The Stocking Stuffer

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By Runtz4 (Edited with Ginger)


It’s our first Christmas as a married couple; Angie and I were visiting my sister, Carry and brother-in-law Jack. I’ve always had a good relationship with my sister, and really liked her new husband, her ex is always such a tool, but they had two great kids together. It’s her ex’s turn to have the kids for Christmas, so it’s just the four adults celebrating together. Carry’s just a few years older than me, and even as her brother, it’s not lost on me. She’s very cute. Standing about five-foot-four flat-footed, with blond hair in a pixie cut. She has an athletic build with small breasts and a slim ass. I know it’s weird for me to notice, but she’s always said she looks like a twelve-year-old boy and makes fun of her little ‘mosquito bites’.

Jack and Carry don’t look like they would go together, he’s six-foot-six and is built like a linebacker with broad shoulders and a thick neck. Jack comes across a bit country, but he’s fun to be around. He treats Carry well and generously loaned me five-thousand-dollars for some unexpected repairs to our home which we’re still paying off. Carry and Angie couldn’t be much more different, she’s just five feet tall, but curvy in all the right places. Her thick ass would seem out-of-place if not paired with her equally large thirty-two DD’s. As far as I’m concerned, she has the perfect figure eight silhouettes. She was rather sheltered growing up, never really had any boyfriends and hadn’t even seen a naked man other than me. Early on she admitted to being a bit uncomfortable around Carry, who can be a bit loud and vulgar at times. However, she’s learned to appreciate her and has even said she wishes she were more outgoing like Carry.

Part of our annual tradition is watching ‘A Christmas Story’. We have this game we play while watching the movie, every time someone says Red Rider BB Gun, you take a drink, which is around thirty times. So, by the time the movie ends, we usually have a nice warm buzz. Once the movie ended, and we were nice and toasty, it’s time to exchange gifts. For the past several years we’ve gotten each other one silly gift, and one real gift.

“Angie, open the big one first,” Carry suggested.

Angie took the bigger of the two gifts and slowly pulled the paper off, it’s a clothing box. On the side, I could read the store name, Three Wishes. She opened the box facing her, and her cheeks blushed as he held up a sexy Christmas bra and panty set.

“I hope it doesn’t embarrass you too much, I just thought it would be fun to be a little naughty,” Carry said raising her eyebrow. “I got myself a little something while I was at it,” she pulled her top aside just enough to see her satiny bra strap.

It’s my turn to open a gift and Carry insisted I open the small gift bag first.

“I hope you like it,” she said and snickered tipping her hand it’s the silly gift. “It kinda matches Angie’s gift.”

I opened the package and pulled out a multicoloured knitted sock.

“What is it?” Angie asked.

“It’s a penis warmer,” Carry said and laughed. “Hold it up.”

I held it up and saw it’s a Christmas green sock at least eight-inches long with a pouch for your balls decked out like a Christmas ornament.

“How does it fit?” Angie asked.

Having a small penis, I knew she meant the warmer seemed too big and blushed a little.

“Oh, it stretches a bit, so it’s not uncomfortable. I’ve been wearing mine all day,” Jack responded.

“Yeah, I made him wear it, I think it’s kinda sexy,” Carry said.

Angie gripped her glass of wine, running her finger around the edge thinking things through. At this point I shot my wife a look that should have communicated ‘shut up’, but she read it as ‘ask more questions’.

“I think it would just fall off,” Angie continued.

“No, it grips pretty well,” Jack said matter-of-factly. He suddenly stood and unfastened his pants, reaching in and pulled out his sock covered dick. “See…” he said.

On Jack, the sock seemed full, his long thick cock easily keeping it in place. Carry laughed. Jack isn’t normally this forward, but obviously the wine had gotten to him.

“Shake it, baby,” Carry cheered, taking advantage of his semi drunken disposition.

Jack wiggled his hips shaking his elephant trunk around.

“Oh-my-gosh,” Angie said, and gasped, clutching her chest. She looked at me and said, “I don’t think it’s going to fit you, babe.”

With that, she sighed, and turned her eyes to Jack’s big dick.

“Why don’t you try it on?” Carry asked me and smiled. “Come on, it’s just family. I’ve seen your penis before.”

“When I was like eight,” I shot back.

“Umm, no,” Carry sang back, “Don’t you remember…”

“Yes.” I grimaced wide-eyed cutting her off and communicating not to say any more.

“What?” Angie asked innocently.

“Well…” Carry said and chuckled, knowing this would be embarrassing to me. “When I was in college, I came home to do some laundry one day. It didn’t seem like anyone was at home, so I went up to his room to see if he was there. I guess he didn’t hear me, because I caught him stark naked playing with his little penis to some internet porn. He must’ve really been into it, jacking his little thing and playing with his balls. I cleared my throat, and when he saw me he turned bright red, slammed the computer closed and stood… I guess… to grab something to cover up with. But it was too late. His little thing spurted! It was so funny watching him try to catch his cum and scrambling to cover up at the same time. He begged me not to tell our parents.”

