The Story of Doug

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by Mr 5.5 (edited)

My name is Doug, and this is the story of how I became a cuckold slave. I suppose that seems like a melodramatic way to put it, but it’s been a fucking intense experience. There have been many mile-high ups and many raw and mind-numbing downs, often occurring simultaneously with the “ups.” I guess I’ll start out by describing what my life was like in the period of continuity that I tend to think of as “Before.”

To be a cuckold, you generally need to have a wife or a girlfriend, and that certainly stands true for me. I’ve always called my wife Lizzie, though her real first name is Elizabeth and her friends all think of her as “L.” We met at college, so I was probably high the first time I saw her as I smoked a lot of herb back then. I assume that’s why I don’t remember “meeting” her per se; rather I remember being single and then emerging out of a cloud of smoke with her on my arm.

It was amazing to have a beautiful, popular girlfriend who was legitimately cool to hang out with. It gave me instant credibility among other women as well as the sexually confident men who would have been eager to invade her. We got married a year out of college, and lived together for almost 2 years before the events got set motion that produced our own sexual revolutions.

Obviously she has many wonderful personal qualities, but the ones that come to mind now are melodic, charming laugh, her friendliness, and, of course, her innate sexuality. Given the details I will share later, I suppose that it makes sense to also baldly describe her looks. She’s tall at about 5 foot 7, with long light brown hair and clear, silky just-tan skin (think light-skinned Greek, though she isn’t Greek). She is one of those girls (or women) who always seem clean and good smelling, with soft brown arm hair that barely registers against her skin, and who somewhere along the line learned how to dress to appear sexy for any occasion without sacrificing class.

She loves to wear form-fitting leggings, so tight that when they hug her firm ass, every man has to turn around as she passes by. Her breasts are (a wonderful) 34 C, just over a handful each. Her nipples are a little bigger than a quarter soft, and they shrink up to a biteable nickel size when she’s horny. She likes to wear low-cut shirts that show off her cleavage. It takes all my willpower not too dive between the two of them, that’s how amazing they are. She trims her pubic hair, keeping it neat. Sometimes she goes for a wax if beach season is coming up. I love a completely bald pussy, but she says that as a grown woman, she won’t waste her time trying to keep up with it. She LOVES sex, and though she wasn’t very experienced when we met, we eventually explored every inch each other.

I am less exciting in pretty much every area. I think it would be fair to say that most people consider me to be a “nice guy” with perhaps a bit more brainpower than that might imply. I was an English major, and I copy edited for a huge law firm. Certainly not the sexiest job, but it paid the bills and kept Lizzie and me clothed and fed. That was Before though, and I don’t know if I’ll ever return to that world.

Lookswise, I am a little heavy with a handsome face under brown straight hair that started thinning just after college. My cock basically reflects my white, rather dull appearance. It is about 2 inches long when soft, and it certainly doesn’t hang past my long ball sack, which houses two brazil nut sized, well, nuts. That is to say, my balls are small but my scrotum hangs low, emphasising my major “shortcoming.” When it gets hard, I reach about 4.5 inches, and though I’ve never measured I’d say its about 2.5 inches around.

Yep, pretty thin. I know that MANY men are smaller, but my package has never amounted to the satisfying handfuls that Lizzie would come to love, need, and eventually serve.

Our sex life was definitely great for me, as I got to squeeze the perfect round tits of one of the hottest woman I’d ever seen while I came in her sweet, young pussy. However, we both knew I had never taken her to the extremes of her sexuality, and she only came during sex occasionally. She was always hungry for sex with me for some reason. I guess in her momentary horniness she forgot about the (usually) inevitable unsatisfying ending. Also, I know that she loved me on a deep personal level so she had been able to look past sexual inadequacy. Despite all this, she had never outright complained, at least not until The Night.



I met her at home after work (she works at a museum, but usually gets home earlier than me), and after dinner and some relaxing we settled into bed for some sex. We both knew it was coming, but we were still excited, running our hands over one another, undoing buttons and sliding down pants. I still remember the look in her eyes, the wild piercing stare of someone completely enthralled with another’s body, as she slid down on my cock. I would see that look many, many more times, but after this night it was rarely directed towards me.

