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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader found why it’s hard for us to have one night stands…

I recently got a new match on Tinder, and I didn’t really like her, so I decided to risk and ask her to come to my apartment on the first date. I was expecting her to ignore my message, but she said yes.

Therefore, I picked her from the bus station, and we walked to my home. We ate, I made a cocktail, and everything was great. So after one hour of chatting, I asked her to watch a movie, and she said yes, she felt very comfortable. After the first 10 minutes, I started touching her legs, body, and I started sucking her nipples, and she was horny. My dick was soft, though ( for some reason, even smaller than normal (it was exactly 2 inches ). Maybe it was the stress and the alcohol), so I unzipped my jeans and showed her my soft penis.

I asked her, “Is it small?”

She touched my penis for 5 seconds, and she replied, “Yes, it’s tiny.”

After that, I kissed her for one more minute, and she suddenly stood up and went to the bad bathroom, and I was waiting alone on the couch with my small penis out, I was actually trying to make it hard. So she came out from the bathroom, and she didn’t even look at me, she just went straight on the backyard for a cigarette, even though she was just on my apartment for the first time she felt like it was her apartment, I was kinda shocked how she just ignored me and went for a cigarette.

So I zipped my jeans, and I went into the backyard. I asked her if she’s okay, and she said yeah.

After that, she said it is time to leave, and I accompanied her to the bus station, and I said, “Sorry for the bad experience.”

She replied, “Why do you use Tinder? You need someone to love you, not a one-night stand.”

She didn’t even reply to my messages after that day. I was ghosted.


Another reader got busted through his naivety…

In high school, all the guys talked about shaving their pubes off because girls supposedly liked it more. So one night in the shower, I shaved bare and thought, ‘wow, it looks even smaller.’ While at the cafeteria the next day, I told all my guy friends what I did. They started asking me questions about it, and I told them it sucks, though, because your dick looks smaller. They all looked at me funny and started laughing all at once. Finally, one stopped laughing long enough to tell me, “Dude, it’s supposed to look bigger when you shave!”

This was when I started to think maybe I wasn’t average-sized.


Yet another SDC Member has the Tinder blues…

So I was on tinder and met this young 20-something-year-old girl, and things were going well. After a few weeks, we eventually had sex. She seemed to be really into it leading up to the sex: she was passionate with her kisses, moaning, wet, etc. But when it came time to do the deed, I could tell I wasn’t doing it for her. I got her close, but she couldn’t come. We tried again, but the same thing happened, and she seemed frustrated and unenthused. Finally, when she was on top, it felt like she was grinding into me to try to get deeper but eventually just chalked it up as a loss and gave up. She pretty much told me the next day that she was getting back together with her boyfriend and cut things off.

But here’s the twist…I saw her back on tinder/bumble pretty much the next day. I stalked her Facebook for a few weeks, and it looked like a new guy friend posted a meme on her wall about sex with small dicks, and she responded by laughing 🙁 It rather fucked me up because I assumed it was a new guy she met on tinder, and she told him about me.

It rather tore me up a bit to think that she was getting what she needed from somebody else who could give it to her the way she needed.


While another reader got laid anyway…

This little dick actually fucked my neighbor. We were swimming in my pool as I invited her over for a swim on a hot day. There we were no one home but the two of us. We were jumping up and down in the water when her top slipped off, and her tits were showing. She didn’t mind and said, “Oh well,” and just took off the top.

Well, that got me started, and she knew it, so I took off my suit, and she took off her bottom. I was worried that my tiny cock would not do the job but did not know she likes small cocks. I never fuck in the water before, but this was different. She wanted it. She has nice tits, about 38dd, and I sucked them and squeezed them while she was playing with my cock. Finally, she said, let fuck, so I started to push in her with my tiny cock, and man, what a feeling with the water whooshing around in and out of her. She was so horny, too, that she sucked me underwater. When I came, you could see the cum floating in the water. All she said to me was, that was fun, let’s do it again. I said, of course. Well, that’s my best female friend and ex. We fucked in different places for a while. I missed those days now.


This reader experienced the dark side of female behavior…

Yes, I have a small penis, and my ex-fiancee told everyone after I ended our engagement. She said I had a baby dick during sex as long as we did it. I have no clue why I was born with a small penis—1/2 inch soft and 2 inches hard. I passed a woman I hooked up with, and it ended badly, and she stopped me, was talking to her friends, and kept saying, awww, he’s just a little guy, but I knew what she was doing. The weird thing is we hooked up after that a few months later.


