Rasheed’s First Time

By SmallPenisMo.

It was 11pm. Rasheed was horny. He had been stroking his circumcised cock to porn for the last hour, edging himself. As he watched a video of a brunette with big tits being fucked in her ass, Rasheed felt aroused but also depressed at how he was a virgin at 23. He should have been writing up a report for his boss to be given in tomorrow, but his cock’s needs were more important. Rasheed wished he had a girlfriend like his colleagues who he could fuck whenever he wanted, but his looks and his tiny 3.5-inch cock didn’t help his self-esteem. Another hour later at midnight, Rasheed, sitting naked in his chair, finally grunted and ejaculated his spunk under the laptop table, letting jets of semen land on the carpet as he usually did, not being bothered to catch it with tissue.

The next morning, Rasheed sleepily went to work as usual in Central London. During his lunch hour, he locked the door to his corner office, pulled down the window blinds, and got naked before sitting in his chair and starting to stroke his penis, first with only thumb and index due to its short flaccid length and then with one hand. Initially, he thought of the sexy asses of some of his female colleagues to get erect, how he wanted to make them suck and jerk his cock, titty fuck, pussy fuck and ass fuck them and then cum all over their bodies, but then he switched to porn on his office laptop. Halfway through his hour, he came across a porno in which the actress pretended to be a prostitute. Rasheed suddenly got an idea, and he considered going to a prostitute to lose his virginity. Searching online for escort services, he quickly found a website featuring ads from many women. Finally, he found one he thought he liked, “Katie,” a 35-year-old buxom blonde with a fine ass according to the sexy pictures she had posted, which made Rasheed increase the pace of his stroking. He picked up his phone and dialed the number. After three rings, a woman with a lovely northern accent answered.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hi Katie, I saw your ad on the escort site?” replied Rasheed, his voice nervous and his cock close to critical of the fact that he was talking to a prostitute.

“Yes, baby, what can I do?”

“Um…what do you do for the normal £100 per hour price, baby?” breathed out Rasheed.

“Blowjob with a condom, sex with a condom,” replied Katie.

“What about blowjob without a condom?” asked Rasheed.

“That’s extra £20, baby,” replied Katie.

“Ok, um, what about rimming and licking pussy?” Rasheed asked bravely, having to slow down the pace of his wanking as he didn’t want to cum over the office floor, and he was indeed close to the edge due to the explicit nature of the conversation.

“Licking is fine, but for rimming, you mean licking my ass?” asked Katie.

“Yes, baby, you are so beautiful and have a nice ass,” replied Rasheed, feeling he might have a heart attack if this conversation kept going.

“Oh, thank you, but that’s an extra £10. Total £130?” replied Katie.

“Ok, I’m also into small penis humiliation, and are you ok with slapping and punching my penis?” asked Rasheed, drunk from arousal.

Rasheed heard a slight giggle on the other end, which only made him hornier.

“Ok, no problem, baby,” replied Katie, “What time are you coming?”

“Today at 6? And are you able to do anal fucking?” asked Rasheed.

“Ok, I’ll see you then, but no anal, baby.”

“Oh, OK, one last thing, baby,” said Rasheed, “I am a virgin, so please be gentle.”

This time he heard a louder giggle before Katie replied, “Look, baby, I’ll see you at 6. I am going to text you the address.”

She then hung up. Rasheed decided to preserve the spunk in his ball sack and put his clothes on despite his throbbing hard cock.

He was very horny the rest of the day. At one point, his boss, Natasha, entered the office to give him some documents. As she turned to leave, Rasheed couldn’t resist staring at the blonde’s curvaceous, sexy ass – one that had made him ejaculate more times than he could count – and suddenly realized his throbbing cock was going to cum!

With a sudden gasp, Rasheed had to use every ounce of willpower to not let his cock stain his pants with semen. Natasha turned around, startled by the sudden gasp and asked him if something was wrong. He waved her off as fine, but after she left the room, made sure to go to the toilet to pour some cold water on his penis.

After work, Rasheed drove to the address as quickly as possible, arriving a couple of minutes before six.

Nervously, he waited before the door for a while before finally knocking.