“What did you do?” Angie asked.

“I punished him by making him do my laundry… naked,” she said and laughed. “I swear he stayed hard the entire time. I still laugh thinking about his little dick bouncing around as he washed, dried and folded my clothes.”

“Baby,” Angie said, giving me a playful swat on my leg while still eyeing Jack’s big cock.

He finally put his snake back in his pants, and Angie let out a little sigh and frowned when he finally tucked it away.

We finished opening the gifts and it all seemed to go back to normal. I excused myself to the restroom. I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I’m not a bad-looking guy at all, I have a slim but muscular build and don’t mind taking my shirt off. But I’ve always been aware my penis just doesn’t measure up.

I pulled my dick out and looked in the mirror again. Even on my five-foot-seven frame it looked disproportionately tiny. I keep the hair around my groin trimmed short to make my dick more visible, but it doesn’t help me look any bigger. I couldn’t help but realize just how much smaller it’s compared to Jack. I finished up and returned to the family room.

“Let’s play some Wii bowling, I’m tired of just sitting here,” Carry said.

Jack immediately got the system up and going. “A shot for every pin you have left at the end of each frame,” Jack challenged, and broke out some candy cane vodka. He had been given a case left over from some company party.

We started playing and we each took our shots as the pins determined. By the fourth frame, I had taken six shots, Angie eight, Carry and Jack had two each.

By the ninth frame I’m well past buzzed, but had gotten surprisingly better. While Carry and Jack had gotten worse, and the scores were nearly even.

“Let’s make a bet,” Angie said and smirked. “Which ever couple has the worst combined score has to play the next game wearing nothing but your naughty gifts.”

“You’re on,” Carry slurred back.

Jack and I weren’t even given a say in this bet. “Wait,” I cried in protest.

“Oh, come on, honey, the worst thing that can happen is you get to see me in this,” Angie said playfully holding her sexy bra up to her large breasts and jiggling them around.

“Fine,” I said and sighed.

After all, it’s just my wife whom has seen me naked a lot, and my sister and Jack. The three of them hooted and cheered in victory. Carry is first up on the tenth frame; she cleared her throat and took her time lining up the ball. Finally, she threw the ball down the lane and got all but one pin. On the second throw she knocked it down, picking up the spare.

She got her bonus ball lined up and with an air of seriousness threw the ball. She got eight pins down.

Jack is next, he followed Carry’s lead and slowly lined up his shot. Carry kept giving him pointers as he did. Satisfied with his alignment he threw the ball.

“STRIKE!” He shouted.

Then threw his first bonus shot, knocking down seven pins, and then two more with the last shot.

I’m up next so I took my time, adjusted my aim and let it fly. I’m still left with three pins but made it up with the spare. I carefully and steadily threw my last ball. I knocked down eight pins.

Angie was last. She stood there looking down the lane for a while. She always hooks left, and adjusts her aim accordingly. She took a deep breath and bowled the ball.

“STRIKE!” We shouted in unison.

Carry is quickly adding up the score on her phone. “You only need to knock down eight pins and you win,” Carry said and huffed disappointed.

Angie took a deep breath, looked at Carry who gave her a wink, and threw the ball again. I watched her ball slide down, hugging the lane before falling into the gutter.

Carry and Jack jumped off the couch in victory.

“Alright… Alright… Alright,” Jack said, doing his best Matthew McConaughey impression.

“You lost! It’s time for a Christmas fashion show,” Carry said and sneered.

She tossed us our presents. Angie downed a double shot of vodka, before heading to the bedroom.

“Sorry,” Angie bemoaned, her bag in one hand and her wine in the other.

I took the warmer out of the bag and looked at it, suddenly it seemed much bigger.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Angie said and disappeared into the adjoining bathroom to change.

I undressed and slipped the warmer over my dick and tucked my balls in the pouch. I took a quick glance at myself in the mirror. “Shit,” I muttered. My sock looked empty with the bulk of it just dangling.

“Let me see,” Angie said from behind, startling me.

I hadn’t noticed she came out of the bathroom. She had her clothes in hand, but wore a short robe covering her new lingerie. I turned toward her and a smirk of disapproval came upon her face.

“It doesn’t fit quite right, does it?” I asked.

Her shoulders drooped. “Come here,” she said and motioned me to come closer. She reached out and played with the empty length. “Well, there’s plenty of room.”

She groaned and snatched the sock off of me leaving me totally naked. Angie grabbed several tissues out of the box on the counter and stuffed them inside the sock. “Here,” she said, handing it back. “Try it on.”

I put it back on, it’s still barely half full, with the other half obviously empty. I wiggled back and forth like Jack had done, but my stocking flew off.

“It’s still no good,” Angie said and twisted her lips.

Then she knelt in front of me yanking the sock back off. She just sat there looking at me and thinking. As far as I can remember this is the first time she had really looked at my penis. She’s seen it before, held it in her hands, we’ve had sex, but this was different.

