Baby Dick

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By Silvy Richards (edited).

Walking through the front door arriving home from cheer-leading practice, Laura jumped back a bit in surprise when she saw Christy the teenage girl who lived a few doors down the street came bolting down the stairs.

“Oh, it’s you. Phew! You scared me. I thought it might have been your Mother coming home early from work!” Christy sheepishly confessed, slowing down a bit.

“I scared you? It’s more like the other way around! What’s the big rush? And also, where’s the little twerp anyways?” She asked, referring to her younger stepbrother Richard.

He preferred to be called Rich, but his stepmother refused to shorten his name, and just to piss him off, his stepsister also insisted on calling him Richard. But on any given day when she was feeling extra nasty, she’d just called him Dick. Worst thing was, his evil stepmother tolerated it.

“You’re the one who wanted a shorter name. Deal with it!” His stepmom had told him, happy that her daughter used the other shorter version of his name.

He hated being called that more than anything else, due to the embarrassing fact that he had a small penis. It wasn’t just a small penis, it was an extra-small penis, and to make matters worse, for years his been bragging about the opposite. He was ‘Hung like a Horse’ is what he told people, yet very few believed him, especially his stepsister.

“Well, all I can say is that today, revenge tasted sweet!” Christy said with a shit-eating-grin.

“I still don’t get why you hang around my nerdy stepbrother. If you keep it up, people will soon be labelling you a ‘Nerd’ as well. You realise that, don’t you? People will begin to talk if you keep it up!” Laura warned.

There had always been some animosity between the two of them due to age difference, so Christy became defensive, standing up for herself while explaining the whole situation.

“I’ll have you know Laura, that at first, all I wanted to do was just check out your basement. Rich had bragged to everyone at school that he owned all the video games ever created, plus he also said he also had a gigantic flat-screen, the biggest speakers known to mankind, and that it was all hooked with super-surround sound. But what ended up happening, and I don’t think you’re aware of this, is that Rich and I made a few bets at first when we got to playing. Embarrassing bets, if you know what I mean. Kind of like strip poker,” she began to say with a blush, recalling the first time they had played together.


“Come on! A bet’s a bet!” Richard had whined, egging Christy on to remove her bra.

They’d just played another set of Wii tennis, and even though it had taken a while, he had beaten her fair and square, six to four. What wasn’t fair was the hidden camera that was secretly pointed at her.

“I can’t believe I’m about to show my boobs to the biggest nerd in school!” Christy had moaned, as she unclipped her bra and embarrassingly let it fall to the floor. Just as agreed upon, she had turned around to face him, with her arms to the side, with her big boobs in full view, and in a loud voice, very annoyingly began to count to ten.

“There! Are you happy?” She had snapped at him still bare chested when she finally finished counting.

“Just one more thing…” he had said with a smirk, “… ~smile for the camera!~” As he motioned over his shoulder behind him, pointing to the webcam that was secretly hidden somewhere recording everything.

Pulling out his small ipad and storing the video in a secure place in incredible lightning speed, Richard had turned the screen around and showed Christy that he hadn’t been lying to her. In crystal clarity she saw herself counting to ten, completely topless, wearing only a skimpy pair of black panties.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” She had said in an irate voice, quickly getting re-dressed.

“You shouldn’t have called me a nerd,” he had said calmly. “But, I’ll be nice. If you don’t want me showing this video to our fellow classmates, all you got to is come over every couple of days and we’ll play video games together. We’ll be like video game buddies! That’s all.”

Hence began her forced friendship with Richard, the neighbourhood geek. It took her two weeks to finally remedy the situation, and when she did, she got hers and then some.


“But that’s all ancient history. You can say I just won the biggest bet ever, and if you run upstairs right now, so can sort of do the same thing!” Christy said with a smirk as she made her way past Laura and out the front door. “Oh, and by the way, bring a camera with you! You’re going to owe me one after this!”

With a puzzled look on her face, Laura suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of her bratty stepbrother coming from upstairs.

“COME ON CHRISTY, THIS ISN’T FUNNY ANYMORE!” he yelled in obvious frustration.

Climbing up the stairs, wondering which room he was in, Laura came to a sudden halt in front of the bathroom door which was halfway open.


Immediately putting her hand to her mouth in shock, followed by a giggle, Laura saw her half-naked little stepbrother handcuffed with his arms perfectly secured over his head. Not only that, but he was only wearing a towel around his waist, it was clear that he had just lost all his body hair.

“Oh… my… God!” was the first thing out of Laura’s mouth.

“Uh… hi Laura…” Richard began to say all bug-eyed, followed by, “… uh, nothing to see here! Seriously, come on, just get out, okay? Get out!”

“Well, well, well…” she began, slowly sashaying into the bathroom, “… what do we have here? Looks like you’re kind of trapped there, doesn’t it?” Laura said all giggly.

“Listen, Laura…” he tried to think fast, but nothing was coming to him, “… I’m really sorry for all the mean things I might’ve done to you in the past. All those stupid immature pranks…”

“You mean like the time stole all my undies, put them in a bucket of water, and then placed them in the freezer overnight?!?” she cut him off.

“Yeah, I guess that was kind of silly of me…” he said before being interrupted again.

“You guess that was kind of silly of you?” she challenged him.

“Ok, you’re right! It was totally wrong! It was totally immature of me. But listen, do you see the key on the counter right there…” he nodded with his head, “… if you could just unlock these handcuffs, uh-uh, I-I-I’ll really owe you big-time!” he said sheepishly.

“Or how about the time you lifted my skirt at Aunt Edna’s, right in front of Greg, Gary, and George!” Laura described, recalling the embarrassment she had endured in front of her male cousins. “And how later on that same afternoon, when we were all in the pool, you tried to untie my bikini top how many times again? Six or seven times, right?”

“Uh… uh… again, I’m real sorry. You’re right, that was really stupid of me,” he continued to back pedal, and very regrettably let out a nervous laugh at the end of his sentence.

“Oh, so you thought it was both stupid and funny, is that it?” She challenged him.

“No, no, no… it’s just, uh… uh… the guys were egging me on to do it, and well, uh, I didn’t want seem like a chicken or anything…” Richard admitted, before being cut off again.

“So it was their fault, is that what you’re saying?”

