A New Toy

By missella.

Kate looked over at her blind date, pleasantly surprised for once. In the past few weeks she’d been set up with one dickhead after another by well-meaning friends, although if they thought she went for arrogant assholes who spent their whole time talking about money and how important they were, well, she’d have to give them a talking to. To be fair though perhaps they were just judging by her disastrous history. Why they thought to reverse those disasters by handing her another was more of a mystery.

“And that’s when we realized the boat was sinking,” Sammy said, rounding off his anecdote with a rueful grin. Listening to him tell it, she felt the urge to steal a rowboat too. Although she hadn’t realized at first, he was a good-looking guy, warm, inviting eyes and floppy hair that could use cutting, a ready smile, and good strong arms. She’d tried to judge his body through his t-shirt, and all she could say for sure was that he was neither muscular nor fat. She’d caught him checking her out whenever she stood up to get more coffee, making sure he got a look at the toned legs beneath her summer dress or when she stuck her chest out just a little bit too far to fiddle with her shoulder-length brown hair. There wasn’t a huge amount to stick out in truth, but he seemed fine with that.

Kate giggled appreciatively. “Hope you can swim.”

He grinned. “Never learned. Luckily it wasn’t too deep, though!”

She laughed with him.

“You should go swimming with me one time. I’ll teach you.” She paused to finish her coffee, her fifth, letting him imagine her in a bikini. From the look on his face, he liked what he saw.

“That … sounds like fun,” he said after a moment and then nodded at the clock. “That you?”

“Yeah, I need to go,” she said regretfully, “class tonight. This was fun, though!”

“It was,” he agreed as they both stood up and folded her into a hug.

Kate was surprised, but only for a moment, and hugged him back. He felt good there, and she realized a head taller and long arms that held her close. She squeezed him and stepped away.

“Call me,” she said. “And get your mankini ready for next week!”


Weeks passed, and things went well. Parading round in a bikini on a second date wasn’t something Kate normally did (that was more a third date thing), but it made Sammy’s eyes pop, and that was what mattered. After a few dinner dates, they started hanging out at Kate’s place, but despite all the subtle and nowhere-close-to-subtle hints, Sammy never took the logical next step of ripping her knickers off and pounding her on the sofa. Still, she thought it was sweet. Frustrating but sweet. Obviously, Kate could always make the first move, but that just wasn’t done. She already felt like enough of a slut waving her tits in his face and squeezing into ever-shorter shorts. Taking the initiative herself would just make it seem she was gagging for it. Which honestly, Kate wasn’t; it was the intimacy she wanted, not the sex.

One evening the talk to turned to Kate’s ‘mysterious’ course. She hadn’t told anyone what she was actually studying because they would probably have laughed, but it wasn’t a particular secret either.

“Hypnosis?” Sammy said, laughing. “That stuff never works. Or maybe it just works on people with no willpower.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I try on you?”

Sammy suddenly looked wary, but he couldn’t really say no after dismissing it out of hand. “Well…”

“Good!” Kate said, patting the couch. “Just lay down here, and you can make me look silly when nothing happens.”

“You’ll look silly,” Sammy said, but he seemed less sure that he had been. “Fine…”

He lay down and made himself comfortable. Kate had learned a few ways to do this, but the one she seemed best at was to talk softly, to let the words come like a gently flowing stream that washed over the subject.

“Focus on my voice,” Kate began. “Focus on your breathing, and follow me.”

After a couple of false starts and maybe fifteen minutes of uninterrupted talking, Sammy seemed to be in the trance state she needed, halfway towards the edge of sleep but still aware, on some level. Time for a test.

“Did you sneak a look at me while I was getting changed the other day?” Kate asked.

“Yes,” he said.

Normally he’d have stammered, blushed, and pretended no such thing.

“How much did you see?”

“Just your ass, really,” he replied, sounding somehow far away. “You’re fucking gorgeous.”

Yes, well. It seemed to have worked. “Do you fancy me?” Kate asked


“Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

He nodded. Kate knew that anyway, but it never hurt to be sure.

“Why so nervous then? You must know I like you.”

It was as if he had some weird inferiority complex. Maybe hypnosis could help.