She took my small dick between her thumb and forefinger, moving it up and down examining it from all angles. Angie’s sullen stares turned to a look of frustration as she pulled on my dick stretching it out.

“Do you think you can make it… bigger?” Her voice cracked.

I reached down and did my best to stretch and fluff, Angie’s big brown eyes watching and waiting for more.

“I know,” she finally said, and started rummaging around in the drawers for a bit. “Here…” she finally said, pulling out a hair band. She placed the sock back over me, and then placed the ponytail holder at the base to hold it in place. “You can barely see it.”

She said this referring to the elastic band, but I couldn’t help wonder if she meant my dick. Angie grabbed her glass and chugged the remaining wine, then stood, taking a second to regain her balance.

“Woo… I think I’m a little drunk,” she said with a smile.

Then she led me by the hand like a child being ushered into the doctor’s office. I held my other hand in front of me, trying to conceal as much as possible.

“Pada!” Angie sang as we entered the room, and then stepped aside for everyone to see me. I’m sure she meant ‘Tada’, but in her inebriated state it didn’t come out right.

“That’s not too bad,” Carry said and chuckled.

Carry swirled her finger telling me to spin around. I complied and get a quick swat on the butt from her.

“Now you,” Jack said to Angie sitting up in his chair, eyeing my wife, unable to hide his excitement.

“Okay, um… Hold up,” Angie said with a nervous quiver and turned off the overhead lights, turned on a lamp and asked Carry to turn one on near her. The only light in the room now is from the two lamps and the orange glow from the fireplace. She downed another shot of the candy cane vodka and took a deep breath. “You ready?” She laughed with embarrassment, covering her face with her hands. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

She untied the robe and let it drape open before allowing it to slip down off her shoulders. The bra seemed about a cup size too small, as they overflowed with her full breasts. All eyes locked on her massive cleavage on display in full sight.

“Woo Hoo!” Carry catcalls.

Even in the dim light you could tell Angie is blushing, she looked down at her large boobs and cracked a smile and shook her head in disbelief she is disrobing in front us. Finally she dropped her arms to her sides and let the robe fall to the ground. I hadn’t gotten a good look at her lingerie before. It’s very risqué, especially for her. It’s a naughty ‘elf’ outfit (a not so subtle jab at her height) with a velvety bra with jingle bell trim. The bottom is a matching velvet skirt with jingle bells just slightly veiled a matching red thong. The small triangle of cloth hugged her form tightly, clearly outlining her delicious lips.

“Good god,” Jack moaned and gulped.

“DAMN!” Carry snorted. “I knew you had some big boobies, but god damn!”

Standing behind Angie, Carry looked over her shoulder reached around and groped my wife’s breasts, almost kneading them in her hands. “I always wondered what it would be like to have giant boobs,” Carry said, and jiggled Angie’s heavy mounds feeling their weight, and jingling her bells.

It didn’t surprise me Carry would feel her up, but what did catch me off guard is how nonchalant Angie seemed about it. She just kept her arms to her side and watched as my sister played with her breasts.

“I don’t know…” Angie said with a sigh. “I think they make me look fat, they’re just so… big.”

Angie has always been self-conscious about her body; she developed early in middle school and always felt embarrassed by how big her breasts were.

“Shut… Up…” Carry shot back in humorous disbelief, and pulled off her shirt, turning the uncomfortable meter to eleven.

Carry is a cute girl, but she’s also my sister. She stood side by side with Angie in order to compare their breasts. Carry’s bra is a shimmery satin Christmas green, with various ornament shapes adorning the small cups. Standing together their size difference is jaw dropping, Angie’s breasts looked are like large coconuts and in bra I could almost see the areola around her nipples peeking out, while Carry’s humble breasts created no visible cleavage at all.

“I’d pay good money to have boobs like yours,” Carry continued to pump up Angie’s ego. Then put her arm around Angie’s back and ushered her over to Jack. “Don’t you think she looks good? If I got implants they’d have to be at least this big,” she cocked her head and lifted her eyebrow. “You know… To do that thing you’ve been wanting to do,” she said with a cheeky grin.

Jack tugged at his big tool in his pants, “Woman! You’re killing me.” He whimpered with fake tears.

“So, you like ’em big, do you?” Carry toyed reaching over and shaking Angie’s boob just enough to make her tit pop out of her bra.

“Shit, this thing is getting tight.” He grimaced squirming in his seat and tugging at his dick again. While this is going on I just stood there silently, I’m not sure if it’s the booze or just the situation, but it felt as if I was dreaming.

“Fuck!” He said and gasped. He undid his pants and yanked his hard cock out. It’s still in the knitted sheath, but the thing is full and stretched with his thick meat.

“Oh my,” Angie panted wide-eyed and tucked her nipple away.

Jack is sitting directly in front of her mostly exposed body with the biggest, thickest dick I’d ever seen just inches away from her.

“Shit, it’s strangling me,” Jack agonized.