“Well… yes… no… kind of…uh… uh… I just didn’t want to look like a wimp. Please, let me make it up to you. Just unlock me, and… and… I’ll do all your house chores for a month, okay?” he pleaded.

Ignoring his question she continued her approach until she was standing right next to him, eyeing him up and down.

“Besides looking trapped, you’re also looking kind of hairless! I mean, wow! Would you look at those bald armpits!” Laura said with a smirk as she focused her attention there for a second, before moving on to his lower half.

“And those legs!” she continued teasing him. “Your legs are to die for! Who would’ve known?” she asked sarcastically.

“So, just so I can get this straight, getting back to why you tried to strip me in front of our cousins, you said you were trying to prove to Greg, Gary and George that you were a real man? Is that it? Because let me tell you, from where I’m standing, it looks as though you haven’t even hit puberty yet!” She snickered, making fun of his bald body.

“Speaking of which…” Laura narrowed her eyes menacingly and tilted her head down a bit and focused on his crotch area.

‘Oh God!’ Richard thought to himself, realising things were going from bad to even worse. His only hope now was for his stepmother to come home sooner than expected. She wasn’t due back for at least another half an hour, so all he could do was pray for a miracle.

“… for years now I’ve heard you bragging to almost everyone on how big you are down there, on how you were a true freak of nature! That you were practically a living tripod!” And just as the last word left her mouth, her eyes lit up, and ran out of the bathroom to go and get something.

“Speaking of tripods,” she said with a giggle as she came back with a camcorder with its stand. Positioning it right in front of him and hitting the record button, Richards face turned red in sync with the flashing red light, indicating she was recording everything that was taking place. “Smile for the camera,” Laura teased, as she made sure the angle was just right. “So, what were we talking about again? Oh yeah that’s true, we were talking about how massive you’re dick was, right?” She mocked him, as Richard just continued to blush uncontrollably.

Frowning a bit, she couldn’t help torturing him some more. “You know what’s weird? From this angle here, there’s no real bulge coming from behind that towel.”

‘Oh God… oh God…’ Richard continued to panic in his mind.

“Maybe it’s because your towel’s wrapped in the front, and all that extra material’s camouflaging that monster cock of yours…” Laura toyed with him some more, “… who knows, maybe you really are massive down there? But do you want to know what I’m really wondering?” Laura continued, but was quick, not allowing him a chance to answer, “What I’m really wondering, is if you’re completely hairless all over? Do you know what I mean?” As she smirked some more, deliberately glancing down to his crotch area again.

“I am, okay? Just take my word for it!” Richard defended himself the only way he knew how. “Are you happy?”

“You mean to tell me she shaved you everywhere, and got rid of all your nasty little boy hairs?” Laura’s eyes narrowed disbelievingly, without losing her smirk.

“I took a Miracle Bath, okay?” Richard finally admitted. “I even wore Mom’s pink shower cap and everything! There, are you happy?” Referring to the new hair removal product that was just recently released onto the market. His stepmother happened to have a bottle of the expensive stuff on hand, and just by pouring a bit of the pink liquid into a bathtub, it guaranteed immediate results that lasted much longer than shaving.

“You used Mom’s new stuff?” Laura began, before almost dying of laughter. Once she recovered she asked him with total seriousness, “You do realise that stuff keeps you hairless off a long time, right? Like up to six months!” She let him know, before laughing it up a bit more. “You silly, silly boy!”

“Okay… what do you want? Tell me, and I’ll do it,” Richard pleaded seeing no other way out. She was eyeing his towel like there was no tomorrow, so the only option left in Richard’s mid was to bargain. Not just to bargain, in this case, it was going to take some extreme bargaining.

“So you’re willing to do anything I say, is that it? Am I hearing you clearly?” She asked with her evil smirk.

Knowing full well the camera was still rolling, Richard took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and finally replied that dreaded seven letter word, “Anything.”

Seeing this as a chance of a lifetime, Laura decided to begin with some embarrassing questions.

“Okay then, would you wear a dress to school for Halloween?” Laura asked him with a smile on her face, being that the holiday was just a couple of weeks away.

“Yes, I’d wear a dress to school for Halloween,” he agreed almost too quickly, not even realising what he was saying.

“Really?” She giggled a bit before continuing. “But wouldn’t you be embarrassed?”

“Well, yeah.” Richard answered truthfully. Confused by her question at first, he soon realised her goal here was just to torture him verbally, and to make him squirm as much as possible.

“Would you wear frilly panties too?” Laura asked teasingly, giggling as she finished her phrase.

Not wanting to answer, but also knowing it was pointless to argue, Richard focused on his toes and told her what she wanted to hear.

“Yes…” he gulped, “… I’d also wear frilly panties.”

“What? You’d wear girls panties to school? Frilly lacy girly panties?” Laura’s voice broke out of character, sounding like she was in total disbelief, while in reality she had a huge grin on her face and was motioning him to respond accordingly.

“Yes…” he breathed in quickly, still as red as a tomato, “… I’d wear lacy girls’ panties to school.”

Praying that this was merely verbal abuse, and that shouldn’t actually make him do it, Laura decided to take a new route, and humiliate him on a whole new level.

“Okay, just one more thing, since you say you’re really ready to do anything,” her evil grin reappeared, “Beg me to remove your towel!” Laura said with total wraith in her voice.

Swallowing hard, Richard took a shot and decided to avoid her question by going a different direction, one that was just as equally embarrassing, but slightly less worse.

“I have a small… d-dick, okay? Are you happy?!?” Richard finally confessed to his older stepsister, hoping she might feel sorry for him and let him go.

The problem was for the past five years now ever since the two of them originally met, Richard had always boasted that he had a very big dick. He even went as far as telling people that it was so gargantuan, that he sometimes felt faint if he got an erection too quickly.

“Excuse me? Wait… what did you just say?” Laura said with narrowing eyes.

“I lied, okay? I d-don’t have a big… penis,” he confessed for a second time, blushing even more than the first time.

Giggling to herself, Laura loved this new-found power, and just couldn’t help but toy with him some more.

“So how small is it then?” She asked him point-blank.

“Uh… uh..”

“You’re taking too long,” she warned him as she reached out for his towel.

