Worst Brother Ever

By J902213.

It’s about 6 pm, and I’m waiting for my 18-year-old ‘brother’ at the fucking Airport. His flight arrived 2 hours ago, and I’m the last guy waiting at the gate. I knew this shit would happen. Finally, I see captain douchebag walk out of the bathroom with some 28-year-old blonde smacking her on the ass and kissing her goodbye.

“Hey, shorty!” he yelled.

Gotta love it when your little brother makes fun of you for being shorter than him. “Just get in the fucking car!” I snapped.

“Whoa! No love for your bro?”

“I’ve waited two hours.”

“Sorry… I was busy…”

“Yeah… just do me a favor and shut up on the ride there.”


So you’re probably thinking I’m acting like a total bitch to my little ‘bro.’ So let get one thing straight he’s not my brother. Basically, my mother ditched my father and took his money to start fucking some basketball player. Yeah, the guy’s name is Dwayne Wade. You’ve probably heard of him. I barely see my actual father, but to make up for it, I have my douchebag stepbrother. And I should say Douchebag with a capital D, classic basketball jock.

He’s a huge six-foot-six athlete and gets all the girls. He lost his virginity at 13! Fucks a new girl every week.

He’s ruined every part of my life.

Even though I’m the big bro, I’m the house bitch. I’m a 5ft4, chubby, 20-year-old virgin. Oh, and let me tell you about my first and only ever chance at sex with my longtime high school crush Eva. Eva and I dated since I was 15 until I was 18; we decided to lose our virginity together. So on that night, I call and text her with no answer. So instead, I run into her, naked in my own bathroom. However, it was okay because before things got awkward, Ray (my brother) walked in there naked and said, “Babe, wanna back to bed? Don’t want to … Oh shit, uh-sorry Jacob … Didn’t know you were in here….”

She awkwardly left. That same night I was outside their door, listening to my girlfriend scream at the hands of my little brother.

So yeah, is that a good reason to hate him? Anyways, the worst part isn’t the drive. It’s the two months he’s staying at my dorm for the summer. Anyways, just as we were getting some peace and quiet.

“Bro, I have some good news…” he said.


“I’m texting these three babes, and It looks like you won’t be a virgin after tonight. And these are some serious hotties. Check them out!”

We stop at a red light, and he shows me… the three were college dream girls… way outta my league.

“Look bro…” he says, “These girls, want me bad… you, on the other hand, they want nothing to do with you. But I’m willing to say, and they can’t have me if you don’t get something, okay?”

Whoa, he was actually somewhat nice. I mean, sure, the girls don’t want me, and I’m basically using his insane body so that I can get some, which the girls are gonna find pathetic, but I guess I have to accept that… I don’t compare to Ray, and I have to be honest with myself.

“Sure… let’s do it.”

“Looks like that little worm of yours is finally gonna get wet.”

Therefore, we met up with them at their place.

“Hello, you gorgeous babes.” Ray says, “Jacob, these are Roxy, Kelly, and Ally. Ally is the one taking care of you.”

“Hey, Ray!” The three girls say, jumping up to kiss him on the cheek. Ally walks over to me and giggles.

“Hey Jacob, Ray wasn’t lying when he said you were a shorty…” She says sanding a few inches above me.

“Hey… I guess we all look short next to Ray.”

“Come on, let’s have some fun.”

Therefore, after a fun couple of hours where Ray ended up making out with two naked girls, and I had a make-out session with Ally in her underwear where she had to teach me to kiss correctly, it came time.

“So Jacob, you gonna fuck her?” Ray said.

“Uhh… right here?” I asked.


“I can’t fuck her in front of you.”

“Please, you an old fuck her because of me, so you’ll fuck her here.”

He instantly reminded me of my place… a pathetic loser. “Don’t worry, and it’ll be fine.” Ally said reassuringly.

“So let’s all get naked,” he said, ripping off his clothes, revealing a 9-inch hard cock.

The three girls couldn’t keep their eyes off it as they got naked. I followed and got in my boxers only.

“Umm, Jacob… I know you’re a virgin, but you need your dick out to fuck.”

In response, Ally quickly yanked my boxers down…


They all said as they burst into laughter.