The door opened, and Rasheed was shocked to see what lay before him. Katie was better than in the pics. She had a gorgeous face with lovely blowjob lips and piercing blue eyes, lovely seductive blonde hair, a blouse that exposed a mind-bending amount of cleavage and hung tightly to her big sexy tits, and a very short denim bottom that looked more like panties, exposing her lovely long white legs, and she was wearing high heels. This was a goddess of Rasheed’s wildest masturbation fantasies and wet dreams.

“Hi, you are the 6 o’clock? The small penis guy?” asked Katie, smiling knowingly at Rasheed’s facial look and the bulge in his trousers.

“Um…um…yes…I-I-I am Rasheed, hi Katie,” smiled Rasheed nervously, extending his hand to shake Katie’s, mentally quivering in pleasure at the idea that that hand might be on his penis any time soon.

“Don’t be shy, baby,” smiled Katie. When Rasheed just proceeded to stand there, her smile dropped and gave way to a questioning look.

Rasheed realized he was stupid and quickly reached into his pants to get out £150. But, instead, he offered it to Katie.

“I thought we said £130,” Katie said quizzically as she took the money nonetheless.

“Well, for a beautiful goddess like you, you can keep the extra,” Rasheed blurted out.

“Awww, thank you, baby. Come on inside,” said Katie, motioning her perfect, lovely goddess hands for Rasheed to enter.

As Rasheed entered, Katie turned around and made Rasheed gasp and his cock throb harder and leak more pre-cum in his pants. Her round bubbly ass was tightly encased in her shorts, showing off her lovely curvaceous ass, which any man would have worshipped and died for.

“Wow, you have the most amazing ass ever, baby,” said Rasheed, unable to control his horny thoughts.

Katie looked back and smiled, “So we’ve got an ass man over here, haven’t we?”

“Yes, sexy,” replied Rasheed.

Katie led the way to her neat bedroom, Rasheed following behind, staring like an addicted loser at her gorgeous ass.

As soon as he was in the bedroom, Rasheed quickly took off his clothes except for his underwear, which caused Katie to start laughing.

“Wow, Rasheed, you’re so hard already, baby! And look at how your pants are from pre-cum, did my ass do that to you?” asked Katie, giggling in a way that caused Rasheed’s cock to throb and being humiliated by undressing in front of a clothed, confident, powerful goddess.

“Yes, baby, that ass, and the fact that I was edging to porn all day,” replied Rasheed.

Katie laughed and then said, “Why don’t you take your cock out, Rasheed?”

Greedily Rasheed took off his pants and stood completely naked in front of Katie.

“Wow, that is actually a tiny penis! And it’s completely hard, isn’t it?” laughed Katie.

“Yeah, it’s 3.5 inches long. Can you stroke it, baby?”

Katie walked up close to him until his bell end was just centimeters from her belly. Then she leaned in closer, and Rasheed pounced, kissing her lips.

He was already in bliss; this was the first time he had tasted a woman’s lips, and this goddess was like a vixen and an enchantress. He extended his tongue into her mouth, and their tongues touched. He kept kissing again and again, and then he felt her soft, lovely hand grasp the shaft of his erect, throbbing penis and start to slowly stroke it. Still kissing Katie, Rasheed let out a low moan.

“Oh yeah, baby, that’s it, stroke my cock.”

Rasheed pulled back and looked down. He couldn’t believe his eyes! For the first time in his life, a woman had touched his penis with her hands (well, excluding his mother, but his mother was definitely not in his mind now).

“Katie, I want you to humiliate me over my tiny cock, and I want you to slap my cock and hurt me.”

Katie looked taken aback for a moment but then realized that he was paying her to shut up and obey. “The irony,” she thought to herself, “this bastard likes to be dominated, and yet he’s ordering me around.”

“You have a tiny cock, Rasheed. Is this why you pay for sex? Because no woman has ever slept with you?” Katie asked, still slowly stroking Rasheed’s penis.

“Yes, my goddess, I’m still a virgin,” Rasheed replied, causing fits of laughter to emanate from Katie’s divine mouth.

“You are pathetic. Look at you, fat, ugly, a cock that will never please a woman!’ Katie exclaimed before suddenly retracting a hand and landing a hard slap on his penis.

“Aaaahhhh!’ exclaimed Rasheed, just as Katie slammed her knees right into his balls. Screaming in pain, Rasheed clutched his cock and balls as he fell to his knees in front of this massive goodness.

“How does it feel, Rasheed, for a woman to treat you like this?” asked Katie.