“Uh… it’s very small, okay? Y-you don’t need to see it!” Richard told her, practically begging.

“You know what? I just got an idea, don’t move!” Laura said mockingly as she headed out to go retrieve a few things.

Coming back with a big fat black marker, and a large sheet of cardboard, Richard only had his eyes on the third item she had brought with her, his laptop. With his mouth wide open, and with weakened knees, he seriously started to panic.

“Look what I found laying on your bed? Plus, it was still on!” Laura said triumphantly.

“Oh, come on! Really not cool! Leave my computer out of this! Quit being a bitch!” He said, raising his voice a little, but then regretting that last word he had used. It had just escaped his mouth uncontrollably.

Stopping in her tracks, she challenged him, “What did you just call me?”

“I… I… uh… uh…” Richard started, but couldn’t find any words to continue.

“I wonder if you’re still logged into Facebook?” She said with evil intent. “Oh my God, you ~are~! You know what? I think someone needs a new profile picture!”

At which point she took out her ipod, clicked a quick picture of him, and emailed it to his computer. Retrieving the picture from his emails, Richard sobered up to the fact that she wasn’t just fucking around, she was dead serious.

“Hey wait a minute! You can’t go through my emails like that!” He said in panic. “I’m so going to tell Mom when she gets home!” he threatened, trying to sound as scary and as threatening as possible.

“Let’s see, what should I write? How should I title your new profile picture? Oh, I know, I’ll just keep it as truthful as possible,” she said with a giggle, as she started typing away.

From the distance from where he was standing, he could see part of the screen, and knew she wasn’t just joking. What he also saw was that she was literally seconds away from changing his profile picture for real.

Happy with her final wording, she gleefully read it out loud the caption that would be posted along with the picture.

“Just lost a bet to the girl next door… sucks being me!” Laura read out loud with a smile on her face, and then added, “I even added a sad face at the end of the sentence, just to make look more authentic.”

With just one click left to make it official, Laura held her finger in the air, and glared at him.

“So, do I have you’re complete attention now?” She asked with true vengeance in her heart.

“I’m sorry I called you a bitch, okay? Just tell me what you want, and I’ll do it!” Richard spat out in total haste, regardless of the consequences.

With a triumphant smile of victory, she put his laptop aside, and grabbed the other things she had brought with her; a black felt marker, and a big piece of cardboard.

“You’re simply going to read out loud what’s on this cue card, that’s it, that’s all!” Laura said all matter-of-factly, with a smug grin creeping up on her face, making it sound like it was going to be a piece of cake.

As her marker squeaked away, Richard was already dreading to see what she was going to make him say, but also at the same time, he was trying to condition himself mentally, telling himself that they were only just words. ‘Just read out what she wants, and it’ll all be over soon,’ he tried to make himself believe.

Doing her best to keep a straight face, not wanting to crack up during his embarrassing announcement, she simply said two words that just oozed with authority.

“Read it!”

After gulping a few times, Richard conceited defeat, turned redder than a tomato, and finally read out loud what was written in front of him.

“Hi. My name is Richard Williamson…” he took a two second pause, and sheepishly continued, “… and I have a little penis.”

Suppressing her desire to laugh out loud, Laura raised her voice loud enough so that the microphone could hear her, and on cue she asked mockingly, “How little is it?”

Reading the last few words that were written in bold letters, he replied with shame, “It’s very little.”

Closing his eyes with total embarrassment, Richard wasn’t prepared for what was coming next. Still with his eyes closed, Laura slowly leaned forward and reached for his towel. And with one easy and fast tug, Richards towel was soon gone from his waist, making him 100% naked in front of his stepsister and the video camera that was still recording.

“Oh… my… God…” Laura began to say, while giggling at the same time, “… you really weren’t kidding, were you?! You’ve got a baby dick! Just like in the movie Scream, but only for real!”

Being that his penis really was freakishly small, and as of recently completely hairless, Richard said nothing and kept trying to hide from the camera by turning his hips from side to side, but by the way he was positioned, and with all the mirrors that were everywhere lining the walls, it was quite literally impossible to escape the camera’s view.

“From now on, you’re new name’s going to be baby dick! You got that, baby dick? I mean, Jeez, you literally look like a two-year old!” Laura informed him, before convulsing into more uncontrollable laughter.

After a good thirty to forty seconds on non stop giggling, Richard had finally had enough and made the dreaded mistake in calling his stepsister a bitch again. Not only that, but he also warned her that now, he was ~for sure~ going to tell their Mom about this.

“Did you really just call me a bitch again?” Laura’s eyes squinted in somewhat disbelief. Turning towards his laptop, she adjusted the angle so that he could see what she was doing and clicked ‘Post Photos’, officially changing his profile picture on Facebook.

Now with the image of him wearing only a towel, handcuffed to the shower rail, with bald armpits and hairless legs, the picture was officially made public. Along with the caption that read: ‘Just lost a bet to the girl next door… sucks being me!’, Richard began panicking even more than ever.

With the damage done, Laura turned back to see Richard pleading with her to remove the picture.

“Come on, please? Delete it before someone sees it!”

“What’s wrong? Are you embarrassed?” Laura continued to egg him on. “Afraid people are going to see your bald armpits, and your pretty little legs? Awww, poor baby!”

Richard’s face was reddening even more now, half due embarrassment, while the other half was out of pure fury.

“I could make it worse you know? I mean, if I really wanted to be mean, I could always just show them your confession about your little penis!” she warned him mockingly, while glancing down at his still naked state.

Returning to his laptop, Laura’s eyes lit up again before making her dreaded announcement.

“Wow! It’s only been up for two minutes now, and your new picture’s already got five ‘likes’ and seven ‘comments’!” Laura began, trying her best to contain her laughter, yet was unable to. Finally recovering from her case of the giggles, with fake sympathy she told him, “I guess it’s too late to delete it then, eh? Oh well. My bad I guess. Oops!”

Seeing with his own eyes that she wasn’t lying, yet at the same time being too far away to read what was being said, Richard turned as white as a sheet as he realised the genie had officially been let out of its bottle. People had seen the picture, and now, there was absolutely nothing he could do to change that.

“Let’s see… Christy your girlfriend next-door wrote, and I quote: “I take full credit! He lost the bet fair and square… PLUS he had it coming!”.