I was kneeling on the bed with my back at a 45 degree angle, her tight lips wrapped around my cock, and her body angled away from mine. The position gave me a great view of her bouncing tits, but my lack of length limited the movement of our hips. We never spoke about the limitations that my penis put on our sex lives, not to mention her pleasure, but there was a certain mutual understanding. However, it seemed that tonight, she had had enough.

We rolled from the angled position into one where she was on top, bouncing her smooth, luscious ass on top of my stub. She laid down on top of me, her ass cheeks opening wide to display her beautiful, tempting asshole. We never tried anal, though I sometimes suggested it. She would say something along the lines of, “Oh, I just can’t imagine how that would feel good to me?”

Her star-hole was definitely tight enough to make it seem uncomfortable, even with my meagre offering, though god-damn was it delicious (she did let me lick it, oh how I would become accustomed to that) and sexy. I was generally preoccupied with pleasuring her lovely cunt anyway, so I always just shrugged it off.
Anyway, I was too caught up in the ecstasy of the act to realize that the look of lust had evaporated from her eyes along with the fervour of her humps.

Before I knew what had happened, she rolled off of me, my cock losing its warm, wet home and exposed to the cold air of the bedroom. I looked up, bewildered, losing my hardness as I turned and saw her face. Disappointment, sadness, anger, and pity all somehow found room to fit into her expression. I didn’t need to say anything to convey my own sentiment, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry, I just can’t do this anymore. I’m not getting what I need,” she said. “I love you so much, and I can tell that you have a great time, but the sex we have has become unfulfilling and I know there is more out there.”

“Wow!” I said stunned.

Obviously I was aware of the situation, but I guess I thought she either didn’t worry about it or had other priorities. The last thing she said, about knowing there is more out there stuck in my mind. But I had other more immediate questions, “Ok…how long have you been thinking this?”

“I have to be honest with you.” An ominous way to start, but what she continued with sent my conception of our relationship reeling. “From after the first couple of times we had sex, it became clear to me that there were certain limitations to where you could take me. Again, it has just been weighing on my mind for so long, and we are finally discussing it, so I might as well come out and say it.”

Butterflies filled my stomach. I was completely taken off-guard. One second we, or at least I, was in the midst of raw carnal pleasure, the next my wife of almost 2 years was about to tell me a secret she had been holding back for even longer than our married life. The anger and disappointment left her face, and she looked down at me with sad eyes. “It’s your penis, baby. I’m sorry but its true. Its hard to describe, but I can feel that there is more room in me than you fill up. Its just…its just too small. God, I am so horrible for saying all of this, but it has genuinely been such a constant source of discouragement.”

My penis had wilted a little with the loss of my wife’s pussy to keep it interested, and upon hearing this news I expected it to fully deflate. To my surprise, it began to grow hard again as I heard my beloved wife belittle my cock. She didn’t notice, she had already opened the floodgates and intended to completely unload her emotional burden.

“At first, I thought I could get used to it, or that we could find some way around it. You know, get creative like we have tried. Just push through and love will find a way. But you know me, I crave sex even the second after we finish having it, and I don’t think it should be that way. In fact, I won’t let it be that way anymore,” she said.

I never expected this conversation to actually happen, and I was beyond shocked. It seemed that my life was being unwound right in front me. My wife had been keeping such a huge secret from me for years? How unaware had I been? I was slowly coming to terms with this bombshell, while her honesty only drove her to be more frank. “Wait Lizzie, why do you always seem so horny and anxious to fuck if this is how you’ve always felt?”

She glanced towards the door of the bedroom and down the hall to our study. “One day, years ago, when I was at home alone, I was thinking about this whole situation and how unsatisfying your cock is for me.” At this my cock moved on its own, hardening and standing straight up in my lap. She continued, “I found myself googling ‘big cocks’ so I could see what I’d been missing. I found so many of them.”

