Sorority Night 2

By smlwilli3.

Chapter Four

As Suresh drove to the Sigma Mu house, he saw it had been transformed over the past day; it had been decorated to look like an old English castle. There were medieval decorations in front, and there were two guards dressed like knights in the front, with large halberds. A steady stream of people was driving up, and valets took the cars and drove them elsewhere. Even the valets were dressed like medieval pages.

Suresh gave his key to the valet and put the ticket in his pocket. As he did so, he felt the paper slide down his pant leg and fall out the bottom of his pants. Frowning, he put his hand in the pocket and realized that there was a large hole. Harrumph, he thought, so much for a $2,000 suit! Not much in the way of quality control! Checking the right-hand pocket, he noticed that it was fine, so he picked up the ticket and put it there.

At the door, the knights stopped him and asked for his invitation. Invitation? He realized he hadn’t brought it since he had come straight from the store. As he stood uncertainly outside, he saw some of the sorority pledges walk by, including Ruby.

Ruby had a few classes with Suresh, and they had even been partners for an assignment once. While not the closest of friends, they had a warm, cordial relationship, and at times, it seemed as if there might be the possibility of them dating, including one time during a class project when he had spent some time in her dorm room. Nothing had happened, but they had been sitting close to each other, and there had been a lot of casual close touching, with a frisson of sexual tension. Unfortunately, he hadn’t heard from her lately and suddenly realized that it was likely because she had been busy pledging the sorority.

Ruby was a short Latina girl with shoulder-length hair and was one of the few women in the college who didn’t seem put off by his height. About 5 feet tall, she had small pert breasts that were quite cute, and she often eschewed wearing a bra, to Suresh’s never-ending delight. Her ass was a little more generous, and she had beautifully smooth, thick thighs. However, none of that was in evidence at present, as all the pledges were dressed like medieval maids, with long, multilayered skirts that brushed the ground and corsets. They all wore cloth caps and vests, and the overall effect was to diminish any physical attributes.

“Suresh!” she exclaimed delightedly. “I’m so glad you were able to make it! Who are you here with?”

“Umm… Brittany,” Suresh said.

Ruby’s face fell. “Oh,” she said in a quiet voice, “I’m sure you’ll have a good time and … excuse me…” She hurried away.

Suresh felt weird. It wasn’t like he was romantically involved with Brittany, and now it seemed as if any potential relationship he had with Ruby might have been nipped in the bud. He felt like turning around and leaving, cutting his losses.

But the name ‘Brittany’ had had the desired effect on the knights at the front door. They immediately waved him in and told him not to mention to Brittany that they had delayed her date. Therefore, in he went. The foyer was huge, and two large spiral staircases led to a second-floor balcony. Suresh gawked at the splendor before him. All was polished wood and candlelight. It had truly been transformed into a medieval-style building!

As he looked around, he saw all the pledges being herded by Brittany. She saw Suresh and smiled. Then, she told the pledges to head to their room with a frown and a firm voice. As Brittany was the social chair, she was also in charge of the pledges, and they ran as fast as their constricting clothing allowed. Suresh watched Ruby go with a lump in his throat. He had hoped that perhaps one day he could have built up the courage to ask her out, but now it was looking like that was never going to happen.

He didn’t notice Brittany standing next to him until she quietly cleared her throat. Then, Flushing, he turned to her. She was wearing a long flowing green velvet gown with a bodice that was cut low, lifted her breasts, and offered them for view. Between the fact that she was taller and the fact that she was wearing heels, he was at breast height. Her cream-colored skin was flawless, and he could swear that he could see a hint of her light pink areola when she took a deep breath. Once again, he felt like she had noticed he was looking at another woman, and she apparently didn’t mind.

“I’m so glad you were able to make it on time, Suresh!” Brittany said. She smiled at him quite warmly, and Suresh couldn’t help but smile back in response. “I’m going to be quite busy today, as I am the social chair and responsible for the pledges as well. But I think we’re going to have a lot of fun tonight!”

“No problem, Brittany. I know you’re an important person at the sorority, and I’m aware you won’t be able to spend a lot of time with me,” Suresh said.

Brittany smiled again. “Well, I must say that the suit looks quite good on you,” she said. “I think Lena did a great job!”

There was a pause in the conversation, and all of a sudden Suresh realized that he hadn’t said anything about her. He was such an idiot!

“And you look amazing too, Brittany,” he finally blurted out.