She even added a smiley face at the end of her sentence.

“Oh God,” Richard muttered to himself, realising his life was close to being over.

“Then there’s Lisa Watkinson who, aside from liking your new profile picture, also wants to know more details about the bet.” Laura read aloud.

Lisa was one of his female friends slash nemesis from school. A real blabber mouth when it came to spreading rumours, so Richard knew right away he wasn’t just in trouble; he was in deep trouble. She and he not only shared every class together, but because of her last name, she was always seated next to him in class.

“And then we have Brenda Armstrong who wants to know, and I quote: “Did you get rid of ALL your body hair?”. She even put the word ‘all’ in capital letters!” Laura said.

Brenda was a British girl he had met though the internet, while playing video games online. Their friendship had begun innocently enough, and developed to the point that they had begun Skyping each other weekly. But just like Christy, they had played some strip video games together, which he had happened to record at the time, and was currently sort of blackmailing her also. He had a video of her topless, flashing her boobs to the camera, that he liked to threaten her with. “I know a lot of guys at my school who would just love to see this video, you’re okay with that, right?” He had toyed with her, “I mean, you live across the ocean, in a completely different continent! No big deal, right?”

“You can’t show that to your friends! Come on, that’s really not funny! I doesn’t matter if we live thousands of miles apart, you’re not showing that video to anybody, or so help me God!” Brenda had threatened, but only half heatedly, due to the fact that he had held the bigger part of the stick at the time.

But was soon to change.

“Oh God,” Richard muttered again uncontrollably.

“To which Christy was nice enough to respond in your defence by writing: “He had to take a Miracle Bath! So yes, he’s completely hairless ALL over… trust me! ;)”

Gulping again, yet staying silent, Richard’s little world came totally crashing down in front of him, and he was totally helpless to do anything about it.

“The other three comments are: “OMG”, “WTF”, and “Nice!”. And they came from: Your friend Scott, Donald Whitman, and Sarah Donaldson. Isn’t she Susan’s little geeky sister?” Laura asked, hitting the nail right on the head. “That little nerdy girl who used to have a major crush on you?”

‘God, what am I going to do?’ Richard wondered to himself.

“Anyways, I think it’s time you spoke up for yourself” To which she turned the screen around and started typing away.

“What are writing?!?” Richard asked frantically, realising she was in the process of impersonating him.

“Just letting your friends know about the bet, and all the details.” Smiling in satisfaction, she finished typing and hit the ‘enter’ key.

“What did you just do?!?”

Taking a good ten seconds to laugh at his expense, Laura once again threw another bombshell at him.

“Let’s just say I added a few details…” she said with her evil grin, “… that besides being forced to take a Miracle Bath, there was also two other embarrassing things you agreed to do.” To at which point she just got up, and left with the camcorder in tow.

“Two…” Richard began to say, followed by, “… embarrassing th-th-things…” but she was already gone, leaving him to worry on his own.


Being she was a super whiz with computers, she managed to return only ten minutes later with her ever so present evil smile upon her lips, not to mention her very own pink laptop under her arm. It had seemed like an eternity to Richard, stipulating on what evilness she might’ve done, and know he was finally going to find out. Placing her pink laptop on the bathroom sink facing him, he saw that it was a video that had been paused, and in big white bold letters, on a black background, were the two words ‘The Bet’.

“Look, I made a ~video~…” she began all gleefully, “… but before you get to see it, let show you what I wrote on your Facebook page first. I know you’re dying to know! That is, what you wrote on your Facebook page,” as she turned around and picked put his very own laptop and showed him the damage.

Right under the comment where Sarah wrote ‘Nice’, Richard was quoted to having said: “Not only did I have to get rid of all my body hair… after losing the first couple of rounds of play, the bet morphed into ‘double or nothing’ type deal, so I also kinda agreed to do two other things… but I’d rather not talk about that right now! 🙁 ”

After which, pretty much the entire group of people who had been leaving comments demanding to know all the details, that he shouldn’t be such a tease and a wimp about it all. Specifically, what they really wanted to know, was what exactly were these two extra embarrassing things he had to do.

Most of the comments came from his classmates, but the very last one was from Brenda, the British girl from England. It was that comment that scared him the most. It read: “Skype me right now! My friends are over and we’re having a slumber party. We’re all DYING to hear all the juicy details!!”

Giving him enough time to read it all, Laura pointed with her finger to the upper right hand corner of the screen and told him he had a new ‘friend request’. As she clicked it open to see from who it was from, Richard let out a small gasp when he saw the person’s face.

“Oh look! It’s me!!” Laura said all playfully. “Want to be friends?” she asked him in an almost serious manner, as she right away clicked ‘accept’, and said “Of course you!” answering for him.

Not totally understanding why she had just done that, Laura turned her back to him, put his laptop aside, and started typing away on her very own pink laptop, and all of a sudden, the mystery was no longer a mystery.

“You see, I think it’s time I added my own two cents,” Laura confirmed his newest fear, as she was getting ready to leave her very own comment. Wanting to pick out just the right words, she finally announced: “There. Perfect!” , as she playfully waved her pinkie for a second, before finally slamming it down on the ‘enter’ key.

Swapping back to his computer, with a smug look of satisfaction on her face, she showed him what she wrote.

It read: “You guys want to know all the juicy details? I’m the one who found him handcuffed in the bathroom! He was begging me (like there was no tomorrow) to un-cuff him, so I made him cough up the whole story before I freed him. I even got him to admit to the whole thing on camera and everything!! Click on the video link below, and ALL your questions will be answered!”, and to his dreaded dismay, Richard saw very well that there was a video link attached at the bottom of her message.

Turning white, believing she had posted the video where he made his ‘little’ confession, Laura read through his thoughts, and in a way sort of set his mind at ease.

“Don’t worry baby dick, I didn’t post that video!” Laura said, looking down at his still naked state, while managing to giggle at the same time. “Instead, I kind of created a whole new video of my own! Here let me show you,” as she clicked play, and put the mini film on full-screen mode.

