The Massage Parlour (Gay Themes)

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This is the story of how I went to a massage parlour for a blow job and got something quite different. I’m an average looking guy, about average height for a fellow in his mid thirties. I have an average job; I’m a paralegal. I consider myself straight, but I will admit that I’m bi-curious, at least at times. I seem to go through phases where I fantasise about being with a guy, but other times I find that it’s a complete turnoff to think about it. I’m very submissive, though. I like to please women, and I’ve been into femdom ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, I used to let the girls capture me when we played cops and robbers in the hopes that they would tie me up. None of the guys wanted to be on my team.

I never dated much. I’m very shy and introverted, as well as submissive. As a result, I sometimes visit massage parlours. One time I was feeling really horny for a blow job. I didn’t feel like going to the loud clubs, and playing the whole pick up game. I looked on the internet for massage parlours, and I found one close by called fantasy massage. Like most parlours, it said there was no appointment needed.

I was nervous when I walked in the door. You never know what the girls are going to look like, or be like. I guess that’s part of the appeal for me. A woman with shoulder length dirty blond hair greeted me at the door. She was tall, and leggy, wearing thigh high black boots. Those types of boots always turn me on. She had big breasts that showed off her ample cleavage. She introduced herself as Jessie. She held a bit of an aura of dominance. “You’re here for a session,” she more stated than asked. My heart was pounding as I nodded my head, too nervous too say anything. “Follow me,” she said.

I trailed behind her like a puppy dog, and breathed in her scent. I was already sporting a very small tent in my underwear. She asked if I had been here before. “Uh, no, but I’ve had massages before,” I replied.

She grinned, and said, “Okay, I’ll start the shower for you, and when you’re done, you can lie face down on the table for me.” She walked out of the room and I stepped into the hot shower. My cock was harder than ever, with the thought of Jessie seeing me naked with an erection while she was fully clothed. Just as I stepped out of the shower, she walked back into the room, and glanced at my erection with a grin. She knew she had power over me.

I hopped on the table and Jessie began to rub me all over, coating me with oil. She rubbed her breasts all over me, and her warm hands kneaded my muscles like dough. She was strong. “Okay, Frank, why don’t you turn over for me,” she said.

I flipped over and she rubbed my chest with her hands, as her hair tickled my face. She smelled wonderful. I though I was in heaven, and looked forward to that blow job that I wanted. Little did I know, things were going to turn out very differently.

She went lower to my stiff cock, and then grinned. Her grin turned to a giggle and then a full- fledged laugh. My penis is pretty small. It’s only about four inches when it’s hard.

“You’re cock is really small, but it’s kind of cute. I’ve seen guys smaller than you, but you’re the tiniest I’ve seen in a long time,” she said in a half-mocking, half-playful tone.

I’ve never had a girl outright laugh at it, and the humiliation actually excited me, as I just got harder. I think Jessie knew this, otherwise it’s a very strange way to treat a client. Jessie stopped laughing and leaned in close to my face.

I felt her hot sweet breath on my face as she asked, “Do you want me to suck your little friend? He’s small, but I think I can find a smaller sized condom.”

At the mention of the condom, my excitement sank. I wanted to feel Jessie’s hot lips around my dick, without anything in between. “Couldn’t you do it without a condom?” I asked hopefully.

“Sorry honey, I don’t do oral without a rubber. There’s only one person who works here that would do that for you, but I don’t know if you’d be interested. It’s a guy. His name is James. He’s not here now, but he’s on call. I can call him to see if he’s available, if you don’t mind waiting for about 20 minutes,” she replied.

My heart began to pound again. I didn’t come here for a gay blow job, but my bi curiosity began to act up. I wondered what it would feel like to have a guy suck my cock. Would it make me gay if I did it just this one time? Could I go through with it?

“I don’t know, Jessie. I sort of want to, but I’m just not sure.”

As if reading my submissive mind, Jessie said, “Look Frank, most bisexual guys that I know tell me that a blow job feels just the same from a guy as it does from a woman. And you don’t have to wear a condom. That’s what you want right? Why don’t I call James just to see if he’s available?”

I nodded my head and said, “Okay.” Jessie grinned and walked out of the room.

A couple of minutes later, she walked back in the room, smiling. She had what looked like a little carry on bag you’d take on an aeroplane.

“You’re in luck; he’s available, but before he agrees to come over you have to agree to something,” Jessie stated in a matter of fact tone.

“Agree to what?” I asked. I had already agreed to let a man suck my cock. What else could I agree to? Jessie explained.

“James has had this happen before. A guy who claims he’s straight gets curious and wants to play with him, but backs out once James gets here. It’s a waste of his time, and he’s frustrated. You’ll have to tip us both, so I don’t want you backing out either. To make sure you don’t back out, he wants me to tie you up. Don’t worry, he won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

With the mention of bondage, my heart began to pound. My small cock was straining, and dripping pre-cum, I was so horny. I wanted Jessie to tie me up. I immediately nodded my head, without thinking about it. “Okay,” I answered. Jessie grinned wider than ever, as she was already pulling rope out of her bag to tie me up.