Brittany smirked at him but didn’t point out his faux pas. “Why don’t you come with me, Suresh. The dance is about to start soon.”

Suresh followed behind her as she glided serenely through the room, everyone somehow just knowing to move aside at the last minute.

They walked down the stairs into the basement, which turned out to be a huge single room, with a large stage and a professional lighting set. It, too, had been made to resemble a medieval castle, with areas on the side that had manacles and stockades, as if it was a dungeon. There was even a person wearing a large hood and robes as if he was an executioner. Many people had already made their way down there, and there was a table that stated it had mead, ale, and wine.

“I’ll check in with you in a little while, Suresh. Now please excuse me, as I have a few other things to do like the social chair.”

Brittany kissed him on the cheek and grabbed his ass at the same time. She then quickly left before he could recover and walked over to Jackie, who was wearing a red velvet dress similar to Brittany. At one point, they both looked over at him and smiled. Suresh smiled back but a little uncertainly. It felt to him as if they were predatory cats, and he was the unsuspecting bird.


Chapter Five

It wasn’t long before the party started, and it promised to be a raucous affair. There was loud music, flashing lights, and even a fog machine. However, unlike the rest of the party, this was not period-specific music but instead the latest in dancehall and electronica. Deep bass was easily put out by the huge speakers that lined the stage.

Initially, Suresh stood awkwardly on the side, sipping some mead. Brittany was making rounds and moving around the room, greeting many people. She did not waste a glance at him even once. After an hour or so of this, he started wandering around the periphery of the floor, trying to find anyone to who he could at least talk. He eventually found the bevy of pledges, still in their maid-like outfits, including Ruby.

“Hi, Ruby,” he said.

Ruby still looked a little upset, but she replied sincerely. He gave her an awkward empathetic side-hug and then looked around guiltily to see if Brittany had noticed him talking to another girl. He saw her at the end of the stage, talking to a guy named Andre. He was on the football team, the star quarterback, and he was a tall 6’ 1” African-American man known to be the big man on campus. Brittany has her hand on his and was looking up into his eyes and batting her eyelashes. She seemed to be molding her body to his. Suresh sighed. He was so confused as to why he was even here. He turned back to Ruby and noticed that she had been following his gaze. She, too, had noted Brittany’s behavior. She turned back to Suresh.

“I’m sorry about that, Suresh,” she said.

“It’s OK,” Suresh said, “it’s just frustrating because Brittany asked me to come to this dance as a favor for her. It’s not like I’ve even spoken to her before, and it’s not like I could have said no to her.” Ruby nodded in sympathetic agreement. “I just wish I could have known why she asked me,” he added, “she hasn’t said a word to me since. I’m not even upset that she’s talking to other guys because it’s not like we have any relationship whatsoever.”

“I didn’t know that, Suresh,” Ruby said. “I’m sorry I didn’t understand earlier. I’ve always liked you, and when you said you were going with Brittany, I was a little … upset.”

Suresh could feel himself starting to smile. Ruby actually liked him. “I completely understand,” he said earnestly. “I have kind of liked you, too.” Ruby’s face brightened even more, and she started smiling. Even in her state of dishabille, she looked beautiful to him when she smiled. He gently kissed her nose and got a giggle in return. “Maybe we can make some plans tomorrow after all this stuff is over?” he asked and received a shy nod.

His heart leaped. Maybe something good would come out of this situation after all! The music changed suddenly to more of an R&B style, and he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see a girl smiling. She was a prototypical sorority girl, bleach-blonde hair and a fake tan, around 5’ 5”, wearing a little black dress.

“You’re Suresh, right?” she asked, and he nodded. “Brittany told me that you would dance with me. Come on!”

Suresh turned back to Ruby, looking confused, and she shrugged her shoulders. “It’s no big deal,” she said to him, “I understand you don’t want to be here anyway. Just have fun, and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

Suresh smiled and tried to kiss her again but was pulled away forcibly by the woman.

“No, no, no!” the blonde exclaimed angrily. “First, you never touch the help. Those pledges are off-limits to you. Second, I’m the one you’re dancing with. You had better not even think about looking at another woman when you’re with me!”

Suresh looked over his shoulder at Ruby, and she shrugged again, looking a little sad but also determined. They both realized that none of this was their choice, and as a result, both decided to get through the rest of the night with the promise of a better tomorrow. The blonde girl forcibly turned his face back toward her. Now she was definitely frowning.