Her eyes glazed over as if remembering a beautiful dream. “Oh my god, it gave me new life. I could almost feel them in my hand, strong and thick and proud. Unlike your little dick that peeks barely peeks out of your pubic hair, these dicks command attention, that’s what stuck out to me. They belonged to real men. God I want them so badly!” She raised her voice at this last bit.

This went far beyond what I could ever have imagined. She obviously despised my penis.

“I want to smell their majesty. I would lick pure shit off of one if I could just touch it. I would serve at the feet of these men. They could be the biggest asshole in the world, they could be Nazis for all I care, and I would still do whatever they said as long as they had a big, fat cock that I could suck for them. I would eat their cum off the floor if they wanted me to, or even if they didn’t I would do it anyway. I would be such a slut for them. I started going on big cock porn almost everyday. I saved my favourites to my phone so I could always be near them. I would race home so I could cum from looking at them before you got home, and then I would jump your bones and try to forget about your boy-dick with those huge dicks fresh in my mind. I would think about them bursting open my throat and exploding my pussy while you pounded away. Don’t you see I need that!?”

Her anger had returned.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I can’t tell anymore, it was at this moment that she saw what her humiliating words had done to my now raging hard-on. “Oh you’re fucking pathetic,” she said looking down at my boner.

With that, she got up from the bed. Her tits bounced tantalisingly and her ass was still within grabbing distance when wrapped herself in her robe and left the room.

I was emotionally and physically paralysed. I knew my wife still loved me, I was still sure of that. We’ve had far worse arguments that often ended with one of us storming out of the room, and we always found ourselves hugging and, more often than not fucking, afterwards. There was only one thing I knew I had to do. I grabbed my still rock hard cock and pounded away, with an image of my servile wife begging for another man’s cum ingrained in my head. I came on to the sheets and kicked them off the bed. I curled into the foetal position, yanked up a blanket, and completely drained of energy, passed out.



I woke up the next morning not knowing what to expect. The discussion we had in bed the night before was a blur, though specific phrases that stuck to my head and my heart rang out in my ears.

“I won’t let it be that way anymore!”

“I would be such a slut for them.”

And especially: “I know there is more out there.”

I pulled up my boxers from yesterday and dragged my robe off of the floor. I pushed open the bedroom door and ventured downstairs. I found Lizzie at the kitchen table. She was still in the robe from the night before, and she didn’t look like she had gotten too much sleep wherever she had spent the night in the house. In front of her were two steaming mugs of coffee.

“I heard you get up.” She pushed one of the mugs over in my direction.

She looked at me warily, it seemed she didn’t know what to expect either. We sat in silence, punctuated by slurps we both tried to hide. It became obvious one of us would have to break the ice, and I guess she thought she should begin. “I just need to say that I am sorry, Doug. I don’t know what came over me. I blew the whole situation way out of proportion, it’s not so bad… I’m sorry about saying all that about your penis, I am still happy to please you.”

As if to prove it she began to slide under the table. I opened my mouth to say something, but then decided against it. I felt my boxers get yanked down and my robe parted. A tongue ran over my balls as a hand began pumping on my flaccid dick. As my cock quickly sprang into action, the tongue slowly reached its head and was soon engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. Of course she fit the whole thing in her mouth without even gagging.

She licked her finger and cradled my balls in her palm while she reached back with the wet finger to rub and probe my asshole. With her lips and tongue sliding up and down my shaft, what she was doing with her hands felt incredible. Before long I knew I was ready to cum. I squirmed perceptibly to get the point across, expecting her to remove my cock from her mouth and direct the shot somewhere else. Instead, she fought off my movements and kept sucking until the hot semen spewed into her mouth.

After a few more pumps from her hand and another lick across the head, she came back up from under the table and sat in her chair. I could tell by the way her cheeks bulged out that the semen was still clearly in her mouth. She pulled her mostly full cup of coffee up to her mouth, and let the spitty-cummy mixture seep out into the cup. It produced a frothy film, which she mixed into the drink. She proceeded to take a gulp, her eyes staring into mine the entire time. We sat in silence again, though this time it was much less tense; all the while my penis was jumping at the thought of my wife literally drinking my cum. It put me back on firm ground and steadied my reeling mind.

