News: Site Changes.

Hey, to all our small dick club members and friends out there.

As you may have noticed recently the site had become very slow and prone to crashing. The problem is all the images we’ve been trying to host on the site (nearly 40,000), so from this point on we’re going to cull the images we show. All these images are chewing our bandwidth within an inch of death.

So from now on we will NOT be hosting general SPH pics on this site, only the exclusive one’s we create. You can find many of the images we used to host here on sites like tumblr and imagefap. To compensate we will link to any good SPH picture sites as we find them. You can google – tumblr sph – and you’ll find many of the sites dedicated to it there. Don’t search on tumblr as they won’t give you the good stuff.

We’ll keep up the recent free galleries we made on imagevenue, but we’re not sure how long they’ll last as they cracked the shits over the sheer number of images we tried to upload. So much for free image servers.

The Small Dick Club will still gladly host user submitted images of dicks, however, we will become stricter in judging images to ensure we have only the best available. Once we start a forum you can hotlink your own images into posts so it won’t impact our server.

I hope you understand, but unless you’re willing to pay to use this site so we can afford a dedicated server then we have to operate with what we have. I’m sure that’s something many of you can relate to.



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