“You’re looking at the help again, Suresh. But, unfortunately, we’re going to have to punish Ruby to teach her a lesson because of your behavior.” Suresh started protesting, but she cut him off. “Listen, if you don’t want your ‘girl’ there to be worse off, you’re going to do whatever we say, agreed?” Suresh agreed readily. “Good!” she said. Then, her expression changed with almost alarming rapidity to one of a broad smile. Suresh smiled uncertainly in return. “Now, let’s get busy on the dance floor!” she said.

What followed was quite sad, to be honest. Suresh was never very good at dancing, and he kept involuntarily looking over at Ruby whenever possible, only to be repeatedly redirected by the blonde. Giving up eventually, he just flailed around uncertainly while the girl sinuously circled him. She constantly kept rubbing her hands around him and deliberately rubbed his crotch repeatedly. Slowly but surely, he started to become erect under her careful ministrations.

While he tried to keep it as discreet as possible, he could tell from her face that she had noticed his predicament. She then appeared to be gesturing to someone over his shoulder, and he gasped as someone else started rubbing their hands around his waist. He turned around and looked into the green eyes of a beautiful redheaded girl with scattered freckles and a beautiful pair of breasts that were displayed, milkmaid-style, with the approval of everyone present. The first blonde girl clapped him on the shoulder, and then the second girl took over.

Soon, it became a blur for Suresh. Girl after girl was dancing suggestively around him. He was completely lost and confused. One girl after the other would come up to him and start rubbing her ass in his crotch for several minutes and then leave as quickly, many of them slapping him on the back as they left. Against his will, it was soon obvious that he was erect, and the pouch in his pants started pointing out, revealing its full 3.5” glory. Unfortunately, it seemed like they would rub against him even harder in response.

Embarrassed, he tried to pull away when the next girl tried. She was a brunette, short and stacked, with an amazing round ass. She wore a little black dress that barely covered the bottom of her ass. As she tried to back into his crotch, he slowly bent backward in response, trying to avoid her ass. She looked over her shoulder, confused. Then she smiled and appeared to motion to someone behind him. Before he could turn around to see whom she was motioning to, someone put their hand in his left back pocket. Before he knew what was going on, the hand was going through a hole in his pocket and pinching his ass!

Yelping, he thrust away and wound up sticking his crotch in the brunette’s ass. She wiggled around for a bit, then stood up, turned around, and smiled again. She then whispered in his ear, “We can do this the easy way, or do it the hard way. Just relax, and enjoy the company.”

She slapped his ass as she left.

For what seemed like the next hour, girls kept dancing with him, inundating him. Whenever he tried to move away from their grinding, someone would reach into his back pocket and grab, pinch, or scratch his ass. One person even starting putting their finger in his ass, but he resolutely moved away and started dry humping the girl in front of him until the other person removed their finger.

During the short breaks between the girls, he looked around and saw Jackie and Brittany talking on stage. He locked eyes with Brittany once, and she smiled at him and winked. Apparently, she didn’t care that he was being molested. Suresh was getting harder than he had ever been before and started to worry that all the dry humping might result in him losing control. He could not afford to lose control and cum in his pants!


Chapter Six

Suddenly, the music stopped, and the lights dimmed. In a flash, the girls who had been rubbing up against him disappeared. Suresh started blinking, trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light.

On stage, there was a glare as two spotlights turned on. Jackie was standing there, having changed into a sparkly blue dress that shimmered in the spotlights.

“Welcome to the 50th Sigma Mu Lambda party!” she yelled, and the crowd responded in kind. “I would like our pledges to come up here now.”

The crowd quieted down as the pledges all tramped on stage. They were still wearing their maid dresses. Suresh could see Ruby, and she caught his eye and gave him a small smile. Suresh smiled back. Maybe this night wouldn’t end so badly after all, if he could get a promise of a later date with Ruby.

“For the first order of business, we will be crowning a king of the dance. Will the guards please bring all the candidates up to the stage?” Jackie asked.

There was some movement on the floor while the guards tapped certain men on the shoulder and told them to come up. It wasn’t until all five of them were up on the stage that he realized that they all were wearing blue shirts. They also appeared to have a profusion of stickers on the back of their jackets. Nevertheless, all of them stood proudly on stage. Suresh noted that Michael was one of those people. Jackie stood by him, and they exchanged some quiet words. Shortly afterward, five women came up to the stage, each woman standing behind one of the candidates.

“Are we ready?” Jackie yelled and received a loud affirmative. “One … two … three!” she cried triumphantly, as each woman grabbed the waistband of each of the candidates, and with a brisk movement, pulled their pants.