I decided I should finally say something. I took a deep breath and started in. “I love you so much. You are all I have ever wanted and more.” This next part was hard to verbalise, but it had to come out. I worked up my courage. “I know it must be hard being stuck with my penis. Trust me, I know it’s no great shakes. I know we’ve discussed our past lovers before, but in light of what happened last night, can you tell me about the other penises you have seen?”

She looked right at me. “You know I haven’t seen that many in person, mostly the ones online. I blew a boy in high school who had an average, unmemorable prick. When I got to college, I was usually drunk when I slept with the couple boys that I brought home. I remember a couple that were bigger than yours, though still really not that big…”

Her words were acid, and she left off the last thought, though the meaning was obvious: your cock is one of, if not the, smallest I’ve been with. Most cocks are bigger.

She did add, “I am so glad we can talk about this openly. I saw how you reacted to what I said last night.”

Indeed, my cock was stirring once again.

“Do you really have pictures on your phone of other men’s cocks?” I asked eyes wide.

She smiled sheepishly and reached for her phone. “I renamed the pictures and hid them deep in my files in case a friend, or you, grabbed it before I could do anything.” She played on her screen for a minute and then somewhat proudly handed me the phone.

The screen was taken up with a giant, white member. The picture was taken from below, and the cock angled up to the left. The balls and surrounding area were shaved, and the shaft was rock hard with veins bulging out of the sides. It had to be at least 8 or 9 inches long with a 3-4 inch circumference. Just a massive dong. I looked down my own, half-hard dick and back at the picture. There really is no comparison, I thought.

“Scroll to the right,” Lizzie said.

I did.

Page after page of giant penises flashed by my eyes. Most of them were black, unlike the first one. All were rock hard and thicker than her arm. So different from what she found on me. If this is what she wants, my penis will never, ever suffice, I thought.

She had walked over behind me and was watching the pictures fly across the screen too. Her breath quickened and she crossed an arm over her breasts, slowly rubbing them. She gulped her words, her eyes transfixed on the screen. A monstrous, vein ridden black dick sat on a sack that looked like it held two golf balls flashed. “Ooh I love that one, I was trying to think about it last night when you slid your dick into me.”

I put the phone down and turned to her. “I can’t be happy knowing this is what you want and you can’t get it from me. I’ll never be able to be that.”

She frowned. “I know sweetie. It’s ok…”

I shook my head, “No its not. I never thought I would say this, but I can find you another man who has the kind of dick you need. It really pains me, though I can’t deny that it turns me on a little bit. I can…find a big cock for you.”

She seemed genuinely startled. “Oh no, no, that is not what I want. I am your wife and that comes with certain responsibilities. I cannot and will not cheat on you, no matter how little your dick is.”

I flinched, I was still not used to hearing that,.

The she smiled at me, “That is far beyond what I am thinking about. So far I just like to see them from afar, I really can’t think of being with another man in real life. I love you and I love the family that we will one day have too much.”

I was relieved.

What I had offered was way more than what I really wanted to do, plus I wasn’t even sure how I would go about finding such a stud. Neither of us had any knowledge about the cuckold lifestyle nor anything related to it yet. But I still genuinely wanted to help her find sexual satisfaction.

“Ok honey, we won’t do that then,” I said. “But what if I buy you a dildo. Like a big, fat fake dick that you can use when I can’t fuck you right.”

Her face brightened. “Wow that’s a great idea! I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that, it will totally solve the problem!” She leaned across the table and kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Hopefully this will make you happy”

The conversation drifted off into more day-to-day tasks. After all, even though I now knew my wife craved big, thick cocks, it didn’t upend the schedule of chores and tasks that life required of you. At least not yet.

Later that day, after checking for the nearest sex shop, I left work under the pretence that I was getting lunch. The truth was, the last thing on my mind was food. I was nervous to be walking to a sex shop and emerging with what I was looking to buy. I hoped I didn’t see anybody I knew. But I knew I had to offer my wife something more than my dicklet, though, so about half an hour later I emerged from VIP Palace Sex and Novelty Shop with an 8-inch dildo that looked alarmingly real.