Just like he had seen beforehand, in big white bold letters, and on a black background, the two words ‘The Bet’ appeared. As female punk music began to play in the background, the video started with him blushing beat red, standing almost naked next to a bathtub, with seemingly no more body hair. As the music played on, the screen went black again and more writing appeared, which read: ‘Well, well, well… what do we have here? Looks like someone lost a bet! Did you lose ALL your body hair? Are you COMPLETELY hair free?’

At which point the music suddenly stopped, and Richard reappeared on the screen confessing: “I am, okay? Just take my word for it!” followed by, “I took a Miracle Bath, okay? I even wore Mom’s pink shower cap and everything!”

“Oh shit,” Richard said, as the video played on, and as Laura let out a satisfied giggle.

When the music resumed, and more shots of his blushing face appeared, the background once again faded to black, and again more text appeared on the screen. This time it read: ‘Besides taking a Miracle Bath, was there anything else embarrassing you agreed to do?’

And once again the music momentarily stopped, and Richard blushingly admitted to the camera: “Yes, I’d wear a dress to school for Halloween”.

“No, no, no…” Richard began to mutter to himself.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, dear little stepbrother!” Laura answered him, knowing full well he now going to be obliged to do it. “But wait, here comes the best part!”

As the punk song neared its end, more writing filled up the screen, and this time Richard almost didn’t want to look, knowing things were just liable to get worse, if that was even possible. Forcing himself to focus on the screen, the next phrase he read literally made his knees turn to jelly.

What he read was: ‘Taking a Miracle Bath… Dressing in drag for Halloween… and what else? Wasn’t there THREE things you had to do? Come on, admit it!’

A quick clip of Richard saying: “Uh… uh…” followed up by his admission, “Yes”.

‘And what was the third thing? Didn’t you say you’d stop wearing boxer shorts for the next two weeks?’

Again another clip of him saying “Yes” was shown, followed by more script.

‘If you aren’t going to be wearing boxers shorts for the next two weeks… what are you going to be wearing under your clothes? WHAT exactly was the third thing you agreed to?’

Fearing he already knew what the answer was going to be, it was confirmed by the next clip.

“I’d also wear frilly panties,” he openly admitted to the camera.

‘What about school? You agreed to wear panties for the next two weeks. Including to school?’, and just on cue, another clip of him saying the sentence, loud and clear, filled the screen.

“Yes… I’d wear lacy girls’ panties to school.”

The fact that he had used the term ‘lacy girls’ panties’ killed him the most. Not to mention that all of this was being broadcast on Facebook and that he was helpless to stop it. Feeling the rage inside him accumulate to the point of no return, Richard just snapped, and decided to speak his mind.

“If you think I’m going to start wearing panties to school, let me tell you now: you’re dreaming! There’s no way in hell that’s going to fucking happen!” Richard barked out, trying to assert himself. But Laura wasn’t going to have any of that.

“Oh, not just to school, you’re going to have to wear panties all the time, including to bed, starting today! There’s no other way around it! Otherwise, your ‘little’ confession will see the light of day. Understand me?”

“You’re a bitch, you know that?” Richard couldn’t help himself, his fury was beyond him. With her smirk reappearing on her lips, she let him have it.

“In a way, I’m glad you said that, because instead of just launching your little dick video, I’ve just thought of yet another humiliating thing you can do,” she said with cruel eyes, as she once again grabbed his laptop and began typing.

“People are so going to figure out you edited the whole thing!” Richard tried pointing out the obvious, regarding all the random cuts that were made throughout the video.

“Not if you tell them it’s all true,” she reminded him.

Gulping and realising he was already totally fucked, he was afraid to image what was going to happen next. Hearing the familiar chime of a site being accessed, Richard eyes widened when he realised what she was doing. She had just opened his Skype account.

“So, you’re British friend Brenda’s having a slumber party, eh? I think it’s time you crashed it!” Laura said as she positioned the webcam at the most ideal place, capturing both his face and naked body.

“Aww, come on, please…” he began to beg once again, only to once again fall upon deaf ears, “… ugh… ugh… come on, you can’t do this!”

Humming to herself as she grabbed a small wash-cloth from the sink counter, along with the key to the handcuffs, Laura proceeded to fabricate something that was a total mystery to Richard. Managing to gently pull out a few strands of thread from the wash-cloth, Laura proceeded to tie the key in place, onto one of its corners. Once that was done, she grabbed some dental floss from the medicine cabinet and proceed to pull out a few feet worth before finally cutting it. Tying one of the loose ends of the dental floss to key, which was by now securely attached to the wash-cloth, she turned back towards his laptop and was just about to hit the ‘enter’ button when she suddenly paused.

“You know Mom’s going to punish you big-time if she finds out Christy was up here,” she reminded him, regarding one of their house rules. “And I’m definitely not going to tell her that I was the one who handcuffed you. So, you want the key, right? Here, I’ll be nice, I’ll let you have it!”

As she reached up and handed him the loose end of the dental floss, allowing his fingers to hold on to the thread. While he held the dental floss, the wash-cloth which had the key attached to it, dangled back and forth exactly on top of his naked little penis.

“All you have to do is pull on that dental floss, wind it up with your fingers, and you’ll be able to free yourself,” she informed him as she reached across back to his laptop and clicked ‘enter’ key. Grabbing her laptop and Richard’s discarded clothes that were laying on the ground, Laura left him to his own demise.

With the request sent, Richard just prayed Brenda wouldn’t be there to answer her Skype account.

“Please don’t answer, please don’t answer,” Richard whispered to himself, hoping his prayers would be answered. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t to be the case.

All of a sudden a pretty brunette with glasses appeared on the screen, and right away Richard was at a loss as to who she was. It wasn’t Brenda that was for sure, but he got his answer relatively quick.

“Oh Brenda!” the pretty girl sang out loud with a definite British accent.

From the looks of it, it was one of her friends, who just happened to be using her computer at that precise moment. “I think you’re going to want to see this!” she called out again in a sing-song voice only this time slightly louder. “It’s your friend from the States, and from the looks of it, HE’S STILL NAKED!” to which she flat-out screamed the last part.

“Listen, please, I don’t know who you are but my stepsister just played this really evil prank on me. Could you please just ‘hang up’, so to speak. You know, just disconnect, and I promise I’ll Skype you guys later if you want. Come on, please?” Richard begged, hoping it might actually work.