It appeared that their pants had been stitched in such a way as to tear off easily, much like stripper pants. Within seconds, each man stood proudly, bare from the waist. The spotlights quickly moved to light up each of their crotches. There was an audible gasp from the crowd as they took in the sight.

All the men had enormous penises. They were all circumcised, and two of them stood out immediately because they were long and wide—Michael and Andre. Suresh could feel his face turning red. While he would have been embarrassed, if anything, these men took pleasure in being unveiled in such a manner. Michael especially stood ramrod straight, with his hands behind his back, almost pushing his groin towards the crowd. His penis was probably 8” soft and was as wide around as Suresh’s forearm. It looked even bigger than when Suresh had seen it in the locker room.

“It looks like we have two contenders for the throne,” Jackie said, “Michael and Andre. Let’s find out who the winner truly is!” She beckoned to two of the pledges. “Now measure them … But they have to be erect!”

Swallowing, Suresh realized that Ruby had been chosen to be the pledge to measure Michael. She approached his groin with trepidation as if it was a live snake (which it resembled in some ways). With further prompting from Jackie, Ruby carefully placed both of her hands around his penis and pulled on it. Her hands could barely encircle its girth. Jackie whispered in her ear, and Ruby flushed with embarrassment but slowly got down on her knees and licked the head lightly. It was obvious that there was no way she could put the whole thing in her mouth. However, she was able to use her saliva to apply enough lubrication to start making it erect.

Michael did not even look at Ruby but instead looked at Jackie and smiled maliciously, it seemed to Suresh. The next time Ruby licked the head, he grabbed the back of her head and started face fucking her. Her face turned redder as she tried in vain to get some of it in his mouth, but his penis started getting more erect and even wider; it looked to be at least 10”. It was truly a monster.

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Tearing his eyes from the sight, he looked to see Andre, taller than Michael and had a huge black cock. While Michael appeared to be more of a shower, Andre was more of a grower. While he had looked smaller than Michael had at first, under the close ministrations of his pledge (a young blonde girl whose name Suresh did not know), it looked that when erect, he was going to give Michael a run for the title. Unlike Ruby, the blonde girl was definitely more excited about performing her duties, which she did with vim and vigor. At one point, she appeared to be reaching behind his pendulous balls and sticking a finger up his ass.

On the other hand, Ruby appeared to be in tears over the face fucking she was getting from Michael, who still did not deign to look at her. Instead, he kept his eyes on Jackie the entire time.

“OK, time’s up, boys!” Jackie yelled, and Michael gave Ruby’s face one last pump and then pushed her away.

She fell sideways to the floor and then crawled away, to the jeers of the crowd. Andre’s pledge gave his cock one last lick, winked at him, and then sauntered away, hips swaying. Even in her multiple layers of clothing, she still managed to look quite sexy. Jackie pulled out a tape measure and then carefully measured the two of them. Brittany appeared out of seemingly nowhere and acted as a second judge. When it appeared Andre’s cock had wilted slightly, Brittany grabbed its massive head and sucked on it to ‘fluff’ it. Suresh was unsure how to feel about that. On the one hand, she was his date. On the other, she had shown no interest in him whatsoever during this entire night. So should he really care?

“The final tally is in,” Jackie said. “It was a very close match, with the score 12 inches to 11 3/4. And the winner is…” she paused for dramatic effect. “Michael!”

The crowd went wild, and confetti began falling from the ceiling. Two women showed up, one of whom gave him a crown and a purple cape, while the other gave him a scepter, which was gold and shaped like a penis. He remained unclothed from the waist down and showed no concern about covering up. As he walked off stage, well-wishers surrounded him, and many of the women kissed his scepter lustily when he proffered it to them.

After making a circle around the crowd, he returned to the stage. In the interim, a throne had been set up, with a smaller throne next to it. Michael sat down on the throne and spread his legs. His penis drooped over the edge of the chair, looking all to the world as a third leg. Jackie immediately stood beside him, then retook the microphone.

“Now that we have a king, we need to finish the king’s court. Andre will be considered the king’s royal guard, as he came in second place.” Andre bowed, and someone put a tunic over him. Unfortunately, it came down to his waist, leaving his penis exposed as well. He proceeded to stand next to Michael and seemed to be taking his role seriously, looking quite menacing. Both men exuded confidence, and one need only to look between their legs to see why. They were alpha males in the strictest sense of the word, and they knew it.

To be continued…


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