“Small penis,” he said.

Huh. That would explain it. Kate looked him over and then shrugged. She didn’t care, but if it made him embarrassed, it could be fun.

“Well then, we’ll have to focus your mind a bit. From now on, you’ll have to concentrate really, really hard to stop thinking about me. I don’t want you masturbating, though. Until I tell you otherwise, you won’t be able to get an erection. Do you understand?”

He nodded again, no emotion on his face and well into the trance.

“You’ll think of me,” Kate whispered. “You’ll get hornier and hornier until it feels like you’ll burst, but your little cock will stay soft. You’ll think of me, getting hornier and hornier, and try to stroke it, but nothing will happen. Do you understand?” Fuck she was getting wet just thinking about it.

He nodded again.

Kate paused, smiling with satisfaction. Should she implant the trigger? Without it, he’d be completely unable to cum until she hypnotized him again. However, that wasn’t her problem. Instead, she settled for repeating the commands for ten minutes, repeatedly, to make sure they took hold.

Once satisfied, she moved on to general relaxation and slowly brought him out of the trance. Sammy opened his eyes, looking around and seeming relieved to find himself still on the couch. ”

That was weird,” Sammy said. “Relaxing, though, feels like I just slept all night. How long was I out?”

“About half an hour,” Kate told him. “I couldn’t get you to dance like a chicken or pretend to be a dog, though. So maybe I need more practice.”

“Ha!” he laughed. “So I was right then? It’s all a load of rubbish?”

Kate hid her smirk. “Maybe I’ve just not got the hang of it yet.”

“Well,” Sammy mused. “It was relaxing, so I guess I don’t mind. Just promise me you won’t leave me stuck like a chicken if it does work.”

“I promise, sweetie,” Kate said, giving him her most winning smile.

Now, to wait.


For the next few weeks, Kate met up with Sammy every few days, mostly just hanging out and talking over dinner. Sammy was genuinely good company, and Kate found herself liking him more and more, and there were no signs that her hypnosis trick had anything to do with that. Sammy was getting more attentive every time they met up though, his hugs lingered longer, and so did his eyes. Nothing particularly unusual, really, but there was hunger behind them, the way someone who went without water would get thirstier and thirstier if they were never allowed a drink. She liked the idea of him being thirsty for her and helpless to do anything about it. It was his fault for laughing at her hobbies, though. Every few days, she gave him a ‘relaxing massage’ to refresh the commands and check his progress; he thought about her all the time, he readily admitted from the depths of his trance and was indeed unable to get an erection. She grinned at hearing that. Whatever she was doing, it was working.

Nearly three weeks after stealing Sammy’s erections, he kissed her for the first time, hesitantly and with no little clumsiness, but he made up for it with enthusiasm. Walking home, arm in arm, he confessed that had been his first kiss and made a stammering apology for not being very good. Kate thought it was sweet and told him so, which just made him blush all the more. It took a while longer and some gentle prodding to admit that he was also a virgin, although, given the lack of kissing, that was almost a given. Her sweet, innocent boy. She nearly confessed what she’d done to him after that, but something held her back. Kate was simply enjoying it too much, the idea of complete dominance was a thrill she’d never anticipated, and now the woman found she wanted that far, far more than good hard fucking. Therefore, Kate said nothing, smiled, laughed, and kissed him goodnight, leaving him to go home alone to his thoughts and frustrations.

A few days later, she judged his torment must be close to unbearable but instead arranged to meet him for a quick ‘relaxation session’ under the guise of telling him she had to leave town for a week. The longing in his eyes was obvious, even as he smiled and told her to have fun. When she returned, he would have gone a month with no release.


Arriving home, Kate was in a merciful mood, although also slightly worried that her commands would have worn off by now. Her teacher had said a week or two should be fine if there had been enough reinforcement, but still. There was only one way to find out, though, and so she texted Sammy and asked if he wanted to come over that night. The speed with which he replied suggested he wanted that very much.

Kate barely had time to shower and shave before the doorbell rang. He must have broken every speed limit going. She let him wait for a few minutes, wrapping herself in a soft cotton robe and draping her wet hair down her back, and then went to the door.