“Yeah right! Dream on!” she told him with a playful smile. “COME ON GIRLS, YOU’VE GOT TO SEE THIS!” she yelled off screen.

Trying to think quick, Richard seriously debated on how to proceed. Looking at the screen, he saw that the wash-cloth was perfectly levelled over privates. So far, she couldn’t see a thing. ‘Okay technically, I don’t know this girl. Plus, she lives on the other side of the ocean. The key’s right there… should I just reel it in?’ he wondered to himself.

“Fuck it,” he whispered under his breath, as he started pulling the wash cloth upwards.

“Oh… my… God…” the girl spaced out each word, “… it’s tiny!” she said, as she leaned in closer to get a better view.

Due to the way his hands were placed, and also due to numbness, Richard had a hard time reeling up the key. It was only going up one inch at a time, and the girl on the other end of the camera was getting a complete eyeful, mocking him as the wash cloth slowly crept its way upwards.

“COME QUICK GIRLS! HE’S SHOWING OFF HIS LITTLE WILLY!” she shouted out once again, making Richard even more nervous in the process. So nervous that he managed to lose grip of the dental floss a few times, which caused the wash cloth to bounce up and down as it ascended, very much like a yo-yo.

As the wash-cloth reached the top of his torso, Richard heard the unmistakable sound of Brenda in the background chewing her friend out for being so loud.

“You better not be Skyping some porn site!” Brenda told her friend as she approached the computer.

“It isn’t porn, okay? It’s your friend from the States, Richard, your friend from Facebook, the one who lost the bet,” she informed her with a huge grin. “Quick, look! He’s naked!”

But right before Brenda got a chance to see, Richard decided to give up and let the wash cloth fall back to where it was, covering his genitals.

“Awww, you big tease!” her British friend had said, just as Brenda appeared standing next to her.

“What’s the big fuss?” some other girl asked, as she also came into view. If that wasn’t bad enough, a fourth and fifth girl also appeared next to them.

Now with five sets of eyes focused on him, and with Brenda directly in the middle, Richard found himself back to square one.

“Hi Richard” Brenda chimed out, “Looking good my friend!”

“You should’ve seen him right before! See on top of the wash-cloth? Can you see what the string is tied too? It’s the key to the handcuffs! Two seconds ago he tried pulling it up and I saw all his junk!” the girl had confessed to her friends, to which they all started laughing and giggling, as schoolgirls often do.

“Really Veronica, you saw it?” one girl asked in disbelief.

“Was it big?” another one asked.

“Big?” to which Veronica just started laughing away all by herself.

“Well, was it?” the redhead with glasses wanted to know.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Brenda asked. “I know because he’s always bragging about it. Plus, I even saw him in his boxers a few times, when we’d played strip video games together. Unless he had padded his boxers with a sock or something, from what I remember, it looked pretty big.”

“Oh, it must’ve definitely been a sock then, because from what just I saw, he seems to be as big as a toddler! It was just about the size of my thumb, no joke!” to which Veronica held out her small hands, and waved her thumb which made all the girls giggled away in unison. Everyone except for Brenda, who was feeling like she’d been had all this time.

“Are you bloody kidding me?!?” Brenda asked with both shock and anger in her voice. “And all this time, he’s been going on and on how overly hung he was.”

“He wasn’t really the size of your thumb, was he?” the pretty redhead asked, doubting her friend’s sincerity. “Surely you must be exaggerating!”

“I swear to God!” Veronica confirmed to her friend. “On the Pope’s life!”

“Uh, listen, Brenda, girls…” Richard began, trying once again to regain some kind of control of the situation, “… could you please~just log-off. I’ll Skype you guys later, I promise. My stepmother’s going to be home soon, and I really need to free myself.”

“Well we’re not stopping you!” Veronica taunted him.

“I hope he drops that rag he’s holding, just by accident ‘sort of thing’. Now that would be funny!” The pretty blond, who was usually pretty quiet, remarked out loud, once again giving way to more nervous laughter.

“What’s wrong? Is your step-mummy going to be mad at you?” one began to tease him.

“Awww, poor baby. What’s wrong? Have you been a naughty little boy?” as another joined in.

Hearing the sound of the electric garage door opening, Richard began to panic inside. It meant his stepmother was finally home, and that he had no time to waste.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Richard muttered to himself, as his face cringed. Realising he had no choice, he took in a deep breath and said, “I hate you guys!”

To which he began pulling up the wash-cloth once again. When his privates were eventually revealed, his speakers almost popped due to the amount of laughter, catcalls and cheers the girls were making. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Not only was he as small as Veronica had described, but without any pubic hair, he looked even more freakish.

“Oh this I have to record!” Brenda announced, making a few clicks with her mouse.

Looking back at the screen, Richard saw what she was saying was true. A small icon appeared warning him he was currently being video taped. Now he knew he was fucked.

“Don’t worry, in the future, I’ll trade you this video for the one you have of me. The one where I showed you my boobs. The one you threatened to show to your friends?” Brenda bargained with him, crossing her fingers behind her back.

With the key finally at his fingers, he fought a bit with the handcuffs before finally freeing himself. Lunging forward, he shut his Skype account off, and took yet another deep breath and closed his eyes. It was over, or so he thought.

On the bottom left of his screen, he noticed he was still logged into Facebook. Gulping, he clicked it open and viewed the damage. He was definitely planning on deleting everything, he just wanted to see everything before doing so. The ‘Comments’ were all pretty much the same . The only huge difference was the amounts of ‘Likes’ that were added. Scanning down the list of names, the last one literally took his breath away. Regina Williamson, his stepmom.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered to himself. Being that she was a bossy woman in general, her punishments were often cruel if you happened to disobey her. She wouldn’t spank or ground her children, she’d shame them instead, in some twisted way or form. She always liked disciplining her offspring using the psychological approach. Deep down, Richard had bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Running out of the bathroom with laptop under his arm, Richard came face to face with Laura in the hallway.

“Where is she? I heard the garage door open,” Richard asked, almost whispering due to the fact that he was still only wearing a towel around his waist.

“Oh, the garage door? That was me!” she smirked. “I called her about ten minutes ago, she’s on her way home as we speak. She told me she actually finished work early today, but she went out shopping because of the sales JC Penny was having. Who knows, if your lucky, maybe she’ll have bought you some panties!” Laura teased him. “But don’t worry, even if she didn’t, I left you a pair in your underwear drawer!” she informed him, as she laughed to herself and retreating downstairs to the living room.