While this reader’s situation has led him to the kinky side of life…

I have a 4-inch cock when I’m hard, and it’s skinny. I actually did this to myself. I love having the smallest dick in the room, especially when I pick up some new slut to fuck for the night, and I pull out my cock lol they get so disappointed, and I really don’t even get hard, more like just really shriveled, and stiff I love to fuck everything to from tranny’s to grannies and the ugliest woman I can find, and I like male dogs I know it’s weird, but I love it love being dominated like a cum sissy boy I truly am


This reader is outed by his wife to family members…

A few months ago, my sister in laws husband and I started going to the gym. The only problem I had was getting changed at the gym. It had a small changing room, just a small open room with no cubicles and a shower area. Having a tiny penis (0.75 inches soft 3.5 inches hard) was difficult to hide in an open room full of guys. Luckily, we used to go at quiet times, so there weren’t many people around. But I still used to make sure no1 could see it/covering it with a towel or hand, and if I were in the shower, I would always have my back to my brother-in-law as I would rather let a stranger see it than my family. My wife used to find this funny saying you should embrace it and let him see it; he is family. But I used to make sure my back was always to him when I changed or showered. I don’t know how but 1 day, he caught sight of my tiny little stump. As I got home 1 day after work, my wife said her sisters been on the phone laughing as her hubby told her how small I am, and she was asking if it really is that small? I asked, what did you say? She said she didn’t say anything, just laughed it off, made an excuse, and got off the phone.

Anyway, last week my wife and her sister were out with friends having a reunion party meal, and after the meal, my sister-in-law came back to our house to stay the night. We started watching a movie, got the drinks out pretty soon. I was drunk and fell asleep on the sofa. The next morning I woke up, and sister in law was leaving, as she had to go and drop some keys to her workplace that she accidentally bought home. And she kept looking at me, laughing and giggling. I thought she’s still drunk. Soon her taxi came, and she left. I started looking for my phone but couldn’t see it anywhere, so I grabbed my wife’s phone to check something online, and as I was checking, a message popped up from a sister-in-law saying she couldn’t believe how small I was and how do I satisfy her. My face just went red, and my hands started shaking. I called my wife over and confronted her about it; first, she denied it and said she’s messing about. After I kept asking her, she finally gave in and told me what happened.

After I fell asleep, they were still drinking away when my sister-in-law said to my wife, “Damn, I can’t see no bulge in his pants. It must be as small as I was told it was.”

My wife being drunk asked her, “Do you want to see it?”

Sister in law said, “YES,” and my wife yanked my pants down, and they both fell about laughing and left me exposed for ages till I turned over.

She then said her sister wanted to take a picture of it. She remembers telling her no but can’t remember if she took any or not. By now, I’m in a panic. I asked her if she did and tell her, please delete them now if she has. She said, ok, I will text her and casually added, don’t worry, who is she gonna show the photos to anyway? Probably the other sister and a few girls at work, that’s about it. It’s no big deal, oh and maybe mom, but she knows you got a small cock anyway. And she walked off to the other room to text her sister. It’s been 2 days, and I’m still confused about how to approach my sister-in-law about any photos she might have. As for my wife, she’s finding it funny. Maybe I will one day, but right now, I wanna crawl under a rock and hide.


A woman shares her experiences with us…

I am a woman in my mid-20s, and my first-firsthand SPH experience was completely by accident. After a night out with some friends and many tequila shots later, I went home with this guy to fool around. We were making out and getting pretty hot, heavy and decided to have sex.

I pulled down his shorts and boxers, looking as sultry as I could consider I was fairly inebriated. His penis was tiny, but I didn’t think anything of it at first – we had been drinking. He just wasn’t hard yet. Right? He was probably just a grower! Besides, I had been with men who were on the smaller side (~4.5 to 5 inches), and they typically tried harder in bed to compensate, so I wasn’t too worried.

So I go down and blow him for a while, trying to get him erect, straddle him, and rub my pussy on the tip, caressing, etc. He was moaning and gyrating with my body, so I knew he was getting into it, but still, nothing seemed to work!

I was getting pretty tired as it was quite late, so I said, “It’s okay if you can’t get hard, and we can try again in the morning?”

He looked up at me and shyly said, “It is hard.”