“It’s very humiliating and embarrassing to have my dignity taken away, my goddess, but a beauty like you has every right to treat a man. However, she likes, especially a tiny cocked worthless man like myself,” replied Rasheed, now using one hand to slowly stroke his erect penis while still knelt in front of Goddess Katie.

“Hahaha, you are so pathetic, Rasheed,” laughed Katie, “tell me all your secrets.”

“I’m a porn and masturbation addict. I love blonde women with big tits and asses like you, my goddess. I’m into small penis humiliation and CFNM, but I also fantasize about having sex with a real woman, something I’ve never managed to get for free.”

“What would you like to do now, Rasheed?” asked Katie.

“I want to please you, my goddess,” answered Rasheed.

“Good answer. Now take your hands off your cock and put your pants on.”

Rasheed did as commanded. He was then shocked to see Katie take off her top, revealing her big sexy tits cupped in a bra! Katie giggled at the aroused, stupid look on Rasheed’s face, the same stupid look she noticed on all men who saw her body.

Katie removed her bra, revealing her sexy natural tits and their brown areolas and soft nipples.

“Alright, Rasheed, I want you to kiss me and work your way down,” declared Katie, sitting down on the bed.

Rasheed almost ran forward in excitement, and their lips locked while his hands caressed his goddess’s tits. Rasheed kissed her deeply before kissing her cheeks, then her neck, which led to Katie moaning softly.

“Kiss my breasts, Rasheed, worship my nipples with your tongue,” moaned Katie.

Rasheed couldn’t have been a happier man. He loved the idea of servicing his goddess and being used as a tool for her pleasure.

Rasheed fondled her left breast with his right hand while he kissed and licked her right breast in circles around her areola. Katie moaned, “Lick my nipples, Rasheed.” Her hands were gently rubbing his erection up and down over his pants as Rasheed complied, moaning himself at her rubbing his erection as he began sucking on her right nipple. Katie’s moaning slightly increased in volume, “Oh yes, Rasheed, that’s a very good boy. Oh, you are a good boy, Rasheed.”

Rasheed moved to kiss her left breast and then lick and suck on her left nipple. The man was in heaven. This must be what the houris in paradise must be like, or maybe even better, Rasheed thought to himself, despite a part of him knowing he was committing a major sin by being with Katie, and less major but serious sins by daily jerking off and edging to porn on his laptop and iPhone.

“I want to stick my cock between your tits, baby,” gasped Rasheed.

Immediately he felt Katie grab his ball sack and cock through his pants using her right hand…and then she squeezed very hard.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Please let go!’ screamed Rasheed, being brought to his knees for the second time.

“You bitch, you are my slave. You do what I want!’ exclaimed Katie, twisting harder on her grip on Rasheed’s Crown Jewels.

“Yes, yes, yes! I’m sorry, my goddess, please let go,” exclaimed Rasheed, in pain and on his knees. Then, finally, relief washed over as he felt Katie release her paralyzing grip.

“Kiss my feet and apologize, slave,” ordered Katie.

Rasheed was about to object that he wasn’t that into feet but thought better after realizing the short distance between his male weakness – i.e., his penis and hanging testicles – and the heels Katie was wearing. So he bent down and kissed her feet, afterward saying, “I am sorry, my goddess, I am only your slave.”

“Very good boy!’ remarked Katie, beaming an evil grin at poor Rasheed.

Katie then stood up and began lowering her shorts, with Rasheed looking on as an eager puppy. He was going to see a woman’s pussy in real life! Katie turned around as she did so, revealing her plump ass first.

“Is my ass making your cock throb, Rasheed?”

“Y-y-yes my goddess, oh goddess, you are so beautiful. I love and worship your ass,” Rasheed gasped, and his left hand reached under his flimsy, wet (from pre-cum) pants and began stroking his cock. Still, with only thumb and two other fingers for fear of prematurely ejaculating in his pants – he definitely didn’t want that humiliation in addition to his tiny penis.

Katie looked back and immediately said sternly, “Take your hands off your cock, you horny pervert!’

Rasheed struggled but eventually complied, taking his hands out of his pants.

After having removed her shorts, Katie bent over, leaning with her hands on the bed.

“Well, Rasheed, fucking worship my ass now, but don’t you dare let that cock out of your pants,” warned Katie.