She became even more dominant when I agreed to let her tie me up. “Put your arms and legs straight out so I can tie you the to the table legs,” she ordered. She tied my hands and legs to the massage table with great skill. I felt the rope snug against my flesh. It was tight, but not painful. The rope was thick and secure. “I used to be a girl scout, so I know how to tie good knots. Besides, I’ve tied up guys before.” She said.

Judging at how quickly and effectively she worked, I didn’t doubt her. I wasn’t going anywhere now. What had I gotten myself into? I watched Jessie pull two more items out of her bag of tricks. She turned around, and held a heavy roll of thick black duck tape, and what looked like a pair of rolled up panties in her other hand. I though she meant to gag me, but I wasn’t sure why.

“You aren’t going to tape my mouth over, are you?” I asked.

“Of course I am. James wants to make sure you can’t back out. He doesn’t want you crying or whining for him to let you go, and neither do I. Now open up really wide, so I can shove my dirty panties in your pie hole,” she ordered.

I didn’t see any other choice, so I pretended I was at the dentist and opened my mouth as wide as I could. After all, I wanted to please her. “Good boy,” she said.

She shoved her dirty panties in my mouth, and they tasted awful. I wanted to spit them out, but before I could Jessie ordered me to shut my mouth, and keep it shut. Then I watched her tear off a piece of the duck tape. She pressed it hard over my mouth, and clamped her whole hand over it. I could feel her warm hand though my taped mouth. “There. Now you’re all nice and wrapped up for James,” she said satisfyingly and smugly.

“Frank, you look so cute, all tied up and gagged with your little boner sticking up. I’ve got to show you off to one of the other girls before James gets here. You don’t mind do you?” she asked. I wanted to tell her that this had gone a bit too far, but all I could do was mumble incoherent gibberish through my gag. Not really expecting an answer, Jessie gleefully opened the door, and called out, “Chelsea! Chelsea you’ve got to see this.”

A young girl walked into the room. She had blond hair like Jessie, but it was cut very short. She couldn’t have been older than 21. She was very cute. She reminded me of that short girl from the Dixie chicks. I doubt she had seen anything like this before. It was beyond humiliating. I was ashamed, and didn’t want to be there, but my cock was harder than ever. The truth was that this turned me on. Both of the girls burst out laughing.

They pointed and giggled. I suppose I could have turned my head away, but instead I looked right at them. “Can you believe this turns him on?” Jessie asked Chelsea. Chelsea just shook her head between laughs. “Give his little dick a flick, Chelsea,” said Jessie. The young girl walked over to my table and flicked my boner with her middle finger the way someone would treat an annoying insect on their arm.

“Have fun,” she said to me as she turned and waltzed out the room. Jessie was also laughing.

“Well, James should be here in about 15 minutes, so I’m gonna leave you here to think about the fun you’re gonna have. He’ll turn you into the true faggot I know you are.” She blew me a kiss and walked out the door.

I stared at the clock on the wall. I had fifteen minutes left, before a guy came and sucked my cock, or even worse. He could do anything he wanted to me. I tested my restraints, but they held firm. I tried to call out, but all that came out was gibberish, “Mmmelpeme.” Why did I let Jessie tie me up, and agree to this? Despite my fear and desperation, I still had a raging hard on that wanted relief.

Finally, the moment arrived. James walked in the door. He was a tall and good-looking guy, with dark hair, and the face of a male model. He had a short goatee that made him look a bit mean. He took off his shirt to reveal a perfectly chiseled and muscular body. “Hey buddy, looks like you and I are gonna have some fun. Jessie tells me you’re straight,” he said mockingly.

I nodded my head. What else could I do? “Well, not from where I’m standing you’re not. You want your cock sucked by a guy? Sounds kind of gay to me,” he chuckled.

“Wow, Jessie was right. You are really are small. You sure you don’t want to suck cock instead of getting sucked?” I shook my head no, but James didn’t seem convinced. He stripped off his jeans and underwear. I stared at his cock in his amazement. His cock was easily twice the size of mine.

He began to rub my chest. His hands were strong, and it felt strange to be this close to a man. He pinched my nipples and I moaned through my gag. It always drives me crazy when a girl plays with my nipples. It was no different this time with a guy. He stroked my legs, avoiding my cock for the time being. He was enjoying teasing me. He wrapped his hands around my cock and began to stroke it. He warned me not to cum, because he was just starting to play with me.

“Lift your butt off the table as far as you can,” he ordered. I didn’t think I could do it, because I was tied, but James squeezed my balls, and I lifted off the table in pain and surprise. Before I could react, I felt something enter my butthole. I never had anything in my butthole before, and it felt strange, but good.