Carry reached out and tugged his cock in an attempt to yank his warmer off, but the thing didn’t budge. He began rolling it off like I’ve seen girls do with knee-high socks. The base of his cock is massive, probably seven-inches round. Angie and I watched in a stupor as he rolled it up his throbbing cock, revealing more and more of his veined flesh.

Finally, he rolled it past the deep ridge of his helmet and then pulled it completely off. Exposing his large doorknob head. His cock expanded as it’s free from the tight sock. Jack held it in the palms of his hands, blowing on it to cool it down. In its fully erect state, it’s easily nine inches long, and as thick as my wrist.

“Jeez, Jack, she really got to you,” Carry said.

“I…” Angie blushed coyly. “Sorry about…” Then she turned away, but lost her balance and fell back on Jack’s lap, his cock pinned between his stomach and her thick ass, only barely covered with a thin fabric flossed between her cheeks. She regained her composure, and began to stand back up, her bubble butt just inches from Jack’s dick.

“Whoa mama.” Jack moaned gripping his cock and giving it a couple jerks.

“Jack!” Carry chided followed by a little laugh.

Then a mischievous smile spread across her cute face. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and flung it over to the side chair. I blinked in shock, my sister is now naked from the waist up in front of us, while her husbands’ dick stood at attention. Her breasts are nothing more than a slight curve of flesh capped with rosy nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. She knelt beside Jack and took his cock from him, holding it up, she gently blew on the full length of his rod, stopping about half way to take a breath. She licked her lips, broke a smile and looked him in the eyes.

“You can watch her, if you like,” Carry said to Jack, and then sucked the tip of his head and started jacking him off.

Angie walked back over to her robe and bent over to pick it up. “Please… Don’t,” Jack lustfully directed my wife, begging her with his eyes not to cover up.

Jack reached out and motioned Angie closer. Carry is working his fat cock slobbering all over his shaft, jacking him with both hands one on top of the other, and she could still take his head in her mouth.

Angie stood right in front of Jack giving an unobstructed view of his cock being sucked off. A newfound confidence glazed over her face, she stood up taller, cocked her hips and crossed her arms underneath her breasts lifting them as if an offering to Jack’s wooden idol.

Jack took Carry’s face in his hands and lifted her ear to his mouth; his cock pointing right at my wife who let out whimpers looking at his bulbous head. Carry and Jack shared a few secret whispers, and insinuating glances at Angie.

“Ahem,” Carry cleared her throat, “I, uh… well the thing is, Jack has been wanting something for a while I can’t do for him.” Her eyes drifted down to her chest. “I know how this is going to sound… but, Angie has what we need… what he wants, and what I want to give him… so if you would let Jack fuck your boobs, we’d be willing to cancel the debt you owe us.”

We’ve been struggling to make ends meet, and having this burden of debt over us has been awkward to say the least. We still owed Jack and Carry the full five thousand dollars we borrowed three months ago. “Wait… What?” I asked.

“He just wants to cum between Angie’s tits,” Carry quickly added.

“Can we have a second to–” I began.

But Angie cut me off. “Okay,” she almost shouted.

I shot her a pained look of concern.

“It’s okay, baby,” Angie said looking down at my penis.

Neither Carry nor Jack hesitated, Carry nearly skipped to their bedroom her small tits hardly bouncing, saying she’d be right back. Jack pulled his pants all the way off and lifted his shirt over his head. Jack is thick all over, with broad shoulders and firm chest, with just little beer belly. In one word he is ‘masculine’, tanned skin, dark wavy hair covering his chest and trailing down his stomach to his giant cock. His large balls also sporting a thick fur.



In seconds Carry came scurrying back with a bottle of baby oil in hand. She pressed up behind Angie putting her lips to her ear, saying, “You sure about this?”

Angie looked Jack’s cock up and down and answered, “Yes.”

Carry moved Angie so she is standing between Jack’s powerful legs and handed the bottle to Jack. She massaged Angie’s shoulders a second and kissed her on the neck, looking down at Angie’s chest, straining to breathe. She slid her hands under Angie’s bra straps peeling them off her shoulders and unhooked her bra in the back, holding the cups in place teasing her man. His eyes were glued to Angie’s tits, as Carry lovingly leered at him.

“Please?” Jack asked, and Carry pulled Angie’s top away. Her breasts jiggled, making Jack’s cock twitch, and mine too.

Carry cupped and fondled Angie’s breasts. “They’re so warm,” Carry said.

Then licked the tips of her fingers and gently caressed Angie’s right nipple, tweaking, pinching and pulling at her pink tit. Angie moaned and a visible chill ran through her body. Carry held her hand out and Jack poured a generous splash of oil in her palm. She worked the oil all over Angie’s right breast, she held out her other hand and it’s met with another shot of baby oil. Carry took the left globe and ran her left hand underneath it and with her right she coated the tempting mound with oil, swirling it all over her ample flesh. The oil caught the glimmering light, making them seem even bigger and more delectable.

