the norm in Pakistan). So my dad and his older brother had a dispute over the lands, which lasted all their lives, and they couldn’t settle the dispute. When my uncle died, my dad tried to take over all the lands (worth about £4 million today), but his mum didn’t let it happen as she always favored the older brother over him.

So, when my dad passed away (both brothers died in their early 50s), I decided I would go over and settle this dispute and sort it all out. The main disagreement was my dad originally wanted to split it 50/50, and his brother tried to split it 4/3 because he had four sons and my dad had three, so they could never agree to terms of dividing the lands. My brothers warned me not to go to Pakistan because it’s like the wild west, and you get killed over minor disputes. But me being the cocky wannabe gangster, I wasn’t listening, and I wanted to prove I could do it.

When my cousins were heading to Pakistan to take over the land forcefully, I flew over to stop them. When I landed, I got to our village, and everyone was friendly, but I could feel the tension brewing. We had a meeting, and it got heated because they invited half the village to broker a deal, and it was chaotic and got nowhere.

Over the next few days, wherever I went, I made sure I had my dad’s gun with me in a holster. Then my cousin’s wife came to my house and said sorry things got out of control and if I could come over tomorrow and have a family meeting with just the cousins to sort it out.

So, the next day I turned up for dinner. I had my gun on as usual. My grandmother met me, and I sat with my cousins, and we talked, and all of a sudden, I got jumped by one of my cousin’s friends from behind. Both my cousins jumped me, quickly took away my gun, and started beating me. Another guy came out with sticks, and they were beating me. Then my cousin moved back to shoot me. My grandmother shouted at him not to do it, so he stopped.

She came over and took the gun from him and said, “If you kill him, you will go to jail.”

I thought I was saved, but far from it. She took my cousin to the corner and told him what to do. He came back and got the lads to stand me up, and he started punching me. After a few good shots, he told the lads to strip me naked. They all manhandled and stripped me naked in front of the whole family, including my grandmother, cousins, wives, cousins’ sisters, sons and daughters, and friends.

The women and kids were laughing at me because I have an underdeveloped penis (around 3cm soft, a silver member hard), and the guys were hitting me with sticks, and my grandmother stopped them. Here’s me thinking I got granny on my side, but she told my cousin to parade me around the village naked to give me such a humiliation that I left and never came back.

So, they got some rope and tied me to the back of their car and drove out with me on a rope in tow, walking behind naked as the day I was born. They drove around the area blowing their horn, so people came out and saw what they were doing to me. Slowly, a crowd was building up behind me, mainly kids and men just following, and some were throwing stones at me. But they got told off because they were hitting the car.

One of the cousin’s sons hit my ass with a stick, and the crowd was cheering him on. They stopped at a house and called a guy out. The guy typically made video films of weddings in the village. They told him to get his camera and film me, so he got the camera. It was about five minutes. Meanwhile, I turned around and pulled onto the back bonnet so my hips were stretched out forward and everyone could see my tiny penis. Thank god there are no mobile phones these days.

When the guy came out and started filming, the parade continued, I was led back towards their house to a field with a tree, and I got put against it and tied to it. There were quickly eighty to a hundred people around me, all laughing and making jokes about being naked and having a tiny cock.

Then my grandmother turned up with about twenty women and a few kids, and she told the crowd that I was caught stealing from their house. My cousin’s wife (who had invited me to dinner) came up to me and slapped me several times, saying how dare I come to her house with a gun. She was swearing, calling me dickless, tranny, and names, which got huge reactions from the crowd. My grandmother talked to my cousins, and then they told the crowd to go as cops were on the way.

It was over an hour before cops turned up. Meanwhile, they made fun of me, saying you thought you were a big-timer, but you don’t have any balls. Even my gran joined in, saying she could see why I needed a big gun because my weapon was small. As the cop cars slowly made their way through the fields, I thought I was saved, but I had forgotten Pakistani police is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world. Two police jeeps pulled up, and five male and two female officers got out and asked, what’s going on, and where are my clothes?

I thought I’d finally get some justice. Grandmothers went and spoke to the officer in charge and handed him a wad of cash, and he smiled looking at me and came over and gave me a backhander across the face and said, I’m under arrest for theft, and got me untied from the ropes and asked for some clothes for me. My grandmother objected, saying take him as he is because thieves don’t deserve dignity. So, I got handcuffed (luckily, hands in front so I could cover my penis). I got put in the back of the jeep, and they drove me away.

The journey was humiliating as there were three male and one female officer in the back of the jeep with me, and they were looking at me, making subtle jokes asking the female if she had ever seen anyone as small as me. She was laughing, saying no, never the hundreds of guys she’s beaten; she’s never seen one as small as mine, even on any child. So, I’m going to get some special treatment from her, and she’s going to give my penis such a beating it’s going to swell to 10inches.