The whole shaft was as thick as an exhaust pipe with a massive head. The clerk hadn’t even blinked an eyelash, though I bet she noticed that I was trying to rearrange my pants to help alleviate my throbbing boner, 4.5-inches though it is. After a day of trying to concentrate on work, I drove home, hoping that I had found the solution to our problem and Lizzie would be satisfied.

I opened the door to find her sitting on the computer, filling out a form on a website. When I looked closer, I realised that the form was outlined with pictures of girls faces and pussies stuffed with immense logs of cock. She turned towards me and smiled. I realised she was wearing an oversized shirt without anything on her legs or pussy.

“I am so glad I don’t have to hide this anymore. I’m joining this site so I can have pictures with better resolution,” she said matter-of-factly. “Oh, I used your credit card.”

I let that go, though both pained my heart and woke up my cock again. “I have a surprise for you,” I managed.

I held the packaged dildo behind my back. She got up off the chair and walked over to me, the expression on her face hard to read. Then right as I brought it around my back she realised what it was and her face lit up with excitement. She grabbed the package from my hand and ripped it open. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was hanging open as she wrapped her hands around the huge shaft and shuddered. Liquid splashed on the floor from underneath her. Her knees buckled. She came just from holding the big rubber dick.

It was right then that I knew we had barely scratched the surface of our new sex life.



Lizzie took to the dildo like a duck to water.

After wiping up the mess she left on the floor, she rinsed off the dildo to remove anything harmful from the packaging and sat down on the couch in the TV room. I barely moved, simply pivoted where I stood since I handed her the package. She yanked her shirt above the line of her tits and started to gently rub and caress them. Her nipples were already hard, and her breasts heaved as her breath quickened. Her hands were twisted around the fake cock’s thickness, and her eyes rolled back in her head when she licked it for the first time.

As if giving a real blow job, she began with long licks under the head and shaft, grabbing at the rubber balls attached at the end, before cramming it deep down her throat. Her eyes bulged, as the cock just kept moving through her full, soft lips with almost no end in sight. Her legs began grinding together to get some stimulation on her cunt. She may have sucked and fucked bigger cocks than mine, but there was no way she had ever experienced anything like this.

My cock was rock hard, but I honestly didn’t notice. I had never seen my wife act this way, even in our most successful sexual interactions.

Having had her momentary fill and giving the dildo a nice coating of sloppy saliva, she brought it away from her face and toward her glistening pussy. First she rubbed it against her clit to get her snatch ready for the unprecedented size of the cock. Soon she took a deep breath and began working it in between her lips. It took a minute or two before she could really start moving it deeper into her cunt, and she let out a small yelp when it suddenly slid in a couple of inches.

Her breath was deep and quick, her cheeks were flushed. She started pumping it in and out of her pussy with increasing speed. Her legs jerked and her hips bucked uncontrollably as she reached a mammoth orgasm. Her cum flowed out around the edges of the dildo, which surprised me because it seemed her cunt lips were stretched as tightly as possible and there could be no extra room.

She lay there in a pool of her own fluids, chest rising and falling with her quick breath, her hand still wrapped around the monster cock that was still halfway inside her. Her other arm lay limply at her side. A look of satisfaction that I rarely saw spread over her face, and she mumbled, “So that’s what a good cock feels like.”

My slacks bulged at the crotch, and as I moved to rearrange that situation, my wife turned and saw me as if for the first time in hours. She removed the dildo from her pussy and placed it next to her.

“Oh Doug! I honestly completely forgot you were there,” she gushed.

Just wonderful, I thought sarcastically.

It dawned on me for the first time that this may not have been the most well thought out idea if I ever wanted to be the man in the relationship. What had I precipitated exactly? “Thank you so much for this gift, it absolutely makes up for what you have in your pants there.” Her eyes gestured towards my groin.