Angie sighed and rolled her head toward me and suddenly gasped. “Oh my…” she said, and chuckled,

Carry looked at me and covered her mouth. I glanced down to see my penis had hardened, but in the stuffed sock it looked like my dick was broken. My real flesh stood out, but the tissue portion hung down.

“Oops! Looks like you’re busted,” Angie said, and smiled beckoning me to her.

I stood next to her on the other side of Carry. She grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me into a deep lusty kiss. She placed my hand on her left breast, and I gripped her tightly, feeling Carry’s hand crossing her chest to the right breast. I pulled back taken off guard by feeling my sister enjoying my wife’s form.

“Let’s take this off now,” Angie said.

Carry watched as she tugged the sock off of my small hard dick in one simple motion. The ponytail holder snapped down on my penis and behind my sack.

“I knew you weren’t big, but I thought maybe you’d have grown some by now. It’s how I remember it, so… SMALL,” Carry said searching for the right words. Carry snatched the penis warmer from Angie and pulled the tissue out. “Oh my God, you’re a little stocking stuffer! Were you trying to stuff your stocking to make your little pinkie-dick look big for me?” She laughed harder.

“It’s not small,” I said and pouted.

“Baby, all I know is compared to Jack,” Angie grabbed Jack’s cock making him jump. “It’s small,” she felt the length and girth of Jack’s cock in her hands. “Maybe there’s a connection between siblings,” Angie said. “Girls with small boobies have brothers with small willies?” She laughed at herself, and maybe a little at me. “Now, let’s take care of this.” Angie said, squeezing Jack’s cock, expressing even greater confidence.

She sat on her knees taking her tits in her hands and looked Jack in the face. “Fuck ’em,” she ordered. “I want to feel a REAL cock between my tits.” Jack leaned forward and placed the tip of his knob under Angie’s boobs, and thrust his pole up between them. “It’s so big…” Angie huffed.

The tip of his dick stuck out of the top and hit her in the chin. I love fucking her tits, but when I do it you can’t see my dick at all. I can fuck them hard and you never see the tip poke out. His shaft is buried deep in her cleavage and still had several inches sticking out. Carry slid her jeans off, revealing her Christmas themed boy short panties. Then knelt behind Angie to get an over the shoulder view of her monster cocked husband titty fucking my wife. She slid her hand around Angie’s chest and gripped her husbands’ thick head protruding from my wife. Jack’s cock is now covered in oil and is fucking Angie’s tits and Carry’s hand at the same time.

Carry slid her other hand underneath Angie’s and held her breast in place, freeing Angie to grip my dick. She grabbed hold of me and started jerking it hard and fast. “Slow down,” I pleaded, not wanting this to be over too soon for me.

She completely stopped and just held me. I moved my hips back and forth fucking her fist, watching Jack’s massive tool sliding between her breasts.

“Oh,” Carry said and laughed. She nodded toward me. “His whole penis fits in just one small girl’s hand.” Angie, Carry and I looked to see my little purple head and then it disappeared into Angie’s fist, and back again. “Now feel this…” Carry said, and took Angie’s hand from my dick, and placed it on Jack’s trouser eel.

“My God, it really is huge. Just how big is this thing?” Angie blurted, her hand is wrapped on his head, as he jacked into it.

I couldn’t help but notice her fingers didn’t even touch.

“He’s just under ten-inches.” Carry gloated.

“How big are you, little brother? Maybe five-inches?”

“Probably around five,” I lied.

“Probably? You don’t know, or you don’t want to say?” Angie asked with disappointment in her voice.

“Keep going,” Carry said to Jack and Angie, and went back to her bedroom again. She came prancing back with a fabric tape measure in hand. “Let’s make sure,” she leaned in and handed Angie the tape measure, and told her to measure Jack.

She placed the tape at the base of his Coke can thick cock, and ran it up the length. “Nine and three-quarter inches” Angie announced.

Carry took the tape from her and grabbed my little pecker. A jolt shot through me as she touched me, my sister is handling my dick, and what’s worse it felt good. She gave me a few quick tugs. “It’s just so tiny,” she said and snickered.

She cupped my balls in her right hand and held my pecker still with her fingers, then placed the tape against me. It didn’t take long for her to stretch down the length of my little guy; she covered it up so I couldn’t see. She looked up with a pouty face and frowned. “You are a bad boy…” she said and gently swatted my balls. “First you lie to us by stuffing the sock and trying to make yourself look big. Then you lie to us by saying you have a five-incher. You’re not five-inches, mister,” she said, and huffed mockingly. “Does anyone want to guess?” She slowly traced my dick with her finger.

Angie looked over at me, and eyed my dick in Carry’s hands. “Four and a half?”


Carry continued to run her finger up, down and around my dick, making swirls around the crown. She pinched my mushroom, opening the slit and placed her finger over it.

“At least four… Right?” Angie said a few seconds later, as Jack kept thrusting between her flesh pillows.

