Class Reunion

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by carlyle2

Tom and Kelly sat next to each other on his couch. It was almost midnight now, and their 10 year high school class reunion was over. It was his first time seeing her since she went away to France to go to college, and he couldn’t get over all the old feelings rushing back.

Back in high school they used to hang out all the time, which was kind of weird. Kelly was one of the popular girls – a straight A student, in the choir and band, a cheerleader her freshman year to head cheerleader in her senior year, and prom queen her senior year. She was considered one of the hottest girls in school back in the day. She was just 5’7″ tall, blonde, very thin, and beautiful with a perfect 36C-26-38 figure.

Tom was kind of a joker and had a lot of friends but wasn’t especially good in school and wasn’t especially handsome. Tom was 6′ tall, a bit on the scrawny side, and was considered a nerd by his peers when he was in high school.

But somehow in maths class sophomore year they hit it off. She had been forced to pair up with him for a study group, and over the weeks they became good friends, sitting on his couch, studying Algebra, and later everything together.

Tom had always had a crush on her, but Kelly was always with one or another boyfriend so he’d never made his move. He dated some over the years but Kelly had always been in the back of his mind, his secret missed chance. His lost love.

Now she was here, back in town, sitting on his couch with him. They had a lot to drink, and as she leaned back to catch her breath her tits pressed against the thin fabric of her white tanktop. She had often worn something like that in high school, and now that she’d changed out of her evening gown and into jeans and the tanktop it made the scene feel perfect.

She leaned forward again now, and looked into Tom’s eyes with a grin. “You remember that time? At the pool party.”

“Hm? What do you … mean?” Tom stammered, turning red instantly. Of course he remembered.

“You know, when we were playing tag in the pool, and Lisa accidentally yanked off your trunks. You were so cute then.”

“I guess I was a late bloomer, you know?” He blushed more, remembering the surprised smile on her face at the party back then. She’d only seen it for a second, but she’d definitely seen how tiny his penis was.

“Yeah, you did get a little taller after that. But not much. Hold on, stand up,” she said, standing herself. She wobbled a little and the ice cubes in her glass made a clinking noise.

He looked up at her. Kelly was so beautiful, and she had a look on her face like he’d never seen before. Playful … but with a hint of desire in her eyes. He stood up in front of her.

She towered over him, as usual. She stood there, looking down, then ran her hand from the top of his head to where it lined up next to her chin.

“I don’t think you’ve changed at all, actually. No bigger. But hopefully not much smaller.”

She glanced down at him and paused, then a second later planted her lips on his and gave him a long, deep kiss. It was what he’d always wanted, he thought, as he sank into her warm kiss. He felt the firmness of her breasts pressing into his stomach, and the hardness of his cock pushing against her leg.

In a second, she had him on the couch, taking him down easily, and knelt in front of him. Kelly gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then leaned back and slid off her top. An instant later, she let her strapless bra fall to the floor. Her breasts were incredible. Tom was dumbfounded by the suddenness, but didn’t resist as her hands deftly went to work on his belt and jeans.

As Kelly undid his pants, he decided to go on the offence also and slid off her pants and black panties. A thin triangle of light brown hair highlighted her pussy, and with a slight touch of his fingertips he could feel she was already wet.

She stopped to accept his warm touch, then bent down to finish getting his jeans off. With her hands on the top of his briefs she paused, his hardness clearly visible through the white cloth, then she pulled them down with a jerk.

When she saw it she let out a faint gasp. “Are you sure you didn’t get any smaller. It’s just – it’s so tiny.” She may have seemed shocked and amused, but she still wanted him. Even as she giggled aloud with a big smile her right hand was on his cock, gently wrapping her thumb and 2 fingers around it, softly stroking the tiny 3 inch stub of a penis.

Just as she could see he was really enjoying it, she bent in to whisper in his ear. “I always wanted to try this with a little tiny cock like yours.” And she lowered her head and slid her soft lips over the length of his shaft. She never took it all in, but only played with his little cock, licking the base, sliding her mouth up and down the length of it in kisses, then looked up into his face with a big grin.

“I guess some things never change.” She leaned in close, now clenching his cock and sliding up and down with her firm grip. “You’ll always be my tiny little math buddy.”

With that she jerked his body forward to the edge of the couch and squatted on top of him, sitting almost with her knees on the couch, and pushed her body next to him. Tom almost had to lean forward to reach with his pelvis, but in a second his cock was inside Kelly’s warm pussy. Into her, she shoved him. She took him all in.

She sat atop him, so big, so full, her firm round tits in his face and her wide hips slid up and down. His cock looked incredibly small, poking up into her. It was incredibly small – but she was able to pull it all into her. Pull it into the soft wetness of her body. With each stroke he bit his lips in ecstasy and she moved her head left to right.

He knew now that she’d wanted it as much as he had. He slid his hips forward, extending his length, sliding it into her. She looked at him, eyes big now, and let out a faint sigh. “Oh, fuck me, do it. Do it.” She almost whispered to him, massaging his shoulders and pushing him left or right just a little to keep him in the right position. “Ohhhh, mmmmhh.” She let out a whimper.

Then as he pushed into her more, deeper, and with slower longer stroked, he felt it building up. He looked into her eyes and saw he expression change. She could feel it. She was tightening her grip, with her legs but also with her hips, pussy, and arms. Her body tightened around him in every way. The grip of her muscles on his cock was incredible. She was the tallest, biggest woman he’d been with, but she felt like a vice clamping onto his dick.

With one last push, he shot up into her and clenched her body to his. She screamed out, and leaned back, her hips convulsing with each spasm of pleasure. She could feel him shoot into her, and with each pulse an electric finger of pleasure raced from her pussy up her spine.

This was it. This was their moment of perfection. Afterwards, she leaned back into the soft leather of the soft, sitting next to him. He lit her cigarette and took a hit from it himself. They sat naked there staring forward, but occasionally stealing a peak at each other’s bodies. Hers wet with sweat, chest heaving. His body more muscular than she’d imagined, but also much less immature in one way than any man she’d ever seen before. She couldn’t believe the tiny penis that had shrunk down to nothing now had given her this much pleasure. She wrapped a pinkie around it, and they sat like that, holding each other and toying with each other’s tingling bodies all night.

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