“Oh!” Sammy said, eying her up and down even as he blushed. “Sorry, were you in the shower?” If her hair wasn’t enough of a clue, he could surely smell her strawberry scent.

“That’s OK,” she said. “Come in, come in. I’ve missed you.”

“Missed you too,” he said, folding her into his arms and kissing her. He was getting better at that, although he’d had a bit of practice now.

“Come on,” she said, wriggling free and leading him to the living room. “I need to practice on you.”

He moaned good-naturedly, but it was a ritual now, letting her practice ‘that hypnosis junk that doesn’t work’ while he pretended to protest but secretly enjoyed it. Finally, Sammy settled onto the sofa as she talked him gently into a trance. The first thing to do was check whether her commands still held.

“Have you had any erections since our last session?” Kate asked.

He shook his head. Even with passive trance-face, he looked mournful.

“From now on, you’ll be allowed to get an erection whenever I tell you how small your cock is,” she whispered. “At once… But you don’t deserve to fuck me with it, do you?”

Sammy shook his head.

“No,” she whispered. Kate’s been thinking about this all week. Tonight she’d make the first move, but he might not like where it led. He’d had enough chances to take control, though.

“Small boys deserve to be ruined, don’t they?”

A nod.

“When you’re close to cumming you will ask to be ruined,” Kate continued in the soothing monotone. “You will have no choice. You know how much it will please me, and you want very much to please me.”

Kate repeated herself a few times until she was sure the commands were in and then slowly brought him from the trance.

“Mmm,” Sammy said, sounding as though he’d just taken a nap. “I do love your massages.”

“That’s why I do them. But haven’t you had enough relaxing for one day?” She plopped herself down on his lap and gave him a leering grin that could only be interpreted one way, even by someone of his inexperience. “I’ve been thinking about this all week,” she whispered in his ear.

Sammy blushed, but his eyes were very obviously peeking inside her robe. Kate kissed him just once, then pulled his t-shirt up and over his head. He was lean, stopping just short of muscle, just the way she liked it. She kissed him again, running her hands over his chest and lingering to play with one of his nipples, getting a moan of encouragement. Kate kept him there until she felt a tentative hand make its way up the outside of her thigh, moving to squeeze her arse gently. Kate bit his lip as encouragement, and since his other hand joined in, he must have got the message. He’d told the truth about being inexperienced, although she’d never really doubted it.

“Come on,” she said, drawing away from him. “Bedroom’s this way.”

Sammy started to stammer something, but she took his hand and pulled him up, giggling as he nearly stumbled. Down the hall, she pulled him into her bedroom, kicking the door closed behind them and wrapping an arm around his neck for more kisses. His breath came heavy as he kissed her back, hands planted on her hips. Kate’s free hand went to his belt, unbuckled it, then fumbled briefly with the buttons on his jeans. Sammy tensed slightly, probably worried he’d gone too far without a working cock, but she pulled down his jeans and his pants along with them before he could do anything.

Even without being told, she’d known his cock was small from his embarrassment and tactical groping while they were making out and didn’t much care. Her last boyfriend had been hung like a donkey, and when he took her, it felt like someone forcibly inserting a baseball bat. A small one was just fine with her, but there was no reason for him to know that.

“Awww… Your cock is so cute,” she teased, cupping it with one hand and stroking it with a thumb, “A little cock … For a little boy.”

The look on his face as it sprang to life was hilarious, a mixture of shock, glee, pride, and immense shame. As it stiffened in her hand, she kept caressing him, feeling up and down his shaft. A little short of four inches, she guessed, give or take. But, even hard, it barely filled her small hand.

“Don’t you want to take my robe off?” she asked, pouting up at him.

Sammy nodded almost frantically, pulled at the cord with nervous fingers, and then slipping the robe from her shoulders. Kate pulled him close for more kisses, feeling his hands begin to roam across her body, knowing he wouldn’t keep his hard-on without further teasing. She kept stroking his cock slowly, and it wasn’t long before she felt it begin to soften.

“Oh…” she said, feigning disappointment, “Are you not?”

His cheeks were aflame. “Nerves,” he said, mortified. “It’s been happening lately since I met you. It’s not you,” he added hastily and incorrectly, “It’s my fault.”