“Sorry, little brother. But this little piggy…”She wiggled my wiener around several times. “Is just three and one-quarter inches big… Uh, not big, small.”

“Oh,” Angie said and sighed, “Jack is three times your size.”

“No, you’re not counting the girth. He’s got to be nearly ten times the size,” Carry corrected her. “Let’s see.”

She wrapped the tape around the base of my dick. Then handed back to Angie telling her to measure his girth around the base.

“So what is it?” Carry asked.

“Almost seven-inches,” Angie said. “And you?”

“Sorry, but your little hubby is just under four inches around,” Carry answered. “Now watch as Angie handles a real cock.” Carry clamped her thumb and forefinger down around the base of my dick and pulled me closer to Angie and Jack. “How you doing, big man?” Carry asked Jack.

“I’m getting there,” he huffed.

He had been tit-fucking Angie for almost ten minutes now. He stood and pulled Angie to her feet. Their size difference striking with Jack a full sixteen inch taller than Angie, and much bigger all around. Angie’s breasts were covered in oil, and glistened in the light of the fire; her nipples were as hard and erect as Jack’s cock, which is also coated with the slick liquid. Angie bent her knees slightly and Jack is able to get his dick between her breasts standing up. He held her shoulders and took longer, slower strokes.

“You know,” I said to Carry, feeling snarky. “Neither one of us could ever do this for our spouses.”

I smirked at her.

“No,” Carry said stolidly. “Still, I can get implants,” she looked me in the eyes still on her knees and gripping my dick. “However… there’s really nothing you can do about your tiny dicklette,” she wiggled my dick back and forth. “And let’s be honest, small tits don’t affect sex the way a small penis does,” she wiggled my little piggy again. “You can’t honestly think Angie would be as satisfied with three-inches as she would be with ten-inches, do you?”

“It’s three and a quarter.” I said.

“Oh yeah, and a quarter really makes a big difference.” Carry said and laughed. “I’ve always thought I looked like a twelve-year-old boy. But you… You’re hung like an eight-year-old.”

Jack physically picked Angie up and placed her on her back on the ottoman beside them. He straddled her and gripped her breasts in his hands pressing them together and enveloping his cock. Holding her down, he began fucking her faster and faster, his large balls dragging across her stomach. With every thrust, the jingle bells on Angie’s bottoms tinkled, drawing my attention to her hand rubbing her clit through her G-string.

Angie suddenly slipped her hands down and peeled her panties off, throwing them at my feet with a loud jingling. She grabbed Jack’s shoulders and pushed him down her body. “I NEED to feel it,” she said and sighed.

Taking his giant cock in hand, she rubbed it against her wet opening. My heart skipped a beat, but my cock twitched. Pulling him in she winced and cried out as his thick head pushed her tight lips open wider than they’ve ever been before. I wanted to be mad at him, I wanted to be mad at her, but I just watched. Releasing his cock Angie sat up on her elbows and watched as he slowly filled her cunt, moaning and panting as he continued to impale her.

“Hold it,” she pleaded, reaching down and feeling his cock and her swollen pussy. “God, it’s so thick!” She laid back and spread her legs open, then using her hands she spread her pussy open as much as she could. Her wedding ring catching a sparkle of light as she did. “Fuck it hurts. Just hold it in me.”

Jack is only a few inches in and patiently waited for instruction, as he continued to rub his hands all over her tits, and down her stomach swiping his thumb over her swollen clit. “OH FUCK!” Angie squealed as an orgasmic wave crashed inside her. She has never cum like this with me, and certainly not from such little effort.

“Keep going,” she demands. He pushes in even further, he must’ve been no more than half way in and she already had more cock in her than she ever had in her life.

Carry still had a grip on my little penis and pulled me to my knees, putting me in a better position to watch. He plunged deep inside my wife now just barely an inch left to go. Angie placed her hands on his stomach signalling him to stop. I couldn’t believe how much dick she had taken, and couldn’t seem to move, speak or even think straight. Part of me is freaking out, and part of me is proud of her for taking such a beast. My eyes were glued to the scene in front of me, it seemed so unreal, I lost track my wife is fucking my brother-in-law. I got shocked out of my daze when Carry clinched down on my pecker and pulled it toward her. I looked over and saw her licking Angie’s left nipple while watching her husband fuck my wife.

“Put your hand on her stomach,” Carry directed me. I did as she said. “Show your husband how deep Jack’s cock is inside you,” Carry said to Angie.

Angie guided my hand just under her belly button. She pressed my hand down and I felt Jack’s cock throb deep inside her. “Holy shit,” I murmured.

Just then I felt him push his fat cock in all the way inside my wife. Angie came for a second time as he bottomed out deep inside her. Feeling her quivering and convulsing on his dick sent a chill through my body, making my cock twitch, still in my sister’s grip.

“She may never be able to feel you again,” Carry whispered in my ear with a devilish grin.