We got to the police station, and they parked outside, the station is located on the outskirts of the main shopping area, so it was jam-packed with lots of people. As I got taken off the jeep, people started laughing and shouting, I was led toward the police station, but then the officer holding me decided to stop and say hello to someone. I had to stand naked in the street in front of strangers, being laughed at. I had my cock covered, but the rest was on display.

After a minute or two, I got taken in and locked in a cell. The cell opened about an hour later, and two officers led me into the interrogation room. I got laid forward-facing onto a bed with a pillow under me to lift my bum, and I was strapped down to the bed, and the room slowly filled with officers thinking. There were about nine altogether, including the two female officers. One of the male officers picked up a stick and asked why I was stealing and what I had taken. I said I didn’t take anything. I barely finished speaking. He had started hitting my bum with the stick. I was tortured for several hours, beaten with sticks, belts, batons to my back, bum, legs, and feet. They tortured my feet.

When it was the women officers’ turn, they had me turned over, and they were pressing the batons as hard as they could into my groin, pressing on my balls and cock, saying by the time they finish with me, I will be a woman. One woman said she would beat it till it was swollen, and the other woman was going to squash it till there was nothing left. They belted my chest, stomach, and legs. I thought the men were violent, but the women were crazy. They fully degraded me for having a small cock and happily inflicting pain on it.

After they were done, I got put back in my cell. A little while later, my cousins turned up with my granny, and they bought the cameraman with them. They came to see me in my cell. I was covering up in the corner, just ignoring their taunts. They got a few officers to go in and stand me up and handcuff my hands and feet to the bars. I stood arms and legs apart, facing them, and the guy with the camera was filming me. They told me I’m lucky to be alive, and the whole family has got the message that they are not to be messed with.

They said they had spoken to my brothers, and they were sending the money for my flight back. In the meantime, I’m staying here for some special police hospitality till my flight date. My flight was arranged for two days later, so I spent the next day interrogated by the police with more of the same beatings but added beating to my groin area with straps from the lady officers.

The following day they phoned the station and told them to drop me off, so I got taken to the jeep naked and driven back to my village where a crowd was waiting by my house. I got taken off the jeep, led naked to my cousin’s, and handed over to them. They looked happy seeing me covered in bruises. They asked if I would cooperate or do I need to be taken on a parade around the village again.

I could barely walk from the feet beatings. I just nodded. I would comply, so they said as the whole village is here. The cameraman let me have one last humiliation, so I had to face the crowd and camera and say I have no dick and made to repeat it louder several times while everyone laughed and cheered at my humiliation. I then got taken inside, and I was allowed to pack my bag. Anything of value or any money my cousins took away, and after I had packed, my gran came in with the family’s women. I had to apologize to each lady (from my eighty-year-old gran to my ten-year-old niece) for the inconvenience and stress I had caused them.

I had to get down and kiss my grandmother and my cousin’s wife’s feet and ask for forgiveness. I was then allowed to get dressed, and I was driven to the airport for my flight. I got home, and my brothers came to pick me up. They had heard so many stories and didn’t know what was true. I tried to play it down, saying only the cops had beaten me naked (a common thing). But a few days later, videotapes of it all started landing at relatives’ houses.

I got called to a family meeting with my brothers and their wives, and they asked me again if I got stripped naked and paraded around the village. I said no, and my brother pressed play on the video player, and there I was on-screen naked, being walked tied to the jeep with a crowd laughing and cheering in the background. I started shouting, switch it off, but they wouldn’t, so I stormed out. My brothers had already watched it, but they watched it again with their wives and my wife. After that, she left me, my brothers (and the rest of the family) disowned me, and eventually, the land was split six ways between the four cousins and my two brothers.

I saw my ex-wife about ten years ago. She’s remarried with two kids, and she said that video was the best thing that could have happened to her as she was unhappy with our sex life. That video got her out of the marriage, and she is now with a proper man, and she still got the copy of the video. She also told me the money I had repaid my brothers for my flight included the bribe for the police and the cost of the video production and distribution. So, I had effectively paid to be humiliated and tortured by the police, and nearly every relative had a copy of the video in their house at the time.

I still remember my gran’s words, “Give him such a humiliation, he never returns,” with that stone-cold glare she gave me.

She was right. I haven’t been back, and I didn’t get anything apart from a lifetime lesson.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Remember, even with limited editing. It doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • Joemama

    Honestly this shit is just sad, you need to get back at them somehow. Your family is full of shitty people and I can’t believe not even one of them felt any sort of pity.


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