Kate switched to caressing his balls, his heavy, heavy balls, noting with amusement the frustration, the need, etched on his face. “You like that?” she asked breathily, smiling at his wild nods. “You got hard just now, so you can again, hmm?”

“I don’t know what happened,” he said. “I’ve not been able to, well, do that, not for weeks.”

“Awww, poor baby,” she cooed, feeling evil and loving it. “So you’ve not been able to?”

Sammy knew exactly what she meant. Likely, he’d thought of nothing else. He shook his head.

“Awww…” she said again, still fondling his balls. “If you can get hard for me, sweetie, I’ll make it all better.”

He moaned in frustration, hands running up and down her back. He was pressing himself into her, rubbing against her like a horny dog. Men were just horny dogs, really, if you let them be.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed,” she told him. “About your little cock, I mean. I figured that’s why you were so shy. I mean, it’s small, but it’s not your fault. I like you for you, not your cock.”

It was actually true, but probably he wouldn’t believe it. Small dick men are like that.

“I wish I were bigger for you,” Sammy whispered. “I didn’t think you’d want me once you saw it.”

“Silly,” she said, then stepped away from him to get a proper look.

He’s gorgeous naked, she thought, lean and wiry with a near-hairless body. No doubt he’d shaved his crotch in an attempt to make his cock look bigger. It sat between his legs, small, flaccid, and useless. Kate giggled, then put her hand over her mouth as though it had been an accident. His face, even his chest flushed with humiliation, but his cock leaped to attention.

“Well,” she said, “that did the trick! All that time, you were embarrassed by your tiny dick…” it throbbed at her words, “but secretly, you want me to laugh. Is that it?”

“I…” his face burned a deep crimson, “I….”

“Well, don’t just stand there,” she said. She squeezed Sammy’s hand and backed up to the bed, laying down and making sure Sammy got an eyeful. “I’ve wanted you for ages.”

She was, in fact, dripping wet, but mostly from his humiliation. Why she couldn’t say, but there it was. Likely, she was just fucked in the head. He gazed at her longingly, eyes feasting on her legs, her pussy, running over her breasts so intently it was almost as though he used his hands.

“I … I can’t.”

She pouted. “Why not? You won’t fill me up very well, but we’ll manage.”

“I don’t deserve to,” he burst out. “I’m not good enough for you.” His cock bobbed around like a cork bobbing on the stormy sea. “You should have a real man to please you.”

She hadn’t mentioned that. Maybe Sammy felt so.

Kate smiled at him, inviting. “Just come here, silly. Your balls must be aching.”

She slid a hand between her legs, feeling her wetness, and then spread herself slightly to give him a glimpse of the pinkness he wanted so badly. His balls were enormous, she realized, nearly blue and swinging like two overripe plums. His inadequate dicklette only made them seem all the larger.

“They are…” he mewled.

Sammy looked from her freshly-shaven cunt to her face, repeatedly, desperate for release but unable to break the compulsion.

“But… I … I just can’t….” Sammy stammered.

“It’s OK if you’re not ready,” Kate said. She got to her feet and grabbed the robe from the chair, making sure he got one last look before she wrapped herself up. Then, she moved over and let herself be hugged. “It’s OK. Some boys get that way on their first time. We could try again in a month or something.”

Without the mockery, his cock deflated, but she could almost feel his balls throbbing through her robe.

“Maybe I could make your dicklette happy another way,” Kate said.

He stiffened instantly, and she suppressed a giggle. This was fun!

“Please…” he whispered. “It’s like it only works for you.”

Kate drew him to the bed, sitting with him as she caressed his over-swollen ball sack and feeling the weight from a month’s worth of unspent cum. He gasped and then let out an adorable squeak as Kate squeezed him gently. Finally, she pushed him back and lay next to him, kissing him softly as she played with his balls.

“Is this the first time a girl’s done this to you?” Kate whispered as her hand moved to his cock.

“Yesss…” he moaned, starting to thrust his hips in near desperation.

“Lay still,” she told him. Kate gave him a few strokes, watched him writhe. He wouldn’t last long, she judged. Thirty seconds tops. As much as she wanted to string it out, Sammy wouldn’t have enough self-control. That would have to be corrected.