Jack started really fucking her now, humping her with long strokes and sliding in all the way. His large balls slapped against her ass each time he fucked her soaking wet cunt. With each thrust she seemed more comfortable with him inside her, and I couldn’t help but think maybe Carry is right, she would never be the same again. Angie shouted again, not able to form any real words just cursing gibberish as she came for a third time. Clawing and scratching at the ottoman beneath her, she flailed about in the space between ecstasy and pain. Jack slid his girthly cock almost all the way out, from my position I could see the ridge of his plump helmet pulling Angie’s pussy apart. His doorknob sized head popped out with a flood of juices following in its wake.

“Have you ever felt anything like this before?” Carry asked Angie.

“No… Never…” Angie moaned in return.

Jack flipped Angie over to her hands and knees, her huge tits swaying as he positioned her for re-entry. Jack rubbed the length of his cock between Angie’s butt cheeks, and paused with the head pressed against her virgin anus. Oh God I thought. Is he going to take her anal virginity, something she had never done with me? Is she going to let him try to shove his giant thing up her ass?

“Have you two ever done anal?” Carry asked me.

“N-No,” I stammered.

Jack pressed his cock head against Angie’s anus, it looked as if he is trying to squeeze an apple through a wedding ring.

“Jack!… No!” Carry called out, putting a stop to this. “She isn’t ready for anal, you’ll split her in two. Plus, I guess we should leave something for my little brother to fuck other than his hand. After tonight she might be too loose for him to ever feel her pussy again.”

He readjusted and teased her cunt with the head of his cock. Angie flinched in anticipation. He parted her lips with his cock and Angie thrust back, forcing him inside her.

“Jesus! Your tits are fucking huge in this position.” Carry said, finally letting go of my little nub to play with Angie’s breasts, kneading them, caressing them, and feeling their weight in her hands.

Angie panted and whimpered with every thrust, and each time he withdrew she pressed back to meet his returning blow. “You’re so deep inside me. God, I’ve never been so filled. Just a little more… GOD YES!” Her legs quaked as another orgasm erupted inside her.

“Stop, stop, please, you’re killing me!” She panted, pulling herself off of Jack’s dick, she rolled to the floor pushing the ottoman away. She lay there holding her breasts and trembling in the aftershocks.

“I’m getting close,” Jack huffed, and straddled my wife’s stomach. His cock jutting straight out from his body looked like it had gained another inch, I could hardly believe how big and hard he is. His cock slightly curved and every vein seemed engorged. Carry leaned forward and sucked the head of his throbbing member.

Carry placed her arm next to Jack’s cock as a comparison. “See how big he is?” She asked, looking at me. We looked and saw he’s the size of her arm, wrist to elbow and just as thick. “Now look,” She took me by the dick again and raised me to my knees. She placed her index finger on top of my dick. I’m only just slightly longer than her index finger. “He’s an arm, and you’re a finger.” A drop of pre-cum seeped out of my dick as she held it. “Oh,” Carry chuckled. “It’s crying. Is it because now it knows how tiny it really is?”

She bent to address my penis, and wipe the tear of precum away. “Sorry, little buddy. You’ll never be anything more than a little piggy,” she said using a little girl’s voice. Carry suddenly tugged my dick pulling me closer to Jack. She held his cock and pulled me to it. Then placed my dick on top of his. Angie sat up to get a better look. “See Angie… THIS is a cock,” she said and shook Jack’s large erect flesh.

Feeling his cock rubbing against my dick seemed strange, it made my little guy jump. “Oh, it’s trying to get bigger,” Angie said. “Your whole dick is just barely longer than his head. But… not as thick.” She laughed. “I’m sorry, baby. You just look so SMALL compared to Jack.” Angie said and sighed despondently.

“It’s not just compared to Jack,” Carry schooled her. “I’ve been with a lot of guys in my life, and Jack is bigger than most. I mean he’s really big, huge even. But, little brother here isn’t even average. This…” Carry announced wiggling my dick. “This is just a little piggy.” She suddenly snorted, making pig noises and jiggling my dick. “You remember the rhyme about the piggies?”

“What?” I asked in a daze.

“The big pig went to the market to get fucked by all the pretty ladies, while the little piggy went wee, wee, wee, wee, wee, wee, wee, wee.”

Carry jerked my little piggy with every ‘wee’ she sang out, I felt about to cum by my sister’s hand and she probably felt my dick pulsing when she finally stopped. I grabbed her wrist, but she clamped down on my dick as I rocked my hips, trying to fuck her hand, with no success.

“Oh my god,” Carry said and gasped. “You almost came on me!”

“You’re the one jerking it,” I said.

“Jerking it? I’m wiggling it. I guess when you have a little one, any movement feels like a jerk,” she said with a mix of faux disgust and amusement as she continued to grip my dick. “I can barely jerk-off Jack with one hand.”

Carry wrapped her hand around her husband’s fat, erect cock, pumping with her right hand still holding my little piggy in her left. Angie repositioned herself beneath Jack, licking and sucking his plum sized balls. “See, it takes at least two hands to jerk-off a real cock.” Carry said.