“I think you can take another one, buddy,” said James. I felt more pressure in my butt, and realised he was fingering my ass. At the same time, I felt his mouth on my little cock.

I felt completely humiliated, and sort of ashamed. I couldn’t believe a guy was doing this to me, and I was so aroused by it. I closed my eyes and pretended it was Jessie or Chelsea, but James didn’t like this.

“I want you to watch while I make you gay. Open your eyes now, or I’ll squeeze your nuts until you do.”

I disobeyed, which was a bad idea. It felt like my nuts were in a vice, as he punished me for disobeying him. I quickly opened my eyes and watched James suck my dick, and the pain disappeared and turned back into pleasure as he let go of my nuts. I decided it was best to obey him from now on. I wanted to cum and get it over with, but James had other ideas.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” said James as casually as he was sitting in his living room. I looked to the door, and couldn’t believe who walked in. It was Chelsea.

“Hey James, Can I watch you play with this guy?” she asked.

“Sure, have a seat.” Chelsea grinned at me, and sat down.

“Same rule as before pal; you keep your eyes on me. You watch her, you get you nuts squeezed,” warned James.

I nodded my head, afraid of defying this dominant man. James stopped and looked at me. I risked a quick glance over at Chelsea. She was playing with herself. I thought and hoped she might join in, but she seemed content to just watch my humiliation. James stopped sucking my cock, and spoke to me.

“I’m gonna take your gag off, and you better behave. Got it?” warned James. I nodded my head, eager to get the tape off, and the filthy panties out of my mouth. After all, who could I yell for now?

As James came over to pull the duck tape off, Chelsea chimed in, “Make him suck your cock. I really want to see that.”

James told her that it was like she read his mind. James ripped the tape off, and I spit the filthy wet panties out, as my face stung from the shock.

“Okay, here’s the deal, Frank. You’re gonna give me a blow job, and you’re gonna do it eagerly and happily like the fag you are. If you do, I’ll let you cum. If you don’t, I’ll untie you and you can go home blueballed. What’s it gonna be?” He demanded. I had been humiliated so much; I figured what was the point in turning back now. Besides, I really wanted to cum.

“Okay, I’ll suck your cock. Please let me suck your cock,” I responded.

“Since you asked so nicely, I’d be happy to oblige.”

Chelsea clapped her hands a like a happy schoolgirl. I opened my mouth and he shoved his big cock in. I gagged on his huge man sausage. It tasted strange. His precum was leaking and I swallowed some of it. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, and that I was so aroused by it.

He pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my face to humiliate me further. Chelsea was still watching in the corner of the room, fingering herself.

“Suck it bitch,” said James to me, as he shoved his cock back into my mouth.

I lapped at it like a hungry dog.

“Oh yeah, you’re a natural cocksucker, ya faggot,” said James. “I should probably butt fuck you, but you’re such a good cocksucker, I think I’m gonna cum!” he teased.

Suddenly, he erupted into my mouth. James shot hot loads of jism down my throat. His cum spewed out in heavy ropes that felt as thick as the ones that kept me bound to the table. I gagged as I swallowed it down.

Finally spent, James pulled out and rubbed his cock in my face again. “That was pretty good whore. But don’t worry, I’m a man of my word.”

Then he turned his attention to my little cock. I was still hard and wanted to cum very badly. He began to suck me off and stroke me, while he fingered my ass again. Within minutes, I erupted lava cum out of my tiny volcano. I lay there exhausted, thinking it was finally over, but I was wrong. James planted his mouth over mine, and thrust his tongue into my mouth, and I felt slimy goo enter my throat. He was spitting my cum back into my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow it.

Chelsea squealed at the same time. I think she was having a mini orgasm of her own. James patted me on the face. “Good job fag. You’re a natural. Next time we’ll do more, if you know what I mean,” he said smugly.

I just laid there a bit dumbfounded, not knowing what to say. He got dressed and walked out without saying another word. He didn’t even bother to untie me. I looked over at Chelsea, and she looked back at me with an amused look. She walked towards me, and I thought she was going to free me, but instead she went to where my clothes were. I watched her take out my wallet from my jeans, and thought she was robbing me. I looked at her with panicked and pleading eyes.

“Relax, Frank. I’m only taking twenty bucks, because I watched and didn’t do anything. Jessie has already charged your credit card for the cost of her and James. Hope ya had fun,” she said mockingly.

Before I could even respond, or ask her to untie me, she walked out and closed the door. Now what do I do? I lay there completely, utterly, humiliated. I laid there for about ten minutes, before Jessie finally came in and untied me.

“You can keep my panties as a souvenir,” she laughed. “Well, now that you’ve experienced real homosexuality, what do you have to say?”

I thought for a few seconds, and responded, “I guess you can book me in with James next month.”

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