“How long since you cum, sweetie?” she murmured.

“F-Four weeks,” he moaned. “Oh god, wait!” His eyes met hers; pleading, but he knew what he had to say. “I disappointed you today,” he gasped as her hand sped up. “Please, I don’t deserve to … to…”

She kept stroking, musing. Sammy must be close now. “You have been a bad boy,” she said. “There must be some way for you to show me how sorry you are.”

His eyes squeezed closed. “You could ruin my orgasm,” he said, barely audible.

Bless him; he wanted to cum so badly.

“Apparently, girls do that sometimes if….” Sammy added.

“Ruin you?” Kate asked.

“Yes!” He met her eyes, beseeching. “Pleasing you is more important than what I want. First, I disappointed you, now please disappoint me.”

Well, he had asked nicely. Kate looked down at her plaything on the bed, squirming and twitching as she stroked him. She bent her head to kiss his chest, sucked gently on a nipple, worked her way up to his neck.

“Cum for me, sweetie,” she whispered in his ear, knowing he’ll obey.

With an almighty groan, his head flopped back, and she felt the beginnings of his orgasm, rising from his balls, surging through the base of his cock, the release he’d dreamed about for so long…and took her hand away.

Sammy’s groan turned into a sob of frustration as his cock began spurting, but with no further encouragement, they were tiny, pitiful things, more like a trickle that went on and on as his load seeped out and ran down onto the sheets. Kate had read that it was the most frustrating thing in the world for a man to feel, a faint soreness with the tiniest amount of relief but would leave the lingering sensation that somehow his cock was blocked, all his tubes full of the cum he hadn’t managed to expel. From the look on his face, she could well believe it; her little toy writhed on the bed, desperate for some satisfaction that never came.

Kate giggled, trailing her nails down his chest, down his stomach, but stopping just short of his poor cock. So instead, she just smiled at Sammy, snuggled close, and gave him a consolation kiss. “You’re forgiven,” she said. She felt his shriveling cock resting on her thigh, felt the cum leaking down her leg, but found she enjoyed it. Next time he’d know better. By the time he came again, he’d be trained better than a show dog.

“My turn now,” Kate whispered, biting his ear gently.

Sammy mumbled something, and she felt him gently kissing her neck, running his tongue from jawline to collarbone, a hand pushing hesitantly inside her robe and running down her stomach. Kate grabbed his hand, gentle but firm, pushed it away.

“You had your chance to touch me there, sweetie,” Kate said. “Maybe another time.”

There was just enough stress on ‘maybe’ for him to realize it wasn’t a certainty.

Sammy’s face burned red with embarrassment and humiliation, and Kate’s neglected pussy throbbed with need. Suddenly, it felt like she was the one who’d been denied for a month; her thighs were already damp from Sammy’s cum, but it wasn’t all his doing. Kate sank two fingers into herself, felt her wetness, then added a third, and felt slightly stretching. It felt delicious, but all too soon, she pulled out, slick fingers finding her engorged clit; she rubbed it slowly or tried to, but her control was gone, and soon her fingers were frantically strumming.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

Why did humiliating him do this to her? Kate didn’t know, and the woman could barely think. Her free hand found Sammy’s small, shrinking cock, traced it, and cupped it. Her eyes met his and saw his shame, as well as the frustration as Kate took what he had been denied. Just realizing that sent her over the edge; waves of heat and pleasure coursed through Kate, repeatedly for what seemed like hours. Her head spun. Sammy held her tight, kissing the one part of her had been allowed. She sagged bonelessly into his arms, still gently rubbing her now-tender clit as faint aftershocks pulsed through her loins.

“Shit,” Kate breathed, now finding she was slightly embarrassed too. “It’s … not usually like that.”

Sammy grinned down at her, that boyish grin that had attracted her in the first place. “My ear hurts,” he told her. “Feels like someone just screamed in it.”

Kate swatted his arse indignantly with her free hand. “I do not scream,” she informed him.

He arched an eyebrow, but the smug look was insufferable. He’d have to be punished, of course, but not right now.

The End.


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