I tried to hide my shock that this barely 3-inch nub was him fully erect, but my jaw definitely dropped before I could regain my composure.

After I was able to shake off the initial ‘holy fuck!’ reaction, I sort of just tried to pretend I hadn’t been completely shocked by how small his dick was and went to fuck him anyway – I felt bad pointing it out so blatantly and didn’t want to make the poor guy feel even worse. He came within 2 minutes of actually being “inside” me.

A few years after that incident, I talked with some friends about the smallest we had ever been with, and I told them that story. They were as shocked as I was at the size, so I wondered how common the size was. This led me to start looking up info about micropenis (just out of curiosity) and quickly stumbled upon SPH (and this site!). I was surprised at how turned on I became reading SPH stories. Since then, I’ve become increasingly into femdom, CFNM, etc. I’ve got a couple little submissive men, who want to be my cuckolded slaves, and I’m not going to lie, I would really like to lock them in chastity while they have to watch me get ravished and fucked for real.


This reader discovered his wife preferred the bigger boys…

My wife, many years ago, decided to dress sexy and strip during a football game. I didn’t know she was going to do this. I was extremely turned on, so we’re the guys. She gave us a good show and gave blowjobs to everyone. Fun. We had a few sex parties afterward, and I started to notice she wasn’t really fucking me at these parties.

She went out one night came home with our male friend. They both said hi as they walked to the bedroom.

She called me to the bedroom told me to strip. So I did, and then our friend claimed off her dam he was big he told me to get down and lick her clean.

I refused. He was the bigger man. He throws me on the bed, and she climbed on top rubbed it all over my face.

There’s a lot more to tell about my small dick cuckold life.


While this reader is an INCEL…

I only fucked one girl when I was 20; I’m 47 now.


This reader brought toys to help him please his wife in bed…

I will start by saying I am a bronze member. About 5 inches on the dot and 4.5 girth. I have a story to tell of how my gf gave me SPH without even knowing. It started a while back when we decided to buy some toys to spice things up. Neither of us had used toys in the bedroom before. Our sex life was good, and she likes my cock, which is awesome, but I have always had this SPH/cuckold fetish. She couldn’t decide on toys, so I bought a cock ring and a glass dildo when I was horny. Glass dildo was about the same girth as me. She loved them both and still does. However, I wanted to step it up a notch, and she had mentioned once how she would like a realistic dildo. So once again, on a horny day a few weeks ago, I ordered a dildo and cock sleeve. The sleeve fitted around my shaft and made me about 5.5 inches around, and the dildo was 8″ x 5.8″.

I knew it was big, but it turned me on thinking about it. When it came, I told her I had bought it but didn’t show it to her. I was a little afraid she wouldn’t try it because of how big it looked. I had brought up big dicks before in dirty talk, and she would usually make comments like they would hurt or be uncomfortable. She is much more conserved than me when it comes to sex. I got the ideal situation just last night. She went out drinking with some friends, came home around 12, and was the perfect bit of horny (which I love because it makes her much more honest). I asked if she wanted to try the new toys, and she got excited. I put the dildo between her legs without her seeing it and started rubbing her clit with it.

She must have felt how big it might be because she reached down, grabbed it, and made a comment on how big it was. Then, she slowly started working it into her pussy. At first, she felt tense, expecting pain, I think, but then she relaxed, and I could hear the moans start, and she started telling me how good it felt. It only took her a minute, and she was taking at least 7″ of the dildo and was in ecstasy. I loved it, started telling her that, and asked her how it felt. She said it felt amazing, and I told her big dicks don’t hurt.

She responded right away with, “No, they feel amazing.”

I was so horny watching her enjoy the dildo. I knelt between her legs and started stroking against her clit. Then I decided to go for it, and I gently pressed my head against the top of her vagina and worked my way in. I was now double penetrating her with a big dildo. She went from 4 years with just my average dick to about 3 times the girth filling her up. I almost blew my load right away because of how tight it felt and how turned on I was. She loved it, and so was I. After that, I put on the sleeve, and once again, she was being driven crazy. She kept telling me how it was the best sex we had ever had. That went on for a long time, and after, I decided to remove the sleeve and fuck her. It was my first time feeling that slightly loose vagina and less friction than usual. It turned me on even more. After I blew my load, she used the dildo, and I licked her tits until she had a good orgasm. Best sex night I had ever had, and it sounded like it was hers too.

*Conditions Apply.

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