Making his way back to his bedroom, Richard noticed right away that his underwear drawer was left open a crack. Walking up to it, he pulled it open only to find a frilly pair of pink panties. That, and a small piece of paper.

The note read:

Dear Baby Dick,

Here’s a present… from me to you! Your FIRST pair of panties! I guess you’re wondering where ALL you boxer shorts went, right? Well, I spoke with Mom while you were still in the bathroom entertaining your friends, and she kind of told me to confiscate all your underwear. She said she had a plan for them, but that she was only going to tell you about it later. But don’t worry, I’m sure you’re going to LOVE the feeling of satin on your little peepee! By the way, the pink bow goes in the front!

Laura 🙂

Picking up the lacy pair of panties that Laura had left, Richard noticed the silky underwear was actually a thong.

“Oh God,” he said to himself, as he debated on whether or not he should put them on. Going ‘Commando’ was something he always found totally uncomfortable, but looking down at the panties, he figured wearing these might actually be worse. But with that video hanging over his head, did he really have the choice?

Figuring he didn’t, Richard swallowed his pride and stepped into the flimsy pair of satin panties, and turned away from the mirror as he did so. He didn’t want to see his reflection at that precise moment. Hurrying to pull on a pair of his regular baggy pants over the embarrassing panties, he decided to finally take his stepmother’s advice, and notch up his belt properly. He was part of the younger generation of kids that liked to show their boxers off, by letting their pants droop down, just past their ass crack. His stepmother hated this current fashion trend with a passion, and was always on his case to pull his pants up. Today, she was going to get her wish.

Surprised by the sensation of his naked bum touching his pants, he felt an erection coming along, and started blushing all by himself.

With the hope of ‘walking it off’, Richard finished getting dressed by putting on a pair of socks, shoes, t-shirt and a hoody, and left his room in search for his stepsister. Maybe the fact that he was actually wearing her panties would be enough for her to give him back all his underwear. ‘Maybe I can bargain with her,’ he thought to himself stupidly.

Just as he made it half way down the staircase that connected with the living and dining areas, Richard came to a full stop as he saw his stepmother standing there in the entrance hallway, with a smirk on her face. She had just arrived through the front door, and was still holding a bunch of shopping bags from JC Penny.

“Well, well, well… looks like Christy finally managed to whip your ass at one of your own stupid video games! It’s about bloody time! Good for her!” Richard’s stepmother said with glee, totally unaware of the entirety of everything that had just taken place.

“So, how was your Miracle Bath sweetheart? You do realise that stuff is really expensive, right?” She asked half mad, but also half amused.

Seeing she was sort of happy of the present outcome of things, Richard saw hope that maybe further punishment wouldn’t be needed. But unfortunately for him, he thought wrong.

“So, you used an expensive product that didn’t belong to you, and you also invited a girl up those stairs when you knew you weren’t supposed to…”

“I can explain,” he cut her off, and realised instantaneously that had been a huge mistake.

“Did you just interrupt me? I think you just did,” she acknowledged while shaking her head. “Fighting me will just make things worse, you know that, right?”

“Yes Ma’am” he responded almost like a robot, “I’m sorry Ma’am.”

“As you should be young man! Well, it serves you right for making silly bets in the first place. I still can’t believe you actually took a Miracle Bath… ” she stopped momentarily to laugh, “… you do realise that your body hair wouldn’t be growing back for some time soon, right?”

He was about to answer her, but changed his mind at the last second, knowing full well it wouldn’t help.

“Plus you gave up the right to wear boxer shorts? For two~ weeks? What was that all about?” as she let out a quick laugh afterwards.

Again, he wanted to respond, but at this point he knew no matter what he came up with, she’d just get angrier.

“So tell me, are you wearing panties right now, as we speak?” she wanted to know, with her trademark smirk reappearing on her face.

“Yes Ma’am,” he answered, gulping at the same time.

“Take that hoody off and turn around for a second, I want to see something.”

Doing what he was told to do, and letting the hoody drop to the floor by his feet, Richard cringed when he heard the next question.

“Are you wearing a thong?” she asked teasingly, not seeing any traces of a panty line on his backside.

“Yes Ma’am…” he responded once again, “… it’s Laura’s.”

“Awww, isn’t that sweet! Your stepsister to loan you a pair of panties! I hope you thanked her by the way. Lending someone your underwear is quite an intimate thing, you know? But, that wasn’t really necessary though, because I was lucky enough to intercept your Facebook announcement while I was waiting in line to pay at JC Penny’s.”

Holding up her shopping bags she smiled her evil smile again and said, “One of these bags is just for you. I had just enough time to hop out of line and head over to the ‘Young Miss’ department of their store, and guess what? They had a huge sale going on, so I managed to get you tons of goodies!”

‘Oh God, please tell me she didn’t buy me panties’ Richard silently prayed to himself, with a look of total dread and fear on his face. Confirming his worst nightmare, she continued her one-sided dialogue by spilling the beans.

“Not only were they having a huge sale on panties, their training bras were also almost half price!”

“Whoa, whoa, wait…” Richard spat out almost automatically, “… uh… uh… I only agreed to wear panties,” he finished his phrase, regretting every word he had used.

“Yeah, I know.” His stepmother said shaking her head, laughing again. “The training bras are punishment for bringing Christy up those stairs. For the next two weeks, as long as you’re wearing panties, you will be wearing a training bra also. Got that mister?”

“Yes M-Ma’am,” he replied, blushing beet red once again.

“And because you took it upon yourself to use my Miracle Bath without my permission, I also got you some pretty pyjamas to sleep in for the next two weeks. I got you a mix of babydolls and teddies. Because you see, girls like to sleep in teddies sometimes, so I really don’t see why you should be spared from the living that experience. Just like the babydolls, their extra silky, so be prepared for delicious satiny nights of sleep! I think I might even change your cotton bed sheets for satin ones. That way, you can get the full effect of sleeping in a silky bliss. And with your current hairless body, you’re convinced probably going to totally love it!”

Again, smirking in his face as she gave him the news of his altered two week sentence.