“Bro, that’s tiny! Sorry, Ally, at least you get me after.”

“Ugh, why did I agree to this?” Ally moaned. “No way I’m risking getting knocked up with a micro dick. Go get a condom from the pharmacy downstairs.”

As I shamefully get dressed, Roxy blurts out, “I have an idea! We should make him go to the pharmacy naked! They’re used to naked college dudes getting rubbers; sure, they might not be that small, but still….”

“He can just cover it with his hands,” said Kelly.

“Or his finger!” yelled Ray as he burst into laughter.

“So let’s use these!” Roxy said, holding some handcuffs.

“No fucking way,” I yelled.

“Ray, please put them on him,” said Roxy as she bent over and licked the entire shaft of Ray’s cock.

“Of course, babe,” he said and grabbed the handcuffs and slapped them on me.

“Oh, he needs money,” Roxy said as she put five dollars into my mouth.

“Bye, bitchboy,” Ray said as he threw me out the door.

Oh god, everyone was staring at me, or my package or ‘lack thereof.’ Then the entire hall burst into laughter. I had to toughen up. I really liked that Ally girl, which was the only way. Therefore, I ran down to the pharmacy and had more than a few pictures taken of me, and I hope no one I know sees them…

“Hi, how can I… Oh my god!” The pharmacist exclaimed as she began laughing her ass off. “Sorry, we can’t cure THAT.”

“I just need some condoms,” I said after I spat the money onto the counter.

“Someone’s gonna fuck that?” She grabbed a box saying, “XXS… This is for 2.5” to 3”, but you look like you’re one smaller, either way, this is our smallest, so it’ll have to do.”

I grabbed the box of condoms with my hands behind my back and ran backup, faced all the laughter and snapshots. Ray let me back in.

“Wow, I didn’t even think this size existed,” he said. He removed the handcuffs and gave the condoms to Ally.

“Alright, baby carrot, try to cum quickly. I really prefer your brother’s cock.”


“What? Fucking you is only a favor for him. No girl would fuck you, none. Even less a babe like me.”

Her words turned me on, so much that I… Oh god…

“DID YOU JUST CUM ON THE FLOOR!” she yelled. “You pathetic loser! Fucking faggot! Ray! Why the fuck should I fuck this tiny dick loser. Get him to clean that up!”

“Lick it off the ground, loser,” Ray said.

So I did. I got on my knees and licked my tiny little load off the ground.

“Alright, loser, I’m not even gonna try having you reach around the back so just get on top of me, and I don’t know… fuck me, I guess.”

Therefore, I did, and it was amazing. I spent 10 amazing seconds with my dick enveloped in her pussy.

“Is it in yet?” She asked.

“Yeah…” I said.

“Ha-ha didn’t feel a thing, pathetic little bitch.” With the greatest feeling ever, I cum inside the little rubber. I got up.

“Wow, thank you,” I said.

“That’s it, 30 seconds? Okay, well, sit down and watch a real man fuck me,” she said.

Ray gets up, his dick hanging low, he shoves it in Ally’s pussy, and He stretched it out. He was beyond me. He could make women feel things I could never. Ally was screaming and meaning, but with me, not a fucking peep. Roxy came to me.

“Isn’t he amazing?” she whispered. She put her arms around me and reached down to my dick. “Babe, you have to understand this ain’t shit, you’re bro, and he’s the real deal, a real man. You, you’re barely even a beta. See girls like us, and we live to see men like him pleasured. There is no woman for you, and you’re a joke.”

She starts stroking my dick with her finger.

“Why are you doing this? Why would you jerk me off if I’m such a loser?” I asked.

“I feel like you don’t understand, you disrespect your brother. Like who the fuck do you think you are? You should be at his fucking knees, and believe me, and you will be. Wow! This thing does not get any bigger. Awww, baby, are you sad you have a baby dick? You should be. It’s horrible, especially when you lived with a god-like your bro.”

I ejaculate all over her hand.

“Ew! I should’ve seen that coming.”

She raises it to my mouth, and I lick it. Why would I do that?

“So well trained. Would you like to stay here? For the summer. We need a servant to clean, eat us out, and we would have so much fun,” Ally said.

“Yes,” I blurted out before I knew what I was thinking.

The End.


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