Rasheed was ecstatic. He walked closer and kneeled and hesitated. Then he leaned in and planted a big kiss on her right ass cheek.

“Oh god, I love your ass, my goddess,” said Rasheed.

“I know you do. Most men do, Rasheed,” said Katie, “How else do you think I was able to buy my own house outright?”

Rasheed grabbed both her lovely juicy ass cheeks with his hands and gave a slight squeeze before kissing her ass cheeks all over her. He placed his head firmly in her butt cleavage and took a big sniff, appreciating the scent of this goddess’s divine ass. His cock throbbed harder, and he felt a deep desire to just take his cock out and blow his load over her ass cheeks. But he controlled himself.

Rasheed suddenly had an urge to spank her lovely ass cheeks, but he was scared Katie might punish him via his vulnerable cock and balls, his male weakness to her female power. So he decided to ask very politely.

“Um…my goddess…I…um…have a request that would please my cock. But of course, I’ll only do it if you please!’ said Rasheed nervously. He was aware of his cock being vulnerable but didn’t want to cover his pants with his hands if it made his goddess even angrier.

“What is it, slave?” asked Katie.

“I want to spank your buttocks, my goddess, and I love them so much!’

Katie pondered this for a while before replying, “Ok, but first pass me your trousers from the floor.”

Rasheed obeyed. As he watched, Katie took his wallet and took out an extra £20, which was the remaining cash he had. She turned to look back at his pained expression and said, “It will cost you, Rasheed.”

But in men like Rasheed, or in all men if they are faced with an ass like Katie’s, the penis takes over the brain, so he dumbly nodded his head, eager to spank her juicy ass.

Katie then proceeded to take his iPhone out of his wallet and asked, “Unlock this phone, slave.”

Rasheed paused, “Um…I’m not s-,” and then he moaned, his words forgotten, as Katie slowly leaned back and her delicious ass landed on his crotch and began slowly rubbing against his throbbing cock.

“Come on, Rasheed, you want this,” Katie whispered seductively before going back to her previous position.

Wordlessly, Rasheed unlocked his phone, showing her the passcode, then went back to kissing her buttocks. He then extended his tongue and, having never done this before, spread Katie’s buttocks apart and gently licked her anus. Katie moaned in response, and Rasheed, ecstatic at finally being close to a sexy female ass, began licking her pussy lips and then up to her anus by moving his tongue in one slow upward motion. Katie moaned slightly louder as he passed over her delicious, salty pussy. Rasheed proceeded to lick around her anus before finally pushing his tongue inside her asshole. He thrust in and out several times, enjoying the sensation and feeling his hard cock throbbing in excitement, oblivious to whatever the fuck Katie was doing on his phone.

After some time rimming Katie, she turned around and sat on the bed before leaning fully back and spreading her legs. “Now eat my pussy as you’ve seen in your filthy online porn wanking sessions and make me cum, you perverted slave Rasheed!’ she ordered.

Now Rasheed was fully able to appreciate her pussy. No hair whatsoever. It was a perfect, lovely pussy. Of course, it was an innie pussy, but as she spread her legs, a little bit of her labia minora peeked out, almost like it was teasing and inviting and enchanting men. Rasheed was in bliss looking at this lovely pussy before he bent down and started licking it. At first, he spat on her pussy and used his tongue to spread it all around, eliciting moans from Katie.

“That’s it, good boy, learn to use your tongue because you’ll never be able to please a woman with your cock. If you ever do get a girlfriend, she’ll definitely cheat on you with men with bigger cocks,” whispered Katie, moaning.

He then used his fingers to pull back her clitoral hood, exposing her moderately large divine clit. Rasheed wrapped his lips around her clit and began sucking on it, eager to please his goddess. He then used the spit he had earlier spread to lube his index and middle fingers before inserting it slowly into her pussy.

Katie’s moans were louder, “Oh yes! Rasheed! Oh yes, that’s right, keep doing that, baby!’

Rasheed continued sucking on her clit while thrusting his fingers fully in and out of her wet pussy. The feel of her pussy on his fingers was new to Rasheed, and he loved it!

“You have a worthless cock, Rasheed, and you should never expect any woman to even so much as touch your cock in the future, but you should endeavor to please women with your tongue without expecting anything in return because beta males like you only exist as tools to be used by goddesses like me.”

“Yes, my goddess, I understand,” Rasheed said and then went back to eating her lovely pussy.