The comments at my dick size still stung, but I was getting used to them slowly. I was also discovering that the humiliation turned me on, so I decided to not fight these characterisations of my dick as tiny and worthless.

“Come here baby, let me thank you properly,” she said seductively.

I eagerly unzipped my pants and yanked down my boxer briefs. My dick sprang up out of the mess of pubic hair, begging to be touched.

“There’s the little guy. Ooh look how small your balls are compared to these,” she said gesturing towards the set on the dildo.

The look on her face was odd; she wasn’t smiling. She didn’t look happy as much as she looked determined. I positioned myself in front of her, excited to feel her sloppy pussy on my member. I licked her nipples and began rubbing my cock against her leg. She sat up a bit, seeming to inadvertently move her leg away from my dick. As I made my intention clear, my wife quickly spoke up. She looked worried. “Would it be OK if I sucked you off instead? My pussy is just a little tired, its never been worked that way before, though it will have to get used to it.”

I was disappointed, but it made sense to me, and I was happy to have supplied her with what she wanted in the sex department for once. I put one leg up on the couch and she leaned forward to take my cock into her mouth. She lightly rubbed my balls like she knew I loved, and I was ready to cum in no time. Except this time, unlike this morning, she was not planning on swallowing it.

When my hips started to buck and I grunted in anticipation, she pulled it out of her mouth and jerked my cum out on to her tits. Incredibly sexy, but certainly a drop off from this morning’s excitement.

As my penis began to soften, Lizzie took off her shirt and wiped the cum from her chest. She stood up, grabbed the dildo and left the room without a word. Wearing nothing from the waist down, I walked into the kitchen to satisfy my usual post-orgasm hunger. As I took the bread and meats from the fridge, I heard wailing come from across the house. I was startled, but then remembered we had a new member of the family, no pun intended, and that life around here would probably be different.

‘Hey,’ I thought. ‘I was just denied sex because her pussy was supposed to be so tired and now she is at it again five minutes later? This is bullshit.’

I marched through the house to our bedroom where I found Lizzie furiously pounding away at her allegedly sore cunt. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, tits bouncing wildly and saliva dripping from her open mouth as she directed all of her focus on her mounting orgasm.

“Ok, what the fuck?” I began. “You say I can’t fuck you because your pussy is so tired and then I find you in here stretching it out even more? What the fuck is that all about?”

She ignored me until she had finished cumming, by now the whole house was starting to smell of pussy juice and sex. Finally, when she was done shuddering and she could stand up and look me in the eye, she began talking. Her voice took on a new confidence, not that she wasn’t confident before today, but now she spoke with authority and a sense of unabashed certainty. She no longer had any reservations about humiliating me, and in fact seemed to get a lot joy out of her control of the conversation.

“Ok, we need to have another talk. Even though I have only had this new, better cock for about an hour, it has crystallised some of the thoughts that I have had for a while. I now know what sex is supposed to be about for a woman. It’s not about getting worked up only to never reach my full climax, and it’s not about giving you a place to put your tiny dick. I lied about my pussy being tired. I just…I don’t want your cock in it right now. This dildo, this fake dick, awakened feelings that I didn’t know I had.”

This was incredibly hard to hear from my beautiful wife, and I worried that I knew where this conversation was heading. Yet it was hard to be upset when she was standing in front of me completely naked, her firm tits within reach and her delicious, though slightly hairy, pussy was still visibly moist. Despite all that was happening, I was having stirrings of my own in my nether regions, which were still visible mind you. I hadn’t put on any pants since the blow job on the couch.

Undeterred, she continued laying down the new rules of our sex life.

“It touched parts of me that I didn’t know existed. And – I don’t care if this hurts your feelings because honestly, your cock offends me – the best sex we ever had pales in comparison to what I just did to myself. And there was no preparation, nothing special, just this huge dick. At least for right now and the foreseeable future, I don’t want your dick in my pussy. I will blow you, or maybe just jerk you off, to get rid of your gross little boners, but I just discovered what my pussy is actually for and it’s not that thin, sorry twig.”

She had one more thing to say.

