• Paul

    Problem with therapists is they are always discussing relationships and how truly people feel about size and how women don’t want men with big cocks that may well be true but my experience is that they don’t want men with small cocks either
    I have been married twice my ex wife and my current wife have commented on me being small and not being able to feel me inside them
    Of course the therapists will always say make up for your size by being a good lover well as I’m now pretty much impotent and when I can get semi hard I cum in under 45 seconds I’m officially useless
    So then they say use your hands and tongue maybe I have been unlucky but all the women I have been with have said yes that’s very nice but what I really need is some bulk inside me
    So to summarise if you are a small dicked impotent premature ejaculator there is nothing they can do for you
    Clean up duties are all you have left

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that it comes to that but next best is what you’ll have to accept.

  • vici

    Paul, very well stated, I totally agree with your comments… I to am in the officially useless category….
    My wife needs the feel of a hard man’s penis inside of her to fulfill her sexual desires, i am now just clean up performer…. but i do like it 🙂

    • Paul

      Vici we are two very like minded people and it’s a joy to know someone who can relate to my thoughts to be small is bad enough but to be impotent makes it so much worse
      Sometimes I take viagra and manage an erection and am so pleased I could cry only to have my premature ejaculation kick in and I’ve cum with 45 seconds as my wife says why bother your useless
      My new friend who I work with is slightly different she knows I’m pretty much impotent but she still likes to caress my bottom and legs and thighs through my trousers she has recently taken to rubbing my asshole with her knuckle and finger through the material
      She will rub me for about 20 minutes and even though there is no sign of an erection the sensations are amazing and I leak a lot of Pre cum into my underwear
      Her words are teasing she says just because you’re not a real man and can’t get hard doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some pleasure
      But it’s so true I’m not a real man but I would love to cum in my pants as she touches and teases me
      I wish I could meet someone like you vici so I could learn to serve or males and females correctly on my knees with my tongue and mouth cleaning up all their juices and deriving all my pleasures from that

  • bambiegirl

    My erect penis is only 2.5 inches , almost 5 cm. So I have a micropenis? No one ever told me that before.


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