Noticing that his pants were hiked an extra high over his waist, and that his belt was finally being put to use, she called him over and gave him some new embarrassing orders.

“Put your hands on your head!” to which he did right away, consequently allowing for his t-shirt to rise up enough to show his bellybutton.

Undoing his belt, and then re-notching it to its usual designated hole, his pants all of a sudden dropped down to where they normally hung, exposing just a hint of lace in the process.

“You know, for years I’ve been bugging you to hike up your pants and to use your belt correctly, and for years you’ve been proudly showing off your boxers shorts to the world, and now all of a sudden you’ve decided to listen to me? What’s wrong? Without your manly boxers underneath, it’s no longer cool, is that it?” she teased.

Reaching inside, on both sides simultaneously, she gently pulled up the sides of his panties, exposing them to the light of day.

“You know, these days, like I’m sure you’ve noticed, young girls tend to like showing off their thongs to the world. Just like you guys, they seem obsessed with showing their ‘but-floss’ to everyone the cross in the street. So, that being the case, I don’t see why you should be any different. Now put your hands back down, now!” she gave him yet another order.

By doing so, it just so happened that the t-shirt he happened to be wearing at the time was so small and shrunken, that ‘belly wise’, a good inch and a half of skin showed between his pants and his t-shirt. Looking down, Richard saw right away that his lacy thong was clearly showing.

“Do you know what? Something just occurred to me,” she announced, as she seemed to be reflecting on something. “With that massive dick between your legs, you must really be confined down there, eh? I mean after all, thongs ~do~ tend to be quite skimpy when it comes to the amount of material used to make them. So tell me, do you have enough wiggle room down there? Or are you hanging out a little?”

Not sure on what to answer, Richard just ambiguously moved his head from side to side, and mumbled, “Uh… uh…”

“Wait a second…” his stepmother said with a touch of anger in voice, “… you haven’t been lying all these years about your penis size, have you?” she asked rather peeved, having had endured all his bragging throughout the years.

Still only able to answer with a few ‘uhs’, his stepmother shocked the hell out of him by cupping his genitals through his pants, causing him to once again to blush as red as a tomato.

“Relax, would you!” Mrs. Williamson started to say, as her stepchild almost took a step back, “It’s not like we’re related by blood or anything. I’m just touching you…” to which she stopped her phrase right there.

“Did you tuck your penis between your legs or something?” she demanded to know, cocking up an eyebrow as she asked. Not getting any kind of verbal response, she shocked Richard even more so by tugging on his pants and panties, and allowed herself a quick peek inside.

“Why you little liar!” she said, as she finally discovered the truth. Giving his little penis one last glance before finally letting go of his bottoms, she continued to mock him.

“You know, without any hair down there, you kind of look like a newborn!” she said with a smirk, as she reminded him once again about his short comings and newly bald state.

And with that amused face on her face, Richard believed once again he might actually be spared any additional punishment. Turns out, he was once again mistaken.

“Jeez, now I have to come up with yet another punishment for you. Maybe an extra week or two of wearing lingerie would do the trick? What do you think?”

With is eyes focussed on the ground, all Richard could do was look at his shoes and pray that the ground would swallow him up.

“You know what? I think I’ll just ponder your fate a little longer. I’m sure I can come up with a better punishment if I just give it more thought. I’ll let you know soon though, okay?” she announced, leaving his mind to wonder what other evil things she would come up with. Not knowing just seemed to make things worse.

“In the mean time, I have something else I want you to do,” she told him, right before calling out her daughter’s name.

“OH LAURA!” his stepmother called out in a rather loud voice summoning his evil nemesis.

To which his stepsister appeared, with a shit-eating-grin on her face, and also carrying a Birthday type present bag in her hands. With part balloons and party hats printed all over the bag, complete with ribbons dripping out on each side, Richard managed to see what was inside and gulped yet again.

Seeing that pink thong peeking out of his pants, Laura couldn’t help but giggle a bit. The discomfort and embarrassment that was oozing from him, almost made her wet with excitement.

“Have you done what I’ve asked?” she asked her daughter.

“Yes Mom, they’re all here!” Laura said with a sense of complete pride, still supporting her Cheshire grin, as she pulled out and waved a pair of his boxer shorts in his face before putting them back in the fancy bag. “Just like you asked.”

“Now young man, do you know what I want you to do? You’re going to march yourself right over to Christy’s house and give her this wonderful present. Do you think you can do that for me? And at the same time, you can also tell her that for the next two weeks, this house is completely off-limits to her. I don’t want her visiting, stopping by, or even calling on the phone! Let her know that it’s her own personal punishment for not having obeyed my orders. It’s not like I hadn’t warned her about going upstairs without my permission in the first place,” she said as Richard recalled the time that Christy had come over and his stepmother had been a real bitch and had forbidden her from ever going up those stairs. “That’s where the bedrooms are at, so don’t let me ever catch you going up there! Do you hear me?!?” she had warned her.

Opening the front door for her stepson, Mrs. Williamson handed him the bag containing all his underwear, and pointed towards the outside world and said, “Get your scrawny little ass out there before I make things worse!”

Looking down at his mid-section, and seeing that his pink thong was still on full display, Richard tried tugging down his t-shirt a bit, but his stepmother wasn’t going to have none of that.

“Don’t you even think of adjusting your appearance! Those panties are going to stay visible, DO YOU HEAR ME?!?” she raised her voice at the end, just to ensure his compliance.

“Yes Ma-am,” he gulped one last time, as he took his first steps towards the front door.

Looking back with one last time, hoping somehow that he’d be spared this unthinkable humiliation, his stepmother just yelled, “NOW!”

Seeing the evil and triumphant grin on Laura’s smug face, Richard was momentarily tempted to simply stop in his tracks, turn around and just confess to everything that had taken place. Spill the beans so to speak. But the problem was, and Richard knew this with out most certainty, in the end, he’d still end up getting punished either way. Not only that, but odds were, his punishment was just liable to get even worse.

Also, there was another reason why he decided keep his mouth shut, and his stepsister reminded him of it as he made his way out the door.

Done silently and behind her mother’s back, Laura waved her pinkie in the air and mouthed the phrase, “Bye bye Baby Dick!”

**the end**

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