The Small Dick Club Does Not Support INCELS

Hi to all our readers out there who frequent this site. I am eternally grateful that so many men out there have embraced the philosophy of this website that having a small dick is not a sign of inferiority, but just a variation of masculinity. Sure we feature small penis fetish content on this site because that’s one way many men enjoy their dick. There’s nothing wrong with that, and if you don’t like SPH, etc. then don’t go near that stuff. We all have to do what’s right for ourselves, but just because you don’t like the sexual fetishes don’t judge the men who do.

Fictional S&M stories written with negative connotations based on fictional scenarios are just a form of adult entertainment. To take them otherwise to mean things that are not intended shows a lack of maturity on your part.

We do not support anyone who’d hurt innocent people just because they can’t get laid.

There has been a spate of violence around the world recently attributed to INCELS, or Involuntary Celibates. This group of men is angry that for whatever reason, women won’t have sex with them, and it has surfaced in the form of domestic terrorism. Now while I’m sure many small dick club members might feel they’re INCELS, and let’s face it we have suffered the kind of abuse from women that many out there just wouldn’t believe, I encourage everyone not to let hate fester in your hearts and minds.

Even if you feel on an individual level, they deserve this. It’s up to us to take the high road. Be the better man.

You just have to read any of “Our Readers SPH Experiences” to see the many harmful and hurtful things are done to us by others over something we’re born with. The world isn’t ready to accept us going by the constant jokes and slings thrown about small dick men.

But we know better.

This is our burden to carry, sure, but using our situations to feed hatred and anger toward anyone is mentally unhealthy and destructive to yourself and the community you live in.

I do support the MGTOW movement (Men Going Their Own Way) as an alternative lifestyle for small dick men to live peacefully and without hate in society, but this site does not support INCELS.

We do not support anyone who’d hurt innocent people just because they can’t get laid.

That’s just ridiculous.

If you feel you have this type of anger, then I implore you to seek professional help from a psychologist or a counselor and work through it. Talking about these things is very helpful, and can see you find acceptance for your body issues that enables you to live with a small dick.

If you choose to live your life without women (MGTOW) but still have meaningful platonic relationships with them, then that’s a good choice.

But hurting innocent people because you think you’re owed something your not is only something an evil man would do.

I hope this clarifies the policy of this website for those who are concerned.



  • Tobecucked croydon surrey uk

    When I was younger it did effect me knowing I was very small , a lot smaller than other lads at the time but as time went by I got married had two kids so it did the job .
    Did have a friends girl friend say she could tell I was smaller than the others as she could tell by the jeans I had on mmm?
    But now I’m older I don’t care who knows I’m small as I find it a turn on that others know how little iam .
    My wife even says now I’m the size of a toddler but love it
    Just don’t take it out on others it’s not there fault your different

  • NoBSinBR

    I used to be involuntary celibate (but not an INCEL who harbors anger) because I did what I could do to attract women all my adult life, but it was usually for naught. I figure it’s because I’m not anywhere near a 10 on the scale of 1 to 10 of sexual attractiveness. I’d guess that I might be a 6 or even a 7. Now I don’t let it bother me that much because the relationships I have had with women were rocky enough to scare me from having another serious relationship ever again. I just can’t seem to be myself when I’m trying to please my “better half,” & I figure that in itself is my main problem. Which is why I’ve decided to switch teams. I’ve voluntarily become bicurious because men have hit on me way more than women have. I’ve always told myself & my close friends that if I ever decided to switch teams that I would be getting a lot more action. Well, here I am!


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