Angie raised her hands and gripped Jack’s cock with one hand near the base, and the other on top, while Carry still held the top in her hand. Jack had three hands jerking his cock, and I could still see the tip. Carry looked at me then down at my groin, my dick is smothered in her fist, as a sympathetic smirk crawled across her face. “Okay, big boy, I think I need a turn.” Carry said, letting go of my swollen dick.

She pulled off her panties and spun around on all fours. I couldn’t help but notice how big her pussy looked. Her shaved pussy had large dangling lips, having been permanently stretched out by Jack’s cock. Angie’s head is beneath them as she gently guided the massive cock into Carry’s waiting pussy. Jack immediately fucked her deep and hard. Angie continued to lie beneath them watching them fuck. Then sat up and licked Jack’s hairy balls. I continued to feel both mortified and extremely aroused at the same time. Here I am watching my wife and my sister being fucked by a huge cock, not to mention the embarrassment of Angie discovering she likes a big dick. I lost myself in thought, but is snapped out of it when Carry shouted in sexual bliss. Angie had positioned herself to suck Carry’s clit while Jack slammed her with his massive tool. Unable to take anymore, Carry slid off of Jack’s cock and looked over at me.

“Oh my God,” Carry snorted, looking at me. “Are you playing with yourself watching your sister get a good fucking?”

I hadn’t even realized I’m doing it till she called attention to it, and for some reason a blush came over me as if I’m the only one doing something perverted. Angie looked over at me. “Baby,” she said and sighed. “Stop playing with your little piggy.”

I put my hands to my side and apologized.

“I’m close,” Jack suddenly grunted.

Jack slid down and placed his cock at the bottom of Angie’s breasts, she pressed them together as he feverishly fucked her tits again. He had already brought my wife to orgasm several times, and my sister. As his head pierced the top of her breasts, she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of his big head.

“Oh God!” He cried out. “Oh God, your tits are so fucking soft. Jesus, they’re so big, you feel so good!” Jack began to grunt with each frenzied thrust. His snake head turned purple and throbbed like a beating heart before bursting his thick pearly fluid all over Angie’s tits, neck and face. “Fuck ME!” He shouted, throwing his arms up and behind his head.

He kept pumping between Angie’s tits as more and more semen drained out of his cock. Completely spent he slid his dick from between her tits, and lay on the floor beside her. Carry went a grabbed a couple of towels, she sat between her husband’s legs and gently cleaned him off. Carry tossed me a towel and told me to clean Angie. I wiped what seemed like a litre of cum off of her chest and neck.

“What about me?” I pouted, pointing at my erect little piggy.

Angie didn’t say a word, she just lifted her knees and spread her legs. I knelt in the position.

“Look at how close he has to get to her,” Carry snorted.

I placed the tip at her gaping hole and fell inside her. Jesus, I thought, I could fit my arm in her stretched out pussy. I pumped away, swirling, and mashing as best I could, but honestly I isn’t getting anywhere. Angie just sat there motionless and expressionless as I pounded away.

Carry crawled over and placed her head on Angie’s chest, looking at us fucking as she had when Jack is inside her.

“I can’t see anything. Are you sure you’re in there?” She asked me. “Is he in there?” She asked Angie.

My wife looked down at me between her legs. “I’m not sure,” is all she said, and laid her head back down.

I sat up further on my knees and Carry placed her face low on Angie’s stomach.

“Oh, there it is. I see it now. Yep, you’re in. Here maybe this’ll help,” she mocked, and slid her hand down to Angie’s pussy pinching her lips tighter around my little dick.

My gasp betrayed the fact it helped.

“Oh! You like that?” She teased, and clamped even tighter. “Just close your eyes and imagine you’re fucking her with a great big, giant cock.”

I closed my eyes and felt Carry tighten up even more. Finally, it felt as if I’m fucking her properly. God, it felt great. I could hear Angie moaning now, finally showing some sign of interest in me. She cried out a little yelp, and my confidence returned. I gripped her knees and pounded harder.

“You know,” Carry teased. “Angie had to open up as wide as possible to take Jack’s cock, but with you… Well, you better get used to squeezing her pussy around your tiny thing.” My pace quickened and my face flushed. “I think he’s about to explode,” Carry said.

I opened my eyes and saw Carry’s fist clenched around my dick. I was no longer inside my wife at all. I’m fucking my sister’s hand while she played with my wife’s clit with the other.

“Cum for me, little piggy,” Carry whispered.

I thrust into her hand as deep and hard as I could. My dick erupted in her hand. I kept pumping away till I is totally spent. Carry released her grip and gently stroked my head ushering out a little more cum. I sat down with my back against the couch. Carry continued to play with my flaccid dick.

“I’ve never seen one this little on a grown man,” she confessed with a serious look of concern on her face. Then she leaned over, gave it a kiss, and said, “Merry Christmas, my LITTLE stocking stuffer.”

The End.


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