Rasheed’s tongue grew tired, something he didn’t realize could happen, and his face was covered in pussy juice, but he continued for what felt like a long time until suddenly Katie’s moans became higher pitched and louder.

“Yes, Rasheed, keep sucking my clit! Oh yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeesssss!’ Katie screamed as she had a violent orgasm. Rasheed’s face got drenched in pussy juice, and he felt the walls of her pussy contract and repeatedly push on his two fingers still inside her pussy. Finally, he gave one last kiss to her clit and removed his fingers.

Katie lay panting on the bed and then slowly got up.

“Ok, Rasheed, now you can take off your pants,” said Katie, still panting slightly.

Rasheed was slightly hurt. She didn’t say thank you but then reminded himself that he was a slave and she was his goddess. He was too drunk on arousal to realize she just wanted to get this over with so she could do something she would actually enjoy. So he took off his pants and stood completely naked in front of the completely naked Katie, his cock at full mast.

“So I was looking at your porn history, Rasheed, and wow, I must say, you are one big perv! And you like blondes with big asses, so no wonder you choose me. And not only that, the bank statements sent to you in your email show you’re spending a lot on porn. You’re a pathetic addict!’ Katie said, laughing out loud.

With that said, Katie instructed Rasheed to get into bed. As he lay on his back, Katie took his circumcised, 3.5-inch cock in one hand and gently blew on it, sending shivers through his body.

Then, he watched as she slowly lowered her mouth and his cock was enveloped by her lips. All of a sudden, he could feel the warmth and wetness of her mouth, and his cock couldn’t have felt better. Rasheed started moaning in pleasure as Katie slowly moved her mouth up and down his cock, her tongue licking the underside of his shaft. He couldn’t believe he was getting his first blowjob!

Katie took his cock out of her mouth, then began licking the bellend. “You like that, slave?” she asked.

“Oh god, thank you so much, my goddess! That feels so good!’ moaned Rasheed.

Katie laughed as she proceeded to lick the entire length of his cock, before proceeding to lick his scrotum. Rasheed couldn’t believe how divine her tongue felt! Next, she proceeded to engulf one of his balls completely and then the other testicle as she used her left hand to gently wank Rasheed’s penis.

Suddenly, Rasheed felt a familiar wave, the one that appeared just before ejaculation! Alarmed, he shouted, “Please, goddess, you have to stop!’, and pulled back before he went over the edge where he could no longer control his ejaculation.

“Oh my god, so you can’t control your load as well? Truly pathetic!’ said Katie.

“I am so sorry, my goddess, but let’s wait a bit,” replied Rasheed.

After a while, Rasheed said, “Is it ok if you put on the condom, my goddess?”

Katie smiled at him, then said, “Ok, since you so nicely gave me an oral orgasm.” She reached for a condom packet, tore it open, spat on his now semi-erect penis, rubbed it till it was rock hard in no time, and put the condom on Rasheed. He had never put on a condom before, and this, too, felt weird but nice on his penis.

“Since you are an ass man, or ass boy rather, considering your pathetic penis, I’m gonna do reverse cowgirl first,” declared Katie. She turned around, giving Rasheed a beautiful view of her juicy ass, and climbed over Rasheed, her pussy just about touching the tip of his condom-covered cock.

Katie then said, without looking back, “Ready to lose your virginity, slave?” to which Rasheed eagerly replied, “Yes! Yes! Yes, goddess!’

Rasheed moaned as Katie lowered herself, and he felt his cock penetrate her tight pussy.

“Oh my…,” he moaned as Katie started bouncing on his cock, and he too started thrusting with his hips. It wasn’t as tight as the grip of his left hand when jerking off alone, but it was intoxicating nonetheless.

Rasheed grabbed the juicy buttocks in front of him with both hands and squeezed as he thrust in and out of her pussy.

After a while, Katie got off and turned around, and they began fucking in the cowgirl position. This time he fondled her breasts as she smiled at him.

Soon, he felt the spunk building up, ready for spurting at the base of his cock, and he requested that Goddess Katie stop. Again, he took off the condom, and Katie began to stroke him, and this time as he neared orgasm, Rasheed moaned, “Oh my goddess, please keep wanking me. I’m going to cum. Please let me cum on your tits.”