“I know it must be hard to believe, but I still love you. So much. I love that you will let me go on this adventure with my body and that you won’t intrude with your own selfish wants. If only you had a bigger cock, we probably wouldn’t have this problem. But you don’t, so I have to take matters into my own hands.”

So my dark premonition from earlier was fulfilled. I felt my masculinity vanish before my very eyes, and I envisioned myself begging for sexual attention from my own wife in this house, that I bought through my own hard work, while she pleasures her self indiscriminately with the fake cock I bought her. It was hard to verbalise all the conflicting emotions I felt, but I had to say something. My sex life, and possibly my marriage, was on the line.

“I don’t know what to say,” I finally managed. “I love you too, and I know I’ve had enough selfish sex with you where you didn’t get what you wanted that I can stand to give it up for a bit.”

“Thank you for being understanding. Seriously, thank you so much, I appreciate it more than you can imagine.” She changed the subject and the tough, authoritative demeanour vanished. “Were you about to eat something before you came in here? Lets have some dinner.”

We both walked toward our shared closet to get dressed. Lizzie put on a low cut tank top and the shortest booty shorts she had. I reached for some boxers and she said coyly, “Don’t put those on, just put on a long shirt. I have some ideas, I’ll explain them over dinner.”

Half an hour later we sat down to a dinner of leftovers and salad, neither of us having the energy to whip up a grand meal. My cock and balls were splayed out on my seat in front me. My wife poured some wine. The look of authoritative confidence was set on her face. “I’ve been thinking for a bit, and I would like to set a couple ground rules now, and if I think of any more, I’ll tell you.”

“Ok…” I said feeling worried.

She held up the dildo, which she had brought from the bedroom. “First, this is the cock of the house. I will call it ‘the cock’ and I will call your… your thing ‘the clitty’ because both of us have sexual organs that aren’t meant to go inside a vagina. You will refer to them that way as well if you want any sexual attention from me. Agreed?”

This seemed like an oddly formal rule, who cared what something was called? But, as the old saying goes: in for a penny, in for a pound. I was ready to let my wife get what she wanted. I nodded my agreement.

“Ok, good, thank you. Second, clearly I am going to be the dominant person in this relationship from now on. My desires come first, as yours have for so long. I want to codify this new dynamic. When you walk around the house, you will not wear your own clothes. You will wear what I choose for you. It will probably be embarrassing, and they will definitely accentuate your clitty. It grosses me out, but I want us to both remember all the time why we are doing this.”

I started to protest, “What if somebody comes over unexpectedly?”

“Hmm good point, I don’t want to embarrass you in public. You still need to earn money for me… I mean us. Let’s keep a robe by the door and you can always just say you woke up from a nap or got out of the shower. Also, I’ll answer the door from now on. I am in charge.”

I gulped, “Anything else?”

“Yes thirdly, you will shave your clit and little ball sack. It should always be hairless. I don’t want it to be able to hide in your pubes. I think I’ll find it less distasteful if it isn’t surrounded by your pubic hair. I will also get my pussy waxed regularly.”

My eyes perked up, I loved it when she did that and I thought I was finally getting a break.

“Not for you though, remember your clit won’t be anywhere near my pussy for a while. You will sometimes film the cock going in and out of me, and I want an unobstructed view.” she said wagging her finger at me.

My momentary excitement quelled, I nodded.

The a broad smile came over her face, “Lastly, for now, you are not allowed to masturbate without my permission. I own your clit and your cum. I will decide when you can release.”

I sat for a moment eyes wide and slack jawed at what my wife had suddenly become. What she wanted me to become, a sissy man. What choice did I have as I could see she was completely serious about her rules. If I wanted to stay with her I had to take on the new role as her sissy man. It was humiliating to say the least. Still I had the hardest boner I have ever had so I knew I would do whatever she wanted.

I nodded and said, “OK I am in.”

She nodded approvingly, “Good! Now I will clean up dinner when we are done, and you will go shave your clit. You will fuck me with the cock later, though you probably will not get a release yourself.”

And so began my transition to a cuckold sissy slave.

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