The Small Dick Club Does Not Support INCELS

Hi to all our readers out there who frequent this site. I am eternally grateful that so many men out there have embraced the philosophy of this website that having a small dick is not a sign of inferiority, but just a variation of masculinity. Sure we feature small penis fetish content on this site because that’s one way many men enjoy their dick. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you don’t like SPH, etc. then don’t go near

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The Ten Commandments From The Small Penis Bible

Behold his 10 commandments of tiny dicks – rules to live by or, if you insist, to bookmark “for a friend”. 1. Thou shalt find penises funny “There are far too many shameful small dick ‘jokes’ bandied about, but humour is important. A good laugh can release tension, and some small dick jokes are funny. But this only because all dicks are funny. (Because they are, aren’t they?)” 2. Honour thy little dick “You cannot be loved if you do

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The Small Penis Bible

Ant Smith, famous for his poem Shorty and his work in the UK against the body shaming of penis size for men is releasing a book entitled The Small Penis Bible. In the book he discusses not only his own experiences, but those of many men he has spoken to ever since Shorty went viral. The good thing is Ant is a proud member of The Small Dick Club, and is a supporter/reader of this site, just as you are.

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What happens to your penis as you age?

Laura Mitchell We’re sure you’re well acquainted with your own todger, but most men worry that their manhood isn’t normal at some point. This worry can be heightened when men start noticing chances in the apparence of their manhood. But just like any other part of your body – the penis goes through some alarming changes as we age. You may be healthy and active, but that doesn’t mean your penis won’t be experiencing these insane changes as you get

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