Then, all of a sudden, the worst happened, and Katie withdrew her hand, preventing ejaculation. Rasheed opened his eyes and looked at Katie, mouth wide open, eyes begging her to make his penis spurt its spunk.

“I’m so sorry, Rasheed, but your one hour is up,” said Katie, grinning evilly at him.

Rasheed looked at the clock and realized she was right. Looking back at Katie, in her dazzling naked form sitting on the bed in front of him giggling at his twitching cock aching to blow its load, he begged, “Please, my goddess, it’ll take just one minute, please I need to ejaculate by your hand and on your breasts if you allow it, please the goddess.”

“Ok, Rasheed, but I need payment,” said Katie, looking at him seductively as she placed her hand on his cock and very, very slowly stroked it, “so what you’re gonna do is log into your banking app on your phone and give it to me.”

Rasheed, mind turned to mush by this goddess, immediately complied. After completing a transaction, Katie put the phone in his trouser, which she then chucked onto the floor and went back to jerking him off at a regular place.

“You took the right price, right?” asked Rasheed, slightly worried.

“Yes, slave, and don’t question me again.”

Very soon he was close to cumming. When he told Katie this, she lay back on the bed and said, “Quickly, get on top of me!’

Rasheed hurriedly got on top, and then Katie grabbed his erect penis in her right hand and started massaging his scrotum with the left. Finally, she pointed his penis down at her breasts and began jerking off rapidly.

“Give me your cum, Rasheed, blow your load! Let your pathetic tiny cock spurt its spunk, show me what you’re made of!’

Rasheed couldn’t take the fast stroking nor the verbal encouragement any longer. “Oh god! Oh god! My Goddess! Katie, oh goddess Katiiieeee!’ he screamed, then grunted and groaned very loudly to the extent that the neighbors must have overheard before jets of semen spurted out of his penis and landed with high velocity all over Katie’s breasts. Thankfully, due to her pointing his penis in the right direction and the size of her big breasts, the semen only landed on her breasts instead of hitting her face or going beyond onto the bed sheets or even the floor.

Katie continued stroking to squeeze the last bit of spunk out until she finally stopped.

“Now clean yourself up in that bathroom. I’ll use another one next door,” ordered Katie.

Rasheed promptly went into the bathroom Katie reserved for customers, throwing his used condom into the bin and then enjoyed a shower. After drying, he came out to find the room empty, including his clothes.

Walking downstairs, he came into the kitchen to find Katie, having showered, clothed, and talking on the phone, his clothes on the table along with his iPhone.

Katie put down the phone before turning around and giving him a laugh and said, “Wow, Rasheed, your small penis looks really cute now that it’s all shriveled up! I can just about see the bellend!’ before flicking a finger at his penis.

“Ouch!’ Rasheed exclaimed, then smiled at her and said, “thank you so much, my goddess!’, before reaching forward and squeezing her lovely ass one last time. He proceeded to put on his clothes just as the front bell rang.

“Ooh, that’s another client! You better get out, Rasheed,” said Katie, prompting Rasheed to take the back door.

On the way home, Rasheed felt a mixture of shame and depression. He had spilled his deepest, darkest secrets, the ones that were the most taboo in the culture he had grown up, to a stranger. He also realized that without paying, he was never going to get sex.

However, it was only when he reached home that he remembered he had let Katie take the second payment. But, in the hyper-aroused cock-throbbing heat of the moment and then the explosive orgasm that followed, he had forgotten!

He quickly logged into his phone and checked his bank. Rasheed nearly fainted when he realized Katie had cleared all £12000 of savings he had! He was so shocked! Quickly, he thought about what he might do before realizing that he couldn’t win this legally. He couldn’t exactly explain to an entire court how a prostitute had tricked him, plus she would reveal all his embarrassing secrets!

As he exited the banking app, convinced there was nothing he could do, he noticed that his messaging apps had many notifications. Opening them up, Rasheed was in for the biggest shock of his life. All that time, he had been drunkenly staring at the gorgeous body of Katie, not realizing she had taken pictures of him eating her ass out, licking her pussy (all excluding her own face, naturally), standing there naked with his tiny hard cock jutting out. Then she had sent these pictures to literally everyone! His friends, his colleagues, his parents, his sisters! Rasheed slumped onto the floor, in shock, but at the same time, felt his cock hardening – Katie had left him ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed, but also, interestingly, aroused.

The End.


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